The Trump Prophecy (2018) - full transcript

Based on actual events, the story surrounds a fireman and public servant Mark Taylor who heard a special message from God about change in our nation. When Mary Colbert, a networker and ...

(fire roaring)

(gentle music)

- Spirit of God told me

I have chosen this man

for such a time as this.

For as Benjamin
Netanyahu is to Israel,

so shall this man be to the
United States of America.

(tense dramatic music)

(fire roaring)

(alarm blaring)

- [Female] Attention Engine
one, engine six through eight,

tower two, ladder one.

(muffled by alarm blaring)

Battalion one, battalion two.

Respond to a report
of a structure fire

at 1510 Pacific Avenue.

- You got this?

- Yes sir.

- [Female On Radio]
Time out 3:05.

(sirens wailing)

(indiscernible chatter
on radio)

- [Female] We've received
multiple calls that victims

are still inside the structure

and flames showing
from the roof.

(sirens wailing)

(indiscernible radio chatter)

- Everyone good on tag two.

- [Female On TV] Hurricane Katrina
is turning in the Gulf of Mexico,

with winds 130 miles per hour,
gusts stronger then that.

Reports of buildings
collapsed along the coastline.

One levy is broken,
the storm surge

continues to pound
the coastline.

(sirens wailing)

- [Female On Radio]
Attention Engine two,

and unit six, respond
to a report of fire at

1510 Pacific Avenue.

(sirens wailing)

(gentle music)

- Got a Colom of smoke
on the left.

- Engine one is arriving,
we have a two story

(drowned out by siren)

fire showing on
the second story.

Alpha and Delta side.

Engine one will establish
fire and tackle it.

Advancing a one and three
quarter inch attack line.

We are (drowned out by fire
roaring) Adjunct command.

(dramatic music)

- [Firefighter] Move move.

(hammers bashing on doors)

- [Firefighter] Hold on to me,

I'm doing a right hand search.

- [Firefighter]
Empty, Heading your way.

Victim unresponsive.

I got doors left and right
of hallway, Delta side.

Going left, child's
room, alert all crews

we're looking for
potential young victim.

Smoke's getting thick.

(furniture clattering)

Entering bathroom,
sweeping tub.

Delta Side bathroom clear.

We have heavy fire in the second
bedroom on the delta side.

Approaching bedroom
closet, delta side.

It's going to be okay.

I'm here to help you alright.

There you go.

I've got the child
and I'm moving out.

You're gonna be okay,
you're safe now.

It's gonna be alright.

- My baby brother,
he's still inside.

- [Firefighter] Be
advised we have reports

of a third victim inside,
let's go, let's go.

Command division two,
heading to second floor.

Request more personnel
for the ceiling,

in search of the second victim.

- [Firefighter] Command
safety, the room

on the Charlie Delta
side, the structure

is showing signs of
failure, collapse imminent.

Order all personnel to
evacuate the structure.

All fire operation channels.

Have all companies
standby for core check

as soon as they
exit the structure.

- [Firefighter] Let's find
that child and get out.

- [Firefighter] Entering
small bedroom, clear.

Close the door.

Closet clear.

(alarm blaring)

- All companies
evacuate the structure

and standby for par.

(fire roaring)

(heavy breathing)

- [Firefighter] Dear God.

Division two to
command, found the boy.


(somber music)

(firetruck beeping)

(doors slamming)

- Today of all days,
why'd it have to be a kid?

I've got four girls, today's
my oldest's birthday.

- Well

Four girls, that's
out of my league Bri.

Tell her happy birthday.

(tense music)

(breathing heavily)

(alarm blaring)

(men shouting)

(radio chatter drowned out)

- We'll be alright.

20 years will be long enough.

- Yeah but 25 would give
us a bigger pension.

- Do you want to talk about it?

- I know I can't do it.

Not the level
the job requires

it's not in me.

- Take some time off,
we'll figure something out.

- I've got about four
months sick leave

and vacation time saved up.

- Perfect, we'll start there.

- You miss being a dispatcher?

- It was okay for the time.

- I never met a fire
dispatcher as gorgeous as you.

- Well, you're not so
bad yourself, fireman.

- I couldn't do
this without you,

you know that right?

- Right now I've
got to get to work.

The judge is waiting on me.

What are your plans
for the day?

- I was thinking I might
clean up the bass boat.

- That's ambitious.

- Yeah, it'll take my
mind of fire trucks.

It's been in the
shed since pops died,

I thought I might use it.

Maybe I'll sell it.

- Hmm.

Good luck with that.

Well we wouldn't have
to move the cars around

in the morning so I could
actually get out of the driveway.

Love you.

(door closing)

(garage door rattling)

- Time to clean
up our boat pops.

(gentle upbeat music)


Miss you pops.

Oh that hat.

(creature growling)

What's happening to me?

(tense dramatic music)

- Open.

Deep breaths.

Until recently nobody
knew what PTSD was.

- Well a lot of guys
at the department

have had the same symptoms.

- I don't want to label you,

so let's just try some
medication at first.

- Like what?

- An SSRI, something
to help stabilize you

for six months or so, then
we'll see what that does.

- I've got four
months saved up right.

- Yeah.

- I want to take it all now.

- Well that's your prerogative.

- And when I come
back on January one,

I'll have made my 20 years.

- You're thinking of retiring?

- If I said I wasn't

I'd be lying.

- Mark,

it's your time,
you've earned it.

See you the first of the year.

- Thanks Chief.

- Hey, happy holidays.

(gentle upbeat music)

(water spraying)

- There.

- There's a spot.

(she squeals)

Sorry, I didn't.

- Got it, alright.

Looks good.

You going to the
hardware store.

- Yeah, you got it.

- I don't know, I
thought I had it,

I gave it to you
but I can't see it.

Looks really good babe.

- [Mark] Yeah, it's
not gonna stay.

- Alright, looks great.

Are you high fiveing me?

- [Mark] No.


(breathing heavily)

(alarm wailing)

(fire roaring)

- What is it, what is it?

This pen is real,
this pen is real.

These dreams are not real.

(papers rustling)

I am Mark Taylor, firefighter.

- Honey, honey, it's
after 10 sweetie.

- Yeah okay, yep.


(somber music)

(breathing heavily)

(fire exploding)

He was just a little boy,

why would God allow
that to happen?

