The Spanish Prisoner (1997) - full transcript

Joe Ross is a rising star. He's designed a process that will make his company millions. He wants a bonus for this work, but fears his boss will stiff him. He meets a wealthy stranger, Jimmy Dell, and they strike up an off-kilter friendship. When the boss seems to set Ross up to get nothing, he seeks Dell's help. Then he learns Dell is not what he seems, so he contacts an FBI agent through his tightly-wound assistant, Susan Ricci. The FBI asks him to help entrap Dell. He accepts, a sting is arranged, but suddenly it's he who's been conned out of the process and framed for murder. Bewildered and desperate, he enlists Susan's aid to prove his innocence.

What is the purpose
of your trip, please?


Thank you and welcome
to St. Estephe.

What is the purpose
of your trip, please?

May I see these Havanas, please?

-I'll relax after the dog and pony show.

- Will you put that thing away, Joe?
- Just a minute,

Mr. Ross?

- Susan,
- Susan. you on the plane?

In the cheap seats. I'm just thrilled
the company sent me here at all.

Let me help you with that.

On, no, Mr. Ross, I promised
Mr. Klein nobody touches this but me,

- Let me just get this,
- you are a real boy scout,

- That's a compliment indeed.
- They told me we started here,

- It's true.
- Nothing sensitive in that,

Absolutely not.
Come on,

The process...

and by means of the process
to control the global market.

- And this process is complete?
- It's near completion,

- Near completion?
- Very near. This team, which Mr. Ross--

- Team?
- The team,

And I think if I may,
Mr. Klein.,,

I would like to state that the work and
the inspiration for the process was--

Thank you, George.

I know you'll understand when I
say that's neither here nor there.

These gentlemen have come
down to hear the good news,

The good news
is control of the market.

- How are we gonna do that, Mr. Ross?
- Some information is in front of you,

We don't want to get too specific
for security reasons,

My task is to tell you what those
things I can in Layman's language,

I think I can break it down sufficiently
to give you a pretty firm idea.

- This process--
- yes.

How long could we hold on to it
before the competition steals it?

We defend it, of course, tooth and nail.
This is a proprietary process,

Of course, after the fact,
But the competition--

The question is, if we get
into it, what do we own?

you're asking us to consider
making a vast investment.

Before we take this before
the stockholders' meeting...

I want to know,
what do we own?

- Speak to the point.
- Thank you, I will.

Without our actual data,
without the formula...

the Japanese, or anyone else for
that matter, would have nothing.

Should you give us the go-ahead,
their actual--

The legal issues are these:

We have both the de facto and the
de jure copyright of that process,

Even if they should engage in piracy,
their research and development time...

- Their catch-up time,
- would put them back-- George?

- Three?
- Three to five years.

What I want to know is,
who much money will we make?

In that
three-to-five-year period...

a conservative projection is we're
gonna generate for the company...

a windfall somewhere
on the order of--

- I'd like to take this opportunity--
- What is it, Joe?

If I might-- They were kind enough
to mention the stockholders' meeting,

But if we could discuss
the exact terms of--

- Of your--
- Of my bonus.

That is, my participation in it,

This thing goes, there's gonna be
more than enough to go around.

Are you kidding? you did good
in there, I'm not gonna forget it.

- Thank you.
- Neither are they.

- But my exact question is--
- How much?

I'm in the same position as you,

They keep me in the dark too,
yes, they do.

Do you need a couple of bucks
for your rent?

For my rent?
I can't say that I do, sir,

I'll tell you what.

Frankly, I'm here to enjoy myself,
That's why we brought you fellows down.

Give you a little perk,
Now you wanna talk business?

New York, my office,
Any time,

And Joe, why don't you buy
yourself some new clothes?

Give yourself a holiday.

As you see, Joe,
Lots to do down here.

See you in New York.

Both the room charges
and the incidentals--

- The fax said the incidental expenses--
- I'm just the new girl,

- I'll just be a moment.
- Thanks,

your traveler's checks
are in U,S, dollars?

- That's right,
- Some clambake, huh?

-I'll need you to sign these.
-Gabrielle, you have to change the tape,

Change it?
Don't you just rerecorded them?

- No, we save all the tapes.
- What do you keep them for?

Insurance company demands it,

People waterskiing and so on.
In case of a suit.

Lot of money, sir,

They give you a better exchange
at the bank.

Oh, well, I suppose I should
have done it that way, but...

that's all right.

Hello, Been shopping, Mr. Ross?

lf you want, as long as we're here--
thank you-- you could call me Joe,

yeah, as long as I didn't
take that as inducement...

to further intimacy.

- Well--
- I'll call you Joe down here then,


How'd the meeting go?

Something big, huh? That's what
they all think back at home.

- Could be something big.
- What is it?

- Sworn to secrecy,
- Something big. Sworn to secrecy,

- Everybody's smokin' a cigar.
- Things seem to be going our way,

Did you know the Caribbean is the
number one honeymoon destination...

for young Japanese?

- I didn't know that,
- Well, it is.

- Long way to come,
- Must be because it's so romantic.


Take a picture, sir?


The security of the process.

There's only one copy of the process,
It's in New York,

- I see,
- The answer you're after--

Beats workin', doesn't it?

One last shot, Show 'em back at
the office, Our day in paradise,

- Sure,
- Let's see those ivories!

A friendly smile,
a tropical isle.

- I'll take you too,
- Thanks,

Chris, I left the log
on the pilot seat,

you're a real gent,
See ya,

I'll give you $1,000
for that camera,

beg your pardon?

I said, I will give you
$1,000 if give me that camera.

Are you asking a favor of me?
Is that the idea?

Because if it's important to you, why
don't you take the camera as a gift?

Why don't you take it?

There you go,
My gift to you.

Excuse me,

What is this thing that
brought you down here?

A very hush-hush,
secret development,

But I'm so low down on the food chain.
I've only been there a month,

- Hello, Joe, I was just--
- yeah, we're secret agents down here,

- Hello, Joe, I was just--
- yeah, we're secret agents down here,

Super-rich and powerful,
Reforming the world.

- Full of priceless information,
- Everybody on vacation's got a story,

- Isn't it?
- That's right,

Everybody needs to feel important.
What do you do?

Me? I'm with the FBI.

I know,

I shouldn't have said anything.
Not that I know anything,

you're right, you know what I have?
A secretary mentality.

