The Spider and the Fly (1949) - full transcript

A clever and dedicated French police official, a cleverer master-thief whom he secretly admires, the woman loved by the official who is in love with the thief, at the outbreak of World War I.

You wait there and don't you move.

What's the matter?
Are you lost?


I have to see Father Pletsier at 8 o'clock.
What time is it, Monsieur?

5 minuted to 8.

Have you been VERY wicked?

I'm the wickedest boy
in all France.

Who said so?

My grandmother, Monsieur.

I live with her.

Have you ever been wicked, Monsieur?

At times.

But you're rich.

At times.

What did you do?

That was VERY wicked.

Good evening Mr. Philippe...
Excuse me while I deal with this sinner.

He's a truly repentant sinner, Father.

Is this true, Jacques?

- Oh, yes, Father.
- Yes, you can hang your head!

I'll deal with him.

It's the bank! It's burglars!

No you don't!
You sinner!

Come in!

The minister's secretary, Mr. Maubert.

If the director can spare me
a moment of his time.

- The bank robbery at Arlois...
- Yes?

The minister is very angry.
Arlois is in his constituency.

He's also a director of the bank.

The loss of people's money
can mean the loss of votes.

A scandal of this kind
is extremely serious.

To my department, this is a robbery.

Not votes, not a scandal...

...just a robbery.

There's been so many robberies...

...that your department begins
to look foolish, Mr. Maubert.

The minister insists
that you find the culprit.

Oh, I know the culprit.

Have you arrested him?

- Not yet.
- When?

Perhaps never.

I know that he did it,
but I don't know how he did it.

"How"? The building was broken into.

No... He was already there
when they closed the bank for the night.

- The safe was forced.
- Not forced...


This man can open
any safe in the world.

Yes... and drive
away in a car...

...and vanish under the noses
of your foolish police.

So foolish, that they took
the number of the car.

It belongs to your minister, Monsieur.

Well, it was stolen.

Yes, from the house of Mlle. Saincaize...

A friend of your minister.

His own constituency, too.

It's a scandal,
don't you agree?

- What shall I tell the minister?
- What I told YOU.

And the thief?

I'm having a drink
with him, this evening.

Good evening!

Ah, the policeman. How are you?
Won't you join me?

Thank you.

When did you get back to Paris?

Have I been away?

Yes, to Arlois.

I came back through Arlois.


It's a very interesting town.

You should go there some time.

How did you get into that bank, Philippe?

Every time a safe is opened,
you think I did it.


You'll have a good alibi, Philippe.

Oh, of course.

How many times have I arrested you?

5... 10...

And still you go on.

You know that absinthe
is a vicious drink.

It can blind you.

But you still drink it.

And I'm not blind.

How many times
have you convicted me?

- Three.
- Perhaps this'll be the fourth.

If you take me in this time,
you'll make a fool of yourself, Maubert.


At what time did the bank's alarm go?

You know the time.

Yes, 8 o'clock.

I know, because I was in Arlois.

- Where?
- In the cathedral.

With my old friend, Father Pletsier.

- Every time, an alibi.
- Except three.

I advise you to accept this one.

I do.

On MY word alone?

Thank you!

No, I checked myself.

I went down there yesterday.

Madeleine, you're late.

Sit down, my friend is just going.

Thank you.

This is Mr. Maubert.

He is the Chief of Police.

Aren't you impressed?

Good evening.

Your traffic here is terrible.

My driver was hopelessly tied up,
just across the big bridge.

You're Provencal, Mademoiselle.

My accent still gives me away?!

How awful!

Accents take longer to change,
than 2 days.

You're from Arlois.

Am I?

Do you know many people there?

A few by name.

I know your name too, Mademoiselle.

Madeleine Saincaize.

Shall we go together to police
headquarters, Mademoiselle Saincaize?

What for?

I'm making enquiries about a robbery
at a bank in Arlois.

And a car which was reportedly seen,
and found near the railway.

And certain fingerprints on the wheel.

I'm sure Philippe cannot help me...
He was in church at the time.

I don't think he will help you either,

I think he'll let you go to prison.

I warned you, Madeleine...

I'm no good to people.

It's time for us to go.

You needn't touch me.

There's nothing you can do to me.

I can hold you for questioning.

Let me tell you some
of the answers.

You know nothing about me.

You grew up in a small town,
which you hated.

You tried to make money out of
a millinery business... and failed.

Then you met the minister.

