The Speak (2011) - full transcript

Director Anthony Pierce flips a switch on the supernatural genre and films an entire movie in one take. We follow a young film crew as they attempt to create a paranormal web series in the most haunted hotel in the U.S. After performing a ritual called THE SPEAK, the crew unleashes spirits that they are simply not prepared for.

(abrupt music)

- [Louis] All right, Shell,

we're live in five, four, three, two...

- Are ghosts real?

Do they exist?

Some experts believe ghosts
to be the disembodied spirits

or trapped souls of the deceased,

while others theorize that
they are in fact demons

attempting to break through
our plane of existence

and exert their influence
on the human world.

Now whether they be spirits or demons,

the bigger question is what do they want,

and how do we communicate with them?

Tonight, my team and I
have enlisted the help

of a renowned Native American medium

to help us tear down the
walls between realities

and open the doorway between our world

and the world of the dead.

Directly behind us...


Man, what are you doing?

I was on a roll there.

- Hold up, man, I got
some shit on my lens.

- [Shelly] Hurry up.

- What are you complaining about?

This beats digging ditches for dad, right?

- Unless you want me
to go to the dark side,

let's not talk about dad right now.

- [Louis] Man, you're being
really undue right now.

- Fuck, where was I?

- [Louis] The our door
into their door thing.

- Right, right, okay.

Is the hotel in frame?

- [Louis] Oh yeah.

There, yep,

and there you are.


Still rolling.

- Directly behind me
is the Don Park Hotel.

Now it may not look like much right now,

but this hotel is widely considered

to be one of the most terrifying
places in Northern America.

Tonight, my team and I will put
our reputations on the line,

to find indisputable evidence
to prove to you, our fans,

that otherworldly
entities really do exist.

Ladies and gentlemen,
believers and skeptics,

welcome to our final webisode.

This is The Perfect Apparition.

And cut!

Okay, how was that? (laughs)

- [Louis] You're like the lovechild

of Ryan Seacrest and Joe Rogan, man.

- Can you please be serious for a minute?

- [Louis] What?

Come on.

- This has gotta be killer, bro.

I've got way too much riding on this.

I'm an award-winning filmmaker

and they've got me out
here in Buttfuck, Egypt.

People are expecting more from me.

- [Louis] First off, it was a short film,

and second off, what people, man?

Some web series?

No one watches.

- You just don't get it.

It's make it or break it time,

and I'm the guy the network is looking

to pull a ghost out of his hat.

- [Louis] All right, man, look,
I was just messing with you.

You look great, the show's gonna rock.

Trust me.

- I don't look fat?

- [Louis] No, you look great, trim, fit.

- Fucking fat.

- [Louis] No, that whole

(laughs) zone time's
really paying off, man.

- It must be really nice
having a job with no pressure.

- [Louis] Wait, what the
fuck do you mean no pressure?

- You pull the trigger on
a fucking camera, Louis.

- [Louis] Man, that's not cool.

- You know what?

Give me that thing.

- Be careful with that.

That's an expensive camera.

- [Shelly] A trained
monkey could do your job.

Is this thing even on?

- My camera's like New York, dog.

It never sleeps. (laughs)

- [Shelly] You think you can do what I do?

All right.

- Yeah, I do.

- [Shelly] Three, two, rolling, go.

- Are ghosts real?

Do they exist?

Some experts think--

- [Shelly] Shut up!

- What? (laughs)

You're not gonna let me do it?

- [Shelly] No, you're
such a fucking asshole.

- [Louis] I'm just messing
around, man, come on.

- Yeah, it's not funny.

- [Louis] Don't be mad.

- There's Paige.

- [Louis] Hey, don't run away mad.

I love you.

- Oh, yeah, I love you.

- [Louis] Say it like you mean it.

- Love you.

- [Louis] Yeah. (laughs)

- Hey guys, how's it going?

- [Shelly] What's the holdup?

- Shelly, please, I've
been running around all day

trying to get everything
together for tonight's shoot.

I'm tired, I'm cold, and I'm hungry.

- [Louis] Somebody woke up

on the wrong side of the rental car.

- So?

- I have your crew.

They're great.

They're in the car filling out paperwork.

- And?

- [Paige] I told them we'd
pay them after we wrap.

- How much?

- You said 250 each.

- No, I said 150.

- (laughs) No, I have it right here.

On the 5th at 4:00pm, you
said you'd give them 250.

- You need to be a little
bit more budget-conscious.

- Do you have it or not?

I already told them.

- Stop freaking out, babe.

I've got it.

- Don't say that.

I hate that.

I only freak out because of you two.

- [Louis] Me?

What did I do?

Just running camera here.

- We're gonna produce it.

- Shelly, I can't pay them in cash.

I have to keep a record of everything.

- (laughs) Not my problem.

Give me some love.

- Come on, let's go.

Why don't you just let
me handle the money?

- [Louis] No, because
then you'd be in charge

of the strippers and booze.

- [Shelly] So this is our crew.

- Okay.

Jackson, Elsa, Malia, this is
Shelly Dewise, our director,

and this is Louis, his brother,
obviously the cameraman.

- [Jackson] Here's your paperwork.

- Thanks for coming out tonight.

It's really hard to find
good help these days.

- [Jackson] Shelly?

- [Shelly] Yeah.

It's a family name.

- Your mom's?

(laughs) I'm just messing with you, man.

- [Louis] No actually you're right,

it was (laughs) our mom's name.

Sorry, bro.

- Hi.

I'm Malia.

Nice to meet you.

- [Shelly] Pleasure.

- I'm a really big fan of your work.

- [Shelly] Oh. (laughs)

- Hi.

- [Shelly] Thank you.

What have you seen?

- The documentary you did on autopsies,

the one where the skin just
peeled off that corpse's body,

that was amazing.

- [Shelly] Thank you very much.

A lot of people didn't
quite get how we did that.

- [Louis] Yeah, I shot that.

