The Spanish Main (1945) - full transcript

Laurent van Horn is the leader of a band of Dutch refugees on a ship seeking freedom in the Carolinas, when the ship is wrecked on the coast of Cartagene. governed by Don Juan Alvardo, Spainish ruler. Alvarado has Laurent thrown in prison, but the latter escapes, and five-years later is a pirate leader. He poses as the navigator on a ship in which Contessa Francesca, daughter of a Mexican noble, is traveling on her way to marry Alvarado, whom she has never seen. Laurent's pirates capture the ship and Francesa, in order to save another ship, gives her hand-in-marriage to Laurent, who sails her to the pirate hideout. This irks the jealous Anne Bonney and,also, Captain Benjamin Black, who was already irked, anyway. They overpower Laurent and send Francesa to Alvarado, and then Mario du Billar, trusted right-hand man, makes a deal to deliver Laurent to Alvarado also.

I have urgent business
with His Excellency, the viceroy.

The viceroy has left orders.
He is not to be disturbed.

- I have urgent business with him.
- Commandante, we have our orders.

And I have my oath of allegiance
to His Spanish Majesty.

How do they expect a man to sleep?

Confound that--!

Oh, it's you, is it?

I might have known.

And what matter is there more important
than that I should have peace?

Pardon, Your Excellency.
A Dutch ship has crashed off the harbor.

- Good. Are there many survivors?
- They were immigrants.

These routine experiences bore me.

See that I have a full report
either tomorrow morning...

...or at the end of my siesta,
whichever is later.

Forgive me, Your Excellency, but--

But, but, but, always these buts.
What is it now?

The ship was the Golden Maid.

Well, they have charming names
for their ships. Good night.

Her captain survived
and he requested an audience.

He says his is a special case,
a special plea.

Won't Your Excellency
please speak with him?

The ship's papers.

When will you people realize
that a tropical climate...

...calls for a tropical tempo?

But no. All I ever hear from you
is that every golden minute...

...has 60 golden seconds.

Why does it have
to have 60 golden seconds?

Why can't it have 30 golden seconds?

And why do they have to be gold?

Why can't they be silver? Why can't--?

Why don't you tell me these things?

I have to do everything around here
myself except take my siesta.

That you take care of for me.

You're in the presence of the viceroy
and governor of New Granada.

His Excellency
Don Juan Alavarado do Soto--

Your Excellency, this is Captain
Van Horn of the Golden Maid.

Formerly Captain Van Horn
of the former Golden Maid... I understand it.

It is a very simple matter
I have to present to you.

He means to "Your Excellency,"
doesn't he?

Yes, Your Excellency.

Meaning me!

What I wish to discuss with--
With Your Excellency--

I have already been told
you have a special plea.

You will promptly specify
the nature of your special plea...

...which I will promptly deny.

We are peaceful immigrants
from Holland...

...on our way to new homes in America.

We were blown off our course
by a hurricane...

...and our ship crashed on the rocks
outside your harbor.

Most inconsiderate of my rocks.

I shall have them reprimanded.

We wish at our own cost, to repair our
ship, buy food, fill our water casks...

...and then proceed.

Would you ask a Spanish town
to provision a Dutch ship?

But we are in great distress,
Your Excellency.

And you will be in far greater distress,
I can assure you.

The law is quite explicit.

It forbids these waters to all ships
except those of His Spanish Majesty.

But we were blown off our course.
We didn't mean to--

It is not my fault
that you're a bad navigator.

- What's this?
- My ship's papers, if you please.

They constitute a grant of land
in the New World.

Well, well, well.

Indeed, a sort of grant or charter
to settle on lands in....

Bless me, in the Carolinas.

The Carolinas.

When will people realize
they cannot give away...

...what they do not own?

The Carolinas belong
to His Spanish Majesty.

And not to this English king...

...who so lavishly bestows them
upon all the scum of Europe.

How many survivors are there?

Not more than 30 are left of us.

Well, I could've hoped for more.

But even 30 or 40 hard and willing
workers are better than none.

We do not wish to remain here.

Those who are able-bodied I will send
to the back country... indentured servants.

As for yourself,
since you seem to be their leader...

...I will provide you
with a sort of special status.

So that in the years to come,
it is not inconceivable...

...with fidelity and diligence,
you might even become a freeman.

Your Excellency does not understand.

My people are not slaves to be sold
by me, or bought by anyone.

Your people are trespassers and
are for me to dispose of as I see fit.

In any case, this grant is worthless.

What a high-strung young man.

Prison, Your Excellency?

For the time.

We will hang him later.

I'm obliged to you for your kindness.

Welcome to our little home, mate.

I suppose you're wondering who we are.

Well, that there, that's Swaine.

He's a seaman off a British schooner.

He wants to say he's glad
to make your acquaintance.

He can't tell you himself
because they cut out his tongue.

This here's Paree. We call him that
because he landed from France.

They say they've got a town
in France called Paree.

Me, I'm Pillory Gow,
just waiting the day they'll hang me.

- For what crime?
- For no crime at all, mate. None of us.

We was just earning an honest living
in our profession...

...which is to sail our merchant ships...

...wherever the needs of trade
happen to take us.

That they took us into these waters....
Well, that's our misfortune.

They captured our ships unarmed,
and we ourselves, made prisons of war.

But what war? It's more than
we can tell you. And you?

A peaceful voyager like yourselves.

At least I thought I was.

Laurent Van Horn is my name,
and Holland, my country.

My friends and I, we hoped to leave
oppression behind us...

...and settle in the Carolinas.

We dreamed to build a new home
in the New World...

...where there would be freedom for all.


We thought the Barracuda was here,
Your Excellency...

...but no, he was not here--

I'm tired of excuses.

"We thought the Barracuda was here,
Your Excellency.

But no, he wasn't here,
he was there.

When he was there,
he wasn't--" Well, I won't have it.

You catch me the Barracuda.

