The Sovereign's Servant (2007) - full transcript

Europe, 1709. Russia and Sweden are at war. Two French duelists are exiled by King Louis XIV of France: one to the side of Czar Peter the Great of Russia, the other to the side of King Charles XII of Sweden. Although separated by war and allegiance, fate has not finished with them.

Not the first time this happens...

I am telling you,
this black rider is a Devil himself!

Here he is, our hero.

Go ahead, tell us!

I hadn't a chance to figure
out what has happened.

Last thing I remember,
the horses were spooked...

and shadow flashed
across the bushes.

He's worth less then I thought.

A shadow, says you?

Yep, something's fishy
in these woods.

It was a third courier we've lost...

Grigoriy, why don't you go there?

Take a look-see. The soldiers keep
talking about some black rider.

Like he emerges from nowhere
and vanishes into thin air.

What are you laughing about?
People are killed!

Does that mean you believe this?

You know me, right, Grigoriy?!

Exactly, thus I will believe the
devil when I grab him by it's tail.

Have you heard, Your Grace,
there is talk of an evil spirit's...

appearances in Russia...

Excuse me?

In the form of a Rider of Death...

this demon steals peoples' souls.

Well, that's Russia for you, my son.

No wonder,
it is a pagans' country after all!

And here is De Brese!

Unlike the devil the Russian
embassador told us about...

this demon hunts
for womens' souls.

Looks like he already
found the next victim.

He is always seen around
Mademouiselle De Monterras!

And what about the king? He wouldn't
mind casting a net himself!

Yes, but the fish doesn't
seem eager to be caught!

Look at that desperate move!

King's gift!

you shouldn't take such risks.

Count de La Bush
is seriously lucky today.

At least with the ladies.

Yes, of course...
but I must have my revenge.

And the King will be quite surprised
to see his gift worn by the Count.

That would be funny!

I doubt the Count would
wear women's ornaments.

But, who knows, on the other hand?

Chevalier is joking with the ladies.

Or should I consider
this a personal insult?

Chevalier canjoke whenever
and whoever with he wishes.

And you can consider
this whatever way you please.

I am ready to pay this bill,
if you dare to accept the payment.

Gentlemen, gentlemen,
what about the game? Your bids?

Or are you read to open your cards?

Chevalier de Bresse! Help, please!
What should I do?

Should I give up the game?
I have nothing left!

Don't worry...
I think the victory will be yours!

What luck!

With this I could build a palace!

A little one!

I hope to be a first guest in it!


The first guest might not be last!

And to think she has been
at the court for only a month!

Get in line, the castle is still small.

But De Brese is rather
radiant with wit today!

You mean thejoke about
the ladies' ornaments!

Thejoke was quite good
and the bill is left unpaid!

Are you suggesting a duel?

My friend, I assure you...

if you will further leave such
witty remarks unpaid...

you soon will be covered with scab.

Besides, what's your risk?
When you have such seconds!

Hurry up.

Chevalier De Brese! A letter for you!

Come on.

The show is about to start!

Gentlemen, gentlemen,
isn't it enough?

Might this have been a robbery?

A robbery, you say?
Doesn't look like it.

They didn't take the weapons.

No papers are left behind though.
A strange coincidence!

And how are we going
to solve this problem?

I am sure this problem has
already been solved for us...

Your Highness!


His Majesty is in a foul mood. I think
the reason for this is the duel.

The King will not forgive
such deed soon...

By the way, De la Bush
is a friend of yours, isn't he?

Would you be so kind and take
the King's orders to him?


The King awaits you, chevalier!

Ah, it's you, chevalier De Brese!
How is your wound?

Thank you, sire, much better.

I hope Your Majesty will not listen
to different rumors...

nothing but an insignificant
encounter took place.

An insignificant encounter?!

An insignificant encounter!
Every rumor is in part the truth.

Ain't that so, my dear? My precious!

In any case, I've made
a decision to punish you.

