The Special Relationship (2010) - full transcript

In 1992, Labour leader Tony Blair goes to America and is impressed by the policies of President Bill Clinton, which he uses to reshape his party. Two years later, he is invited back for an audience with Clinton, who, rightly, predicts that he will be Britain's next Prime Minister. Thus begins the 'special relationship' between the two, though Clinton is clearly the senior partner with Blair seeking his advice on Northern Ireland. The situation in Kosovo however reverses the roles as Blair forces American intervention by a reluctant president and is seen in the American media as the hero of the hour. As Clinton accuses his ally of stabbing him in the back the special relationship starts to sour and, with Clinton ultimately out of the White House, Blair takes his first photo call with the next incumbent, George W. Bush.

- partners.
- through thick and thin.

Night or day.

Right or wrong.

* if you're ever in a jam,
here I am *

* if you ever need a pal,
I'm your gal *

* if you ever feel so happy *

* you land in jail,
I'm your bail *

* it's friendship, friendship *

* just the perfect blendship *

* when other friendships
have been forgot *

* ours will still be hot *

* if you're ever down a well,
ring my bell *

* if you ever catch on
fir send a wire *

* if you ever lose your teeth *

* when you're out to dine,
borrow mine *

* it's friendship, friendship *

* just the perfect blendship *

* when other friendships
go up in smoke *

* ours will still be oke *

* if you ever lose your mind,
I'll be kind *

* if you ever lose your shirt *

* I'll be hurt *

* if you're ever in a mill *

* and get sawed in half,
I won't laugh *

* it's friendship, friendship *

* just the perfect blendship *

* when other friendships
have been forgate *

* ours will still be great *

* when other friendships
have been forgot *

* ours will still be hot! *

- quack quack!
- woof woof!

Hi. tony blair, that's me.

Uh... uh, could you just
open the boot, please?


- - 1988.
Voters with an annual income

of $15,000 to $50,000

voted 20% democrat, 48% republican.

In 1992 those same voters
go for clinton 45%,

versus 35% for bush.


Because we redefined ourselves.

We reached out to voters

who felt that the social
policies of conservatives

were selfish and uncaring

and convinced them that
we were not the old style,

wasteful tax-and-spend liberals

conservatives would have
them believe we were.

So welfare... provide welfare
but with a time limit,

mandate job training,
get those people skills

and get them back off the dole.

The same with crime.
Be tough on the causes of crime...

education, lack of education,

but be tough on criminals as well.

You're gonna have to listen
to what people are saying.

Don't keep coming at them

with ideas and language
they don't want.

It's a hell of a lot easier to
change what your party stands for

than to change what people want.

Policy is only going
to get you so far.

If you guys are
serious about putting

the labour party back into power,
above everything,

you're going to need to get
yourselves one of these...

a bona fide, triple-a

vote-winning political superstar.

Monsieur le president.

Our prime minister, john major,

and my political
opponents in britain,

believe that they will
win the next election

by expressing their
hostility to europe.

Well, not me.

let- I'm sorry, mr. blair...

Excuse me. excuse me.

Tony, that was terrific.
They loved you.

So good, I almost
believed it myself.

I just got a confirmation
from the foreign office.

It's a yes for the washington trip.

- great! - meeting with the
chairman of the federal reserve,

reception at the british embassy-
- And clinton?

A one-on-one with the man himself
in the oval office.

With the full white house
press corps in attendance.

But I thought leaders of the opposition
were meant to be kept at a distance

so as not to upset
the prime minister.

- they are.
- So why the exception?

Well, it's obvious, isn't it?

They think you're going to win.

Have you seen my blue shirt?

- what? - have you seen
my blue shirt?

I can't hear you!

Well, they'll have to go to
the court of appeals for that,

if they have the stomach for it.

- have you seen my blue shirt?
- Which blue shirt?

- the pale blue.
- Look in the basket.

Yeah, I'll see you at court 27.


If I put it in the basket,
why didn't she do it?

- take another shirt.
- I've already chosen my tie.

- then take another tie.
- I don't want to take another tie!

It's touching. I've not seen
you this nervous before.

- I'm not nervous.
- Then why are you snapping?

I'm not sna...

The last time you
went to washington,

I seem to remember a slightly
more casual attitude.

Last time I went to washington,
I met with clinton's advisors.

- to nick their ideas. - no, to seek
their advice on reshaping the party.

Reshaping yourself more like.

You came back clinton hair,
clinton suit...

Everything minus the
tarty girlfriend.

Why does his wife put up with...

Oh, tony, don't worry.

He'll love you.

Hopefully there'll be
somewhere in washington

I can get a bloody shirt done.

Good god. they're bringing us in

through the northwest gate.

- what does that mean?
- it's the front door,

the heads of state entrance.

As if you were already
prime minister.

- switch sides.
- Why?

They'll open the door on the left.

You have to get out first. come on.

For goodness' sake.

- well, help, alastair.
- Tony.

I hope nobody saw that.

- comfy?
- Yes.


Good morning, sir.
Welcome to the white house.

Thank you. this is
alastair campbell...

- how do you do? - ... m
y press secretary,

and jonathan powell,
chief of staff.

Yes, we know.
Right this way, gentlemen.

First time in the white house?

- yes.
- Please tell me you're getting

- a kick out of this.
- Yes, thank you.

Potus is still in the
family residence right now.

- potus?
- President of the united states.

Ah. -

- heading
down the staircase.

Will we have one of those?

On the ground floor now...

into the colonnade.

Not bad. 15 minutes late.

You must be important.

Okay, here we go, sir.

Straight ahead.

Be sure to ask him
about the moon rock.


I'm very glad we
had this chance to talk.

I've always been straight with you, mr.

so when I tell you that we share the
concerns of the people of okinawa,

I know that you'll believe me.

Secretary perry and I have
been talking through some ideas

that will safeguard our security
interests in the northern pacific,

as well as fulfill our
commitments to your people.

Japan has long been a
close security partner

with the united states and nothing,
I promise you,

is going to jeopardize that.

Well, it's good talking
to you too.

- mr. blair.
- Tony, please.

Welcome to the white house.

I have been following your
career with great interest.

So you know we've taken
a page out of your book.

Quite a few pages, which I
consider to be a big compliment.

Have a seat.

You know, we keep a pretty
close eye on things over here,

and we think that the
smart money is on you...

And I thought a high-profile
visit with an american president

might just help you
across the finish line.

Because I believe you're
going to win by a landslide.

So what you've got to realize is
rhetoric can only get you so far.

You can talk your way into office

but you're not going to stay
there unless you can deliver

on the promise of your words.

Well, we've had 17 years
of conservative government,

during which the country's
veered wildly off course.

If labour does get in,

I'd like to make sure that
we stay in long enough

to get us back on the right track.

I think we're going to
enjoy working together.

Now don't get me wrong-
major's not all that bad.

He's been great on
northern ireland.

And when you're elected
it is my sincere hope

that you continue
the fight for peace.

Oh, peace in northern ireland
is at the top of my agenda.

