The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter (1992) - full transcript

A creature of demonic nature, too hideous to have a name, once again terrorizes the college kids that summoned it.

"Here lies the body of Joshua Winthrop.

"Died October 7th, 1704." Hmm.

She's in shock.

Get her over to Essex General.
Dr Samuelson will be waiting for you.

- Carter, where's Tanya?
- Tanya's going to the hospital.

- Is she going to be all right?
- Yes, she will.

Howard, I need you to take this.
Don't let anyone see it.

- You're kidding me.
- Just do it.


Howard, what did you see in the house?

Oh, Carter, it was horrible.
It wasn't human.

- You're going to be all right.
- OK.

Put it right down here.

Well, Doc?

Whatever did this was using big teeth
or some sort of tool.

Been dead about four hours, I'd guess.

I don't know about this one -
he hasn't got a head.

- Did you check on the attic?
- You gotta be kidding me.

There's nothing there. No sign of the girl.

Whatever was living in there
must have been real strange.

The head's in there, along with
what appear to be human bones.

- Arnie, this is no single night's work.
- Any signs of the killer?

- There's signs of something, sir.
- Arnie? I gotta talk to you.

- Yeah, sure.
- Look.

I think we've got another one
of those incidents.

You're telling me what I don't wanna hear.

These wounds aren't anything
like a dog or a wolf could do.

Damn this town.

Remember the Dunwich thing?
This may be something similar.

- We couldn't go through that again.
- I can't help it, Arnie.

It's got to be contained. You know that.

Then you accept responsibility
if whatever did this strikes again.

And you know that.

Yeah, I know.

God help us.

All right. Let's get a move on!

- What's your name again?
- Carter. Randolph Carter.

Malcolm, drive Mr Randolph Carter
to the station, please.

- Would you like a statement?
- Not now. Just go with the officer.

Keep him busy until I get down there.

I don't want him talking
to anyone but you. You got that?

- Yeah. What's going on?
- Just do it, please.

- Debbie? Secure the house.
- Yes, sir.



I want you to sit out on the highway
and I don't want anyone near this place.

Yes, sir.


- Psst.
- Hey.

- How are you doing, Howard?
- Better.

The cuts were pretty bad but the fever's

For a while they thought
I might have rabies.

- Have they talked to you?
- Yes. I just got out of there.

- They think this is going to blow over.
- It is over.

Over? Do you know what you found?

Jesus, Carter, look at me!

This could be an important discovery.
You saw this creature?

- Yeah. I saw it up close and personal.
- Right.

Do you know what I saw? Tunnels under
the graveyard. No dog made those.

- You think the creature did it?
- Exactly.

Do you have the book?

You should have turned
it over to the police.

- No.
- What are you gonna do?

Study the Necronomicon,
then go back into those tunnels.

- Don't do that, Carter.
- Howard, listen to me.

You were lucky. The others weren't.
This isn't a story any more.

This is pure fact. Think about it.

I don't want to think about it.

Don't you understand?

For centuries people have ridiculed
Arkham for living in fear of this.

It doesn't matter any more. It's gone.

Perhaps. Maybe you're right.
It is gone. Get some rest.

I wish I could.
I've been having these nightmares.

- Hm. I'll come back later today.
- OK.

You told the police
about the tunnels, didn't you? Carter?

He didn't tell them.

Hey, Carter! Open up.
Carter, did you hear about Howard?

Hey, Carter, you in there?

- Hey, Carter, it's me - Barger.
- I've a lot of work to do.

We're your friends. You're gonna
go squirrelly working like this.

- I'm fine.
- Work, work, work.

Carter, it's Saturday
and we've got news for you.

I'm busy and I'd appreciate it if...

Carter, you've gotta get off
of this overachieving thing.

We're going to the union for breakfast.

Everybody is talking about what
happened at the old Winthrop place.

Hey, these used to be
the old housemaster's rooms.

- Yes. If you wouldn't mind...
- I heard Howard was there.

Said he's torn up.

Yes. I saw him about an hour ago.

The radio said Howard and five other
students were attacked by wild dogs.

- That isn't true.
- That's the story.