- No you didn't.

I shot that.

- [Louis] I was there the whole,

I shot the whole--

- You need to stop
telling people this stuff.

I hate when you do this to me.

Thank you.

I really appreciate that.

- Genius.

I think you're a genius.

I can't wait to see
what you shoot tonight.

- Yeah, speaking of which,
where's the man with the keys?

- AJ, caretaker.

- [Shelly] Wasn't he supposed
to be here two hours ago?

- Yeah, I don't know where he is.

- [Shelly] Maybe you should call him.

- I'm doing that right now, Shelly.

- Great.

- While I'm doing that,

why don't we start shooting some B roll

and introduce the new team members, hmm?

- [Shelly] All righty then.

Why don't we start with you?


- Malia.


- Okay.

Just go ahead and speak
right in the camera for me.

- Oh.



I'm Malia.

- [Louis] Malia, hey.

(Malia laughs)

- I'm 26 years old.

I'm from Montana.

I'm of Native American descent.

My grandfather was a shaman,

and ever since I was a child,

I've been able to see and
communicate with the dead.

- [Louis] Now is that
something that can be taught?

- Why?

You wanna learn?

- [Louis] No, I was just wondering.

That's all.

- Oh, okay.

- I've had out of body
experiences before myself.

- [Malia] Really?

- Yeah, I saw myself strangling Shelly,

and then whoosh, back in my body. (laughs)

- Paige Stone, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh and don't you worry, she
will be with us all night.

(Shelly whispers to Paige)

- I did.

Left a message.

- Okay.


- [Jackson] Yeah?

- [Shelly] You're up.

- (laughs) You want me on film?

- [Paige] Yeah, we wanna get--
- [Shelly] Yeah, if you could,

just a little.
- [Paige] Everybody on.

Your background.

- [Shelly] Something about yourself.

- My name's Jackson.

I'm here to run sound.

- [Louis] Hi, Jackson.

- Okay.

I wasn't hugged much as a child,

but I'm starting to feel
that this group therapy thing

is really gonna help out a lot.

- [Shelly] Could you just take
this a little more seriously?

- (laughs) Oh, you want me to be serious?

Oh, sorry.

My name's Jackson.

I run sound.

Was that serious for you?

I like studying and
researching the unknown,

and I've even run sound
for a few satanic rituals.

- [Shelly] Really?

Like what?

- Typical shit, people try
and talk to dead people,

drinking goat's blood, skinning cats,

drinking human blood.

That Twilight stuff's
pretty popular right now.

- You watched people skin cats?

- Haven't you?

- No.

- Note to self, never party with that guy.

- [Paige] All right, I
think next we should--

- [Shelly] Elsa.
- [Paige] Yeah.

- Hi.

I'm Elsa.

I'm 25.

I am Jack's Velma.

He's Freddie.

It's from Scooby Doo.

- (laughs) That's cute.

- You are.

I'm from Seattle originally,

and we've been here for the
last two years running sound,

and I'm just really happy to be here.

That's it.

- Good.

I guess that will be the
end of the background stuff.

I wonder if we're gonna be
shooting anything else tonight.

- Can I talk to you for a minute?

Not you.

- [Shelly] What?

- [Paige] Don't do that.

- [Shelly] Do what?

- Talk to me like that.

I don't think you have any idea

how hard this has been on me.

I've been lining up a
new crew in every city,

finding all the stories, the locations,

doing all the background research,

booking hotel and travel,
uploading the footage.

I need a little help,
Shelly, a little bit of help.

- [Shelly] Why didn't you just ask?

- [Jackson] Fucking amateurs.

- [Paige] I did ask you,
Shelly, and you blew me off.

- Why don't you get a peek of this?

- [Paige] I can't keep this pace up.

I'm 24 years old and I look like I'm 40.

- You know that's bullshit.

You don't look 40.

- Stop.

- You look just as prepubescent as ever.

- I'm serious.

- Okay, listen.

- Come on.

- We can deal with your workload

and your emotional state later.

If that caretaker doesn't get here soon,

we're gonna lose the night.

- I know.

- [Jackson] You guys, what's the holdup?

- [Paige] We're just waiting
on the man with the keys.

- [Shelly] Call him.

- I'm calling him again right now.

- Great.

Shouldn't be too much longer.

- Hi, is this AJ?

You're in the black truck?


You're not AJ?

- No, like I said, Doyle.

AJ's my son.

- It's nice to meet you, Doyle.

I'm Paige, the producer.

This is Shelly Dewise, our director,

rest of the crew.

- Nice to meet y'all. (laughs)

- It would've been nicer to
meet you about two hours ago,

but I guess we'll just
take what we can get.

- Aren't you a ray of sunshine?

- [Louis] You have no idea.

- You're here to let us in for your son?

- Junior is

home on his ass,

recuperating from a
little discussion we had,

so I thought I'd come down
and tell y'all what's what.

- What is what?

- It appears Junior decided

he could make some money on the side

dealing with y'all folks,

but I'm in charge of this property,

and when I found about his
little business venture here,

I thought I'd come down by myself.

- Well, we're ready whenever you are.

If you can let us in, that'd be great.

- See,

it's just,

it's dangerous in there.

It's dangerous.

There's been a lot of
bad history in there.

- Which is exactly why
we need to get in there.

- Yes sir, that's why
we did the deal with you

several weeks ago.

- Hang on now, ma'am, you
didn't do a deal with me now.


Let's be clear about that.

You did a deal with my
bone-head son, okay?

- [Shelly] Listen, Doyle, is it?

- Yes.

- [Shelly] We're all
big boys and girls here.

We can surely take care of ourselves.

- Not in there you can't.

Sir, I'm responsible now
if I let y'all in there.

I'm the one who's responsible.

Is this camera on?

- Yeah, we're rolling.

- Would you tell him to turn it off?

Can you turn that off, huh?

I said turn it off goddammit!