I just don't think it's
reasonable in today's world

to carry on with
that kind of dispute.

If you need my help,
just pick up the phone.

Thanks, I will.

And don't be surprised if you feel
completely, totally overwhelmed

when you do get into office,

because in all that
time out on the road,

scrambling and fighting
to actually get that job,

no one briefs you on what
you do when you get there.

- - now you
seem a pretty quick study,

I bet you're going to
settle in just fine.

So we have a few minutes
before the press.

Did anyone around here

tell you to ask
about the moon rock?

Uh, they did, actually.

3.6 billion years old.

You know, sometimes when things
get stressful around here,

I just shut that door,
sit on the couch, hold that rock

and think, "we all just
gotta chill a little. "

a productive meeting, mr.

Very. we discussed
a number of things

including the peace process
in northern ireland,

which is an article of faith
for me personally, as you know.

Do you think you've been talking to the
next prime minister of great britain?

Oh, come on. that's not
a diplomatic question.

Look. I just hope he's been talking

to the next president
of the united states.

Tonight bill clinton
proves his title,

"the comeback kid," after winning

an historic second term
in the white house.

Bill clinton is the first democrat

to win re-election since
franklin delano roosevelt.

- a labour
prime minister in #10

after 18 years of
conservative ruling.

this is a presidential
moment if ever there were one.

Look at them grabbing at h with
pason in their faces.

He's their man. what a moment.

Let's just listen to the
sound for a second.

tony blair and his
wife cherie led labour

out of the wilderness and back
into downing street.

the new prime minister promised
to work for all the people.

He said his government would
take practical measures

in pursuit of noble causes.

Hey, good to see you.

- hello.
- How are you?

Tony, president chirac on the line.

How do you want to do this?

In english or french?

- does it matter?
- Well, he speaks fluent english,

as you know,

but my guess is he'll
start in french,

thinking it'll give
him the upper hand.

- - I think you
should stand your ground,

do this in english.

I'll be listening in.

hello. -

thank you, jacques.

Let's hope so.

Well, I will do everything I can

to live up to that.

Tony. clinton, line two.

Uh, unfortunately, jacques,

I've got to go.

Sorry about...

Bill! how great of you to call.

Please hold for the president

of the united states of america.


- your call, mr. president.
- Thank you. excuse me.

Is this tony blair I'm speaking to

or the new dictator
of great britain?

- congratulations, tony.
- Thank you.

A majority of 179.
It's unbelievable.

I'm gonna make a
prediction right now

and say that the 2nd of may, 1997,

is the day that
progressive politics

became the default setting
in western democracies.

So that's your name in the
history books right there.

And you won edgbaston...

the first labour victory
there ever...

and wirral south.
Tony, it's sensational.

Hey, listen. I've gotta go,

but we're gonna see each
other in about a month.

- yes, indeed. - all right.
We'll catch up properly then.

Hey, why don't we have dinner
one night, the four of us?

Sherry and hillary too.

Uh, cherie. I'd love that.

Okay, it's a date.
I'll let you pick the place.

We're easy. we'll eat anything.

Just no catfish or fried
green tomatoes, okay?

That's a promise.

See ya.

Did we win edgbaston?


And wirral south?


He's got no business knowing that.

That's just showing off.

President clinton and first lady
hillary rodham clinton

made a detour to london to pay a flying
visit to tony blair today.

All the stops... -
a pair of postwar baby boomers

who came to power by moderating
the liberal tendencies

of their respective
political parties.

the meetings will be
closely watched for signals

as to what can be expected of the two men
who sm to have so much in common.

Are you sure I can't
offer you anything?

No, I'm good.

I suppose you know the awful term
"special relationship"?

It's something our foreign
office is always keen to promote.

Oh, I know it. every
country on earth claims it.

Although, in terms of actual
effect on u. s. foreign policy,

israel, china, saudi arabia,

and the irish republic are
the ones who merit it.

Still, every now and again

a situation arises where...

Personal chemistry
between the two leaders...

As well as the shared language,
shared history...

Is such that it could
actually have some currency.

You think this is one
of those moments?

I do actually.

You have to ask yourself: all.

When did it last happen that
two guys on the same team,

found themselves with their
hands on the joystick like this?

It's a unique opportunity.

- yes, it is.
- We take away the bullshit,

all the reasons that things
don't get done...

the same old excuses,
the same roadblocks

to progress that people have
been throwing up for years...

We could put right-wing politics

out of business for a generation.
Heck, maybe forever.

- the same with the old far left.
- Exactly.

Progressive, center-left
politics is the future.

What you're talking about is a...

Is a whole paradigm shift.

A new kind of politics
for the new millennium.

We build a global consensus
around our ideas,

there's nothing that
we can't tackle.

I mean, you look at the facts:

I've got three more years,
then al gore...

That's eight years right there.

And then in europe,
you're just getting started.

There's persson in sweden,
schroeder in germany.

Beyond that, there's cardoso
in brazil. you're right.

People are ready for this

and we're on the
right side ohistory.

It's a sladunk.

He understands the
limitations of power,

of what can be accomplished,

he just refuses to
be limited by them.

He's a visionary, a true visionary.

Well, before you develop
too much of a crush,

it's also worth remembering
that this visionary is

also the first president
of the united states

to be up on a sexual
harassment charge.

No, if you'd been there,
if you'd heard him,

you'd understand, you know,
what this could mean

- for me, for all of us.
- Well, I wasn't there, was I?

I was out entertaining
the visionary's wife.

So how was it with the first lady?

Oh, fine...

Until on the way
back from the theatre

she let slip how big her staff is.

She has her own policy advisors,

her own chief of staff,

a bloody airplane at her disposal,
if you please!

Darling, would it help if I sent
jonath out to buy you a filofax?

Ha ha.

- listening to her,
you realize...

yeah, effectively,
it's a co-presidency.

He takes her advice on everything.

- I take yours.
- Oh, bollocks.

I mean, it's all
boys' town with you

with your jonathans, your alastairs

and your gordons.

You know, bill clinton
was once asked

who would he go to if there
was a crisis in the room.

He said his wife.
Now you'd never say that.

- yes, I would.
- Rubbish.

Whereas they're so tight,
such close collaborators,

they're effectively running
that country together.

I think there's something
quite romantic about it.

Do you know, when he was
governor of arkansas,

the staffers actually referred

to them as "biliary. "



- "chony"?
- Tony, no no.

- you can't get me-
- You can't... - give us a kiss.

- no no no no.
- Give us a kiss.

Oh, stop it.

It's because we're such
tight collaborators.

Well, that's a great strike...

what did you get up to today?

I was taken to see the newly
renovated globe theatre

- by cherie blair.
- Oh, god.

What did you do to deserve that?

That's what we do,
the wives of great men.

Then we had some lunch,
just the two of us.

Did you swap stories?

Talking about tony and me?
All the things we do that drive you crazy?

Your names came up.

She ask your advice?

I told her to shield her children

from the tabloid spotlight
as much as possible

and to try to be herself,

both of which she will
discover are impossible.