- That's right. Might be a good idea--
- Not that anyone tells me anything,

I'm just here to fetch and carry,
''Send the new girl,''

No. It's not a big thing.

Just don't have to mention it,

- Somebody's got a crush on you,
- I ain't lookin' for an office romance,

All I want is an umbrella
in my drink.

Your ship comes in, you're gonna be
whisking them away like flies, lad,

- Just like flies,
- Ship comes in!

Nice shirt.

They can twist and squirm,
but they owe ya.

- And if they don't wanna pay?
- Well, nobody wants to pay,

Here's what I think:

Worry is interest paid in advance
on a debt that never comes due.

- Is it indeed?
- I warned ya,

Leave the job till tomorrow,
This evening, let's enjoy ourselves.

- You'll have to show me how.
- My pleasure.

Good evening, ladies.

Hello, girls,

Evidently intended
for our betters.

I'm gonna go off
and get into trouble,

How good of you to come out
and join us.

Here we go.

you interested in tennis?

Never had too much time for it,

That's the whole problem
with the whole thing, isn't it?

A man said, "It's all right when your
hobbies get in the way of your work

but when they start to get
in the way of each other--"

My little sister plays tennis.

Alternate on the Olympic team.

Well, sorry,

What I want to say is,
thank you.

I was wrong today,

I was wrong to offer you money,
It was gauche...

and it was--

and I appreciate your gesture.

I'm in your debt, Thank you.

Glad to help,

Lovely, romantic spot,

My name is Julian Dell, by the way.
Everybody calls me Jimmy,

- Joseph Ross,
- That was a nice gesture on your part.

- I appreciate it.
- Where's the young lady?

- The young lady on the beach,
- Helicopter.

Back to Bermuda,

you wanna get a drink?


Who is she, the young lady
on the beach?

Well, she's a princess,

You might say the title means nothing,
The country hardly exists anymore.

But perhaps it means something.

And the princess, she's what?

Well, she's married, and she's
married to a friend of mine,

- So I saw you with the camera,
- Oh, yes.

What happened to the princess?

She was, of course, never here,

- We whisked her back to her husband.
- I understand,

- Good morning.
- Morning.

George Lang, Jimmy Dell,

- The fellow with the airplane.
- That's right,

- Pleasure. Nice plane,
- Beats walkin',

A fellow said, ''We must never
forget that we are human.

And as humans, we must dream.,,

and when we dream,
we dream of money.''


Money, Impresses everyone.
What did it ever do for one?

Useful if you want
to buy things,

I got this.

- My sister,
- She young and pretty?

I think she'd qualify
as young and pretty,

I'm gonna take a walk,
you wanna take a walk?

Bedtime for me,

Perhaps we'll meet
back in New York,

I hope so.

- Got a card?
- Sure,

Lovely gesture of yours,
giving me that camera,

Copies of the bills
to the main office.,,

and all incidental and personal
items as we spoke of.

I know they're high on you. They even
told me to pick up your local calls.

- I didn't call on anybody.
- Well, you missed your chance.

Should have gone hog wild on the
company and stolen a bathrobe,

- Can I talk to you for a second?
- For the purposes of billing...

if you could render our account
into American dollars,...

and we would, of course,
pay the exchange rate today,

The group has expressed an anxiety about
the possibility of insider trading.

- I'm not about to indulge--
- Just mentioned it as a matter of--

- I understand.
- you understand what?

I understand that everyone is anxious,
Would you excuse me for a minute?

Okay, let me just take you
through these charges,

- This is your room charge,
- Thank you.

- Right.
- Thank you. It's been our pleasure,

This is radioed telephone calls
to the mainland,

And these were all
room and beverage.

And this is for
the steno translator,

- Is that right?
- This is for the international calls,

The international code.
Good, thank you.

We had the line open to
Switzerland every night.

That's fine,

Good morning.
How's the world traveler today?

Don't talk to me.

Feeling poorly?

I put a thief in my mouth
to steal my brains,

How was your evening?

Actually, I had
a rather interesting one,

Whoa, whoa.

What might this be?
Rich Aunt die?

Part of my adventure took place
in the casino. Here's your half,

- My half?
- We swore to share and share alike.

- I don't need this.
- A deal's a deal,

- Give it to charity.
- Wait a second.

I'll get that.

Thank you,
you are a real gentleman.

Oh, excuse me,

I'm sorry--

I'm so glad I caught you,
you're going back to New York,

- Might I ask you a service?
- Certainly,

Could you drop off
a package for me?

Could you drop this off
for my sister?

- Mrs. DeSilva at the Wiltshire?
- Sure,

- You don't mind?
- Glad to do it,

I'm going to be in New York
Friday. Are you free?

- I--
- We'll have dinner. Are you free?

- Of course.
- I'll call you,

- I look forward to it.
- Friday,

you may proceed to your gate.
Thank you,

May I help you, sir?

Is this the line to New York?

- Is there anything else, sir?
- yeah.

- Anymore room in first class?
- I'll check,

- This is so generous of you,
- My pleasure.

- It's an extraordinary gesture,
- It's all right.

- Remarkable,
- Baby boomer, somebody said...

''Nobody going on a business trip
would have been missed...

if he didn't arrive.''

This way, please.

- I'm sorry, miss.
- Camera.

Put it on the belt, please.
Next, step through.

See you on the plane.

- This film, is it gonna be--
- It won't hurt your film,

Just come through.

- Excuse me.
- This is so nice of you, really,

They told me I even get
to keep my return ticket,

Use it any time,

Not that I plan
to be back here, but--

- May I see your ticket?
- I know you wouldn't think it

but this gentleman arranged for
me to sit here with quality,

Shows to go you,
you never know who anybody is.

Never know who anybody is.
That girl, said she was with the FBI,

- Guess what she does.
- What does she do?

She is with the FBI.

- Funny old world,
- Funny old word?

- Dog my cats.
- Dog my cats, indeed,

you never know who anybody is.

With the exception of me.
I am what I look like. Why is that?

- I think you look just fine,
- Anybody could be anybody,

Mysterious, or--

Take that guy
who got off the seaplane.

- What about him?
- Who was he?

I don't know,
A fellow who got off a plane,

Just my point.

We think he's a fellow
who got off a plane,

Can't go around mistrusting everybody.
you mistrust everybody?