Howard should be back in a day or so
and he can tell you about it then.

- Carter, are you studying physics?
- No. Why?

This stuff on the board here.

Hieroglyphics. I'm trying
to translate them.

It's some kind of equation.

It's a formula for quantum mechanics.
This is heavy stuff for a folklore major.

Great. Let's go eat.


Radical slant.
I don't see how you got this figure.

Oh, I didn't.
What do you mean by "radical"?

This line is fine - it deals with time -
but this...

Come on, Barger. We're not here to bull
about business. Mary's waiting for me.

Quantum physics is a new theory?

Planck came up with the basics
around 1900, but it's still a theory.

This is getting just
a little too deep for me, guys.


Barger, how does this work?


'What you have unleashed
by entering my home is again leashed.'


No, you're not dreaming,
but you are in grave danger.

What you have unleashed still lives.

My powers in death
are much less than they were in life

and I can only hold
that portion of the demon...

which is my beloved daughter, Alyda.

I'm definitely dreaming.

Within her is a demon I summoned
...God forgive me!...

and I cannot send it back.

Pages I cannot find... Those pages...

But beware - it will destroy you
and destroy this world.

You must destroy it.

I cannot. It is my daughter...

and again it's not my daughter.

But that which is my
daughter I cannot kill.

You must destroy it. I cannot.

I... No... This isn't real.

I'm dreaming. I'm...

I'm not dreaming.

All right, Howard. I believe you.
Just don't fall asleep.


Yes. They're my students.
I'll deal with it.

Hello, Amelia.

- 'Chancellor Thayer, Carter is here.'
- I see him. Thank you.

- Sit down, Carter.
- No, thank you, Chancellor Thayer.

Last night, four of your students died.

Yes, I know that.

They weren't killed by wild dogs
as the police claim.

I know this sounds ludicrous, but they were
killed by a 300-year-old creature

and if we don't do something fast,
no one will believe us.

This is Arkham, Carter,
not New York, not Boston.

That's why we have to expose this thing.

This "thing"? This mythical "thing"?

- You've seen it with your own eyes?
- No.

You've touched it? You can swear
on your life that it isn't a hoax?

- I can't, but...
- Yes.

Four students have died,
but we have no proof who did it.

It could be a raving lunatic and yet
you're ready to go public with some tale

about a 300-year-old creature
living in an attic.

I grew up in Arkham, Carter.
I know the story.

I've also read your statement
and the police report.

We've enough trouble with four deaths.

If you add witchcraft, Satanism
and a demon from hell.

We're going to have a media circus.

Are you ready to bring all that
on this town and university?

Yes, sir. We have to face it.

You're a brilliant student, Carter,
but you're a fool.

Nobody's going to believe you.
Nobody's going to help you.

You know about this.
You know about that place.

You have no idea
what forces you've stumbled on.

- And you do?
- I don't stumble on them.

I respect them and leave them alone,
and so does everybody else.

Damn stupid 17th-century ignorance.

That's what's wrong
with you and this town.

This town was cursed
long before the 17th century

and there isn't anything
you or I can do to change that.

If you pursue this,
you'll end up like your friends.

Yes, sir.

- Have you seen Professor warren?
- Upstairs reading room.

- Professor warren.
- Oh, hello, Carter. Do sit down.

- I have to talk to you.
- What have you got there?

Before I show you this...

The old Joshua Winthrop house by the
cemetery. What do you know about it?

Ha. Quite a lot, actually.

The place has a most dismal reputation.

As a matter of fact
I collected some tales about it.

There was one about...
an image seen in an attic window.

Another one about a young man
who was chased by a horned creature.

And there was the most
extraordinary business in 1842 or '43...

Yes. I've read them.
But have you ever been out there?

Good heavens, no.
I'm a scholar. I'm not a field man.

Besides, the locale is not
terribly important in oral history.

If you haven't been there, how do you know?

My dear Carter, you're not implying there
might be some substance to these tales?

Yes, I am. I didn't see it personally,
but Eliot Damon Howard did.

He claims to have seen
the creature of the legends.

I would need something
more substantial to corroborate that.

The Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred.

My dear chap, do you know what this is?

Have you any idea? Where did you find it?

In the Winthrop house.


This is the original Arabic text.

There hasn't been one of these extant
since the Cotton Mather one.

- And that disappeared in...
- 1688.


This, Professor, is the same copy.
I'd hate to calculate the fines due on it.

You're absolutely right. It is.

There are the missing pages.

Cotton Mather didn't even entrust
the university with the complete copy.

- Who did the annotations?
- Oh, probably Mather.

- I've no idea who did the English.
- Joshua Winthrop?

Yes, possibly Winthrop.

He must have borrowed the book
and it was never returned.

I believe Joshua Winthrop created the
creature of these legends using this book.


Yes, it is possible.

That's why we have to go there. We have
to find this thing and prove it's real.

Wait a minute, Carter.

If this thing is alive,
it could be very dangerous.

Something happened
at the Winthrop house last night.

Four Miskatonic University students
were killed.

They were killed, I
believe, by this creature.

Good heavens.

But it would be most improper
to interfere with the police investigation.

- So we should turn this over to them?
- Are you mad?!


Have you any idea of the damage
that could result

if this book fell into the wrong hands?

No, no, no. It must be locked up safe
in the university vaults

and kept away
from the prying eyes of the public.

It should be entrusted only in the hands
of scholars of... integrity and probity.

You are the most qualified scholar I know

and I need your help
to confront this beast.

- Aagh!
- Howard. Howard, wake up. Wake up.

- The last thing you need to do is sleep.
- Every time I doze off...

- It's time.
- We have to convince the police.

- Forget it. We can't trust anyone now.
- Then what?

- Are you well enough to travel?
- You're not going back?

Get dressed. I brought you some clothes.

Every time I fall asleep, there she is...
it is... just waiting for me.

I just manage to wake up
before she can...

Before she can what?

I don't know, I... I don't know.

Turn here. We can't go in by the path.
There'll be a police car parked up there.

- Shouldn't we wait for the day?
- You think it would be safer?

- Somehow, yes.
- Primitive superstition.

I don't care.

- Quiet.
- Sorry.

Which way now?

Over here.

- Debbie, come in. It's Joe.
- 'what is it, Joe?'

I just saw something.
A light in the forest near the house.

'Check it out.'

No way. I'm not going without back-up.
Have Ben get out here.

There it is.

- Are you sure about this?
- You wanna keep having those dreams?


What if that ghost you saw was right?
That this thing will destroy us all.

I just wish
someone else had found it.

Well, Howard, give me a hand.

I don't think so.

I am not going down there.

Exactly. You're going
to be our base man.

Radios won't work underground,
so we brought the intercom.

Here. My car keys,
just in case something goes wrong.

- I've gotta stay up here all alone?
- There's always the cop back on the road.

How long do you think this will take?

Well, it's nine o'clock.
We should get a move on.

Howard, if you leave this spot, turn off
the intercom so no one will hear.

OK. Be careful, Carter.

Sure thing. Don't fall asleep.

That's not gonna be a problem.


I want you to take notes
of everything that I say.

- Why?
- Just do it.


Hey. Good luck.

Thanks, Howard. Same to you.

I hope I don't need it.

I hate nights like this.

Come on, then.


Perfectly normal.

The coffins rot
and the bones shift in the soft soil.

- Seems to be getting more open.
- Yes.

You think that creature of yours
made these tunnels?

I don't see why anyone else would.

- What was that?
- The creature, I think.

It's somewhere ahead.

I am questioning the sanity of this.

What an addenda to your oral history
if you prove the legends to be real.

- No one's ever done that before.
- Perhaps they didn't live to tell the tale.

All right, my boy. Scholarly vanity
triumphs over common sense.

- 'Howard?'
- Yeah?

- 'Howard?'
- Ow!

- You scared the hell out of me.
- We're about 100 feet in.

The creature has been in here
and may be up ahead.

Don't get yourself killed.

'I'll check in every 15 or 20 minutes.'

Hopefully you'll be back by then.
It's getting creepy.