- [Louis] Sorry, sir, sorry.

- Motherfucker!

- [Louis] Sorry, sir.

- Turn that motherfucker off!

- [Louis] It's off.

It's off.

- Stick it in your goddamn ass!

- [Paige] Look sir, I am--

- I don't like my picture taken!

- It's off, it's off, sir.

I really appreciate you
wanting to look out for us,

but the thing is is that
your son signed a contract

and already accepted payment.

- Enough, enough.

Hey, look.

This is our finale webisode,

and we just really need
to get into that building.

I'll do whatever it takes
to make that happen.

Whatever you want.

Just what do you want?

- (laughs) What do I want?

Come on.

- Tell you what,

I'll give you 50 bucks
more than I gave your kid.

- It's not about the
cash there, guy, okay?

- [Shelly] Doyle!

- Yep?

- [Shelly] How do you like your job?

- What do you mean by that?

- [Shelly] I'm sure
your boss wouldn't like

the fact that your son is making money

off of his property.

I would be pretty upset about that,

maybe even upset enough
to fire the caretaker.

- Wow.

Are you threatening me, city boy?

If I were a betting man,
I'd say you threatened me.

- [Shelly] No, that's not a threat.

- No?

- [Shelly] No, I'm sure
you'd love (laughs)

an extra eight hours a
day at your trailer park.

- [Louis] Oh, hey!

(Shelly laughs)


- Did you get that?

Tell me you got that.

- [Louis] Oh I got it.

- [Shelly] Okay, how about
you back up there, Doyle.

- How about you not talk shit to me.

- Okay.

I take it you've had a
few run-ins with the law,

haven't you?

I'd be willing to just keep
this between us if you just

let us in.

- The law?

Fuck the law.

Fuck it, you win.

Let's go.

- My kind of guy.

Let's do this, guys.

- [Doyle] All right.

Hope y'all got flashlights,

'cause there's no power in there.

- Jackson?

- [Jackson] Yeah, I got that covered.

- [Doyle] Nothing good's gonna
happen when I open this door,

you hear me?

When I open this door, ain't
nothing good gonna happen.

- [Shelly] We got you.

Just go ahead and leave the scary stories

to the professionals.

- When you leave, lock
the door, if you leave.

What's your name?

I'm just kidding. (laughs)

- Thank you so much for helping us.

- Excuse me, ma'am,

in all seriousness, I think
you're a very nice girl,

now why don't you just
leave while you can?

Just get out while you can.

- I really appreciate the concern, Doyle,

but I think I'm gonna stay.

Thank you so much for your help.

Good night.

- [Louis] That guy wasn't creepy at all.

- [Shelly] Did you kiss
you boyfriend good night?

- [Paige] Shut up, Shelly.

- [Jackson] Place has
got quite the ambiance.

- [Louis] I like it.

It's dark and moody.

- [Malia] Like somebody else I know.

- [Elsa] I think it's scary.

- [Shelly] Are you sensing anything?

- I feel something.

I'm not quite sure what it is,

but it's not very welcoming.

- The Charles Manson
gang stayed here once.

- [Louis] Really?

- Yes, Louis, really,

which you would know if you
read the packet that I gave you.

- [Louis] Right.

- Were ghosts really here?

- [Paige] That's what they say.

- [Shelly] Hey Jackson.

- [Jackson] Yeah?

- Why don't you set up over here?

How are you on batteries?

- [Jackson] We're good
for at least eight hours.

Hey you guys, before I forget,

please turn off your cellphones.

My equipment is very
sensitive to interference.

- Shelly.

- [Shelly] Yeah?

- We need to get you mic'ed up.

- Be gentle.

- All right, all right,
guys, I'll mic up Shelly boy.


You get the rest of the Scooby gang.

And you keep your hands to yourself.

- Don't worry.

I don't touch the help.

- Only your brother.

- [Louis] Hey.

- [Shelly] Are you about ready?

- No.

I need some time to set up.

I wanna take a walk around

and see if there's
somewhere where I find some

better energy.

- [Jackson] Listen, I brought
three mini DV cameras.

You want me to set those up?

- Abso-fucking-lutely.


- [Paige] Yeah?

- See those notes,

let's see, second floor,

end of the hall.
- [Paige] 207.

- Room 207.

- How about down this hall right here?

- No.

How about at the top of the staircase.

- Whatever you want.

All right, it won't take me too long,

just about 10 minutes and I'll be ready.

- I'm not even gonna be on camera.

- [Elsa] Well you never know.

- [Louis] What do we do
while they're setting up

and the sexy psychic's getting ready?

- [Shelly] Paige?

- [Paige] Yes?

- Why don't you tell the audience

a little bit about this place?

- What?

I've never been on the show before.

- Yes, well you just gave me an earful

about how you're
overburdened with research.

Why don't you just tell us about it?

- [Louis] Paige.

- [Paige] Are you serious?

You sure?

- Yeah.

We don't have anyone else here

who's an expert on the
history of this place,

so I'm sure.

- Thanks for the vote of confidence.


All right, I'm just gonna
look at my notes really quick.

- Okay.

You got your notes,

and all you have to do is relax. (laughs)

- Geez.

- Breathe.

Louis, just follow us
down one of the halls,

and you just walk and talk.

I do it all the time.

You got a...

- No!

- [Louis] Camera's rolling.

- I'm gonna cue you in.

You ready?

- Okay.

- [Louis] Yeah, still rolling.

- All right.

What can you tell me about
the history of this hotel?

- The Don Park Hotel was
originally built in 1850

by a Miss Jane Zool.

She built the hotel on
Native American land

for these Native Americans

that were displaced by the
greedy land barons of the time.

- (laughs) Cut.

You're going way too fast.

- [Louis] You look good though.

- Yeah. (laughs)

Yeah she does.


- I can slow down.

- Slow down.

Try to keep a good distance.

Don't move the camera too fast.

I want it to be smooth.

