The Special (2020) - full transcript

Suspecting his wife of infidelity, Jerry follows his friend down a dark rabbit hole into a horror landscape of addiction.





JERRY: I couldn't.

You have to, Jerry.

The best revenge is revenge.

I mean come on, she cheated
on you first, right?

So I have to cheat on her?

You know what she's
gonna think if you don't?

No, why?

She's gonna mistake kindness
for weakness, all right?

You'll be sending
the wrong message.

That it's all right to fuck
around without consequences.

This will even the score.

A healthy relationship
is an equal relationship.

I don't know, who am I
gonna cheat with, Mort?

Don't look at me, guys.

You're on the list.

Jerry, you're a good guy
and you're a great husband.

- You think so?
- I know so

and that is why I have
the perfect thing for you.

Tonight, I'm getting you
the Special, my friend.

- No, Mike, no, no.
- Oh yes, man.

You're getting the Special.

I'm not going to some
massage parlor whorehouse

for a $5 happy ending I
could do myself for free.

Gross, please.

Trust me.

It is not what you think.

Before we go, I'm gonna need you

to put this bag over your head.

- Are you kidding me?
- Do I look like I'm kidding?

Put that on your head
or you can forget it.


Because I know you
well enough and after

you have what you're
about to have,

you're gonna go back
there every single night

until you're broke and
even that won't be enough.

So consider this a
preventative measure.


Yeah, really, just
put the bag on, come on.

Okay, okay, fine.



MIKE: You're
gonna love it, man.

You look good.

JERRY: Am I gonna
suffocate in here?

- Can you breathe now?
- Yeah.

MIKE: Then you're
fine, can you see?

- No.
- Are you sure?

JERRY: Mike, I can't see.

How many fingers
am I holding up?

JERRY: I don't know, four?

That's a good guess.


All right my friend,
we have arrived.

JERRY: Can I take this off?

Yeah, take it off.


Not a massage parlor, a
psychic front for a whorehouse.

- Nice.
- Not just any psychic,

Madam Zhora's.

Your future is
about to get rocked.

- Oh god Mike, all right.
- Come on.

Let's get this over with.

Let's do it, come on.

Come on, you are gonna be
thanking me so much, Jerry.

- Who's house is this?
- Stop asking questions.



Are you the Special?

Her name is Syn and believe
me, she lives up to the hype.


Syn, you are



Like me?

I like you, Jerry.

How did you know my...

You have it in your eyes.

- You will want the Special.
- That's what we're here for.

- She's not the Special?
- Her, no.

- Which one is it then?
- Oh, none of these.

I mean they all seem pretty
damn special to me, man.

ZHORA: What do you want?

Madame Zhora, we're
here for the special.

Both of you?

Oh no, just my buddy here.

His eyes.


I'm Jerry.

Best sex of your life.

Dracula is the Special?


Oh hell no, no.

You don't find me attractive?


maybe you like Syn or

my other dolls better, eh?

Trust me Jerry,
after five minutes,

you're gonna be
forgetting all about Lisa.

- $60 now.
- Since when?

Since the last time.

Wait, there's nobody in here.


What the fuck?


No way.

Mike, this is some kind of joke.

Ugh, that's creepy.

Oh, gross.

Where am I?

You know what they
say, when in Rome, right?

All right.

Oh, I like this room.

So Syn, what are you...

It's a shame
you don't have it.

Oh, I got it and believe
me, I'm gonna bring it.

A few times, apparently.





Dick in a box.

I don't know where to
put my hands, okay.


Just the tip.




Jerry has found the Special.


Get your friend, I
am missing my shows.

Okay, relax, "Matlock" is on

like five times a day, lady.

Ah, jeez.


He breathes?

He bleeds?

Breathes, breathes,
he's breathing.

I think so, I'm not a doctor.

Like she's not a psychic, right?

- Oh, Jesus.
- Ivan.

- Hey Mike?
- Yeah Jerry, Jerry?

- Mike.
- Hey man.

- Jerry.
- Where is your car?

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
get off him, man.

He's still got a half
chop hanging out.

I can't take him
outside like this.

- So dress him.
- Me?

Isn't it what you
guys get paid for?

All right, jimmies

and there's a lot of
sticky DNA on here.

There you go, there you go.

- The car?
- It's out front.

It's gonna be all right, Jerry.

- Take the feet.
- Oh, god.


Hey, hey, hey, let me get
his jacket, it's wintertime.