I will only grant you a pardon if you
fulfill a commission I send you with.

I will not conceal the truth, this
trip will not be laced with sugar.

Russia is at war.

The King Peter is at war
with Karl of swedes.

We do not intend to take
part in the military action...

but we want to know of every breath
this King of Barbarians takes.

I need a loyal man beside Peter.

Also, you are to deliver this to him
Chevalier De Brese.

Mademoiselle, the rumor is you are
richer after the recent card game.

But as they say, one might be
lucky in game, but not in love.

By the way, do you know
the reason of the yesterday's duel?

You still here?
Do nor waste another minute.

Leave immediately!
My dear De Brese!

How are you?
How do you feel, my friend?

Good enough,
it could have been worse.

Thank God,
the slashes are not deep...

just a headache bothers me.

The duel made a lot of noise.

The king is dissatisfied with your
attempts to make a hole in each other.

Don't weary me no more.

Judging by that paper you are holding,
you have news from Versailles.

You are right. You have been ordered
to leave for the army of Karl XII.

And afterwards?

You are ordered to inform His Majesty
of all the military actions!

You should consider yourself lucky.

The King hates the duelists.

Thank God, he seems to be unaware
of the duel's cause, otherwise...

Are you threatening me
with the Bastille?!

Who knows... I am leaving
the King's orders and this package.

You must deliver it to King Karl.

Perhaps soon it'll all be forgotten and
you will be able to return. Farewell!


Hey you on the mainmast, move it!

Mademoiselle! Hardly
a week has passed...

since I have parted with
the Parisian society...

but I hope that the spark of
love that flashed between us...

Is still alive in your heart.

If so, remember the poor exile
if only for a moment...

blow me a kiss
and It will warm my heart.

I hope that the
King's impetuosity hasn't...

outshined our meeting
in your memory!

Yours Charles.

Keep at it!

Captain, would you be so kind
and forward my letter?

I would be much obliged.

Surely, sir.

Thank you.

Allow me to give you an advice.

Lose all this and find something
more suitable for the road.

How much?

Greetings, officer!

And who might this be?

What does
the distinguished sir want?

Please, mademoiselle, messier!

Make yourselves comfortable.

Allow me to introduce myself,
Chevalier De Brese!

Marquies Von shomberg...

and my sister Mademoiselle
Von shomberg. At your service!

You cannot imagine how good it feels
to meet a member of the gentry...

in this God forsaken country.

Thank You.

Bring food and prepare the rooms.

You speak Russian?

God no! This is not Russia yet!
This is Poland!

Although, the language
resembles Russian very much!

Chevalier! Is this
you first trip to Russia?

Are you traveling on business
or to appear at the court?

My lady, I am traveling
to the King Peter's court!

Me and Gretchen are
to visit our father.

He is also in the royal court.

Father decided it is a great
time for my protection.

The King Peter is favorable
to foreigners.

He fell!

What are we to do?

Should we draw their blood?

Relax! Wait for the morning!

Foreign folk! The men
are quite rude in these lands.

This one was going through
your carriage and...

maybe, wanted to steal your horses.

Hey, keep! Ain't good!

Allow me the honor
to introduce myself.

His Majesty's Guards
sergeant Voronov! Do you mind?

Marquie and marquies Von shomberg.

And this here is Chevalier De Brese.

How many times have I told you!
Not here! Not here!

When will you learn not
to do this in your own home!

By the way, you are
a very brave man!

Keep, bring drinks and food.

To travel these lands accompanied by
no one except a beautiful sister!

While the folks here, let me tell you
are not what they used to be!

Just as swedes came with war,
the rogues raised their heads.

Locals do not favor King Peter
Alekseevich much anymore.

And what kind
of bird is this gentleman?

He travels to Russian royal court.

Royal court?

A Frenchman.

But the King has moved
towards Poltava with the army!

There is no more court!

Very strange all this...
But anyway.

