The Source of Shadows (2020) - full transcript

A series of stories woven together by one of our most primal fears, the fear of the unknown.


Solomon, I'm so sorry.

I have to leave you
now, sweetheart.

I cannot stay here.

You will have to be strong on
your own like I know you can.

All you need to do is
follow our three rules

and they will keep you safe
as they always have done.

You remember our rules,
don't you, Solomon?

The first rule.

We must always give
back to the forest

that provides for us.

So when you hunt or
scavenge, do it for two.

One for the forest
and one for you.

The second rule.

When your will is almost gone
and you feel like giving up,

find comfort in
singing our song.

The third and final rule.

This is the most
important rule of all.

You must never ever let
go of the rope, Solomon.

The rope is your guide,
this land is your home,

and the rope will keep you
safe from harm within it.

Always hold onto it
and you will have hope.

Whatever you do,
don't lose the rope.

I love you.


Don't lose the rope.

I love you.

And you feel like giving up,

find comfort in
singing our song.

The third and final rule.

This is the most
important rule of all.

You must never ever let
go of the rope, Solomon.

The rope is your guide,
this land is your home,

and the rope will keep you
safe from harm within in it.

Always hold onto it
and you will have hope.

Whatever you do,
don't lose the rope.

I love you.




Can you read me?

This is Sailing Vessel Leilani.

Do you copy?




Is there anyone out there?



All right, I've been
keeping this one for last

because it's my favorite.

Look at the hardwood floors.

These beautiful ceilings.

It's such a steal because
their daughter died

in a car accident.

It's so sad but the father

and mother are just
really anxious.




I see your light on.

I know you're not sleeping.

Don't play possum.

You look like a coal miner.

Give me that.

I told you to go
to bed an hour ago.

But I'm not sleepy, Ellie.

Mm hm.

What's this?

This again?

It's stuck in my head.

Starting to freak me out.

What would mom and dad say?

Don't tell them.

I won't if you stop
drawing these creepy doodles.

I can't draw anything else.

I don't know why.

Look, we talked about this.

You wandered off into the woods

and spent a scary night outside,

but we found you the
next morning, didn't we?

I can't remember
what happened.

That's for the best.

I mean, it was weeks ago.

You gotta let it go.

You told me to wait
and you didn't come back.

No, that's not what happened.

I was held back and
you wandered off.

That's the truth.


Do you wanna
make mom sad again?


She cried her
eyes out, you know.

But think about it.

You were in no real danger.

It's not like there's
wolves in those woods.


Something else.

What are you talking about?

I think I wasn't alone.

It was just
your imagination.

No, it was real.


I think it followed me.

Oh, come on.

It's just your stupid toy.

Now, I don't wanna hear
about it ever again.

If you don't promise me right
now, I'm gonna show this.

No, don't.

Are we in agreement?

Are we good?


Bed now.

You know you're not
allowed to have boys over.

It's not a boy and it's
none of your business.

Ellie, don't go.

Listen, you're a big girl

and you know there's
nothing to be scared of.

So just go to sleep.

Say anything to anyone
and you're dead.


All right, goodnight.


Are you okay?

That sound.

I think it came
from Olivia's room.

Little sister
giving you trouble?

She hasn't been the
same since that night.

Those drawings.

And I can't remember the
last time she laughed.

Give her a break.

You too, really?

Come on, you know what I mean.

And besides, we're at least
partially to blame for.

She was found and she's fine.

You should go check on her.

All right.

Wait for me.


Olivia, quit fooling around.

Do you hear me?



Olivia, what the hell?

Stop playing hide and seek.

All right Olivia, this
isn't funny anymore.

If you don't come out of
that closet in three seconds.

I swear to god, Olivia.




I remember everything now.

We'll be together forever.

They followed you here?


Who followed you?

The evil one.

He looked like any other man.

He was dressed
like any other man.