This is fun, all right.

Don't bring this one back,
tell him to not return.

He is what it wants.

MIKE: Okay, understood.


- What the fuck?
- Didn't I tell you?

Hey, just to be
transparent, I did have

to hold onto your penis while
we lifted you into the car.

You had one of those
four hour Viagra boners.

Yeah, I still do, dude.

MIKE: Oh man, no.

JERRY: God, what the
hell what in that box?

It is best not
to ask, trust me.

Yeah, I guess, I mean
who the hell cares, right?

MIKE: Exactly.


Please Mike, please.

See what I tell you, the
answer's no, all right?

- One and done.
- Come on.

- I'm your best friend.
- Yeah, I'm your best friend.

I'm doing you a favor
here, all right?

Just forget about
it, shake it off.

Just go in there and you
tell Lisa about how you

just had the best sex of
your fucking life with a box.

Hey, you be a good boy

and I'll set you up with
Syn next time, all right?

She's pretty far out, trust me.

Just once a week, fuck
the bar, I need this, man.

Hey, hey, hey, baby steps.

Baby steps, we'll see.

Where have you been?

Where does it look like, Lis?

Out drinking with Mike again?

MIKE: I was
drinking with Jerry.

- Hey.
- What?

How'd you find
out about, you know?

Oh you know, drunk friend
of a friend type thing.

He must be a pretty good
customer because then one day,

that old lady, she
offered me the Special.


I did it once, once is enough.

Why, is there some kind
of rule or something?

Talk to Syn, she knows.

Once is enough.

Thanks, man.

That's what I do.

For the support.

Yeah, don't mention it, man.

- Are we square?
- Yeah.

- I got this.
- You got it.

Hey, don't forget
the Rhyerson files.

Yeah, yeah.

No, I'm cool, thanks.

I think I'm just
gonna go to sleep.

I'm pregnant, Jerry.


Are you serious?

I thought, I thought my...

Your swimmers swim.

Are you sure it's mine?


You know, I'm just not feeling

really well and
I'm just shocked.

This is big news.




- Hey Trudy.
- Good morning, Jerry.

You need to see
these new pictures...

Bye, Trudy.

Yo, buddy.


Oh come on, we
didn't drink that much.

JERRY: You didn't.

After you got home?


So you told her, huh?


- She told me she's pregnant.
- What?

Holy shit.

And she said I was having

some kind of wet
dream last night.

Apparently I was saying some
shit in my sleep, so she

flat out asked me this morning
if I fucked someone else.

And then she told me that

she bought me a
snowblower for my birthday

and the guy that's
she's been going to see

down at the shopping
center she texts

is the goddamn fucking
salesman, Mike.

And you're buying that?

Who texts a snowblower salesman?

I don't know Mike, she's
my wife and I trust her

and now I cheated on her
because I listened to you.


Do not blame me,
we were drinking.

You were sober
enough to drive.

We knew what the
fuck we were doing.


I'm gonna give you a little
piece of wisdom here, okay?

Just forget about it,
forget it ever happened.

Hey, the whole thing
was a wet dream.

Yeah, I mean it's not like

it was real pussy
anyway, was it?

It's kinda like
using one of those

Fleshlights or jacking off
to porn, is that cheating?

That's a little
above my pay grade but

just forget it ever
happened, all right?

So tell me where the place is.

Did you just miss
the whole conversation?

I said it never happened,
I said forget it.

Come on Mike, you owe me that.

MIKE: I should've never

brought you there
in the first place.

Yeah, but you did.



WANDA: You have
reached Mystic Wanda.

I can't come to
the phone right now

due to unforeseen circumstances
but please leave your...

Oh, the clients called
about tomorrow's meeting.


It's a little early
for lunch, isn't it?

What do you want me
to tell the clients?

Tell them I'm going to lunch.

Is Mike going with you?

You fucking see Mike?


I see that we're
running low on time now

but I think we've accomplished
a lot with this reading.

So I want you to take
what we've uncovered now

and put that to good
use over the next

couple of months and then
I will see you again.

I'll be right with you.

Yeah, I'm on my lunch break,
I don't have a lot of time.

- Then please sit down.
- No.

Can you just tell me where
to find Madame Zhora?

I don't know who
you're talking about.

You're a psychic and you
can't find another psychic?

Great, you're all full
of shit, I get it.

Ring any bells, Morticia?

Just in case, just in case.