If you want nothing else,
the lady can go to sleep.


Good night, mademoiselle.

Take them to the camp.
I will catch up later.

See you, Frenchman,
I still need to go to the border.

Please sir.

God damn you!

Take this all and remember, oneye.

Tomorrow you must
ambush the carriage.

Arent' you feisty, little one!
Nothing but murder you think of.

Looks like I need
to cool your head down a bit.

And I have not believed
the fairy tales.

Give this coward a good thrashing!

Poor bird... It hasjust gained
freedom to immediately receive death!

That's the way our cruel life is.

But maybe it is worth it?

To die free is better
then to live in a cage?

Mademoiselle, a little more...

and I will suspect
you are preparing a coupe!

Why don't you execute me then,
like you have executed your pigeon!

By the way, sire, the falcon
is also your slave...

since he flies only where
it's master tells it to!

The falcon needs to live by
the rules and not to fly too high!


Otherwise, he is destined
to a sure death!

The sun will burn it's wings!

Looks like she didn't
save her falcon.

Have you heard what was in the letters
that our duelists are delivering?

No, what?

Simply that
the poor souls are doomed.

In those letters are their
death sentences!

Oh, my!

An inevitable death awaits them
at the end of their trip!

But how did you find out about it?

It's a secret!

What caused such
a beautiful face to frown?

I have no idea what to do.
Life is complicated!

Listen to an old man!
Do what your heart tells you to!

You must be a totaljackass
not to understand...

that the carriage will never be able
to turn around here.

C'mon, c'mon, move it! Good day.

You can't imagine, chevalier, this
idiot started to set the carriage...

and nearly broke the spring.


I can't figure out how this fool managed
not to wreak the carriage itself.

Sir, may I expect you
to travel with us in our carriage?

Of course, unless,
you will bothered by our presence.

On the contrary, marquie.
This is a great offer.

Plus the trip will seem shorter
if passed in discussion.



Listen, what happened
with our glorious officer?

He left shortly after midnight.

By the way he left us two
of his soldiers to escort us.

Here I come! I have so many questions.
Answer and you will live!

First, you have to understand that
all the virtues you are used to...

in your homeland are nothing
more then thin air here.

You can be robbed or, what is even
worse, killed at any time...

The winters here
are incredibly cold.

Thus is you plan to stay here for
a winter, you must have a fur coat.

No one obeys any laws here...

that is why King Peter impresses
his power in a very harsh manner.

Our father was stunned
by it at first time...

but later understood
that there is no other way.

But this land is unbelievably
rich with woods and so on.

You will fall in love with it.

What happened?

It's an ambush.

Bad guys, sir!

- Don't say a thing!
- Damn you!

Such a stupid death!

Yes, one must get used
to the sight of dead.

This is horrible! We must give
them a proper burial!

I feel something's wrong with you.

Like you are laced with honey.

And a tiny fly in a black cape buzzes
around you time and again.

You hear, Frenchman?

Without me you'll vanish here.
We'll ride together.

My God! These are my letters!
Give them here!

What kind of country is this!
What kind of people!

How can you take other
people's letters and burn them!

Are all people here such fools?

This is not appropriate!

To come and take a letter
and throw it in the fire!

I haven't even had a chance
to finish it!

Wow, you can certainly sing, brother!

I, actually, am impressed!

Does everyone mumble like
that where you are from?

This is it. You have needed
a good teaching long enough!

Go on, get your sword!

Couldn't have found a better
place to put holes in each other...

but the woods, could you?

Get up, hero!

It isn't like stealing
other people's letters!

Go on! Show yourself,
Russian bear!

Bear... look at it!

Scram, get out of here.

Listen, don't be upset...
because of the letters.

Well, I had to start
the fire somehow, had I not?

And the paper catches
fire better then moss.

And, to tell you the truth, I did
look at it before setting it aflame.

And couldn't make out anything.
So I thought it ain't important.

Besides, we scared the beast away.