Why are you still up?

- I couldn't sleep.

- I'm not taking those pills.

♪ Hard to say your
feelings like this ♪

♪ Look at life like a
something you missed ♪

♪ And you counting days
until you found it out ♪

♪ Take a minute,
let it all sink in ♪

♪ Won't you hold you
breath, count to 10 ♪

♪ And hope to God that
you somehow make it out ♪

♪ When it's crushing down,
who do you look for ♪

♪ Where do you go when
it's crushing down ♪

♪ When it's crushing down

♪ Who do you look
for, where do you go ♪

♪ When it's crushing down

♪ Hard to say if it's
worse then this ♪

♪ But pretending like
it doesn't exist ♪

♪ And thinking how you
can find yourself ♪

♪ Slow it down I know
it's common sense ♪

♪ But it's only better
when I just give in ♪

♪ And remind yourself
how you feel right now ♪

♪ When it's crushing down,
who do you look for ♪

♪ Where do you go when
it's crushing down ♪

♪ When it's crushing down
who do you look for ♪

♪ Where do you go when
it's crushing down ♪

- You sure about this?

- Never been more
certain about anything?

- I guess what I'm asking
is have you prayed about it?

- The truth.

Not sure I know how.

- It's just like having
a conversation with God.

- Wish I could pack away
my strange dreams too.

- I'm here for you.

- What's up man,
you going somewhere?

- Yep, I'm done, I got
my 20, I'm hanging it up.

- Why didn't you tell me man,

the boys and I could have
threw you a party or something.

- I know, I appreciate it.

I just don't like goodbyes.


- It's been good, you
take care of yourself.

- I see you cleaned
out your locker.

- I'm done at 20.

I'm totally and
completely burned out.

- Mark there's a big
difference between

a 20 year pension and
a 25 year pension.

- Money won't
matter if I'm dead.

I can't function at home,

I can't even hold
my hand straight.

Listen I'm done.

- Mark, what if I made it
a little easier for yah.

What if I made you
a roving lieutenant,

you could go from
station to station,

making sure that they --

- Chief I'm grateful but
I've made my decision.

Listen I can't explain
it, I just feel like

God's telling me to do
something different.

- Mark I know you're
a man of faith

- It's a big decision.

- Have you prayed on it?

- To tell you the truth Chief,

it's been a long
time since I prayed.

Kind of forgot how.

- Mark, prayer is the
strongest, most powerful tool

you've got.

All you've gotta
do is talk to him.

- Yeah I know.

- I'll be praying for you.

(gentle tinkling music)

- Thank you.

- Yeah.


- You're turning soft
on me huh.


- How does it feel?

- A little scary but
I think it's right.

I'm ready.

(gentle upbeat music)

♪ It's like looking
at the windows ♪

♪ Of a train moving fast

♪ Before we know it baby
the days just fly past ♪

♪ Time don't have a minute

♪ It's never gonna wait

♪ It all gets so crazy
just got to get away ♪

♪ One on one, just me and you

♪ Some time alone just us two

♪ All I need until we see

♪ The morning sun is
a little one on one ♪

♪ I just want to be beside you
and shut out all the rest ♪

♪ In the silence
feel you breathing ♪

♪ Soft against my chest

♪ Get down to the basics

♪ Of why we're
even here at all ♪

♪ Take this world we live in
and make it really small ♪

♪ One on one, just me and you

♪ Some time alone, just us two

- I'm all ears.

- This was the
craziest dream yet.

- What time was this?

- I don't know,
around 1:30-ish.

- You were sleeping
like a rock.

- In my work I've
seen everything.

But what I saw last
night scared me so much

all I could do was
lay there, paralyzed.

- Your voice sounds different.

- Different how?

- It's deeper, more resonant.


- I hadn't noticed.

Maybe I should sing bass.


- Maybe we need
a second opinion.

- I don't know.


(gentle music)

- Mark.

Have a seat.

We got your tests results
back quicker then usual.

- Go ahead I can take it.

- Mark, this isn't
all in your head.

You have an extremely
low thyroid,

you have severe
adrenal burnout,

you have the hormones
of a 70 year old.

With numbers like
yours I..

I don't know how you're
getting out of bed.

- I'm not, most of the time.

- I want to work on a plan
to restore your health,

physically, mentally
and spiritually.

This is not an overnight fix.

- Well, got all the
time in the world.

- Tell me something, how
did you cope with the daily

rigors of being a firefighter?

It's okay, you came
to us for help,

this is where it begins.

- My job as a fireman
was to react calmly

using rescue protocol.

When I click into
survival mode it means

building up a wall
around my emotions.

- I can see that.

- Dealing with death
and injury every day

and running toward
danger constantly,

I don't have time
to think about it.

You can't afford to
have feelings about it,

it'll get you killed.

- That's a pretty
heavy burden to bear.

- That's what we
were trained to do.

- But still you
have the emotions.

I mean the trauma
happens, unfortunately

how we cope with it
can become the prison

that we get stuck in.

- What do I do?

- Well that's where
God's grace comes in.

His doing what we're
not able to do.

Tuning into his voice will help

quiet what's raging
inside of you.

(cheering and shouting on TV)

- [Male On TV]
Eventually it'll age,

it'll sag and it'll wrinkle.

There are five key things
that age your skin,

number one is
excessive sunlight.

(gentle somber music)

(groaning in pain)
(breathing heavily)

(kettle whistling)
(indiscernible chatter on TV)

- You cannot keep
living like this.

- I know.

I don't want to keep living if
this is how it's going to be.


- Mark!


Mark, wake up!

- Eeee-Ahh-Shea

- Mark!

- Eeee-Ahh-Shea

- Wake up!

- Lord, help us.

(breathing heavily)

What was it?

- Something had a
hold of my throat,

it was choking me.

- What were you trying to say?

- Jesus.

It was trying to take my voice.

- We're gonna get
through this, we will.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

- Another wild
dream this morning.

Is this what PTSD is all about?

- Lord I know that
you can hear me

and I am, I am begging you.

Lord please I cannot
do this alone.

I need you to heal him.


Lord please.

(breathing heavily)

- Come on.

Come on!

I'm not afraid of you.

(gentle uplifting music)

I woke up on the floor, flat
on my back in a cold sweat.