- Closed, come back later.
- No, no, wait.

I'm here for the Special.

- Syn is not here.
- No, no Syn.

The Special.

I seem to remember you.

Your eyes.

I'll pay double.






- No, no.
- No.






MANAGER: What can I get ya?

Hey, I was just wondering
if you have weekly rates here?

Hmm, you look more
like a minute man to me.

We got hourly, we got weekly,

you can get six nights for 250.

Yeah, that sounds
good, six nights.

If you're on disability,

fill this out so
my ass gets paid.

No, I don't need that.

Cash or card?

Just use my card.

All right, you're
gonna be upstairs,

second door on the left.

I got a couple simple
rules up in here.

Piss and shit in the toilet,

clean up your mess on the
bed or wherever you make it.

Don't leave that shit for me

and when you return the
key, you don't bring it

down here, you bring it
upstairs to me, got it?

- Yeah.
- Hey.

When you leave, take
the body with you.







That's good.

- Excuse me, sir?
- Yeah?

- You're the new guest here?
- Yeah I am, why?

Do you want the room cleaned?

No, I don't need anything,
don't worry about it.

Don't change the towels,
don't change the bed.

Just don't come
in for any reason.

- The floor and the bathroom?
- No, no, nothing.

Nada, okay?

Just stay out of the
room, okay, all right?

Okay, I'll stay out
while you're there.

You don't go in
there for any reason.

Not when I'm here,
not when I'm not here.

What the fuck is
so hard about that?

MAID: Okay,
okay, I'll stay out.

That a girl.


BARNES: Come on in, please.

It's okay, I'll stay here.

are your employees?

It's just and Madame.

And how long have
you worked for,

I'm sorry, what's
her real name again?

Anya Gribinsky.

I have been with Madame always.

And what do you do for her?

- Security and maintenance.
- Really?

There's enough riff
raff in a fortune teller

joint to have a guy
like you as a bouncer?

This place has a smell.

When you've been
doing this for awhile,

you can almost be blind
and know where you are.

Yeah, locker rooms
have their own smell.

Bowling alleys, strip clubs.

Bodies give off pheromones,
did you know that?

Tell me Detective, what
is it that you smell?




I tell you already,

I go to the store and she knows

do not let anyone in
until Ivan returns.

But she does not listen.

Anything else I do not know.

You have no idea who
could've done this?

I am not the psychic.

Kimosabe, where were you?

- What do you mean?
- Lunch.

I came by, you
were already gone.

I just felt like being alone.

I got a lot on my mind,
if you haven't guessed.

That's all?

Yeah Mike, that's all.

All right.

You know, no hard feelings.

Nope, forgotten already.

MIKE: Really?

Isn't that what
you said I should do?

Yeah, but I didn't
think you actually would.

Yeah, well I am.

I gotta make things right
with Lisa and hopefully

in a week or two, everything
will be back to normal.

Good place to start.

Wanna hit Mort's
after work tonight?

No, I can't, I made reservations
with Lisa at Chang's.

Have fun.

MORT: So where's your
drinking buddy tonight?

Ah, with the wife.

Where you should be.

When are you gonna
get married, man?

Come on Mort, you know I'm
not the marrying type and in

fact, I don't even think humans
are meant to be monogamous.

You know males are
wired to spread

their seed, like farm equipment.

Is that right?

Well then maybe I should've
been a farmer, huh?

Yeah, maybe you should've.

You okay with that
or you need another?

- I'm fine.
- All right.



We're downtown outside
of Anya Gribinsky's,

known locally as Madame
Zhora's Psychic Parlor where

police say Gribinsky, aged
72, was found dead upstairs.

While local authorities
have no comment,

foul play is suspected.

Reporting from downtown,
this is Nick Roberts.

Back to you, Susan.









How'd it go?

How'd what go?

The reason you're late.

The meeting with Mr.
Rhyerson you called about.

Oh yeah,

it went fine.

Is that really where you were?

What do you mean?

You weren't out drinking
with Mike or someone else?

No, we talked
about this, remember?

We're good.

Are we, Jerry?

I'm not feeling well.




What are you doing?

I thought you were
watching your show.

I am now.

I was just getting ready
to come out and surprise you.

Surprise, surprise.


Jerry, slow.

Oh, Jerry.

Oh, Jerry.

Oh, Jerry.


Jerry, Jerry.


- Where are you going?
- Work.

The Rhyerson thing's
put me way behind.