She's in kind of a tough spot

and she doesn't get much help,
which she whined about a bit.

That's just the working class.

You know she's from liverpool?

It's the arkansas of england.

She obviously adores him though.

Well, he's quite a catch.

It's not often you see that.


A couple where the husband is more
attractive than the wife.

- he is handsome. - blair?
You think so?

- well, you don't?
- He's got charm, I guess,

but there's something about him.
He's too perfect.

So you prefer your man imperfect?

'cause I hate to disappoint you,

but my mama told me a million times

- that I'm just too good to be true.
- Yeah, right.

Is there ever a moment when
you're not stuffing that thing?

So you continue to practice?
You're not giving up the law?

Oh, no, never. I mean,
that's if anyone will bring me cases

- now that tony is in #10.
- Oh, that's right.

- blame it on me. - what did
your predecessor do?

- norma major?
- she wrote a book.

Oh! umm...

The prime minister's country house

- and its history. " - perfect.

Cherie's going to do one about
downing street. don't laugh.

- tony. - can I offer one
piece of serious advice?

- if it's not too presumptuous...
- Oh, here we go.

- ... or self-aggrandizing?
- Can I make a disclaimer here?

- please, feel free to ignore him.
- No. please.

- I'd like to hear it.
- Hit the ground running.

Now we got off to a bad start,

and it's taken us
four years to recover.

The other thing is
to start thinking now

about what you want
your legacy to be.

I've been in office
less than a month,

- and you want me to work out my legacy?
- No no no, bill's right.

Because if you don't do it,
other people will do it for you.

Legacy is reductive. people tend
to remember you for one thing.

You have to make sure you get ahead
and define what that is.

And if you decide
to take up a cause,

make sure it isn't healthcare.

And if someone in your first
press conference

asks you about gays
in the military,

you say nothing!

People often ask me

if I'm exhilarated

by our election victory.

Of course I'm excited about it,

but I feel an equally profound
sense of responsibility

I feel it...

...perhaps especially about here...

northern ireland.

This is not a party
political game.

It is about life and death
for the people here.

The people of northern ireland

have stood up to terrorist
violence for 25 years.

They have not been
destroyed by it,

but the legacy of bitterness

has made the normal political
give and take

virtually impossible.

The I. r.a. and sinn
fein have a choice

between negotiations

and violence.

My message to sinn fein is clear:

The settlement train is leaving.

I want you on that train,

but it is leaving anyway.

And I will not allow
it to wait for you.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

The search for peace in
northern ireland

was dealt a devastating blow today

when the ira murdered two
police officers.

Two ira gunmen caught them
in a side street.

It's believed they came
up behind them

and fired a number of shots into
their heads at close range.

all this after sinn fã©in

attacked tony blair's
impassioned ultimatum

for peace as pro-unionist.

gerry adams,
told about the shootings

at a book signg, said that
on a personal level

he was shocked but reluctant to comment
on the political fallout.

How could they do that?

I merely suggest they enter talks

and they kill two people.

I mean, maybe I went too far.

You said what had to be said

and they heard it...

The men who murdered those cops.

That's why they did what they did.

They're scared. they're scared,

because after all the decades
of endless back and forth

and false starts there's
finally a man in downing street

who's not going to put up
with their bullshit anymore.

Gerry adams assured me

that he was ready to
push for a ceasefire,

so that sinn fein
could join the talks.

He knew what I was going to say.

And then this, and he says nothing.


Not a word against the
people who killed those men.

Well, how can I help?

Do you want me to make
a statement?

Well, your advisors
will tell you that

there's no mileage in
you involving yourself

in the domestic
problems of the u. k.

Gerry adams owes me.
I gave that guy visas

and political legitimacy when you
brits weren't even allowing him on tv.

Now I want to do this right.

Why don't have your guys

jot down a few ideas,

come up with a few lines?

You'll have them before
you get up.

the ira has
claimed responsibility

for what is ultimately an
outrageous act of cowardice

and no one should ever make
the mistake of thinking

that actions of this kind represent

anything equating to patriotism.

I, frankly, think now the ball
is in sinn fã©in's court.

Everyone has decisions
to make in life.

Their decision is,

are they going to be part

of the peace process or not?

I hope the answer will be yes.

good evening.

The sinn fã©in leader,
gerry adams,

walked into #10 downing
street today.

The first such meeting
for 76 years.

We had a good meeting
because I think we engaged.

I think we faced up
to the difficulties.

In many ways the engagement
could be described

as a moment in history,
because usually the moments

in anglo-irish relationships
in history are bad moments.

Today was a significantly
good moment.

It is thought that president
bill clinton

helped to revive the peace process
in northern ireland today,

proving, yet again, the long reach
of his political clout.

bill, thank you.

My pleasure. happy to help.

Sometimes it just takes an outsider

to help settle a family dispute.

Well, I can't thank you enough.

After all these months,

the peace process is back on track.

Well, I guess we can jot one down

for the good guys, eh?

Well, we've got a
real shot at this now.

And we could never have done
it without your support.

Hey, there are no debts here.

No I. o.u. s. we're just pulling
together to get a job done.

So if there's nothing else,
I've got to go.

If there's anything anytime...

partly cloudy and cool,

dropping to the mid-upper 50s.

Weather updated around
the clock...

mr. president.

Let's go.

There's gonna be something in the
news today you should know about.

What? what is it?

It's not that I don't
know the answer,

it's just a very
badly-worded question.

And if I did tell you the answer,

- you wouldn't learn anything, would you?
- Except cheating.

- - right, euan,
you've got one more minute on that

and that's it. hello...

Yeah, are you near a television?

- yeah.
- Switch on the news.

Right. I'll have to
call you back, alastair.

- come on, nicky. come on.
- Give it here.

taken the city by storm.

This just in from washington.

Kenneth starr, the independent
counsel investigating

- alleged criminal conduct...
- Stop drawing pictures and get on with it.

...of president and mrs.
Clinton in the whitewater affair

issued a wave of white house
subpoenas today,

accusing the president of having
sex with monica lewinsky,

a 23-year-old white house intern.

23? she's a child.

Federal investigators are rumored
to be in possession

of taped conversations discussing
the alleged affair

between miss lewinsky and
president clinton.

The recordings,
in which she refers

to president clinton as
"the big he" and "the creep,"

recalling the paula jones case

in which detailed descriptions
of the president's penis...

okay, kids. enough.

- come on. out.
- come on.

Out, euan.

- nick.
- Oh, come on.

Come on. come on. come on.
Out out out out out.

Miss lewinsky is also
rumored to have said

in one of the taped conversations

that "I have lied my entire life. "

worse still, lewinsky alleges...

this might not be the best time to
be planning a trip to washington.

Well, who says any of it is true?

If ken starr is involved,
it's probably a right-wing witch hunt,

another muckraking exercise.

You watch.

This story could go away
as quickly as it's broken.

The president of america having
sex with a girl half his age?

Tonight, the president's
own lawyer...

this story hasn't even started.

