The Sparring Partner (2022) - full transcript

Based on a shocking case in real life, a young man partners with his friend to murder and dismember his parents. Pleading not guilty to the crime, defense attorneys face each other as nine jurors grapple with the truth.

(In March 2013,)

(a man claimed his parents went missing
and asked for help on the internet.)

(The police later found out)

(someone confessed to have murdered his own
parents in online messages.)

(Upon further investigation it was found out
it was the same person, Henry Cheung.)

What's that smell?


It's nice.


Henry Cheung.

This is about Cheung Kuen Kwai
and Shiu Suet Yee's murder.

Do you understand?

| do.

How are you related to Cheung and Shiu?

Cheung Kuen Kwai was my father.

Shiu Suet Yee was my mother.

On the morning of March 1, 2013,

where did you go with Cheung and Shiu?

"The Sparring Partner”
We went to flat 3B

"The Sparring Partner”
of Chung Mei Building in Tai Kok Tsui.

"The Sparring Partner”

"The Sparring Partner”
That's Angus Tong's home.

That's Angus Tong's home.

I'm here for the job interview.

What's your name, sir?

Angus Tong.

Where did you borrow that suit?

| couldn't borrow one.

These days, you don't need a suit
for job interviews.

But you do need a shower.

Don't freak out.

It's just a reminder.

Look, you scared the others off.

You're a nice guy...

It seems.

| wouldn't fill out that section if | were you.

| understand history,

but what's that word with C?


It's asking if you've broke the law

and if you've been arrested before.

My ex called the cops on me for harassing her...

| don't need to know that.

Where did you learn English? It's good.

University of Melbourne.

You came back from overseas?

They'll hire you for sure.

Henry Cheung, it's your turn.

Mr. Wu, here you are.

Come on in.


| got here first.

Wait, we'll inteview him first.

This way.

I'm Henry Cheung.

| don't have much burden in sex.

No strings attached, | mean.

| have quite a libido.

Am | experienced in sex? Absolutely.

I've had lots of random hookups lately,

so my sexual abilities have gone way up.

Mr. Siu.

Hello, Mr. Siu.

You seem to know a thing or two about sex.

| started watching Japanese porn at a young age.

When it comes to shooting style

and their positions,

I'm quite well-informed.

When we act in porn, we adjust for the camera.

Not everyone can just get naked and have sex.

In that aspect, I'm quite talented.

Once this contract is signed, the deal is done.

The title of the Kingswood Villas flat

will be transferred from Henry Cheung
to his brother, Hin Jo.

will be transferred from Henry Cheung
to his brother, Hin Jo.

| noticed that you like criticizing people.

What do you think of today's young actors?

| wouldn't even call them actors.

Did you see the previous version | produced?

To be honest,

| have a high standard for erotica.

I've seen it. | think the story's all right...


don't start dawdling now.

| just want to read the terms clearly.

Henry, sign it, then we'll get dim sum.

You don't go to the restaurant this early.

This is a standard case for these lawyers,
no need to nitpick.

Templates can be wrong, too.

It's fine.

If you want to read over it,

you can take it home.

Give me a few minutes.

You already ate?

I'm not hungry.

Found a job?

Didn't fit you?

| told you.

| lost again.

Try later if you can't pass the level.

No point in forcing it.

Who said | can't pass it?

I'll just pay.

| get 10 more tries for $9.90.

So what if you pass this level?

The same will happen later.

You'll always get stuck on some steps.

Sunk cost fallacy.

So what?

I'll just quit playing.

You know what gamemakers are afraid of?

Put it down, take your time.

You'll pass it naturally.

Be water, my friend.

Your friend?

What's your name?


Have some fries.

You're still on this level?

Today, we're speaking to Henry Cheung,

the son of the missing couple.

I'm Henry Cheung.

| need your help in finding my parents,

Cheung Kuen Kwai and Shiu Suet Yee.

They went missing on March 2nd.

They told me they were
traveling to the Mainland,

but they still haven't returned.

Where are they?

It's been 11, 12 days now,

but | haven't heard from them.

I'm very worried.

What has the police told you?

The police has checked their travel records.

Apparently, they never left Hong Kong.

We've done all we can,

but we have no clue where they've gone.

Mr. Cheung, I'm sure
your parents will be found safely.

| hope our audience at home

will call the police immediately if you have

any clue about their whereabouts.



I'd like to do it again.


Another take.

Does he think he's a superstar?

Some fucking pro journalists you are...

Thank you all for coming today.

What? | left out something.

Don't you want to find Mom and Dad?

I'm more nervous about them than you are.

Since when were you such a devoted son?

Fine, you can be the devoted son.

| won't do a damn thing.

You called these people.

You didn't ask me, you notified me.

By blowing it up like this,

have you thought of how the family feels?

It reeks here!

That's how old buildings are.


Can | help you?

We're looking for Henry...

They're here for me!


Give me a minute.


What did the police say?

Hello, Henry?

Come out tonight, I'll tell you then.


How about tomorrow night?

| only have tonight.

(German) Everyone,

(German) | have something to announce.

(German) I'm sorry.

(German) I lied to you all.

(Attention please)

Do you think that you're a devout Christian?

| have my moments of weakness.

I'm sure they'll find Uncle and Auntie.

Don't worry.

Merciful Heavenly Father...

Please protect and lead my cousin Henry

on his search for his parents.

Soothe his anxious heart.

Bless him with serenity

to face everything.

| killed them.

(German) My parents aren't missing.

(German) It was murder, and I'm involved.

(You killed them?!)

(Yes, | involved)

(I will surrender)

(But not today)

(Remember! My Chinese name is Cheung Hin Chung.)
Henry Cheung. We have reasons to suspect that

(Remember! My Chinese name is Cheung Hin Chung.)
on March 1, 2013,

on March 1, 2013,

you murdered Cheung Kuen Kwai

and Shiu...

Suet Yee.

...Shiu Suet Yee.

You're under arrest.

2/F or 3/F?

Third floor.

Including the ground floor?


Old-style third floor, then!


Sir, do you live here?

Angus Tong and | didn't pick a specific date.

The old folks were free, we were ready,
so we did it...

Stop running!



| asked them

to take a look

at a new flat | rented

and help clean it up.

| led them to the center of the living room.

Angus Tong grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

We agreed we'd kill whoever's closest to us.

He was closest to Shiu Suet Yee.

| was closest to Cheung Kuen Kwai.

Stop right there!


Hey, don't move!

Don't move!

Freeze, Tong!

You have the right to remain silent!

Unless you choose not to!

Why were you slower than me?

Come help!

What's going on?

Police business! Leave!

You'll about to break his neck, Officer!

Wanna get arrested?!

Go away, there's nothing to see.

Let's go.

Get off the road!

Go home.

Aren't you embarrassed?

It wasn't my fault.

Wrap it up,

I'm supposed to have HaiDiLao with the Commissioner.

Lucky you, Superintendent Kam.

The file.


we found plastic bags and a dry box.

In the box,
we found what appear to be human remains.

We also found knives and saws that

may be related to the case.

The blood stains on them

led us to believe that
the site is the primary murder scene.

(Young people these days have lost their mind.)

All this evidence will take ages to process.


What do we need to bring back?

Take what's useful and leave what's not!

| know this, | can do this.


This is level 2 Accountancy.

You really know this?


Superintendent's press con is starting.

He needs you to stand guard.

During the investigation, someone revealed to us

that a couple in their 60's was
murdered and dismembered

at this address.

Did their youngest son take part?

What were their motives?

Will there be more arrests?

You guys have quite the imagination.

Been watching too many movies?

My wife often says
| look like Chan Ka Kui in Police Story

But only late at night

02231, you have a visitor.

| don't get the logic.

You put it on the shelf, but you censor it.
What's the point?

Don't fucking read it, then.

Do | know you?

We know people in the WhatsApp group.

We want to interview you.

No wonder.

All right.

- Mr. Cheung...
- Wait a sec.

You seem nervous.

Did she force you to come?

Don't be scared, she can't hear us.

All right,

I'll help you out.

But you only have 15 minutes.

| want to know...

You want to know why | did it?

Why don't we talk about

who's popular out there these days?

Sometimes | want to be like you.

A happy dumb fuck.

You can be one, too.

People like me either die young

or go insane.

| think | want to kill myself before I'm 30.

I'll cut my wrist,
spray the blood all over home.

Turn the place into a death flat.

They'll be stuck with that flat for life.

You don't believe me?

You're all | have left...

They framed me!

| was framed.

You're an adult,
so you don't have to obey your big sister, right?

Now that something happened, you need me?

| told you before.

Why would people like him befriend you?

What for?

They think you're dumb,
so they take advantage of you.

You think they really see you as a friend?

It's not your fault, right?

Sis, I'm so scared.

I'll think of something.


I'm Auyeung, the solicitor in charge of your case.

Hello, Mr. Barrister.

That's the barrister, Miss Yau.

Sis, | just need one lawyer!
Don't waste your money!

Mr. Tong, you need a solicitor

to hire a barrister.

At the High Court,
Barrister Yau will defend you...

Don't worry about money.

