Theera Kadhal (2023) - full transcript

Two ex-lovers unexpectedly rekindle their romance. Despite being married to different people, one of them believes they are meant to be together.



Thank you!

You have gray hair in your mustache, Dad.

Not so loud!

Dad, you have gray hair in your mustache.

-Dad, ice cream!
-Such a brat!

Dad, ice cream!

-Please, Dad!

If your mother finds out, we're done for.
Be quiet.

-Let us know at the earliest.
-Yeah. Sure!

-Okay. Thanks!
-We'll connect soon

-after the review.
-Thanks, everyone!

-Okay then. Bye!


Where are you, Vandhana?
You're late!

-Train's about to leave.
-I'm almost there!

It's raining cats and dogs!

Heavy traffic, as well.
Be there in five minutes.

-Come soon!
-I will!

You should've taken a cab!

You kept nagging me for a damn ride!

You idiot!

Don't, Prakash!

-I have a train to catch!
-Let go of me!

What kind of a driver are you!
Look what you did to the bumper!

How is it my fault
if it's raining so hard?

Do you have any sense?

First, learn to drive!

-Don't test me! I'll smash your face!

You can't even drive!

-You think you're a big shot?

You're causing a traffic jam, Prakash!
I'm sorry, sir. Please forgive us.

-Come, Prakash!
-Let go of me!

I have to put up with these mongrels
because of you!

Mongrel? I'll thrash you!

-Bring it!
-Let it go, Prakash! Come on, let's go!

-I'll smash your face in!
-Let's go, Prakash!

There's no damage to the car!
Come, Prakash! Let's go!

You heard the lady!
Quit making a scene and scoot!

-There's traffic piling up!
-Hey! Mind your damn business!

Damn it, Prakash!
You're squabbling with everyone!

Who? Me?

He had the audacity
to slap the poor girl in public!

Get lost!

Damn it.



Hey, Gautham.

Cutting it too close, aren't you?

They're laying off
a lot of people at work.

There's a flurry of meetings.
My brain is exhausted.

On top of that…

Couldn't you leave Aarthi
with the neighbors?

Hey! She was adamant to come.

How would I know you were busy?


Just like you have your job,
I have mine. Yes?


Call me once you reach.

I won't be back for two weeks.

Why not see me off with a smile?

-Will that do?
-Sorry, I asked!

Come here!
You're my sweetheart!

-Bye. See you.
-Yeah. Bye.

-Call me when you reach.

-Let's go.



Attention, Passengers.

Train number 12601…

A cup of tea, brother.

The West Coast Express
from Chennai to Mangalore…

…has arrived at platform number one.

How are you, Aaranya?

I'm fine.
How about you?

I'm fine.

I don't believe it.

Seeing you at 2:00 a.m. in

Palakkad station.

Are you on this train, too?

I'm going to Mangalore.

You too?

Yes. Official trip.

Stay here.
I'll be right back.

It's okay, brother.


My wife's name is Vandhana.
She's an HR manager.

And… I have a six-year-old daughter.



What about you?

My husband's name is Prakash.

He's a site engineer at "Arron".


Any kids?

Not yet.
We're planning for it.

Don't stand here chatting
at this hour, sir.

Please go to your berth.

Okay, sir. We're going.

Shall we go?

Attention, Passengers.

Train number 12620…

The West Coast Express from Chennai
to Mangalore Central…

has arrived
at platform number one.

Little cold, isn't it?


Slept well?



No. I couldn't sleep, either.

You've changed your number, right?


Can I have it?
In case of an emergency?

Give me that.

I scoured the coach for you!
What are you doing here?

Sorry. Met a college friend
after a long time.

-A friend?
-Just walked on with her.

-Aaranya, this is Arun. My friend.

-Hi Arun. I'm Aaranya.

-Nice to meet you.

We've been in the same company
for four years.

-He's been here for the last three months.
-That's nice.

Not really!

I was all alone! It was agony!

Good thing he's stuck with me now!

-The exit's this way. Shall we go?

I think my ride's here, Gautham.

-I'll get going.

-See you.
-Take care.


Where are you, brother?

-Hey! Let's go, man!


What's this now?

Did you swallow a light bulb?
You're glowing!

What is it?

-It's nothing!

There's something on your mind…


You said Aaranya
was your classmate, right?


You said you loved a girl
while studying at REC.

Was that her?

-Hot damn! I thought so!

What is she doing here?

She's come to Mangalore
on official business.

Very few get such good fortune.

As a site engineer,
I travel to so many places!

I've never run into one ex-lover!

Why must you get lucky
850 kilometers away from home?

Keep quiet and just come,
for God's sake!

It must be in our stars!


Welcome, sir.


-Keep it there, brother.
-Okay, sir.

Thank you.

Enough with feasting on the scenery!

Take a shower and get going soon!

The client company manager
awaits at the factory!

Who? The guy you mentioned on the phone?

The very same!

A real nuisance, that guy!

-A Tamil guy. Must be 40-45 years old.

He recently married a 25-year-old!

Interesting fellow.
Let's go meet him. Hurry!

Have you reached Mangalore, Dad?

Yes, I have.
Have you left for school?

We're driving there now!

Give the phone to your mother.

You've reached, Gautham?
All okay?

Yes. Arun's here.
How could it not be?

I'll drop her off
and call you back. Bye!

-Okay. Travel safe.
-Bye, Dad!

Get the machine data, Arun.

There's some issue
with the X and Z axis.

Turn on the program manager.
I need to check the volume.


When do we start the main project?

It's been three months
since I got married.

I've booked tickets to Munnar thrice
and had to cancel every time!


Once the trial run is successful,
you can start.

-The honeymoon, dear boy?

He meant the company production!

Here you're fixated on reproduction!

-Welcome, madam.

Come in, madam.

-Greetings, madam.
-Greetings, madam.

-Please sit.
-Take your seats.

There's a big company
called "Odin" in Chennai.

Its owner is Mr. Ramachandra Gowda.

He is from our town.
He was born and brought up here.

He is keen
to help improve our infrastructure.

Aaranya Madam has come here
from Chennai for that.

You can ask her for any amenities
that you feel this town requires.


All schools have computers.
We don't.

What did she say?

She wants computers for the school, madam.

Oh! Okay.

Anything else?

Why bring more guys to the site
when there are not enough safety supplies?

And now you claim injuries?