Just take it.

I'll start you over.

The first owner, how did she die?

- [Paige] She died in
bed, of natural causes.

- [Shelly] Then what?

- Then in 1846, the Mayor of the town

took the land for himself

and turned it into a hotel.

A year after that, he killed
his wife and his brother

in a bloody, gruesome double murder.

He hung himself.

He hung himself after that.

- Oh.


Where did that take place?

- That was all in room 207.

One incident that I read about

said that he found them having an affair,

but another incident
said he just went crazy.


- Okay.


Go on.

- Then, from 1902 to 1922,

this woman named Amanda
Wiley owned the hotel.

She used it to house loggers
when the mill opened up.

She fell off the roof in
the middle of the night,

but her death was never fully explained.

- What else can you tell us?

- It sat vacant until 1945.

That's when the state purchased it

to house an overflow psychiatric...

- What was that?

Did you guys hear that?

- [Louis] Yes.

- Sounded like someone coughing.

- They purchased it to house
overflow psychiatric patients,

and you're gonna love this part,

one of the orderlies was discovered

to be having sex with the
patients, murdering them,

and then feeding their bodies to the rats.

- [Louis] That's why I
never read the packet.

- [Paige] The orderly later said that

a demon made him do it.

- [Shelly] Wow.

- [Paige] He was convicted.

Executed by electric chair.

- [Shelly] Who owns the hotel now?

- It belongs to a family trust.

Oddly enough, they've never
done anything with it.

I think it's being sold.

- After sifting through all
the history about this place,

what might you conclude?


Is anybody here?


I think something is trying
to communicate with us.

This would be the first
apparition caught on tape,



We're not here to harm you.

Could you just give us a sign
that you're here with us?

Oh shit.

- [Paige] Oh my gosh.

- Let's give this another try.


(Jackson laughs)

Not cool, man!

Not cool!

- You couldn't see me down there?

- [Shelly] No!

- (laughs) I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

- [Shelly] Yeah, that'd be good.

- (laughs) Listen, I've almost
got all the cameras set up,

and then we'll be almost ready.

- [Shelly] Why don't you go ahead

and get finished with that?

Thank you.

- [Jackson] You could even
record flying balls. (laughs)

- Paige, where do you
find these people, huh?

- He just heard you say that.

- Whatever.

Oh my god.

- [Louis] I thought it was funny.

- [Shelly] You would.

- He's really qualified.

- That's enough.

- We paid 12 hours.

- Okay.

Where were we?


After sifting through all
the history about this place,

what would you conclude?

- If you examine the evidence,

all but the original owner

met with tragic, and most
times very violent ends.

- And?

- There's something about this place

that has the capacity to drive
people to extreme violence.

And insanity.

- And that's a wrap.

That was good.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, it's gonna be good.

(Louis screams)

(Shelly laughs)

- [Malia] Are you okay?

- [Louis] Yeah, fine, just
let's make a rule that

people warn me when they're
about to come into the room.


- Guys, this really,
really isn't a good idea.

There's a really bad feeling in here

and I don't think I can do it.

- Yeah, we just heard all about it.

It's gruesome.


- You don't believe, do you?

- (laughs) Believe?

Yeah, no.

If God exists, may he strike me down.

- [Louis] Shell, don't go
there with the God thing.

- Louis, there is no God.

There are no ghosts.

And everything is going to be fine.

- Okay, well, I can't perform
the ceremony, not here.

It's too dangerous.

I can't do it.

- Do you really believe
the shit you're selling?

- Selling?

- Yeah. (laughs)

I'm sorry.

Come here.

Come here.

I know why you need the money.

Paige told me about your mom.

I am more than willing to give you 500.

- [Malia] No.

- [Shelly] No?

- [Malia] I can't.

- [Shelly] Okay.

Let's see.

I've got one two three... (laughs)

I'm gonna be driving home on fumes here.

I've got $1,000.

It's all yours if you do this for me.

I need this.


Come on.


Everything's gonna be okay.

It's a goof.

- [Malia] It's not a goof.

- [Shelley] 1,000 bucks.

- [Malia] Okay, fine.

I'm gonna need everyone in here,

and when this is done, I'm
out, no questions asked.

- No questions.

I'll give this to you when we're done.

Louis, round the troops up.

Let's pound this out.

- On it, bro.

See the rack on that Malia chick?

We gotta get on that one.

Hope she's single.

Look, what are these guys doing?

- [Jackson] I think that you get your nose

any further up that guy's ass,

must be getting hard to breathe.

- [Elsa] Gee, Jackson,

does somebody feel a little bit envious?

Unlike somebody I know,

Shelly's actually doing
something with his talents.

(Jackson laughs)

(Elsa laughs)

- Talent?


You mean his highly polished ability

to know fuck all and keep his job?

Oh, oh, they went out in the hole.

They brought to him a dumb
man possessed with a devil.

- [Elsa] You know what you always say.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

- [Louis] I had a shirt
that said that once.

- Hey, Louis.

We're pretty much ready.

- [Louis] Are you sure?

Because I can totally give you more time

to rip on my brother.

- No no no, don't listen to Jackson.

He bitches about everything.

- I'm sorry, man.

I wasn't trying to rip on your brother.

Elsa just likes to push my buttons.

I didn't mean anything by it.

- [Louis] It's cool, man.

I have to live with the guy 24/7.

- Actually, you know what?

In fact, check this shit out, man.

I brought an EMF, which is
an electronic voice meter,

and a ghost meter basically on a K2.

It measures electronic voice phenomenon.

I know they're gonna need it for the show,

so why don't you get this
to Paige later, okay?

- Okay.

- [Louis] Most cool, man.

Where did you get that shit?

- Told you, I've done a
lot of interesting jobs.

- [Louis] Oh yeah, about that,

is that where you got that Bible quote?

- What, are you surprised
I can quote scripture?

- [Louis] Yeah, actually.