I think I saw God.

Lord says this to
Cyrus, his anointed.

who's right hand I have grasped
to subdue nations before.

To disarm kings, to open
the doors before him,

and the gates will not be shut.

I will go before you and
level the uneven places.

I will shatter the bronze doors

and cut the iron bars in two.

(fire roaring)

- [Trump On TV] The
fact is money is being

drained out of this country
at an alarming rate.

350 billion this year
from China, alone.

Four billion from
(drowned out by music)


Every country they
all make good deals.

I'm concerned that we're
going to go over the abyss.

We have incompetent leadership,

we have people who
have no clue,

either that or
they're very evil.

I don't think they're evil
I think they have no clue.

- God said "you're hearing
the voice of a President."

"President Trump."

Spirit of God told me
of your chosen this man

Donald Trump for
such a time as this.

For as Benjamin
Netanyahu is to Israel.

So shall this man be to the
United States of America.

- This is intriguing,
I don't know

what to think of it either.

Mark I want to refer you
to one of my colleagues.

Dr Don Colbert, as you
know I'll be closing

my practice soon and I'll
be taking a new position

at the hospital, he's
had some noted success

treating patients with PTSD.

- Well thanks Dr Vander, for
everything you've done for me.

- You're a very special person,

and I'm not sure how
to make sense of what

all's happening with you.

But I get the impression
that God is doing something.

- Thank you.

- Mark Taylor.

Right this way Mr. Taylor.

- Hey Mark, thank you Carla.

Come on in.

I've read your charts
from Dr. Vander,

and reviewed the tests
we ran last week.

- Looks like there are
several things going on here.

- We'll I've read your book,

I don't think this is all
diet, exercise and water.

- Well not entirely
but it's a key factor

during the initial
stages of the treatment

of the route causes of PTSD.

When you finish this
program I think you'll

be a different man.

- I, uhh

I have very graphic dreams.

- I've read about that
in Dr. Vander's report.

What kind of dreams?

- A lot of nightmares,
where I'm struggling

and fighting.

- That's interesting.


- Yeah.

Sometimes I have
good ones where I get

a visit from an angel.

- Hmm, they ever say anything?

- You don't think that's crazy?

- No, dreams are important.

They can give us a window
to what's going on inside.

Not all of them but
most have some kind

of insight to give us.

- Sometimes I think that
God's talking to me.

- Hey, how'd it go
with Dr. Colbert?

- I like him, yeah
he ran some tests

and I'm gonna go back
next week for a follow up.

- Did he have any
initial thoughts?

- He wants me to drink a
boat load of filtered water.

- That's it, drink water.

- Yeah.

- Huh.

(breathing heavily)

- It's okay.

It's okay.

- [TV] David Rubey
CBN News in Boston

at Romney headquarters.

Mitt Romney got closer then
John McCain did four years ago

- Thanks.

- [TV] But clearly
the anti-Obama vote

was just not enough and
now there'll be questions

as to whether or not
Mitt Romney was really

the right candidate all along.

- I don't get it, how
can any of this be real.

The man never even
tried to run.

- Trump was never
taken seriously.

Maybe it is real, but it's
just not what you think it is.

- I'll tell you what I think,

I think I'm going
completely crazy.

- Why don't you let
Dr. Colbert take a look

at your journal.

- When the time's
right maybe I will.

- I am officially
running for President

of the United States
and we are going to make

our country great again.

- I've always kept a journal.

- Can I have a look?

- Let me see.

I got this one in 2011.

It's kind of strange huh?

- Do you mind if my
wife has a look at this?

- I actually printed
off a copy for yah.

- She's a keen sense
for interpreting

things like this.

- Yes I'll put her on the schedule tomorrow.

Let me call you back.

- [Colbert] Honey step
into my office please.

- I'll be right in.

- Mary this is Mark
Taylor, he's a new patient.

Mark, meet my wife Mary.

- Nice to meet you Mark.

- You too.

- Mark copied this
from his journal,

I'd like for you to
take a look at it.

- The Command-in-Chief

- I told him it was
kind of strange.


- The interesting thing is
he got that in April 2011.

- Hmm, I'll take a look at it.

- April 28th 2011,

The spirit of God says
I have chosen this man,

Donald Trump for
such a time as this.

For as Benjamin
Netanyahu is to Israel

so shall this man be to the
United States of America.

♪ I'll call your name and
turn from my old ways ♪

♪ A sudden change leads
me to your grace ♪

- Mind if I come in.

- Come in.
- Sure.

- Mark, this is good.

- You think so.

- I do, it has that rhythm
to it when the Holy Spirit

is bearing witness
to the truth.

At least it does to me.

I think you have to let the
whole world know about this.

- What's so strange to me
is that I got this in 2011,

and it felt so
distinct and real.

Trump didn't even run.

- And that was four years ago.

- Well, all I know is
that it has that rhythm

of truth to it, at
least it does to me.

You know, I think God
is up to something.

Hey, how about we pray.

Heavenly Father, we thank
you for this message of hope

and we know you have a plan
because you are in control

of everything, Father we
come to you for your guidance

for Mark and for us
as we seek your will.

Show us your way
dear Lord


(energy pulsating)

(uplifting music)

- Lord I need you, forgive me,

I can't fight this
battle on my own.

Please Lord, speak to me.

(indiscernible muttering)

Please, please.

No weapon formed against me

shall prosper.

- Hey mom, I'm at a
conference what's up?

- DJ do you remember the
Commander prophecy I sent you?

- Yeah sure, what about it?

- I felt the Holy Spirit saying

I needed to get involved
somehow, I have no idea

what that means but
somehow I think you might.

- And how am I supposed
to know about this?

- The Holy Spirit gave
me this distinct sense

that I should call you and
you would know what to do.

So I called.

DJ, are you still there?

- Mom, let me call you back.

- Mom, I just
got an idea.

- Yeah?

- Go to Second
Chronicles seven, 14.

Read that to me.

- Okay.

Second Chronicles,
Second Chronicles.

If my people, which
are called by my name,

shall humble
themselves and pray,

and seek my face,

and turn from their
wicked ways,

then will I hear from Heaven,

and will forgive their sin,

and will heal their land.

- There's your answer.

- So?

- This is a call to prayer.