How much do we spend
on medical bills and bribing cops?!

Sorry, sir.
It won't happen again.

Sorry, my foot! Get lost!


Hello, Prakash.

I called as soon as I got here.

Your number was unreachable.
Did you see my text?

You think you know it all, right?
Where're the car insurance papers?

They must be in the car!

I checked they weren't there.
Where are they?

I don't know, Prakash.

Did you take them for something else?

What the hell would I take them for?

Who the hell will fix this?

I have a soft copy in my email.

I'll send it across.

Now hang up. I'm busy.

To hell with you! Hang up!

You've mentioned a few issues.
Speak up if you have more. She'll fix it.

Is there anything else?
Please speak up.

Whatever problems you have,
please tell her.

Is that all?
She'll get them done.

It would be nice if the kids
had something to play with, madam.


-Don't run! Stop!


You never showed me
your daughter's picture!

She's cute.

Vandhana's pretty, as well.

-Is Aarthi a naughty one?

It's tough to handle her!

Kids really make life complete,
don't they?

I've been married for five years.

I have consulted many doctors.

Offered a lot of prayers.

No use.

I'm sorry, Aaranya.


I'm used to fending off
people's meddling questions.


-Can I take your order, sir?

Hold on.
I'll do it.

Even if I were to take you to the moon,
you'd only want Chinese.

One soft chicken noodle.
One crispy lamb.

And for me…

One egg fried rice
and one chicken manchurian.

Anything else, sir?

That's all.


You haven't shown me Prakash's picture.

Hello? Do you even have one?

Wow! You found one!

He looks like a smart, nice guy.

Nice guy, indeed.

Even if he is short on time,
he takes good care of me.


He's blunt about what
he likes and doesn't.

So there's never any confusion.

How's Vandhana?

What's to say…
She's very sweet.

Always busy with work.

But she ensures it doesn't affect
our home life.

She takes very special care of
Aarthi and me.

The two of us
have taken to each other well.

Oh. Nice.


-Did you just lie?
-Did you just lie?

For a second, I was mortified
that all couples have turned into saints!


Okay. See you.


Thanks, Gautham.

I had a nice time.

Good night.

Good night.


What's up? Drinking alone?

Welcome, Mr. Saint!

Back in the day, you'd ditch friends
for a girlfriend.


Now, you're also doing it
for an ex-lover, isn't it?!


Have it.


You are away from your family,
working onsite for months.

Don't you ever get bored?


Oh please!

If I were home,
I'd be tasked with watching the stove

or loading the washing machine,

or scrambling after hyperactive kids!
It never stops!

But now?

With my wife's voice out of earshot,
I peacefully wake up

and calmly walk over to the tea shop…

slowly drink a cup of tea,

read the newspaper there

and on the way to work,
I stop at Sagar Ratna restaurant…

and savor a nicely done dosa.

And with no fear of being busted
by my wife for ogling at other women…

I merrily feast my eyes.
Oh, the joys of life, buddy!

It's heavenly!

You'll get busted someday.

Oh, please! Been at it for years without
getting in trouble. Like that'll change!

-Yes, Gautham?

What are you doing?
Have you eaten?

Of course, I have, Gautham.

Why are you calling at this hour?

Aarthi's asleep, as well.

And I need to get up early.

Talk to you later. Good night.

Alright. Go back to sleep.
Good night.


Hello, Aaranya.

Where are you?

At the Kudroli school. Why?

Nothing, it's just that
I'm driving by Kudroli right now.

If you're free,
can I drop by to say hi?

Sure, if you are in the vicinity…

-Okay. Be there in ten minutes.

In ten minutes?

Have some sympathy for me, Gautham!

Something is stirring in my heart

Is it a dream? Is it real?
I don't know

To inhale your essence
In every breath of mine

Once more, I wallow in agony

Oh, please stop

Whatever shall transpire now?

Do not bewitch me with that smile

Go far away from me, dear

I am going into the sky

You sprinkle your magic
All over my heart

Can't I come with you?

Won't the sweet old days return?

Don't your eyes dream, as well?

Won't the distance between us fade away?

Where am I straying away to?

Why am I seeking my yesterdays?

Something is stirring in my heart

Is it a dream? Is it real?
I don't know

To inhale your essence
In every breath of mine

Once more, I wallow in agony

Oh, please stop

Whatever shall transpire now?

Do not bewitch me with that smile

Go far away from me, dear

I am going into the sky

You sprinkle your magic
All over my heart

When we are at a place
with someone we like…

it becomes more beautiful, doesn't it?

Gautham, am I still someone you like?

Of course.

How can I ever not like you?

When my parents
opposed our relationship…

I chose them over you.

You ought to despise me.


Nothing like that.

I was angry at first.

I had an even longer beard than this.

A lot of time has gone by.

And life has changed.



Do you ever think of me?

Men have it easy.

Your failed relationships
drive you to write poetry.

You write stories.

Or hell, you even tell your wife
about your ex…

and get brownie points from her
for not keeping any secrets.

That's not how it works for us.

Had my marriage been a happy one…

I probably wouldn't have thought
so much about you.

Not a day goes
when Prakash and I don't fight.

Hey, who doesn't fight?

Even Vandhana and I do.

Everyone fights, Gautham.


have you ever slapped your wife
for everyone to see at a wedding banquet?

Have you ever hit Vandhana
in the middle of a busy street?

At two in the morning,
have you kicked her out of the house?

Prakash has done it all.

Do your parents know about it?

I've gone back to them so many times.

They talk me out of it
and send me back.

What a horrible world, isn't it?

They separate those meant to be together.

They bring together those
that are meant to be separated.

Don't worry, Aaranya.

It'll be okay.

-Tell him to start it up.
-All good?

-Switch it on!

It's spinning!

Why did it stop?

The program got corrupted, sir.

We need to send it to the company
that deals with it to rectify it.

Please, Mr. Gautham!
We have so many orders!

If the Mumbai office finds out,
the chairman will keep pestering me!

I know, sir.
We didn't expect this either.

I'll speak to your Managing Director.


Will this machine never run again,
dear boy?

Cancel your next trip to Munnar.

You won't be going anywhere
for another year!

I'll smack you…

How am I to blame
for his fate?

You shall become a father
only after your retirement!

Eight o'clock, right?
I'll be there, Gautham.

It's not that.

I called to say I can't make it.

I'm leaving for Mumbai
to meet a client.