...dismissed the allegations as
mischievous invention.

Okay, well, how-
how do you know this girl?

She was interning in the west
wing a couple of years ago.

- yeah.
- I talked to her a few times.

She said she was looking for a job

and, you know me,
I offered to help.

I gave her a couple of names
of people she could talk to.

I was just trying to be nice,

but apparently she seemed to
think it was something more.

She thought... she thought
it was more, why?

Why... why on earth
would she think that?

Well, I don't know.

You know how it is,

how people are around me.

So you're telling me that you did
nothing that could be misinterpreted?

- no. no.
- Nothing that could be misread?

- no
- Nothing?

Nothing. I swear.

Now the way they tell it,

I was having sex in the
oval office, midday.

- oh, for heaven's sake.
- Yeah, you know that's ridiculous.

With all the guards and the
windows around there,

that's not gonna happen.

These people...

This is just all the same bullshit.

They think they can put
something in the paper

and that just makes it true.
The same old innuendo.

The same old digging for dirt
when there's nothing there.

Ken starr is gonna go after you

with everything he's got.

They're discussing his
penis in public now...

"five and a ha inches with a
curve in the middle when erect. "

hardly errol flynn, is it?

I wonder who's angrier
with him now...

His wife for his betrayals

or his press secretary
for his modest endowment?

Now had it been 8"
long and thick as a baguette...

Oh, for god's sake, shut up.

A little irritable today,
aren't we?

I am. why do these european summits

always fill one with gloom?

Because they're full of pompous,
irrelevant twats

with stupid accents who
are stuck in the past

- and never know when to shut up.
- That would be the reason then.

Plus events in washington will
dominate all the front pages now.

Which makes the whole thing
feel rather pointless.

Sir. morning, sir.

The list you asked for
on the current members

of the european commission
and their staffs.

Thank you.

Who is she?

A new intern from
the foreign office.

You should know the tapes
of lewinsky's conversation,

her phone calls that are
supposed to be out there...

Well, are they out there or not?

Well, it's an ongoing
investigation. it's...

The information's privileged.
There's no way we can...

Fine, so these tapes that may
or may not be out there...

Yes, well, it's been suggested

they contain certain
revelations about...

the president's voicemails
to miss lewinsky,

an exchange of gifts,

his... his preference for oral sex

and the supposed existence

of a dress with semen stains.

That's enough.

Whether these...

tapes are out there or not,

it's a "he said, she said. "

we have a starstruck intern versus

the president of the united states.
They've got nothing.

Now the best way for
us to turn the tables,

to stop this being personal,
is to make it political,

because I'm not gonna conduct a
public debate about my marriage.

I want to conduct a debate
about the right-wing media

and ken fucking starr,

because they have been on our
backs right from the begning.

So this is what we're gonna do.

the white house
said to bin crisis mode,

with one administration... -
inside politics

as mr. clinton prepares to give another
state of the union address.

... the prosecutor puts the
pressure on the white house intern.

White house scandal is

already the biggest soap
opera running

and the viewers show no
sign of tuning out.

But I want to say one thing
to the american people,

and I want you to listen to me.

I'm gonna say this again:

I did not have

sexual relations with that woman...

Miss lewinsky.

These allegations are false.

Now I need to go back to work
for the american people.

- thank you. -
There's been one subject

in particular weighing
on the minds

of the american public-
the alleged sexual relationship

between the president and
miss lewinsky.

Has your husband explained
the nature

of this relationship to
you in detail?

Well, we've talked at great length

and I think as this matter unfolds

the entire country will
have more information.

But we're right in the middle

of a rather vigorous
feeding frenzy right now.

And I have learned over these
last many years,

being involved in politics,

that the best thing
to do in these cases

is just to be patient,

take a deep breath

and the truth will come out.

But there's nothing we can
dto fight this firestorm

of allegations that are out there.

Do you think that your
husband would admit

again causing pain in
your marriage?

No, absolutely not
and he shouldn't.

You know, we've been
married for 22 years,

and I had learned a long time ago

that the only people who
count in any marriage

are the two that are in it.

And I guess I've just been
through it so many times.

I mean, bill and I have
been accused of everything,

including murder,

by some of the very same people

who are behind these allegations.

The great story here,

for anybody willing to find it,

write about it and explain it,

is this vast right-wing conspiracy

that has been conspiring
against my husband

since the day he
announced for president.

A few journalists have kind of caught
onto it and explained it,

but it has not yet been
fully revealed

to the american public

and actually, you know,
in a bizarre sort of way,

this may do it.

You know, the longer this goes on,

the worse it is for clinton.

I wonder whether we might not
want to take a step back.

I'm on my way to washington to do a
press conference with the man, jonathan.

It may be a little late in
the day for a step back.

Come on, let's be realistic here.

He's hardly bloody
milosevic, is he?

What he did or did not do

is a personal matter.

Public people are entitled
to private lives, alastair.

There's nothing private about his.

It doesn't affect his ability
to govern though, does it?

Not to mention he's a friend.

Tony, all political friendship is
strategic and conditional.

A slight cooling may
be no bad thing.

What? backff from the
"special relationship"

we've all been so keen to promote?

No, not back off. just re-evaluate.

And if there is any
truth to the story,

they're in so deep
they'll never get out.

Well, he can hardly come clean,
can he?

America elected him,
knowing his history with women.

If he did do it, he should make a
big public apology and move on.

No, his lawyers would hate that idea.
They probably see it as a chance

to tough it out on definition and
hope that they'll all go away.

Would you if you
were defending him?

Who? the big creep?

I suppose it comes down

to what you actually
think constitutes "sex. "

that's easy... it's intercourse,

What, so blowjobs don't count?

- no.
- No.

God. you men are pathetic.

Come on, you know the deal...

- eating ain't cheating.
- Oh, that's disgusting.

- if it ain't in, it ain't a sin.
- apparently

there's even a passage in the
bible that supports it.

- supports what?
- the idea that

oral sex doesn't
constitute adultery.

- bollocks!
- Really?

Ecclesiastes. discovered by
clinton's rapid response team.

God, they're good.

It's hardly bloody
fidelity either!

I mean, organs from one person's
body have entered another.

How can that not be sex?

Huh. god, this language.

This is just bizarre.
I mean, technically,

what we're doing is having a
political conversation here,

but it's just... blue.

Yesterday c. n.n.
Put out an announcement

before their nightly news bulletin

warning parents the content might
not be appropriate for children.

- god. - which brings us back
to the original question:

Shouldn't we be thinking
about taking a step back?

all eyes today
will be on tony blair

as he flies into a political storm

the likes of which hasn't been seen
since the watergate affair.

With his back against the wall,
bill clinton may benefit

from his close connection with the
british prime minister,

who is widely admired in
the united states.

It is likely the official
agenda for the meeting

between the president and
prime minister

will be pushed aside for questions

about bill clinton's relationship

with a former white house intern.

There's an article in tomorrow's

"new york times" that suggests
clinton coacd his secretary

to lie about his
relationship with lewinsky.