Legal aid will cover it,
you won't have to spend a cent.

Barrister Yau, | know you're expensive.

| have a small gift for you.

Please take it.

No need for that.

You don't like that stuff, Barrister?

We don't have much time, let's begin.

What do you remember about
the day of the incident?


he's damaged here, so his memory is bad.

He forgets things.

He had a great memory at the interrogation.

| didn't kill anyone! | didn't do it!

You bought a knife and a fridge with Henry
to kill his parents?

You bought a knife and a fridge with Henry
to kill his parents?

| didn't do that, | didn't...

You told the police that you'd each kill one.

| didn't!

Then you cut them up and tossed them in the sea.

| don't know... It has nothing to do with me...

Right, nothing to do with you...

You're framing me! You're all framing me!

| didn't do it! | swear!

Mr. Tong, if you don't control yourself,

it'll affect your impression on the judge
and the jury in court.

it'll affect your impression on the judge
and the jury in court.


Fortune may favor the fool...


This is Barrister Wilson Ng.

Eat with us.

Man Yee, did you bring it?

Do you know about her mother's homemade salsa?

It's delicious.

Wow, you ought to sell this, you'll make a fortune.

Did you come to eat or to work?

Of course we're here to eat.

We need energy to work.

Even if you think I'm guilty...

Presumption of innocence.

Everyone has the right to a fair trial.

Presumption of innocence.

Did you write that down?

You can learn something.

Look at the guy in this video.

He's really annoying, right?

Look. | just want to smack him.

Don't you think so?

That's not in your remit.

You're here to think of a solution for me.

That's why I'm here to clean up your mess.

You thought you could get away,

but you got too smart and got caught.

Your script ran into a wall,
SO you improvised a crappy ending.

Your script ran into a wall,
SO you improvised a crappy ending.

That's why I'm here to do the reshoots, man.

You think you're some genius criminal?

Like DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can?

Frank Abagnale

The genius imposter that DiCaprio played.


Write that down, kid...

You're like DiCaprio?

You're more like the DiCaprio

who drowned in Titanic, man.

March 2nd, your folks were already dead.

You didn't go eat dim sum with them.

You knew the cops suspected you,

so you bought time by misdirecting them
to check the CCTV.

Then you kamikazed yourself on WhatsApp

and confessed to your cousin.

Why did he do that?

He cares too much about how people see him.

He wants face.

To be honest, | can't help you, man.

Do me a favor.

Keep your mouth shut.

Never smile.

I've been to this restaurant a hundred times.

The food's not bad,

but why does it have a terrible score?

Do you know why?

Because of their service.

Their service style is no service whatsoever.

For a restaurant, good food is a given.

The service is key.

Either you have great service,

or you have terrible service.

The more annoying, the better.

Hey, give that a try, Mr. Cheung.

The more annoying, the better.

It could be a good path for you.

I'm for real, you know?

What time is it?

Are you here to eat or to work?

Shall we start?


This court needs to form a jury

to try a murder case.

The defendants are sitting in the dock right now.

The trial will be conducted in Chinese.

The jury selection process

begins now.

Defendants, please rise.

The names I'm about to read
will be the jurors for this case.

The names I'm about to read
will be the jurors for this case.

If you object to any of them becoming a juror,

it must be raised
before they are sworn in. Understood?

Number 12, Suen Yim Or.

My Lord, this is a civic duty.

I'm happy to oblige.

Number 8, Liu Mei Yan.

Number 16, Cheng Ka Man.

Number 20, Lee Kin Shing.

My Lord, I'd like an exemption.

| bought plane tickets a long time ago

to celebrate me and my girlfriend's anniversary.

You bought the plane tickets last week.

The court sent you the jury summons last month,

and you still bought the tickets?

Any objections?

Go over there.

Number 2, Ho Fu.

Number 1, Mak Siu Hung.

Number 5, Koo Ka Yan.

Seeing violent stuff

will give me insomnia.


You're a big girl now,
it's time to challenge yourself.

Number 11, Ko Si Kwan.

My Lord,
| don't believe in Hong Kong's judicial system.

You don't have to exaggerate.

Whether you believe in it or not,

you're staying here.

Number 15, Yip Wai Ping.

I'm not cut out to be a juror.

| miss out on details, and I'm clumsy.

You used to be a teacher, have some confidence.

Do the defendants object to this jury?

No problem.

No problem.

Do the barristers object?

No problem.

No problem.

Let me reiterate.

Jury duty is a citizen's duty.

Inevitably, it will affect
your work and everyday life.

But don't think that being chosen is a misfortune.

What do you do?

I'm retired.


Three, six, eight, varied combos...

That's right.

Hey, Big Head, it's me.

Fong and Baldie So are in.

Let's focus, everyone.

Small losses will lead to big wins...

Let's pick a foreman.

All right, let's do it.

Sit down.

See ya.

The so-called jury foreman

just reads the verdict on the last day.

It doesn't matter who does it.

You guys can get anyone to do it.

Mister, what do you mean you guys?

Aren't you a juror, too?

My name is Ho Fu.

Mr. Ho, you're at the head of the table,
why don't you do it?

No, you do it.

I'm not cut out for that stuff.

Little lady... or mister?

Sorry, my eyes are bad.

Since you're so clever, why don't you do it?

A kid can't represent us.

You do it, then, you have gravitas.

He just told the judge he doesn't want to be here.

He even bought plane tickets.

Hey, kid, you're making me sound selfish.

All my friends emigrated before the Handover.

| stayed to build this city.

| made some money,
| want to have fun with my family.

Is that so wrong?

Who'd want to do this job?

Not like we're here for that $800 a day.

We're paid for this?

[t's in the summons.

But since we're here already,

| can represent us.

Volia, someone took the job.

| don't object,
it's rare to see this kind of bravery.

| object.

You're so impetuous.

What if you demand a vote
before we're done deliberating?

What if you demand a vote
before we're done deliberating?

It's rare for me to be selected.

Little lady, you're so radical
before we even begin.

How can we debate?

Would it kill you to debate?

Dare to fight while debating?

Debate is a good thing,

but are our bias getting in the way?

It's only the first day.

Should we keep debating so emotionally?

Should we keep debating so emotionally?

You are...?

My surname is Liu.

You said what I'm thinking!

We should be peaceful, rational, non-violent.

We won't get anywhere like this. How about...

a secret ballot to keep the peace?

All right!


Let's vote.

Five votes! Counting on you, Mr. Mak.

Don't worry, my team is on it.

I'm so grateful to you
distinguished Senior Counsels

for rejecting this great deal

so a small potato like me can make a living.

| took the case, didn't 1?

Why don't we switch?

You love charity games.

| can't compete with you there.

Allen always said, Winners take all.

Does losing half mean losing all this time?

Ever heard of the famous saying from West Point?

Sir! No excuse, sir!


Is there something you need to discuss?

My Lord.

There's a misleading article regarding
to the First Defendant

There's a misleading article regarding
to the First Defendant

in today's tabloid.

Rest assured,
DOJ assigned Miss Chan to handle the case.

Okay, I'll talk to the jury later.

The matter at hand is quite critical

since it directly affects
the jury's perception of the case, so...

Yeah, | said I'll handle it.

Also, be aware that this is a Chinese court.

Sorry... | apologize.

| want to know...

You want to know why | did it?

You can say that I'm abnormal?

Maybe my experiences as a youth

made me a...


Everyone has both good and bad memories.

But me?

| only remember the bad.

People say that you killed your parents

for the money.

You're wrong there.

Before | was ten years old,

my dad often beat my mom.

So much that she'd hide and cry.

After that, he hit my big brother.

He wouldn't let me play basketball.

Forced me to learn piano instead.

That stunted my growth, made me short.

While studying in Australia,
a group of black guys beat me

until | had incontinence.

| really shat myself.

That's the reason?

I'll put it this way...

| don't know what happiness feels like.

| don't feel much at all.

Can you describe how you felt when you killed?

The sight...

was awe-inspiring.

Given that this trial

involves another obstruction of justice case,

jurors may have heard reports of it.

Let me remind the jurors to not let them
cloud your judgment.

Let me remind the jurors to not let them
cloud your judgment.

Your verdict can only be decided
by evidence presented in court.

Case HCCC389, 2015.

Henry Cheung, Angus Tong.

Barrister Chan, your opening statement.

On March 15, 2013, the police

went to flat 1A of Tung Cheung Building
in Sai Ying Pun

and apprehended First Defendant Henry Cheung.

Based on his statement, they found the remains of

victims Cheung Kuen Kwai and Shiu Suet Yee

in flat 3B of Chung Mei Building in Tai Kok Tsui,

There, they apprehended Second Defendant Angus Tong.

After his arrest, Henry Cheung

admitted to killing the victims
in his statement to the police

and revealed that he and the Second Defendant

began planning the murder six months prior.

My Lord,

we will play

the first taped meeting
between Henry Cheung and the police.

That day, | took Cheung Kuen Kwai
and Shiu Suet Yee

to flat 3B of Chung Mei Building in Tai Kok Tsui.

That's Angus Tong's home.

Angus Tong and | didn't pick a specific date.

The old folks were free.