-Oh. Why so sudden?
-Trial run failure.

So, I need to convince the chairman
and buy us some time.

When will you be back?

Not sure. I'll only know
after I get there.

I'll call you once I reach.


We'll definitely sort it out
in a week, sir.

They certainly sent over the right man!

But please don't delay it any further.

Sure, sir.

Thank you, sir.

See you.

Hi, Gautham!

-Oh my God!
-Oh, no!

I'm so sorry, Gautham!

I swear I didn't realize!

You scared the hell out of me!

I'm sorry!

How did the meeting go?

It went well.

When are you coming back?

I'm taking a train tonight.
Be there in the morning.


So you fly there,
but you're coming back by train?

That's how it is.

To get the job done,
they make you fly.

But once it's done,
you only get the train.

All companies are the same.


It's time for the train.

I have to go.

Bye! See you.





Is it Mangalore already?

We're at the Udupi station, Gautham.

Udupi station?

How come you are here?

I missed you, Gautham.

You left without any notice.

I couldn't wait to see you again.

So… I took a cab and came over.

I'd have reached
in another 90 minutes, wouldn't I?

I know.

But if I come here…

I get to see you
ninety minutes earlier, right?



You can tear up?

Why do you ask?

When I saw you at Palakkad station
after eight years,

I was tearing up…

and feeling overwhelmed.

I looked at your eyes…

there wasn't a single drop!

Just like a stiff nurse
at a state-run hospital!

"Hi, Aaranya!
How are you?"


I'm really glad you came
to receive me ahead of time.


in just a few days,
both of us will leave this place.

Beyond that,
we don't have a future together.

So why do all this?

To relive the old pain?

To me, as long as I'm here…

I want to share smiles with you.
That's all.

Aaranya will be here any minute!
Hurry up!

Hey! I've never done this
even for my own kids!

Just do it for me.

This is so unfair!

I think she's here!

Light the candles!

This damn guy!

Where's the balloon?

Hey! What are you doing, Gautham?

Hey, Gautham!

Happy Birthday, Aaranya.

-Sorry, man. Shit happens.
-What the hell?

-Happy Birthday to you
-Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Best wishes.

-Thanks, Gautham.
-Happy Birthday.

-Happy Birthday.

What a great surprise!

Everything's nice…

but today isn't my birthday!


Like I don't know that!

Today isn't your birthday?


Then why put me through all that?

It's just that…
her birthday is in October.

We wouldn't be here then.

So I wanted to celebrate her birthday
while we are here.

Don't mind him!

How come you played along
and cut the cake?

You put so much effort into it.

If I had burst your bubble right away,
wouldn't you have felt bad?

So, I played along.


Only my day got shot to hell, yes?

Care for some cake?

-No, I'm good.

No, sir. I'm already here!

Yes, I'm at the factory!

Alright, sir.

It's time, man!

-I'll leave. Come soon.

Aaranya? Advance…

No, no… incredibly advanced
Happy Birthday!

I'll leave now. Bye!

-Thank you, Arun.

Bye, man!

I don't remember the last time
I was happy on my birthday.

But today… I'm very happy.


I'm so sorry for what happened, Aaranya.

I'm leaving today.

I want to see you.

I'd be very disappointed
if I left without seeing you.

I was afraid you wouldn't come.

I didn't want to come.

But I couldn't stop myself from coming.

Again, I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry?

I'm to be blamed too.

I gave you the liberty
and took the same from you, as well.

We were having a moment.
We both slipped.

Forget it.

No matter how beautiful a journey is…

it has to come to an end, doesn't it?


this is a small joy that we get in life.

Like taking refuge under a shady tree
after walking for hours in the hot sun.

Whatever happened here,
we leave it here.

That will be best for both of us.

Once we're back in Chennai…

let's not meet.

And supposedly if we run into each other…

we'll walk away as strangers.

"As strangers!"

Please don't cry, Aaranya.

Don't cry.

I'm sorry.

Alright, I'll leave now.

Take care.

Okay, Gautham. Bye.



What is it, man?

I was just watching your long face.

Who is Aaranya to you?

I asked you a question.
Answer it.


But always a good friend.

The whole "We were in love,

but now we're good
friends", is just bogus.

Once a lover, always a lover.

Hence, close the Aaranya chapter
in Mangalore!

Got it?

If this idiosyncrasy continues
after you reach Chennai…

Please, buddy.

Once we're back in Chennai,

my full focus will be on my family.

See to it.

Dad's here, Mom!

-Hey, Aarthi!


-Had breakfast?

-Two idlis!

-Hi, Gautham!

My teacher appreciated
the peacock I drew!

Oh, wow!

Very good!


They complained
she hit Archana at school!

-Did you hit her?

-Oh, man!
-That's how I did it.

-Does it hurt?
-No! Not at all!

You're heading to work today, right?

-Shall I pack your lunch?
-Yes, go ahead.


-Take it.

You can play in the evening.
Get ready for school!

I brought you a sari, Vandhana.

Thanks, Gautham. Put it there.
I'll get it later.


I'm going in to work late.

I'll drop Aarthi off at school.
You can leave.

Thank God! You handle it!

There's breakfast on the table, Gautham.

I've packed your lunch.

-Don't forget to take it.

Bye. Bye, Aarthi!

Bye, Mom!

Do you need some more time?

Yes. The training session starts tomorrow.

Oh. Alright.

Good night.

Did you put on the shoes yourself, Aarthi?

No. Dad did it for me!

Shall we go?
We're getting late! Come along!


Unlock Dad's phone, Mom.


Thanks, Mom!


Daddy skips work for ice cream
with his girl right across his workplace?

You two have some nerve!


Haven't I told you
not to hang out with him?

Dad makes better dosas than you, Mom!

Hey! Come on in!

Do you want to eat?

What happened to you, Gautham?

Why do you ask?

It's just that…

all of a sudden,
you've changed a lot!

You're full of surprises.

What happened?

Nothing like that, dear.


I can see it, Gautham.

You're helping out a lot with the chores!

It's such a relief for me.


I don't understand why!

Both of us are always so busy.

We earn money to be happy.

But while we are at it,
we lose our happiness.



want to be the guy I was
when we started, Vandhana.

Always smiling and happy.

To say, "I love you"
when I look into your eyes.

I love you.

I love you, too.



You didn't tell me you were coming today!

Would it have mattered if I had?