Here, take this! Drink, drink!

Such poison.

You French soul!

Just give me some time!

I wish we could visit the hamlet.

You hear, Frenchman?

What you're called?

My name is Grishka. And your?

Chevalier De Brese!

De Brese? All right.

Listen, let's stop by my village.

You know, some sauna,
we need to wash the wounds.

I need to get to the King urgently,
I have an order.

So do I need to get to King!

But we must straighten
ourselves out.

You have no idea, you fool,
what Russian sauna is!

And the girls we have...

you haven't seen
such girls in France.

De Brese?
Do you have girls there?

This road is dreadful.

Exactly what I am saying,
there is no life without girls.

Home sweet home!

It's OK, it's OK.

Hold on, Frenchman.

Lie still, will 'ya!

Wow, kvas!

It's like you have no cross on you!

Same thing for so many years.

Such shame for the girl...
will not marry her!

Like a thunder on a clear day...

you appear and leave
for God knows how long.

If there were men in the village, they
would've broken a couple of your ribs!


Stop screaming like a crow,
don't get me started...

Yep, that's right...
No men left in the village!

None! All of them in the service
of our father the King!

Yeah, right! I've seen
that Kings army.

Can't bear to watch it.

Men is tights.

This is the end of Russia.

Right after Peter
got rid of archers...

only Germans
around the King now.

What are you talking about,
you beard!


What?! I'll slash you, I will...

Go on, go on, slash me!

Where is the sword?
Where is it?

Fighter! Go get some sleep!

Drunk he is! Don't understand,
do you? Barbarian!

De Brese...

And who do we have here?

I think this must be a peacock!

Who are you?

Allow me the honor to introduce
myself, I am Count De la Bush.

I have arrived on the orders
of the King of France.

I have a delivery for
His Majesty King Karl!

The King is not here.
But you can give me the letter.

I must deliver the letter personally!

Then you will have to share
these quarters with the officers!

Romkel, escort the courier.

Good day, gentlemen!

Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Count De la Bush.

Are you here on the military cause
or to have fun?

I beg your pardon, but I have arrived
tojoin you on the battlefield...

and I do not find this kind
ofjokes appropriate.

Then, you will not disagree tojoin us
in a little expedition, will you?

You must surely love to hunt?

What kind of expedition?

The Polaks informed us of a spy,
we have followed him.

- A great chance!
- Here is the hunt for you!

We leave in the morning!

Yes, but I absolutely
must see the King!

Do you mind?

Don't worry, our Karl will be here
no earlier then tomorrow.

You must find something more serious.

This needle is good only to sew
the ornaments in Versailles.

Have you ever served in the army?

Yes, I've served two years
in the dragoon regiment!

Well then you must try this on.

You see I've ordered a new one
for myself and it won't fit.

It looks like it fits you perfect.

In your dress...

Not too hard to have you mistaken!

Ah, and there is our crazy beauty!

Who is that youngster?

I hope you do not have maids here!

Oh, but, hell no!

There is no comparing
her to sutlers!

She is our eyes and ears!

She told us of the spy.

And these are our maids!

Whatta hell are you doing?

Let me go, I tells 'ya.

Where the hell have
you got here from?

Damn bitches!

To think about it! To punch
a Russian officer in the eye!

No subordination!

Like there's no cross on you!

Who would've fought like that!

Are you done yet?

My God, what are you doing?
No cross no you!

I'll axe you!

Watch it!

What is she doing here?

We must check upstairs!

Don't take too long, hurry!

Have you conquered
all the chickens? C'mon!

Baby... don't be afraid...
I won't hurt you.

Look at what we have
found in the shed.

If your letter is the same,
you are in a lot of trouble!

Attention! Fall out!

Hey, where is Olges?

He'll catch up!

You, trash!

It's him!

Attention, stop! Look!

Don't shoot! He is mine!

Thanks, girls,
I didn't expect that!

I owe you one!