Your Excellency, for several years,
we have done--

I'd do it myself, but here I am
working 20 hours a day...

...being properly fitted
to receive my bride-to-be.

While you and your men sit around
doing nothing.

Not catching the Barracuda.

Your Excellency, we've done everything
humanly possible.

If I have to go out myself
and catch him... soon as my honeymoon is over...

...I can assure you--

You are to fit me, not to fondle me.

A thousand pardons, Your Excellency.

You'll need them if that cloak drags...

...because I'll send you
to a thousand deaths.

I shall arrange for a bed of hot coals
to be started today.

One month from today,
this bed will have an occupant.

The Barracuda or yourself.
The choice is your own.

- You understand?
- I do, Your Excellency.

Now for my cuffs.
I think Venetian lace would be nice.

Yes, Your Excellency.

- Or petit point?
- Oh, yes, Your Excellency.

There is another phrasing
of that last paragraph, my child...

...of which you are probably well aware.

Señor Obispo, it's absurd
that I'm not allowed to go out on deck.

Without your duennas?

They left me. They got seasick,
and I thought the air might help them.

Well, I hope it doesn't.

If I am to be unhappy,
they might as well be unhappy too.

Even if it's not for the same reason.

And what is your reason, my child?

I wish I knew.

Go forward and shout when ready.

Aye-aye, sir.

Señor Obispo.

Who is that man?

Why do you ask, my child?

Oh, surely, now that I'm about
to be married, I....

Well, I was just wondering if I would
find my betrothed as handsome.

That sort of worrying, my child?

You are about to be married
to enter the world to--

Yes, to enter the world
as a bullfighter enters the ring.

A bullfighter who has never seen a bull.

Is my betrothed as handsome?

As handsome?

Well, he's a viceroy and all viceroys
are men of noble bearing.

You still haven't told me
who that man is.

He's a Hollander.

A man of many words,
none of which make sense.

The existing order
does not meet with his favor.

What my father would call a malcontent.

His Excellency, the viceroy of Mexico
has a gift for precise phrasing.

A malcontent indeed.

Come in, Lupita.

Señora Montalvo and Señora Perez
are at the door of death.


Yesterday and the day before
and the day before.

- Well, it has been a very heavy sea.
- Yes.

They beg His Lord Bishop
for final consolation.

Well, I will go to them.

At least they seem
to have found a way... keep from being bored
on a sea trip.

They're really unable to do anything
but be unhappy about themselves.

They'd given up everything but
the Holy Faith by the time I left them.

Give me your cape.

Holy saints. You aren't going on deck
without your duennas.

Just because my duennas
are poor sailors...

...that's no reason for me
to be a prisoner in a cell.

Come down from aloft!

A beautiful day.

I addressed you, señor.

You're a man of words, I'm told.
But only when you utter them.

- When others speak to you--
- Stop it!

- How dare you.
- Thirty-two!


What did you say
about my being a man of words?

- What are you doing?
- Timing the ship's speed by pulse beats...

...against a cork dropped from the bow.

That's something I could never do.

I don't think I even have a pulse.

I'll find it for you.

Fast. Much too fast for navigation.

Señor, you're holding my hand.

You are holding mine.

And it's a beautiful day and you are
somebody's serving maid, and why not?

I might have known you'd be
without manners, not know your place.

After all, a Hollander. Hollanders
are worse pirates than the English.

If I had my way,
your ships would be sunk at sight.

They are sunk at sight.

Armed pirate or helpless voyager,
it makes no difference to a Spaniard.

And if the touch of Holland
is so distasteful to you...

...why do you wear Brabant lace?

- What happened?
- He put hands on me.

Why is he permitted here?

A Dutch navigator working his way
to Cartagena.

You dare to put hands on
the daughter of a viceroy of Mexico?

If the daughter
of the viceroy of Mexico says so.

Master-at-arms, take him in charge
and hang him.


I would not like a corpse dangling
beneath my wedding bell.

I think, capitán, it will be enough to....

- To have him whipped.
- Then whip him.

Seize him to the foremast!

Sound battle stations!

Prepare for battle. Open the gun ports.

Hands to the braces!

The cleverest and most daring cutthroat
in all the Caribbeans.

We know him only by the name
of his ship, the Barracuda.

There ought to be some nice pickings
on that one, sir.

Too sweet a ship
for a black-hearted pirate.

If you'd like to watch it
through the spyglass.

I would as soon forego the pleasure
of admiring it.

He can do nothing to us
or our companion ship behind us.

It's death for him to come within range
of our guns, and he knows it.

His showing himself at all
is merely insolence.

If you're sure that's his own opinion,
as well as yours.

While this galleon can steer,
I'd like to see him try it.

Larboard your helm.

- Larboard!
- Helm a-larboard.

Trim your yards! Slack the lee-sheets!

Hands to the braces!

Starboard guns fire.

Starboard guns fire!

He's trying to get away! Fire like crazy!

Not now. Later.



Quickly, Lupita, help me get him down.

Oh, how could they?

- Water.
- Water, Lupita.


How could they leave him up there
to die in the hot sun?

See what fair skin he has.

Imagine that wretched captain
spoke of hanging him.

As if men like this grew on every bush.
On any bush.


Let go of her, you brute! Let go!

Let me go, let me go!

Let go of me, you brute! Put me down!

On my word of honor as the daughter
of a grandee of Spain...'ll hang this time.

Put me down!

If I had my way,
you'd hang every day for a week.

Call the guard!

Put me down! Put me down!

Let go of me, you brute! Let me go!

Swaine, to the whipstaff.


Coming through.

Tie it off.

Come on, follow me.

Spare these women violence, or
suffer the curse of the Holy Church... flesh and in spirit, in life and death,
on Earth, and in hell, forever.

Well, what do you think of that?

My father is the viceroy of Mexico.

And I am Condesa Francisca de Guzman
y Angandora.

