The Tall Women (1966) - full transcript

Seven women are the only survivors of an Apache attack on a wagon train. They must cross the desert on foot to escape the Indians who are hunting them.

(action music)

(music continues)

Until the night.

Until the night.

Bridget, how dare you date two men?

What you have to do is get married and make a home

that you are the daughter of a reverend.

Do not forget.

And how important is that?

Mama always told me

that because she was the daughter of a reverend she shouldn't stop showing off.

That's why he gave me this mirror.


We had not seen this kind of horse in Austria.

Because in Austria we have never had Indians.


Indians? Yes Fred!

I don't remember what they call these stores anymore.

They are called wino.

We have to learn what dad teaches us.

Because dad knows a lot.

This is a buffalo.

It's called that, right?


Please, Dorothy, let me see what you have in your bag.

Come on, let me see it.




Come on!

Marvelous. Formidable.

When I was a school teacher I bathed every day.

Now I can rest.

I have half the dust of Arizona and New Mexico on me.

And I owe it all to you and my dear brother.

I will never thank you enough.

Don't talk nonsense, Mary Ann.

How could we leave you alone in Philadelphia?

Yes of course.

Besides, you wouldn't have found a husband there.

Where there are real men is in San Francisco.

You found Bob in Philadelphia. Thank you Mary.

But Mili is right, men are coming to the West.

You will convince yourself. -Don't worry.

We will find the one that suits you, you will marry and be happy.

Yes, sure,

with those two Italian circus artist sisters

and the innocent Bridget

there will be inordinate competition.

It'll look like a wife auction.

(SIGHS) Let's not have foolish illusions.

Today it is very difficult to find a real man.

(dramatic music)


What do you think of those who are at the top of the hill?

I don't know, we'll go take a look. Come on!






Form a circle!



















I'm sorry honey.

I can't accompany you.

You'll have to go to San Francisco alone.

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)






Watch out, father!

Father! No! No!

Fred, watch out!

Fred. Fred...




My angel...


I will avenge your death and that of your father.










¡Bob! ¡Bob!



Bob. Bob.

Bob. Bob.

Mary Ann...



Lieutenant. -Mister.

Look what's in that cave.

There is nothing, sir. She is completely empty.

All women here, quick!

Come on, don't waste time!

Obey, you heard it, it's an order!


Quick, come closer.

Please, would you like to come over for a moment?

The Indians will attack again.

All the women will take refuge in a cave that we have discovered.

I don't know what will happen.

They must be prepared to defend themselves.

We will give them weapons.

Lieutenant, the ammunition!

If the Indians attack

you already know what to do.

Everyone follow the lieutenant!

Good luck.

Let's go.

Don't make noise, he's asleep.

He has fallen asleep.

(dramatic music)




why are they screaming



They will wake you up.

Sleep, my son, sleep.

My husband...

so that he falls asleep, the child sings songs to him.

Now it is not here.

Where will it have gone?

Soon will return.

(dramatic music)


Where are you?

Why do not you come?

I'm sure it will come.

Sleep, my angel.

The Indians have gone.

Come on, everyone come out! I can't move from here.

I have to wait for Fred.

If he arrives and doesn't find us, he'll be angry.

I have to wait for Fred.

I have to wait for Fred.

My poor son.

What will become of him when he wakes up.

He will ask for his father

and he's gone. Sleep, my child.


Give it to me. Do not touch it.


Do not touch it. He is dead.

It's going to wake him up. He is dead!

drop it! He is dead!

Don't touch him, he's my son!

Is dead!

It's my son who has fallen asleep!

Don't touch him, you'll wake him up!



How awful.


We can get out of here and save ourselves.

Or stay and die like all the others.

We are over 100 miles from Fort Lafayette.

I don't know if we can get to him.

But sure my husband would have liked me to try.

My sister and I want to try it.

My fiancé is waiting for me at the fort.

I have to get there.


We will try.

The Indians will return.

When they do, I want us to be a long way from here.

We will collect as much as we can.

What can be useful to us.

Come on, hurry up, let's not waste time!

Ah, this will be useful to us.

We haven't found anything.

What's that?