Who are you?
Why did you help me?

An enemy of my enemy
is a friend of mine!

Our family was wealthy
and well known...

before the war came to Poland.

The Poland split in two...

and our neighbors took
the side of swedes...

while my father
and brothers stayed at home.

But soon the Russian soldiers came
and burned the villages down.

They drowned villagers in Visla...
all of them.

I was fifteen then.

My father hid me and my brother
in the wood shed.

And no matter how many times
he told the Russians...

that he didn't fight them...

he and my other
two brothers were hanged.

Me and my little brother
managed to escape.

So my war will be over
only with Peter's death.

This is sheer madness.
You don't know what you are doing.

What do you want from me?

Ambushing carriages on the road, that's
what you call the war against Russians?

I have another goal,
and you will not stop me.

My darling brother, King Peter!

The bearer of this letter is a well
known duelist and debauchee.

It will please me most
if you send him...

to the most dangerous
parts on the battlefield...

and only God himself will
decide whether he should live...

or should he pay for his sins
with his own life.

Not much use
of you ambushes on couriers.

Can you make it
to the Russian camp?

It's no easy.

This will destroy you
and your brother!

You do not understand!
This is impossible!

And with this?

Have you heard? They say the Russia
is losing a war to sweden.

That Peter is simply incapable
of ruling a country.

Russia? Where is Russia exactly?

Madame, a letter of love!

My child, do you have a letter
for mademoiselle de Monterras?

Yes, madame... for her!

She told me she expects a letter,
and asked me to hold it for her...

in case she will be dancing
upon it's arrival!

Brilliant, we'll see now...

whether the King is ready
to share his lover with the others.

How? How could she?
Tell me why?

I could have given her everything
she ever dreamed off!

I made her close to myself.

She could have been
with the King of France!

And what? At the first chance she
falls into the hands of the milksup.

We are getting older.

But it still no reason
to offend the King of France!

See that! They have
besieged Poltava, damn them.

I hear the artillery.
Gotta take a look-see.

And there are a few more
inside the tent there.

I wonder how many
there are here altogether!

I wish we could slip by
that officer on the other side!

After all we had to do is get past
that swamp and stir to the right.

We could try to go across...

but it looks as though the swamp
is too treacherous to try!

What are you looking at?

Put it on! God forgive!

No, he's His Majesty!

We gonna make it.
Almost there.

The King is hurt. Help 'em.

Get him inside.

Looks like we'll have
to perform an amputation!

You want to leave your King
with only one leg!

Are youjoking?

We could try to keep the leg...

but we'll have to get
the bone shards out of it!


How's it hangin'?

Looks like we got out!

Watch it!

What are you doing?

This is a Russian officer!

What do we have here?

You see we've captured
the barbarians!

So what are you waiting for?
Hang them sons of bitches!

Come, barbarian, come.

Look at that!

Screams like the death is near...

and looks him in the eyes.

Don't be upset, brother, don't!

That's the way!

That's what our soldier's
fate is, to die!

One day earlier,
one day late, no matter!

So, brothers, want to have some fun?


Are you crazy?

Can't you tell one of you own?

I'll kick your butts for this,
I swear...

that'll teach you
to tell who's who fast!

Jeez... He speaks our tongue!

Can't you tell we are
just dressed like swedes?

We've escaped from their camp!

You should have said so!

Otherwise how can we tell!

Should have said so!
Yeah, right!

Who's idea was
to clubber me on the head?

You? Are you coming about?

Officer, we need to get
to the camp and fast!

Greetings, general!

Come in!

Come in, chevalier!

As you can see even the King
of sweden is not bulletproof.

Have you arrived with orders?

The King has sent me as an observer.

I am glad the King is worried
about the war's outcome.

But this outcome is foretold.

Tommorow I will crush Peter.

Sire I wish you luck!

The King still considers
himself a King-sun...

and all the other monarchs he sees
as those who must obey his will.