He almost walked to find me,

but I left a mess for his
mistakes and I killed him.

Scratched him from
his head down.

That will be done.

You killed him, the
man with the pike?

The man who followed you?

No one else followed you.

God, that took forever.

Yeah, when did Whole
Foods become the place to be

on a Saturday night.

Think people would be at bars
not buying a spread of quinoa.

You ready to get depressed?

We're two of those people?

Quinoa and all.

Well, we have a
legitimate excuse.

What's the rest of the world's?

Sacrifices you make
when family is visiting.

Speaking of sacrifices,
your sister I presume.

Like you got room to talk.

Look, it's a rough time.

I think we can afford to cut
Cody a little sanitary slack.

Just a week though, right?


Just gonna drop these
towels off in the room.

I'll be right back.

Hey, I didn't realize you were.

Did you leave the
guest room light on?


Maybe she's home.


What is it?


I'll be down in a minute.

Still no sign of her, huh?

Guess she's still one
of the few clinging on

to a social life.

Well I put some
of her clothes away.

May make her feel more at home.

Just don't make her feel
too at home, all right.

Don't get me wrong.

I love your sister.

I'm just not in the market
for any long term roommates.

Except the one I married.


Should we be good hosts
and wait up for her?

Trust me.

She'll think we'll
better hosts if we don't.

Besides I'm beat.

Let's just go to bed.

Oh come on, it's 9:30.

That's gotta be some
sort of fucking record.

Well, we have the
bedtime of parents

without the annoyance of kids.

Don't forget
about your sister.


Really hurt.

You think she'll find a job?


Your office is hiring?

That'll be an
interesting experience.

Probably the
best of your life.

Please, I prefer to think
happy thoughts before I sleep.

I'll call in some
favors on Monday.

See what we can do.

Hey, thank you.

Seriously, I really
appreciate it.

Just know that
if I had siblings,

they'd be really fucked up and
you'd have to deal with them.

Okay 24 seven.

Well thank God.

I think you are
plenty of work for me.



Hi, I'm Sophia.

Who are you?

I'm Steve.

Hi, Steve.

Is this your first time?

Well it's your first time
calling me, isn't it?


sound really sexy.

Where are you right now?

I'm in the office.

Everyone's gone home now.

Where are you?

I'm in bed.

I was gonna start
touching myself.

Do you think I should?

If you want.

breast feel so soft.

I'm thinking about
your long, hard cock.

I'm fucking you.

I'm fucking you right now.


Fuck me.

Fuck me so hard I can't
sit again for a week.

I'm fucking you.

Yes, keep going.

Keep fucking me.

Oh, that's good.

You're in so deep.

I'm in a pitch.

Keep going.

Keep fucking me.

Oh, I'm gonna come.

I can only go once.

Are you ready?

She did not.

Yes, she did.

Christ, that is
so humiliating.

I know right.

What did she say?

I mean, Christ.

I'd be beating myself
if that happened to me.

Japanese suicide.

Listen B, I've gotta get this.

I'll call you back
in a minute, yeah.

All right, all right, bye.

Hey baby, I'm Rita.

What are you wearing?


Nothing but my tight pants.

Take them off.

Okay, I'm taking them off.

Call me Sir.

No Daddy.

Call me Sir.


I'm taking them off, Sir.

Are you lying to me?

No, Sir.

What are you doing now?

I'm naked now.

I'm lying out on my
bed as I touch myself.

You didn't call me Sir.

Sorry, Sir.


Bark like a dog for me.



Like a real dog.




I don't believe you.

Your barking.

That you're touching yourself.

None of it.

I really don't think
you care, do you?

Of course I care, baby.

You're just gonna
have to believe me.

Call me Sir, not baby.

Send me a picture of yourself
right now and I will.


Why not?

Because I don't want to.

I'm spending the money.

How do I know you are
who you say you are?

Because I am who I say I am.

So Rita
is your real name?