You led him to believe
you'd be very friendly indeed.

Stop it!

The minister was old and fat...

...and you met the handsome
stranger from Paris.

He told you all the things
you wanted to hear.

All the compliments.

- All the lies.
- Stop it!

Now you see that your Philippe
doesn't care a fig for you.

He has to choose between
his own safety and yours.

He loves me...

No matter what you tell me.

He's a well-bred dog,
that's turned savage.

Don't cry, Mademoiselle.

I've seen too many people cry.

Tears don't move me anymore.

So you have come home,
Mr. Fernand.

Every day later and later.

I promised your mother to see
you are well and properly fed.

You come home,
tired like a sheepdog...

...wet to the skin...
you eat at all hours.

What will I eat tonight, bouillabaisse?

"Bouillabaisse"... every
night you ask me that.

And once a month I get it.

Here's tonight... once a month!

Do I get it tonight?

Then I love you!

You love no one but work!

And making work for others.

Then I'll retire,
then I'll marry YOU.

Then you can cook what I like
every day.

What do you want?

How did you know where I live?

I followed you.

I've something to say.

Yes, it's very provincial, isn't it?

Makes me feel at home.

And honest.

This is honest, too.

To crime...
and to detection.

No, I leave that at my office... usually.

It IS a very good wine.

Nothing but the best is good enough
for Mr. Philippe Ledocq.

I'm not of the Ledocq family.

You were.

I never argue about
matters of fact, Maubert

A golden rule.

Well, shall I theorise?

You're a gentleman
which you can't help...

You're a thief, but you can.

And which YOU think YOU can.

What went wrong in your mind?

What turns a man from his upbringing
and environment.

Tell me, where did you find that clock?

When do such things as hiding
behind a woman's skirts get born?

It is a most hideous clock,
yet it is quite charming.

When, Mr. Ledocq?

I came here to see you
about Mlle. Saincaize.

- But I've changed my mind.
- Why?

I've made it a rule never to talk
when I've been made angry.

Another golden rule!

For 3 years I've been trying
to send you to prison, Mr. Philippe.

I've been to prison.

And you'll go again.

I think you like me.

Yet you hound me
as if you hated me.

You've rejected your place in the world...
and I hate untidiness.

What do you intend to do
about Mlle. Saincaize?

Open! Open!

Good evening.

Ah... bouillabaisse!

Only a Marseillaise
could cook it like that!

Just the right amount of saffron.

Monsieur is from Provence?

Do you think anyone
in this ridiculous city,

can understand food like that?


The gentleman is dining here, Mr. Maubert?

I don't think you should leave,
just yet.

Monsieur has not been
a guest before?

I have been guest of your master
in a business sense, Madame...

...but not here.

This dossier is closed now...

Two sentenced to 4 years..
the other to 3.

The Lansing case, Mr. Maubert.


What time last night?


Marc, I want a car,
I'm going to Versailles... You too.

Go and get it...

I'm coming myself...
I'll be in Versailles in an hour.

Town Hall was robbed last night.
They got 50,000 francs.

It is the Treasurer who is answerable
to the Finance Committee... not I.

The safe is in YOUR office, Mr. Becq.

I am aware of that, Mr. Mayor.

- It's all very unfortunate.
- Unfortunate? It's a disaster!

And just before the elections.

Sealing the coffin, Mr. Mayor?

How dare you suggest...!

Mr. Maubert! We're most grateful...

Is this the safe?

- No prints?
- No, Monsieur.

It's an old-fashioned safe.

The new one is to be installed
next month.

- A month too late.
- Are you insinuating...!?

If you wish me to tell you the combination,
Monsieur, you must pay attention.

It is very complicated.

So complicated, that
you've written

the figures in pencil,
on the side of the safe.

You... dolt!

The alarm-system's been short-circuited
in the most ingenious way.

Yes, I've seen that trick before.

The work of an expert.

And the one expert.

Marc... this might interest you, too.

Yes, the contact's been tampered with.

Are you coming in or going out?

Neither. They just asked to see me.

And you were good enough to call.

And you?

Going out.

You're Philippe, aren't you?

You did that bank job
in Marseilles in 1909.

Did I?

Monsieur, I'd like to do
a job with you.

Wouldn't be like burglary at all.

You're a romantic.
Don't bother me.

A romantic?

What's that?

What is your name?


Jean Louis.

Everybody knows me.

I don't... yet.