His own hands he wishes not
to cover with blood!

If Your Majesty wishes...

Our Majesty wishes
to have you beside us...

and send you back with
the news of our victory.

Besides, looks like you have
fought enough already.

Grigoriy, you son of a bitch!

Take the horse!

Nice costume you have!

Listen, let's go to see the King.

And who is this with you?

A Frenchman, a courier he says!

Chevalier De Brese!

All right,
take your Frenchman and let's go.

Let's go.

What are they in for, brother?

They've totally slaughtered
our couriers, them foes!

Oh, wait up!

See, old man, I told you
we would meet again!

Don't touch this one, yet.

I've got to talk to King
and then we'll talk.

What's the point in talking...

When Peter started
getting rid of archers...

there was the start of the end,
right there!

My entire life went to hell.

I thought I ran away from
the capital and hid in the swamps.

And still they found me there.

If that soldier would tighten
the noose better then...

wouldn't have been
talking to you now.

But for many years everyone
stirred clear of these lands.

Everyone was afraid
of the black rider.

No one knew who he was,
that black rider!

Mein Herr!
Grigoriy Voronov made it!

Through an entire Poland straight
through swedes he made it here.

Hero! And what happened
to our couriers?

Polish games!
Under the swedish hand.

Seriously? And so then the people
are lying about the black rider?

Nope, they aren't lying!
I've seen him!


You go that right!

So why didn't you catch him?

Not strong enough?
Or smart?

Strong or smart, give me time
and I'll deal with him.

This Frenchman nearly died
from his hand three times.

So I've decided to escort
them to you, my King.

Says he's a courier!

Chevalier De Brese!

The King of France Louis XIV sent me
to observer the situation.

Papers to enter.

His Majesty sends this member
of the gentry to act as an observer.

De Brese!

Surely without this Frenchman
we are to lose the war!

How can we so stupid and weak...

go against the swedes
without such a force!

Shut it!

Force or no force, but he didn't
hesitate to go against 10 swedes...

to get me out of their
hands when needed!

Oh, mein Herr! Seems to me we've
been sent a snitch by the King!

You think? A snitch, you say?


Take this Frenchman and go
to the first line or redoubts!

Let him snitch from out of there.

I know, it will be hot there!

Look here... The redoubts will
split the enemy lines.

To maneuver Karl will have
to line up his army...

right under your shooter's aim.

The most important thing is to hold
these position as long as possible...

and to split the swedish army!

Split, says you!

Don't you growl at me!
I understand how hard it will be.

But retreat only when signaled.

When the trumpet sounds...

retreat to the second
line of redoubts.

Let's go split!

My King, redoubts are ready...

except for the first two.

Damn Mazepa is now
on Karl's side!

That bitche's tail!

So many swords went with him!

Your Highness! There are deserters
from Germany with a letter!

Well let's go then.

Wait here.

Mein Herr, there are deserters with
the letter from the Germans here.

Look at it, will you,
maybe it's important.

Let me look at this.
It bears a French stamp.

An interesting piece
of correspondence!

Aleksashka, look at this!

Where is that Frenchman?

My King, the swedes
have started their attack!

Is The Dark Knight!
But... he is a woman!

Platoon! Forward!


You hear, De Brese? It started!



Today is the day that will decide
the history of our Motherland.

You shouldn't think you are fighting
for Peter, but for the Motherland...

which was entrusted to Peter
and for the faith!

You shouldn't be intimidated
by the enemy's glory...

as if he is invincible.

It is a lie...

which you have many times
proved with your own victories.

And you should know about Peter,
that he values his life not...

just let the Russia live
in glory and wealth...

for your own good!

Prepare guns!

Looks like my kids will
be orphans after all. Yours?

Platoon! Stop!




Gimme the torch.


Load! Fire!

Load! Fire!

Sovereign, let me throw
the swedes off the redoubts.

Too early!

No matter that it looks hot there,
Grishka is still holding.