For three weeks, you called me
only to yell at me.

Why the sudden concern?

Nothing like that.

Had I known,
I wouldn't have ordered food.

If you only wanted a cook,
why not just hire one?

So true!

My bad!

It's not too late!


What the hell?!

What are you going on about?

Damn it!

The witch starts her usual nagging
as soon as she arrives!

What did you just say?


You just used a slur.

It was nothing.
Mind your business!

What did you say?!



The quote has arrived
for the drinking water ATM installation.

-I have mailed it to you.

You look pale.

Did you fight right off the bat?

It's a miracle only when we don't fight!

Yes, sir.



I saw your quotation, sir.

Will it be feasible if we give away
bulk orders at market price?

Yes, sir.


I'll send you an email, sir.


Sure, sir.


I'll handle that, sir.

Two minutes.


Okay, sir.

Sure, sir.

We'll handle it
first thing in the morning.

Yeah. It'll be done.

Also, I've asked Cuego for a quotation.

Let that also come in.

After that, we'll decide.


Okay, sir.

Okay, sir.

Sure, sir.




I'll give it, sir.

Sure, sure.

I'll send it, sir.

Okay, sir.

Yes, sir.

I'll send you
the audit details tomorrow, sir.

Yeah, sir.

Sure, sir.

Thank you, sir.

I'll send it, sir.

Thank you, sir.


Got to check the score.
Give me the remote.

I won't, Dad!
I want to watch this!

"I won't, Dad"?

-Give it, I say!

-I won't, Dad!

What's this now?
You should be asleep!

She has school tomorrow, Gautham.
Tuck her in.

I have a match to watch.
It will be a while. You sleep!

Is that so, Gautham?

It'll be a while?

Let go of me, Dad!


You have school tomorrow!
Why are you still up?

-Go to bed!
-So early?

I'm not sleepy, Dad!

But I'm ready for bed, sweetie!

Where are you going, Dad?

The blanket slipped.

I had to pull it up.

-I'm not sleepy at all!
-You will be! Sleep!

-Tell me a story!
-You're my cutie, aren't you? Sleep!

Gautham? I'm sleepy.

-I am sleepy!

You are sleepy?

By the time she's asleep…

Shut your eyes, Aarthi!

Stay put! Sleep!

Don't fall asleep! Please!

Pretty please!

I need to sleep, Gautham.



Don't fall asleep, I say!


Don't sleep!

Damn it!

-What happened?
-What happened?

Why did you pinch me, Dad?

Did I pinch you?

Sorry. I didn't mean to.
Shall we sleep?

Such a lovely party, sir.

-We are enjoying it.

-Thank you so much.
-Very good.

-Have you eaten?
-Yes, sir.

-Thank you.
-Hello, sir.

-Hi, Prakash.

-Congratulations, sir.
-Thank you.

My wife, Aaranya.

-Hello! Welcome!
-Hello, sir.

What do you do?

I'm the CSR head at Odin Solutions.

-Oh! Odin?

Is Maleshappa still there?

Yes, he is.
Deputy General Manager of Project Support.

We were classmates at IIM Ahmedabad.



Hey, Prakash?
You just got here?

-Come! I want you to meet someone.

-Be right back, sir.

So how's life at Odin?

It's great, sir.

-It's going well.

Don't you use Jaw Crushing Technology?

Yes! How did you know?

Hey, Prakash!

Your wife is very smart.

She knows the industry inside out!

Maybe I should let you go
and hire her!

Oh please, sir!

Just kidding! Enjoy dinner.

-Hi, Mr. Krishnan!
-Hey, hi!


Instead of coming
and clicking pictures at the party,

why did you have to act over-smart
in front of the MD?


-It was a casual chat. He asked me--

Had you stayed quiet,
he wouldn't have bothered.

Are you flaunting that you know it all?

Don't be foolish.

If you feel inferior,

there's nothing I can do!

Me? Inferior?

Think you're all that?


Let them hear!
What are you ashamed about?

You may have no shame, but I do!

Let go of me, Prakash!

Are you freaking insane?

Of course, I am insane!

I married you, didn't I?

Let go of me, Prakash!

Let go!

If the law permits to get away
with just one murder…

I'd kill you right away!


How dare you?

Let me go, Prakash.

It hurts so bad.
Please let me go!

Go to hell!

Look how he beat her up!

Poor girl!

Is he even human?

He doesn't deserve a wife!



You have a guest at the front desk, sir.


I don't know. She said she was a friend.

I'll be right there.

I'm sorry, Gautham.

I promised to stay away,
but here I am in just two weeks.

It's alright.

Are you alright?

What is this, Aaranya?

Did Prakash do this?

He really roughed you up!

Hey. Are you okay?

What happened?

Aaranya, please don't cry.

I couldn't take it anymore, Gautham.

So, I left.

You have every right to be angry, Aaranya.

But you could've been more patient.

I don't have any more patience, Gautham!

For how long do I keep saying,
"I slipped in the bathroom"?

I didn't want to disturb you.

But I thought I'd feel better
if I saw you.

-That's why I came.

Where are you staying?
With your parents?


I'm staying with Sneha.

I'll move to a hostel
in a few days.

Whatever you choose to do,
make sure to think it through.

I don't know what else to say.

I'm sorry, Gautham.

You must be busy.

Nothing like that.

I have a meeting. So…

Take care, Aaranya.

If you need any help,
don't hesitate to ask.

Sure. Thanks, Gautham.


There's no one for me but you.

Please be calm.

Let's hear them out first.


Did you have to leave your home?

I already told you everything
over the phone, Mom.

-I've spoken to him!

He said it won't happen again.
Now go home!

Enough is enough, Dad!

Same crap for years!

So what? You'll walk out on him?

What else do I do?

Stay and get beaten to death?

Listen to me, Aaranya!

-Go back to your home!
-I won't!

I didn't come to you
because I know you'll talk me out of it.

Please let me go!

Let me be.

It's a miracle,

-I made it this far with him.

-Quit making a scene! I ought to…
-Wait, Son-in-law.

Please be patient.

I'm talking to her, right? Please.

He's trying to hit me
right in front of you!

-And yet, you're coddling him?

-How dare you? You…


-Let's go.
-What a slap!

-Our child…

Come on!


-How are you, Gautham?

I'm good, Aaranya. Any problem?

Shall I call you only
if there's a problem?

No. Not at all!

