The Sparrows: Nesting (2015) - full transcript

Feeling a lack of purpose in her life as her teenage children Emily and Max grow increasingly independent, and her husband, Mike, devotes most of his time and energy to his growing business, Anna Sparrow follows the advice of her Pastor and volunteers at the local food bank. While helping the disadvantaged, Anna meets Maria Sanchez. From very different backgrounds, the two women bond over their shared love for their families. As the women grow closer, Maria reveals her concern for her precocious, but lonely daughter Bella, who she fears is being bullied at school. At Anna's urging, her teenage daughter Emily takes Bella under her wings. Maria's husband, Hector, loses his job, and his ability to provide for his family. He falls into despair as he's unable to find work, and turns back to drinking. When he finds Maria at the Sparrow's house, he assumes she is cleaning houses. His pride overcomes him and demands she leave with him. Anna agrees to watch Bella as Maria leaves with Hector, hoping to reason with him, make him understand how much she loves him, and that she knows he is always there for his family. A short time later, the police arrive at the Sparrow residence with devastating news. As they weigh the impact on young Bella, Anna and Mike face one of the most important decisions of their lives.

(metal scraping)

Well it's a long hard way

From the backwoods
to the big time

The road is paved
with bad intentions

And you know I'd
be a dead man now

If I hadn't heard these words

That served me up an
ounce of reflection

Oh don't go running faster

Than your guardian
angel can fly

Slow it down a little

And let her rest her
wings before you die

You're running past the water

When you know that
the well is going dry

Ah don't go running faster

Than your guardian
angel can fly

Don't go running faster

Than your guardian
angel can fly

Slow it down a little

And let her rest her
wings before you die

You're running past the water

When you know that
the well is going dry

Ah don't go running faster

Than your guardian
angel can fly

Ah don't go running faster

Than your guardian
angel can fly

Ah don't go running faster

Than your guardian
angel can fly

(birds chirping)

- [Emily] Max, oh gross!

- [Max] Morning
sunshine, want some?

- I think not, jocko.

- Oh Max, how many times have
I asked you not to do that?

- [Max] Dad?

- Sure.

- Really?

Don't you think you ought
to be with me on this.

- Boys, they're all
the same, Mom.

- You are right.

(cheerful music)

Honey, you look a little tired,

I'm kinda worried about you.

- Mom, I get straight As,

I made varsity baseball,

and I've got scouts
looking at me.

Oh, I've got bullpen
practice after school,

so I might not be
home till around six.

See ya later short stuff.

- Bye honey, be safe.

- Always and forever
Mom, see ya Dad,

see ya later, tadpole.

- Oh hey, hey, hey, I
got a game tomorrow,

you wanna play as
a ringer for me?

- Don't think so Dad,

you're way too old and
you're way too slow!

- Oh, (chuckles) you gonna
let him talk to you like that?

- Ah, we teenage boys, we
always push the boundaries.

- We, honey, newsflash!

Your teenage years
are way behind you.

- Though no one could ever tell.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.

This is awesome.

This is a cool shirt.

- Yeah, too cool for school.

Which by the way is what
I'm about to be late to.

- Yes, yes, yes, I'm
gonna drive you to school.

- Okay.

- Honey, I'm gonna go to the
food distribution center today.

Are you going into the office?

- Yep, and I can't wait
till this deal's done

so I can work from home.

- Thanks, love you too, Mom.

Yeah, then you won't have
to get all dressed up

like you are now, Dad.

- Oh, oh, oh, well I can't wait

till I drive you to school!


- [Mom] All right,
bye honey, love you.

- Bye.

- Oops, I almost forgot, oh!

(cheerful music)

It goes with my outfit
don't you think?

- Fashionista at 14?

Honey, relax, it's just school.

- Just school, Mom?

Just school.

- Yeah, let's go.

To just school.

(cheerful music)

- Did you brush
your teeth, nina?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Good, now go get your books

so that we're not
late for school, huh?

- Okay.

- [Hector] Do you have
my lunch baby, gotta go!

- Here you go, ah, ah, ah!

Are you forgetting something?


(heartfelt music)

Your keys.


Go, go, go, go, go!

You're gonna be late!

Okay, okay.

Bella come on we gotta go.

- Mom, you want me to be
head cheerleader right?

- Well, I want what you want,

so if you wanna be head
cheerleader, I guess so.

- And you want me to
be popular, right?

- Popular, I mean it's not

the most important thing, but.

- I'm just saying, to be
like the most popular girl,

I need to set standards for
the rest of my girlfriends.

They expect it.

- They do?

- Mom, I'm in yearbook
committee, in choir,

and soon I'll be a cheerleader.

So like I said...

- Well hold on, how
are your grades?

- Uh, As and Bs, mostly.

Maybe a couple of
Cs for balance,

but it's good enough
to make the squad

if that's what you
mean (giggles).

- Okay, that's not
exactly why I was asking.

Good grades are important.

- Not nearly as important as
being the head cheerleader

or popular, so.

- Okay, who gave you
these priorities?

- No one.

- Exactly.

(Emily laughs)
Not me, not your dad.

Drawn to the one

Who knows your name

To the one who holds

One day, you will see.

Popularity fades, but an
education stays with you.

- Really Mom, how cliche.

Did you see that on a poster

or needlepoint
pillow or something?

"Young lady, never
underestimate the value

"of proper education, it's so
much more important than..."

Oh, I don't know, being
popular and having friends.

- I can see that we need to
have a serious conversation.

Pencil me into your
schedule this week.

- Okay, um, there's
Di, I need to go.

- Okay, well um,
we're talking later.

Love you.

- Do you know you're
like a traffic hazard

hiding down there like that?

I was saving these for
myself, but, here you go.

- Wow, these are beautiful.

- Well they don't really match

whatever it is you're wearing,

but, yeah I guess.

- Thank you.

- No problem kid, just
make sure to vote for me

for head cheerleader, okay?

My name's Sparrow, like
the bird, Emily Sparrow.

- I'm Bella Sanchez.

- Look, I gotta run, but, make
sure you get those both on

and vote for me okay, bye.

Hey guys.

- Hey Emily.

- [Di] So guess what's
happening today.

- What?
- We have a pop quiz

in Ms. Trudy's class.

- [Emily] Yay...

- [Di] Oh, I know right?

- [Emily] No!

Ooh child let me make it easy

When your heart's on fire
and your hope's all gone

Woo child you
gotta take it easy

Someday soon you'll
be singing this song

You should wake
up with a smile

On your face, Monday, Tuesday

Every day, 'cause honey
I'm so happy for you

- Ah, excuse me, hi.

I'm not sure where
to put these things.

- Here, you can put
it right over here.

- Thank you.

- Are you Anna?

- Yes, Anna Sparrow.

- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Hi.

- I'm Charley, this is Maria.

- Hi Anna.
- Oh, hi.

- It's such a pleasure.

- Nice to meet you.

- Me and Maria have been
running this place on our own,

so it's nice to have a
volunteer come through.

- Well I am so glad to be here.

- It's so great
to have you here.

- Thanks, where do I start?

- Uh, Maria, why don't
you show her the ropes

and I'll take this back.

- Of course.
- Thanks.

- Right, this way.
- Okay.

- Did you say your
last name was Sparrow?

- Yeah.
- That's such a pretty name.

I love it.

- Thank you, and you're Maria.

- Yes.
- One of my favorite names.

Is that a family name?

- No, no, no.

My father only named me
that because it reminds him

of his favorite
Telenovela star (laughs).