You need to start a
national prayer chain.

- What?

- You're gonna talk
to all the ministries,

and all the leaders you know,

and mobilize them for prayer.

- But D.J..

- No buts.

You know all kinds of people.

God is telling us to
pray for our country.

Its leadership and those
in authority over us.

That's what we need to do.

- Oh my goodness.

- Start praying every day.

On a conference call-in number.

Everybody agreeing for the
will of God to be done.

For his intervention.

For this election.

- This is perfect.

Okay, I gotta go, bye.

- Mom, mom.

- Yeah?

What is it, son?

- Just so we're clear.

I've never really
been a Trump fan.

- No worries.

Neither have I.
(soft instrumental music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Hey, George.

- Hi Mary, what a
nice surprise.

- George, are you still leading

that prayer group
at your school?

- Yeah, why?

- Well.

We need a special
prayer for Donald Trump.

- You mean the billionaire
with the big orange hair?


- That's him.

- Yeah.

I'm gonna have to get
back to you on that one.

I'm in the middle of a game,

and my guys are gonna kill me.

Alright, I gotta go, bye.
- George.


Pastor Bob, this
is Mary Colbert.

(light instrumental music)

I need to talk to you about

an intercessory prayer chain.

- That's great.

Who are you praying for?

- Donald Trump.

- Oh, well there's someone
who needs a lot of prayer.


- Well we believe
God has chosen him

to be the next President
of the United States.

Pastor Bob?

(phone buzzing)

Hey Billie, that was fast.

- Sorry, I left my
phone in the car

while I was shopping.

What's up?

- I think the lord wants me

to start a national
prayer call,

and I want you to
be a part of it.

- Okay, what does he
want us to pray for?

- Well, not what, who.

Donald Trump.

To be the next President
of the United States.

I'm going to call it the
Nation Builder's Prayer Call,

and I'm contacting
everybody I know.

- Mary, there's something
I need to tell you.

I've never been a
fan of Donald Trump.

(bright music)

- Pops.

- Hello.


Need some help?

- Thanks, I got it.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

our boarding is now complete.

Please takes your seats

as we prepare the
cabin for takeoff.

- Hey, come on, please.

- Sir, are you okay?

- I'm sorry.

Excuse me, I'm so sorry.

- Excuse me.

I have a very important
phone call at 9:00 a.m.

It's a national prayer call.

- Okay.

- I'm just gonna
go right in there.

Don't be alarmed.

- Wait, ma'am?

We're about to take off.


Okay, okay, I got it.

Thank you so much.

Yeah, sit down.

Yeah, I'll do it, thank you.

Come on.


- Good morning, everyone.

I understand there's
thousands of us.

Praise God.

Father, we thank you.

We praise you.

You're going to do
what you said

you're going to do.

- Ma'am, could I get
your drink order?

- What is going on
in that bathroom?

(man giggling)

Is there somebody
praying in there?

- Could be, could be.

It wouldn't be the first time.

- Well it's just so loud.

- Okay, you know what?

I'll check on it for you,

Would that be alright?
- Thank you.

- Alright.

(knocking on door)

- Ma'am, is everything okay?
- And seek my face,

and turn from their
wicked ways.

- We're about to
take off pretty soon.

- Then will I hear from heaven,

and will forgive their sins.

- [Flight Attendant] You need
to get back to your seat.

- And will heal their land.

Father, we praise
you, we thank you.

- Okay.


- We know you're in control.

- A passenger's on
a conference call,

and she'll be out soon.

Now what can I get for you?

- I'll have a double
Tanqueray martini.

Straight up, not dirty.

And three olives.

- Right away.


- Did you get everything
taken care of in there?

- Yep, we're covered.

- Awesome.

- Praise the lord.

- Amen.

- Oh.


Stop it.

- That's great.

Yes, yes yes.

That's wonderful.

Could you hold on
just one second?

Thank you.

Mary, you're gonna
wanna take this call.

- Hello?
(bright music)




The 10th?



I've got you down.

Yes, thanks for calling
me back.


Well part of this prophecy,
I was for Ted Cruz.

(people chattering)

Hi, Mr. Clements, how are you?

Ollie, hi.

That's right.

It's for real.

(phones ringing)
(people chattering)

I'll get it, I'll get it.


(phones ringing)

Do you know what a Shofar is?

- You mean the Jewish horn?

- That's right.

They used it as a
sound for battle,

and to praise God
for the victory.

I believe God wants us to
use it on election day.

- Really?

- Really.

- So you gave out our
office phone numbers

so people could
call in about that?

- Give me that one, and just
start over with a new list.

I got it, I got it.

Hi, thank you for calling.


Oh my gosh, we're glad
to have you at this part.

Okay, bye bye.

(suspenseful music)

This is going a lot
better than I thought.

Alright, let's keep going.

(vacuum whirring)

- [Marco Rubio] Build the wall

the way you built Trump Towers,

you'll be using illegal
immigrant labor to do it.

(crowd cheering)

- Mari Jo, could you come
in here for a second?

You've got to see this.

- [Marco Rubio] It's not
a soundbite, it's a fact.

Again, go online and Google it.

Donald Trump Polish
workers, you'll see it.

- What's this?

- [Marco Rubio] The second
thing about the trade war,

I don't understand
'cause your ties

and the clothes you make is
made in Mexico and in China.

So you're gonna be
starting a trade war

against the wrong sides--
(crowd cheering)

- [Trump] You know what?

- [Marco Rubio] Why
don't you make it clear?

- [Trump] Devalue
their character.

- [Marco Rubio] Well then
make them in America.

- [Trump] It makes it impo--

Well you don't know a
thing about business.

- [Marco Rubio] Well
make 'em in America.

- [Trump] You don't
know anything about it

'cause you're a--
- Is this really possible?

- It's unreal is what it is.
(men arguing in background)

(crowd cheering)

- [Marco Rubio] So I
don't know anything about,

you know what?

You started a University,
it was a fake University.

- [Trump] First of
all, first of all--

- [Marco Rubio] That
was a fake University.

- [Trump] That's called--

- [Marco Rubio]
There are people--

- [Moderator] Hold on,
one at a time, Mr. Trump.

- [Marco Rubio] That
borrowed 36,000 dollars

to go to Trump University,

and they're suing 'em now.