Well, that sound like a lot of wench,
doesn't it?

Where is your leader?
Where is this Barracuda?

I demand to speak to him.

He's on deck. Here.

What did you say your name was?

Francisca de Gutzman de what?

You will disturb nothing
until I have spoken to him.

Believe me, he will then tell you
that you have made a great mistake.


Well, high and mighty, ain't she?

I wish to be taken to your leader.

Bring it up! Bring it all the way up.

Which one is the Barracuda?

Come on, hey, come on.

Come on, take it up there.

Are you the scoundrel
who calls himself the Barracuda?

Alas, no.

I am Capitán Mario da Bilar,
at your service, señorita.

If you're looking for the Barracuda....

Halt, hold it!

Permit me.

Stand by to abandon ship!

Permit me, señorita, to present
to you my master, Señor Barracuda.

My betrothed is the viceroy
of New Granada.

I know. I've known him for some time.

If it takes every galleon
on the Spanish Main... bring you to execution,
he will.


Hey, Mario, there will be another ship...

...the San Pablo,
along in a couple of hours.

Your head will be our wedding gift
to the world.

Put 50,000 pieces of eight
from my share of loot...

...into the common fund for the others.

I'll take this woman for myself.

Laurent, no woman is worth such a sum.

That's true, but she happens to be
more than just a woman to me.

She's a score that has needed settling.

- You're out of your mind.
- No compliments, please.

Do you think she'll stand
the rough weather, my captain?

If you have a desire to--

And add the value of the silver bell
on the masthead.

It's a wedding bell. I want that too.

An odd world, da Bilar.

- An odd world truly.
- Let me go!

One never knows
when one's going to be married.

Put me down! Let me go!

Put me down!

Here, what kind of bilge water is this?

That's what the grandees drink.
It's Canary wine.

Well, I'm no wine-drinking canary.
Give me rum.

Take it away!


- Lively, men, lively!
- Heave-ho!

Heave-ho! Heave-ho!

- Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
- Courage, my child.


There's not enough of her
for 50,000 pieces of eight.

My friends, I'll be honored to have you
one and all to dance at my wedding!

And when is this wedding
to take place, Laurent?

At my leisure. Don't let me frighten you.

I promise you at least
one hour's notice.

There is nothing in this whole wide
world could ever make me marry you.

You will accompany me to my cabin.

I assume that you have no immediate
marriage plans for my duennas.


See that the ladies get safely
to their cabins.

If you please.

Or if you don't please.

Clear decks for action!

Prisoners below!

All aboard!

Cast off!

If you will please proceed.

What are these preparations?
What is the meaning of this?

The condensa has forgotten there is
a companion ship to the Santa Madre.

The San Pablo is in sight.

The San Pablo? More death
and bloodshed. You can't--

Hurry, if you wish to avoid the sight
of more death and bloodshed.

- Señor Barracuda.
- What is it now?

- I propose to make a bargain with you.
- Indeed?

You shall have my hand in marriage.

Your hand in marriage?

What are you going to do
with the San Pablo?

Well, we try, but it's almost impossible
to think up anything new.

Take over. Hold her close to the wind
and keep an eye on the San Pablo.

Evans, Wallace, man the tiller.
Hold her close to the wind.

I will marry you if the San Pablo
is allowed to proceed unharmed.

So that's it.

Has it occurred to you
that your hand in marriage...

...and the San Pablo are mine?

But you don't understand.

A genuine wedding, a proper wedding.

I will have the Lord Bishop himself
perform the ceremony.

Pillory, hoist the silver bell
to the masthead.

But the San Pablo, captain.
She be the easiest victim we ever had.

San Pablo will proceed unharmed.

Your attention please, Your Lordship.

I propose to be married
to this lady immediately.

As soon as Your Lordship
can robe himself.


I will profane no sacrament.

- Be not afraid, my child.
- But I wish to be.

If there has been any coercion,
if it's not of your own free will....

It is of my own free will.

I wish to be married to this man,
Señor Obispo, at once.

Take His Lordship and his gear
to the fo'c's'le, Swaine.

And you, go to my cabin
with your mistress.

And get her into the wedding gown.

I'll do nothing that you say, you pig.

You beast, you pig, you swine,
you brute! You put me down!

Your Highness, will you walk or ride?

Wilt thou have this man
to thy wedded husband... live together after God's ordinance
in the holy estate of matrimony?

Wilt thou obey him and serve him,
love, honor, and keep him... sickness and in health?

And forsaking all others,
keep thee only unto him... long as ye both shall live?

I will.

Why are you still dressed?

I told you to be in bed.

Brabant lace.

You will put that on.

Believe me, you will.

I'm very pleased with myself.

As my wife, I'm sure you share
your husband's delight... what a wonderful fellow he is.

It's always an achievement to strip
Alvarado of as much gold as I have.

And to sink
as many of his ships as I have.

But now, at last,
I've deprived him of his bride.

Is that why you married me, señor?

Perhaps. Perhaps because of
the whipping I took on your account.

Or I might even be in love with you.

That's not too unbelievable, is it?

Or is it?


...whatever the reason,
I have taken you for my wife...

...and my wife you are going to be.

Was this intended for yourself or for me?

I meant it for you.

But I see now, I have no need of it.

There's nothing you can really do to me.

Neither your touch...

...nor anything you say
can be of any consequence.

After all...

...I have been taught
never to mind dogs or peasants.

If you're completely finished with your
declaration of love, Your Highness... will put that on.

Put that on, or I'll throw you
to the crew without it.

Fifty thousand pieces of eight.

Are you really worth
50,000 pieces of eight?

And what am I getting in return?

Francisca de Guzman y Angandora...

...bearer of one
of the proudest Spanish names.

Spoiled in the cradle, taught to be
useless and selfish and arrogant.

Schooled in cruelty
and stubborn pride...

...and cursed
with an uncommonly vile temper...

...which you probably perfected yourself.


No, you are no bargain.