'Keep a stiff upper lip. Later.'

well... there's the reason.

This must be Tanya's friend, Wendy

Whatever carved these tunnels
was looking for food.

The flesh of fresh corpses.

Which would explain the extent of them.
It would have taken decades to dig.

Yes. This graveyard was abandoned
in the early 1800s.

Whatever did this
had large canines and incisors...

not human
and look there, those claw marks.

Definitely not human.

That's a dog. That's just a dog.


I think we've found something here.

Carter, come here.

I've never seen runes like this.

I have. Alhazred drew figures
like these in the Necronomicon.

I don't read Arabic, but I know
enough Greek for the annotations.

I read Arabic, but this...

This... is the writing of R'lyeh.

This is the language of Cthulhu himself.

Who would have put this here?
Joshua Winthrop?

He did have the reputation
of being a great witch, but...

I get the sense that this
is infinitely older.

Just look at the antiquity of this cave.

Could this relate to the legend
of the Outer Beings?

Vermont, Maine,
but not this far south, surely.

Carter? Carter, come here.

Something is down there.

Er... perhaps we should wait.

If it's Howard's creature, we can't wait.

Up ahead. Close.

This must be Howard's creature.

See where the arm is healing
from the break and the cheek?

- Argh!
- She's healing fast.

Don't provoke her. I'm not sure
how strong those roots are.

If I'm right, they're more than roots.

I've got to look at this
under a microscope.

'Howard. Howard?'

It's good to hear your voice.
It's been an hour.

Found your creature alive and kicking.
It's trapped as in your dream.

Listen to me, Carter. Kill it.

That's what the old man in the dream said -
you have to kill it.

It's more than that. Remember the journal?
It might be Winthrop’s daughter.

'I don't care. Just kill it!'

- Simultaneous life forms.
- I have to go. I'll stay in touch.

Carter? Carter?


They pass right through each other.

The human blood cells existing
with whatever those Grey cells are.

I suppose they're blood.

So it is possible.


This is quantum physics.

That's what Barger said it was,
the glyphs in the book.

Right. Now, if I've got this correctly,

what we've got here is two solid bodies
occupying the same space simultaneously.

The one human,
the other... one dare not speculate.

That means they might be separated.

That would involve
a huge expenditure of energy.

That is why quantum physics
is a theoretical subject.

What about the book?

I can't believe that Winthrop and the
mad Arab knew what they were doing.

Besides, Alhazred copied this
from an earlier source.

There are several pages missing anyway.

What if Winthrop didn't do it?
Perhaps the creature has the ability.

That's an interesting idea.

What if it has the ability
to move its own atoms and electrons?

So it can enter another creature.

Then it might be possible
to induce it to move out.


- What's this?
- That, my dear fellow, is insulin.

Now, we inject the human body with insulin.

The creature thinks something
is wrong with it, so it moves out.

- We don't want to kill it.
- No.

But what is the natural antidote
for an excess of insulin?


We must keep her still.
I don't want to break the needle.

I believe Joshua Winthrop
called his daughter Alyda.

Alyda? That's very appropriate.
It's Greek for "winged woman".


Alyda, you have nothing to fear.

Good... Now.

It's feeling the effect.

- Let's just hope it works.
- If it doesn't, will they both die?

- Let's hope so.
- If not, which will leave the other?

- The demon will leave.
- Is that a good idea?

Now you mention it, no.

Carter, what's going on?

It worked.

Carter, it worked!

- Where's the creature?
- Gone.

Miles away, light years away.

Gone back to whatever dimension
it came from.

- Professor warren, insulin shock.
- Yes, of course.

Come on now, Alyda. Come on.

There's a good girl.
There's a good girl. Come on.

Yes, yes. You're all right now.
You're all right now.

The creature could not exist
without the girl.

Once it sensed that her life was in peril,
it had to withdraw.

Then again... it might still be here.

Carter, talk to me or I'm going for help!

'Carter, what's going on?'

Howard, we seem to have got rid
of the creature.

I can't talk now. I can't hear.

I'll get back to you.


She's drowsy, but she is recovering.

I'm having extraordinary difficulty
disengaging her from this root.