I'd rather it cut into

my mornings than my
weekends, you know?

I'll talk to you later.



- This is Mike.
- Hi, Mike.

MIKE: Lisa, hey.

LISA: Sorry to
bother you at work but

I was wondering if I could
talk to you about Jerry?

MIKE: Okay, what about?

Does he seem like
himself to you lately?

How do you mean?

I don't know, it's just that

he treated me like a one
night stand this morning.

It's like he couldn't get
out of here quick enough.

Good morning, Mr. Horford.

No Frank, it's a
great fucking morning.

LISA: Do you think
he's cheating, Mike?


You know,

if he is, he hasn't
told me about it.

- You're late again.
- Not anymore.

I need to know if
this is an affair.

If you see or hear
anything suspicious,

will you let me know?

Yeah, of course.


I hope so.

Jeez, you look like shit.

That my Lisa you
were talking to?

Actually it was and
you know why she called?

She thinks you're
having an affair.

Are you?

Am I what?

Just because you
want to fuck my wife

doesn't mean you can talk
to her behind my back.

Hey, she called me.

time, don't answer.



So, you've come to tell me
that you found who did this.

BARNES: No, but I hear you've

been doing a little
search of your own.

But you found something.

What we found is
a lot of things that

can't be traced back to
anyone with a record.

I'm actually here
because I'm wondering

if whoever did this took
more than your boss.

My boss?


Nothing was taken
but Madame's life.

You ever have something
stuck in your tooth?

A piece of popcorn maybe

stuck in your teeth
way back here?

No matter how much you pick
at it, it won't come out.

You ever had that happen?

I floss.

You don't seem
very concerned with

whether or not we find whoever
did this to Ms. Gribinsky.

In fact, it's almost
as if you don't want us

to catch this person and you
know what that makes me think?

I am that's something
that's stuck in the tooth.


Yeah, exactly.

Americans have a saying, "What
goes around, comes around."

I think whoever did this
will get what they deserve.

What's with the
occult books here, Ivan?

Well, the occult
was her career.

Curses too, how much for
her to put a curse on someone?

Madame did that for free,
I wish I had her powers.

I would curse the
man who did this.

- So it was a man?
- I assume so, yes.

Well Ivan, why
would a man frequent

a fortune teller,
let alone kill one?

Men want to know things too.

Something's wrong?

Yeah, you know, I find
a lot wrong actually.

What was on this table again?

A box.

I like working with wood.

A box for what?

For putting things in.

And where is this box?


Ah, fuck.

Yeah Trudy, this is Jerry.

Can you tell Mr. Rolf I'm not
gonna make it back in today?

I'm really sick.

Brian, the doctor
will see you now.

Shit, yeah, sorry,
they're calling me in.

Yeah, got it.

- So you're married?
- Yes.

You and your wife having
more sex than usual?

No, less than
usual actually, ow.


Are you having sex with
anyone other than your wife?


- Are you sure.
- Unless I'm sleep-fucking no.

- Fuck.
- Look.

I can't help you if
you're not honest.

I'm not having sex
with anyone else, no.

So you're masturbating
more than usual?

Unless I'm using a cheese
grater, I mean look at this.

I think it's spreading
and it comes and goes.

It's all over my fucking
dick, man, what is this?

I don't know.

I'll tell you what, mister,

Mr. Smith, whatever
it is that your penis

and you are doing,
just do it less often.

I'm gonna write you a prescription
for some LMX ointment.

Go ahead and put that
on a couple times a day.

See if that works.

Fuck you.


- Is it ready yet?
- Just a minute.

You have a bathroom here?

It's in the back.

Do I need to tell
you how to use this?

Yeah, just rub it
on my dick, right?




Jerry, what are you doing?

I'm sick.

You don't feel hot.

You can say that again.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

No, I think I'm just
gonna try to sleep it off.

I gotta get to work tomorrow.

What kinda sick are you?

I don't know, flu
sick, cold sick.


I think I miscarried.

- Did you hear me?
- I heard you.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

- That's it?
- Where is this going?

Lisa, I really need to sleep.

It's going nowhere.

Look, I don't have
a VD if that's what

you're asking because again,
I am not cheating on you.


Lis, Lis.

We could try again.

We will.

It'll be okay.


can I just get
some sleep please?




What the?

No, no, no, no.



No, no, no, no.


CLERK: Good morning
sir, how are you?

Anything I can help you with?