On the other hand...

...there may be some assets
I'm not taking into account.

If I may make so bold... figure?

Good. It would bring 5000
at the auction in Algiers.

Say four.

My hair?

There is fire in it.

- My eyes?
- Cold. I might even say calculating.

My lips?

Your lips....

They could persuade me
that I've made a good bargain.

Anyway, I'm about to begin to count.

If you aren't ready when I count 10....

I am ready.

Good night.

More wine for the señores.

And another slice of roast
for His Lordship.

Forgive my wife's absence.

She will learn better manners in time.

If there's anything you lack,
I beg you to ask for it.

Consider yourselves not so much
my prisoners but my honored guests.

It would please me if you would
recommend my piracy... your friends
when you return home.

- And when will that be?
- As soon as your ransoms are paid.

Tomorrow when we put in at Tortuga,
I shall send Alvarado the reckoning.

In due course, the money will arrive
and you will be free to go.

And what will become
of the Condesa Francisca?

She will remain my wife.

Excuse me.

Close that door.

Don't you dare come in here
while I'm trying to fix my hair.

There are habits of the nobility,
Laurent... which one must accustom
one's self.

Under no circumstances can a lady
be expected to do her own hair.

I suggest you send Lupita to her.

I have a better notion, Mario.

You happen to be a barber
who was deported for blackmail.

The whole matter can nicely be left
in your hands.


Pillory, sell our loot to the merchants
or at public auction...

...whichever market seems best.

We meet tonight as usual...

...and as for myself,
I'm going to have a haircut.

Settlement of accounts tonight
at the sign of the Turtle.

And them as ain't there, ain't paid.

- A very good day, Benjamin.
- I don't think so.

Your venture was unsuccessful, I take it.

You know, of course,
Laurent took the Santa Madre.

Five thousand a share at the very least.

- And a beautiful bride for himself.
- So I see.

You feel perhaps that Tortuga is
no place for a lady of her refinement.

I'm inclined to agree.

Come, Benjamin, let's drink on it.

- Ah, my captain.
- Pillory, is it more than we expected?

The best haul we've ever had, sir.

- Rum. Bring me rum.
- Aye-aye, sir.

Curse these cards.

The Barracuda married the girl, you say?

Why marry her? He's a pirate, ain't he?

Well, it's eccentric behavior.

As a sea lawyer, I pledge you...

...there's nothing in the articles
of brotherhood against marriage.

- Just a warning.
- I say rot the Barracuda.

What when the viceroy
of New Granada hears about this?

And sends 20 galleons, and an army
or two armies to get his bride back?

Do you think he'd send
all that force for one girl?

That's out of a bottle, Benjy.

No, that's one thing
that Benjamin's right about.

I heard it myself.

I'm a pirate, not a womanizer.
I sail the seas.

I grab a Spaniard's treasure or his ship,
wherever I find it.

Then I sell it back to them.
I take my chances.

But I see no reason why I should take
the Barracuda's chances for him.

What difference, anyway, if we can
kill twice as many of them first?

- We're not afraid of them.
- The Barracuda's using us!

To pay off on a private feud.

I say, clear them both
out of here together.

Him and his high-born wench both.

Before it's too late.

What's the law on it, Jonas?

Well, according to the articles...

...a captain's privileged to do with
his prize any which way he so pleases.

That's on the one hand.

On the other hand...

...prisoners taken at sea are
usually sent home in good condition.

And earn you more
than their weight in ransoms.

That's on the other hand. So--

He'll send her back to Cartagena or I'll--

That's for the brotherhood to decide,

Governor, you're in
the Barracuda's chair.

Come on, give over, will you?

Rip me if it's not the Barracuda.

Well, where is it?

- Sorry, I didn't bring one this trip.
- No lace nightgown?

Laurent, you worthless dog.

Who's been keeping his feet warm?

What's this?

May I present my friend, Anne Bonny.
This is my wife, Anne.

Your wife?

He says it's his wife.

The Lord Bishop himself married us
under a silver bell on the Barracuda.

What did he do, catch you in the cable
tier and marry you over a pistol?

Is this true?


You Dutch codfish!

If there was a drop of honest blood
in you, I'd let it out at your throat.

All these months I've known you....

If I'd thought you'd ever heard
of the word marriage.

And marriage to that!

A powdered, prissy trollop.

Broad in the beam.

Soft in the chest.

Let's look at your teeth.

Say your prayers, my pretty.

- Drop it.
- I have no need of your protection.

And certainly not against her.

As if any of your kind had the courage
to fight your own battles.

No, you wouldn't. You're the nobility
hiding behind your paid protection.

If you've got guts, say the word,
I'll slit you like a pigeon--

I'm sure you'd much rather fight
pigeons, Mistress Bonny.

Would you stand before me the length
of that table with pistols in our hands?

I've a mind to
and the heart to, you poppet.

That's enough.

What do you say, Jonas Salter?

Am I to be struck by his doxy
without satisfaction?

Get satisfaction from me, if you want.

According to the orders and articles
of the brotherhood of the coast...

...parties striking each other is to be
armed and set ashore for 30 minutes...

...without interference from no others.

So be it. We'll do it by the articles,
without interference.

Not so fast, Benjamin.

This will be no duel, it would be murder.

Have you ever fired a pistol?


Francisca, your honor will be no good
to you when you are dead.

Shake hands with Anne,
drink with us and be friends.

Anne, for my sake, forgive her.

Does she crawl and beg me to?

- No.
- You're exceeding your limits.

You heard what Jonas Salter said.

Without interference from no others.

You're right.
It will be as they wish.

Your pistol, Raveneau.
And yours, Captain Spralin.

I will load them equally.

Bless you.


Think, Laurent.
What chance will your wife have?

The same chance as Anne Bonny.

Your pigeon has claws, Anne.

Only eagles have claws.
And she's no eagle.

Will you two do without this madness?


Very well, then.