I felt like talking to you. So…

The MD has arrived for the conference.
Come quickly!

Aaranya, I have a meeting.
I'll call you once I'm done.

I'm planning to change suppliers
for our Surat project.

I don't want to take any chances.

What do you think?

Who do you suggest, sir?

Jeevan Motors?

-Or that chap in Pune?
-JK Motors, sir.

Their quality is pretty good.

But they're a little…

They don't always deliver on time, sir.

Take the call, Gautham.

If they keep calling
even after you've hung up…

then it should either be your wife
or a girlfriend.

Answer it.

Sorry, sir.

Sorry, sir.
It won't happen again.


Who was it? Aaranya?

What the hell is this?

I didn't call her once after I got back.

I've avoided every thought of her.

She has called me 18 times
in 30 minutes!


Aaranya's in trouble at the moment.

She needs a shoulder to lean on.

Don't fall into the trap.

Handle it properly.


Didn't I tell you
I was heading into a meeting, Aaranya?

Why do you keep calling?

Wow, Gautham!

You're capable of getting angry, yes?

Go on, Aaranya.

I've moved into a hostel.

I called to let you know.

Felt like my head would explode
if I didn't speak to you.

That's why I kept calling.



I think you are stressed because of work.

I'll call you later.


-How was your day?

-What's the little one doing?
-She's inside.

Who is it?

The office.

There you go! Nice?


And… kill!


What are you doing?
Eat properly.

-Why are you scolding her?
-I can't do it, Mom.

I'll teach you.

Kiddo, hold the fork like this…

and then poke it stiffly like this…

and then smoothly gobble it down!


-Want some chapati?



Please pass it, Gautham.


Please pass it!

I've been screaming for it!

Want some more, Aarthi?

It's enough, Mom.

-I'll join you in two minutes.

Come soon, Dad.

-You have dance class today, right?

I told you blue suits you, right?

You look good.

What would you like to eat?

Shall I order coffee?

-Yes, madam?
-Two cups of coffee.

Why are you doing this?

That's what I'm also asking, Gautham.

Why are you avoiding me?

Why did you block my number?

You're in distress right now, Aaranya.

You would like me to comfort you.

I understand your position.

But you call me at home
and text me late at night.

You follow me into restaurants!

Why do you do all this?

Because I can't help it!

Those moments we shared in Mangalore…

I can't let go of any of it!

The second I wake up in the morning,
my first thought is about you!

I keep wanting to see you,

Oh, God!


I feel like I'm going insane!


I don't have anyone else besides you.

Please understand.

I get it, Aaranya.

But I have a family. Please.

-All that--
-In the name of family,

we are living a lie, Gautham.

I've broken away from that lie.

Free yourself, as well.

Do you even realize what you're saying?

I do, Gautham.

Leave Vandhana.

We'll start a new life together.

What are you talking about, Aaranya?

Not a chance!

I really like you, Aaranya. But…

that doesn't mean I don't like Vandhana.

More than anything,
there's my daughter Aarthi.

I can't leave them.

Don't be insane…


you can be happy without me.


there's no happiness for me
without you, Gautham.

Aaranya, what are you doing?

Please, Aaranya…

To you, it all ended at Mangalore.

It's not the same for me.

Those two weeks with you
brought my smile back.

I won't lose you again.

Please, Gautham.

Let me make this very clear.

You can't be a part of my life anymore.

I'm so sorry.

Please don't try to contact me again.


-Wake up, Dad!
-Wake up, Gautham!

-Wake up!
-Wake up!

-Wake up, Dad! It's getting late!

-Wake up, Dad!

-Wake up!
-Oh, no!


Don't you know it is wicked
to wake up a sleeping person?

Why are you doing this?

Good grief! Let me be!

I have a doubt, Dad.

About what?

I always sleep between you both, right?


when I wake up in the morning,
how do I end up on the side?

Where do you get such questions?

-Answer me, Dad!

Your mother knows everything. Ask her.

Mom? Tell me, Mom!

I have to check the milk on the stove!

-You tell her!
-Tell me, Dad!

-My phone!
-Tell me, Dad!


-Hello? Yes, tell me.
-Dad, give it and go.

Tell me, sir.

Okay, sir.


-Take it to the upper floor.

Hey, hold it tightly.


Hold it tightly. Take it up safely.

Second floor, madam?

I'll leave it in the living room.
You can arrange it later.

Damn it!


Where are you, Arun?

Where would anyone be so early
in the morning? Go on!

You know, Aaranya's moving
into my apartment building!

What are you saying?!

What am I supposed to do?

There's nothing you can do!

In the name of the Father, Mother,
and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Quit annoying me!

The doorbell's ringing!

She's at your door?

You're doomed!

Just a second!

It wasn't her.
I'll call you back. Hang up.

No need. I have enough problems.
Don't bother me. Hang up.

Hey, Gautham!

-Off to work already?
-Yes, it's getting late.

I've made breakfast for you.

Eat before you leave.


The opposite flat got a tenant!

Hey. What's wrong?

Can't you eat slowly?

Here. Have some water.

Bye, Dad!

-Bye, Gautham!


Look at them being all lovey-dovey today!

The door's open, Gautham.

Come in!


-What do you think…
-Hold this!

You really care about me!

As soon as you saw me,
you came right over!

Have you gone crazy?

Why did you move in here?

The hostel didn't suit me at all, Gautham.

Witless young girls stay there!

Every night, they drag out phone calls
on the silliest things for hours together!

I couldn't sleep at all!

-So, I found a place of my own.

Stop bothering me, Aaranya!

If that place didn't work, find another!

-Why torment me here?

That was tasty!

-Oh, no! You spilled on your shirt!

Why did you move in here?

You didn't want to see me
or talk to me anymore.

But I can at least see you
from a distance, right?

Can we be serious for a moment?

Please vacate this place
and find another one!

-Who is it now?

Hey! Aaranya!

Who is it?

-You wanted domestic help, yes?
-Oh, no! It's Shanthi!

Yes, come in!

Some pudding's spilled here.

-Can you clean that?
-Yes, madam.


What a surprise!
The tea tastes good today!

They said the tea is good, Master!


Oh, well…
I had to open my big mouth!


I have no idea what I'm doing!

She moved into the house
right across from mine!

I'm terrified of what she'll do next!

First, stop getting so worked up.

We need to think about
how to handle this carefully.

Until then, avoid her.