With a man like this, Marc...
you must watch not only him, but yourself.

You must keep your temper,
as HE does.

I always arrange to keep my temper.

We'll test that arrangement, now.

Please wait outside.

Sit down, Philippe.

We have an audience, today.

My assistant. He's willing
to profit by my experience.

And your mistakes.


There was a robbery
at Versailles last night...


...Bearing all your trademarks.

Robbery is a profession,
not a trade.

The same trademarks as the robbery
at Pantoise, for which you were convicted.

As the robbery at Passey...

- ... for which I was acquitted.
- On a technicality!

As the robbery at Arlois.

For which the dangerous Mlle. Saincaize
is being held.

On a technicality.

Your student is fascinated...

But why bring ME here
to teach apprentices?

Where were you last night, Philippe?


Could I trouble either you,
or your student, for a cigarette?

Give me an alibi,
and I'll crack it

For what hours?

Between midnight
and 4 o'clock this morning.

You have the honour to be the head
of a very excellent police force.

Don't play the fool.

And your police force
will furnish me with an alibi.

I was not within 100 miles of Versailles,
last night.

I was at Amiens.

Telephone your police there,
and ask them.

Now, please, a cigarette.

Give him one.

Get me Amiens.

Yes, this is him.

Yes, Monsieur.

Mr. Maubert... at your service.


Just a moment... I have the particulars
in my book, here.

Yes, Monsieur.

Here... 1.35am.

Driving a motor vehicle without lights
and in a dangerous manner in Amiens.

Yes, my officer took particulars
of his licence and identity card.

Yes, he'll be summoned...

I said, why didn't you hold him?

Mr. Maubert...
But his papers were in order.

You care to see the paper, Monsieur?

Thank you, but I've already
read this paper.

I'd like to speak to Mlle. Saincaize alone.

I'm going to release you, Mademoiselle.

You mean, Philippe has...


Yes, "nothing" is the right word.

He's made a fool of me again.

Another robbery.
Another alibi.

The papers writing about my
holding innocent people on suspicion.

I'm an ogre!

A Prussian!

I understand nothing.

Stalks a man...
and gains little children.

I'm thinking aloud,
and telling you...

...because you're free.

Don't look for him...
Hide from him.

He'll destroy you.

I love him.

That's perhaps.

Does he love you?

Can you answer that
with your head?

Who are you,
to talk about love?

You have no feelings.

You're just a filing cabinet...

A pair of handcuffs...

And you are jealous of anyone
who is not.

Yes, perhaps.

Once more...
Don't look for him.

You're a brave girl.

I think you can have almost anything
you want from the world.

But if you choose him,
he'll destroy you.

The papers are still
being rude to you.


We don't have to release this woman.

I've just done so.

But not because of this.

Are you going to try and pick up
another lead in the Arlois case then?

No, I shall retain my hold
on the present one.

So long as the rent is paid,
the place will be cleaned.

And no one will care what you do,
so long as you're quiet about it.

Thank you, I don't want you anymore.

Of course.

Good day, Mademoiselle, Monsieur.

I have been waiting here for you
all day by myself.

All the time I was in prison...

...I have thought of this meeting
with you.

I came when I could.

Did you read this?

Yes, I had plenty of time to.

Did Maubert mention me?

Is that all you have to ask?

Did you tell him anything?

No... Philippe, please, can't you see...?

Nothing at all?
You're quite sure?

I told him I was in love with you.

I AM in love with you!

Do you think I could go through
with all this if I weren't?

All the time I have been frightened.

I didn't know what
they would do to me?

What do you...?
Oh, Philippe, please!

You've been very brave.

Now you must be sensible.

What do you mean?

We did this job together
and we made a success of it.

You got what you wanted...
You got some money in the bank...

You're in Paris.

It's quite safe...
I never rob my own bank.

And... you and me?

If we stayed together,
we'd become bored with one another.


Pretending at first
that we weren't...

and then not being able
to pretend any more.

Now, I admire you...
and you say you love me.

That's the best time to part.

Why don't you go, then?!

You've learned what you came here for.

I told him nothing.
You're quite safe.

So you can go.

I never thought that
you cared nothing about me.

I must be as vain as you are.

He said that you would destroy me.

But I could more easily destroy YOU.

Of course.

Good luck, Madeleine.


Out of jail already?

Hi, Monsieur...
Mr. Maubert!

Yes... I come back to the old places.

- Play the old tricks, eh?
- No!

I'm a new man.