- No, just strangers,
- Aha,

- We saw him get off the plane,
- We did not,

We saw him in a boat which came
from the direction of the plane,

- I saw him get off the plane,
- Maybe that's what you think you saw.

I took a picture of you
and he's in the background.

I believe you'll see--
I can't say that I'm sure--

but I think you'll see his boat just
came from the direction of the plane.

We have no idea who anyone is.

We will be arriving
in New York shortly,

you are required to fill out
a passport form.

I think I'm getting the flu.

I'm taking in some Cuban cigars.

you? Did you?
Where'd you hide 'em?

Like they say at the airport,
''Did anyone give you a package?

- Did you leave your--''
- What do you mean?

Mules. People get people to bring in
dope for them, or guns or something,

Somebody gives you a package
to take back and you trust them.

Who in this world
is what they seem?

Excuse me, sir,
We will be landing momentarily,

you must return to your seat!

One moment,

- Where are we?
- How do you feel?

My imagination, or was that new
secretary with us up in first class?

- you bought her a ticket.
- I bought her the ticket?

you bought her the ticket.

you know what your problem is?
you're too nice,

Everything for everybody else,
nothing for yourself,

- Driver, stop the car, please,
- Where are you going?

Will you take my stuff
back to the office?

- Sure,
- Thank you.

This book could be rebound, but--

- Price is not an issue.
- Miss Smith,

Certainly, sir, But as I was going
to say, it's a common book,

Common issue, I wouldn't
be surprised if we--

By the way, if you are
interested in Don Budge...

it happens I have a very fine autograph
of him at the French Open in, uh--

Got it, Mr. Cole,

Ah, you see?

- The very same.
- The same book?

Same book, same edition.

May I wrap this for you?

Would you mind?

And if you are interested
in the Don Budge photo...

I'm sure I could give you
a very attractive price on it.

yes, thank you,

- For Mrs. DeSilva,
- I'll see that she gets it, sir,

Thank you,

So, what are you doin'
for the weekend?

- Far as I know, I'm workin' here,
- Workin', huh?

That's right.
See ya Monday,

The question
is one of compensation...

to which you are entitled.

Compensation as the discoverer...

and as the head
of the design team.

- It's your right,
- Every time I broach it--

-What does he say?
-''Wait until the stockholders' meeting,''

Of course.
By then, it'll be too late,

Don't give up. We're gonna talk it out,
What are you doin' tonight?

- I think I'm going to dinner.
- Big date?

- Some people I met. Who is it?
- Susan Ricce

Just a minute, please,

you givin' her a tumble?

Perhaps I have my sights set
on different things.

Beware of all enterprises
which require new clothes,

- Teatime.
- Shouldn't you be going home?

Well, yes, I have a hot date
for the weekend...

with this rich guy who's gonna
whisk me to Connecticut.,,

and loll me around in an
old four-poster bed,

But it's just in my
imagination, so here I am.

- Thank you.
- you studying tennis?

Oh, we didn't play in my
neighborhood when I was a kid,

Getting used to the ways
of the rich?

- Why should he be doing that?
- Oh, come on,

Would you turn away please?

How's everything in
the outer offices?

My troika was pursued
by wolves.

Good thing this cookie
arrived unscathed,

It was a close thing,

Oh, no, I don't mean to pry.
I'm just here to serve,

Good night, Joe, Susan.

you get freed up,
gimme a call,

I should stay home anyway,
I'm coming down with something,

- The flu,
- Lot of it going around,

Good night, George,

When you own the company,
can I be Queen?

- What are you talking about?
- Little pitchers have big ears.

- Do they indeed?
- That's their identifying mark.

What do loose lips sink?


See you on Monday, Susan.

Have a good weekend,
Mr. Ross,

When I get my film back from
the Fotomat you'll see that.,,

that guy was not on the seaplane
and you'll owe me a dollar,

Good night,

- Good night, Mr. Klein.
- Nothing sensitive in there.

The process is in the safe
on non-copyable paper,

There are, that I know of,
only two keys.

I'm going home. you tell Susan
that I'll see her on Monday,

- Anyone calls, I'll be home.
- yes, sir.

- Could I say something?
- Please, What is it?

Sir, your concern with
security indicates to me...

that you think somebody's trying
to take advantage of you.

I don't want to take
advantage of you...

and I don't want anyone
to take advantage of me,

- I don't understand.
- I would like...

consideration for the work
I've done on the process.,,

and for the wealth
that it's going bring,

I keep telling you, son, everybody
appreciates the work you've done,

you'll find it recognized
at the stockholders' meeting,

Good night,
Have a good weekend,

you've done a wonderful job, Joe,
your work will be recognized,

- you wanna ride out with me?
- No, I have a dinner date,

- Car is here, sir,
- I take your point.

We'll just do our jobs...

and we'll be rewarded
according to our just desserts,

- I'm gone till Monday,
- yes, sir, Have a good weekend.

- Aston Martin Lagonda Cabriolet,
- Where did the car come from?

This car came from the estate
of the previous owner...

and then was returned
to Aston Martin,

Aston Martin and Lagonda
merged in the mid-'40s.

- Compared to this Bentley--
- The Bentley isn't synchro-meshed,

you have independent
rear suspension.

This car was considered the most
decadent car of its day.

- Why is that?
- Look at the lines.

- And the speed?
- May I help you?

Sir, I'm sorry,
We're open only by appointment.

No, l--

I guess I'd, uh--

Well, I guess I'd better
get out of your way,

Would you like us to drive it out
to you this weekend on the island?

Someone should do a book:
Japanese all over the world...

in front of the world's monuments,
taking pictures of each other,

That's what somebody should do,

We were supposed to have dinner
last night, What happened?

Don't the laws of courtesy
apply to the rich?

you're a hell of a one
to talk about courtesy,

I don't understand.

you had my sister waiting
for you all afternoon.

- What?
- What do you mean, ''What?''

I mean, I don't know
what you're talking about.

- You were going to bring her the book,
- I did,

you left it for her,

you told me you were going
to bring the book to her,

I called.
She was waiting for you,

- She was waiting?
- She waited all afternoon,

- I never said I'd bring her the book.
- I believe that's what we settled on.

It certainly was not,
I didn't-- Look,

Look, I didn't--

Look, I didn't want to intrude,
Why would I want to intrude?