We were ready, so we did it...

It's here.

Angus, my flatmate.

How old is this building?

It's moldy and rotten.

There's plenty of sunlight.

It faces west, window frame's broken.

How can anyone live here?

Give me a hand!

Angus Tong came to help me,

but he accidentally stabbed me in the thigh.

Nevertheless, we got it done.

Queen Mary Hospital.

We even thought about killing prostitutes
in the Mainland.

How did you feel after you killed them?

| didn't feel much, my leg was hurt.

| lost a lot of blood.

| just wanted to take care of it.

| wanted them to disappear.

Besides, they didn't know what
they were living for.

And you know what you want?

| know | don't want to be looked down on.

It's not an easy thing to change,

but | want to try.

Who disposed of the bodies?

Angus Tong told me to go home to Sai Ying Pun.

so | wouldn't attract suspicion.

He said he could handle it.

Then we used prepaid SIM cards to stay in touch.

| suggested this.

We had six each and used one at a time.

What's up?

| can't handle this...

How hard can it be?

When Heaven gives one great responsibility,

it exercises his bones with
toil and exposes his...

That's right!

| can't deal with the bones...

| can't cut them up!

| quit!

When did you return?

| was in Sai Ying Pun for several days.

On March 5th, | returned to Tai Kok Tsui.

You trusted Angus to handle it alone?

| didn't really care.

| concluded that he was capable
before | let him do it.

But then he said he couldn't do it,
so | went back to help.

What happened after you returned to Tai Kok Tsui?

Angus Tong said he already put
their heads in the freezer.

Angus Tong said he already put
their heads in the freezer.

It ran out of room,
so the organs went to the bottom.

It ran out of room,
so the organs went to the bottom.

The rest went into the dry box.

He told me not to open the fridge
because of the smell.

What did you do, then?

We put some of the remains

into four, five trash bags,

then shoved them in backpacks.

We biked to the harbor and tossed them.

My Lord,

I'd like to add a photo of the crime scene to

the evidence photos | will show to the jury.

Evidence D21.

| think Barrister Chu needs
to see this photo first.

It's a bit... disturbing.

It may make the jury... nauseous

| understand.

But this photo is vital to the case.

The jury has the responsibility to feel

how it would feel to see this sight.

My Lord, | concur.

The jury can see it.

At the crime scene,

we found 20 human body parts
that were already decomposing.

we found 20 human body parts
that were already decomposing.

We couldn't determine a time of death
based on the bodies' condiition

We couldn't determine a time of death
based on the bodies' condiition

because the remains were frozen,

salted, and heated in the microwave.

Based on the circumstantial evidence,

the date of death is March 1st, 2013.

Also, the victims'
cause of death are hard to determine

because the corpses could not be restored.

Have some water.


Let's get back to the debate already.

I'm meeting a horse owner for dinner
at the racecourse.

I'm okay.

Don't look at it if you can't handle it.

Miss Koo was just doing her job.

We should be encouraging her.

Where's your empathy?

Are you saying I'm inhumane like the accused?

Young people have no respect these days.

They can even kill their parents.

As the saying goes, Parents deserve only respect.

He's lucky that Hong Kong has no firing squad.

We shouldn't have abolished the death penalty.

Parents do plenty to lose respect.

Some fathers rape their daughters.

Mothers Kill their babies after giving birth.

- Those type of news...
- So you approve of murder?

You just opposed to abolishing the death penalty.

Does that mean you approve of murder, too?

One look at him, and you can tell he's a loser.

He resents everything.

He's a loser because he doesn't make money?

Is that fair?

4% of all people lack conscience.

These people are anti-social.

They never admit to doing anything wrong.

When they do, they blame it on someone else.

For example... Adolf Hitler.

Doesn't Henry Cheung worship Hitler?

How did you know that?

He said it himself.

| read it in the magazine.

What's wrong with you?

| read when | eat dim sum.

What else am | supposed to do?

Mr. Ho.


| read it before | became a juror.

But this issue came out this week.

So you read it too?

It's not against the rules...

But | resisted reading it.

But | heard that

he told the reporter about

how much he hated his parents.

So getting scolded is abuse now?

Who paid for everything he owns?

Forget raising a kid to support them at old age.

They raised a snake and got bit in the balls.

Mr. Lee, we have ladies present.

You should watch your words.

They can't be such snowflakes.

The real world's worse.

Can you go into more details?

Normal people have empathy.

When they stab someone,

they'd stop, knowing that it hurts that person.

But me?

| lack that ability.

Do you have anything to say to your parents?

How do | reach them? A psychic?


Evidence collected at the crime scene
include 4 steak knives,

Evidence collected at the crime scene
include 4 steak knives,

one cleaver, one boning knife, one saw...

They found a lot of tools.

There was a hammer...

...13 bottles of air freshener,
7 empty bleach bottles...

...a chopping board...

...8 bags of sand, 17 bags of cement,

2 industrial eye masks... 615 styrofoam lunch boxes

and human remains.

There was that much stuff?

There's no way two guys

could use all those tools.

The tools' purpose is no longer the point.

The point is, did one person use them

or did two people use them?

If only one person commited the killings,

would he need so many tools?

Do you mean he or they?

There's no surveillance camera
in Chung Mei Building,

but cameras at the nearby stores captured

Cheung and his parents
walking on Tai Kok Tsui Road

in the direction of Chung Mei Building.

They were last seen together at a gas station

at 11:45 am.

On the same day,

cameras at Queen Mary Hospital captured

Cheung arriving there at 12:22.

It takes at least 19 minutes to reach Queen Mary
from Tai Kok Tsui.

It's reasonable to infer

Cheung was at the crime scene
for less than 20 minutes.

Cheung was at the crime scene
for less than 20 minutes.

| don't understand why
that fatty Henry Cheung would help him.

| don't understand why
that fatty Henry Cheung would help him.

The fatty is Angus Tong!

Fatty, Angus Tong!

| mean, why did that fatty Angus Tong help him?

There's a red notebook at the crime scene.

It has instructions on bloodletting, dissection,

and a tally of the weapons bought.

A decent guy wouldn't get
mixed up with a prick like him.

True, birds of a feather flock together.

Maybe he was brainwashed or incited.

The police also found

a piece of paper with 12 phone numbers.

The same thing was found on the First Defendant.

What a coincidence.

Can you not be so quick to judge?

The Second Defendant hasn't even testified.

Judging him before the trial?

Between March 1st and 13th,

the defendants exchanged 73 calls
after the alleged murder.

The longest call was 30 minutes long.

Cameras at a supermarket captured

the two defendants buying 4 steak knives together.

the two defendants buying 4 steak knives together.

On Angus Tong's computer

was his MSN chat record with Henry Cheung.

was his MSN chat record with Henry Cheung.

Henry Cheung is the First Defendant.

Angus Tong is the Second Defendant.

On October 16th, 2012,

they discussed using ice cones to Kill...

It's acetone.

What did | say?

Ice cone.

Like ice bucket?

| meant acetone.

They discussed using the chemical

acetone to commit murder.

(Nail polish remover has acetone.)

(Try mixing it with bleach.)

(My place is filled with toxic gas.)

(There're pimples all over my face.)

(Install an exhaust fan then.)

(Buy industrial eye masks, face masks and gloves.)

(I need a few days to buy them.)

(Hurry the fuck up!)

Actually, the jury system started in England.

Kings of the past demanded 12 knights vow that

no guilty man would be spared...

Professor Ko,

if you're making me take a history class,
I'll have to reduce your salary.

If you're the one in the dock,

would you believe in the people or the system?

The system can be changed.

It can be changed,
but when it's done out of self-interest,

it's called machiavellianism.

Then as jurors,

how much debate and thinking
are considered enough?

In the 14th century,

a philosopher proposed a theory
called Occam's razor.

a philosopher proposed a theory
called Occam's razor.

It says that explanations for
the world's phenomena

include even more complex variants behind them.

But when we reach a conclusion,

there are too many assumptions,
or people find them redundant.

there are too many assumptions,
or people find them redundant.

So, simple theories are better than complex ones.

So, simple theories are better than complex ones.

Since most people seek short cuts,

easy theories are always easier to verify.

Like a razor

shaving off unnecessary assumptions.

Hey, he used a chopper,

not a razor!

So we shouldn't make too many assumptions?

The contrary. Even with countless assumptions,

we should devote more effort to them

because the law believes in presumed innocence.

The benefit of the doubt goes to the defendant.

Unjust imprisonment is a bigger injustice
than letting the guilt go.


My Lord,

| call the First Defendant's older brother,

Cheung Hin Jo, to the stand.

As the brother of defendant Henry Cheung,

please describe your relationship
with the accused.



The police called

saying that someone called the bank
to check Mom's account.

How was it normal?

| called.

| asked Cousin to call.

Did you have arguments?

| mean disagreements.

You could get our cousin in trouble with the law!

I'll take responsibility.

Are you able to take it?

We did not.

What about Henry and your parents?


he argued with Mom.

For what reasons?

Sometimes about money.

Why do you think your brother killed your parents?

| don't know.

This is Cheung Kuen Kwai,
| can't come to the phone.