- Oh no, what did your
mom think about that?

- Oh she always has to joke
around with him about it,

but I don't think
she really cared,

I just think it was another
way for her to complain.

(phone ringing)

- Oh sorry.


It's my daughter.

I'll call her back.

She's in the process
of trying to become

the most popular girl
at school right now.

Pretty much driving me crazy.

- Ah, you have daughter?

- Yeah.
- Me too.

Her name is Bella.

She's at school as well.

Do you have any other kids?

- [Anna] I do, I do, I have Max,

and uh, he's a great
kid but right now

he's in a little phase
that I like to call,

the world revolves around me.

- Yes, of course.

- Oh, you know it?

- Hmm-mm, if you ask my mother,
that phase never ends, see?

- [Anna] Oh don't tell me that.

- Come on I'll show you around.

- [Anna] Okay great, thanks.

- Okay, so you're telling me

that none of that
is a write-off?

It was a business expense.

I have a high stress
job that requires me

to get constant spa days.

- Hey Judy.

- Good morning Mr. Mike,
hold on, wait one second.

- [Mike] Yep?

- [Judy] You have
several messages here.

- Great, are they important?

- Not really.

- Was that your
accountant again?

- Yes.

- Spa days?

- They should be a write-off.

I only get them
because of my stress.

- Okay, are we still
on for 11:30?

- Yes, and Mr. Cho
is on his way.

- Great.

Spa days.

(cheerful music)

- What is all of this
stuff that's in the way?

- We lend this space to
a local theater company.

They have nowhere
else to rehearse, so.

- They perform in the main room.

Anna, can pass me the tongs?

- Sure.

- [Maria] They donate all
the proceeds to this kitchen,

they're a very big help.

- Ah, I had no idea.

- [Charley] It's hard to
tell, they don't have money

for advertising, so.

- The tongs.

- Oh, well how long have
they been doing this?

- Like two years now?

- Two years, wow.

How long have you
been doing this?

- [Charley] Uh, five years.

- Please the tongs, no, no, no!

- [Charley] Maria's
actually coming up

on her one year anniversary.

- Hmm-mm, this is true.

- Impressive, impressive.

- [Maria] It's the
least we can do.

Anna, please, the tongs.

- Tongs.

- [Maria] When I
first met Charley

she offered me the
opportunity to help.

- Oh.
- When I saw their faces,

I couldn't resist.

- Oh, how did you meet Charley?

- [Maria] Her brother
works with my husband.

The tongs, Anna, please.

- [Anna] Oh, I thought
got the tongs.

- So, Anna?

- Yeah?
- What do you think so far?

We know it's not super glamorous

but I think it's pretty fun.

- I think it's
amazing and I hope

that you'll have
me back sometime.

- I don't know, what
do you think Charley?

She is pretty slow, eh?

- She's a little slow.

- Oh come guys, I can do this!

- Okay, fine.
- Of course.

- We would love to have you.

- Welcome to the team!

- Thank you, thank you.

Hey, what are those?



- What you've created here,

with your DreamBuy app
is quite impressive.

Forward thinking for a
generation is our motto.

- Watch a show,
touch your product,

and have it delivered
to your doorstep.

Integrate with your
home utility bills,

car payments, repairs.

With up-to-the-minute

Order the tickets of
your show and hail a cab.

Basically, everything
you can think of.

All in one app.


- Thank you.

Well brick and mortar
is on the way out

and the internet's here to stay

and we bring the office to
you is kind of our motto.

- And it's a good one.

- Mike, we love what
are you doing here.

But 49% is not
acceptable for us.

In order for us to do

the kind of expansion
you're talking about,

we will need a kind of
primary partnership.

- Anna.
- Hey.

- Do you wanna do the
soup or the salad?

- Salad.


- Do you not cook?

- You know mostly I do take out,

I don't know, I just never
had a passion to cook.

What about you?


- I love to cook, my whole life
I've always wanted to cook.

My mother would teach me how

to make different
dishes all the time,

and there was this lesson
with every single one.

- That's nice.

- Yes, I think it was
her way of teaching me

the things I needed to know

without me knowing
she was doing it.


This is her book of recipes.

- Oh wow.

- Her mother handed it to her

and well she handed it to me.

Now I added some of my own.

I hope my little Bella, well,

I hope she wants to cook.

And I hope she learns as
much from this as I did.

- Well, primary partnership
is certainly acceptable.

If you're my partner
you would be the only,

so you would be the primary.

Primary ownership would
be something completely

different that I don't
think I'm willing

to move on at this time.

I mean we have put
a lot of time,

energy and money into the app.

- Well you do make
a valid point.

And of course we
mean no disrespect,

our consultants don't
believe you have the final

logistics in place, to handle
the final deliverables.

- Mike, please understand this.

We can make this a reality.

- Well, in all due respect,
it already is a reality.

- Three cities.

You are totally unproven
on a nationwide scale.

- Mike.

If you don't accept this,

I'm afraid we'll have to move
on to other opportunities.

Maybe even a competitor.

- Well, you gotta do
what you gotta do.

- It would break my heart

to go to one of
your competitors.

I know you rolled
the dice on this.

How much equity do you have?

- Put a second
mortgage on my house.

- Mike, we've talked
about this for months.

This deal will benefit this
company and your family.


- Well, I wanna thank
you both for coming,

and thank you so
much for traveling

all this way to come and see me.

Now if you don't
mind I'd like to,

I'd like to think about
it a little bit,

if that's okay.

- Sure, take as
much time as need.

- I'm gonna go watch
my son's baseball game.

Thank you.

- My son plays baseball too.

(gentle guitar music)

I know there's no end

To the ocean within

And I know what I need

To go a little farther

- Mmm, okay, this is so good.

How does Maria do it?

- I don't know, she's
such a blessing,

I mean, she's brightened
up this kitchen so much.

- You know, she should
open her own place.

- Oh I know, I told
her the same thing.

- You did?
- Yeah.

- (scoffs) She should.

- Yeah, seriously.

- Hey Pete, Mrs. Butler,

how are you doing today?

- Good Mike, thanks a lot, yeah.

- Great Mike, thanks,
how are you?

- I'm doing great too,
thank you very much.

So you got the package.

Did you understand it,
did you see how I believe

that my app can really
help your business,

cut costs, be more efficient,

create a very valuable
database for yourselves?

- Well, we have actually
looked over that extensively,

and we're pretty excited.

How fast can you move?

- Wow, well uh, how
fast do you need it?

- This is gonna be exciting

and we know it's
gonna be explosive,

that's why we don't wanna wait.

We wanna go live immediately.

- Immediately?

Well that's fantastic.

I am working on that
right now as we speak,

and I should have some
answers for you very shortly.

- Man, I was counting
on this to be long term,

and then just like that,
bam, it's all gone.

- [Worker] Wait
till I tell my wife

we're not getting a car anymore.

(indistinct chatter)

- What's going on, Mr. Styles?

- [Blair] How's
your wife, Hector,

and your little girl?

- Ah, they're okay, thank you.

Bella's so smart, she's like
an adult all of a sudden.

- [Blair] Please tell
them I said hello.

- Is everything all right?

What's this?

- It's your paycheck.

- But it's two
days until payday.

- Mr. Styles do you
want to tell him?

- What's to tell?

They canceled our contract.

No warning, nothing.

(soft guitar music)

- But the building's not done.

What about the
unfinished stores?

- [Blair] No one wants them.

- DreamBuy has some kind of,

developing a project
with a shopping app.

Which apparently will
destroy any chance

of us building more storefronts.