Why don't you do another one?

- Would it make you feel better? (laughs)

- [Louis] Yeah, sort of.

- [Elsa] I'm with Louis.

- How about, and the scribes
came down from Jerusalem,

and they said, "He hath Beelzebub,"

and by the prince of the devils,

he casteth out the devils,

and the man fell on the ground,

wallowing, foaming at the mouth. (laughs)

Jesus, what'd he do?

He rebuked the foul spirit.

You know that one?

- [Louis] Nope.

(Jackson laughs)

Satan, Lucifer, Devil,
those are all scary names,

but Beezlebub.

- It's Beelzebub.

- [Louis] Okay, yeah yeah, Beelzebub.

That one does nothing for me.

It sounds like a redneck
clown or something.

- What's up, Louis?

- [Louis] Oh hey, it
looks like it's showtime.

- All right.

Let's go.

Hey, you coming?

- [Jackson] No, you guys run
along and find Beelzebub.

I've got work to do.

- [Elsa] We're really gonna miss you.

- [Jackson] I know, you will.

- [Louis] So long, Jackson.

What's the deal with you and Jackson?

- Why?

Who's asking?

- [Louis] Just me.

- [Elsa] It's a long story.

- Hey guys.

Where's Jackson?

- [Elsa] He's not coming.

- And why not?

- It's all right, it doesn't matter.

We have enough people
to perform the ceremony.

Honestly, this really doesn't feel right.

It's not a game.

Once we invite the spirits here,

we can't control the outcome.

Do you understand that?

- Got it.

I think we'll take our chances.

Let's just get going.

- All right.

Everyone, take a place
around in the circle.

- [Louis] Oh hold up, hold up.


- Okay, everyone kneel.

This ritual is called the speak.

It removes the veil
between the spirit world

and our current reality.

A sacred object needs
to be used to do this,

so I'm using my grandmother's amulet.

It'll serve as a portal
between the two realms.

It'll allow the spirits
to pass into our realm.

We have to make sure that
none of us pass into theirs.

Are you guys sure you wanna do this?

- [Shelly] Yes.

- Okay.

Everyone join hands.

I am the speaker for this place.

I come to make contact with the spirits,

to acknowledge you.

I light this candle

in acknowledgement of your presence.

May its light reach
out across the barriers

from this plane to the next,

illuminating the passageway
between our worlds.

May the light from these
two candles blend and grow,

dispelling all darkness
and lighting the way

so that all spirits may come to us.

We are the speakers for this location.

We welcome your presence.

We grant you entry.

Repeat with me.

- [Everyone] We are the
speakers for this location.

We welcome your presence.

We grant you entry.

- Again.

- [Everyone] We are the
speakers for this location.

We welcome your presence.

We grant you entry.

(creaking and rumbling)

(crows cawing)


- [Shelly] What the fuck was that?

- [Louis] That's some
bullshit right there.

- [Malia] I told you.

- [Paige] Shelly.

- Did you guys hear that?

What was that?



- What's all the screaming about?

- [Shelly] Something is
seriously wrong with you, man!

- What?

- How can we be sure that it worked?

- For your sakes, I really hope it didn't.

- It was a pleasure
doing business with you.

- Good luck.

- Louis, see her to the door.

- [Louis] You don't have to ask me twice.

- I hope you don't think I'm
a bad person for what I did.

- [Louis] What'd you do?

You stood in the circle, said
some words, lit a candle.

What's the big deal?

- You really don't understand.

What I did in there was real.

If I didn't desperately need this money,

I wouldn't even be here right now.

- [Louis] Yeah, you did
have me for a second

when the lights went out.

- Yeah.

Well I guess this is goodbye.

- Hey.

When we get out of here,
can I give you a call?

Maybe we can do dinner or something.

- (laughs) Yeah.

If you get out of here,

give me a call.

- No no no, when.

When we get out of here,
I'll give you a call.

- Yeah.

Be careful.


Holy shit!

- [Louis] What was that?

Was that just the wind?

- [Malia] We're locked in!

- [Louis] What do you
mean we're locked in?

What the hell?

- [Malia] Come on, we
gotta get back to the room.

- [Louis] Malia, what's going,

Malia, what's...

What's going on, Malia?

Wait up!

- [Malia] We're locked in!

- [Paige] The door locked by itself?

- Uh-huh.

- Guys, this is an old building.

The door's probably just jammed.

- [Louis] It did not (laughs) just jam.

I don't know what the hell just happened,

but it did not just jam.

- [Malia] I warned you guys.

The spirits are here.

- That's great.

What are we waiting for?

Let's check it out.

- [Louis] Wait, Malia, what's up?

Aren't you coming?

- No, I'm staying here.

- [Louis] Alone?


- Because I need to try to
save our lives, that's why!

- [Louis] Hey, be careful!



- She's right, it's fucking locked.

- Try one of the other doors.



Louis, here.

- [Louis] Yeah, yeah?

- Shelly, really, right now?

- Yeah, right now.

- [Louis] I don't know, man.

- Right here.

My crew and I have mysteriously
been locked into the hotel

after performing a Native American ritual

known as the speak.

Now let's see if we can
find some visual evidence

of the spirit that's locked us in.

- [Louis] Shelly, I don't know, man--

- Louis, stop being a little bitch!

It's probably just that psychopath Doyle

fucking with our heads, okay?

This is great for the show.

- I'm gonna call Doyle,
see if I can get him.

- Just try and get upstairs.

Where's Malia?

- [Louis] She stayed in the
room we did the ritual in!

- [Paige] What's going on?

- [Elsa] The door.

- Did you try the window?

Why would there be bricks in here?

Why would there be bricks in the window?

Let's try the other room.


This wasn't here before.

- That's impossible,

unless one of you walked around

and checked all the windows,

nobody knows shit!

- We did walk around the building,

and there were no fucking
bricks on the windows.

- Shelly, something is not right here.