If that's true, then it implies

he did lie in the
paula jones hearing

and he did lean on lewinsky
to lie in her affidavit.

Infidelity by a
president is one thing.

Perjury is quite another.

he's here.

Let me see those numbers

yes, sir.

Tony, sorry to put
you through this.

- not at all.
- We'll get through it.

ladies and gentlemen,

the president of the united states

and the prime minister of great
britain and northern ireland.

Let me just start by saying
that it's a real pleasure

to welcome prime minister
blair here to washington.

Today on the verge
of a new century,

a new millennium,
america is prouder than ever

to stand shoulder to shoulder
with its close friend

the united kingdom.

It continues a great tradition

and a special relationship
between our two countries.

Mr. president. mr. president.

- eric.
- Prime minister,

as a friend and as a religious man,

I was wondering whether you offered

your personal advice to
president clinton

during these difficult times

of criminal investigation
into his sexual behavior.

That's what, in the british media,

we call a helpful question.

Uh, no.


Prime minister, some people
are struck by the warmth

of the personal statements of
support that you've been giving

to the president. can I ask
had you ever considered

that might be a politically
risky strategy?

You heard the president talking

about the special relationship

between our two countries

and the great tradition of standing

shoulder to shoulder
with one another,

and I'm reminded of a story
from the height of world war ii,

when britain desperately
needed america's help.

It wasn't always certain that
they would come to our help,

and at one point harry hopkins,

the emissary to the american president
roosevelt, was sent to britain.

Hopkins said to churchill,
"I suppose you wish to know

what I'll be saying to president
roosevelt on my return. "

well, he said he would be quoting

from a passage from the bible:

"whither thou goest, I will go;

Whither thou lodgest, I will lodge.

Thy people shall be my people,

and thy god my god,
even to the end. "

you just asked whether my support,
my friendship,

is a politically risky strategy?

I've worked with president clinton

for some nine months.

I have found him throughout

someone I could trust,
someone I could rely upon,

someone I am proud to
call not just a colleague,

but a friend.

And I happen to think that if you
look at the american economy,

if you look at the respect

with which america is held
right round the world today,

it's a pretty impressive
record for anyone.

- prime minister. - mr.
President. mr. president.

Do you appreciate mr.
Blair's support?

No. no.

I think he should have
just come over here

- and jumped all over me.
- Mr. president.

- thank you. - mr. president.
Mr. president.

I hope you worked out
what you want in return,

because you saved that man today.

He owes you big time.

Who says I want
something in return?

Well, if you don't, it makes what
you did even harder to understand.

I did it because I like him.

And because now he owes you.

And because I believe in
what he's trying to do,

what we can do together.

And because now he owes you.

Well, is there anything
wrong with that?

We've been on borrowed
time in the balkans.

Milosevic is playing us for fools.

we should
have seen this coming.

We got milosevic to the
negotiating table over bosnia

by agreeing that kosovo was an
internal matter for the serbs,

and now he thinks that
he can do what he wants.

And by the time the un is
finished arguing

over the finer points of
international law,

milosevic will have killed
another 250,000 people

and driven another two
million from their homes,

just like he did in bosnia.

Now that's not going to happen,
not on my watch.

John major acted too slowly
and too reluctantly on bosnia.

This government's not going
to make the same mistake.

Yes, we have to make
our case to the u. n.

That the serbs are
guilty of genocide,

but at the same time
we've got to come up

with a credible threat
to stop milosevic.

You and madeleine albright are
preaching from the same pulpit.

So where do we go from here?

We start with the full range
of economic sanctions,

work to get nato on board

and consider our military options.

What about the russians?

Well, you just leave the
russians to me.

Boris... he's going to kick and
scream just like he did over bosnia,

but we just gave him
$5 billion in aid,

so I've got a little
leverage there.

I'm more concerned about europe.

Well, the italians will be
against any action for a start,

- as will the germane.
- What about the french?

Chirac will want to
play by the book.

He'll do nothing without
the full support

of the international community.

You've got the perfect forum there.

Presidency of the e. u.
For another three months.

It hasn't made any
difference so far.

You can be very persuasive, tony.

You know, I've a theory.
You can take any word

in the english language
that excites you,

like sex, food, music or money,

and completely remove
any pleasure it arouses

simply by adding
the prefix "euro. "...

good morning, jacques.

Perhaps you could enlighten us?
We've been struggling with a small,

but I think important,

- of course. happy to help.
- Exactly how many centimeters

is five and a half inches?

You'd think some of these guys
would actually step to his defense.

As leaders, we're all hanging
from the same thin thread.

But the joy of seeing an
american president slip up...

It's irresistible.

the pressure on
bill clinton to testify

before the grand jury
intensified today

with the announcement of a deal

between monica lewinsky
and kenneth starr.

Under total immunity,
monica lewinsky is

is reportedly telling prosecutors

she and the president talked about how
to conceal their relationship.

This is what the president is
desperate to avoid...

the indignity of appearing

at a federal courthouse
in washington.

The special prosecutor, kenneth starr,
is playing a tough game.

He is determined to question the
president under oath,

and he is backed by mr. clinton's
republican opponents in congress.

Get me kendall.

If kenneth starr does have
additional information,

I think it could snowball

into a real impeachment
problem for the president.

I have a very
strong belief...

tell them I'll testify,

but I want the subpoena revoked,

I'd like to have my
lawyers present

and we do it in the white house.

First reports now suggest

that monica lewinsky has
changed her story

to admit there was an affair

and has even turned over to
the special prosecutor

tapes of phone calls
from the president

and a dress, possibly stained,

that may help prove the

Today her lawyer denied
that information

about the dress had been leaked either
by him or her other lawyer.

The white house claims much of this
is unsubstantiated rumor,

but the fbi confirmed to me today

it has received the dress
from kenneth starr

and is processing it for testing.

Are you awake?

I am now.

I need to...

Tell you about the situation.

It's much more serious
than I let on.


I'm going to say in my testimony

that there... was something


about that relationship.

in deposition
last january

I was asked questions about
my relationship

with monica lewinsky.

While my answers were
legally accurate,

I did not volunteer information.

Indeed, I did have a relationship

with miss lewinsky that
was not appropriate.

In fact... - I'd like
to know the distinction

between "legally accurate"
and "big fucking lie. "

I can only tell you I was
motivated by many factors.

First, by a desire
to protect myself

from the embarrassment
of my own conduct.

I was also very concerned

about protecting my family.

The fact that these questions
were being asked...

what a you gonna say?

I don't know.

Maybe nothing.

Well, they'll be
expecting a statement.

Saying what?

That I am all too aware thh

because of my public
support for the president?

That I find all this
excruciatingly embarrassing?

That I feel I had no
option but to stand by him?

I think not.

Our country has been distracted by
this matter for too long,

and I take responsibility
for my part...

do you think she'll ever leave him?

Would you leave me?


But I'd make your life hell.

...real problems to solve,

real security matters to face.