There's nothing physically binding her,
but I'm damned if I can...

- Winthrop. The book. Tree spells.
- Tree spells.

Are you saying you think she's spellbound?


Carter, I'm a rationalist and a skeptic.

After what I've seen today, I suppose
I'm prepared to believe anything.

This isn't going to work anyway.
There's a page missing.

- The pages in the library?
- Could be.

Ah. This might do it.

"Yig, Father of Serpents,
beseech these spirits to listen.

"You have served Lord Cthulhu
and his servants well.

"Your task is done."

I haven't read this sort
of stuff for years.

Besides, the inflections
may have changed over the centuries.

"Yig, abu il hiat...

"k'lyeh atol'eh rut'eh ismal.

"Inta sa'aug dilala.

"Cthulhu... uns san ut dabaho imne.

"Il shagal haloos."

It doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

Perhaps my performance intimidated her.

- Good heavens!
- Good. Good.

It left no marks.

It flew through the solid wall
and left no marks.

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Yes. Carter, would you mind
giving us a hand here, please?

Come, now, my dear.

Rest here for a second or two.

That's good. That's good.


Your father's um...

But you are safe.
You understand? You're safe.

Damn it, Carter! We didn't get a photo!

How could we have been so stupid?
We did not get a photo of the beast.

Professor, no one will believe us anyway.

I think we can establish
her age by biological means.

Howard can take her to safety
and we'll search out the other half.

I'm sure it has gone back
to wherever it originally came from.

In a way, it's too bad.


You two go on ahead. I'll tidy things up
here and seal the place.

We'll come back tomorrow with help.


No. Come.

Go on. Go on.

You go with Carter now, Alyda.



- Howard?
- Yes, Professor?

- Has Carter reached the surface?
- 'No, sir.'

- Tell him to call me when he does.
- Yes, sir.

Come on, come on.

Howard. Fancy meeting you here.

- What the hell's going on?
- I've brought the creature with me.

God, no, Carter!

Oh, my God. That's a naked woman.

- May I present Alyda Winthrop?
- Carter, this is not...

- Of course, you two have met.
- Car... ter?

- She talks.
- Carter.

A bit.

Maybe I didn't describe the creature well.
This is not her.

It is. We left half of her out.
Hopefully the dangerous half.

Professor warren wants to talk to you.
Something's going on down there.


- Professor warren?
- 'Carter. It's still here.'

I haven't actually seen it,
but I think it's in the cave.

'I have set up a Polaroid to take
a photograph to confirm its existence.'

- I'm coming down.
- No, you mustn't come down.

Carter, if anything should happen to me,
get the girl well away from here.

She's the key, you see.

I think that the beast cannot exist without

If they became meshed together
in their infancy,

then somehow their molecules have
assumed a symbiotic relationship.

You're going to need help.
Professor Thurber's very good and...



Professor! Professor warren.
Professor warren.

- I'm going down there.
- No way.

Professor warren is dead and we're next.

- I started this.
- And you won't finish it without help.

It's not human, that thing down there.

Oh, Carter.
I got a real bad feeling about this.

- Carter...
- See? Even she's got the right idea.

- Carter.
- Let's go.

- What's wrong?
- It must be cold. Give it a few seconds.

We don't have seconds. Let's run for it.


I got it. Hold on.

- It just stood up.
- I can't believe you've just let it loose.

We're dead. It's going to hunt us down
and tear us apart.

- It wants Alyda.
- I can pull right over and let her out.

That's not like you, Howard.

I'm sorry. I've been through hell, Carter.

We'll make it, Howard.
Just get us back to the university.

In one piece.

You'll be safe.

Do you understand?


is dead.

Yes, he is.

We'd better hurry.

- What now? The police, right?
- No. We need proof first.

- No. First we need to get clothes on her.
- Huh? Oh, yes, of course.


No house.

Alyda, don't be afraid.
It'll be all right. Trust me.

Come on. Let's go.

Come on.

Everybody must be asleep.


Carter? Figured it would be you.
I was wondering...

Can it wait, Barger?
It's 1.30 in the morning.

Come on.