I'm respectable.

And you? You are Monsieur?

Give it back to him,
while I watch.

Then go home.

These places... you've got to be careful,
or you'll get robbed.

No hard feelings, Maubert?

What about?

Those articles about you
in the papers.

Is the one who wrote them,
a friend of yours?

You knew that.

I know everything.
Everything that doesn't matter.

For instance that should be Capt.

son of the
Undersecretary for War.

Ah... a uniform.

Come with me to the bar.

I warned her not to see you.

She's taken your advice very well.

You've dismissed her, eh?

You mean, she has not
come running to you?

Some consolation to me
that we both guessed wrong.


You thought you could turn your back
on her and forget her.

Perhaps I can't forget
that she can still betray me.

I don't think she has
sufficient interest in you.

You think that annoys me?

I think that's one
to get under your skin.


Because she has character
and intelligence.

Perhaps she's got under YOUR skin,


Why did you have to be a policeman?
You could be an amusing companion.

For you?


It's a pity

Professional interest in cages,
Mr. Maubert?

Good morning, Mademoiselle.

I stop here on my way to work.

To get into the right mood?

I like watching these little birds.

This one...

One day she pays attention
when I whistle to her...

The next day she turns her back,
and sings for someone else.

So, you're jealous!

I wonder what would happen if I took her
away one day, and asked her to sing for me.

You enjoyed your evening,

Still spying on me?

I was with Philippe, Mademoiselle.

Are you staying in Paris?

To work?

I have a little money
and a few friends.

I live here, now.

You took my advice about Philippe?

Did I?

I talked to him the other night...
about you.

There could be nothing interesting
in such a conversation.

There was.

He took it as revenge on him...
for many women.

His pride was badly hurt.

Aren't you afraid he might retaliate?

I'm not afraid of any man in the world,
Mr. Maubert.

Not even of me?

Not even of you.



No, we are busy all day today.

I would be glad and Chief Inspector Leclos
would be glad...

...if you would look at these today.

Mr. Maubert...

There's a beautiful view
from this window.

See how the river sparkles.

Please... Mr. Maubert.

Have you never noticed it?

Monsieur... I'm here only to work.

The you will make only a very dull
and ordinary policeman.

- I'm going out, Marc.
- Out?

For the good of my health.
It's Saturday.

What's the matter? Work?

I think if you hadn't said yes,
I'd've changed my mind.

This is the first holiday I've had
for 3 years. On the river like this.

It was a most fearful invitation!
You almost threatened me.

I thought you said
you were never afraid.

I WAS afraid of YOU.

Because... were part of a machine.

You were as impersonal as the bolt
on the door which shut me in.

Now, you are only a man.

Another man.

Another man.

Sometimes I wish I was only that.

We'll do this again.

You mean "MAY we do this again?"

I'm sorry...
MAY we do this again?


I've never been here
at night before.

I used to come here often, years ago,
when I first came to Paris.

Alone, of course.

Of course.

I should have thought...

It's beautiful!

What would you have thought, Fernand?

That another man
might have brought you here.


One would have thought so.

But they haven't.

You mustn't catch cold out here.

Tell me...

Can you remember
when you first came here...

I mean, to Paris...

Did you feel afraid...
or glad?

Or homesick?

All three.

I worked hard, and made myself
the best of them.

I was so lonely,
I thought my heart would break.

Philippe once told me
you had no heart.

He should know...

He and his kind have
pulled it from me, piece by piece.

I must go now.


Goodnight, Mr. Maubert.

- He's there?
- Yes. He sent for you?


Me, and him.

He didn't tell me.

- What is it about?
- Information.

Alright, Belfort, what is it?

I warn you,
if you're wasting my time...

Mr. Maubert, I swear on my honour.

Which is for sale, cheap.

If you'll tell them
to let me go...

- Well?
- You want information.

About Philippe, the bank thief.


He's doing a job tonight.


I know he is...
I know the man who's with him.

- I swear it's true...
- Never mind the speech!


Cr?dit Nationale.

Rue Vincent.

Take him away
and hold him.

- If this is true...
- It's true.

I'll tell you when to release him.

There'll be a reward,
won't there?

Take him away.

I want my car and 6 men.



Hold it just like that.

- A car-load of them.
- What can we do?

I'll go first.
You follow.

- No. I couldn't... Not that way!
- There's no other way.

I can't!
I'm scared of it!

Another 5 years inside?
Do as I say!