- Everyone is
shopping online now,

it seems like nobody goes
to the stores anymore.

- If there's no shoppers,
there's no stores.

If there's no stores,
there's no pre-leases.

If there's no pre-leases, the
investors get very nervous.

And just cut us off.


I have another check
for you, all right,

and Blair is gonna write you a
good recommendation and uh...

(sad music)

I'm sorry I couldn't do more.

- Me too.

- [Blair] Maybe something
soon though, right Mr. Styles?

- [Mr. Styles] Just
please, please

don't sugarcoat everything.

(sad music)

- Is there anything I
can get for you, sir?

- Mike.

- Sir Mike.

- Just Mike.

- Sorry.

- No, you can go home.

- Why, did I do something wrong?

- No, no, no.

It has nothing to do
with the spa or nothing,

don't worry about it.

- I don't have to write
off the spa day.

- Okay, okay.

- Okay.

Thank you.


Do you think the company
could reimburse?

- No!

(foreboding music)

- This can not be good.

Mi amore, what are you
doing home so early, hmm?


(foreboding music)

Why don't we go inside,

I will make you some coffee
and we'll talk, okay?


- Okay.

(sad music)

Construction on the shopping
center has been put on hold.

- I don't understand, I thought
the permits were in place.

That everything was
going so well.

- They don't have the
number of pre-leases

the investor requires
to go any further.

(sad music)

- Are you drinking again?

- No, it's just one
drink, baby it's okay.

No one is leasing
retail space anymore.

It could be a long time
before I find another job.

I'm worried about us, baby.

- It will be okay, Hector.

We always find a way.

God will show us the way, hmm?

Ah, A, E,

I, O, U

- And sometimes Y,

as in why are you
not on Broadway?

Little one, amazing,
beautiful and mature.

That, young children,
is how performs

a memorable and proper audition,

you would do well to
listen and learn.

You have such a mature sound.

How old are you?

- Nine.

- 29?

- No.

- 19?

- No!
- You're not 39,

that is too old for my school.

- Just nine.

- Just nine she says!

Are you pulling my leg, a joke?

What grade are you
in, fourth, fifth?

- Fifth.

- [Emily] Check out
her shoelaces.

- Aren't those the
ones I gave you?

- Wait, why would you
give her your shoelaces?

- Because hers broke.


- Might I have it quiet please?

This is a proper audition.

Emily Sparrow.

I'm quite surprised at you
young lady in particular.

You're next.

Up there, singing, singing.

(cheerful music)

Have you had any formal
training young lady?

- No, just my mom.

- Just your mom?

Not just, your mom is brilliant!

Have her call me, oh
I want to hire her

to teach these miscreants,
she has a talent.

I can get her a job
here, teaching them!

And can you read music as well,

those little squiggly lines?

- Not really, but I usually

can pick up melodies
pretty fast.

- Okay.

You would do well
in either my lower

or my upper division choir.

I would love for you to
sit in on advanced choir.

- Thanks so much.

- Okay, upper division
meets on Tuesday,

you may sit over there now.

Next to Emily Sparrow.

(cheerful music)

- [Emily] This is crazy.

- Thanks for the shoelaces.

- Oh, no problem.

- Yeah, you were great up there.

- Yeah, way to make it
harder for the rest of us.

- I voted for you,
I was the one.

- [Emily] Oh, thanks.

- All right, Mary Had a
Little Lamb in C please.

- Hey, what's wrong?

- Hi Anna, I just don't
think I'll be able

to volunteer here
for much longer.

I have to find a job, our
family really needs the money.

- You should open a restaurant.

You would be fantastic at that.

- (laughs) I could never
afford to do that Anna.

- I can make some calls,

I'd be happy to write you
a letter of recommendation.

Oh, you should be
feeding people!

- No, no, no, I
couldn't, I couldn't.

- You can.

- (laughs) It is impossible.

You're so crazy.

- Maria, you should
come over to my house

for dinner with
me and my family.

Bring Bella, she and Emily
can hang out, it'll be great.

- Dinner at your house?

- [Anna] Yes.

- Are you cooking?

I've tried your salad, nah.

- Oh, well, no, I
don't have to cook.

- Maybe I should cook.

- That's a deal.

- Perfect.
- Done.

- You're such a Neanderthal.

How can we even come
from the same parents?

- Just lucky, I guess.

- Okay, so I hope you
guys don't mind,

but, I was so busy cooking
down at the food kitchen today,

that I did not feel
like making dinner,

so I ran by and got
us some Chinese food,

the house special, I got the
fried rice, all the good stuff.

- Hey, it's all right with me

if you're too tired
to cook every day.

- What does that mean?

- Oh, uh, no, listen,

you make the best peanut
butter and jelly!

Oh, did you get those
wontons Emily likes?

- I got the wontons.
- Okay good.

- Mom, can we go shopping
today after dinner?

I want some new shoes.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait,

can we just maybe have
a family night tonight,

and just watch some movies?

Oh, oh, well that's the
first time you two

have agreed on
anything in months.

- You know what, I had
a great day today

down at the soup kitchen.

- Good, that's good.

- [Anna] How was your
conference call honey?

- Uh, that was fine, but the...

- Oh Dad, I got a
double and a triple.

- Oh, sweet!

It's gonna be soon
and you're gonna be

popping 'em over the fence.

- [Max] That's my dream.

- Oh, oh, oh, do not do that.


So, who wants to
hear about my day?

- Sure Mom.

- Well, I met this
amazing woman.

She is an incredible cook.

She makes this soup,
that it's so good,

it could really be served
down in Beverly Hills

at one of those
fancy restaurants,

but there we are,
in a soup kitchen.

Her name's Maria.

- Let me guess, it
was tortilla soup.

- That's rude, Max.

- Max, Maria is a great cook.

Oh, Emily she has a daughter
who goes to your school,

you should meet her.

Oh, actually, I invited
them to come over for dinner

and Margaritas on Friday.

- You, you're gonna
cook for someone?

- No, no, no.

Maria is going to cook for us
out of her family cookbook.

It's gonna be great.

Yeah, oh, honey, you're in
charge of the Margaritas though.

- Oh heck I can do that.

- So what's the
girl's name again?

- Bella.

I think.

- Bella.


Oh, I almost forgot.

- What?

- Only the biggest news
of the whole year!

- I doubt it.

- You know what?

I need a wonton.

- Nice shot.

Here we go again, drama queen.

- All right, all right, what's
this earth-shattering news?

- Okay, so you guys are looking
at the new head cheerleader

of the Gators' cheer squad!


- Oh, hey, that's fantastic!

I know you really wanted that.

- Thanks.

- Who'd you have to pay?

- The whole school votes.

But listen to this,
I won by one vote,

you should've seen
Charlene's face.

- One vote (claps), who cares.

- Be nice to your sister,
you only got a double.

- Yeah so now I'm like
the most popular girl

in the whole school, so.

- I suppose you are honey.

- By like one vote.


- (sighs) Sorry I'm late.

- [Bella] Papa, you're home!

(speaking foreign language)

- [Anna] Are you
hungry, I have tacos.

- Tequila?

- Hey, you're really funny eh?

- It was not a good day.

I couldn't find work.

I looked everywhere.

- Well, you are home
and you are safe.

Tomorrow's another day.

I'm sure you will
find work then, hmm?

- Si.

- Si, papa, you are
a great craftsman.

People will start
hiring you tomorrow.

- You are right, mija.

- I hope so.

- I'll get you some water.

- Okay, come here.