Come on!
Wake up!

You got a fight.

Mein Herr.
God help me, it is the time.

They'll crush Grishka!

Get up! Come on!

Let's get out of here.

I'm show something to these swedish.

Come with me.


Prepare guns!

Aim, fire!

Now is the time; do it, Alexashka!

Looks like we'll live
to see another day after all!

And I've thought
the death was imminent!

Here, cool yourself down a bit.

Look, sashka is attacking.

Just 20 years ago he was selling
pirozhkis and now he's a hero.

What now?

Sovereign's orders.

You hear, De Brese, let's go.

Another platoon.

Platoon! Forward!

Looks like Karl is surrounding us.

Then we shall meet the swedes here.

They are retreating, sons of bitches!


God protects us...

Prepare! Fire!




Platoon! In your position!

Prepare! Attack!

Another platoon.

A little more
and we cath them.


The King is fighting!
Come on guys!


Your Majesty, we are under attack!

We should retreat.

Sovereign! Allow me to ask you what
is so wrong with the Frenchman...

that you order him
to be taken under guard?

Have you seen this letter?

This letter is the cause
of the attempt to kill the King.

In it, by the way, is the mention
of your Frenchman's name!

I've not seen it, but I've seen how
he shed his blood for you in battle...

that I've seen plenty!

So? Are you satisfied?

You are now a victor,
a barbarian hero!

I am the one who
should be satisfied?

Have I heard you right?

I think, you were the one who
insisted on that stupid duel...

that lead us both
to this horrible place...

where we will certainly rot to death.

I insisted? You were the one
who messed with the card game...

you ladies' toy, and after
that it's been shit all the time!


Looks like the Frenchman
misses him own kind.

Read this! Maybe it will
finally open your eyes!

Your Majesty! You have a right to
execute me or to grant me pardon...

that's up to you! But allow me
to finish an old business...

a matter of honor, before.

Release this captive!

Let it be so!

An enemy!

Who would of thought this
to happen.

Too bad!

Katya, Aleshka...

They don't have a mother
of father now!

You hear, De Brese?

And who think I didn't trust
you before either.

And you are swell.

Ouch... hurts...

Hang the bitch!

Girgoriy... He was with us...

since we were in Peter's
children's mock army.


The Archduke of Austria claims
his rights to the spanish crown.

Prussia signed a military alliance
with Denmark against sweden.

Swedes suffered a crushing
defeat from King Peter.

We have information
that Charles de Brese...

took part in the battle
and survived.

Your Majesty! Maybe the Fate...

is benevolent to him
with God's will.

It may seem so, Philip!

Fate... fate, my friend, is fickle!

My beauty! Come here.

Wait up.

Hi, duelist!

So how about it,
to survive two times?

Good man! How to say it...

Come on... let's go...
let's go to the King.

It's sin not to drink
to such a victory!

Sit down!

Hey you, give him a drink.

To the Victory at Poltava! Hurrah!

It's hard, I understand!

Don't look at it as it's smut.

People are tired, let them have
their fun the way they know.

Not too many loyal people.

If you would only know how
many lost their heads...

The foes don't want to cope
with the will of the King.

They don't understand, fools,
that Russia cannot become great...

if they live the old way.

You, for instance...
will you serve me?

To change the country is
to change faith! Impossible!

I got it!

You, brother, are a fool.
No one refuses the King's will.

Good day.


Where they are?

Hurry to the docks!
Stop them from leaving!

There is no stopping them!

In the face of the previous events,
I've finally achieved peace.

All the tricky stratagems
of faith were left behind...

but despite all the trials
the faith had led me to...

I was thankful to it.

Because of the love I have found,
that seemed to be lost forever.

And in my memory...

there is no a man,
that I could call a real friend.

I made it my duty
to raise his kids...

and give them all that
a real father would have.

Ahead of us lied uncertanty.

But it didn't worry us...

but rather beaconed, as did
the vast void of the ocean.