And so tonight I ask
you to turn away...

from the spectacle of the past seven months,

to repair the fabric of our
national discourse

and to return our attention
to all the challenges

and all the promise of the
next american century.

Thank you for watching
and good night.

How do you wanna do this?

You first, me a few steps behind?


I want us to do this together.

Whether or not that's possible,
I don't know.

I have to find my way
through this in my own time.

By myself. okay?


How do I look?


- mrs. clinton?
- mrs. clinton?

- hillary, one picture.
- this way, ma'am.

- so what are his chances?
- Of surviving impeachment?

I'd say 50/50 at best.

His approval rating's gone
right down the toilet.

Even if he does survive,
his party will take

such a pounding in the mid-terms,
he'll be gridlocked.

He's a lame-duck president.

Which, of course, presents the
chance for others to shine.

Well, he's still our strongest ally

and the best hope we've got of
seeing things through in kosovo.

Evil triumphs when
good men do nothing.

We can all sit here,
throw our hands up and say,

"what does what's happening
in kosovo have to do with us?"

ethnic cleansing, systematic rape,

mass murder.

No one in the west who has seen

what is happening in
kosovo can doubt

that nato's military
action is justified.

20 years ago we would not have
been fighting in kosovo.

We would have tued our
backs on it.

But we are a community.

What happens in one part of europe

affects every other part.

And there is only one place to be

and that's in the thick of it,
trying to sort it out.

following a further
upsurge in violence,

the un security council
issued a resolution

demanding an end to serbian
action in kosovo

and putting 500 aircraft
under wesley clark,

nato's supreme commander.

Faced with the threat of
a unified nato,

slobodan milosevic has
backed down.

president clinton's personal
envoy, richard holbrook,

has negotiated a ceasefire with
the yugoslav president

who has agreed to reduce
troop numbers

and to allow 2,000 unarmed
observers into the province.

It's not enough, bill.

Nate's agreement could
fall apart at any second.

The russians are only going along
with it to keep up appearances.

Milosevic isn't
fooled by any of it.

Well, look at you, baby brother,
stepping up to the big roulette table.

He's just waiting us out.

Meanwhile, winter is coming

and hundreds of thousands
of displaced people

need to get back to their villages.

As far as I can tell,
the ceasefire is holding.

We've got observers on the
ground watching his every move.

He tries anything... - yeah, but look
what he's done to his own people.

Do you think he cares about a bunch of
observers without a gun between them?

It's just a matter of time.

What do you want me to say, tony?


Unless we back up the
threat of air strikes

with a willingness to
put men on the ground,

I just... I just don't see

how he can take us seriously.

Look, I hate milosevic as
much as the next guy,

but sending troops
into a sovereign state

that hasn't attacked us?
Now that's a pretty tough sell

to congress and the
american people,

and I like to think I'm
a pretty good salesman!

Bill, if... - I know why
you want to do this.

I understand your ambition.

You want to take a step up,

but that dog just won't hunt.

I want to do it because
it's the right thing to do.

We both want to do the right thing

and mobilizing nato so
it's ready to strike

- is the right thing to do.
- Yeah, but bill...

in case you haven't noticed,

there is a bookoos
of people over here

- looking to get me impeached.
- Yes, I'm very much aware of that.

Look, if we don't do this now,

I guarantee we'll be
forced to do it later.

Let me be clear:

Until milosevic does
something that proves

he violates the deal on the table,
we do nothing.

You can hardly be surprised.

Politically, his hands are tied.

Yeah, maybe physically too,

if hillary's got
anything to do with it.

But he's the one who
talked about legacy.

I mean, it could really
help to sort things out

if he did the right
thing over this.

Being seen to be doing something

is completely different to
actually doing it.

Thatcher always said,

"no point being here
if we don't do things,

- big things. " - please don't
start again on thatcher.

The lives of those
people depend on the whim

of an insane tyrant and we
have the power to change that.

And if bill won't or can't,

then it's up to me, isn't it?

Right. come on, winston.

Parents' evening.

Thank you, marcus.

What's the math
teacher's name again?

Humberstone, paul.

- hello, good to see you.
- Hello, headmaster.

on a hillside
above the village

of racak in kosovo...

45 people hacked to death by
serbian paramilitaries

right under the noses
of the observers.

I know. I saw the news.

Every station in the world is
showing the same footage.

We've got to stop fiddling
around the edges

and prove to milosevic that
we mean business.

If we don't, there's going to be
more massacres, more refugees.

The people over here,
they just don't get that.

All they want to know is,

is this a war america
should be fighting?

If we do go in,
bomb the hell out of milosevic,

what happens if all we
wind up doing is

pissing him off and he ramps up
his assault on kosovo?

We don't even have a grantee,
if nato does go in,

air strikes are going to do any go.

How long are you going to
keep going arou on this?

Til you tell me it's
the right thing to do.

It's the right thing to do

and you don't need
me to tell you that.


But it sure does
make me feel better

hearing you say it.

the serbs say they shot

several dozen terrorists
in uniform,

but these men wear no uniform...

...and receive no hearing from the
police who separated them...

- hello? -
are you watching this?

I am.

Because this shit is bad.

Yes, it is.

Okay, bombing from 15,000'.

I'll tell my guys to
tell nato we're in.

... to find
their loved ones. -

"look what they've done," she cries.
"it's a massacre. "

and the obscene way these men
and boys have died

is a kind of proof.

Get me the secretary
of state for defense

and the chief of defense staff.

Yes, I know what the time is.

nato's attack on yugoslavia,
long threatened,

is tonight under way with
massive force.

the stealth fighter
bombers led the way

for an attack that has tonight

put the western alliance at
war with yugoslavia.

we have learned twice
before in this century

that appeasement does not work.

If we let an evil dictator
range unchallenged,

we will have to spill

infinitely more blood and treasure

- to stop him later.
- hear hear!

This is not a battle for territory.

It is a battle for humanity.

- it is a just cause.
- Hear hear!

in response
to nato air strikes,

milosevic's forces have stepped
up their campaign

to drive kosovan albanians
from serbia,

leaving hundreds of
thousands homeless.

Refugees appear, of course,

as a result of bombing,
and everybody knows it.

Man #2: where will you go now?

I don't know,

but mostly what I would like
is to come back at my home

and to live normal like...

Like all europeans do,

because we are part of europe.

Today, tony and cherie blair

came to see the situation

to witness the scale of the
humanitarian crisis

for which many nations
throughout the world

are increasingly taking
nato to task.

Just to see these people...

These completely innocent people,

who've been forced
from their homes,

mercilessly, at the point of a gun.

Some of them,
as we've just been hearing,

faced unspeakable horrors.

I just feel we have
a duty to ensure

that they can return to
their homes in peace.

do you have a message
for the people of kosovo?

Well, we will not let you down.

As civilian casualties

from nato bombings
continue to mount,

european leaders are coming
under increasing pressure

to justify the military campaign
against the serbs.

Stop the war! stop the bombing!

Nato out! nato out!

This is a nightmare.

I mean, we've bullied the e.
U. into this

and all we've done is
make matters worse.