Oh, you're getting so big!

I'm putting your
lips to God's ears.



- Okay.

- Okay, enough of
my complaining,

tell me something
good, some good news.

- I made choir, upper division.

- That's wonderful, mija.

See there?

Made your old sad papa smile.


(speaking foreign language)

- I made a new friend
today at the food bank.

- I see.

- Her name is Anna.

Her daughter goes
to Bella's school.

She invited us over
for dinner sometime.

Would you like that, mija?

- Yeah.

- You make friends so easily.

- So do you Papa.

- Ah, not really angel.

- I'm more like you Papa.

But I made new
friend today, too.

- [Hector] Yeah?

- She gave me these cool laces.

- What did she want for those,

did she try to
sell those to you?

- No Papa, I broke my laces,

and she just gave them to me.

She told me to vote for
her for head cheerleader.

And I did, and you
know what Papa?

- [Hector] What, mija?

- She won by one vote.

It was my vote!

- That is good to
hear, mi amore.

- You're just like your mother.

Which I am very thankful for.

- Bueno, tacos, hmm?

- Hmm, si.

- I made your favorite.

Corn tortillas!

- Oh no, hide me
Bella, hide Dad!

Hide Papa, ah!

No tortillas!

- Here you go.

- Oh hey listen.

I've got something
pretty serious

I've gotta talk to you about.

- The vacation in Maui?

- No, hardly.

But I don't wanna say
anything in front of the kids,

so, will you meet me out back?

- Sure.
- Okay.

- Sounds serious.

- Come on!

- [Maria] Are you sure you're
done with your homework?

- [Both] Yes!

- Okay, daddy's gonna beat you,

Daddy's, wait!

How did you?

You gotta give me chance here!

- Hey, that's no fair!

- And he pulls ahead,
and he, and he, victory!

I am the winner!

- Hector, you glorify
beating a little girl

in this game too much, stop it!

- What?

- It's okay Mama, I
beat him the last game.


- She always beats me!

- But Papa does play some tricks

on me though.
- Hmm-mm.

- I do not play tricks!

- Yes you do!

- No more Hector, come on,
Bella has school tomorrow.

To bed my little racer.

(video game beeping)

Hector, I said no!

(speaking foreign
language), let's go!

- Mama, por favor,
one more game.

- Please!

- No, (speaking foreign
language), to bed!

- Sorry, baby.

- [Maria] Now bounce.

You too, eh!

- Me too?

You too, come here!

- [Maria] Ah, no
Hector (giggles)!

Put me down, later, stop that.

(footsteps approaching)

- [Anna] Hey, here you go.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

So, you're really
making me nervous.

Am I gonna need something
stronger than this?

- Maybe.

(foreboding music)

- [Anna] Honey
you're scaring me,

I don't know what's going on.


- I...

need to tell you, Mrs. Sparrow,

that you are the
most beautiful woman

I have ever laid eyes on.

And you are the
most amazing wife

a man could ever
wish for, and you,

are the most wonderful mother

two kids could ever
be blessed with.

- Is that what you wanted
to talk to me about?

- That's it.

- Ah!


- I just thought it was
important that you hear it.

- It is.


You know what Mr. Sparrow?

- What?

- 17 years ago my dad
was wrong about you.

He's still wrong.

I love you.

- And I love you.

More, I'm the winner.


- You're such a loser!
- I'm the winner,

I'm the winner!


- I love you, loser.
- I love you, too.

- Mi amore?

- Hmm?

- I want you to know
why I was so late today.

- Was it that nasty
girlfriend of yours again?

- No.

She still sleeps
with me right here.


Come here.

(soft moaning)

- You know Bella worries.

She thought something
horrible happened.

Such an imagination on nina.

I swear you let her play
too many video games.

- Ah, she's fine.

(calming music)

I must've went to
10 different places

looking for work today.

- You know I can start
looking too, mi amore.

- No, I don't want you to work.

You take care of me,
Bella, the house.

That's enough.

- You shouldn't
have bought my car.

Our savings are gone.

- I know, I know.

- Well, we will figure
it out together, hmm?

- Together.

- Just promise me we
won't have to move again.

Bella loves her school.

- We'll be fine.

- What's the worst
that can happen?

Sack lunches?

Ay, corn tortillas every night.

- God I hope not!

- Ah!

- What, I'm just kidding,
I'm just kidding.


- You drive me crazy.

- Good, 'cause I'm
nuts over you.

(upbeat music)

- Come here!

When the clouds rolled in

Your heart got broke

Those dreams you dreamed

Turned into jokes

Guess you could say

You're having a bad day

Things were moving fast

Didn't ground to a halt

When it all went south

It was all my fault

Look closer and you'll see

That silver lining
for you and me

Oh after the storm

We'll put our
lives back together

Or out of the
goodness in our hearts

Stop blaming it on the weather

Wipe away the tears

Begin the healing of the pain

Yeah after the storm

We're gonna dance in the rain

Yeah after the storm

We're gonna dance in the rain

- What's going on,
is everything okay?

- My husband, he lost his job.

- Maria, I'm so sorry.

- Apparently the
contract his company

was under got canceled.

They laid off my brother too.

- He is a very proud man.

He will do anything to
provide for his family.

I'm worried he'll
start drinking again.

He's been so strong.

- He used to have a
drinking problem.

He's been sober for
a few years now.

- Maria, I'm so sorry.

I'm here if you need me,
if you need anything.

- Thank you Anna,
that means a lot.

(foreboding music)

- Hey, you work
here at DreamBuy?

- Yeah.

- Are you hiring?

Because I do remodeling and
I'm very good with electrical.

- Yeah, I just, no I don't
have anything right now.

- I could do other stuff, too.

I'm pretty good with computers.

- You know man, I'm
so sorry, I just,

I just got nothing.

- Look, I just really
need a job, you know.

I really need someone
to give me a chance.

(car door slamming)

- Good afternoon, gentlemen.

- [Mike] Officer.

- Is there a problem here?

- No, no, he was just
looking for a job.

- Yeah, just looking for a job.

- Well, are you two done now?

- Yeah.

- So, are you good?

- I'm good.

Are we still on for
tomorrow's game?

- Come on Mike, I got you, okay?

I'm your ringer, I got you.

- Yeah, listen I also
need a couple more

of your buddies if
you got any more

to come out, I got, I'm down.

- All right, I'll talk to
my boss, she likes sports.

So I have you covered.

- Excellent, bring
whoever you can bring.

- Oh, (speaking
foreign language).

I wish this was my size.

- Yes that would look
great on you Maria.

- Bella, isn't this cute.

Stand, mija, let
me see if it fits.

- It's beautiful.

May I try it on Mama?

- Maybe when we get home, nina.

- Oh Maria, yes you
may try it on.

Go right down the hall.

- This is so nice of you Anna.

Are you sure you don't mind
giving these things to Bella?

- Not at all, I love
seeing the smile

on that little girl's face.

- Ay, this is precious.

- This was Emily's
baptism dress.

Oh, wow, I didn't
know it was in there.

You know we always kind of
hoped we might have one more.

- I'm sorry.

- Let's see what else is in here

for Bella.
- Yes.

- (gasps) Oh!

- Mom, I'm home.

- Oh, in here honey.

- Is that Emily?

- Yeah.

Emily, this is my friend, Maria,

that I told you about, remember?

- Yeah, hi, I'm Emily.

- Hello.

You're just as pretty
as your mother said.

- [Anna] Oh yes.

- [Emily] Thank you.

- [Anna] Yes, she is.