Leave a message, and I'll get back to you.

Recently, | realized that...

| don't understand him at all.

Did that fatty take part in it or not?

(My charming cousin)


(So pretty)

March 13, 2013.

After the incident,

you and the First Defendant
passed out leaflets near your home.

We're a family, don't argue.

Henry just wants to find Uncle and Auntie soon.

Forget it, I'm leaving.

Are you going home or to Tai Kok Tsui?

Why Tai Kok Tsui?

| rented a flat there with Angus.

Who's Angus?

The fatty that you called retarded.

Why didn't you talk to me about renting a flat?

Do Mom and Dad know?

They do, didn't they tell you?

That's when he invited you to
his residence in Tai Kok Tsui,

meaning the crime scene. Is that correct?


I'd like you to pay a visit, actually.

Cheung Kuen Kwai and Shiu Suet Yee,

meaning your parents...

Their remains were still in the flat at the time.

Why did you think he invited you there?
For what purpose?

My Lord, prosecution is leading witness
to unnecessary conjecturtures.

My Lord, my question is based on
what's already happened.

What's the point of these...

subjective feelings?

The witness' feelings can
reflect certain objective situations

and recall the witness' memory.

It may give us a better idea of
the defendant's attitude at the time.

Barrister Chu, proceed.

Mr. Cheung, please continue.

After that day, | did think...

he might've wanted to hurt me.

I'd like you to pay a visit, actually.

My Lord, no further questions.

Mom and Dad aren't around.

You can tell me anything.

We're brothers.



That day, he...


Don't come over today.

Take a rain check, I'm tired.

All right.

...didn't ask me to go there.

| read that in 2008,

Henry Cheung and you bought a flat
at Kingswood Villas.

Henry Cheung and you bought a flat
at Kingswood Villas.

How did you two afford the down payment?

Our parents paid.

Does the flat still belong to your brother?

No, | own it now.


At the time, he lost a lot of money on stocks.

He couldn't pay the mortgage, so | took over.

Why didn't he ask for your help?

He sold the flat to you instead.

Dad was scared he'd go bankrupt and lose the flat.

So he gave Henry money to pay the debt,

then gave Henry's share to me.

So it's not that he didn't ask for help.

You just ignored him, right?

The bank threatened to take the flat,

and he still didn't try to find a job.

You have to take responsibility, too.

So you left him to his own devices?

To most Hongkongers, losing a flat

is worse than death.

Do you think he could handle

the pain of being treated like that
by his own brother?

Maybe you're strong enough to handle it,
but not him.

Maybe you're strong enough to handle it,
but not him.

You both studied in Australia, right?

You graduated, he couldn't.

Every day, he was bullied by his black...
ethnically African classmates.

Every day, he was bullied by his black...
ethnically African classmates.

Did you know about that?

A little bit.

So you sent him abroad to study,
dragged him back when he failed.

You bought him a flat,

but caused him to lose everything.

All right, the procedure is done.

Thank you.

You're the only family he has left.

Do you think he can mentally handle
how you treated him?

I'm not sure.

| don't doubt the love that my client's parents
had for my client.

| don't doubt the love that my client's parents
had for my client.

But love is not always reciprocal.

And it can't be forced upon.

My client was controlled by others.

Even his assets were controlled.

Both his life and assets were under control.

The sole aim was to make sure this young man

could never recover.

Whether this ruler called discipline

is long or short, soft or hard,

there's one metric that must be adhered to:


Without this metric as the foundation,

this ruler will simply create an angry generation.

When an egg faces a wall,

the egg is always the fragile one.

Who knew that the walls would be in his own home?

My Lord,

I'm finished.

Anything to say to your brother?

He lost three family members in one morning.

| don't know how to explain it to him yet.

| swear by Almighty God

the evidence | shall give shall be the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth.

You're my client's cousin.

You've been close all your lives.

Do you think he's happy at home?

| don't think he's very happy.

Miss Shiu, actually,

happy is a subjective word.

Can you give some examples

that make you feel this way?

He didn't like playing piano.

He wanted to play basketball.

But his parents forced him to learn piano.

Liking basketball is a very boyish thing,
it's normal.

Could Henry have resisted?

He did.

So how did your aunt and uncle,

meaning my client's parents, react to that?

They beat him when he was a child.

According to Evidence D8,

my client wrote this on Xanga...

| met another person who thinks I'm short.

| hate people who look down on my height.

I'm not happy about this flaw, either.

Did Henry tell you about this?

Yes, | told him not to think that way,

but he couldn't get over it.

Couldn't get over it?

According to Evidence D8,
he also wrote this on Xanga:

Because of this,
in secondary school and university,

| had no choice but be alone.

| got through this nerve-wracking time
in loneliness and sadness.

| got through this nerve-wracking time
in loneliness and sadness.

And now, | have to go to the Mainland

to find a girlfriend. I'm so useless.

Why do you think Henry confessed to you?

Why do you think Henry confessed to you?

He trusts me.

Does God forgive sinners?

So he needed to talk to someone he trusts?

So he needed to talk to someone he trusts?

After he confessed, he sent me a message.

He said,

while searching for his parents,

he felt warmth from me and his brother.

He said he felt less prone to hate the world.

Do you think he really felt that way?

In that moment...

| believed him.

My Lord, no further questions.

Any more questions?

The First Defendant is a...

a dishonest person.

Would you agree?

Pui King

| think people who attend church

just want a ticket to salvation

so they don't have to go to hell.

Do you regret it?

If | can turn back time,

| may not have done it this way.

Merciful Heavenly Father...

Please protect and lead my cousin Henry

on his search for his parents.

Soothe his anxious heart...

| killed them.

...Bless him with serenity...

to face everything.

| killed Mom and Dad.

How did you respond?

| quoted a passage from the Bible.

1 John 1:9:

If we confess our sins,

he is faithful and just

and will forgive us our sins and purify us
from all unrighteousness.

If we say we have not sinned,
we make him a liar...

If we say we have not sinned,
we make him a liar...

and his word is not in us.

Did he say why he wanted to confess?

He felt it was time for his brother
to know the truth.

What was his expression when he said that?

Did he have the smile that
fooled all of Hong Kong in that video?

Do you feel he took advantage
of your concern for him?

You said you don't have empathy?

Will the First Defendant defend himself tomorrow?

My Lord,

my client chooses not to defend himself.

Pardon me, My Lord,

my client has chosen to defend himself after all.

When his parents die, their money

would belong to the two brothers anyway.

But his parents never cared for him.

They had no idea what he wanted.

That's why | think Barrister Ng had a point
in court today.

If he hadn't gone astray,
his life would've been great, right?

If he hadn't gone astray,
his life would've been great, right?

If you're controlled from the moment you're born,

being told you can't do this and that,

how can you not fight back?

So if | paid the down payment on your flat,

then | don't pay your mortgage,
you'd Kill your parents?

We're talking about why Henry Cheung killed,

and you keep talking about money.

Mr. Mak.

Are you approving his act of betrayal?

I'm not approving it.

I'm just trying to understand why he killed.

Only animals would sympathize with him, period.

We're not doubting whether
Henry Cheung committed murder.

We're speaking against him.

The more we understand why he killed,

aren't we just solidifying his motive for killing?

That's premeditated murder?

As your defense counsel,

| should dissuade you from taking the stand.

But at this point,
| can't dissuade you from anything.

| respect you, so go ahead...

| know what to say tomorrow.

Personally, I'm curious to hear what you'll say.

| mean, it's you!

You only get one chance in life at this.

It's okay to fail.

You won't know if people mock you.

You'll be in jail.

Are you done?

I'm done.

The outcome is up to you.

I've said my piece, so I'm at peace.

What time is it?

Well, I'm in a rush,

but you have plenty of time.

Think it through.

You'll figure it out.

Let's eat.

Let's go back for those fries.

Oh, yeah,

you've done an audition before, right?

You want to be a star?

Get ready for your close-up, then.

Good show!


Yes, Mr. Siu?

Call Fal Fail over.

Yes, sir.

Later on,

you can audition for the male lead.

Ladies and gentlemen,

thank you for taking this path with me.

(German) | don't have much to defend.

But | have something to share.

(German) Nietzche once wrote,

(German) What is best of all is for
ever beyond your reach:

(German) What is best of all is for
ever beyond your reach:

not to be born, not to be, to be nothing.

(German) The second best for you,
however, is soon to die.

(German) Henry Cheung, you're a failure.

(German) There is no place for you in Heaven.

(German) Go to hell!

(German) You got caught red-handed, you're dead.

(German) Now you want to drag Angus down with you.

No one will ever care about you again.

| was nice enough to bring you into this game!

Because you're a coward!


Has the First Defendant prepared his defense?

My Lord, I'm sorry.

My client decided not to defend himself after all.

A month before the incident,

Henry Cheung listened to Vers La Flamme
on loop every day.

Henry Cheung listened to Vers La Flamme
on loop every day.

He has schizoaffective disorder

(Doctor of Psychiatry - Dr. Chung Ka Leung)
and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Sounds difficult to treat.

Did he do anything unusual?