According to the rules,
the injured party first.

That's me.

Will either party yield?

Take aim.

I will ask once if you are ready,
and then give the word.

Oh, make her hold it steady
with both hands.

I don't mind standing fire,
but I won't be made a honeycomb of.

- Are you ready?
- Ready, my friend.



You Dutch codfish.

Chimney soot in the pistols.

I might have known
you'd do a trick like this.

That'll teach you not to marry anyone
who can't see a joke.

I think you're right, Anne.

Now, if I had chosen you....

The joke seems not to your taste,

You and your Spanish strumpet.

And what else, Benjamin?

Take her back where she came from.

I'm waiting, Benjamin.
What's your grievance?

Your wife, Dutchman.
She'll have the Spanish Main upon us.

We want no more of her or you.

Does this scum speak
for the brotherhood?

Are you my jury? Have I been tried?

The articles say
any man who asks a hearing--

You'll hear me anyway.

What's my offense, truly?

Let me tell you.

It is that I hate the tyrant
with all my breath and spirit.

In Cartagena long ago, I took an oath... pry his fingers loose
as far as one man might...

...until he lost his grasp.

So that others coming after me
might find in the New World...

...what I had sought.

Well, the Spaniard begins
to feel us now.

His ships go armed
and still he loses them.

We even have to find ways now
to coax him out to fight.

She will bring Alvarado out.

And I'll be ready for him.

And if that's the crime Captain
Black sees fit to charge me with...

...I plead guilty.

Guilty in the highest degree.

- Laurent!
- No!

Your teeth are chattering, Benjamin.

Are you afraid?

You can have your life
for what it's worth.

But get out of Tortuga
before the morning.

I warn you.

Gangway, my bullies!

- Who is it?
- Your husband, remember?

I felt there was something
I ought to say to you.

But I'm a little afraid
you will misunderstand.

You've told me that I was brought up
simply to be an ornament.

You couldn't expect an ornament
to understand.

That's just it.

- You are an ornament.
- Thank you.

I admired you at the Sea Turtle tonight.

You had dignity,
a sense of fitness, courage.


And I was proud of you.

The Señor Barracuda is very gracious.

You're not to be sarcastic
about everything I say to you.

You mean that occasionally,
you say what you mean?

Genuinely mean?

I have a suggestion.

Let us both be genuine with each other.

About the Sea Turtle....

I might have been offended tonight
if I had been your wife.

But after all, that woman, that--

That-- What's her name?

You know her name.

Very well.

Anne Bonny.

You put the soot in the pistols
to protect her as well.

Anne was my dearest friend.
She was all I had until I met you.

I don't know what purpose
you could have in telling me that.

Unless you really mean it.

I do mean it.


Please don't make me believe you again.

Last night when you left me here... didn't mean it then.
You couldn't have.

Why did you leave?

If you had stayed....

When I captured the Santa Madre
and you...

...and decided to marry you...

...I wasn't sure whether
I did it out of contempt...

...for revenge against Alvarado.
But now I know.

I want you to be my wife.

Really my wife.

- Laurent.
- Yes?


Tell me, why?

Careful, you scum.

What are you doing?

And you, Dutchman,
tell your bride goodbye.

She's off to Cartagena
on the turn of the tide.

My dear captain, you must forgive me.
What I do is not for my own choice...

..but for your own good,
and in the name of the brotherhood.

Mario is sailing your ship.

Anne Bonny is in charge of your wife.

And you're staying here in Tortuga,
whether you like it or not.

- Laurent.
- That's enough.

Stop the wench.

I'm beginning to think
the Spanish witch had a spell on you.

Soak me if I don't believe
it's that nightgown.

Take him ashore.

Loose the foretopsail.

We'll fire a cannon
when we're clear of the harbor.

Then cut him loose and run for it.

Shove off.

Anchor up. The bow is clear.

Here comes the Barracuda.

Get the crew aboard The Cobra.

- We sail in an hour.
- Aye.

Be careful, Señor Barracuda.
We wish no harm to befall you.

I shall remember your thoughtfulness,

And you will remember it too,
to the end of your days.

- I'll take over from here, de Lussan.
- What do you want?

Him. Just leave the two of us alone
and he'll trouble you no more.

You've been drinking too much.

There'll be no murder here
as long as Laurent's in my charge.

Now, put down that pistol, or I'll--

Hold it, Dutchman.

You're a very brave man, Benjy,
aren't you?

I don't think I'll dirty my steel on you.


Strike me if it ain't the spitting image
of the Barracuda.

We had sure a fight.

The Barracuda, he's dead
as he ought to be.

Quick, Pillory, untie me.

Why, it is the Barracuda.

Yeah, it's the Barracuda.

Are you hurt, Swaine?

He means that he can handle
a dozen like Black any time you say.

Hey, what's that?

That's the signal that da Bilar
got clean away...

...with my wife and my ship.

You really mean to say
that he stole your wife and your ship?

That's truly accommodating of Benjy.

To leave his ship where we need it
at the time we need it most.

Oh, the Cobra will never overhaul
the Barracuda.

She can get us to Cartagena.
And that is all I need.

And I would have used my power
and freed you even before this.

But such tropical fruit as ours...

...they must be eaten immediately
when picked...

...or else they become worthless.

He did her no harm, did he?

Apparently not, Your Excellency.

Murderous words, My Lord Bishop.

I prefer to believe I heard you say,
"indubitably not."

The Condesa Francisca de Guzman
y Angandora.

Welcome to Cartagena.

His Excellency the Lord Bishop
has informed us of your capture...

...and of your grave trials
and tribulations.

Why didn't you tell me
she was beautiful?

I did, Your Excellency.

Well, why didn't you tell me
she is more beautiful than you did?

I have also been informed, my child...

...of an alleged marriage
between yourself and this Barracuda.

Well, obviously,
I hold it to be no marriage at all.

And what I hold anything not to be
automatically becomes.