We need to get out of here right now.

- What the hell?

- Hey, I wanna go.

Let's leave.

- Hey.

Come on, people.

We're finally getting some
really good footage here.

What, we're gonna just pack up and leave,

because the door's locked?

Seriously, this is why we're here!

Unless someone's dying, we're not leaving.

It's why we're here.

Now what room did that
guy hang himself in?

All right, let's go check it out.


- All right, Elsa, let's get back to work.

- [Shelly] Damn, what's that smell?


- [Paige] Yeah?

- I need you to check the room numbers.

- [Paige] Yeah, right.



It has to be down this way.

Shh shh shh shh shh!

Did you guys hear that?

- Hear what?

(wings flapping)

I think it's coming from over there.

(birds cawing)

(door creaking)

Like a bird's nest.

Where are they?

- I don't know.

There's no hole in the ceiling.

- [Elsa] What's going on, you guys?

- Louis.

Louis, let's roll in.

We're in room 207,

site of a gruesome double murder suicide,

where it appears crows have
been nesting for years,

yet there's no visible evidence

of an entrance or an exit.

In many cultures, crows or
ravens are considered to be

the scavengers of death.

The Don Park Hotel continues to unveil

the mysteries of the unknown.

(crows cawing)

Let's get out of here, guys!

- [Paige] Shelly, get over here.

Get over here!

Okay, quick!

- [Shelly] All right.

- We need to find a fire escape.

- No we need to find Malia.

- [Paige] We need to go upstairs.

(door slams)


(knocking at the door)

- [Elsa] Open the door!

Open the door!


No no no no no!

I've gotta find Malia!

Louis, come with me!

(unintelligible screaming)


Jackson, Louis!




(Jackson coughing)
(Elsa screaming)

Oh my god!

Oh my god, Jackson!


Breathe, breathe.

- [Louis] Jackson, you all right?

- [Elsa] Oh my god, breathe.

Oh my god, Jackson.

Are you okay?

- [Jackson] Let's get
the fuck out of here.


(Louis coughs)

- [Louis] I didn't think
this place had power!

Oh shit, dude, you scared me.

- What happened?

- [Louis] Scared the shit out of me.

- What happened?

- [Louis] We gotta get out of here.

This is crazy shit, man.

Something just tried to strangle Jackson!

- What?

Was the camera rolling?

- [Louis] Of course
the camera was rolling,

but fuck the camera, bro!

We need to get the fuck out of here!

- [Shelly] No, no, pick it up.

- [Elsa] What happened?

- [Louis] What?

- On your solar, rolling now!

Everything that happens from here on out

I want on tape, okay?

- [Louis] Something tried to kill Jackson!

- What happened?

- I don't know.

I was trying to fix the
interference with the lofts

and I was fucking ripped off of my feet,

something fucking grabbed my throat,

I was pulled down the hallway.

It wasn't fucking Doyle either.

- [Malia] You guys said
you heard crows, right?

- [Shelly] Yeah, in room 207.

- [Paige] What do crows
have to do with anything?

- When crows cry together,

it's to confuse the evil entities

that wait for the soul to leave the body.

They were preparing for Jackson's death.

- [Paige] What are you talking about?

- We opened a sliver,

a crack into the spirit world,

but what came through is
darker and more powerful

than I could've imagined.

It's gonna continue to expand,

letting any demon or spirit cross over.

- [Louis] Cross over and do what?

- They're gonna start
taking us, one by one.

- Well then you need to stop it.

You need to turn it off.

- I've been trying,

but based on what's happened to Jackson,

it's too late!

The door can be closed,

but only at the first light of day.

- We're just gonna wait this thing out,

and when the sun comes up,

we're all gonna leave together.

- If any of us make it to see the sunrise.

- You are fucking insane!

- I'm insane?

- [Shelly] Yeah!

- Everything I've told
you guys has happened!

The only way that we can save ourselves

is by taking the amulet
from the circle at dawn

and bringing it into the daylight,

shutting the portal.

- Somebody fucking help me over here!

What's wrong?

- [Louis] Guys, Elsa.

- [Jackson] Breathe, breathe, Elsa.

Ellie, breathe.

What's wrong?

Lay down lay down lay down.

- [Louis] Paige!

- [Jackson] You're gonna be okay.

Lay down.

Lay down.

Everything will be okay.

- Do not take this woman!

Leave here in our realm!

- [Jackson] Breathe, Elsa!

Breathe, Elsa!

- [Louis] Oh my god!

- I am the speaker for this place!

Do not take this woman!

Leave her in our realm!

- Breathe!



She's dead.

She's fucking dead.

You did this.

You fucking did this!

If it wasn't for you and
your fucking goddamn show,

she'd be fucking alive!

You're gonna die, you motherfucker!

- Stop it!

Stop it!

You wanna blame someone, blame me!

I knew the consequences
of what I was doing

and I did it anyway!

She's dead because of me!

- [Paige] Guys, you guys, she's not dead.

- [Jackson] What the fuck
are you talking about?

- She's not.

She's not dead.

Her breathing is really
faint, but she's breathing.

- [Jackson] Can you hear me?

- She's trying to say something.

I can't understand what it is.

- [Jackson] What's she saying?

- [Malia] It's Ottawa.

- [Jackson] What?


What is it?

- The bringer of death.

The bringer is a demon
that takes different forms

and it enters the body

and it makes people do terrible things.

It's impossible.

- [Jackson] No, that's...

No way.

- Paige?

- [Paige] Yeah?

- [Shelly] What are our options?

- I think we should go up.

I think we need to go to the roof.

- Let's go to the roof, guys.

- [Paige] We can't leave Elsa.

- No.


She has to stay here.

- [Jackson] I'm not leaving her.

- There's no telling
what she's capable of!

She can't leave!

- [Shelly] Be serious, Jackson, come on.

- [Jackson] Fuck you, Shelly!

- [Shelly] Do you wanna stay here and die?