He feels that if he wasn't born in this era,

he might've been able to do what Hitler did.

If he is mentally ill,
then he is a victim as well.

As the former director of
Castle Peak Psych Hospital,

how do you interpret the murders he committed?

(Former Director of Castle Peak Psych Hospital)
It's hard for normal people

(- Cheung Kin Hung)
to murder their parents.

Most of those who do it suffer from schizophrenia.

The part of their personality
that controls morality malfunctioned.

They kill because they can't control themselves.

Thank you, sir.

Going by this logic,

most similar cases can only be
classified as manslaughter.

Every murderer says that they're mentally ill.

He doesn't look mentally ill at all.

Can a mentally ill man lie so well?

He misdirected his brother and the police.

In the U.S.,
a forensics expert fabricated evidence.

He sent many people to jail.

One of them did 19 years for nothing.

Why did the expert do that?

Because he's an expert.

He was too desperate to tell
people he's an expert.

You only spent two and half hours
with the First Defendant?

The length of the meeting
doesn't affect my professional judgment.

Several months before the incident,

Henry Cheung traveled to Shenzhen.

Does that really seem like
he felt the world's ending?

Not really.

Not really? Or no?

You asked if it really seem like it,
| said not really.

That means no.

Since you said no,
does it mean it's hard to tell whether

feels like the world is ending

is what he thinks or just what he said

is what he thinks or just what he said

to conceal that his motive for killing

is simply hatred or greed?

From my observation...

(Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre Consulting Physician)
The First Defendant

(- Dr. Siu Man Man)
blamed his failures on his parents.

He felt that killing his parents
would solve his problems.

(Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre Consulting Physician)
With an 1Q of 127, the defendant is a smart man.

(- Dr. Lui Hok Fung)
With an 1Q of 127, the defendant is a smart man.

But he lacks empathy.
One can say he's cold-blooded.

Does he suffer from mental illness?

My diagnosis is that he has personality disorder.

He is extremely narcissistic
and extremely arrogant,

but he doesn't suffer
from schizophrenia or bipolar.

but he doesn't suffer
from schizophrenia or bipolar.

So, he meticulously planned this.

He's not mentally insane.


Because the First Defendant said

he felt peace and satisfaction
while killing his parents.

Aren't doctors experts?

Why do they have different conclusions?

If you're a barrister,

would you get someone who's against your argument?

That's like dropping a mouse into your own rice

and starving yourself.

Whether he's ill or not,

everyone should take responsibility for their actions.

It's natural for experts to have a viewpoint.

But too many inferences from
one side will seem selective.

But too many inferences from
one side will seem selective.

There are many so-called paradoxes in the world.

Most are pseudo-scientific,
philosophical, or religious.

But when it comes to medicine,
| choose to believe expertise.

The expert witnesses' opinions
are just references.

Whether they're credible depends on your analysis.

| don't buy it.

How could he systematically plan so much then?

He even knew to put on a show for the reporter.

He quit his studies halfway,
quit his mortgage halfway...

He always gives up halfway, he's doomed to fail.

He's going to quit acting crazy halfway, too.

If he'd just admit it, I'd be impressed.

But if Henry Cheung didn't confess,

would the cops have found out he did it?

People on Reddit already guessed he did it.

What's Reddit? A mall?

Does it sell glasses?

So what if the cops knew? Did they have evidence?

When Henry gave his first police statement,

he said his parents went to the Mainland.

They'd just be listed as missing.

They'd be forgotten after a few years.

It'd be harder to find out,

but there may be circumstantial evidence

like blood stains, CCTV footage.

They could've pressed charges with those.

Suppose he succeeded in covering his tracks.

There are no victims without corpses.

How could they prove his guilt?

That was dumb of him.

He spilled everything during interrogation

and dragged the fatty down with him. What a prick.

That's lam chau.

What is that?

What did you mean, Mr. Mak?

Lam chau means mutual destruction.

Henry didn't even want Angus to survive.

He wanted to die together.

My Lord, | will now show

Second Defendant Angus Tong's first meeting
with the police.

Today is March 15th, 2013.

We're in Wan Chai Police Headquarters.

I'm Detective Sergeant Cheung Chiu.

Angus Tong, do you need a lawyer to accompany you?


I'm investigating your involvement
in a murder case.

It occurred on March 1st, 2013.

Do you understand?

| didn't kill anyone! | didn't do it!

My Lord,

| will now show the 7th meeting.

The Second Defendant admits
to taking part in murder here.

Do you admit to killing Cheung Kuen Kwai

and Shiu Suet Yee with Henry Cheung?

Yes... Yes...

Before Tong made his statement,
did you give him fair warning?


So he knew he'd be responsible for his statement?

So he knew he'd be responsible for his statement?


Sergeant Cheung, your colleagues call you Sarge

or Chopper, right?

The second character of my name, Chiu,

is made of the words gold and chopper.

That's why your nickname is Golden Chopper Knight.

| can't believe you found that.

It's just a netname.


this has nothing to do with the case, right?

No, | just want to know you better.

Golden Chopper Knight...

Real intimidating.

When you're on a case,

facing suspects who haven't been convicted,

do you intimidate them?

My client, Second Defendant Angus Tong,

didn't confess until the 7th meeting.

That's at 3 am on March 17th, 2013.

Yes or no?!


When did you apprehend him?

10 am on March 15th, 2013.

Sign this.

You should've confessed to begin with...

During the 41 hours he was in custody,

how much sleep did he get?


He said you're his partner.

Are you?

I'm hungry...

Sleepy or hungry? Which do you care more about?

You deprived him of sleep unless he confessed?

We were understaffed.

Showing one suspect's interrogation
to another suspect

is called cross-serving.

Yes, it's a typical police
interrogation technique.

Henry Cheung lied to all of Hong Kong.

Why did you choose to believe what he said?

It fit the facts of the case.

So the moment that the police arrested Angus Tong,

you concluded that he took part in the murder?

He was the most suspect.

No matter how many times he denied it,

you didn't believe him,
because you only had one goal:

Get him to confess within 48 hours, correct?

My Lord, both sides accepted the taped police
meetings as facts.

My Lord, both sides accepted the taped police
meetings as facts.

The defense's line of questioning
IS misleading the jury.

As the defense,
| have the right to challenge the witness.

Whether the confession was coerced
is up to the jury.

For how long did Angus
watch Henry Cheung's meeting?

| wasn't checking the clock, sorry.

How long was he with the corpses?

Two weeks?

Angus said, after you mentally abused him,

he kneeled on the floor,

asking you to beat him. What did you do then?

| pushed him once.

Push? How?


With my leg.

Barrister Yau,

if your client thought that | beat him,

he could've requested an examination.

We go by evidence.

| did everything by the book.

He signed the confession himself.

When the Second Defendant confessed,

the first thing he said was...

Murder... anything...

I'll confess...

How do you interpret anything, I'll confess?

How do you interpret anything, I'll confess?

As a confession.

Would you agree that

Angus felt that no matter what he said,

you wouldn't believe him,

so he confessed under a defeated state?

| warned him about the consequences of confessing.

Do you think that taking his statement
in that state of mind

is appropriate behavior towards my client?

And is this confession credible?


Sergeant Cheung.

As a public servant,
you distorted and misrepresented the truth.

We go by evidence in the courtroom.

Indeed, | can't prove that my client
was coerced to confess by you.

Indeed, | can't prove that my client
was coerced to confess by you.

But mental torment

is better at making one yield.

My Lord, no further questions.

Mr. Chan, you shared the flat with Angus Tong
for some time.

Mr. Chan, you shared the flat with Angus Tong
for some time.

Does the flat look different
from when you were there?

When | was there, there was no microwave.
And just one fridge.

The kitchen window wasn't sealed with cement.

Please speak up.

Are the two men...

in this courtroom?

Yes, right there.

Sir, do you have a cleaver?

Why are you so sure?

| only got $550 for that refrigerator.

| had to carry it up,

install it, and try it before | could leave.

| didn't get a tip, not even a can of soda.

How could | forget him?

Your shop does home repairs.

Have you done repairs in the flat?

Yes, three, four times.

| fixed the gate lock, stuff like that.

You told the police that
the refrigerator's buyer is a big guy,

30 years old, 170 cm tall,

pimples on his face.

Take a look at the Second Defendant.

Does he fit the man you described?

Are there pimples on his face?

You've been to the crime scene

and you've seen Angus Tong.

That's why you pointed him out at identification.

You got it wrong.

| really did recognize him.


Fatty wanted to get married,

so | introduced an Indonesian woman to him.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Tong.

But | screwed up.

Turned out the woman is married.

| know | did him wrong,

but what | don't get is,

why did he go back to her after getting duped?

| don't know if he's dumb or just too nice.

What do you think?

He's kinda dumb.

My Lord, no question from me.

On February 25th, 2013,

did you contact Angus Tong?


What did he tell you?

He said he's up to something big
the next few months.

Did you ask him what he's doing?

Yeah, but he told me to butt out.

Did you find that odd?

| did.

| couldn't imagine this.

You and Angus Tong

had a relationship from 2007 to 2008.

What do you think of him?

He's a bit cowardly, but he treats people well.