To begin with, any man who
adopts the nom de plume of a fish.

It is always possible to petition
to have the marriage annulled.

But that would take months,
wouldn't it?

On the average, about 18.

Eighteen months?

I refuse to wait like a beggar
with my hat in my hand for 18 months.

My dear child, there is no reason
why we shouldn't be married tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Your Excellency?

Well, yesterday,
unfortunately is impossible.

Today? Today I will be devoting
all of my attention to the task...

...of making myself
even more personable for you.

But tomorrow,
I have the entire day free.

We shall be married tomorrow.

But a girl has so many things
to consider, Your Excellency.

Suppose I were to find myself
with two husbands?

A pirate can never be regarded
as a husband...

...except maybe by another pirate.

And now, Condesa Francisca,
I beg your leave.

I will attend to all arrangements
for the wedding feast...

...and the banquet myself.

Besides, I have matters of state...

...papers to sign, people to be hanged...

...who cannot be hanged
without my signature.

I will be back shortly.

Come along.

We'll make a beautiful couple.

You told me he was a man
of noble bearing.

He was a man of noble--

Oh, yes, I did, didn't I?

Well, he's not. He's fat.

Can't you regard him
as just pleasingly plump?

My poor Lord Bishop.

My child, you're a bad influence.

I was to have signed authorizations
for several people to be hanged.

Instead, I became soft.

So I instructed they be turned
on the rack instead.

Well, is my little bride all a-flutter?

Out of respect
for the condesa's feelings...

...I must counsel that she return home.

And your marriage to her be postponed.

I am sure your advice is sound.

However, I will ignore it.

Commandante, in the future...

...we will apply the word "beautiful"
to all the ladies...

...who have previously appeared
on these premises.

You will now invent a new word...

...meaning much more than beautiful...

...which will be applied exclusively
to la Condesa Francisca.

Eighteen months.

It's absurd.

If I may remind Your Excellency,
I have made my decision.

I am returning home to my father.

You are in error. We will not discuss it.

I insist on returning home.

It is always a mistake to insist
upon a decision... is powerless to enforce.

After all, it was also your father's wish
that you and I be married.

I will continue to assume
it is your true wish as well.

And what have you done
with the pirates...

...who brought His Lordship
and la condesa?

They are still aboard the ship.

I desire to see them.

I will honor them
with my personal attention at once.

Pray, excuse me, my child.
And you, Your Lordship.

Your Excellency...

...I will accompany you.

You are already acquiring a taste
for my company.


By all means, come along.

So this is the Barracuda.

I fancy her as well as any
of our own armada.

- Perhaps better.
- I agree, Your Excellency.

With some alteration,
it would make a good ship of war.

The elimination of Señor Barracuda
alone is alteration enough... convert her into what I really need.

A vessel for my private pleasure.

Don't be surprised, my dear...

...if some fine evening
she puts out to sea...

...carrying you on your honeymoon
in the arms of your beloved.

If my reference to "your beloved"
is vague...

...I refer to myself.

Bless me, it's a woman.

So I am, hogshead. But what are you?

I'm the one who must decide
whether you hang or burn at the stake.

It's a difficult choice.

I promised them
safe-conduct back to Tortuga.

You did?

Oh, well, I probably would have
done the same thing.

And I wouldn't have kept my word.

I see no earthly reason
why I should keep yours.

When I gave these people my word,
I meant it to be kept.

There is no such thing as
a word of honor that must be kept... far as this rubbish is concerned.

My word must be kept.

You shall have your way.

These people are to be kept under
guard, as light a guard as necessary...

...until a way is found
to return them to their fellow pirates.

- Does that satisfy you?
- I have your word for it?

- You have.
- Thank you.

Commandante, you will escort
the condesa to the gangway.

Thank you.

You will now take these riffraff,
shackled if necessary... the Prison of the Penitentes.

You will keep them there until I decide...

...whether they burn at the stake
separately or together.

I should have cut your--

What uncouth language. Take her away.

You bas--!

- Your Excellency.
- Who are you?

Mario da Bilar,
of whom you must have heard.

Indeed I have. You shall be hanged.

As a reward for restoring
Your Excellency's bride?

Your Excellency is joking, undoubtedly.


Only by the thumbs.

But the Condesa Francisca
pledged me that....

It will be a worthwhile experience
to learn...

...that no one as lowborn as yourself
may ever have the presumption... rely upon the word
of the daughter of the viceroy.

- Now what?
- I have a report, Your Excellency.

An armed schooner of English build
is making her way along the coast.

The Cobra, of course.
And the Barracuda's on board her.

Now, what made me say that?

Señor Barracuda and I,
we've had our misunderstandings...

...but he's still my friend.

By your leave, I'd rather be hanged
at once than be tempted... betray him upon his arrival here.

My, you're a scoundrel.

What evidence have you
that the Barracuda's aboard the Cobra?

- None.
- Then why do you say--?

Because I know him.

It's as I know the sun will rise
tomorrow, I know the man.

He'll not rest until he frees
the condesa and Anne Bonny.

Or is killed in the attempt.

The latter alternative is the more likely.

And, incidentally, the more satisfactory.

But if you were of any assistance
in bringing this Barracuda...

...within the sphere
of my benevolent custody... might avoid hanging altogether.

As great a service as that,
Your Excellency, is certainly worth....

- You have conditions to suggest?
- Condesa Francisca promised me...

...50,000 pieces of eight
and the Order of the Golden Spur.

There is something almost engaging
about your impudence.

All right, 50,000 pieces of eight
it shall be.

And the Order of the Golden Spur.

On my honor as an hidalgo of Spain.

I thank Your Excellency.

Now, let me see. The Barracuda
will unquestionably come ashore... a cove long used by our men
for scouting purposes...

...some leagues along the coast.

Now, if I were to escape
your custody....

- That could be arranged, I take it?
- It could.

I would meet him there.