- I'm not fucking leaving her.

- [Shelly] Well we are.

- [Louis] Hey, Jackson, man.

- Don't worry about me.

Get the fuck out of here, man!

- [Shelly] Louis, come on.

- [Louis] Be careful, Jackson.

- Don't worry about me.

Fuck you, man.

- [Shelly] Louis!

- [Louis] Yeah, Shelly, I'm coming!

- I just hope they're gonna be okay.

- [Malia] There's not much
we can do for them now.

- [Shelly] Do you have some
sort of insight in the divine,

because I could really
use some help right now.

- No.

But if you're asking what
I think we should do,

I think you should pray.

- [Paige] Let's go back this way.


- What was that?

- Sounded like it was somebody knocking.

Does it mean something?

- They say that right after someone dies,

and you hear a knock in your house,

it's them telling you they're
all right from the other side.

- I remember when my dad died.

We used to hear knocks in my apartment.

- What happens when it's not
all right on the other side?

- They knock twice.

- That can be confusing.

- Wasn't there two knocks?







Shelly, get over here!


Shelly, help me with her!


- [Shelly] Where's Jackson?

- [Paige] We gotta find Jackson.


- [Shelly] Jackson!

- [Paige] Let's go, let's
go, we gotta go upstairs.

- [Louis] Jackson!

- [Shelly] Come on, Louis!

- [Louis] He's not here!

Jackson's not here!

- [Paige] Come on!

(girls screaming)

- [Louis] You okay, Malia?

You okay?

You happy, bro?

It looks like you got your show.

- You think I wanted this to happen?

- [Louis] Man, I think you'd do anything

if it would get us some--

- Fighting is not gonna help us right now!

- Malia's right.

We have to get through that door.

Come on.

Just kick it!

Kick it in!

- I don't understand!

(Louis screams)

- [Louis] Shell, Shell, you okay, man?

- Yeah.

Louis, you were right.

Put the camera down.

We don't need it.

- [Paige] No, Louis, pick it up.

- [Louis] What?

- [Paige] Pick up that camera.

That footage is the only thing that proves

that we didn't kill Elsa!

Come on, hurry up, we gotta keep moving!

- [Louis] Shell, Shell, do you wanna come?

- No, I need to sit down.

- [Louis] Okay man,
stay there, stay there,

we'll be right back.

Paige, Malia!

- I remember reading about this.

This floor used to be an orphanage.

- The hotel's manifesting past wrongs.

- [Paige] For what?

- Retribution.

Someone has to pay.

- [Louis] By someone, you mean us.

(kids creepily singing)

- Shh.

Did you guys hear that?

(baby crying)

- [Malia] Come on, it's
just fucking with us.

It's not real.

(girls scream)

Oh shit!

- [Louis] Jackson, man!

We thought you were dead!

- [Paige] What happened to Elsa?

We thought you were
supposed to stay with her!

- Elsa's fine.

- [Louis] Dude, what are
you talking about, man?

We're fighting for our lives here.

Elsa's dead.

(Jackson laughs)

- They're here.

- Jackson?

Jackson, what's wrong with you?

You're gonna come with us, okay?

We're gonna find a way out of here.

- [Louis] No, Paige, I
don't think he's okay.

- Help me with him!

- [Louis] Jackson!


Paige, we gotta get out of here!

- Find the fire escape,

and we're gonna get Shelly,

okay, come on, hurry up!

Louis, you go in there,
we're gonna go in here.

We're gonna go here.

- I told you not to film me!

- [Louis] Jackson!



Guys, guys!

(crows cawing)

(wings flapping)

(baby crying)

(kids laughing)

(heart pounding)

(Louis screams)

(heart pounding)

(wings flapping)



(Louis coughs)










Where'd you guys go?

- I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.

- [Louis] I just searched this
entire floor for everyone.

You guys were all gone.

Shelly's not even here.

- Are you okay?

- [Louis] No, no, I'm not okay.

- All right, come on, let's find Shelly.

Come on.

- [Louis] Wait, Shelly, that's impossible.

Where'd you go?

I was just right here.

- [Shelly] I haven't moved.

- [Louis] What are you talking about?

- What'd you find?

- We found Jackson.

He's alive.

- [Louis] Yeah, he's alive,
but he's definitely not well.

- He's really messed up, Shelly.

He disappeared.

- We have to be careful.

If they've taken him, they're
gonna come for us next.

- Guys, guys, come here.

(Paige coughs)

- [Louis] Not that again.

- [Shelly] Oh, oh, it's making me so sick.

- I don't smell anything.

- [Shelly] How do you not smell that?

- They're coming for me.

I've shamed my family.

- [Louis] Malia!

- Louis, the amulet.

- [Paige] Guys, you guys,
there's somebody down there.

- [Shelly] It's Doyle!
- [Paige] It's Doyle.


- [Shelly] Doyle!
- [Paige] Doyle!

- [Shelly] Doyle!

What's he doing?

- [Malia] He can't save you now.

- [Paige] What?

(Paige screams)

- [Louis] What the...

- I'm sorry.

- [Louis] Malia, Malia, don't be sorry.

Look at me.

Look at me.


- Help me!



(Malia screams)

- [Paige] Malia!

(Malia screams)

- [Shelly] Oh my god!

(Malia screams)

(door rattling)

Louis, come on!



Louis, help me with this door!

It won't budge.

It won't budge.

- [Louis] I was just there
and there was a dead end!

- [Shelly] That door's open.


- Guys, is that one of Jackson's cameras?

(Jackson screaming)

(Jackson laughing)

- Back this up.

(Paige cries)

- [Louis] Oh no, oh no, oh no!

(camera buzzes)

Got it, got it!

- [Shelly] Come on, Louis!

This has gotta be it.

(Paige coughs)

The floor's on fire!

- [Paige] No, that's what
it wants us to think.

It wants us to turn back.

I don't see any flames, do you?