My understanding was,
you asked me to drop it off.

That's not what we said,

Look here,
It certainly is,

And I don't appreciate being
accused of a lack of courtesy.


Isn't it possible you
misremembered? No,

Don't look at me like
I want something from you,

I don't,
you asked me to do it,

Is it possible you got it wrong?

Huh? Is it possible?

It's possible.

All right. That's all
I wanted to say, Thank you.

I was just in the neighborhood
and I thought I would drop by.

- you want some coffee?
- Sure,

So, as I said, I was just
accidentally in the vicinity...

and aren't you courteous
and all for having me in?

yes, well, good,

Make 'em right by my house,
Right under my house,

Small world, huh?

Chock full of coincidences,

Nice knife,

Thank you,

Got it in the Boy Scouts,

Hell of an organization.

Ever get the urge to
do something adventurous...

in spite of the ancient wisdom
against interoffice romances?

Look, here's the thing,

I know you're in line
for higher things,

you got it written all over you.

But you never get anything in life
if you don't speak out for it...

so here's what I wanted to say,

I'm a hell of a person. I'm loyal,
true and not too hard to look at.

What do you think?

- I think you're a lovely young woman,
- You think so?

- I've got eyes.
- you got very nice eyes,

Can you see without
those things?


Why don't you take 'em off?

This is Jimmy Dell.
I called to say I'm sorry.

- you're sorry?
- Yes. Do you know why?

Because I was wrong, and I'd
like you to accept my apology.

- you're sorry.
- Yes, I was dead wrong.

I would be graceful
if you would forgive me.

- yes, I do, Thank you,
- Are you sure?

Good. Then if you're free tonight, my
sister and I will take you to dinner.

I'll send my car for you.

- Okay, Thank you.
- Good.

- your mother's sick or somethin', huh?
- No.

But, uh--

I'm busy,

you're busy.

Nothin' I can say to that,

But, uh...

it's lovely of you to stop by.

Well, I was in
the neighborhood anyway.

lf you ever feel the need
of some company...

or you'd like someone
to cook you dinner--

or dinner and breakfast--

110 Mott Street,

110 Mott Street, above a bakery,

Above a bakery,

Above the Sunshine Bakery.

Wouldn't that be just like me?


The pool's too warm,

Hi, I'll throw on some clothes.
Do you want a drink?


- Thank you.
- you swim every day?

I try to, My sister's
gonna meet us at the club,

Sorry, I gotta catch it
before they close,

I want to apologize,

- It's possible I misremembered,
- No.

That's not necessary.
It was me.

I'm sure it was my fault...

and I'm gonna tell you why,

Want to hear a sad story?

Since we were kids,
my sister and I...

all we ever had was each other,

It's still all we have,

How's that for melodrama?

I called and told her
I wanted her to meet a nice guy.

you know what?
Forget about it,

Lord, didn't you get hot today?

- Got on my high horse.
- I suppose you did,

Got a little ahead of yourself.,,

going on about
''you rich people,''

- Did I say that?
- yes, you did.

Before you throw
your sister at me...

I think I should correct
a misimpression.


- I'm just a working man,
- Uh-huh.

What's a working man doing on
St. Estephe? you a jewel thief?

- My company brought me down.
- Sell a million widgets, or something?

Something like that,

Work for a living,
That's your dark secret.

- That's it.
- Well, that explains it.

- What?
- your good manners.

Thank you. Noble savage.

Not even one Swiss bank account?

Wouldn't even know
how to open one,

Did you have a dog
when you were young?

- My mother had a dog.
- What was his name?


you now have a Swiss bank account,
anybody asks.

Credit National de Geneve,
Code word: Paddy

you just opened me
a Swiss bank account?


Lavish, awkward gesture
all of 15 Swiss francs in it,

But you ever want to impress anybody,
they can find out you have an account...

but Swiss law prohibits the bank
from revealing the balance,

Thus are all men made equal,

Let me change, Let's go
meet the little sister,

Good evening. you had a message
from Mrs. DeSilva,

Thank you,

Well, she ain't feeling well,
Sends her regrets,

Can we meet her tomorrow for tennis?
You free?

- Of course, I hope it's not, uh--
- Would you call Mrs. DeSilva, James?

Tell her tennis tomorrow
will be fine. 2:00?

- Hello, George. What's good tonight?
- It's all good.

- What'd you have?
- The venison.

- What'd the chef have?
- The venison.

Then we'll have the venison.
In for a treat,

What is it?

It's Saturday, Mr. Dell,

It's club members
only tonight, sir.

Forget about it. Big deal,

- It's the board meeting after the meal.
- It's an old rule,

- The board members are here,
- Let's go somewhere else,

Who do you have to know in this town?
you sending me out for a burger?

- If there were anything I could do--
- No, Saturday night.

Members only,

Hell, get me
a membership form,

- Go in the office and get a form,
- Please, James.

Listen, Jimmy,
it couldn't be less important,

What could be better?

- you really don't have to do this,
- It's my nature,

I'm a problem solver
and I have a heart of gold,

Thank you, James,

Speaking of gold,
got more bullion on it than--

We're not electing him Pope or
anything. Just sign it and we'll--

What is the phrase? Chow down.

Mr. Ross, welcome to the club.

- What do I owe you for the membership?
- Forget about it.

- Pay me when your ship comes in.
- That may be presently,

Glad to hear it,
Get a tip on a horse?

- The widgets.
- Widgets.

- We're developing a new--
- Put it in the bank,

- Do the American thing,
- What's that?

Marry a rich widow.

We used to say, a nymphomaniac
who owns a liquor store,

That's right.
Money isn't everything.

- That's what my boss says.
- Does he?

That's right.

One thing my father
taught me about business:

Always do business as if the person
you're doing business with.,,

is trying to screw you,
because most likely they are,

And if they're not, you can
be pleasantly surprised.

My father knew about business: work
hard, take all the overtime you can get.

- You liked your father, huh?
- I loved my father.

- What did he do?
- Worked like a dog all his life,

Well, he left you
a hell of a legacy,

I'm sure he'd be proud of you.

How can you say that?

People aren't that complicated,
Good people, Bad people.

They generally look like
what they are.

Is that so?

It is,

Why are so many people
having such difficulty?

That's the question that baffles me,
Play some tennis tomorrow?