Hello, Trouble

Trouble, trouble


Hello, Trouble

Trouble, trouble

Trouble, trouble

-Wow! Superb!
-Hello, Trouble

Trouble, trouble

-Hi, auntie!

It's time, Aarthi. Let's go.

Five minutes, Dad!

I've sent a notice to Prakash.

If he agrees
to the terms of mutual consent…

you'll get the divorce sooner.

If not, the case will drag on.

He'll definitely agree, madam.

How are you so confident?

Do you think he'd want to go to jail
on charges of domestic violence?

Okay. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you, madam.


"Hot fritters at the tea shop"?

I don't wanna be your lover

I don't want no flowers

I don't want notes in green color

Don't wanna cry
Don't wanna suffer

Trouble, trouble from my ex-lover

Office to the road
To the road to the house

To the house to the flat now

Trouble… Never meet again

Trouble, trouble… Double



This building's maintenance
is on the decline.

Aarthi's always fighting
with the kids here, as well.


Shall we find another house?

Are you kidding me?

My office. Aarthi's school. Your office.

All of these places
are conveniently close.

Every apartment has problems.

Let's drop this topic.

You keep talking like a crazy person!

Fate must not wreak so much havoc
in a person's life.

-She's right opposite you?
-Yes. Right across…

She's here!


-How are you?
-I'm good! You?

What the hell, man?


Seeing her here
is even giving me the creeps!

Now do you get it?
Come on in.

Tell me, madam.

Prakash has agreed
to the divorce, Aaranya.

Thank you, madam.

All okay?

Prakash has agreed.

Oh, no!


You're not supposed to call me!

Please try to understand!

It's company policy!

Please be serious!


Please understand.

Please don't reach out directly to me.

Whatever the case is, talk to them.

Please hang up, sir.

What are you doing here?

Calm down, Gautham.

-I'll leave soon.
-Calm down?

Vandhana will be here soon.
I answered the door thinking it was her.

Aarthi has dance class today.

She won't be back before eight.

Do you know what day is today?

How does it matter?

Please leave!

Please, Gautham.

Just two minutes.

Today is October 9th.


Have you forgotten?

It's my birthday.

I'm sorry, Aaranya.
Happy Birthday.

Now please leave!

You celebrated my fake birthday
in Mangalore, with such joy.

But now…

Open the door, Dad!

-Open the door, Dad!
-Oh, God!

-Open the door, Dad!
-What should we do now?!

-I told you! Come this way!


-What are you doing? Let go!

Get the door.

We'll make up a story
that I happened to drop by!

Like they'll buy that! Come!

-Listen to me!

Open the door, Dad!

-Open the door, Dad!
-What is this, Aarthi?

Be quiet for a while!

Open the door, Dad!

-Please sit there!
-Open the door, Dad!

-What are you doing?
-Sit down!

I beg of you!
Please stay here!

Gautham, what are you doing?


Were you in the washroom?

-I told her so!

What about dance class?

-It got canceled.

-There was an AC problem.

-It was a waste of time going there…

-in heavy traffic!



Hey, Aarthi!

Chapati first! Then, cake!

-Oh, no!

Hey! Don't open that!

-What is it, Gautham?
-I… just closed it.

There are too many mosquitoes outside.

Eat cake later, Aarthi.
Have chapati first.


What is it?
What are you staring at?

Nothing. I was just chilling.



Does she ever listen?


Aarthi just ran out. Didn't you see?

Sorry. My head was somewhere else.

Your head's been somewhere else
for quite a while.

Is something wrong?

Nothing like that, dear.

Whatever it is,
you can tell me.

It's nothing!

Don't lie.
I can see it clearly!

Lately, work's been very hectic.
That's all.


I know you well.

You're not the person
to take on work pressure.

Something else is wrong.

-Just tell me…
-I told you. It's nothing!

It's time for school. Get going.

-Bye, kiddo.
-Bye, Dad!

What are you staring at?

You don't have any problems in life,
do you?

You're my problem!

You drag out a man following austerities
for a forthcoming pilgrimage…

…and booze away
in broad daylight!

Never fall in love!
You won't have half the trouble!

There's nothing wrong
with falling in love.

But loving another woman when you're
already married? That's troublesome!

Did I ever tell you that I love her?

I'm just concerned.

Concern, my foot!

When she was there,
you kept complaining.

Now that she's gone…

why aren't you relieved?

Hey, she left because she's mad at me.

Shouldn't I know if she's alright?

Listen, Gautham.

Once we decide to let go of something,
we must get rid of it entirely!

We can't keep it hanging
on some thin thread!

Man, I don't know
how to make you understand.

She had left a void in my life.

That is why when I saw her after so long,
I went behind her.

But I swear I never expected
any of this to happen.


In a way,
I'm responsible for her predicament.

I just need to know that she's okay.
That's all.


She must be fine.

Don't beat yourself up over it.

Put it down. That's enough.


Come on!

So, Gautham?

Did you look for me when I was gone
or was it good riddance?


Do you remember our first fight?


You wanted me to think of you
when I sipped my morning coffee.

So, you bought me a coffee mug.

You got really angry when I broke it.


Do you still have it?

Is this gold?

It's a Japanese tradition.

They don't throw away anything broken.

They glue it tightly with gold.

When I got my first paycheck,
I had it fixed.

Now, it's very special to me.

Remember this place?


When we went on the college tour…

we fell in love with the place
and decided we would settle down there.

There! We planned to get married
in this temple.

I felt like, there,
I'd find the Gautham that I had lost.


I just got back this morning
from Thiruvattaru.

Look at this!
Do you recognize her, Gautham?


Remember we asked an old soothsayer
at the Thiruvattaru bus stand…

if our relationship would last?

That's her.

I asked her, Gautham!

"Didn't you tell us we would last,

I told her that we lost.

"You sought me out after ages
just to tell me that?", she laughed.

Why did she lie, Gautham?

Had she told us we'd lose,
we'd have gotten married right then!

But now…

I'm trying to glue something
that broke a long time ago, Gautham.

Please don't cry, Aaranya.

Look at me.

Please, Aaranya.


How come you're back
so early today, sir?

There was some stuff to finish at work.


I have good news.

Gautham! I'm pregnant.

Gautham? I'm pregnant.

Do you have a minute?

Yes, go ahead.


I told you to speak.


I'm so sorry, Vandhana.

I'm really sorry.