The air campaign
simply isn't working,

not as currently configured.

It's too half-hearted.

The list of approved
targets is too limited.

It's done nothing to impede
milosevic's ability to wage war.

So all we've really done
is rally the serbs.

Milosevic is looking like a hero,

because he stood up to western
aggression and we look like fools.

We're losing the p. r.
Campaign, tony, big time.

Unless nato is prepared
to step up the bombing

and commit to ground troops,
we could lose this thing.

Nato will never commit,

not without clinton.

I know you're committed to
intensifying the air campaign,

but I'm here to ask you

to also commit to a ground
invasion into kosovo

to resolve this situation
once and for all.

Unless we do so

I am of the firm opinion

that milosevic will
persist in believing

that nato will lack the will
to finish what it's started.

Strategically, we have two options:

The first, a limited
invasion of 80,000 troops

that will drive serb
forces out of kosovo

and create safe havens
for refugees to return;

Secondly, a general
invasion of serbia itself

with 200,000 troops,

inging about the total overthrow
of the milosevic regime.

And actually,
we'd favor the former...

A smaller invasion,

the air units parachuted into-
- howard.

If we do what you're suggesting,

people will interpret it
as an admission on our part

of the failure of our
air campaign,

so politically it's a
non-starter right there.

Also, the minute you
put our troops

into milosevic's territory,

you're fighting on his
terms in his backyard,

handing him a huge advantage.

With the bombing we keep
our distance,

limit the risk, yet still
maintain our advantage.

But the bombing's not working.

We all know that.

Plus, even in your
limited-invasion scenario

we'd have to call up reservists

for a conflict in a place most
americans don't know exists.

I really don't understand
your hesitancy.

We are staring a wholesale
human catastrophe in the face.

Are you going to send over as
many troops as you expect us to?

Well, that's not possible.

As you well know,
given the relative size

of our armies, our resources.

We get the point, prime minister.

You're ready to fight
to the last american.

We have to win this.

I've made a promise.

Politically, I've really
stuck my neck out here.

Why don't we step
outside for a moment?

The two of us.

Let me get this straight.

You want me to spend
billions of dollars

of american taxpayer money
and lose american lives?

This is a battle
between good and evil,

between civilization and barbarity.

The intervention and removal

ourechristiantors responsibility.

"christian responsibility"?

You know, for a
center-left democrat

you're beginning to sound an
awful lot like jerry falwell.

And what about the repercussions?

Civilian casualties
from a ground campaign

could be even greater than those
caused by errant bombs without,

in my estimation, enhancing
our prospects for victory.

Nothing could have more
serious consequences

- than being defeated in kosovo.
- Losing is not an option.

I am committed to winning
this thing

and I will do whatever it takes
to make sure that happens.

Now if you want to talk about
sending in ground troops

at some future date, fine.

But we keep it between ourselves...

Off the record.

Now, on the record,

here's what I'm saying,
so listen up:

Nato won't go for ground troops

and neither will I.

Well, of course they don't care.

Half of them don't know
where bloody yugoslavia is.

- this could be the end of me.
- Come on.

No, I'm serious, alastair.
I'm completely out on a limb here.

If we don't win this thing, I'm the
one who's gonna have to answer for it.

Why not take clinton up on his
offer to start quietly working

on a ground invasion
as an interim measure?

Because I don't believe him.

He's lied to everybody else,

why should he be
telling me the truth?

No. no. bollocks to that.

It's the chicago
speech tomorrow, right?

- yeah. - right. well, I want
you to beef it up a bit.

I want us to put his back
right up against the wal

hang on a minute, tony. are you sure
this is what you want to be doing?

This could really backfire on us.

And I want every right-wing
hack with an axe to grind

about the moral bankruptcy
of this administration

to be there to hear it-
front row seats.

No one who has seen what is
happening in kosovo

can doubt that nato's military
action is justified,

and that military action
will continue...

...until milosevic is
defeated absolutely.

Success is the only exit strategy

I am prepared to consider.

We are witnessing the beginnings

of a new doctrine of
international community...

many nations working hand in hand,

cooperating on issues
that conont us all.

You are the most powerful
country in the world.

It must be difficult and
occasionally irritating

to be the recipient
of every demand,

to be called upon in every crisis.

The cry "what's it
got to do with us?"

must be regularly heard on
the lips of your people.

Yet the nations with
the greatest power

have the greatest responsibility.

We need you engaged.

I say to you:

Never fall again

for the dorine of isolationism.

The world cannot afford it.

And realize that in britain

you have a friend that
will stand with you

and fashion with you

the design for a future built

on peace and prosperity for all,

which is the only dream

that makes humanity
worth preserving.

Too slow.

Only me.

"all hail king tony,
" "chicago tribune. "

"why don't we have a president like
tony blair? " "the new york times. "

"blair shows courage while
white house vacillates,"

"washington post. "

"listening to the british
prime minister

in chicago last night,
one couldn't help thinking

how much president
clinton could learn

from his churchillian
younger colleague.

Both these men talk the talk.

The difference is,
behind closed doors,

blair actually walks it too. "

"wall street journal. "

wow. you must've been up
all night writing those.

In terms of public approval,

you're the number-one leader
in the world right now.

leaders of the nato powers
convened in washington today

to debate the worsening
situation in kosovo.

...speculation as to the
determination of nato

to stay the course,
with some members suggesting

they might be having
second thoughts.

... the celebration of
nato's 50th birthday

but it is expected to be totally given
over to discussions on kosovo.

Give the prime minister
and me a moment, will you?

Yes, sir.

- who would've guessed?
- What?

What a tough little son of a
bitch you turned out to be,

stabbing me in the back
in my own front yard.

- now that takes balls.
- My head was on a block.

- you gave me no choice.
- Well, the way I see it,

your head's still on the block

- and I still have a choice.
- That's not what your papers suggest.

Oh, that's right... your new friends.
"all hail king tony. "

so ground troops? are you in?

Maybe you ought to ask
yourself this question:

What kind of a king begs

others to do his fighting for him?

Well, if we act now,

we can end the fighting.

with its pledge to
do whatever it takes

to prevail in kosovo,

nato agrees to expand its bombing
campaign against serbia.

Assured by nato's resolve

and the increasing effectiveness
of the air strikes,

president clinton
publicly announced

the us will consider all
military options

- to resolve the conflict. -
To capitulate is one step closer to fruition.

Under intense pressure from the
clinton administration,

a russian delegation
flew to belgrade

to deliver an ultimatum to
president milosevic...

"remove all troops from kosovo

or risk losing the support
of boris yeltsin,"

his one remaining ally.

- right away, sir.
- Thank you.

this job would become,
in not so many years... -

...a far more substantial one than
the government now pretends.

Seen as the president of europe

by the rest of the world... -


The yugoslav parliament
has conceded.

All serbian troops are to
be immediately withdrawn.

A nato-led peacekeeping force
is to be deployed in the region.

Kosovo is to be placed under u.
N. administration.

Of course clinton will
claim it was his strategy,

that forced milosevic's hand.
We'll claim it was ours,

but either way now, it's over.