I knew you'd come.
I've been looking everywhere for you.

Never in my life
have I been so glad to see friends.

You can imagine my feelings
when I tell you...

...less than three hours ago,
I lay in a cell, condemned to torture.

If it hadn't been for the assistance
of an officer...

...whom I'd known in happier days
and had helped....

If I can be of any service to you,

Laurent, surely you believe me.

You stole my ship.

I only acted in name of the brotherhood,
your interest and none other.

We realized that we were losing you...

...that you were becoming unfaithful
to our common cause.

You hear what I hear, don't you?
I was untrue to the cause.

Let me finish him off.

You were saying, Mario?

If I die for saying it, it was
your wife who betrayed us all.

What of my wife?

From the moment you met her, even
when she was saying she loved you...

...she was scheming and contriving
to get us to free her from you.

Finally, we consented.
Not for her sake, for yours.

Go on.

She promised us all
safe-conduct back to Tortuga...

...after we brought her here
to marry Alvarado.


Anne Bonny and all your crew
are now rotting... the dungeons of the Penitentes...

...sentenced to burn at the stake.

That's how much you can trust her.

- Do you realize what you've told me?
- Fully.

Apparently, she couldn't wait
for the wedding...

...before moving
into His Excellency's palace.

In his palace?

Under the same roof?

Forgive me, Mario,
for not trusting you at first.

I thank you for your information.

Get more of it, if you can...

...and meet me tonight
in the marketplace when it grows dark.

You can rely on me.

Here, how can you believe him?

- Who tells you I do?
- He's such a liar.

If he bids me good morning,
I figure it's night.

- Every word he says--
- Not every word.

Some are true, and some are not,
a kind of hash.

But I won't swallow it
before I find out what it's made of.

- Find out where, from her?
- You'd be put in prison.

Not the worst place to be.
That's where our true friends are.

Something tells me that
they'd be awfully glad to welcome us.

Come along.

Your Excellency. Capitán Mario da Bilar.

Send him in.

So you've returned already, have you?

Oh, dear, I seem to know
less about scoundrels than I thought.

Surely, Your Excellency
never doubted me.

Not at all.

I took it for granted
you would betray me if you could.

- Well, have you been successful?
- Your Excellency shall be the judge.

I've just met a man of consequence,
of genuine--

Oh, come to the point.

I brought up a topic
to which no man is ever insensitive.

A lady with whom he's in love.

I intimated she might possibly
not be in love with him.

In fact, that she might even be
making a fool of him.

- You're shrewder than I thought.
- Oh, Your Excellency.

It was not intended to be a compliment.

I promised you 10,000 pieces of eight.

Fifty thousand
was the sum you mentioned.

Fifty was the sum I mentioned
but 10,000 was what I had in mind.

Whatever Your Excellency says.


It would by my assumption that vanity
would lead this person to investigate...

...whether he has or has not
been made a fool of.

For example, if you were
in his place, Your Excellency.

If I were in his position. Yes.

I think I would call upon the lady.


I'm sorry if I've startled you.

There was too little time,
too much danger... have myself announced
with more formality.

Wait. Let me close the door.

You must not stay here.

If you were discovered,
don't you know what they'd do?

You were mad to come here.

There is safety in that kind of madness.

Who would ever suspect
I would come here?

Unless you intend to send for Alvarado.

Oh, Laurent, be serious.

Why don't you kiss me?

You would like to continue
with this farce, wouldn't you?

What are you talking about?

When I think how I believed in you...

...believed that a lady of your world
could possibly stoop to a buccaneer.

I won't listen to you.

All the time you let me believe
you loved me.

You were scheming to leave me.

What makes you say such a thing?
What proof have you?

- When I left you in Tortuga--
- The only proof I have is within myself.

In my heart.

The first time we met,
you had me lashed.

Because I had the insolence
to speak to you.

The dagger you were ready
to stab me with.

That was your real self.

When you thought
it was safer to play up to me--

That night in the cabin, in Tortuga,
I tried to explain to you.

These things you're saying,
they're not true, they're half-truths.

Things that may once have been so.

But have not been so since
I realized how....

How much I do love you.

Well, what are your proofs
that you love me?

I wish there were some proofs
I could give you.

Unless you're prepared to believe
what I say just because I say it....

I have no proofs.

You've had my crew
thrown into the prison.

Anne Bonny, to whom you promised
safe-conduct home...

...she's under lock and key,
waiting with the rest to be burned... celebration of the royal holiday.

Anne Bonny and your crew?

I'm sure the flames will add a bit
of color to the festivities connected--

- Call the guard.
- With your next marriage.

Laurent, you must go. You've got to go.

I take it you know
the palace guard is coming.

I swear to you I didn't.
Please, you must go.

Now that it is too late to be
of any use, you warn me.

But I too had conceived
such a possibility myself.

So you're the Barracuda?

Or Laurent Van Horn, remember?

Yes, I remember. You were
presumptuous and I punished you.

Oh, we're old friends.

But it's an intimacy that won't endure
much longer, I'm afraid.

I will rid you of this intruder
immediately and permanently.

Tell him the truth about Anne Bonny.

You've got to know, you--

I still consider it a delightful privilege
to have known you.

And I shall remember you
to the end of my days.

What a pretty speech.

Search the garden.

You, look in the shrubbery to the right.

Remember, get the weapons to me
in the prison as you did in Maracaibo.

I count on you.

Make sure there are no more of them.

A thousand pardons for this intrusion,
my child.

But I thought it necessary,
for your sake even more than my own.

Let me open you another bottle.

Not now.

What if someone saw us?

Take them the basket
and hurry back here.

I'll be waiting for you.

Here is your last meal.

Don't choke on the bones.

Did you hear? The last meal.

What did he say?

He said he doesn't care.

It's the viceroy.
I should have left here long ago.

If he finds you here in your condition
with me, his favorite....

I know, it would be my last meal too.

Strike me if I'd ever thought
I'd see you again.