- Carter?
- Just go back to bed.

What in the hell is going on here?

- Nothing. Just go back to bed.
- Nothing. You got to be kidding.

Carter with a naked woman.
This is monumental.

Barger, just go back to bed.

Don't tell anyone about this.
I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

- Howard, get her something to wear.
- Yeah.

- Mary might have something.
- No. Robert, not Mary!

And Jack. Everybody's
gonna know about her now.

We have to move quickly. Here.
Do you understand me?


Yes. I'm Randolph Carter
and you're Alyda Winthrop.

Yes. Alyda.

I... I...


Her father must have talked to her
because inside her memory, there's words.

Think of it. She lived in the 17th century.

She can't tell us about
the Revolutionary war. She was in an attic.

Think of the biological
and genetic implications.

Let's think about staying alive.

I suspect that the other
half is on its way.

If Professor warren is right,
it can't survive without her.

Then we can't let it have her back.
But for how long?

Not long enough. It's probably stronger
without the human half.

- And you and the professor let it loose.
- I'm afraid so.



Alyda, I'm going in the other room.

Stay. Stay in here.

No. No.

No, Carter.


All right, Alyda, but you must stay there.


She's really taken a shine to you.

Look, I think we have a way out of this.

- We have to take Alyda to the clinic.
- To prove she's 300 years old?

Or that she's got
some of the creature left in her.

Then we know
what the creature's composed of.

- But is that going to help us?
- Yes.

We also have to recover some of the pages
from the library. These pages may help us.

- What about the police?
- Then we'll bring in the police.

- And they're going to believe us?
- Oh, they'll believe us.

- How did we get ourselves into this?
- Curiosity. Does it every time.


Wake up.


Joe, where the hell are you?




I tried to stop him.


Mary brought up some clothes.

Holy cow.

- Hi there...
- Back off. What have you done to her?

Mary, I don't have time to explain.
You'll have to show her how to dress.

Mary, Alyda. Alyda, Mary.

Carter? No. Please.

That girl was born 300 years ago
and I have to get her to the clinic.

I'm not going to hurt you,
but you've got to wear something.

Carter! I don't think she likes clothes.

- This is something to do with Joel's death.
- It's going to try and kill her.

I have to see Professors Mendez and...

- Biochemistry. Thurber.
- Right. And tonight.

- It's two in the morning.
- This is important.

- Carter!
- Incredibly important.

- And could get us killed.
- Count me in.

- She doesn't like clothes.
- Get her dressed in anything.

Stand still, will you?


Here's the directory.
Call the professors... now. Go.

I don't care what you don't like,
you're gonna wear something.

- 4787.
- 4787.

- He won't be pleased.
- Hi. I'm sorry, Mrs Mendez.

I have to speak to the professor.
It's an emergency.

She wouldn't wear anything practical,
but at least she's decent.

That's rather becoming.

It's becoming later.

He'll meet us at the clinic. Professor
Thurber's answering machine was on,

but we can swing by there on the way.

- Right. Jack, you coming?
- Er... Good luck.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

First floor. Men's apparel.
Protective gear.

Life insurance.

Carter, where did you find her?

Relax. It's OK. It isn't dangerous. Really.

I'll get Professor Thurber.
You take Alyda to the clinic.

Maybe I should get him.
She won't be separated from you.

I don't know why she goes for you,
you lucky dog.

Why shouldn't she?
You know where Thurber lives?

- Yeah.
- Meet you at the clinic.

Why are they going to see Professor

Look, Carter thinks that that girl
is 300 years old, OK?


And why aren't we going with them?

Because... She had something to do
with Joel Manton's death.

- I just don't want to get involved in that.
- You're such a wimp, Jack.

You can chicken out
of an interesting situation, but I'm going.

You're gonna go through your whole life
never taking a risk

and die without ever
having had a single adventure.

Are you coming?

Help! Somebody help me!


Can somebody tell me why
there is so much noise?!

It's 2:30 in the morning!

Carter? Who have you got in there?

He's dead.

- Easy, guy.
- Right.

I... I saw it. It was horrible.

- It was horrible.
- Are you all right? Stay right there.