36,000 dollars.
(suspenseful music)

- [Mary] I'm concerned.

- Okay.

Let's talk.

- Well, we're getting
a great response.

But I'm--

(melancholy music)

I'm worried at times I
could be overselling this.

You know how excited I get.


What if I'm wrong?

They're going at him tooth
and claw in those debates.

What if he doesn't
get confirmed

at the Republican Convention?

- Mary.

All we can do is pray.

God tells us to
pray for all men.

For kings, for all
in authority.

To honor and respect them.

That's what he's
called us to do.

If we do our Second
Chronicles seven, 14 part,

he will hear from Heaven.

And heal our land.

- Thank you.

Thank you.


As we answer your call to pray,

please give me a
confidence to know that

we are doing your will,

and not our own.

Hey, Mark.

- Mary.

- I didn't expect
to see you today.

Doctor Colbert says
you're doing really well.

- Well, in fact, I
just went to the gym

before I came here today, so.

- Wow, your voice
does sound stronger.

- I think God is healing me.

- I don't believe
there's any think to it.

You look great.

Hey, how about leading a
prayer call sometime soon?

- Sure.

I'd like that.

- You're on, good.

We'll see you later.

- Thank you
very much, Mark.

- Thanks, Jimmy.

A lot of memories in this box.

- Well, I'm sure he's
gonna appreciate it.

- Have fun on the water.

- Thank you.

Here you go, son.

You get a tackle
box, I get a boat.

(engine revving)

- Good morning,
prayer warriors.

As you know, we'll be blowing
the Shofar on election day,

so I've invited a
special guest to explain

the significance of this event.

- Are we ready?


Alright, everyone.

The Shofar is called the voice.

Blowing it is not a ritual.

On your own, it's merely
the sound of a ram's horn.

But when your voice is joined
together with God's voice,

something shifts in
the spirit realm.

It becomes a
supernatural weapon.

It's a declaration
by God's people.

That we are putting him on
the thrown over our nation.

- That we may truly be
one nation under God.

- Exactly.

We're proclaiming
liberty over this nation.

(light instrumental music)

(horns blowing)

♪ If my people turn away from

♪ Their wicked wicked ways

♪ I will hear from
my throne in Heaven ♪

♪ And will bless
them all their days ♪

♪ There will be
healing, great healing ♪

♪ There will be
healing, in the land ♪

♪ Only if my precious people

♪ Turn away from
their wicked ways ♪

(suspenseful music)

- Thanks for joining
us for CBN NewsWatch.

I'm Lorie Johnson.

Election day 2016
is finally here,

and polls show a
very tight race.

National polls show
Hillary Clinton ahead

of GOP rival Donald Trump,

but the two candidates
are in a dead heat

in several key
battleground states.

Sharlene Aron has the story.

- [TV] Election day
voting officially kicked off

at the stroke of midnight,

as it always does in
the small community

of Dixville Notch,
New Hampshire.

Clinton has a slight lead

in the average of
the most recent polls

from the last few days.

Still, the race
has gotten tighter.

- Either I can't see what
God is really doing here,

or I've completely
lost my mind.

- [TV] He needs
to get the 278--

- From the looks of things,

it's gonna take a
miracle for Trump to win.

- [TV] Late last night,

the two candidates--
- It's in God's hands.

I've had all I can take.

- [Trump] So it's
now officially,

Tuesday, November eighth.
(crowd cheering)

- [Hillary Clinton]
I gotta tell you,

this is sure worth
staying up for.

- So there were so many states

that were considered

The state for example
of Pennsylvania.

The state of North Carolina.

The state of Florida.

- [Reporter] And on and on.
(phone beeping)

I've got 14 states, Pat,

were within six points
or so in the polls.

- [Pat] Those boundaries--

- Lord.

I don't really understand this.

But I trust you.

And I know that you
have a plan.

And thy will be done.

(clock ticking)

- If we drill down
a little farther,

in Florida, Donald Trump wins.
(suspenseful music)

And why does he win?

- Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

- Okay, honey.

Keep praying, keep praying.

There's still a lot
of night to go, yet.

- [Newscaster]
Yeah, she did fine.

That wasn't the issue.

The issue is, or I should say,

the issue for
Hillary Clinton is,

is that Donald Trump
has over-performed.

(light music)


- After the most
amazing election,

Donald Trump has made history,

shocking the political experts.

- Mark, Mark.



Mark, wake up.

Mark, he won.

Donald Trump won the election.

It was called at 2:30 a.m.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah, it's all over the news.

Clinton officially
conceded at 2:35.

- Now it's time for America

to bind the wounds of division.

We have to get together.

To all Republicans, and
Democrats, and Independents

across this nation, I say,

it is time for us to come
together as one united people.

- It's a miracle.
(News reporter chattering)

- It's certainly a testament
to the power of prayer.

- [News Reporter]
And in the process,

turning the American
political map into a sea--

- That's the trifecta,
Pat, that he needed,

and then he needed to
penetrate Hillary Clinton's--

- God did it.

It's a miracle.

- That it is.

- [Reporter] You know
what's interesting, Pat.

In Michigan, which
is fascinating,

Macomb County, you
know that county.

That's the Reagan
Democrats out there.

- I can't believe this.

- What?

- There's a video
of people in Israel,

who heard about
this American woman

leading a grand
blowing of the Shofar.

Now, they're in the
streets of Israel,

doing the same thing.


It's crazy.

(reporters chattering)

- The spirit of
God, it's Israel.


What about Israel?

For Israel will be protected
by America once again.

The spirit says yes.

America will once again, stand
hand in hand with Israel.

And the two shall be as one.