- [Bella] I love it.

- Ay, look what a
princess, come here!

- Oh and this is Maria's
daughter Bella.

- Um, yeah, we met I
gave her my shoelaces.

- Oh, yeah?

- This is your new friend, mija?

- Isn't that my old dress?

- Why, yes, it is.

You know what, you always
looked so beautiful in that,

I thought it'd be
nice if someone else

got to use it, don't you?

- (sighs) Yeah, I guess.


- Why don't you take Bella
and show her your room,

I'm sure she would
love to see it.

- All right, come on.

- Go have fun, mija.

- So cute.

- I wish Bella could
have had a sister.

She doesn't say it but
I know she is lonely

most of the time.

- Oh...

- Well, let's see.

Ay, this would look good on you.

- Well thank you, I
wore it last night.

- So uh, are we gonna
wipe the diamond

with the dudes on the
other team today?

- What?

- What do you mean what?

- Don't, please don't.

- Dude listen, honestly,

you trying to act
tough is like me

convincing everybody
I do ballet.

- I get an A for trying, right?

- [Both] No!

- Well an A minus?

- No.
- All right, look,

a B plus, solid B plus.

- Stop.

- Looks like you're
missing a few players,

can I play?

- I'm sorry sweetheart, we
don't play girly-ball here.

- We don't, but he does.

Hey do you wanna
play in his spot?

Wait, wait, come back, I rest.

Please, I beg you.

- Mike.

I almost forgot man,
I ran those plates.

That truck that was
in your parking lot?

- [Mike] Oh yeah.

- Belongs to this guy
named Hector Sanchez,

first generation
legal, wife, kid.

Had a couple of DUls
a couple of years ago.

But nothing recent, so.

Lives near the barrios,

I wouldn't worry
about it too much.

Oh, we need, hey fellas
we need to get going huh?

- Oh yeah yeah yeah.

Well I'll just go in
and grab some waters

and then we'll get out of here.

- Food, yeah?

All right, one second!
- No, no food.

(touching music)

- You told your mom
we're friends?

- Sorry, I thought you liked me.

I voted for you.

- Yeah.

I guess it would be cool to
have a little kid around.

- Would you like some iced tea?

- Yes please.

- All right.

- Hey, oh uh Maria,
this is Dwayne,

Dwayne this is Maria.

- Hi, very nice to
meet you Maria.

- [Maria] Nice to meet you.

- You have a beautiful smile.

- [Maria] Thank you.

- [Mike] Just grabbing
some waters for the game.

- [Anna] All right,
you're gonna need it.

- Yes, thank you.
- It's hot out there.

- See you later.
- Okay bye!

- [Maria] Bye, good luck!

- Pleasure to meet you.

- [Maria] Likewise.

(upbeat music)

- Hey I thought we
were playing ball,

you guys are all there is?

Come on Miller, where
are the others?

- Mike, meet my boss,
Officer Jane Santana.

- Hi, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.

- I thought the game
was in 30 minutes?

This is the team?

(soft music)

- Uh, no, the rest of 'em are
all meeting us at the field.

- [Jane] Okay.

- So uh, what position, uh,
where do you wanna play?

- Third, short, whatever.

I'm an in-field gal.

- I'm sorry, Santana, short,

yeah we agreed that I'm
a shortstop on this team.

She just said short...

- Yes she did and no you're not,

and it may not seem like it,

but I need you to calm down,

'cause Santana's just
one of the guys, okay?

- All-American
shortstop in college.

- Look, there you have it.

We found our shortstop.

- Just wonderful.

- (laughs) Hey, this is great.

- Don't touch me.
- I'm sorry, all right,

let's go, let's get to the
field, pick up the bag.

- Yeah, there's a lot of
chit-chat happening...

- You know my shoulder
was hurting anyway, so,

I'll just, I'll DH.

- [Anna] Hey Charley.

- Hey.
- Where's Maria?

- Uh, she got a job offer,

so she's at the interview today,

so it looks like it's
just you and me.

- I don't understand why you
had to be here so early today.

- 'Cause we have
cheerleading practice

and we said we were
gonna be here at seven.

There's Di, I need to go, bye.

- Bye.

(slow piano music)

- Perfect.

- Hey, you're here early.

- Anna, hi.

I've got to get to my new job.

- Ah, great!

- [Bella] I'll meet you back
here after school, okay?

- I won't be done till
about four, mija.

- School's out at 2:45!

- I know.

- Okay, how about this,

I can pick you up
today after school

and take you to my house

and then your mom can
pick you up there later.

- Anna, you...

- No it'll be fine, she
can do her homework.

I can get her a
snack or something.

It'll be fun.

- Would you like that Bella?

- Yeah that would be cool.

- Great, okay, I've
gotta get this,

I will see you here at 2:45.

- I will see you at four.

(slow music)

Now, I will be here all day if
you need me, okay, mi amore?

- I know.

- What is it?

- It's kind of embarrassing.

You in the lunch line.

You know.

- No, I don't know.

I am doing all I can
for our family, Bella.

And I'm going to be
cooking some good food

for your new friends.

You should be proud
of your mama, hmm?

- Mom, you know I barely
have any friends.

Well maybe one or
two, but still.

- We will talk about
it later, hmm?

(speaking foreign language),

now get to class, go!

(speaking foreign language)

(sad music)

(phone ringing)

- Hi Anna, is everything okay?

- Hi Maria, I'm so sorry,

I forgot to ask where
your new job is.

- I'm cooking.

- Where?

- Do you promise not to tell?

Bella is so embarrassed.

- If it's fast food
it better be Mexican,

I will be there.

- No, nothing like that.

I think I'm going
to really like it.

- The suspense is killing me.

- The school.

Today is my first day.

Honestly I'm very
excited about it.

- You should be.

- Anna promise me you
won't tell anyone.

I couldn't bear to
have Hector know.

He's such a proud man, and
he's struggling to find work.

He couldn't bear to see
me work if he can't.

- I understand, but I'm
sure Bella's excited

that you're there.

- I have a feeling she's
going to try to ignore me.

- Well, girls will be girls.

Mum's the word.

You know what though,
I'm very proud of you.

- Thank you Anna,

and thank you for picking
up Bella after school,

I think that she's
going to avoid

a lot of embarrassment, huh?

- Well I adore her,
so take your time,

and I'll see you around four.

- Gracias, bye.

- Bye.

(school bell ringing)

- Emily, do you know
this little girl?

- Be nice, Di.

- Remember my one vote?

- Yeah.

- Well this is
Bella, my one vote.

- I thought I was your one vote?

- Well, I was counting
on your vote.

- That's great, I thought
I was your one vote.

- [Emily] Oh...

- Hmm, that's funny,

because you told me I
was your one vote.

(sad music)

(faint chattering)

- Are you ready to go?

- Don't we have to
wait for Emily?

- She likes to walk
home with her friends.

Do you have a lot of homework?

- I finished it all at lunch.

- Don't you hang out with
your friends at lunch?

Oh, why don't we
do something fun

while we wait for your
mom to pick you up?

What would you like to do?

- Sometimes after school me and
my mom like to make cookies.

- All right, cookies it is.

Bella, I can't believe you know

how to make such
delicious cookies.

- It's not really that hard,

the trick is cinnamon mixed
with a little bit of nutmeg.

- Nutmeg, really?

- Mmm-hm, my mom says it
makes it taste like Christmas.

- Mmm, you're right.

It does taste like Christmas.

- I think so too.

- You're a funny little girl.

- You're a funny little lady.