Something I promised to bring to my boyfriend.

But what is it?

A gift that I promised.

The situation is to think about gifts.

Come on, find something to cover your head.

This sun is very strong.

100 miles of desert await us.

(action music)

Leave it, don't worry.

We have to move on.

She has to learn to take care of herself.


What is that horrible howl?

It's a mountain lion.

But you don't have to worry.

They never attack unless cornered.

What if they were wolves? They're not wolves, they're coyotes.

They are usually dangerous when they are excessively hungry.

But usually they are cowards.

Yes of course.

I understand.

just two nights ago


my brother Bob and I

looking at these stars

we were talking about when I got married in San Francisco.

Why haven't you married before, Mary?

Oh well I don't know.

The truth is that no one asked me.

It will be because you have never loved anyone.


I never found a man who was what I wanted.

Do you want it with money? No.


You'll see, if one day I get married

I want a man who dominates me.

But you need me.

Maybe you will find it.

But not here tonight, right?

No, I think not.

Try to rest a bit.

You will need it tomorrow.



¡Mary Ann! ¡Mary Ann!


(LAUGHS) Come on, you've slept enough.

I'm sorry. Do you know how to handle that rifle?

I guess I'll know if I have to.

At the circus he did a marvelous shooting act.

Give it to me and I'll get you something for breakfast.

That? Where?

Come and I will show you.


There is a rabbit there.


Listen, couldn't you trap him?

Making noise is dangerous.

I am very hungry and I would be able to eat an Indian if he came.

Yes, we all have.

But I don't think that little animal is enough to feed us.

You give me the rifle and don't worry.

With a little patience I will show you that I can kill

two with one shot.




(music tension)


I wish I could wash my hands.



Okay, let's get going.

Who knows if before the end of the day

can we take a bath?

Cheer up.

Do you remember what I told you? There's our bathtub.

(dramatic music)

Úrsula, you have to get over yourself.

I have tried it.

But life has no excitement for me

John and Fred dead.

I understand you perfectly.

But you won't win anything.

Let's try to survive.

I would like to stay here.

Where their bodies are buried.

But it would achieve nothing.


Well I do not know. Believe me

I want to leave to deprive those Indians of something insignificant

how is my own life

It hadn't occurred to me to think about that.

I also wish to deprive you of my life.

You, ve

and wash your face.



Do not shoot.

It's very young. And what will we do with him?

I'll tell you, I'll slice it.

You won't do any of that.

We will tie him up well and take him with us.

We cannot kill him in cold blood, even if he is an Indian he is a human being.

Úrsula, aim at him while we tie him up.

Come on, hurry up!

Give me pieces of your petticoats.

We'll have to put him on the horse.

Why does he have to go on horseback and we walk?

Because it could run away.

What do you want those bows for?

In the circus we also did a number with bows and arrows.

If I have killed Indians with the rifle, you can also do it with arrows.

Pearl, help me get your friend off the horse.

The wound doesn't seem as bad as I thought at first.

He must be tired of riding on his belly.

It's a bad business.

Úrsula was right, we should have killed him.

It will be a hindrance.

It's a human.

They are wild and we are not.

One of us will have to stay all night so she doesn't run away.

I will stay.

I don't mind.

No, not that, we'll take turns.

Well, little sisters, let's see if you show your ability

and you get something for dinner.

I can't promise you anything.

We could even hit a mouse.

Make it a goose if possible.

The walk has given me such an appetite that I would eat it alone.

We will try.


It is the tastiest thing in my life. -Better than oven roasted.

Why does he miss you? We have the best cook in the West.

I really appreciate your praise.

But let's be practical.

Let's finish before there's an Indian attack.

Take this, you have to eat.

We should untie him for a moment so he can eat.

Have you gone crazy?

I would like to get rid of him.

Do not talk more.

We will spend the night here.

Ah, you can rest, I'll do the first watch.

Who wants to do the second? I'm not tired.

It's okay, I'll wake you up.


Wake up.

Are you okay? Yeah.

Sure? Sure, I'm fine.


(music tension)

Shoot, quick! Don't run away

No, no, don't!

It's too far.