(bright instrumental music)

♪ Grandpa got the call in 1942

♪ Everybody seemed to
know what they had to do ♪

♪ They fought for liberty

♪ And justice for you and me

♪ Never looking back,
they stood with bravery ♪

♪ You see, the world came
together for the cause of good

♪ The truth rang out
in every neighborhood ♪

♪ I'm talking every
race and nationality ♪

♪ With God as our guide

♪ Hands raised, on our knees

♪ And it was
beautiful, beautiful ♪

♪ It was sacrifice

♪ It was marvelous, marvelous

♪ But they paid the price

♪ For our freedom

♪ For our brotherhood

♪ For our dignity

♪ They all stood

♪ For the greater good

♪ My daddy was a man with
some great big dreams ♪

♪ He stood for pride in the
things that he believed ♪

♪ God and country

♪ The call that he received

♪ No matter what the cost

♪ He was there for me

♪ You see the world came
together for the cause of good

♪ And truth rang out
in every neighborhood ♪

♪ I'm talking every
race and nationality ♪

♪ With God as our guide

♪ Hands raised, on our knees

♪ And it was
beautiful, beautiful ♪

♪ It was sacrifice

♪ It was marvelous, marvelous

♪ But they paid the price

♪ For our freedom

♪ For our brotherhood

♪ For our dignity

♪ They all stood

♪ For the greater good

♪ For the greater good

♪ For the greater good

♪ It was beautiful, beautiful

♪ It was sacrifice

♪ It was marvelous, marvelous

♪ But they paid the price

♪ For our freedom

♪ For our brotherhood

♪ For our dignity

♪ They all stood

♪ For the greater good

♪ Times have changed

♪ But our time is here

♪ And this is no
time to run in fear ♪

♪ Let the legacy

♪ Of sweet freedom ring

♪ From humble beginnings

♪ From sea to shining sea

♪ It's beautiful, beautiful

♪ It's sacrifice

♪ It is marvelous, marvelous

♪ And we will pay the price

♪ For our freedom

♪ For our brotherhood

♪ For our dignity

♪ We will stand

♪ For the greater good
- Second Chronicles, seven 14.

I mean, it's very clear.

My people, who are
called by my name.

That means those of
us who are believers.

We call ourselves Christians.

We have an obligation
to pray for our country.

I certainly do every night.

- What's really interesting
about that passage

from the Bible is that it says,

if my people, who are
called by my name,

will humble themselves and
pray, and seek my face.

So he's not saying
all of America.

He's not saying
all of the world.

He's saying, my people.

- The promise is Chronicles
that Solomon gave,

that is so profound,
is that if my people,

that are called by my name

will humble themselves
and pray.

If they'll turn from
their wicked ways,

then I'll hear from Heaven.

And so much of the repentance
and awakening and revival,

hope of Christians in America

is all about what
God's gonna do

with the un-Christian

How he's gonna change them.

When in fact that promise
has nothing to do with them.

It has to do with us.

It's how believers respond.

It's how believers connect
with their President

and this moment.

That's what determines
the healing of the land.

And so the real focus
of that promise is,

believers have got to
get their act together

if they want to preserve
their way of life.

- The mandate of the
Bible is two-fold.

You pray individually.

In a closet, away
from anyone else.

Primarily to find God's
will for yourself.

God knows what you
want before you pray.

You pray to build a
relationship with the lord.

But it also says
to pray together.

To pray in church,
the body of Christ.

To pray in small groups.

And where three are gathered,
he is there with us.

So it's both individual
and it's collective.

- Our founding
fathers would often

have some of the most
critical meetings,

when they would
accomplish so many things.

They would leave those meetings

and automatically walk
across the street,

usually to a
religious facility,

and have prayer afterwards.

And thank the lord for
what had just happened.

To me, that's where what
needs to be restored.

Everybody talks about who's
the Commander-in-Chief?

Commander-in-Chief is
still the man upstairs.

And unfortunately, on
both sides of the aisle,

our politicians
have forgotten that.

They seem to have
forgotten that.

- Presidents like
Adams and Madison

would call every year for
a national day of prayer

and humiliation.

And it was observed
by the whole nation.

- Founding father John
Hancock had a great quote.

He said, I urge you, by
all that's honorable,

by all that's dear,
by all that's holy,

not only that you pray,

but also that you act.

- In other words,

we can't just kick
back and passively

await redemption to come.

We are put in this
world to do things,

to accomplish things.

We are put in this world
to partner with God

in bringing holiness
and sanctity

into this material world.

- I think it's very important,

but I think there's
something in that passage

that is important for leaders.

It says, if you
humble yourself.

It's one thing to pray.

It's another thing
to be humble.

And the humility that is
needed from leadership,

so that God can
move through them

to a nation that is hurting,

is needed more today
than any other time.

We can pray.

I love prayer.

I'm a prayer person.

But at the same time,

humility is what
God is looking for.

He said, if you're humble,
I'll find you, actually.

And so I think that passage
of scripture is famous

for prayer, but I want it
to be famous for humility.

- The salvation for America

is the collection of believers.

Just enough who will
get on our knees,

and humble ourselves,

and recognize our
goal needs to be

the maintenance of liberty.

- And it all comes back down

to Second Chronicles seven, 14.

If we want God to
hear from Heaven,

to forgive our sin
and heal our land,

there's a checklist that
we're supposed to follow.

We all know it's to
humble ourselves and pray,

to seek God's face
and not just his hand.

But the fourth point,

the essential thing
that we need to do

for God to heal our land

is for us to turn
from our wicked ways.

It's the part most
people forget.

And if we can turn
from our wicked ways,

we can make America good again,

and make America great again.

- You know, at
first I didn't quite

understand or appreciate

the campaign phrase,
Make America Great Again.

But after pondering it,

and after watching
President Trump

as he goes about his duties

as not only the President,
but the Commander-in-Chief,

I think I understand it now.

You know, our founding
fathers gave us

a Constitutional Republic.

And in that Constitution
that they left to us,

they give us freedoms.

Those freedoms are articulated.

And I think that what
has happened to America

over the last few
years is we have

lost our focus on what
those Constitutional

freedoms really are.

And I think that what
Mr. Trump was saying was,

that he wanted to
help move America

back to a focus on,

what are our
Constitutional freedoms.

And he's doing just that.

- When I look at making
America great again,

it's kind of like taking

some of the good things that
America was in recent decades

and bringing them
back to the top.

- It's important
to keep in mind,

when you're thinking
about what it takes

to make America great again,

that the key element is
spiritual, not secular.

It depends upon a common
bond of the people,

wanting something for each
other, not just themselves.

And the state of the United
States of America in 1776,

it was that birth
is not destiny.

And that all rights
come from God.

And are not created
by government.

Government is here to
facilitate and protect

the rights that God gives us.

- Yeah, I think actually,

in order to really
change America,

to make America great again,

we're going to have
to have a revival

of spirituality in
the United States.