- (gasps) Really, come on,
let's have some more cookies.

Cheers, ping!


- Hey Ms. Sparrow.

Smells like Christmas in here.

- Are you teaching this little
girl how to bake cookies?

- Well actually she's
teaching me how to bake.

- These are really good.

- Who, who is this
little girl again Emily?

- This is Bella remember?

My one vote.

- No, no I don't
remember, sorry.


Wow Max, I love that sweater.

- Hey pipsqueak, is
this your doing?

- It is.

- Dude, those are unhealthy.

- Shut up, Di.

- Hey Max, wanna go play
video games after this?

- Don't think I can
man, got homework.

- What games do you play?

- You're kidding right?

- I like racing games.

- What, no cooking games?

- Ignore her, Bella,
it's real easy.

- At least my mom's
not a cafeteria worker.


- Nice going Di.

- What?
- I'll go after her.

- You know what, I think
it's time for you all to go,

I'm sure you have homework.

- [Di] Yeah, no, I get the hint.

Bye Emily.

- Bye.

- What's her problem?

- I don't know anymore.

(sad music)

(video game beeping)

(door knocking)

- Hola, Emily.

- Hey.

- I'm here to pick up Bella.

- Oh, okay, she's on the couch

and my mom's in the kitchen.

- Ah, perfect.
- Okay.

- Hola, Anna.

- Oh, hi Maria.


- Gracias.

Mmm, smells like
Christmas in here.

- Well we have had a
wonderful time making cookies,

Bella and me.

- She loves to cook.

- Really, I cannot imagine
where she got that.


- I can't thank you enough

for picking Bella
up after school.

I will make new
arrangements once I can.

I promise.

It's just, it was my first day.

- Bella is welcome
here, any time.


- Gracias, Anna.

- Of course.

- Do you like fresh salsa?

- Yes.

- May I use these?

- Of course.

- May I?

- Of course.

My casina, is your casina.

(speaking foreign language)


- Hmm, you see.

It is a good one.

- Oh, si.


- Lemons?

- Oh, we have tree
in the backyard.

- Ah, Bella, mi amore,

run out back and pick
some fresh lemons

from the tree, huh?

- Si, Mama.

- [Maria] I'm making some
fresh salsa for our friends.

- [Emily] Now I'm
gonna beat you.

- Hurry Bella!

- [Max] Ah come on!

- You know, now that
I think about it,

you may need this more than me.

- Ah, what are you
trying to say?

- You're not a cook, Anna.

- You're right, you
know me so well.

I'll put this where it belongs.

- Okay.

- Yeah, oh!

Got it girl.


(upbeat music)

- Hola mi amore, remember
my new friend, Anna,

I told you about, well
I'm at her house,

just helping her out
with a few things,

so I'll see you at
home later okay?

I love you (smooching).

It's so nice to see
Bella having fun huh?

- Yeah.

Maria there's something
I need to tell you,

something that happened
here before you got here.

- [Bella] Is this enough?

- That looks just fine, mija.

Why don't you go back in

and have some fun
with the kids, eh?

I'll call you if I need anymore.

Bella, (speaking
foreign language).



- Oh, got it!

(upbeat music)

- (speaking foreign language),

she must've been so embarrassed.

Why would another child
say something like that?

- I don't know
what to say Maria.

You know teenage girls,
they're just so unpredictable.

I think Di was feeling left out,

so she just lashed out,
the only way she knew how.

I'm sure she's sitting at home

feeling horrible
about it right now.

- I don't know.

I hope you are right.

- Well if it's any consolation,

Bella looks like she's
having a pretty good time

out back right now.

- That is true.

(calm music)

- Hey I know.
- Hmm?

- Let's sing that
song you taught me.

- [Maria] What song?

- Maria!

- [Maria] Ay, no Anna!

- Yeah come on.
- Not again!

- [Anna] How does it start?


I just met a girl named Maria

(door banging)

- [Hector] Maria, I
know you're here.

- Hector, what is he doing here?

(door banging)

- You wait here.

- [Maria] No, no,
I'll go Anna, please.

- [Hector] Maria, come out!

(door banging)

- What is going on?

- I wanna see Maria.

- No.

- I wanna see my family, now.

- You need to leave.

- Maria!

- Maria, don't...

- Hector, Hector what's
wrong, mi amora?

- Get Bella, let's go,
I wanna go home now.

- Okay, but Bella has
a new friend Emily.

- There's no time, come
on, there's no time.

Bella, Bella come on,
we're going, let's go!

- Okay, Hector, mi amora.

Let me grab Bella
and my purse, okay?

I'll be right back.

Don't move.

- Maria!
- It's okay.

- Maria it is too dangerous,

don't go!
- No, I'm his wife,

he needs me.

- We can go now, come on.

- Okay but Hector,
Hector stop, please.

- What?
- Give me the keys.

- I'm fine, come on!

- You are drunk, Hector.

- I told you I'm fine,
let's go, get in the truck.

- We are with Bella,
don't do this,

this is not like you, please.

- Don't worry, it's fine.

- Hector, por favor.

Hector, no.

Give me the keys.

- It's fine, okay, come on.

- [Maria] Hector no.

Hector get over here
and give me the.

- [Rick] Hey, Maria,
who is this guy?

- Hey, hey, hey, what do
you think you're doing

huh, putting your
hands on my wife.

- [Rick] You're getting
in my face, huh?

- Yeah, I'm getting
in your face,

you're gonna touch my wife, huh?

- I'm calling the cops

right now!
- Yeah you call 'em, 'cause

you're gonna need 'em.
- Stop it, stop!

I can handle this, I'm fine.

- Are you sure?

- Yes.

Mi amora, remember the other day

when we were talking
about Bella,

about having friends?


She has some friends now.

And she's happy.

I know you want her to be happy.

So let her stay, with Anna.

Okay, we'll be back for her.


- Okay.

(calming music)

(speaking foreign language)

- You stay with Anna okay?

Papa and Mama are
just gonna go talk,

we'll be right back for you.

I love you.

Hey, remember what I taught you?

I love you baby.

Okay, Anna?

- Yes, yes.

- Thank you.

- [Bella] I love you Daddy.

- [Hector] Oh come
here princess,

Daddy loves you so much.

Mommy and me will be
back in a few minutes,

you be good okay?

- Okay, go with Anna.

Thank you Anna.

- Be careful.
- I will call you.

(upbeat music)

Hector, please stop the
car and give me the keys,

I will drive you anywhere

you want to go,
mi amore, please.

- I give you everything.

I give this family everything.

And where do I find you, huh?

Cleaning for these people?

- No, no, Hector,
that is not true!

- I worked too hard for my wife

to be a servant for anybody!

- Anna is my friend, and Bella,

Bella has a new friend in Emily,

she gave her the shoelaces,

you know about the shoelaces.

- [Hector] We don't
need any friends,

and we don't need any shoelaces,

we're not a charity case.
- Hector!

- I can provide for my family,

I don't need them!
- That is not what I'm saying,

I know you can provide,
mi amore, I trust you.

I've always known
that, but right now

I need you to stop
the car, please,

Bella is waiting
for us, mi amore,

we need to go back to her.

- You and I are gonna
finish talking about this

before I go back and get her.

- I need you to calm
down, mi amore.

- I am calm.

- Please just stop the car!

Mi amore, don't do this to us!

- He just wanted to talk to me.

- It's gonna be okay, okay?

- What are you doing here?

- Haven't you done
enough already?

- I came to apologize.

- Well it's not the right time.