Come on... it's quite easy.

Come on...
Take it slowly, but come on.

Come across like that.

Climb onto my shoulders...
Get up onto the roof...

..and then pull me up.

You leave me here,
and I'll kill you.

If I have to look for you for 10 years,
I'll find you and kill you.

Pull me up.

Nothing here.
Try on the other side.

What are you doing here?

You're supposed to be asleep,
you little beast... Go to bed!

Get out of my sight!
Go to bed.

What are YOU doing there?

Playing hide-and-seek.

I knew it!

Yes. I'm hid.

Good evening.

Good evening, Monsieur.
We want to search the premises.

- Who is it?
- Madeleine, quickly, I must speak to you.

I'm in trouble, Madeleine,
so I came to you.

You must help me.

- If I can, Philippe.
- You can... if you will.

I thought I would never see you again.

Why did you think of me, tonight?

In your hands is to show whether
my life is of any value to you.

You think it is?

It's a chance I must take.

Tonight I was with a man
who killed a policeman.

It was an accident...
The man was killed too.

They'll try and bring me in for it.

I must have an alibi, Madeleine.

I don't want anything to do...

Save my life!

This is murder.

Whether it was my hand or not,
they'll try to tie it onto me.

- If they come here...
- Why will they come?

If they do...
It'll be for my life.


I want you.

- For what?
- Where have you been?

And if I do not choose
to tell you?

Then I shall charge you
with murder.

And if I still do not choose
to tell you?

I said murder, Philippe..
the murder of a policeman.

You know what that means.

It was another bank, Philippe.
Another tall dark man got away.

Paris is full of tall dark men.

What's your alibi, this time.

The cab could take us back
to where I've come from.

Get in then.

Mlle. Saincaize...

Is it true, or untrue that Mr. Philippe
spent the evening here with you?

And has only just left.

He left his scarf.

And now?

You'll come with me
to police headquarters.

There's nothing I want here.

Is this your son?

Yes, Monsieur.

You saw the man
who ran through your house.

Yes, Monsieur.

- Clearly? You'd know him again?
- Yes, Monsieur.

Is this the man?

No, Monsieur.
Not this gentleman.

Release him.

Any other man would have
slammed that door.


Too many people.


What's your name?

- Louis.
- Your last name?

It is my last name.
Alfred Louis.

Put him in there...
I want to talk to him.

We have a charge against you, Louis,
which you can face, or not face.

If you help me,
I'll let you go.

I'm going in for?

You may get the maximum.

I don't inform, I tell you.

You had a brother, Jean...

Who died a few weeks ago.

He killed one of my men, Louis.

He's dead, himself.

Because his partner
left him in the lurch.

Your brother was a brave fool.

Fought another man's battle,
and died.

He was never an informer.
Neither am I.

He's be alive today, if this man
hadn't talked him into a dangerous job...

...and run out on him.

The man gave my mother money.

We've nothing against him.

How much money?

50,000 francs?

They stole 100,000.

Your brother's share is half.

He gave us 5,000.


Robbing the dead man.

You help me,
and I'll help you.

Let him go.

Why did you tell him that
about the money?

He only got 5,000 out of that robbery.

I must have made a mistake!

Any minute now.

This is a night to do a job.

With all Paris in the streets,
waiting for war.

It's all been thought out.

It's the ideal night.

- Was that it?
- Yes.

That one.

Come on, give me a hand.

- You haven't...
- No, I just tapped him on the head.

The safe's on the first floor...
You get down to the main hall...

The police have got to see you there.


Yes... There's a glassed-in
watchman's box in the lobby...

If the police make a
round in 10 minutes...

they'll look in to see
if the watchman's there.

- Put the tunic and cap on.
- What about him?

We'll prop him up there
when we leave.


He's gone, Philippe.

Gone home.

Wow! The student!

Marc can charge him.

No, we're walking.

Can I offer you a drink?
You'll have few enough.

One for the road.
Thank you, Mr. Maubert.

Two cognacs.

The place is empty.

The world is on the streets,
waiting for the news.

- To crime...
- Detection, this time.

This world will die in it.
Everything will be changed.

When I'm free again, I shall
be looking at a new world.

And you?

I shall be out of step, I suppose.

But you know, in a way...

For the first time, perhaps,
I might have been useful.

I wonder.

- For you.
- This is too much, Monsieur.

It's to include the glasses.

Well, La Roche, what is it?