No, no, I'm cool.

Can I help you find something?



I'm looking for, I don't
know what it's called.

Yeah, I need to cut a lock.

Like bolt cutters?

Yeah, yeah, that'll work.


big is the lock?

Shit, like this big.

- These should work fine.
- Yeah.

used, is that okay?

Yeah, it's fine, that'll work.


Yeah Trudy, it's Jerry.

Thanks, I'm afraid I'm
still not feeling so well.

So yeah, okay Trudy, yeah
I will, all right, okay.








Fuck, fuck, ah.

Ah, okay.




TRUDY: Hi Lisa, it's
Trudy from Mike's workplace.

Oh hi Trudy, how are you?

TRUDY: I'm okay,

I just wanted to call
and check on Jerry.

What do you mean,
he's not at work?

TRUDY: No, he called
in sick, something...

What the hell?


TV HOST: I'd like to
welcome the board back.

I know I can do all
of your counting

and don't worry about
it, I'm totally fine.

- Yes, you are.
- As you say.


TV HOST: Okay, and
Parkington writes in his book

a lot about his mental
problems specifically.




JERRY: I told you
no cleaning here.

And why not?

JERRY: Lisa?


JERRY: What are
you doing here?

What do you think?

Open the door.

JERRY: Just wait a minute.

Now Jerry or I swear to God

I'm gonna scream rape
at the top of my lungs.

JERRY: One second.


Fuck, Jesus Christ,
it stinks in here.

- It's an old room.
- No.

Something stinks.

Is it her?


The girl you're
cheating on me with.

At least I hope it's a girl.

Lisa, we talked about this,
there's nothing going on.

You're gonna deny it
even though I caught you?

You're pathetic.

Where is she?

Did she go in the bathroom now?

Don't go in there.

I wonder why.

How could you, Jerry?

How could you?

- Get off me.
- Lisa, no.

Get off me, get off.

JERRY: Oh, fuck!


What the hell is that?










Not so much just that
first experience is that they

like it enough to keep doing
it and then it's hard to stop.

Listen, you do stuff
and you don't do stuff

and you do stuff that keeps
on making you feel good

until it doesn't make you feel
good and you stop doing it.

That's what I tell
the kids, you know?

TV HOST: But the problem is,

and as the Lord is
a witness to it,

you keep doing it
and you'll die.

But with the stuff that
you've been doing...


I don't know we keep
talking about my drug use.



I mean like it's just
that's the message

that I'm giving you right
now as we're talking.

I understand that.

When I see people that
are playing video games

or doing heroin, it
doesn't seem like

they're having fun
or living their life

best suited to help
make them feel good

and it ends up
making you feel bad.

JERRY: Fuck.

Hey, hey, I'm
Dick, how are ya?

You're Jerry, right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm Jerry.

- Cool.
- Yeah.

Well if you can just put
your initials on there for me?

- So you're the guy.
- Excuse me?

You're the guy.

I'm the guy.

Is your wife on her way here?

No, she's not on her way here.

She asked me to meet you, so...

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Right, yeah.

Hey, why don't I
give you a once over?

Hey Dick, I can read a manual
and figure it out myself.

It's a snowblower, it's
not blowing me, is it?

- So where do you want it?
- We bought the stupid thing

so you can drop the whole
bullshit salesman act, okay?

Yeah, right Jerry, no problem.

If you could just give
me your initials here?

Great, thanks.







MORT: So out with
the wife again, is he?

Nope, he called in sick today.

Hey Mort, turn the volume
up on that TV, hurry, hurry.

Authorities have not released

a list of suspects at this time.

With more information
on this story,

I have Ivan Marovich,
caretaker at Madame Zhora's.

Whoever did this, I
hope you are watching now.

I know what is happening to you

and I am the only
one who can help you.

So when you are ready
to accept my help,

I will be here waiting for you.

- Did you clean up?
- It's clean enough.

Move out, scoot.

You know, you really
don't look like

the usual type of person I
get coming through this place.

It's a pretty high
class place you got here.

That's real funny.

No, I just mean
like you don't look

like a meth head or
some sloshed up drunk.

What'd you do, molest somebody
and you're hiding out?

Did you kill someone?

Hey look, don't get me
wrong, I don't give a fuck

one way or the other but they
come up in here to get you,

I'm just gonna say I
didn't know anything.

- I took some towels.
- Take 'em.

Hell, you want my opinion,
you oughta burn 'em.