Hi. There you are,

I'm sorry. I beg--

Transfer it from the A account.

Well, then take it--
That's right, Thank you.

What have you done with her?

Close out the account,
That's all right,

Just close it out
and put it in the--

That's right. Put it in the
Channel Islands liquid, Thank you.

I don't care what the legal department
said about verbal agreements.

you tell 'em I said to write it down--
who gets to do what to who.

- Thank you. Where's our girl?
- I thought you had her.

I ain't got her.
Let's go change.

About verbal agreements-- they're
not worth the paper they're printed on.

- That's what my boss just said to me,
- In re what?

What was he talking about?

Well, I've got a--

- I got-- Thank you,
- you're welcome,

I did something for the company
and they owe me something.

- I think I need to get it in writing.
- I would. What do they owe you?

- I think they owe me a lot of money.
- What do you mean, you think?

I invented something for them.

It's a work for hire.
They own it, but--

Is Mrs. DeSilva in? Who told you
it was a work for hire?

Well, they did. I--

- you invented it?
- Well, I--

I'm not a lawyer, I'm just a guy,
Tell me, you invented it?

But I'm sure it belongs to them,
I was in their employ at the time.

This is her brother.
Who am I speaking to?

Don't be so sure, You may very have
a proprietary interest in this--

What is it?

She has the flu?
She has the flu,

- you have a contract with this company?
- I do,

Take it to a lawyer
who specializes in contract law,

- I have a friend who's a lawyer.
- What's his name?

George Lang,
He works for the company,

Due respect to Mr. Lang,
but if I may...

you want an independent view.

- I'll be glad to--
- No, I appreciate it though.

Please don't take it
personally, but l, uh--

The phrase is, don't want
to mix business and pleasure,

No, that's not it, I don't
know that I want to adopt...

an adversarial position
toward the company,

- But you're in an adversarial position.
- No, I think you're wrong,

I think you'll find...

that if what you've done for them
is as valuable as you say it is...

if they are indebted to you
morally but not legally...

my experience is,
they will give you nothing...

and they will begin to act
cruelly toward you.

- Why?
- To suppress their guilt,

How's your sister?

All right. But if you need
some help, just ask,

She's sick, by the way,
Down with the flu,

Lot of it goin' around,

Good morning, Mr. Ross,
A Mr. Julian Dell called for you.

Would you step over here
for a moment, please?

- No message, He said he'd call back,
- yeah,

Would you arrange to have some
flowers sent for me, please?

- On company business?
- No, from me personally.

To Mrs. Emma DeSilva
at the Wiltshire,

- Card: I am most sorry--
- Good morning, Mr. Ross.

- The card,
- I'll get back to that later,

I'd like to speak to you too.
I'll get back to that,

I got my photos back,
I have something to show you.

Just a sec, Susan,

We would suggest
you simply think of it...

as a revalidation of your
agreement with the company,

I don't understand. Why would I
have to revalidate my agreement?

This is purely a formality.

Before any announcements,

you want to be certain
that the process, Joe--

- yes?
- That any uncertainty about--

- About any outstanding--
- There's several questions involved.

- yes, what are they?
- Questions of security.

There's no question of security,
There's only one copy of the process,

- It's in my safe.
- Leakages of information,

- We have a proprietary process worth--
- That's a legitimate concern,

But I still don't see why that means
I should ''revalidate'' my agreement,

- Mr. Ross--
- I'll tell you what I will do.

I'll be glad to show this to my lawyer
and then respond to you,

- Then I'll thank you for your time.
- Mr. Ross,

If I may, I don't see why
you have to adopt an attitude.

- Thank you for your time.
- These are legitimate concerns.

- If I may, your attitude--
- My attitude?

Which attitude is that?

Did you question my attitude
when I developed the process?

- Can we all calm down?
- No, wait a second,

We were calm.

Then all of a sudden you're
in here with your lawyers.

- All I--
- All I am saying...

is that I plan to take steps
to ensure--

I ask you for assurances, and
you want me to void my contract?

- No. I'm gonna make sure,
- What are you talking about?

I hope you're not
talking about...

any kind of actions
that would injure the company,

What do you mean?

- Any premature, out-of-school dealings.
- How dare you,

- Because if we were to find any--
- How can you hire these people...

and hide behind them?

How dare you, after all
I've done for this company?

He wants the expanded projections
for the next two quarters.

- you got 'em handy?
- I sure do,

- Mr. Dell leave a number?
- yes, sir,

Can you get him for me,
please, Cathy?

It's ringing,

- Yeah. That you?
- yes, Hi,

- What is if?
- I would very much like to meet...

with the sort of person
we talked about.

- Oh, yeah. Right.
- you were right.

- Tell me when and where.
- Tomorrow, Lunch, the Plaza.

Thank you,

The flowers, sir,

- What? Oh, uh--
- Cathy, could you get these out for me?

No, never mind,
Forget about it,

I knew you'd be back, sir.
For a tennis player, right?

yes, she--
They play tennis, yes.

- you take a check?
- Certainly,

- Shall I wrap it?
- yes, please,

Don Budge at the French Open,

Thank you very much.

It's a lovely gift, sir,

I'm sure whoever receives it...

will cherish it for
the rest of their days.

- May I help you?
- I'd like to leave a package,

- Certainly,
- For Mrs. DeSilva,

Oh! We have a package
for Mrs. DeSilva,

I'm sorry,

A package for Mrs. Emma DeSilva,

young Mrs. DeSilva.
The tennis player,

This is the only Mrs. DeSilva
in the building,

This is Mrs. Emma DeSilva,

Well, you see here, Mr. Ross?

- I believe you owe me a dollar,
- What?

Here is my album of my one day
in the sun. Some photos,

Here's my ticket
good for one free return...

any time to the Caribbean island
of St. Estephe.

And here, as you see,
is our mystery man...

his lovely companion
and his boat...

which as you see, has nothing
whatever to do with the seaplane,

So, you never know who anybody is and
it would pay to be a little careful,

- Oh, my God,
- What is it?

What's the matter?

I'm calling about that problem
of yours which we discussed.

My lawyer wants you to bring
your contract when you come.

- He's gonna get you straightened out.
- I appreciate it.

- Would you excuse me for a minute?
- Of course.

Here's what I think:
Whatever this thing is--

The thing?

The thing that you invented
for the company.