The intelligence man has returned
from Berne, Minister.

Bring him in, then.

Get him a chair.


I've been to Bellaube...

Contacted Bellmann
across the frontier.

There's no difficulty there...
nor was there at Berne, at first.

- It's trickier than we thought, Minister.
- Don't interrupt.

The list you wanted
in the German legation...

That's certain.

I put pressure on the coding clerk
for news, before, but nothing came of it.

You mean the wretched fellow
let us down?

Yes, he blew his brains out.


Major Maubert...

I'm going to tell you WHY
I want that file so badly.

That would be wise minister.

Thank you.

We're launching an offensive,
as you know.

That file in Berne, contains a list
of enemy agents in France.

When those people talk...

...a lot of men die.

We shall have to break
into the legation.

Just like that?

There's one man I've known
I all my career as a policeman,

that could do it for us.

He speaks German, he's well-born...
without fear...

And with no moral scruples whatever.

You mean to say there's a fellow
like that in the War Ministry?!

No, in prison.

He's serving a 5-year sentence
for robbing a bank.

Are you suggesting we employ
a common burglar?!

Why not... if you wish
to commit a burglary?

Can you guarantee the man?


Do you think he'll undertake
the assignment?

Under supervision.

He might be persuaded to,
by myself.

You're serious, Maubert?

I'm not a frivolous man, Minister.

That I know.

You'll try it?

Go and see him...
tell as little as you can.

But hurry.

I never heard of anything
so completely fantastic.

A crook working for Intelligence!

Better a knave than a fool.

I'll call you when I want you.

Good afternoon, Philippe.

Ah... Fables of La Fontaine!

What fables have you
come here to tell?

It's bad in here.

You're here for how long?

Another 3 years, aren't you?

Have you come here
to amuse yourself?

What do you want, Maubert?

To talk.

You're not just a thief,
but a Frenchman, I've heard.

At this moment, France is in need
of your rather special talents.

I'm working in the
counter-espionage service...

..on a job that I can't finish alone.

It entails breaking into a German
legation in Switzerland...

...and stealing a certain paper
out of a safe.

The robber-policeman...

Blackleg labour.

I suggested your name
to my department.

Said I could guarantee you
as a man.

As a Frenchman, you understand.

I'm flattered.

You could leave this place and do
something for us instead of against us.

You can have you
your freedom, Philippe...

...on our terms.

And I'll accept...

...on MY terms.


What are they?

The pardon, my police record torn up...

50,000 francs.

Oh!..., and a decoration.

I've always wanted a decoration!

My sainted father had one.

Or was it two?

The Republic doesn't decorate
its criminals.

Tell them my answer.

They won't bargain.
They'll say let him stay there and rot.

For another three years,
and then I come out alive.

If I go out with you,
I might die.

I LIKE being alive.

- In here?
- Even in here.

I'll tell them what you've said.

Another thing...

Have you ever thought what it might be like
to see Madeleine Saincaize?

Without having to wait
another 3 years, Philippe?

- Have you seen her?
- Once.


Saw her last month,
driving in a car, alone.

She has a new flat.

How did she look?

Well... harder... more distant.

She's distant, right enough.

Well, it's up to you.

You'd give me your word
I could see her before we went away?


Then, yes!

Answer the door, Janette.

A gentleman, Mademoiselle.

Mr. Maubert!

- Fernand.
- It's a long time, Madeleine.

This is different.

More grown-up?

You're more grown-up, too.

Am I so different?

I came to find out.

I left myself 2 minutes.

I smoke one, too.

Why did you come here suddenly?

After all this time?

I was talking of you, yesterday.

Remembering words...



Good feelings.

Some good, some bad.

No other reason?

You're frightened of something.

Aren't you?

My job.

Being killed?

Perhaps of being killed.

Mostly, failure.

I'm sentimental, because I'm going away,
and I'm alone.

All alone.

I wanted to see you, and I hoped
you'd see me again when I come back.

You must have hated me
for a long time.

I did.

Not now.

Then... it's not goodbye?

You'll see me again?

Of course.

Say it, then.

I'll see you again.

I'm superstitious.

Now I know I'll come back.

That Maubert is here, Minister.

He has this fellow with him.

I don't think this is a very wise idea,
you know, Minister.

Colonel de la Roche...

I'm not the least interested
in your opinions.

You give too freely of your advice...

...which is, if I may say,
almost invariably unsound.

Yes, Minister.