Why did you break up?

He hurt his hip at work and

needed a crutch. | told him to see a doctor,
but he refused.

A year later, we broke up.

You can say | dumped him.

Do you know he attempted suicide?

| do.

But | don't know if it's a good thing
or a bad thing

that he survived it.

It's good that he survived, right?

Why would you think it's a bad thing?

After that, he became forgetful.

And | think he got a bit dumb.

Any objective facts that gave you that idea?

A security firm hired him back then.

The firm gave him shoes that didn't fit.

They made his feet inflammed.

| told him to exchange them, but he wouldn't.

Is he the type that didn't want to trouble people?

The type that would feel bad
about requesting new shoes?


According to you,
Angus' romantic experiences were all scams?

According to you,
Angus' romantic experiences were all scams?

Don't be upset, I'm not questioning your love.

But you said that he hurt his hips

and couldn't work.
Why was that the reason for the breakup?

| kept telling him to see a doctor,
but he refused.

| even had to buy him food.

Was | supposed to be the breadwinner then?

Really? Didn't you say that he's obedient

and easy to control?

He said the injury made him lose confidence
and scared to go out

Didn't you find it odd that an injury changed him?

Of course, that's why we fought all the time.

Did you think that he refused
to see the doctor because

he wanted you to take care of him?

| don't know.

He's actually very stubborn. Once,
| gave him the silent treatment.

He waited outside my door, holding in his piss.

He ended up peeing his pants.

Did you think at the time

that he peed on purpose

to get your attention?

My Lord

The witness doesn't have to answer.

I'm not answering.

My Lord, | have no questions.

You feel so certain, no further questions, huh?

If | talk, the whole world
will sympathize with him.

| wouldn't do that.

Say, good job pulling the rug under her just now.

Great if the jury wanted to hear it,
if they didn't...

you'd come off as vicious and cold.


If I don't go hard early,

those piggies may fall for sweet talk
and never wake up.

The trial of the Tai Kok Tsui
parricide case continues today.

The trial of the Tai Kok Tsui
parricide case continues today.

According to sources,

when Henry Cheung taped the interview
looking for his parents,

Go ahead, | have unlimited data!

Watch all you want!

he'd already behaved strangely.

His eyes were filled with anger

like he harbors deep hatred for someone.

After the taping,
he argued with his brother over the search...

After the taping,
he argued with his brother over the search...

Miss Tong,

you still have to go to court later.

Can you tell my brother

that I'll support him from here?

Thank you.


My client, the Second Defendant,
chooses to take the stand.

Mr. Tong,

did Henry Cheung reside in your flat?

Rarely. He used it as a shag room.

He's only there when he brings women up.

So Henry would notify you

when he brought women there?

He'd put up a note,

then | leave.

Where would you go?

Hey, handsome.

What's your name?

But you had to spend money.

He paid rent, though.

How would you describe your relationship?

He bought me steak all the time.

Hey, do it like me.

Follow the lines,

then press down to cut it.

He treated you quite well.

He bought me clothes.

On March 4th, you returned home.

What happened after that?

| got home,

and | smelled something terrible.

It reeked like dead rats.

Come here.

Help me clean up after you eat.

It's your flat, you won't get away with it.


I've seen your mom and sister.

You were afraid he'd hurt your family?

| can lose my life,

but | don't want him to hurt my mom and my sister!

What did Henry Cheung ask you to do?

To wrap up the arms and legs then throw them away.

To wrap up the arms and legs then throw them away.

He kept scolding me, too.

You faced those arms and legs at home alone.

Were you scared?

| was! | had scary dreams.

| dreamt of a spider chasing me.

What else did he ask you to do?

He made me spray freshener every day

and buy bicycles.

(Henry Cheung: BUY 2 BICYCLES)
and buy bicycles.

(Angus Tong: Okay)

How did your good friend Henry

tell you to handle those arms and legs?

He told me to toss them in the Mainland alone.

He said if Customs asks, say it's cured meat.

| said no.

What the fuck!

You can't even wrap a few things, you dumb cunt?

Did you call him back after that?

No, | was scared!

| was worried he'd hurt my sister and mom.

| just trembled in bed.

When the police arrested you,

how did you feel?

When the cops came, | felt relieved.

At first, you told the police
you didn't kill anyone,

but you admiited it later.


When | said | didn't do it,
they didn't believe me.

They only believed what Henry said.

They said | could sleep if | confessed,
so | did it.

Did you know you'd be in trouble
if you confessed?

| didn't know. | just knew | couldn't sleep.

| really wanted to sleep,

but the cop wouldn't listen to me.

He flicked cigarettes at me.

He just said,

You killed his mom, Shiu Suet Yee,

then killed his dad, Cheung Kuen Kwai,

right? that.

He said he'd make me coffee rice.

Coffee rice is great for you.

You won't be hungry

and you won't be sleepy!

Eat up!

Did you eat it?


I'm so hungry! Let me eat!

| said...

| like coffee rice

You beat me up!

Throwing a crazy fit?

That's not gonna scare me!

My Lord, no further questions.

Several days before the incident,

February 25, 2013,

you quit your job as a security guard, right?


Because that day, Henry Cheung said

his parents finally agreed to visit your flat.

You quit to prepare the murder, right?

No, it's not like that! He forced me to quit.

He called me at work to harass me.

On March 1st, Henry stayed at the crime scene

for about 20 minutes.

You didn't see the corpses when you got home.

Did a third person handle the corpses, then?

| don't know! | wasn't there!

Could it be you who took part in the murder
and dismembering?

| didn't!

You put the remains in the refrigerator...

Fine! Frame me!

Frame me all you want!

I'm fine with that!

Did you inflict the wound on Henry Cheung?

He never mentioned it!

Only knew when the police came!

I'm not a god!

I'm not clairvoyant! How could | know all that?!

Calm down first.

The whole thing was your idea
from beginning to end.

It was you who wanted to kill his parents.

Sometimes | want to be like you.

A happy dumb fuck.

You can be one, too.

People like me either die young

or go insane.

| think | want to kill myself before I'm 30.

I'll cut my wrist...

Spray the blood all over home.

Turn the place into a death flat.

They'll be stuck with that flat for life.

You instigated him to kill his parents.

You saw it as a drill.

Then you said,

You're gonna die anyway...

If killing will kill you, too,
why don't you Kill...

...Bring a few more down with you?

| want to see what it's like to Kill.

Treat this as rehearsal. If we succeed,

we'll go big in Shenzhen.

Drive around, catch some Mainland hookers,

rape them, then kill them.

We'll have fun until we get caught.

Do you hate hookers?

They just didn't let you cum in them.

Imagine fucking them

while thinking about killing them.

It's so hot!

You know that he wanted to die,

You know he'd agree to it.

Force a man to die and he'll live.
That's your best trick.

| never said that!

| tried to stop him!

He said he really hated his parents,

that he wanted to kill them then kill himself!

| told him not to do it! Really!

| think | want to kill myself before I'm 30.

I'll cut my wrist...

Spray the blood all over home.

They'll be stuck with that flat for life.

When Henry told you about committing suicide,

did you tell him to drag a few more down with him?

| didn't talk about suicide with him!

| tried to kill myself, too!

Does trying suicide means you'll die for sure?

You're so smart, you don't need to kill yourself.

What's the point of dying? You won't know anything.

You're already much better off than me.

At least you have people to hate.

| don't even know who | can hate.

Myself, | guess.

I'm gonna die anyway,
and killing will get me killed, too.

Why don't we kill and
bring some people down with me?

After we kill the old folks,

we'll go to the Mainland,

catch some Mainland hookers to rape and Kill.


Do you hate hookers?

They just didn't let you cum in them.

Imagine fucking them

while thinking about killing them.

It's so hot!

You used the suicide to threaten them.

Guilt them into doing things for you.

You're not that pitiful. You just pretend to be.

You're smart, progressing by retreating.

You play the weak man, turn defeat into victory.

So you're the one doing Catch Me If You Can.

Don't think | can't recognize you
because you got fat, DiCaprio.

My Lord,

| think Barrister Ng's use of hypotheticals

to pressure my client is very inappropriate.

Angus Tong didn't know his parents

and had no grudges against them.

Why would he kill them?

He's just like Henry Cheung.

He thinks the world looks down on him.

If everyone's a bully,

why would he care about anyone?

So what if there's

a few more dead people?

What's important is having an accomplice

to go crazy with him.

Angus Tong is the mastermind?

The dumb one taught the smart one?

The smart one isn't smart at everything.

The dumb one just needs to do one thing right

to have a chance to win.

As long as he has no obstacles,

the general can jump the board
and take the marshal.

You kept picking on Angus Tong.

Is it some kind of strategy to help Henry?

Did you see the jury's face today?

It seems they're already on his side.

Yeah, they're convinced he was
coerced into a confession.

When | was examining Angus, did you

notice Henry's reaction?

The fatty's good at playing the dummy.


A bad guy can be very serious
when telling the truth.

Just like me right now.

So you think Angus must be an accomplice.

You don't want him freed.

We need to prove somehow he is just as guilty.

Well, there's a lot of evidence for that.