Whatever did this is the same thing that
killed Joe and those kids at the house.


Debbie, we got a situation here.

Forget the Winthrop house.
Whatever killed Joe is on the campus now.

We're in... Hold on.

Randolph Carter's room.

Halt! Police.

Oh, my God.

Debbie, you get over here pronto...

Of course. The medical building.
That's where the other guy is. Howard.

Meet me there. I'll leave Ben here.

Oh, my God.

Oh... Ben.



It's a matter of quantum physics which,
I suppose, to you would be magic.

- Magic?
- Mm.

Yes. Magic.

Actually, it's still magic to me.

Carter makes magic?


Where could they be?


makes magic.

Do you know about your father's magic?

We're going to get people to take
care of you. These people will help.


Hello? Professor Mendez?


Carter, go. Go!

Alyda, what's wrong?

What is it?

Alyda comes.

Here? Now?

Carter, please.

I don't see anything.

How do you know?

I stay... with Carter.

Alyda, you can't stay with me.

You need professionals to care for you
and that thing, I can't stop it.

I stay... with you, Carter.

I... love you.

You don't understand.

Alyda, you're very special
and you're very beautiful, but I...

I have to turn you over to people who can
help you understand what's happened.

Alyda, if this weren't the wrong place
and the wrong time...

what is it?

Carter, Barger? Anyone here?

In here, Professor Mendez!

Don't worry. It's a friend.
Stay here. It's a friend.

There you are.

I have found something wonderful. You don't
know how happy I am to see you...

You came after all. After Alyda, I suppose?
She's not here.

Come on, then.

Run, Alyda, run.

Sorry to wake you up,
Professor Thurber, but this is important.

Carter found this incredible creature
and I know it sounds crazy...

Hey, look out.

Hold it right there.

Carter, Alyda comes.

That's it. There.

No one could have done this.

Ramming something through a person
is possible, but...

but you could never pull it out.

No, no.
This would take superhuman strength.

- It got out through here. Let's go.
- Nobody's going anywhere yet.

Listen. We all cared about Ben.
We are gonna find this thing.

The internal suction of the body,

plus the adhesive quality of the blood,
is... er...

- where would Carter go?
- I don't know.

Very few people understand
that if you knife someone...

it's very difficult to withdraw that knife.

So to do this,
it would be almost impossible.

The bastard's getting away! Damn it,
I'll kill the goddamn thing myself!

- Not a good idea, Debbie.
- Debbie, will you settle down, please?

All right.

Now, think!

I don't know. We were gonna come here
and... call you.

- We're wasting time.
- I'd really like to come with you.

- Professor...
- The library!

There was a book and some missing
pages. That's where Carter would go.

Professor, you stay here. You too, son.
You are coming with me.

- Yes, sir. We'd better hurry.
- Debbie, wait up!

Could I...? Oh.

Oh, my.


Hm. It worked.



The keys have to be here somewhere.

Alyda, don't move. Just stay here. Don't

Believe me, I won't leave you.

Yes, Carter.


Alyda, what about books?

It comes.

For Alyda.


Right. It follows you by scent.
We can confuse it a bit.

Sounds like the right place.


Randolph Carter! Are you in here?

Alyda, here. Calm down.

Easy, easy. It's all right.

That should have thrown her scent off.

I know where we are.


What's that smell?

Perfume. Yuk!
No choice of mine.

It's over there.

That's the stacks. People get lost in there
in the daylight.

Right. Spread out. Three rows parallel.

Howard, you stay three paces behind me.
Watch the rear.

- Give him a gun.
- No. I'd rather not.

Yeah. I'd rather you not too.

- Carter!
- Sshh!

- Howard, get out!
- Carter, I brought the police!

Get them out too!

Come. Quickly.

- Carter?
- Go. I'm coming with you. Go.

Seems to open out a bit.

There it is!

I saw it just ahead. Missed the thing.

Damn! It's fast... and it stinks.

Debbie, hold your rank.

There has to be a grille
to the floor above.

- You holding up?
- Holding up.

We're doing all right.

Rare books are on the next level.
Manuscript pages are there. Wait here.