Look at me.
Please forgive me.

That's what I was trying to tell you.

And today of all days,
you put on a show of being busy?

I was a bit stressed
because of work, I swear.

I'm so sorry.

Okay, tell me.

Does Aarthi need a little brother
or a little sister?

A little brother.


We need to talk!

You won't speak to me at all?

Who's calling you repeatedly?

It's Arun.

He's drunk dialing me.

I'm sorry. You sleep.


-Hey, Aaran…
-Come, Gautham.

Are you threatening me?

Don't worry. I won't jump.

Let's go on a trip, Gautham.

A short holiday.

-You have plenty of distractions here.

You were nice to me
at the beach the other day.

But once you got home, you flipped.

You don't understand your own mind.

So let's go someplace
where no one knows us.

Only then, we can make the right call.

Stop blabbering, Aaranya.

I can't join you.

I'm not asking you to.

I'm telling you we're going there.


When I got to know
that you had gone to our old place…

I got carried away.

It was wrong. I'm sorry.

Please let's forget about all this.


Forget about what?

If anything,
you must forget Vandhana!

And? What else?

Do you want me to tell her
that the two of us are together?

It has to be done, isn't it?

Shall we both go and talk to her?


Either you tell her,
or I might have to.

We're leaving on Friday. Good night.


-Yes, go on.

I'm sorry. I misdialed,
thinking it was an office colleague.

It's alright. How are you?

I'm fine.

How come your caller tune
sounds so devout?

I'm practicing austerity
for my upcoming pilgrimage.

Really? Since when?

It's been a week now.

Oh… alright then.

-I'll call you later.

Who's calling you repeatedly?

It's Arun.

He's drunk dialing me.


As a friend,
I'm happy you're getting what you want.

But why pursue a man
who wants nothing to do with you?

For the first time in my life,
I am free to think for myself.

And my first thought is Gautham.

How can I not pursue him then?

He likes me, Sneha.

I saw it in his eyes in Mangalore.

He'll come.

In the village?

Listen, Gautham.

There's only one way out.

Come clean before Vandhana.

Hey. Are you joking?

I'm serious.

You didn't do anything that wrong.

Tell her you met
and had a chat with an ex.

But she took it the wrong way
and pursued you.

I should have done that
when Aaranya moved in next door.

You have no choice, buddy!
Be brave.

Come clean
and fall at her feet!

It all sounds good in theory.

But given Vandhana's present state…

Why? What's wrong with her?

She's… pregnant.

Oh, man…

With everything that's been going on--

It was you who told me
to go home and be charming, wasn't it?

I told you to be charming.
Not to use your charmer!

Praise be to God!

-What is it you intend to do?
-I have no clue.

I'm in a mess!

-It's really tough!


Yes. Thanks.

-Smack her!
-Didn't you push me first?

-Smack her hard!
-Let go of me!

-Let go, I say!

Hey, Aarthi!
What are you doing to her, kids?

-Let go of her!
-Auntie's coming! Run!

Get up, Aarthi. Oh my!

That's a nasty bruise.

-Does it hurt?

Why do you play with them?

I won't play with them anymore, auntie.

I'm going to have a little brother.

From now on, I'll only play with him!

A little brother?

-Who told you that?
-My mother, auntie!

My mother prayed to God
for someone to play with me.

So, God's giving me
a little brother to play with!

-Take that, Aarthi!

-Stop, Vignesh!
-Catch me if you can!

-Hey! Watch it, brother.

What's the rush?

This is the time
when you must be careful!

-Bye, Mom!

Please respond with
"Who is this?", Gautham.

I won't forgive you
if you respond with anything else!

Are you crazy?

-You've got some nerve!
-What are you doing?

Here I am waiting for you
like a fool!

And you're adding more names
to your family card?

You didn't think about me at all
when you got intimate with Vandhana?

Vandhana is my wife, Aaranya!

Of course!

After I saw you in Mangalore…

I hated the touch of Prakash’s hand
even when he hit me!

But you have no problem
making babies, do you?

I left everything for you!

After I saw you,
I despised life with Prakash!

I thought you were my everything
and got out of it.

But I didn't think that, Aaranya!

Have I ever told you
that I wanted to live my life with you?

Why do you imagine these things?




Is there love between us
or did I imagine that, as well?

Tell me, Gautham.
Do you love me or not?

-Don't make a scene, Aaranya--

Tell me!
Is there love between us or not?


Not once have I regretted
having loved you.

But I regret it so much today.

It kills me
that I ever laid my eyes on you!

I don't know what sin of mine
sent you here as my punishment!

You deserve men like Prakash!

Damn it!

You won't have any more trouble
from my end, Gautham.

Bloody Idiots!

Are you insane?

In the middle of the road…


I'm so sorry, Aaranya.

I shouldn't have said that.

Please forgive me.




Don't be hasty, Vandhana!

Please hear me out!

Please listen to me, Vandhana!

Please hear me out, Vandhana.

Please, Vandhana!

It's not what you think!

Aaranya and I were collegemates.

We were in love then, but…


When I went to Mangalore last month,
she was also there on official work.


We just met and talked, Vandhana!
That's all!

Nothing else happened!

Please don't go, Vandhana! Listen--

Please listen to me, Vandhana.

What can I do if she left her husband
and moved into this building?

Vandhana! Please!


Why have we come
to Grandma's house, Mom?

This is where we'll stay.

Will Dad be joining us, as well?

No. Just the two of us.

Dad won't be with us anymore.


Why, Mom? I want dad!

Hold on, Mom. I'll get it.


Open the door.
I want to talk to you.

Open the door!



Go back inside, Aarthi!

-Open the door, Vandhana!
-It's dad, Mom!

-I know! Get back inside!

Get back in, I say!


Open the door, Vandhana!







Hold on, Aarthi. I'm coming!



At least hear him out, Vandhana!

Please, Vandhana!

What do you have to say?

I don't wish to justify what I did.

I should've told you the very first time
I saw her in Mangalore.

That was the only wrong thing
I did, Vandhana.

If it made you hide something from me,
then it is wrong, Gautham.

It was wrong of me to keep it from you.

I'm so sorry.

You men will do all kinds of crap!

And when you apologize…

we women have to pretend
like nothing happened?

What if I did what you did?

If I had an ex-lover as you did…

If I had hugged him
in the middle of the road…

what would you have done?

Tell me!

It hurts to even think about it,
doesn't it?