Yes, but getting them to believe it,
that's the hard part.

It was one-on-two, now it's two-on-one.

Do you think Barrister Yau can handle it?

She's Honorable Senior Counsel Carrie Yau!


Listen to me closely.


| can't remember so much stuff.

My brain's gonna explode.

Are you being bad again?


Just do as | say.

Everything | do is for your own good.

Have you memorized it?

Just do this well.

Memorize this.

Why did you buy so many knives with him?

| didn't know there were so many.

He said he'd cook me steak that night

and the knives at home
aren't good for cutting steaks...

You bought four knives for guests,

including his parents, right?

| asked him why he bought so many knives.

He told me | don't have to know

since I'm not paying for them.

| mean, he's paying, not me, right?

So you didn't pay for anything at home?

No, | paid for the chopping board and stuff.

| ask the jury to open the folder
to look at Evidence P44.

You, Angus Tong

and Henry Cheung

said on your MSN chat:

As long as no one finds it,
no one knows ABC already X.

As long as no one finds it,
no one knows ABC already X.

What does X mean? Who is ABC?

| don't know.

My English name is Angus Tong.

My sister gave it to me.

But | didn't chat with him on MSN.

Your chats are all on record!

| haven't used MSN in a long time,

and my computer isn't locked.

Henry could've come into my room

and used MSN on my computer.

Let me remind the Second Defendant

that these chat records are
acknowledged fact by both sides.

It means your barrister obtained your permission

and you signed verifying that.

| don't know what | signed.

The lawyer asked me to sign, so | signed.

You are playing ignorance.

I'm not ignorance, | know stuff.

You were home the several days after the incident.

How could you not know about
the heads in the freezer?

| never opened the freezer.

| had no idea what's in it.

When I'm hungry, | go out to buy food.

Mr. Tong, why did you

seal your windows with cement?

When | poop,

mice sneak through the gaps on the windows.

It seemed to enjoy eating.

| didn't have money to fix it,

so | just sealed it.

If you weren't trying to conceal

things that were happening inside,

why did you take the effort to seal
the window with cement?

Things like...


Are... Are you going to eat all the mice for me?!

Please look at Evidence P46.

A piece of paper was found in your residence.

It has Henry Cheung's Sai Ying Pun address,

the building's passcode, and the victims' names.

Do you know what it's for?

That paper's not mine. | don't know.

Henry didn't need that paper,
he wrote it for you.

He might've written it for me,
but I've never seen it.

In the red notebook found in your room,

someone wrote, Meat, bones, done in 9 days.

Twelve hours, shave.
Cut organs and send corpse to bird nest.

What did that mean?

| don't recognize these writings.

They're your handwriting.

He opened the plastic box and
told me to copy it down.

So | copied it down.

I'm not well-edcated, | don't know so much.

Mr. Tong,

you told the police,

Me and Henry killed one each, chopped them,
then boiled them.

Do you remember saying this?

| remember.

| just followed the tape playing on TV.

Henry said it, so | repeated it.

| just really wanted to sleep at the time.

| was mad.

So being mad makes it okay
to say irresponsible things?

So being mad makes it okay
to say irresponsible things?

Let me ask you, are you mad right now?

If you think I'm being mad right now,

you can punish me.

| accept it, there's nothing | can do.

| know | was wrong.

If you want to frame me, then frame me.

I'm okay with it.

Before you gave your statement,

did the police warn you of consequences?

| don't really remember what he said.

But | nodded.

| really didn't remember what he said.

My Lord, no further questions.

(Clinical Psychiatrist - Chan Kam Hung)
Dr. Chan, for how many hours...

...did you meet with him?

Nearly 200 hours.

From your observation of him,

what kind of person is Angus Tong?

Angus Tong doesn't have any mental illness.

His 1Q is only 84.

There is a significant gap
between operational 1Q and verbal 1Q.

Angus' 1Q is lower than average,

but how low, exactly?

Are you he doesn't know
what it is to kill someone?

He can't pick up a knife and stab someone?

| can't answer that with certainty.

Do you think Angus' abilties

allow him to carry out such a complex plan?

| think the planning behind this case

exceeds what Angus's 1Q can handle.

Miss Tong.

Can you briefly describe your family background?

Me and my brother Angus Tong

only had each other all this time.

My father died early.

My mother worked all day.

So it was just the two of us.

What was Angus like as a child?

He's very simple.

If someone gave him something to eat,

he'd think they're the nicest person ever.

Does he fight back if he's bullied?

| want him to know how to fight back,

but he doesn't want to be disliked,

so he swallows his pride

and never fights back.

| told him all the time,

You can't see everyone as your best friend.

You'll get taken advantage of.

Do you think he's stupid?

No.. He's...

| think he's slightly lacking in communication.

Or he may not understand everything
people say to him.

He attempted suicide.
Were you the one that saved him?

In the hospital...

He struggled for two weeks before he was saved.

It's all screwed if you get married.


I'm screwed if you get married.

All his life,

he made friends without thinking.

| moved out to live with my boyfriend for a while

and didn't live with him.

| just took my eyes off him for a bit,

and that happened.

It's the same thing this time.

Why do you say that?


When he saw the remains,

he tried to called me, but | didn't get the call.

My brother has a low 1Q.

He has a bad memory,
and he's scared of everything.

It's because he had me to protect him

that he didn't get bullied.

After we started living apart,

he contacted me less and less.

| thought he was finally grown up,

finally independent...

Turns out he met that jerk.

He had no idea he was being used.

Why are you dragging my brother down with you?


My Lord...

My Lord, no further questions.

As you said,
you're quite close to your brother, right?

Of course, | only have one brother.

Can | put it this way?

To help your brother from being sent to jail,

you'd do anything?

My Lord!

My Lord,

I'm saying that
the witness and the Second Defendant are related.

Hence, her testimony is biased.

I'm not saying that she's lying,

but as her sister, she may rather believe that

her brother is still a child.

Do you think...

Do you think that | feel great
telling the whole world

that he's a retard?

Miss Tong...

It's almost Mother's Day.

Every Mother's Day, we make a cake

and celebrate together.

But for the last two years, on every holiday,

| told our mother that he's at work.

| lied to her,

told her that Angus is

too busy to see her.

Let me ask you... This year,

how do | keep up the lie?

I, Lee Yuk Lan, solemnly and sincerely declare

| will do everything in my power
to keep the jurors together

and free from outside interference.

Outside the courtroom, | will not

make any comment on the case to the jurors.

Jurors, please retire for deliberation, thank you.

| wonder how long the piggies will take.

Shall we grab a bite?

I'm hungry, too.

Where should we go?

The usual joint.

Let's wait at the helicopter.

We don't need a helicopter to go to Admiralty.

| think he meant elevator.

What? Did | say helicopter?

Never mind, let's go...

We don't need to debate
Henry Cheung's guilt, right?




Not guilty.

Is this a game? Who cast this vote?

There's no need to know.

The vote's been cast.

| think we do need to know.

What if they stir trouble on the next vote?

What trouble?

We agreed on secret ballots.

It's normal not to reveal it.

It must be you three.

Always talking about understanding the murderer.

Does one of you want him to go free?

One of you even said
you don't believe in the system

then said a bunch of hogwash.

You're a Hitler fan, just like him.

| just read Nietzsche, like Hitler did.

Miss Cheng?

I'm not obligated to,
but if | did cast the vote,

| would've told you all.

So, what then? Too scared to fess up?

It was me!

Why did you do that?

I'm free to vote however | want.

Mr. Ho, don't mind me for asking,

but why did you vote that way?

| felt | should vote not guilty.

You can vote however you want,

but you can tell us your reasoning.

Maybe you can change our minds.

| have none.

So you're just messing around?

Whether he goes to jail isn't my business.

You didn't listen when | said it.

Now you're asking again.

My vote doesn't change the result anyway.

Why are you freaking out?

My son never listens to me.

| may have not voted not guilty like Mr. Ho,

but | didn't quite understand all those arguments.

Then what was your criteria for voting?


Can everyone cut it out?

We're here to be jurors,

not nutcases at a town hall meeting!

After all this time here,

do you actually know why you're all here?

This is our first time as jurors...

But it may also be our last time.

After today,

you can keep betting on horses, eating dim sum,
polishing nails, whatever.

Let's stop debating and finish Cheung's charges

Let's stop debating and finish Cheung's charges

so we can discuss Angus Tong, all right?

All right, I'll start.



Eight to one.

Okay, next!

It's here.

We're sure that

Henry Cheung was only at the crime
scene for 20 minutes.

Is that enough time to kill two people?

Is that enough time to kill two people?

Take a look.

Let's not restrict a person’s limits.

How old is this building?

It's moldy and rotten.

There's plenty of sunlight.

It faces west, window frame's broken.

How can anyone live here?

It's enough time to kill someone,

but dismemberment?

Angus Tong said he didn't see the bodies
when he got home.

To dismember the bodies and clean up
in such a short time...

It sounds impossible.

He didn't need to dispose of them at once.

That's just your speculation.

Before the incident, the fatty

called his friend and
said he's up to something big.

Is committing murder that thing?