In fact, I'm becoming increasingly
irritated by it!

I'm very sorry to hear that, Minister.

Now you'll be kind enough to show in
Major Maubert, and this fellow.

And then show yourself out.

Professional soldier!

Mr. Philippe...

I see that you were once an anarchist.

In Marseilles.

I didn't think that was officially known.

To this department, everything
is known about everybody.

Even that you yourself were
once an anarchist, Monsieur?

45 years ago... in Marseilles.

Major Maubert has informed you
of the nature of this undertaking?

Yes, and I have informed him on what terms
I will attempt to carry it out.

This is no occasion
for jokes, Monsieur.

I quite appreciate that.

My liberty is no joke.

Nor is 50,000 francs.

And a decoration is extremely serious.

I see you're no respecter of persons,
Mr. Anarchist.

No... I think there are successful men,
but no great men.

But I respect success, Monsieur,
and I appreciate its rewards.

Yes or no... are you willing
to undertake this task?

On my own terms, yes.

With the added condition
that Major Maubert comes with me.

Under my orders.

You set a high price
on your services!

A soldier's life may be
demanded unconditionally...

But I am not a soldier, Monsieur.

I am a civilian volunteer.

You are a thief!

Can a department
that makes thieves

out of respectable
policemen, object to that?

Maubert, return this man to his cell.

Alright... we agree.

Monsieur, this task
is part of a military plan.

If you succeed, well enough...

If you fail, you'll receive no help
from anybody.

You'll get detailed instructions later on,
and you'll leave Paris at 11 o'clock.

- Both of us?
- Of course, both of you.

He's under orders, isn't he?

We're leaving here at 10 o'clock.

We'll give you papers and a passport
at the frontier.

- What are we supposed to be?
- Electrical engineers.

You're the technician.
I'm the businessman.

Is there any time limit?

We've got 3 days in Berne
to complete the job... 72 hours.

- Have you had any food?
- Yes.

Well... when do we see Madeleine?

I think that's be unwise.

Have they corrupted you at last,

Do you lie now, to get your own way...?
Like the rest of us.

Were you in love with her once?


I ended it for you, the night
you wanted me for murder.

That's past now..
forget it!

She's the only one
I've ever thought about...

With the dozens of women I've lied to.

Who've lied to me.

You said once, she's got under your skin.

I found her in a small town.
Nearly three years ago.

And lost her.

I still would like
to say goodbye to her.

If you won't do it for me,
for melodrama's sake, let me see her.

- Remember, on your word of honour.
- On my word of honour, yes.

- Five minutes then.
- Thank you.

Mademoiselle Saincaize.

Mademoiselle is dressing.
She's going to a party, Monsieur.

So am I,
but she'll see me.

Tell her I am from the bank
at Arlois.

I couldn't believe it!

When she said Arlois...

I couldn't believe it was you.

You've grown up, Madeleine,
as he said.

You haven't escaped?!

No, I'm being moved to another place.

Maubert brought me...
It was a favour I asked.


It's like 3 years ago.

How I hate time passing!

Everyone is mixed up.

You're here...

- Everything.
- I'm no good to people.

I told you, even then.

In Arlois, I told you...
In Paris I told you.

Darling! Darling!

Don't go away again!

I'll come back.
I'm here now... Hold onto me!

There's so little time...

For 3 years I've had you in my mind...
...and I borrowed 5 minutes to see you.

I had to see you... touch you!

Philippe, please...
please don't go!

I'll come back... Whatever happens,
I'll come back.

In a few days...
They're giving me parole.

You're the only one...
The ONLY one, I tell you!

I'll wait for you here.

I'm the one who's no good
for people, now.

I made myself hard...

...because of you.

I was in love with you...

...and I want to be!

Stay there. Don't move from there
till I've gone.

I'll be back so soon.

- Mr. Clermond?
- Yes.

How long are you staying
in Switzerland, Mr. Clermond?

Less than a week, I hope.

Good luck, Maubert!

Chapter 2, the stage is set.

We're neutral, in a way.

We're in a neutral country.
With a passport.

The thing I dreamed about
for 3 years in prison.

You're in prison here.

You're under orders to
do something important

for the first time in your life.

- And you can't run.
- I don't want to.

I left something behind.

Something I want.

Something you lost?

I don't think so.

Monsieur, wait...
You've dropped your book.

How nice of you!

Thank you for calling me.

This is my first visit to Berne.

Do you live here, Mademoiselle?