And I see signs of that happening,
and starting to happen.

- The American values I think

that need to be brought back

were set forth in the
Declaration of Independence.

I think we have excellent
founding documents.

I think they've produced
really a stability

that no other nation's had.

Average nation has a new
Constitution every 17 years.

We've gone 200 plus
years with ours.

So when I look at the
Declaration that says,

number one, there is a God.

Number two, that that
God gives certain

inalienable rights
to every individual.

Number three, that
government exists

primarily to protect
inalienable rights.

And number four, there
is a fixed moral law.

Then five, the majority wins.

The consent of the governed.

Those are values that we've
seen really disappear,

all five of them,
in recent years.

So bringing those back,

which is the basis of the
Declaration, Constitution,

that's really key to me,

having a kind of God-friendly,

God-conscious society
with limited government

that believes it is not God,

but it is there to
serve the people.

- Well, the
historical attributes,

and the thing I
think about the most

as far as being restored is,

is really when it comes
to the Constitution.

It seems like the Constitution
has really been challenged

over the past eight,
nine years or so,

in many many areas.

And I think that part of the
challenge that we face is

really having the right
person on the Supreme Court,

who really is going to
abide by the Constitution.

- And when you move away
from those landmarks,

and those foundations,

now you go on to, the
Bible clearly says,

matter of fact,

if the foundation
to be destroyed.

What can the righteous do?

So when you
destroy foundations,

you destroy the under pending
of what you were built upon.

And so we've got
to make sure that

we restore those kinds of
attitudes back in America.

- And America's
role in the world

is literally the
guardian of a free order,

and it really supports
the economic stability

of nations that have
the gospel preached.

And so in a very
significant way,

making America great again

is about preserving the
strength of the United States

in a very competitive,
ideologic conflict of nations.

So that as America is strong,
democracy can be strong.

- So the American economy's
influence in the world

is quite dramatic.

It's the number one
economy in the world.

It's the largest
economy in the world.

It has the largest GDP.

And because of that,

the rest of the world's wealth

and the rest of the
world's prosperity

is dependent upon
the United States.

We see trade with China.

We see trade with Europe.

We see all the different
trade that we have.

In the case of Canada,
where I come from,

85% of Canada's trade is
with the United States.

So the Canadian
economy, for example,

is totally dependent
upon the United States.

- It is the American
economy is to the world

what a tide, an incoming tide
is, that lifts all boats.

When the American
economy is strong,

other people from other nations

get to sell into this market,

which is the wealthiest
market in the world.

And so it lifts all boats.

- 'Cause any time
there's a disaster,

it's the United States
that's first on the scene.


Because of our system of
free market enterprise,

we've been able to create
wealth in this nation.

And you can't help other
people unless you have wealth.

And so we should never
apologize for the fact

that in this country, we
know how to create wealth.

And we need to know
how to use it wisely.

- Besides the
maintain the peace,

providing a marketplace
for other economies

to be able to sell their
goods and services,

the United States' greatest
contribution to the world

are the spiritual
aspects of integrity,

of proper relationships between

government and those
governed that we present.

- There are many who say that

when America sneezes,
the rest of the world

catches a cold.

And if we are not
strong in our economics,

then the rest of the world
is gonna suffer tremendously.

All you have to do is
travel around the world.

If anybody want to see
what this look like,

just travel a little
bit around the world,

and see the effect of
the dollar

that it has on other economies.

And so, we've got to
have a strong dollar.

We need to have a
strong economy

so that we can help.

Because the other thing
about this nation is

we give more than any
other nation on the planet.

We are the most charitable
people on the planet.

And so as a result of that,

we're taking care of a lot
of people around this world

that would not have if
America was not here.

- We go back to the
very concept of freedom.

America was created
to be a society

that encouraged
freedom at all levels,

to include economically.

The free market
system, capitalism,

is what America was founded on.

Was people being able
to pull themselves up,

and with a little courage
and some ingenuity

and entrepreneurialism,

to be able to build
their own business,

and make their own way,

and not have to settle for
their circumstances at birth,

or their upbringing.

- And of course it also is
beneficial to the world,

not only economically,

but in terms of other concerns.

For example, when the
American economy is strong,

and the military is
kept strong,

piracy all over the
world is phased down.

Tyrants all over the
world are phased down.

- A healthy American military

is very important to
the whole world because

we are the only ones
that can stand up

to some of these despots,
dictators, bullies,

around the world.

No other country, you
know other countries--

These socialist countries
in Europe, for example,

have cut their militaries
to the point that

they barely have a
constabulary force.

Because they wanted
to put all that money

into social programs.

And they've become socialist.

An American military that can
stand against adversaries,

that can defend our allies
as well as ourselves,

is very very critical
to the strength

of the international community.

- We are literally the glue

that keeps the
peace in the world.

And is there a price
to pay for that

by the American public?

Yes, but at the same
time, it's necessary.

- I've been reporting on the
front lines of Israel's history

and throughout the Middle
East since the year 2000.

When President Trump
was elected in 2016,

you could notice a marked
change here in the Middle East.

The main reason is
because the United States

could be trusted to
back up its word,

and the United States
projected strength

throughout the region.

Something that's
respected a great deal.

You could sense
that in Kurdistan,

for the Kurds that
the United States

would stand behind them.

You could see that
in refugee camps

for persecuted Christians,

when they know that
the United States

would speak up for them.

You could notice that in
the streets of Tehran,

when people went
to the streets,

and Iranians protested
against the tyranny

of the Islamic Mullahs,

that somebody would
speak up on their behalf.

So because of strength,

because of the United States,

standing behind its word,

what President Trump
has said it would do.

It makes a huge change
here in the Middle East.

It makes its allies
more trusted.

It makes its
enemies more feared.

- In the world, there
is no greater epicenter

than Jerusalem, Israel.

And our own United
States State Department

has done everything
that it could

to stop Israel from being
able to name Jerusalem

as their capitol, as
far as the United States

government is concerned.

And recognizing that capitol.

Israel's been a
state since 1948.

I was there for the
Independence Day celebration.

70 years, Israel
has been a nation.

And yet, only Israel
has been denied

the right to name
their own capitol.

- Jerusalem has always been

the heart and soul
of the Jewish people.