The paper had Henry Cheung's address,
building passcode

and his parents' names.

Did Cheung need to write those down?

It also has the budget and spending for the plan.

What was Angus Tong's old job?

Accounting! There are other clues, too.

Think about it.

Even if Tong had a hand in planning,

it's pointless if we can't prove his presence
during the murder.

If we find him guilty,
it's life in jail for him.

He has a low IQ anyway,
| don't think he'll do it again.

If he really is dumb.

It's hard to play smart, but easy to play dumb.

There was a serial killer in America
named Ottis Toole.

There was a serial killer in America
named Ottis Toole.

His 1Q was only 75,

He took part in over 100 murders
between the 60's and 80's.

He took part in over 100 murders
between the 60's and 80's.


Even a retard can Kill.

Missy, say something!

If Angus Tong ends up in jail,

his mother would be really sad.

My mom always say to me,

if | ever get married and leave home,

she wouldn't know what to do.

Right, if the fatty spends life in jail,

his mother would die a sad woman.

At least someone's already paying for the crime.

Let him go.

Everyone cares about...

...the well-being of others.

But what you said isn't enough
to make this decision.

Look, let me remind you that

feeling sorry for the fatty is one thing.

Whether he committed murder is another.

We have to deal with this rationally.

You complain if | stay silent,
then you tell me I'm wrong...


Young people these days are so hard to please.

Everything's an argument with you lot.

| don't know what you people are thinking.

Why don't you just tell me? I'll play along.

Don't forget,

he still has a sister.

I'm not asking you to feel sorry for the fatty,

but Angus did attempt suicide before.

He barely survived it.

Should we take a young man's fate so lightly?

Should we take a young man's fate so lightly?

The point isn't whether they're guilty or not.

It's whether our decision
was thoroughly thought out.

Or did we just use our subjective feelings

and personal bias to come to a conclusion?

Don't feed us that abstract shit.

Justice always prevails, period.

| only believe my judgment.

We've debated enough.

What else is there to say?

Just vote already.

Before we vote, I'd like to say something.

Sure, what's on your mind?

Out with it already.

| used to be a teacher, but I'm retired.

I'm an ordinary housewife now.

Out of nowhere, | got a summons,

so | came and became a juror.

When | see news about deaths and disasters,

| read them like stories.
When | go grocery shopping,

| walk away when | see bloody things.

| don't know much,
so who am | to decide someone's fate?

After hearing so much these few days,
| feel like I've seen a play.

| can't be sure that the fatty had a part in it.

But there's something | can't figure out.

How could that fatty imitate
that sergeant so well?

How could that fatty imitate
that sergeant so well?

When he peed himself,

was it really an accident, or was it on purpose?

Is Angus Tong as simple as he seems?

That's just your speculation.

| understand that.

The accused has the benefit of the doubt.

But | wonder,

since Henry Cheung already
confessed to the murder,

what good did it do him
to drag the fatty down with him?

It'd hurt his image,
make it harder to get a lighter sentence.

He may be a murderer,

but that doesn't make him a liar.

Isn't everyone equal in front of the law?

Not if you're poor.

No matter what,

| just want everyone to
consider their votes seriously.

More importantly, vote with your conscience.

Well said.

| can't believe I'm kinda sad to see this end.

It's not too late.

Take a look.

How old is this building?

It's moldy and rotten.

For the charge of murder
against First Defendant Henry Cheung...

Jury, have you reached a verdict?

We have.

Is your verdict unanimous?


What is your verdict?

8-1, guilty.

Look, | actually got one vote.

For the charge of murder
against Second Defendant Angus Tong...

Jury, have you reached a verdict?

We have.

Is your verdict unanimous?


What is your verdict?

Not guilty.

Thank you! Thank you!


First Defendant Henry Cheung

is an extremely dangerous character.

He's smart and manipulative.

His parents raised him all these years,

but he spent six months planning their murder

and feels no remorse.
He is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Second Defendant Angus Tong has a low IQ

and was used by Henry Cheung.

He gets one year for preventing
the lawful burial of the bodies.

But since the defendant has been in custody
for over two years,

he can retrieve his belongings and leave
after court is adjourned.


As for the police's handling
of the taped meetings...

In the absence of evidence proving

the accused took part in murder,

they interrogated him for 41 hours

and deprived him of rest.

That is very unfair to the accused.

| think the police needs to
seriously review their actions.


You all know...

You all know you can't take photos here.

Let's talk downstairs, all right?

Let's go downstairs...

One at a time.

Can you comment on the
judge's repeated criticism of

the police's interrogation techniques?

| respect the judge's decision,

but at the same time, | want to emphasize that

Tong's statement with the police was
deemed admissible from the very start.

Mr. Cheung, only two remain in your family,
what are your plans?

Mr. Cheung, only two remain in your family,
what are your plans?

| will keep on living, thank you.

Can you tell us more, Mr. Cheung?

Here he comes.

Give us a comment.

Please let us through.

Do you think this verdict was fair?

| think the jury's verdict

reflects the fairness of
Hong Kong's judicial system

and its courts.

What a great actor, it's like he was possessed.

Boss, are you a little disappointed?

Defending his reasons for killing...

Is that a bet on the bank or the player?

It's nice to tell the truth in court sometimes.

It's like | learned,
saw and thought of something new.

It wasn't a total wash.

| personally don't care about winning.

What's important for me is helping my client.

When | look at this thing,

| wonder if putting it on means I'm no longer me.

| was thinking of taking on fewer cases,

take the family traveling.

You never know
what'll happen here tomorrow, right?

You never know
what'll happen here tomorrow, right?

Do you think you spoke out for justice?

It's jackpot if we get an
exclusive with the fatty.

Why are we still pursuing this?

Do you want to get paid?

| can't hold it in, Sis.

Driver, please stop here.

Go on...

Come on!

| thought you'd give the fatty a guilty vote.

| thought about it.

In the end,
| didn't want to vote with my emotions.

The court has protocols, after all.

Eliminate all reasonable doubts.

You didn't leave at 1997.

If things change in the future,

will you leave?

If Hong Kong becomes the same as up north.

I'll just do business there.

| just need to use my brain.

Call him Godfather.



I'm leaving. They'll hire you or him

before they hire me.

Certificate doesn't mean anything.


Certificate doesn't mean anything.

It won't get you intelligence.

What does that mean?

It means Thousands of books can't replace...

...a Marlboro!

Malaysian Peanuts!

Malaysian Peanuts?


A bit salty, plenty of crunch...

Gotta have it with a tall one!

Ladybird Malaysian Peanuts!

So tasty! So crunchy!

Hey, can you keep it down?

We're doing interviews in here.

Interview? You just let someone cut in line.

It's rigged, guys!

Don't waste our time if it's rigged.

Let's go.

Let's go!

A foreigner got sent here recently.

The one who killed two Indonesian hookers.

Has an 1Q of 137.

The guards keep comparing me to him.

Do you know how much that
flat devalued after the murders?

Do you know how much that
flat devalued after the murders?

Mom and Dad's will...

includes two flats for me...

...and you.

What's the point of telling me that?

They're dead.

I'm stuck here.

They didn't play favorites.

Life is so difficult.

If my family died first, I'd be sad...

If | died first, my family would be sad.

You seem to have it all figured out.

Then again...

You have no feelings.


But since you have no feelings,

what's the point of knowing so much?

My lawyer advised me to

disqualify you as an executor of the estate.

Do you think I still care about that?

That's good.

You come out on top.

| did something good for you.

Do you... really think
you didn't do anything wrong?

You have plenty of time, think about it.

| don't have to spend my time thinking.

Regret is pointless, the outcome won't change.

You were right.

There's always a step to get stuck on.


Calm down.

Settle down!

(German) This is the fate they chose.

(German) I didn't force them.

How do you feel now?

| feel like I'm in a dream.

Like | haven't woken up yet.

Do you get nightmares when you sleep?

Yes, | have lots of nightmares.

| dream about those arms and legs.

And Henry's face.

You're a social worker?

Good thing you speak Chinese.

Can | help you?

In my dream, a giant spider chases me.

It's so furry.

| know there was a murder here,

but we're not afraid of that stuff.

It's for you.

They're great at drawing.

Thank you.

Are you more afraid of spiders or Henry now?


Did you ever comfort Henry?

| did.

| did comfort him.

| told him to not think bad thoughts.

His parents love him.

They just don't know how to.

Are these important?

I'm not well-educated, | don't know much.

Yeah, very important.

All this evidence will take ages to process.


What do we need to bring back?

Take what's useful and leave what's not!

| know this, | can do this.


This is level 2 Accountancy.

Ever get angry at yourself?

I've always been mad at myself.

| get mad for no reason.

I've screwed up so many things!

If the victims' corpses were whole,

would you feel more at ease?

| wouldn't say more at ease.

| would say...

it would be better.

As my client,

you went from a huge media organization

to becoming a poor web media reporter.

Don't you need to eat?

My Lord, no further questions.

Do you feel that you did wrong by his parents?

| don't feel | did wrong by them.

But if

all those...

arms and legs Henry tossed can be found,

it would be better.

But they're gone, | can't do anything about that.