Yes, all my life.

It can be a very lonely place
for a stranger.

It needn't be...
Oh, I go this way.

So do I.

- Did you drop that book on purpose?
- Of course.

Good morning.

Beer please.

- What have you been doing?
- Picking up a girl.


She lives importantly close
to what we want.

She's a housemaid. She lives next door.
She's very friendly.

I've been looking around the place.

There are some very interesting
old buildings here.

This is a very beautiful church,
this one.

And this is the German legation.

What's your plan?

The girl lives here.
She's going to let me into the house.

This is her room...
Do we know where the safe is?

There. It's a Bortmann, Leipzig,
1914 model.

You know it all, don't you?

I don't waste my time talking to
people who can't help themselves.

Neither do I.

What are you going to do?

Well, I've got tonight to find out how,
and tomorrow to see if.

Does it have to end like this?

It does, tonight.

You're wicked!

Did they come in with you?

No, I don't think they're in there.


- Not now.
- When?

They're going away.

I'll leave the door open.

You'll come, won't you?

What time?

Leave the door unlocked,
and wait for me.

Can you get at it
from the outside?

If you'll do as I tell you.

- Well, what'll I do?
- Get drunk. Act drunk.

Start it at Schrader's Cafe
and get a taxi back to here.

Then you'll have to pass the legation
on the way.

- At what time?
- 1.30am.

I'll wait on the roof until
I hear you wreck the cab.

Do I live?

That's up to you.

But anyway, make a scene. I want
a noise and distraction going on there.

And keep it going.

For how long?

15 minutes.

Do you know anything about
this Bortmann safe?

It's a money-box...
So they tell me.




Do you hear me?
What's the matter with you?!

Please, Monsieur,
you're making a disturbance.

Who are you?

Tell this peasant here
to give me a cognac.

What do you think
you're running here?

The Swiss don't understand
restaurant business.

Your bill is 10 francs, Monsieur.

What about it?

I'd like you to leave,
please, Monsieur.

You're making a disturbance.

Tell your doorman
to get me a cab.

There's one already waiting,
Monsieur, thank you.

Don't expect me
to come here again.

Adler... Drive slowly!


I'm very nervous,
do you understand?

Remember that!

Turn to the right.

- To the right.
- The Hotel Adler is straight on.

- Turn to the right!
- It's straight on!

Let go!
What are you trying to do?!

Don't do that!

Shoo! Go away! Go on!

This way...

You were very drunk last night,
they tell me.

I've come to bail you out.

Took you a long time
to get here.

I was working late.

Give it to me.

People with other men's lives to sell.

- Aren't you going to open it?
- That's HIS job.

You could always say
it was open already.

What are you, a crook?

They're taking long enough
to come up.

Did you walk from the frontier?

There's some sort of a war on
that spoils travel for everybody.

The Minister's in a frenzy.
Go in and report these men are back.

Give him that.

- You got it?
- Yes.

- Did YOU do it?
- With my own fair hands.

I had to dirty them
to get them clean again.

If you understand.

I'm afraid I do not.

Maubert does.

The Minister wishes to see you now.
Both of you.

So you succeeded this time?

HE did.

- You Mr. Anarchist?
- With Major Maubert's assistance.

This is what I wanted.
More than I dared hope for.

Captain Lubiche... have this decoded.

Major Maubert...
act on it at once.

I think we still have some
unfinished business, Minister.

Oh yes, the matter of your reward.
My secretary will look after that...

You'll find that your police dossier
has already been destroyed.

And now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a war on my hands.

One small point appears
to have been overlooked, Minister.

My decoration.

Oh yes, to be sure!

"Monsieur Mercenary"...

I confer upon you
a very special decoration...

Many Frenchmen wear it
with distinction.

Yours hangs from a ribbon...
theirs is on a string.

Your name and number.

"Monsieur Mercenary"...

I hereby decorate you
"Good citizen of France."

Thank you.

And now "Monsieur Good Citizen"...

You are free.

I didn't know till I got here.

Her name was on the list
we brought back from Berne.

Another hour to wait. I shan't get through
to the Ministry till 12.

They work long hours, too.

I say.. I could have sworn,
that soldier...

He looked like that fellow
you took to Berne.

The thief.

Something. I saw it myself.

I was wrong.

Whatever happened to him anyway?

He went away.

Just went away.

They're going up to Verdun,
poor devils.

Come on, let's have a drink
while we're waiting.