- yes.
- Bring a copy of it too.

your sister gonna be there?

She's out for the count,
but thank you for asking.

Federal Bureau of investigation.
May I direct your call?

- Special Agent Pat McCune, please,
- I'm sorry. Agent McCune is not in.

It's very important that I speak to her,
Could you tell me how to contact her?

One moment, please.

- McCune.
- Yes. I met you in the islands,

In the islands.

I'm calling about the man in the
islands, the fellow with the seaplane.

- The fellow with the seaplane?
- That's right, yes.

- Is he the reason you were down there?
- The fellow calls himself Julian Dell?

yes, that's right,

Give me your date of birth.

- What?
- You heard me.

December 10, 1960.

This fellow Dell,
are you with him now?

All right.
I'm going to give you an address.

You meet me there.
Do you have a pencil?

Um, yes,

Come by yourself. Don't talk
to this fellow between now and then.

- Cold, huh?
- What? yeah,

Best thing to do for the cold:
keep on moving.

Just keep walking, Mr. Ross.

Anybody following him?

My name is--

yeah, I know who you are.
Ross, Joseph A,

D.O.B.: 12/10/60,

- Is that it?
- That's it.

- What was your mother's maiden name?
- Bainbridge,

Call up the car,
What was her mother's maiden name?

- Laval.
- Get in the car, would you, Mr. Ross?

If they start moving, give me a shout.
We'll catch you when we're rolling.


A little walk in the park,
Mr. Ross,

And then to deliver
the plans to him.

To deliver the plans,

The plans were
for a project with--

Hey, don't tell me,
lf it's secret, I don't want to know.

lf our friend's after them,
I'm assuming they're valuable.

They're very valuable.

All right, how much
have you told this guy?

- I haven't told him anything,
- How much have you told him?

- I haven't done anything illegal.
- you're in a lot of trouble,

- I haven't done anything wrong.
- Not from me, Mr. Ross, From him,

- From him?
- But you have an advantage,

lf he doesn't know that you know,
What do you want to do?

- I want to help you catch him?
- Uh-huh, yeah,

- Hurt your feelings, did he?
- That's right,

- We're rolling.
- Time to get to work. Where's the meet?

Plaza, Noon.

He's going to change it,
Don't worry,

- Let's go.
- How will I contact you?

No, we're gonna be watching you,
Keep your sense of humor,

Come on,

- Hello, Joe. Jimmy.
- Jimmy, how are you?

Did you go out last night?
I was calling you.

- yeah, I went to a movie.
- What'd you see?


Listen, Joe. Gotta change the meeting.
The lawyer can't do noon.

- Can't do noon?
- Make it at 10:00, can you?

- 10:00 a.m.?
- And listen.

Here's what he wants to do.
Meet us In the park.

- In the park?
- By the carousel.

- Why is that?
- For secrecy, to protect yourself.

The carousel at 10:00,
and bring the process.

Bring the process,

- yeah?
- We have if.

You are to meet
at the carousel at 10:00.

Do what he said.
Do everything he said.

But meet us first at 9:30
at the Navy Fountain...

at 72nd Street, Central Park.

- Do you know It?
- yes.

Navy Fountain, Central Park, 9:30.

Would you point to your right
like you're directing me somewhere?

Just point to your right.

Thank you, Now, walk under the arches,
please, and up the steps,

Get in the room,

Just get in the room.

It's an interesting setup,
Mr. Ross,

It is the oldest
confidence game on the books,

The Spanish prisoner.

So how far back it goes--
glory days of Spain,

- We're clear outside.
- We're gonna have you wear a wire,

Fellow says him and his sister
left a fortune in the home country.

He got out, The girl
and the money got stuck in Spain,

I'm gonna put this transmitter
on you, Mr. Ross,

Here is her
most beautiful portrait,

He needs money
to get her and the fortune out.

The man who supplies the money
gets the fortune and the girl,

Oldest con in the world,
intelligent people,

Play on their vanity and greed,

Interesting twist.
How are we doing for time?

- We have a couple of minutes.
- you sure you want to do this?

- Yes, I'm very sure,
- All right.

Plug him in.

you're wearing a radio transmitter,
Here is what we need,

He will ask you for the material.
We need you to refuse to give it to him,

- To refuse?
- you have to refuse. What's this?

It's the formula for a process.

This the real thing?

- your man said to bring it,
- He told you to bring it?

He said to do
whatever Del told me to do.

I was just following his orders,

Well, he's all set.

How're we doing?

The important thing is to refuse
when Dell asks you for it.


Because he will then
either bribe or threaten you.

That's what we want on tape, and
that's what he will have to answer for,

you've been after him a long time,
That's why you were down in the islands.

This is a very bad actor,
Mr. Ross,

We've been after him some time.
We're very grateful for your help.

- Can we have the reading, please?
- Will you speak, please?

Just speak normally,

- It's time.
- We'll have you in sight all the time.

- Can we put a vest on him?
- We're out of time,

There is very little likelihood
of physical danger.

Should it start to break out,
if there is shooting, do not move,

- What did I just tell you?
- Do not move,

- It's time to go.
- We appreciate your help,

The transmitter's good for three hours,
you wait until he offers you money...

or he threatens you, and then
hand him the material,

Give him a word.

you get in trouble,
just say the word ''happiness.''

- Say it.
- Happiness.

That looks good.

You have reached
a nonworking number.

Federal Bureau of investigation.
This call is being recorded.

Please patch me through
to Special Agent Pat McCune,

One moment.

yeah, I'd like to speak
to Special Agent Pat McCune,

This is Pat McCune.


Can I help you?

And these were his living quarters?

Absolutely clean.
Not a print anywhere.

It's a coat check room, Mr. Ross.
It's not the office of anything.

It's a restaurant.
Always has been.

Never been a club.

That's what I'm talking about,
What goes around comes around,

The photos of our trip.

And this fellow
getting off the seaplane?

And this fellow
getting off the seaplane?

- Well, we joked about that.
- What do you mean?

I said he was never
on the seaplane.

That this fellow Mr. Dell
was never on the seaplane?

- That's what we joked about,
- you joked about it?

- yes.
- And was he on the seaplane?

Well, I don't know if he
was on the seaplane or not.

I just used it as an excuse
to make conversation,

- To make conversation with Mr. Ross?
- That's right,

Why? Are you having an affair
with Mr. Ross?