You can charge me for them.

What, for cum rags?

You'll ruin the house, man.

Okay, all right.

Get out.

Anybody home?



Are you home?




Lisa, are you in there?

What the fuck?

JERRY: Fuck.



are you in here?


What the fuck did you do?

This is not what I
expected, what's up, Mike?


Hey, jeez.

- You look like shit.
- Why, this?

Yeah, it's just a rash.

The doc gave me some
kind of ointment,

he said it'll be all right,
it's pretty gross, right?

Is that from that thing,
that thing in the tub?


MIKE: That's what that
guy was talking about.

What who was talking about?

That guy, the big guy
from Madame Zhora's.

He was on the TV, she's
dead you know and he said

whoever did it, he's got
something that can fix it.

Was it you?

Come on Mike, you
believe that shit?

He's just trying
to trick me into

coming to him so he can
turn me in to the police.

Okay, let's get
you to the hospital.

No, no, no hospital.

- I'm gonna stay here.
- Jerry, look.

How'd you get in here?

Your garage door was
open, it's always open.

Since when do you think you
can just walk into my house?

Hey, I'm just here
to help you, man.


I mean it's a little
late for that.

- Listen.
- Isn't it?

Listen Jerry, if
you had anything to do

with Madame Zhora's death,
don't worry about it,

we'll cover it up,
tie up loose ends.

You can trust me,
I'm your buddy.

And Lisa?

What about Lisa?

She got in the way.


No, Jerry, no.

Hey, did you forget?

- This is all your fault.
- My fault?

Telling me to
cheat on my wife.

Is that your idea of help?

I said one time, one
and done, don't go back.

You didn't listen, fuck!








He didn't hurt you, did he?


Come here.

Come here, beautiful.

You okay?




I'll be back later.

Are you feeling okay?



FRIENDS: Happy birthday!

What are you doing here?

It's your birthday.

JERRY: It is?

Are you okay, Jerry?

Is that a rash?

I'm sick.

Oh, you poor baby.

But you can't be that sick

because your wife didn't
call us and cancel.

- She's sick too.
- Can we see her?

No, she's sleeping,
we both were.

Look, thanks for coming,
I really appreciate it.

But I'm sorry we
didn't call you guys

but the party's canceled and
you can just go now, thanks.

- What do you mean?
- Come on, Jerry.

We've been looking
forward to this all week.

Would you just
get off my property?

I thought your
wife was sleeping.

JERRY: George,
fuck off, both of you.

All of you, just get outta
here, get off my property.

- I'm sick.
- Yeah, clearly.




IVAN: I see you
got my message.

Can you really help me?

Of course.

Is this what you took from us?

- It is dead?
- No, I mean yeah.

I don't know, I think it is.

Can you fix it?

Come with me.


What are we doing in here?

Sit down, try to relax

while I see what I can
do about our friend.

Wait, for what it's
worth, I'm really sorry.

Listen, to make up for it,
the business that you lost,

I used part of it
on me with my wife

and it like rocked
her world, man.

It works inside a woman?

I tried a little bit but it
does nothing for the girl.

No, no, I put it on me first

and it all happened
inside of her.

But who cares about what
it does for the girls?

It's all about the guys, right?

They're your customer, as long
as it satisfies him, right?

A little bit of the
Special with my girls.

- Something to think about.
- Yes.

I mean maybe we
could work together.

I can help, we could be partners

or something and I
can be with it again.

IVAN: Do not worry, you
will be with it again soon.

So you'll be able to help it?

Of course, I will get started.

- Better if you relax now.
- Yes, thank you.









You said you'd help me.

You said you'd help me.









Guess I could've
been the new psychic.

I saw this one
coming a mile away.

So you are here
to arrest me then?

Actually I'm here
because the money

we found in Madame Zhora's
hand yielded DNA evidence.

Jerry Horford, he
sound familiar?

I do not know him.

Well we think he was here.

We think he may have
killed Madame Zhora.


You like what you see?

Maybe something
less compromising.

What are you implying?

Let me offer you
something better.

Let me give you the
Special, no charge.




So I just got back from my
stand up gig, you know the one.

Remember I told you
John van Tongeren

and Michael Sweet
were in the crowd?

Well listen, you guys
have to come back with me.

It was incredible.

After my set, this guy told me
to go to this fortune teller.

Listen, it's like a whorehouse.

I was drinking with this guy

and he told me to
ask for the Special.