- I never should've said
what I said earlier.

Okay, it's not nice
to hurt a friend.

Would you forgive me.

- Yeah.

- Good.

Hey, you've been crying.

It wasn't what I said was it?

- Don't flatter yourself, Di.

- Her dad came by the
house and he was drunk,

and then her parents got
in a fight and ran out.

- I don't know what
was wrong with him,

he never acts like that.

- Yeah, I know.

I'm sorry sweetie.

I'm sure that your
dad loves you a lot.

It's just sometimes
when people drink

they do things that they
wouldn't do otherwise.

- Oh, that's sweet Di,

but as always, you talk about
stuff you don't know about.

- My dad's the same way.

Why do you think I
hang out here so much?

I'm here for you.

(gentle music)

- Please talk to me, help
me understand, Hector.

- Because I failed us, okay?

Because I failed you.


I can't provide for the family.

I can't find a job.

I let you down.

I let Bella down.

- Do you know why I
fell in love with you?

It was because of your soul.

Because of your heart.

Your determination.

And that is why I know
everything's going to be okay

I trust you with everything.

You and Bella mean
the world to me.

I love you both
more than my life.

And I know you are a proud man.

But even the proudest
man needs help.

I love you, Hector.

- I need help.

- Now I need you to pull the
car over and give me the keys,

so I can go get Bella, okay?


(brakes squeaking)

(cars crashing)

(police siren wailing)

(video game beeping)

- [Max] Go left.

- [Troy] I'm going right.

- [Max] Have fun with that.

- Why would you go right?

- Because, you're dead!

- Check again.

- What?

- Oh, I went, and you left.

- Should've gone left man.

- Hacker.

- Yeah, just keep going.

- But is there a cheat?

Is there a cheat?

- Uh, so what's going on?

Have you guys heard from
Bella's parents yet?

- No, not yet, but Officer
Miller's out looking for 'em.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna get Bella.

Hey, you look tired young lady,

why don't we go to Emily's room

and get you ready for bed?

- Okay.

- Okay, come on.

- Yay, sleepover.

(unsettling music)

- Hey, honey why don't
you just sit down and,

I mean Miller's on it,
it'll be all right,

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Oh, here's Miller now.

Hey Miller, come on in.

- Hey, thank you.

Hi Anna.

- What happened?

- It's not easy
to tell you this,

we got a call about an hour ago,

there was a really bad
accident downtown.

- [Jane] The Sanchezes were
pronounced dead on the scene.

- Have you contacted
any family yet?

- [Dwayne] We've been trying
to locate next of kin,

but we haven't been
able to as of yet.

- What about Bella,

what's gonna happen with her.
- We'll have to take her

with us until we can
find any family.

She'll be with Child
Protective Services.

They'll place her
with a foster family

for now.
- No!

- No, would it be okay if
Bella just stayed here,

at least just for the night.

- Yeah, Dwayne, come
on, Officer Santana,

I mean she's already asleep.

- Mike you know if
it were up to me.


- Please?

- For tonight only,
that's the best we can do.

- Thank you, thank you.

- I'm sorry.

- See you tomorrow.

- All right.

- [Anna] They wanna take Bella
and put her with strangers.

Isn't there something we can do?

- I'll see what we can do.

It's a good thing you
were here to watch her.

- I can't help thinking,

what if they hadn't been
here in the first place.

- No you can't think like that.

Now, from what I saw, Maria's
husband was a troubled man.

Now you can't do
anything about that.

You're her friend, you're
doing what you can.

- How did Dwayne
know about Hector?

- Well Hector had
come by the office

and was looking for work

and, well when I
didn't have any, um,

he got a little agitated
and Dwayne was there,

but I think he'd been
drinking a little.

It's just hard to believe.

- I just spoke to her yesterday.

- (laughs) Oops.

You weren't supposed
to see that.

- I love you.

- I love you too Mom,
what's going on?

- There was an accident.

- Max?

- No, no Max is fine.

Bella's parents were killed
in a car crash last night.

- Well what's gonna happen to
Bella, can she stay with us?

- We don't know.

Thanks for being
so sweet to her.

(doorbell ringing)

- Right on time.

- Honey, will you keep
Bella in your room?

- Yeah, yeah.

(sad music)

- Come on in.

- How you doing Mike?

- Morning Mike, of course
you know why we're here.

- [Dwayne] Hey guys.

- Yeah, yeah we
were expecting it.

- Have you all spoke
with the minor?

- Bella, her name is Bella.

- I know Anna, I'm sorry,
it's just protocol,

doing what's required.

- I know listen Dwayne, it's
just not helping at all,

has anybody found
any of the family?

- Well we're still trying to
locate Mr. Sanchez' mother

or sister, so till then.

- My wife is seeing
what she can do,

but, these things take time.

They may have to,
at least for now.

- She's just a little girl.

You can't just take her,
please don't take her.

- [Mike] Really is this
necessary, I mean honestly.

- It's nothing personal Mike,

it's just the way
things are done.

- Bella's parents just died,

she's here with
people who she knows

and who care about her.

You wanna tear her away
and put her with strangers.

How can you be so heartless?

- Shh, shh.

- Do you even have kids?

- Anna, that's not fair.

Officer Santana is just...

- No, it's okay Miller,

I'm gonna wait out on the porch.

And yes, I do.

- What if you don't
find her family?

- We'll deal with that
when the time comes,

but right now Anna,
my hands are tied.

- Well is there
anything we can do?

- Yeah, Tori put some
calls in, but it was late.

You know she's hoping to
hear back soon so we...

(phone ringing)

One sec guys, sorry.

(phone ringing)

All right, it's Tori.

- Mama, mama?

- I'm sorry guys, I tried.

- Why are the policemen here?

Is someone in trouble?

- All right Tori spoke to a
friend from the DA's office,

all right she's gonna
pull some strings...

I'm sorry Mike, I thought
she was outside playing,

I didn't...

- That's okay, Bella,

would you mind going
back into Emily's room

for a little bit?

- Okay.

- [Mike] Thank you.

- Let's go watch some movies.

- Thank you so much.

- All right, so,
according to Tori's friend

at Child Protective Services,

if I represent her,
which I'm willing to do,

I can provide due process

without her having to leave
the Sparrow's domicile.

- You know, that's fine,
that's fine with me.

You gotta know Mike, I
didn't wanna take her.

- I know, I know.

- Thank you.

- [Rick] Good luck you two.

- Rick.

(sad music)

- Thanks for breakfast kiddo.

(Bella laughs)

Hey guys.

- Thanks Rick.

- (sighs) Hey.

- Rick is funny.

- Funny, really?

- Yeah, are you
tired Ms. Sparrow?

- Yeah, I'm very tired.

- You should get some rest
before my mom gets here.

- Honey we need to tell you why

the police officer was here.

But first I want you to
promise me something.

Promise me that if there's
anything that we say

that you don't understand,
that you'll let us know, okay?

- I promise.

- And I want you to know how
much everyone here loves you.


- Honey.

The reason why the
police showed up

is there was an accident,

and, um...

your parents were in the crash.

- Can I see them?

- No.

Honey, they're not coming back.

They're in Heaven now.

(sad music)

- [Emily] How would you like
me to fix your hair, sweetie?

- My mom used to fix it for me,

she knew how to make
it look just like hers.

- Well let's see if I
can make your hair

just as pretty as
your mom's okay?

- [Anna] Hey.

- Hey, how are they doing?

- Okay, considering.

Emily's helping Bella get ready.

This is gonna be a
long day, honey.