(CRIES) My God, what have I done... It would be useless.

Don't cry, the same thing could have happened to any of us.

You have endangered our lives!

That is what you have done.

If you couldn't stay awake, you would have asked for relief.

I didn't know I was going to fall asleep.

Your tears won't do us any good when the Indians attack us.

come near! and we will decide what we do.

The first thing is to get out of here.

We don't know how far away those savages will be.

I do not intend to walk in this darkness. We hide?

We wouldn't live two minutes.

You should have shot him when you woke up, you fucking bitch.

Shut up! If you say that again I will slap you.

Try it. I am so enraged that I would kill you.

Enough of the discussions.

Fighting with each other leads to nothing practical.

Is right. Come on. We must get out of here immediately.


Does anyone have an objection?


(dramatic music)

I can't anymore, we can never climb that.

And if we go back we will find the Indians.

I should have stayed where we were attacked.

At least I would have saved myself these two days of walking.

Calm down, I think you're losing control of your nerves.

Ok, give you a solution.

Now I couldn't.

I'm too tired. I have an idea.

Yeah... I think I guess.

In the circus you did a wonderful acrobatic number.

No. Katy, do you remember the number we used to climb on?

Remember that it was you who was climbing, not me.


Do you think it could make it to the top?

Possibly, but try not to break your head going up.

It is better to run that risk than to be eaten by the Indians.

But do Indians eat people? Of course not, stupid.

Miss Grimaldi, are you ready? -Ready.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

They are going to witness the most risky circus exercise

that has ever appeared in the world!

The escalation of death by the Grimaldi sisters.

A round of applause for them.


(dramatic music)

My God, he did it.

Are you sure he hasn't killed himself? I'm afraid to look.

Yes, Betty has made it.

But how are we going to climb?

We could do

a very long rope with all our petticoats, don't you think?

I'm not as useless as you think.

Maybe I just said something stupid.

What are you saying! It has been a great idea.

Did you hear right, Betty?

It's a wonderful idea.

If anyone dares to come here with the petticoats

I will tear them and make a rope for you to climb.

Let's tie rocks to the petticoats and throw them at Betty.


All right, take off your petticoats, girls.

Let's go soon.

Come on, take them!

This is forbidden land.

Forbidden for white men.

Forbidden for Apaches.

Killing seven women will take up little time.

There is only desert.

Soldiers won't know.

We cannot violate the peace agreement.

If there is only desert there, hunger and thirst will kill them.

We do not miss agreement.

They alone will die.

Do you forget White Cloud that those women killed our warriors?

They must die.

But not in forbidden territory.

Many Apaches will not abide by your decision.

Its my desicion.

I have spoken.

¡Mary Ann!


White Cloud said not to make war.

We just hunt.


Why didn't they kill us?

Indians don't like to kill quickly, they prefer torture.

God help us to get to the hills before they come back.


We have to keep walking.

Not with shoes like this. Look how he is.

We are more or less the same.

We have to get to the fort.

I still do not understand...

Why haven't they killed us?

They may not like killing women. No?

You forgot the ones in the caravan.

I know the Indians better than you.

Do you want to know the truth?

They want to play with us a little

and then take us alive.

So that?

They are men and we are women.

¡Oh, no!

Well yes.

If we could cook this...

maybe it tasted a little better.

No, we can't light a fire.

Let's sleep a little.

We will resume the march at dawn.

Someone will have to watch.

I'll do the first watch. After the first night?

That's exactly why I have to do it.

undefined I want to show you that I am worthy of your trust.

00:56:41,440 --> 00:56:42,240

But don't fall asleep. I promise not to.

Listen to me, Bridget.

stand there far away and keep a good watch.

If you notice something suspicious, let us know immediately.

You have understood?

And don't hesitate to shoot if you have to.

I will do so, you can trust me.

Bridget, bridge this.

But if the sun has already risen...

Hey come on girls wake up!

That creature has been on watch all night.

¡Bridget! ¡Bridget!

Oh my gosh, that girl must have fallen asleep again.

Pearl, come here, quickly!

It has disappeared.

Where could that stupid girl have gone?

Look at your mirror.

It has not disappeared voluntarily. My God...