Francisca. She's here.

She knows the way to a man's heart.

Put it out of sight.

On second thought,
I'd rather wear the white brocade.

It flatters my figure.

Mind you, my dear Escobar...

...this visit of mine is not meant
to reflect...

...on the way you run this prison.

I find that my appearance now
and then keeps people on their toes.

I think you'll find
everything to your liking.

Oh, be careful of the steps,
Your Excellency.

Don't forget to tell my barber
my beard wants trimming.

Yes, Your Excellency.

You let any man come that close
to your throat with a blade?

Coco, tell the man that I do.

He shouldn't have thought
he could steal a woman...

...the way he stole ships,
goods and riches.

For the first time, we see eye to eye.

A woman cannot be stolen, nor her love.

Hang him high.

High enough for him
to have a last glimpse of the Barracuda.

A crowning touch, that.

Yes, Your Excellency.

Note that the wedding party...

...will be on the same barge
with the priests.

And let him and his party
reach their destination first.

Da Bilar. What a pretty sight.

Now hiding behind
His Excellency's rather broad back.

What a pity that one
of the few comparable swordsmen...

...should be reduced
to parrying with words.

Even if I had something
more pointed than words...

...I would not use it now.

Well, Coco,
since we shan't see him again...

...our condolences.

He mustn't see me.

I didn't know your kind cared
about their men as much as we do.

I love him.

I came here to keep my word
that all of you would go free.

You come now, please.

Well, strike me.

- You....
- Walk ahead of me.

- My wife.
- Come on, open up.

- Do you believe me now?
- Yes.

I'll never forget these seconds.

I'll never forget the way you look now.

Hey, stow it.
You'll have the guards on our necks.

You, where's the armory?

Come on. Step lively.

- Come on, hurry.
- Gangway!

I'm sure you're wrong.

They reported that the palace
sent a maidservant.

I'm telling you the palace sent
no maidservant.

There's some girl here. It would be
well to find out about her...

...and for you to see
that she doesn't slip past the gates.

I'll see to it.

Hard as I try, I cannot believe
this is your bridal gown.

Of course, there's time
for you to change...

...and take your place on the barge.

I think, I'm sure you'll agree...

...that the less said about this
to Alvarado, the better.

Well, Mario, at last.

Oh, Laurent.

You dirty bilge rat.

Make for the harbor.

Avoid the fortress,
it bristles with soldiers.

Come on, me bullies.

Head him for the Carolinas.

From there...

...good sailing.

- Do you see the boat?
- I see nothing, sir.

Don't look at me, you won't find it
in my face. Look out there.

- Yes, sir.
- And keep on looking.

Why are you putting
those pillows on deck?

Do you think we wish
to spend the night? Idiot.

- Take them below.
- Yes, Your Excellency.

Here, take them below. Quick.

I will enjoy that
tomorrow morning at breakfast.

More soldiers? What are they for?

There has been an uprising.

- The pirates are at large.
- What?

These men were sent to protect you
now that you are to return ashore.

Return ashore?
Their leader has no ship but this.

I'll wait for him here.
Are there more of you?

They are waiting alongside.

Send them up.

With those aboard, they will be
an adequate committee of reception.

The boat is coming.

- Shall I signal it to turn back?
- Not at all.

The condesa should acquaint herself with
the way I deal with men who cross me.

The good fathers will be unaware that
their robes are missing until they wake.

And, believe me,
Pillory used no violence.

But I'm afraid the Lord Bishop
himself may be expected.

If so, His Lordship's absence
may have to be excused.

Officer, form a guard of honor
to receive the condesa.

And put down the carpet.

My dear.

Father Lorenzo is deputizing
for His Lordship.

The bishop is confined
with another attack of gout.

I pity him, while I rejoice
that he caused me no delay.

And I fancied we'd be married right here.

I take it for granted you agree.

I must make mention
of an unforeseen delay.

You are not yet, as scheduled, a widow.

We shall therefore have to restrain
our impatience...

...not for weeks, nor days,
nor even hours, I hope.

Don't hope.

I should have said
it will be only a matter of minutes.

Because this ship is amply fortified.

Which I'm sure you didn't anticipate.

I indulge myself in the thought...

...that you were unwillingly persuaded
into this intrigue.

It was of my own choosing.

You chose the loser
and I permit you to change your mind.

I have no intention of changing my mind.

Don't try my affection too far.

I'm not one of your kind anymore.

No matter what you do to me,
I never will share your triumph.


Call your guards. They can't make
me despise you any less.

You, who stand
for everything I wish to forget.


Where are you?




Cut the anchor cable. Set topsails.

We can't sail past the fortress, sir.
The channel lies in point-blank range.

It's time we made a run for it.

You fools.

You'll never clear the harbor.

The garrison is under
my personal instruction to fire...

...if this ship so much as moves
before daybreak.

Sound the alarm. Man your guns.

Sound the alarm!

At least we all may have the dubious
consolation of dying together.

Man your guns.

The Barracuda.
She sails long before her time, sir.

The priest. The bride.

His Excellency.

Is there any reason he shouldn't be
married ahead of time?

Look carefully at the priest, sir.

Isn't he rather tall for the bishop?

Yes, strangely tall, I grant you.

Stand ready to fire by sections.

Stand ready to fire by sections.


Why don't you fire?

Section number three, independent fire.

It will be moments now.

Close your eyes
and pray that we will be delivered.

And to think that I should have
considered firing on her...

...with His Excellency on board.

Give them the rockets for good luck.

Long live the viceroy.

- Let's hang him from the yardarm.
- String him up.

- Cut out his heart.
- No, no, we gotta do this proper.

Step by step. Limb from limb.

Can't you let him live somehow?

Find a way for him to do
some useful work?

Work? No, condesa.

Yours is the cruelest of all suggestions.

Lucky Don Juan Alvarado.

I knew he wouldn't wait.

He's dead.