When I saw you…

how do you think I felt?



There's nothing more left to say, Gautham.

-Go away. It's over.
-Let him in, Mom!





I stand here forsaken

I swirl in mad confusion

You slit my heart
You tore it to shreds

And just walked away

I just want to die

Won't you look at the tears

Rolling down my cheeks?

In their unending moisture

Is the tale of my undying love

I hate to go back to a house that
doesn't have Vandhana and Aarthi in it.

And if Aaranya finds out Vandhana's gone,
she will harass me even more!

I'll stay here for a while.


Everything will be fine.

Silent words keep ringing in my ears

Thoughts of you
Torment my every living moment

My sky at dusk
Transforms into a raging fire

Even when dawn breaks
My eyes have seen no respite

Everybody makes mistakes.

-If you could please…

I have a lot of respect for you.

I want it to stay that way.

Hey! Aarthi!

-Hold her, Gautham!

-No, I don't want to!

Drink your milk, Aarthi.

Gautham did make a mistake, Vandhana.

I am not denying that.

But you need to consider
Aarthi's happiness, as well.

-Or at least for the soon-to-be-born baby…

If you don't like us staying here,
let me know.

We'll find another house.

Oh, God.


It's time for school, Aarthi.
Take your bag.

We're leaving, Mom.
Shut the door.

-Okay. Travel safe!

Throw it toward her.

I'm going to go meet my father…

without telling my mother!

This ice cream shop is opposite
my father's office.

Hello. Mom?

What is it, dear?

Is Aarthi home?


Didn't you go to pick her up?
What happened?

Tell me!

-It's nothing. I'll call you back.
-Tell me what happened, Vandhana!

She didn't go home.

How can you be so careless?

Don't get worked up, madam.

Until the last hour,
she was in class.

She left only after the school ended.

We need to think about
what other places she might go to.


What is it, Vandhana?

Is Aarthi with you?

No. What happened?

You're not lying, are you?

I swear she's not with me.
Tell me what happened.

Aarthi's missing, Gautham.

I came to school to pick her up.

But she's not here.

We've been searching
for the last half hour.

She hasn't gone home, either.

Do not panic.

She must've lost her way.

I'm… really scared, Gautham.

I'm going to the police.

Hey, Vandhana…

Have a nice day. Thank you.


Could she have gone to the house
of a friend or relative?

We've checked with everyone.

She didn't go to anyone.

Have you received calls
from any unknown number?


Any enemies of the family?

Is there anyone like that?

Do you suspect anyone?

Her phone is switched off.
Come with me.


What's wrong, Vandhana?

What happened?

-Check inside.
-Where is my child?


Please, Aaranya.
Where is Aarthi?

How would I know?

She suspects you!

You're doubting me?

It'll do you good if you confess.


Why would I abduct the child?

When there's a complaint,
we have to investigate! Tell me!

Did you abduct the child?

-Why are you talking like crazy?
-Who are you calling crazy?

If you don't confess,
I'll question you in a very different way!

No matter how you question me,
this is the truth!

I did not abduct the child!

-I'm trying to be patient with you…

What are you doing?
Please leave her alone!

Gautham, I've been looking for our child…

Please try to understand, Vandhana.

You don't know her, sir!

She walked out on her husband
and now she's behind you!

There's no level that she won't stoop to!

-Answer me!

She's not that kind of a person.
I know her well.

How can you be so sure?

Because I have loved her, sir.

We were in love for three years.

No one understands her
better than I do.

She may act stupid at times,
but she's not one to abduct a child.

Instead of wasting time here,
let's go and find the child, sir.


Tell me.


We'll be there right away!

An auto driver from the school area

dropped her at an ice cream shop
in Velachery!

Come on!






Where did you go?

What are you doing here alone?

I came to my father's office to see him.

-I wanted to see him--
-His office isn't here, dear.

Yes. I came to the wrong place.

Couldn't you have borrowed a phone
and made a call?

I only know my mother's number.

If she knew I went to see my father,
she'd scold me, wouldn't she?

Why, Auntie?

Why do my parents live separately?

All my friends stay with their parents.

Niharika's father drops her off
at school every day.

Janani's father does
all her drawings for her.

My father still hasn't finished telling me
the story of Simba.

Would Simba have escaped, auntie?

He would have.

I want to see my father.


He'll be here soon.

Henceforth, you'll always be with him.

Your parents will stay together.







-Where did you go?




It was a hell of a storm, wasn't it?

It did a lot of damage
before it passed.

I'm really sorry.

Why are you so quiet, Gautham?

Four years ago, I had a dream.

In it…

we had just gotten married
and were heading out of town.

I don't know why…

out of the blue,
I had such a dream!

When I woke up from that dream…

it felt like we had truly
gotten married

and that I was with you.

I was very happy all day.

Everyone at work
asked me why I was so happy.

Even Vandhana did.

I didn't want to tell anyone
about that dream.

I kept that dream a secret.

Even now, our love is like that.

Let's keep it like a secret inside us.

That's all.

Anytime a relationship breaks,
only the lovers separate.

The love remains as is.

No matter how old we get…

in some deep corner of our minds,
that love continues to live.

Instead of holding it inside…

if we try to act on it…

there can be no peace for anyone, Aaranya.

I understand, Gautham.

When everyone suspected me that day…

only your love stood by me.

"I know her very well
because I have loved her."

When I heard you say that…

I felt the satisfaction
of having lived a lifetime with you.

But I never imagined that my love…

would affect a little child like this.

What will you do now, Aaranya?

I don't know.

Since I don't want to stay here,
I've asked for a transfer.

No matter where I go,
the sky will be above me, right?

Similarly, wherever I go,
you will always be with me.

But not the Gautham
who is Aarthi's father.

Not the Gautham
who is Vandhana's husband.

But the Gautham from college…

who yearned for me
to throw him a sideways glance.

The Gautham
who followed me around with flowers.

The one who was ready
to give up everything for me.

My old Gautham.

He'll always be with me.

I'll go now. You can leave.

Howrah Express…

No. I'll see you off
and then leave.

No need. You can go.

I'll see you off
and then leave, Aaranya.

No, Gautham.

Hey! I'm sorry!



How are you, Pooja?


My God!

I can't believe it!

I never thought I'd see you here

after all these years.

Me, too.

-When did you come to town?
-It's just been two months.

I'm doing photography
for a fashion website.