We have to get out of here.

Where is Bridget?

It seems that the Indians have kidnapped her during the night.

Why haven't they caught us all?

Apparently they like this game better.

Slow torture.

We have to keep walking until we reach Fort Lafayette.

Sleep is over.

But does anyone know where that fort is?

We'll find it, we know it's to the west.

Mary Ann, I think we should take a look there.

You wait here.

Let me look at me first.

It's Bridget without a doubt.

She's dead.

And they have removed the hair.

Bridget is dead.

We can't bury her.

We will pile stones on top of his body.

But listen to me well

none, none will look under the cloth.

I can't, Mary Ann.

Of course you can. No...




merciful father,

we give you our dear Bridget

so that you take care of it and keep it forever

until the day of reckoning.


Open the door!

Come in, the colonel is waiting for you.

We've scoured the entire area without finding any traces of the caravan.

I think we're wasting time, they must have been caught by the Apaches.

I don't want to believe it.

What do you think?

I warned you a long time ago

a caravan with weapons was dangerous.

There are ten Indians for each of us.

But until now they hadn't had rifles.

They already have them.

Who is he to talk like that to the colonel?

Don Gustavo de Mendoza Sagasta and Lopez de Carrillo.

My friends call me Gus.

And I always tell the truth!

Don't get excited, Gus.

You're right, Frank, but I want to be sure.

I have to know what happened and where.

We'll go out again, sir.

It has to be done, but this time

we will make an inspection as far as the White Cloud Gorge.

Doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

If you send troops there that is neutral, you will break the treaty with White Cloud.

To hell with White Cloud, we are out of food, ammunition.

If the Indians have attacked, we already know what has happened.

We must go to the area.

If White Cloud has the same opinion about the neutral zone

we canceled the treaty.

We have to find out what happened.

I think we should go. -Wait a moment.

There is only one way to achieve the goal.

No troops.

A plainclothes patrol.

Those Indians can smell a soldier a mile away

and there is a lot of risk.

Can I go on patrol, sir?

My girlfriend was in that caravan.

You must not agree, Colonel.

No offense, but you will never look like a civilian

and he lacks experience with the Indians.

If you allow me, I will choose.

How long will it take? -One week.

If we come back

Do you think the idea is good?

I think we should send troops. -No.

Let's try what Gus says.

A week won't change much.

I will choose my men.

Let them double their guard.

And that they deliver the weapons they need.

It is the only solution left to us.

Let's hope it goes well.

I'm cold.

I don't understand why we have taken off our dresses.

You'll understand later.

Come on, each one to their place.

Do you think it will work?

No I dont think so.

Why do we continue then?

If we keep trying and fighting

it is very likely that we will be saved.

But if we stay...

You know, death is certain.

Don't hesitate for a moment.


And Mili told me that in the West

I could find a man to marry.

All men are not savages.

My Juan was not bad.

I will miss him a lot.

You're right.

But I don't think I'll ever look at a man's face again.

Let's go.


(music tension)

I don't think I'll ever wear it again.

You saw what they did with Bridget. I didn't see it, but I imagine it.

He still wouldn't be able to shoot them.

I could not.

Every time you shoot you defend your life.

And if you have doubts, think about what they did with Bridget.

Let's go from here.

Are you sure you know where we're going?

Sure, straight to Chicago.

If that's okay with you, on the right is Memphis,

the city where I live.

Wait till tomorrow, it's still early to go home, young man.

I have a feeling they're still after us.

You can be sure.

I am completely fed up with all this.

Of walking and living in constant shock.

I am in favor of staying and facing the Indians.

Face it, you can stay and let them scalp you.

I like to live as I am and I will do it while I can.

Well, continuing to run seems pointless to me.

Don't talk nonsense, Úrsula.

Dorothy will remain in the group.

To stay would be nonsense

We will continue together with the same luck.

Enough of nannies.

If you want to rest a bit, I can relieve you.

No thanks, I couldn't sleep anyway.

I prefer to stay here.


You are a real woman.

You have managed to overcome your terrible misfortune.

I imagine what you must have suffered.

I try not to think about what happened.