- That's for sure.

- What is this?

it's a place where you
can put obituaries

and memorials and things, and I,

I just thought maybe
if I put a page up

for Bella and her parents
that some of her family

might see it somewhere.

- That's a great idea,
thanks for doing that.

Maybe we can add
some pictures later.

- Mm-hmm, perfect.

- I'm really proud of you.

It's almost time to go.

- Okay.
- I'll go get the girls.

- Right.

(sad music)

- You look very
pretty, Miss Bella.

- As pretty as my mom?

- As pretty as
your mom, sweetie.

- Hey, you look very pretty,

and you too sis.

Come on, Mom and
Dad are waiting.

Why oh why

Was now the time

I'm so scared

I'm about to cry

So tell me

Why is it that you must go

I didn't wanna let you go

I wasn't ready for the tide

I didn't even know

God knows

That I tried

To hold on, take
your hand, tell me now

How's Heaven

Don't make this any harder

Lord help me now

You're getting even farther

Oh help me out

(sad music)

- Hey guys.
- Hey Rick.

- I'll take this in and
get it set for lunch.

All right?

- Hi.

- Oh hey, thank you
both for coming.

The service was really
beautiful, thank you.

- Yes, it was, when I
watched you and Maria

work side by side
at the food pantry

I knew the two of you'd
become very close friends.

And when you told me
that Maria and Hector

didn't have a church
family, well,

I knew this was something
that I was called to do.

- Thank you.

- Come on in.

- Thank you, after
you sweetheart.

(sad music)

I also know that there's
something troubling you.

Something more than the
sadness of a friend's funeral.

Mike came to see me yesterday.

He was worried about you.

Not many people know this,

but Susan and I
know the emotions

that you're going
through right now.

- We never told anyone
in the congregation.

There was a young woman,

she was a relative of a
family from the church,

well she was
considering giving up

her unborn baby for adoption.

Felt like a dream come true.

- Well after years of watching

so many members of the
congregation have children,

and experience the blessings
of what a family brings,

Susan and I knew that
we were ready to have

the family of our own.

- But when I found out
I couldn't, well,

when things proved
difficult for us,

we started thinking
about adopting.

So when this young
woman came to Dave,

it just, it seemed meant to be.

I fell in love with that baby
before she was even born.

We both did.

- Yeah.

- So even though I knew
I should be patient,

when we found out it
was going to be a girl

I just, I couldn't help myself,

I just started imagining
having a daughter.

We painted the nursery pink,

we even picked out
a name, Gabrielle.

- But when the time came,
the young woman decided

that she couldn't
go through with it,

and she wanted to keep the baby.

As a pastor I was thrilled
with her decision, but,

as a husband it was one
of the hardest things

I've ever had to go through.

- And I wasn't sure if
I'd ever really get over

the emptiness in my heart.

- And that's why I
called Pastor Dave

so that, you know, he
maybe could talk to us

a little bit about
what we talked about

and give us some guidance.

- [Dave] I went to see Officer
Santana yesterday afternoon.

- You did?

- Yeah, I mean, her
family has been coming

to our church for years,
so I was able to vouch

for you and Mike.

I can't promise anything, but...

What is it?

I thought this was
something you wanted,

I mean Mike told me how
much Bella means to you.

- No it is, it is, I just,

I wanna be sure we
do what's right.

- Well, how could it be wrong
if you love her so much?

- I don't know.

Maybe we're being selfish?

Maybe it's not in
Bella's best interest.

- Well there it is.

The answer's in your heart.

- God is always listening.

I mean, you know
that, right Anna?

- Yes, I just wish He'd
tell me what to do.

Just give me the answer.

- He already has.

- I love Bella.

Is that my answer?

- You know it is.

What God's planned for you
is, is beautiful and simple.

(heartfelt music)

You gonna be okay?

- Yeah.

- [Susan] And you can call me
if there's anything I can do.

- Thank you, I will.

- [Susan] Okay, take care.

- Thanks for everything.

- [Susan] Of course.

- See ya.
- See ya.

- [Mike] I'm gonna
go check on Rick.

- May I help you?

- I am Carmen Espinosa.

- Hi.

- I am, I was Hector
and Maria's neighbor.

I brought Bella's things.

I think that she may be
more comfortable, she can...

- We're about to have lunch,

why don't you please join us?

- Bella is a very special girl.

We know she has no one.

I'm happy to see that you
and your lovely family

are going to look after her.

- Would you like to see
her before you go?

- No.

- Thank you.

- Feeling good about what
Pastor Dave and Susan said?

- I am.

- Kids, there's
something your mom

and I need to talk to you about.

- Your dad and I have
been thinking a lot

about something we'd like to do.

But we want you in
on the decision.

- We're not gonna move are we?

I mean, I just got
head cheerleader,

please don't say
we're gonna move.

- Too bad princess, not
everything's about you

and your cheerleading.

- No, no, no, no,
we're not gonna move.

But we are considering a change.

It's something that's
going to affect us all.

- I give up, what is it?

- Well, if it's
okay with you all,

and if it's okay with Bella.

- We're gonna ask Uncle Rick,

if he can help let us

let Bella live with us

a little bit longer
than we thought.

- Wait you mean?

- We want to see about
adopting Bella.

Is that okay with you sweetie?

- Look, someone
brought all my stuff.

- Oh look at that,

you got your stuffed
animals and everything.

- Mom, can we actually unpack
Bella's things in my room?

- Sure, yeah.

- Okay.

- Will you, will
you go help 'em?

- Oh, what's this?

This was in the suitcase.

Check it out.

(heartfelt music)

(speaking foreign language)

- Honey there's
something written here.

What does it say?

- To my beautiful Bella,

my mother gave me this cookbook,

so I would always remember the
loving home she made for us.

And so I want you to
have this cookbook

when you start your own family,

so you will never
forget your mother,

I love you Bella,

your loving mother Maria.



- I promise Maria.

I'll never try to
take your place.

And your sweet Bella
will be safe here.

Bella will never forget you.

(heartfelt music)

- [Mike] Hey I just
wanna thank you so much

for all the help you
did with the adoption.

- I was glad to be able to help.

You know as a matter of fact,

you and Anna were
a big help to me.

- Really?

- Yeah, Susan and I are
looking into adopting again.

- Oh that's great.


- [Max] Heads up!
(Mike groans)

- [Dave] Are you all right?

- Sorry.
- Yeah.

- [Dave] Okay, well I think
we need to show you guys

how to play this game.

Do you guys have any
idea what you're doing?

(cheerful music)

- [Anna] So what's next?

- [Bella] Break two
eggs into the bowl.

- [Anna] Two eggs
into the bowl, okay.

Lift me up, lift me up

On the wings of eagles

Get me home, get me home

Get me through this night

I'm too far from
friendly skies

Or anything familiar

Take me home

'Cause love waits there for me

Love waits there for me

I hear a voice, calling
though the distance

But I can't find the meaning

Of what it's trying to say

I'm sure it's there

To help me find direction

And I could use a grip

To get me through this day

And what once seemed to be

Some kind of promised land

Is just another desert

When you're down

Lift me up, lift me up

On the wings of eagles

Get me home, get me home

Get me through this night

I'm too far from
friendly skies

Or anything familiar

Take me home

'Cause love waits there for me

Lift me up, lift me up

On the wings of eagles

Get me home, get me home

Get me through this night

I'm too far from
friendly skies

Or anything familiar

Take me home

'Cause love waits there for me

Love waits there for me

Love waits there for me

(tranquil music)