What? What's--

Now, do we have any photographs
in which we see this other man's face?

What's the matter?
Has something happened to Mr. Ross?

Not that I know of.

But I will have to ask you
a few more questions about your trip,

- The company paid for the trip?
- That's right,

And you've been working
for the company how long?

A few months,
But is Mr. Ross all right?

As far as I know, he's fine.

But I don't understand.
The lieutenant--

- This man didn't offer you anything.
- I told you--

you purchased a first-class ticket
for Susan Ricci, an office employee,

Paid cash, a total of--

- The money was from Mr. Lang,
- George Lang, your colleague?

- He won at the casino and told me to--
- Give it to a charitable cause?

- That's right,
- And you thought that meant a ticket?

Well, perhaps I was--

- you were what?
- Showing off.

Showing off for the girl? Why?

I don't know, What does it matter?
It wasn't my money, Ask George.

- Well, he's sick, right?
- That's right,

Well, we'll have him in
as soon as--

- Bought some clothes down there?
- That's right,

In the town of St. Estephe,
Paid cash again.

Yes, I went to the hotel office
and changed some traveler's checks.

and, yes, I went into town
and paid cash in a clothing store,

So Mr. Lang didn't give you
that money too?

Why did you change the checks
at the hotel office?

Why not just use them
at the clothing store? Why not?

- I don't know.
- you don't know why you did that?

Spent a lot of money on clothes.

- I wanted to indulge myself,
- Indulge yourself?

I did it reluctantly.
you can ask Mr. Lang,

He's your attorney?

He's an attorney for the company,
He's my friend.

- Why isn't he here?
- Well, he's ill,

- He's gonna clear you of everything?
- I've done nothing wrong,

- He has special knowledge of this case?
- yes, he does. And when you see him--

you know, Mr. Ross,
you're in a lot of trouble.

- I came to you!
- And we're the least of it,

I promise you, you can turn back
the clock right now,

Give your employer back what you took,
if you have it, and I'll deal with you,

- But if we turn this over--
- What do you mean?

The feds won't deal with you, you know?
They'll put you inside for all days,

- What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about unreported income.

- I don't understand,
- I'm saying, when the IRS--

I have nothing to hide
from the IRS,

- you purchased a first-class ticket--
- I explained that. The ticket was--

- You got any undisclosed bank accounts?
- What?

No gold, no foreign money?

I'm just a salaried employee,

No Swiss bank accounts?

No, I told you--

you've got
at the Credit National de Geneve...

a numbered account
opened last week,

There's nothing in that account,

- Then what's it doing there?
- It's just a joke.

Goddamn it, man,
Won't you come clean?

Don't you know you're beat?
It's over, It's all done,

I told you, look,
Believe me, look.

The man is--
He's obviously--

you must have a file on him.

- Who?
- Jimmy Dell,

you must have a record of him,
He's a career criminal,

A record?

Where would we find
such a record?

you want to give us
a photograph, fingerprints?

- His fingerprints?
- Something with his fingerprints,

Anything he touched. Anything?

Is that your signature?


Planning a trip to Venezuela?

Why would I go to Venezuela?

They have no extradition treaty
with the United States,

I'm not going to Venezuela,

This is a request for political asylum
from the Republic of Venezuela,

you just told me you signed it.

Now, Mr. Ross,
if I told you this story...

would you believe it?

I want a lawyer,

I would say so,

If the process is gone,
if we've lost it...

why, then, my family and I--

This is my retirement, Joe,
This is what I've worked for.

I have nothing in the bank,
If this goes--

Well, look,..

I brought this on myself,
and I apologize,

If my actions drove you to this--

Mr. Klein, this is not the time,
and it's really not required of you--

Be quiet,
I'm going to finish this.

I'm asking you--
no, I'm pleading with you--

however you want to put it
and whatever trouble you're in...

I swear I will help you,

I've paid your bail,
I won't press charges,

I've asked that
my charges be dropped.

But please bring it back to me,

Don't let it go to the Japanese,

Bring it back,

Thank you,

you'll be back.

- Hey, George.
- Yeah, Joe.

- I need to talk,
- I'm not well.

George, I need to talk to you,
I know you're sick, but--

Yeah. The problem?

I need your help and your advice,

So come over.


Get up,

I'm in the living room,

Then I thought that perhaps
I had done it,

But you haven't done it,
What are you talking about?

My greed.

you've done nothing,
Someone has singled you out...

to take advantage of you.

No, it has something to do with--

Who are you calling?

I'm calling in sick,

Please enter
your security ID number...

and the extension of the person
you wish to speak with...

or leave a message
after the tone.

This is Susan Ricci,
I've got the flu, I won't be in today,

Well, you're always
getting it wrong.

That's why they picked you, isn't it?
you're the innocent, you're the victim,

I'm the Boy Scout,

Call it whatever you want,
but we're gonna get out of it,

Now listen,
Here's what we're going to do.


That's just Mrs. Ramon.
All right, now listen,

There's gotta be some record of this
Mr. Dell, some record of his face,

There's gotta be something
he left his fingerprints on.

- When we find that, the police--
- Security camera,

The hotel had a security camera.
They save the tapes for insurance.

His face is on the videotape,

I have very little money.

Why don't you take this?

I don't have a passport.

Don't need a passport for St, Estephe,
you got a driver's license?

I left my bloody fingerprints
all over the apartment,

Well, that's what happened then,
isn't it?

And I'm the only one
with a motive,

Well, let's clear it up then,
Hey, what do you think?

Don't you doubt me
for an instant?

- I don't doubt you, no.
- Why?

Because I'm stuck on you.
I believe we have a problem,

Good morning, ma'am, sir.

Scream at me,

Well, this is the end,
you stupid Mick!

Do you think wanted to go
to your drunken family?

you call it a holiday?
It's a disgrace!

It's 8:00 in the morning, you are drunk
and you forgot the tickets!

- And you expect me to drive home--
- Could you please pull your car over?

I am not pulling the car over,
I am not going to Toronto...

and I am not going anywhere
but dump this disgrace at home!

Do you think it's all Irish
and charming to behave this way?

you disgust me!

All right, keep moving
out of the terminal.

you bet I'm gonna keep moving
out of the terminal! Don't smile at me!

Let's go. Come on.

What is it?