It all seems so far away to me.

Keep thinking this way and you will get ahead.

By the time we get to Fort Lafayette your sorrows will be gone.

You are young and you will be able to redo your life.

You are very good. Really, Mary Ann.


Good night.

Come on, everyone on horseback!

To the order! -Watch what you say.

Those are the words of a soldier and here even the rocks are Indians.

I'm sorry Mr. -Don't call me sir.

My name is Gus.

Well sir.

(music tension)



Let's go.


Soon, hide!

Yes. We will hide there.

Let's go!

All those men look like soldiers.

And there are only seven.



Don't shoot, let them go.

But keep your rifles ready, they'll be back for sure.






















Don't be scared, Dorothy, it's just a mummy.

If I had to choose a place so they wouldn't find me,

this would be the last.

Hopefully the Indians think the same as you.

And leave us alone for a while.

And he killed the firstborn of Egypt.

And the men and the cattle

He sent signs and wonders to Egypt and Pharaoh.

What is he saying?

It is Psalm 155, verse eight.

My father always told me,

in difficult moments he recites the Bible.

And God will make you forget everything, worries,

sorrows and fear.

And it happens like this?


Sorrows and fear remain with me.

Behind, we hid.

Well, I think the final moment has come.

But why are they standing still and not attacking?

For them it is a sacred place, they cannot commit acts of violence.

They can only enter to bury a corpse.


Those men were not hunters.

They were soldiers from the fort.

They have broken the agreement.

Therefore we only have one answer:


The white man has weapons and food.

War with them is bad. -You are afraid of the white man.

You don't talk like an Apache warrior. -I'm not afraid.

But I want to keep my word.

Do you think we should attack?


We will attack.

Fort Lafayette. -They are waiting for us.

We will attack the northern town.

We will annihilate them.

And we will leave the fort without the help of reinforcements or ammunition.

A wise decision.

But what do we do with white women?

They have violated the hallowed ground of our dead.

We must kill them. -No.

Put two men to prevent them from escaping.

They will die of hunger and thirst where they are.

(Tribal Music)

They have left us.

Yes. Alone with their dead.

We must also go.

Mary Ann, I couldn't take another step if they killed me.

Please, we are all tired.

The Indians won't attack us

while we're in the graveyard.

Why not spend the rest of the night here?

Maybe it's for the best.


We will stay.

Let's find a place to camp.

Forgive my curiosity

but I would like to know what you have in that package.

It's a peephole.

It was from my father.

I was going to give it to my fiancé.

Lieutenant George Stanton

of the 4th Cavalry Regiment.

At Fort Lafayette.


He is seriously injured.

Let me give you some water.

a man appears

and instead of helping us we have to do it ourselves.


It seems to me that I am dreaming.

The six most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

Stop compliments.

He is badly hurt

We can't get the bullet out of him.

So move as little as possible.

Since when do you hear those drums?

I don't know, two or three hours ago.

What do they say?

They are holding a council of war in the town.

They call all men to fight.

Are we close to the town? -Behind the hills, in the valley.

Then they'll come back for us. -They won't come back.

They will let us die here of hunger and thirst.

While they hold council we could sleep.

Keep on guard.

This is sacred ground but with the Indians nothing is guaranteed.

Listen, Big Boss, we don't need you to tell us what to do.

Mary Ann, tell him you're the one giving the orders.

It's okay, Betty, it's okay.

We will do what you say. You and Katy will take first watch.


Ooh, that's great.

I haven't had a woman ordain me since I was 14 years old.

Well, now he's going to have six.

Marvelous. I will be well taken care of.

How far are we from Fort Lafayette?

No further than the flight of a crow.

But they couldn't go that distance without a horse.

They would catch them right away.

I would like to know what is happening.

Dorothy. ¡Dorothy!

Give me the spyglass.

Don't be afraid, nothing will happen to him.

It's curious

the men move away from the village.

Only women and children remain

and some old

They leave the town practically defenseless.

A decision must be made.

listen to me,

all the Indians have abandoned the town.

Except for two that have stayed, I don't know why.

We must try to surprise them.


We will seize a wagon and flee to the fort.