We've won. you've won.

This is a victory for civilization.

A victory for a
fundamental principle

necessary for humanity's progress:

That every human being

has the inalienable right to
live free from persecution.

Milosevic knows and
the world now knows

we will not tolerate
racial genocide.

Hear hear.

Let no one ever doubt again

the moral justification

for invading another country

for humanitarian ends.

here on the roads of
kosovo they cheer his name.

But tony blair was always going
to get a hero's welcome.

Tony! tony! tony!

and indeed those
polls have closed

and the first lady of the
united states of america,

hillary rodham clinton,
has defeated

congressman rick lazio

and will become the junior
senator from new york.

Al gore and george w bush
are men in waiting today.

We still don't know who
won the presidency.

We may not know until tomorrow.

as controversy rages in washington,

president clinton,
accompanied by his wife,

headed to the british prime
minister's country residence.

A farewell celebration
between the two men

whose shared political

oh, I'm so sorry.
I really do have to take this.

- of course.
- What did I get?

"environment and public works"?

What happened to foreign
relations and budget?

- those were the things...
- I think I'll turn in.

Excuse me.

Well, I just can't get over

how much those kids have grown.

- good night, tony.
- Good night.


While we've...

Got a moment, I'd like to...

Well, I'd like to apologize to you

for what happened over kosovo,

briefing against you
in your own media.

I was out of order.
In the years I've known you,

you've been a good
friend to me, personally,

you've been a loyal
friend to my party

and a great ally to this country.

In the end I got all the credit,

credit we should've shared.

It was wrong.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

That's bullshit.
You don't mean a word of that.

- - hey,
you saw the papers

the weekend after
milosevic withdrew...

Seven out of 10 americans
said they'd like

to have tony blair
as their president.

Handsome, energetic, churchgoing,

morally upstanding,
maritally faithful.

Are you sure you weren't
born in america?

Huh. scotland.

Well, that too bad,
'cause you'd win by a landslide.

Good evening. the opera,
at times farce, is over.

The fat lady has sung.

The final supreme court verdict

has persuaded al gore to give up.

He's finally accepted that
his long legal battle

- has nowhere else to go.
- Let there be no doubt

while I strongly disagree
with court's decision,

I accept it. and tonight,

for the sake of our unity
as a people,

and the strength of our mocracy...

I offer my concession.

Prime minister,
you asked to be woken.

Thank you.

- - thanks again. - george w.
Our country has been through

a long and trying period,

with the outcome of the
presidential election not finalized

for longer than any of us
could ever imagine.

- after a difficult election...
- Thanks.

...we st put politics behind us

and work together to make the
promise of america

available for every one
of our citizens.

Our nation must rise
above a house divided.

Americans share hopes,
goals and values

far more important

than any political disagreements.

I have a lot to be thankful
for tonight,

and thankful to the american
people for the great privilege

of being able to serve

as your next president.

what are you going to do

with bush?

I know what everyone
wants me to do...

Back off,

concentrate on domestic politics,

deepen ties with europe.

That's not what I asked you.

What do you want to do?

I still want to get
things done, bill.

And I know he's not on the
same team as us, but...

I'd rather be in the room

where the big decisions
are being made

than outside it,
whingeing about them.

I would be the senior partner now.

Bush would be the junior.

I could help him
like you helped me,

advise him.

I just want to do the right
thing for my country.

Are you sure about that?

It's in my country's
best interests,

quite possibly the world's,

for me to stay close to
the american president.

Well, you can sure
move your bones...

Continue to use the white house
to stay in the spotlight,

consolidate yourself as leader

and expand your legacy.

I'm not sure how
to take that, bill.

That felt vaguely like an insult.

Well, it's true, isn't it?

I mean, come on. we both know

that the best way to ensure
that you're remembered

50 or 100 years from now

is to link yourself to
an american president.

But be careful.

These guys, they play rough.

Their administration

has been born in controversy,
national shame

and illegality. and it is my bet

that that's the way they'll go out.

So the question you
need to ask yourself is

what business

does a progressive
center-left politician

from a tiny little
island in europe have

making friends with
folks like that?

But then again...

I'm not sure whether you are

a progressive center-left
politician anymore...

Or if you ever were.

I'm gonna say good night.

I might sleep late.
I hope you don't mind.

I'm tired. I need the rest.

Go ahead.

Sleep as long as you like.

...but to serve one nation.
The president of the united states

is the president of every
single american.

The tower is awaiting our call.

- 10 minutes, everyone.
- are we flight go?

Yeah, we've got clearance.

clear here?

Me too, george. absolutely. me too.

Yeah. well...

- when are you going to be sworn in?
- In three weeks.

After eight years with the
title and no portfolio,

finally you'll have both.

Let me know what it's like...

Waking in the morning,

knowing that you're
speaking for yourself.

- I will.
- In you go, senator!

Oh, bill. for heaven's sakes.

Just practicing, hon.

Isn't she something?

Only first lady in u. s.
History to win elected office.

Euan, kathryn, behind the wall.

- right, that's it.
- Up you go.

Back into the house,
because if you're...

so after our little talk,
did you decide which way to jump yet?

Hug 'im close, go for glory

or do the right thing
and head for home?

Not yet.

Well, I guess I'll have to
be like everybody else...

Just watching the press
conference on tv,

scrutinizing the body
language for telltale signs.

I guess you will.

I guess so.

- goodbye, tony.
- Goodbye, mr. president.

Right face!

Yeah, he's just leaving now.

Yeah, I've got it in hand. yeah.

Yeah. yeah, okay.

All right, I'll see you then.

All right, get ahold of john
and tell him to bring...

It's my honor to welcome
the prime minister

from our strongest
friend and closest ally

to camp david.

We've had a couple
of formal visits.

More importantly, we've had a
nice walk around camp david

and gotten to know each other.

As they've told me,
he's a pretty charming guy.

He put the charm offensive on me.

- - and it worked.

A question for both of you.

There's been a lot said

about how different you
are as people.

Have you already in your talks

found something maybe that you...

some personal interest that
you have in common,

maybe in religion, sport or music?

Well, we both use
colgate toothpaste.

They're gonna...

they're gonna wonder how you
know that, george.

I don't know if you found
any common ground or not.

I think that's enough
to be going on with.

See you at the gym.

* my name should be trouble *

* my na should be woe *

* for trouble and heartache *

* is all that I know *

* yes, lonely *

* lonely blue boy *

* is my name... *

* my life has been empty *

* my heart has been torn *

* it must have been raining *

* the night I was born *

* yes, lonely *

* lonely blue boy *

* is my name *

* well, I'm so *

* I'm so afraid of tomorrow *

* and so tired *

- * so tired of today *
- * tired of today *

* they say that love *

* is the answer *

* but love *

* never came my way *

* I'm writing this letter *

* to someone unknown *

* so if you should find it *

* and if you're alone *

* well, lonely *

* lonely blue boy *

* is my name *

* remember lonely *

* lonely blue boy *