Even when our ancestors were
in exile for 1,900 years.

And were unable to
ascend to the land,

and visit the site
of our holy temples.

Jerusalem was always in their
thoughts and their prayers.

- There's a lot of people that
say, you know, why Israel?

Why does it matter?

Not only is it our only
democracy in the Middle East,

not only is it our best
friend in that region.

But if you wanna be on
the right side of history,

you wanna be on God's side.

And if God is for
Israel, and he is,

then I wanna be for Israel.

God said that he will bless
those that bless them.

That we are to pray for
the peace of Jerusalem.

When I saw that President Trump

changed the embassy,
and basically said, no,

we are going to acknowledge

the capitol of
Israel as Jerusalem,

and move our embassy where it
should have been all along.

I just, I was cheering.

I was actually crying as I
was watching those speeches.

As they made that dedication.

It's just so encouraging.

What we need to do
is stand with Israel,

because God stands with Israel.

- One of the greatest
principles in the Bible

to the Jewish people is
found in the Book of Genesis,

on chapter 12, where it says
that God would bless those

who bless the Jewish people.

And President Trump in
so many practical ways

has stood behind Israel,

has had its back
diplomatically and militarily,

and has also moved the
United States embassy

from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

That's a huge diplomat historic,
even prophetic statement.

Because of the blessing
that President Trump

has bestowed on
the Jewish people,

that will reap
economic, diplomatic,

and even spiritual blessings

for the United States.

- You know, the uniqueness
of Israel in the Bible,

and for Christians,

is that it represents
the promises of God,

that he is going to be
restoring a people to a land,

and he's going to prosper
a people in the land.

There again, it's an
interesting reality.

That Donald Trump and
Israel have this in common.

They have global enemies,

that are very much interested

in developing a narrative
that would destroy them.

And so the United States
has a covenant relationship

in a sense with God,

formed out of the founders,

and the way in
which they approach

creating the unique experiment

of an American community
founded with religious liberty.

The only other nation that
shares that in common is Israel.

- I believe that our
relationship with Israel is key.

Not only as an ally.

But because God said,
if you bless Israel,

you're gonna be blessed.

You can't make it any
simpler than that.

That's plain and simple for me.

- And I believe that
one of the other things

we need to do is not
only to support Israel,

but we need to cut
off the funding,

and the support to
the enemies of Israel.

Because the enemies of Israel,

the same nations
that wanna eradicate

Israel from off the map,

are the same countries
that aren't real fond

of the United States.

- I was privileged to be asked

to do election night
coverage with David Barton.

It's the first time
I'd ever done it,

and it was the first
time that the ministry

down in Dallas
had ever done it.

It was broadcast, I
think, on Daystar TV,

a number of different
channels broadcast it.

And we were excited because

there was a sanctuary
attached to the studio,

filled with intercessory
prayer warriors.

They had been there
praying for a long time,

and of course there had been

many ministries who
had asked people

to pray for 50 days
before the election,

or 40 days before the election.

And so there's a lot
of bathing and prayer.

When I came to the
studio that night,

there's a flat screen TV on
the wall in the green room,

and when I came in, I
was watching the screen,

and suddenly I saw
all these people

rush up to the
front of the altar.

They went on their face,
and they're on their knees,

and they were in prayer.

And I turned around and asked
the people in the green room,

who is that?

Where is this happening?

Because I knew that there was

a sanctuary attached
to the studio.

I assumed that it
was in Dallas, Texas.

And they said, oh
no, that's Jerusalem.

And these are
believers from China,

who came in specifically

to be in prayer for
the American election.

And so they're on
their knees, praying,

because they knew
dependent upon

how the election turned out,

so too Israel's fortunes

could perhaps hang
in the balance.

- As far as our
country is concerned,

obviously there's always a
lot of times, misconceptions,

or everybody have
their own idea.

And there's nothing wrong

with everyone having
their own idea.

I can disagree with you,

you can disagree with me.

But in the end,

we really have to do
what's best for America.

Because when you do what's
best for your own home,

I think it's a positive
effect around the country.

- God uses our hands
and he uses our feet.

He uses our minds.
(light patriotic music)

And so we have to recognize.

This is just more than
about our happiness.

The United States is really
a beacon for the world.

A city on the hill,
so to speak.

And so as long as we
name the name of our God,

and as long as we follow
Biblical attributes,

America will be strong.

- The most important thing

we can do for our
country is to pray.

- My people who are
called by my name.

- Will humble themselves
and pray, and seek my face.

- They'll turn from
their wicked ways,

then I'll hear from Heaven.

- And I will forgive
their sins,

and I will restore the
richness of their lands,

and of their home.

♪ America, America

♪ America, America

♪ God shed his grace on thee

♪ And crown thy good

♪ And crown thy good

♪ With brotherhood,
with brotherhood ♪

♪ From sea, from sea

♪ To shining, to shining

♪ Shining sea

♪ It was sacrifice

♪ For our freedom

♪ We will stand for
the greater good ♪

(light instrumental music)

♪ If my people,
meek and humble ♪

♪ Once again return to me

♪ Come to me, poor,
meek and broken ♪

♪ Falling right down
on their knees ♪

♪ There will be healing

♪ Great healing

♪ There will be
healing in the land ♪

♪ Only if my precious people

♪ Once again return to me

♪ If my people turn away from

♪ Their wicked wicked ways

♪ I will hear from
my throne in Heaven ♪

♪ And will bless
them all their days ♪

♪ There will be healing

♪ Great healing

♪ There will be
healing in the land ♪

♪ Only if my precious people

♪ Turn away from
their wicked ways ♪

♪ If my people call on my name

♪ When their times
are full of woe ♪

♪ I will come to
bring deliverance ♪

♪ Crushing down the mighty foe

♪ There will be healing

♪ Great healing

♪ There will be
healing in the land ♪

♪ 'Cause my people
called on my name ♪

♪ When their times
were full of woe ♪

♪ Oh you pray for
your salvation ♪

♪ When it has already come

♪ Just pray and receive my

♪ My one begotten son

♪ There will be healing

♪ Great healing

♪ There will be
healing in the land ♪

♪ 'Cause you prayed
and received my ♪

♪ My one begotten son

♪ 'Cause you prayed
and received my ♪

♪ My one begotten son