They played me for such a fool,
Such a fool.

you know, you just had some bad
training early on,

What do you mean?

Somebody screws around with you,
you don't get morose.

you go out
and get even with 'em,

Look, there's bad people in the world,
you just ran into some of them,

How do I get to St, Estephe now?

The traditional way, you fly.

They're looking for me
at the airports.

Not gonna be looking for you
in Boston.

- How do you know?
- St. Paddy's Day in Boston.

Aren't gonna be looking too hard
for much of anything.

- I don't have a ticket,
- Then it's a good thing I do,

you just take everything in stride,

Next time be born Italian.

- That's the thing to do,
- you thought of everything.

Ain't hard to do,
I'm fond of you,



The ticket,

When in Rome--

Oh, yes, Erin go brag.


Come on, Joe.

PAC Air announces the departure
of flight 12 to St. Estephe.

- Get the tape, Come back safe.
- All passengers...

- Let's clear this thing up,
- please proceed to Gate 5.


I know you're innocent.
Now you go prove it and come back to me,

- What will you do?
- I'll worry about you,

Come on,

If you have your tickets, you may
proceed directly through security,

- Excuse me, please,
- yes, sir?

- Give it back!
- Thanks,

you can have your book
after you finish your brownie,

And I don't want your fingerprints
all over it, That's enough.

- We'll be here for an hour,
- They won't be looking for you here.

Take the camera. Get a picture
of the girl who played the princess,

- Can that help?
- It can't hurt.

If you can think of any other thing,
something he touched--

- Do you have your ticket?
- Thank you.

yeah, sure,

- you see in the paper this morning?
- That's why I won't go to New York,

you know, in the older days
you didn't have to worry--

It is becoming more dangerous,

The statistics--

I told you, you cannot have the book
until you're finished with your brownie.

I want it!

- My book!
- Thank you.

Oh, now, fine. you've torn it,
you've torn your book!

you can move to the head of the line,
if you'd like.

- Here, let me help you.
- Thank you. Excuse me, Sorry,

Now that's it. you've torn your book,
and I'm not getting you another one.

That's the last
and final word about that.

- Right this way.
- Excuse me,

you've torn your book, and I am not
going to get you another one.

We'll take the stroller, ma'am,

We need to put Teddy
through the machine. Thanks,

Thank you,

I really need you to do
what we tell you to do,

You've got to start
listening to me,

Sir, we need you
to put your camera through.

Please proceed to the international
departure area beyond security gates.

- Everything's fine.
- My teddy bear!

- It's gonna be through any second,
- Now, look!

- It's gonna be just fine,
- you got your fingerprints on the book,

you've torn it, and you've got
your fingerprints all over it!

Book, He left
his fingerprints on it.

He left his fingerprints
on the tennis book.

See, when I press the button,
the bear will come right through,

There's nothing to be afraid of,
Nothing in the world.

Here comes the bear now.
What did I tell you?

Book. Tennis book.
He left his fingerprints on it,

What happened back there?

- There's prints on it.
- What?

Dell must have left his prints
on the torn tennis book,


we'll have to get back
to New York and get it.

Well, indeed, we will.

What happened back there?

How did they get on to you back there?
The alarms at the airport.

- I don't know.
- No matter at all,

The important thing
is to get you out of here,

Where are we going?

We'll get into Boston.
We'll figure it out,

I'm gonna tell you what, No matter.
We'll get to New York and get the book,

- What?
- We're gonna call up,

We'll get someone to take it
to the cops, Who can we call?

I'm gonna call Klein,
Right back,

- Traveling?
- yes.

Ticket, please.

Sir, I'm afraid this boat
doesn't go that far.


you got a ticket here
for Venezuela.

Why would you want to go there?

Why would you want to go there?

Because they have
no extradition treaty,


- I got Mr. Klein on the phone.
- Let's go, Come on,

- you okay?
- I'm fine, You?

- yeah, you found him?
- What?

- Mr. Klein,
- yes, found him.


He left his fingerprints
on the book.

So he wasn't that smart, was he?

Say that again.

Why would someone do that?

Why would somebody
go into a life of crime?

I don't know,

I think there are people
we can't understand,

To steal what others worked for?

To kill?

We can't know, Joe,

Golly, Joe, l--



Why? For the money.

What was the idea?
I was to be shot at the airport?

Can I ask what you plan
to do with me?

I don't know,

Something probably understanding,
though, knowing you.

I suppose you think
that makes me weak?

I'm just so sorry
I can't be that generous,

And we come to the end
of a perfect day.

Clang, clang, end of the line,

- What's he been telling you?
- Sweet nothings,

- Well, shall we wrap it up?
- So, how does it end?

Well, it appears you stole,
you killed, you kidnapped her.

you did it all for the money,
and now, overcome with remorse...

you took your own life.

- What could be more appropriate?
- And if I don't cooperate?

I'm afraid you have no choice.


Because money makes the mare go,

Nobody lives forever.

The important thing is
to enjoy yourself.

Kill him.

When we have finished--


Didn't your mother
have a dog named Paddy?

- What?
- Didn't she have a dog named Paddy?

This must be a big day for you,

See if you can get him
to tell you where the process is.

We need to know
where the process is.

But you're doing fine.

Afraid we don't have
too much time.

What'd you do with the process?

That's your last request?

yes, Could you grant me that?

We took the report...

and we sold it to Switzerland,

We put it on a CD-ROM,

I get a hundred million in my
bank account as soon as you're dead,

you don't have to do this.

I enjoy doing it, actually,
But thank you for your concern,


And now I suppose you'll
take the process to Japan?

United States Marshal Service,

- Did you have to kill him?
- Didn't kill him.

Stun gun.
Fast-acting tranquilizer.

- Good shooting.
- Stun gun? What if you missed?

Well, then it'd be
back to the range for me.

The whole thing was set up by your boss,
Mr. Klein, to steal the process.

He used you to steal it
and to get away with the crime,

There's only two keys to the safe,
and he didn't want to take it,

Then you had to.

you've been watching
the whole time?

your tax dollars at work,

I want to see everyone
back at the office,

- Nobody looks at a Japanese tourist,
- Yo, boss,

Can you help me?
you're the Boy Scout.

Can I be your good deed
for today?

Can't you help me, Joe?

I'm afraid you're gonna have to spend
some time in your room...