- [Shelly] It feels real.

- [Louis] Keep looking, keep looking.

- [Paige] Where the hell do we go?

- [Louis] All I can see is
two feet in front of my face.

(everyone coughing)

- [Paige] What is that?

- [Louis] I think I see a light up ahead.

- [Shelly] I can't see anything either.

- [Louis] Wait, Malia?


- [Shelly] Malia!
- [Louis] Malia!

(door slams)

- [Shelly] No, wait, come back!

Help us!

(banging on the door)

- [Paige] She tricked us.

- [Louis] No, she wouldn't
bring us down here

without a reason!


See, told you!

See, see, told you, fire escape!

- [Shelly] It's blocked off!

- [Paige] We have to go up, come on.

- [Louis] Shell, call Doyle.

- [Shelly] It's his voice mail.

Doyle, Doyle!

We're trapped at the hotel.

Doyle, you gotta wake up, man.

You're right, we're trapped at the hotel.

Please hurry, there's not much time.

You'll never make it.

- [Louis] No, fuck that, he's
just downstairs in his car,

he'll come.

Find something to throw.

- [Shelly] There's nothing up here.

- [Louis] Paige?



- [Shelly] Are you okay?

What are you doing?

- [Paige] I don't have a choice.

I have to do this.

- [Shelly] No, no you don't.

Paige, you're stronger than this.

You are the strongest person I know.

Whatever this is, you
don't let it control you.

- So now I'm strong, huh, Shelly?

For years, you've walked
all over me, and I let you,

because I believed in you.

Now I see who you really are.

- [Shelly] Paige.

- I let you into my life, and for what?

You used me!

Just like you use anyone you can

to get what you want.

Even the people that
you're supposed to love.

(Paige laughs)

I don't know why you
put up with him, Louis.

He's your brother and he's using you too.

- [Shelly] Paige, I'm glad
you're finally getting this

off your chest, but we can
get through this, we can.

- No.

It's too late for that.

(Paige screams)

- [Shelly] No!

(Shelly screams)

(Paige laughs)

- Not so fast, Shelly!

We're not done with you yet.

- [Shelly] What do you want from me?

(Paige laughs)

(Paige screams)

- [Louis] You're okay!

Stay with us, Paige!

- He's still here.

He's still here.

He's telling me to do things.

He's too strong.

He's too strong.

- [Louis] You gotta fight it.

- There's nothing to be afraid of, Louis.

- [Louis] Don't talk like that, Paige.

- It's too late for me.

But you,

you're almost home.

- [Louis] No!

- [Shelly] Paige!

- [Louis] Paige!

(Louis screams)

Oh god!


(Shelly cries)

- You okay, man?

- Why?

- You okay, man?

- Why?

- We're gonna go.

Shell, we're gonna get off this roof.

- I'm not leaving Paige.

I'm not leaving her.

- We're not safe here, man.

- Stay until the sun comes up,

and then just wait here.

- I don't wanna leave Paige either, okay,

but you saw what happened to her, man.

We're not safe here, not
anywhere in this building,

not even on the roof, okay?

We've gotta go.

We've gotta get off this roof.


- She's right.

- What?

- About me.

- No.

- Yeah.

It's all my fault.

- No, man, no.

We gotta go, okay?

We gotta go.

All right, let's go.

Come on, Shell.

Come on, stay with me, man.

Come on, come on.


- [Shelly] Fuck this fucking hotel, man.

- [Louis] What the...

It's the same hallway!

- We were just here.

Let's go.

I don't think he saw us.

(banging on the door)

- Hold on, hold on, Shell!

Hold on!

(guys screaming)

Keep holding it, just keep holding it.

Keep holding it.

Just keep holding it.

Just keep holding it.

- I thought he didn't see us. (laughs)

- It's okay, man, it's okay.

We're gonna make it.

I know it, I know it, we're gonna make it.

- I've been a pretty shitty brother.

- What?

No, man.

You gave me my first camera. (laughs)

- And I broke it too.

(Louis and Shelly laugh)

- Yeah.

Yeah you did.

- Hey.

- Huh?

- Let's kick some ass and
get the fuck out of here.

(Louis and Shelly laugh)

- Yeah right.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Come on, bro.

Let's go.

Come on.

(crows cawing)

(children singing)

(people shouting)

- [Louis] Shell.

The amulet.

(Louis shouts)

- [Shelly] Hang on, hang on, hang on!


- [Louis] Shelly!

(Louis screams)

(Shelly screams)

- Where'd she go?

(Louis screams)

- [Louis] Come on, we're almost there!

We're gonna make it!

- [Shelly] Hey, Jackson.

It's good to see you, man.

We saw this tape.

We thought you were dead, man.

- Dead.


Those have no meaning here.

- [Louis] What's wrong with you, man?

- [Shelly] Jackson,

it's fucked up what happened to you, man,

and everybody,

but we got Maria's amulet.

We got it from the room, man.

We just need to get out that door.

(Louis screams)

- Are you rolling, Louis?

- [Louis] What?

(Louis screams)

- Don't you wanna prove that
something like me exists?

- [Louis] Please, please
just let us go, man.

- I can be stabbed, hung,

dragged, helpless,


like Malia,

like Elsa,

like your bitch,


- [Shelly] We didn't mean to do this.

- [Louis] Stop fucking with us, Jackson!

- No, Louis.

I'm gonna show you the other side.

Just like you wanted!


- Doyle, Doyle, you gotta wake up, man!

You gotta wake up, you were right!

We should not have gone in there!

Everybody's dead!

Everybody's dead!

Come on, Doyle, you gotta.

What are you doing?
- [Doyle] What the hell?

- Doyle!

Doyle, what are you doing?


- What the hell?

Whoa, shit.

- [Louis] Doyle, don't go in
there, they're gonna kill us!

- Goddamn idiots.

Nice day.

I told them not to go in here.



Anybody home?

(door slams)