Well, you were
much more convincing

when you were Sophia.

Fuck you, man, I'm
gonna call the police.


Hi, I'm Sophia.

Who are you?

Hi Steve.

Is this your first time?

I was gonna start
touching myself.

Do you think I should?

Yeah, you like that.

Fuck me so hard I can't
sit down for a week.

I'll do anything you want.

I know who
you really are.


I know your parents
are away from home.

But what do you
think they would say

if they knew what
you were doing?

What about your friends?

Once they've heard these tapes,

do you think they'd ever look
at you the same way again?

If you don't do what I
say, they will hear them.

It doesn't matter
who you say you are.




Everyone will know you really
are once I'm done with you.

You'd be an attraction.

A freak.

An anecdote at a party.

That girl I know
who does phone sex.

You should hear her, mate.

So they go to the computer
and bring up your website.

Yes, there will be a
website just for you.

Who are they really hurting?

Some girl whose picture
is on the screen.

Do you think your friends
will find it funny or sad?

Probably funny.

Are you fucking there?

Getting colder.

Little warmer.



Getting hot now.


There's a man in my house.

He's on the phone.

Don't ever
do that again.

You listen closely because
I won't repeat myself.

If you hang up on me,
I will destroy you.

If you lie to me again,
I will destroy you.

If you disobey me again,
I will destroy you.

If you call the police
again, I will destroy you.

Just so you are totally
clear on what will happen

if you do any of these things.

First I will share
them with your parents.

Your friends will be next.

Then I will spread
them like a virus

until you hear the sound
of your voice so often

you will wish you
were born mute.

Do you understand me?

You have to the count of three.



I understand.

You didn't call me, Sir.

I understand, Sir.




Go to the door.


Now we're going to start again.


We're going
to do this again

and you aren't going to pretend.

You're going to be you
and it will be real.

Do you understand?

Yes, Sir.

Are you ready?

Yes, Sir.

If I don't
believe you, I hang up.

Let's begin.


I'm Stephanie.

What's your name?

I don't believe you.

Sorry, I'm sorry.

Start again.


I'm Stephanie.

Who are you?


What are you doing?

This is your last chance.

Are you ready?

Who are you?


And you?

Stephanie, Sir.

a beautiful name.

Tell me Stephanie,
how do you feel?

I'm scared, Sir.


So you don't lie like
all the other girls.

I won't lie to you, Sir.

Where are you?

I'm by my window.

Tell me truthfully.

How did you lose your virginity?

It was at a house party.

I liked this boy for ages.

He went to the same school.

We went to the toilets and yeah.

How old were you?


Was it your party?

No, a friend's.

How did it feel?

Not that bad, not that good.

It was over very quickly.

It was a bit anti climatic.

happened to the boy?

We didn't talk again.

Why'd you do this?

Do what?

Phone sex.

I don't know.

The money and I thought
I'd be good at it.


I don't know.

I just did.

You take that
tone, you get punished.

Open the door.

Take your top off.


You disobeyed me.


This is what you want.

This is what you fucking want.


If we're gonna do this,
then fine let's do this,

but I'm not gonna pretend
I'm enjoying this.

You're gonna keep this
going, we do it this way.

Do you touch yourself
when you're on the phone?


Do you want me to
touch myself here now?


I'm a good girl, Sir.

I won't lie to you.

If I give you these,
will you leave me alone?


What do you want
me to do with them now, Sir?

Throw them to me.

Are you ready?






Please, please Steph, stop.

Don't call the police.

Tell me what I need to do
to make it right, please.

I'll delete all the audio files.

I'll delete everything.

Do you want money?

I can give you money.

Please answer me.

Answer me.

If you call the
police, I'm fucked.

I've got children.

You'll ruin their life.

Stephanie please.

Please, I'm sorry.

A stupid joke.


Stephanie, I'm sorry.

Take off your clothes now.

And don't forget to call me Sir.