If they have finished the council they will go to attack Fort Lafayette.

We cannot prevent it.

We must seize one of those wagons.

I have the same opinion.

OK. Alright.

We will try. Come on.

A good idea occurred to me.

Mary Ann,

what do we do with it? We can't take it.

It will go where we go.

Well these...

They won't bother us anymore.

Take the horses.

(circus music)




You to the left.

Do you expect them to applaud you? Take those two's rifles.

The stockade...

Let's go ahead! walking.

Dorothy, Pearl, get in the back there!


Don't do it again.

You can't turn your back on an Indian.

Get out of the store!

Out or shoot.

No, not the child.

You stay here with the child.


Brave boastful.

He shouldn't have been walking alone, he's lost a lot of blood.

He is okay? Yes perfectly.

Thank you for taking care of me overnight.

I will never be able to pay you.

It doesn't matter, I...

We have locked them all in the stockade.

But we found a woman different from all.

We left her at her store.

She is with her little one, that is why we have left her.

I think we should take a look.

Some of those women are dangerous.

Out! Get out everyone!

Let's go...

hurry up

This is the woman.

She is the wife of Nube Blanca.

Where did the warriors go? You have nothing to fear.

Of course he won't tell us.

But I'm sure they've gone to the fort.

Indian women are faithful until they are killed.

You can stay.

Give me a rifle.

I will help you.

There are plenty of rifles and ammunition here.

Let's load everything into the other cart.

But what are you waiting for? Come on, don't waste time.

There are two horses there.

Get them hitched to the car.

All right, we'll hook them. Pearl, Betty!

Take those two horses and harness them to the cart.

Katy, go back to your guard post.

Destroying the village has been easy.

But I still think we should attack the fort.

We will attack the fort when I say so.

And obey my orders.


We will attack when you order.

There we have some whiskey.

I would like to wash the wound.

No, don't do that.

It could open up more.


Come on, take the reins, I know you were looking forward to it.

And you, Gus, come to the back.




I warn you, it is a good whiskey.

I feel like a useless man.

Attended and cared for by so many women.

We also need someone to take care of us.

What does it say?

He apologizes because I'm taking care of him.

Wasn't that what you were going to San Francisco for,

looking for a man who needed you?

Well, there you have one, right?

What did you mean?

Nothing... I don't understand.

She's a nosy romantic.

Well, being romantic doesn't hurt anyone, right?

Do you know, Mary Ann?

Looking closely, he is not a bad-looking man.

At first glance it seemed uglier.

He is not ugly.

Thank you very much, ma'am, you really are pretty.


Tell me, what's your name?



It's nice.

Tell me, Gus, how far are we from the fort?

I have been counting the turns of the wheels and I would say 20 miles.

Maybe we should go faster. It's not convenient.

Reserve the horses.

We may need them before we get there.

We should get that bullet out of him before we get to the fort.

I will hold it perfectly.

I once walked with an arrowhead inside of me

and I did not fall off the horse.

I don't understand, why does he live among these savages?

They are not much wilder than anywhere else.

The last time I was in a city, in Denver, I witnessed

truly horrible cases.

But here there is nothing but destruction and death.

Only when the Indians rise up and a war begins.

Most of the time it is because of the whites.

We despise the Indians too much.

But they are wild... We are wild too.

If I'm not mistaken you have killed many Indians in the last few days.

they deserved it. That's what they think too.

If we could be friends

this would be a beautiful country

where you could raise a family.

Oh yeah sure, is he married?


As her friend said, I'm too ugly.

You said you were going to San Francisco to get married, is that true?

Oh, it was just a joke.

I don't know anyone in San Francisco.

I'm glad you don't have any friends in San Francisco.

He knew this was too good to last.

Make the horses run as fast as you can!

Prepare the rifles!

Come on, raise the tarps to shoot and defend ourselves!




I told you not to attack white women.

You have disobeyed my orders. Go away.

Let's go.

Indians! Indians!

Everyone to your posts!

It's White Cloud. And she brings a flag of truce.

Open the door!

Now the Apaches have rifles.

We are willing to talk about peace.



Mary Ann,

we did it.

(dramatic music)