We have to find the pages from the book.

The book, yes. Father's book.

He didn't know it,
but some of the pages were kept here.

Pages that he must have needed...


Carter? No!

Alyda, no!



- It's just a up ahead.
- Carter!

- Carter!
- Howard, get out of here.

- Are you all right?
- We're alive.

Just get out.

Carter, where are you?


Get away from there.

- Carter!
- Howard, get out while you can.

Here, Alyda. We have to get up there.

We found it. It's the rare book room.

Come on, girl. Come on.

Those should hold her out
for a few minutes.

They keep them out of sight,
even from the initiated.

Alyda, she's not going to get you.

We'll solve the piece of the puzzle
your father couldn't.

Maybe we can kill it. Maybe we can.

We don't have much time.

My, my, the professor was right.

Abdul Alhazred... the Mad Arab.

These must be special if they were
removed from the Necronomicon.

Look here. This is in Arabic and
the quotation is an even older language.

The illuminations were never completed.
That's why there's big margins.

This has been translated into Greek.

Alyda, your father was translating
parts of this into English.

Let's see...

"Di'ad akhadis...

"Ada odan...

"agos bas dunat aut."

I can hear it.
It's just up ahead to the right.

That smell is something else.

Over here! Somebody help us!


My God.

- Aargh!
- No, wait!

It's OK.

"Ignae ignae y'a fluchro nich ha

"yuog sithoth ebethan hi'yi negurclu la..."

"Ayei suroth nagatholo tapei...

"yugoth R'lyeh ai Cthulhu."

Alyda, what is it?

"R'lyeh ai Cthulhu."

"Negathalata bei yugot."

You speak this?

Father teaches Alyda.

You speak the language of Cthulhu?

- C-Tu-Lu.
- C-Tu-Lu? Cthulhu!

Alyda, do you know what this means?
You understand.

Oh, Alyda, you're so wonderful.

Can you read this?
Can you read these words?

No read, Carter.

I speak. Hai ashanta nika?

This is amazing.
This is absolutely amazing.

You have a knowledge that was
lost to the world centuries ago.

I will read and you correct me.

I read and you say again.

"Pignuli miguanoth Cthulhu R'lyeh...

"wanago fa'talan."

"Finignuli miguanoth Cthulhu...

"R'lyeh canago fa'tali."

Damn you!

Oh, great, it's a bitch.


- Ah!
- Are you all right?

- What the hell was that?
- Are you OK?

I'm all right. What about the sheriff?

He's dead.

Oh, God. Debbie?

She ran off that way.
I heard a shot and a fight.

I think Carter was trying to get
to the rare book room. It's upstairs.

All right. Let's go.

It's this way.

I wish I had a tape recorder.

We could write this down
and have it phonetically.


- It is coming.
- Right.

We'll have time later.

It's too quiet.

Carter? Open up if you're in there!

- Howard?
- Who else?

Open up!

- Carter!
- All right, Howard. Just a moment.

We don't have a moment.
Open the door.

- Carter, it is here.
- We're coming, Howard.

What was that? Carter!

Howard, stay out.


You can't have her. It's over.

"Ag thororaeth gebeli'ei yarg sasoth..

"Negar nigi'e saron."

"Di'Ar Dan agis Ar ourdan."


No! Carter is mine.

- Are you there?
- Look out.

Be careful.


Ready? And...


- Damn it! Carter, are you still in there?
- Stand back.

My God.

Alyda, no...


No. You...



It's gone.


You're free of it, Alyda.

You're free.

Alyda, I love you.

Alte ego is Te.

Ego alte e mi.



Carter, what was it she said?

Alte ego is Te.

Ego alte e mi.

"I am she and she is me."

Howard, it was too late.
They were one creature.

Then there's nothing
you could have done.

Come in.


Hello, Howard.

- What's this?
- My statement.

I don't know if the police will accept it,
but I set it all down.

At least she's free of that creature.


You have to put that memory away.

Howard, it will take a while.
She was very special.

The police gave me the photograph
Professor warren died for.

This doesn't help us.

But some day, Howard, some day...