The Sounding (2017) - full transcript

Off the coast of Maine, a revolutionary neuropsychiatrist discovers a woman who, after years of silence, now weaves a language from Shakespeare's words. Brought to the island to protect her, their lives collide as he struggles to define what it is he must protect her from.

Carl Jung said:

"Science comes to a stop
at the frontiers of logic."

"Nature does not."

"She thrives on ground as
yet untrodden by theory."

He was talking about the mind.

Hi !

I'm visiting Eastcote, I'm Michael.

What's your name ?


Michael !

- You found us.
- You don't make it easy.

That's the idea.

Well you haven't changed.
14 years.

Yon Cassius has a lean
and hungry look.

- My first day at Portland.
- And still apt.

- Did you come up by the beach ?
- Yeah, I met a woman down there.

- Oh, that was quick, I'm impressed.
- She wouldn't tell me her name.

- Did you ask her ?
- I did.

Maybe you should work
on your approach.

Hello again.

I didn't catch your name.

No, thank you.

You need a hand here ?

Michael, in here.

So that woman from the beach.
She made your coffee.

It's very good.
Let's keep her.

It's my granddaughter, Olivia.

So tell me about London.

I didn't think you had family.

She's it.

Olivia... she's why I asked you here.

She doesn't speak, does she ?

- No.
- What's the cause ?

She was developing normally and
then one day she just stopped talking.

She can speak, she's perfectly capable,
but we haven't heard a word since.

- Does she write ?
- No.

- She signs ?
- Not as such.

But here, come with me.

Olivia's lived with me
since she was born.

My daughter died during delivery.

I raised Liv here on the island,
homeschooled her.

Her language comprehension is superb.

Her IQ is off the charts.

I put her through the most
extensive neurological

and psychological testing available
for years.

The day I stopped trying to fix
that girl,

that was my greatest act as a doctor.

That was the day I stopped practicing.

- Why did you bring me here ?
- She must remain independent.

She may need an advocate
when I'm gone.

I would like it to be you.

- I'll need to do my own evaluation.
- No.

I'll call Ed Knott at Portland and set
up some tests, we're still in touch...

No, no evaluations,
no sessions, no treatments.

I am not going to have her
put through that again.

- She can't know why you're here.
- She doesn't know ?

She knows that you're
my best friend's son

and that you studied
with me after he died.

Lionel, how can I come
to any kind of conclusion...

- Spend time with her.
- I need to have her consent.

I read to her every day.



P. G. Wodehouse.


Just stay until Saturday.

It's my birthday.

We're having a shindig.

Be good to have you here.

I think of you so fondly, Michael.

The house is protected

and there's more than enough
to keep her comfortable, huh ?

Hey, Lionel.

You've taken good care of her.


Not yet.

Can I come in ?

So you're a local celebrity ?

You get mobbed down by the docks ?

That's called inpainting, right ?
Using a solvent to remove the varnish ?

Now you assess the cracked paint
and use a fill if it's deep

but this one doesn't seem to need it.

You've matched the colors,
so now the actual inpainting.

A stippling brush, super fine,
one or two bristles.

That's all I'm willing to chance.

Although I am curious how you apply
the paint, it must be very...

Oh, Michael.

Lucille is...

I have throat cancer, stage four.

Two outs in the ninth,
I decided against treatment.

Lucille helps with the pain.

There's nothing to talk about.

It's not up for discussion, actually.

But thank you.

We're having some friends
over later on the ferry.

How are you with a skillet ?

Uncle, uncle !

Take over for me.
You're young, you might survive.

Where did you learn how to dance ?

- Just the basics.
- You're very good.

Now, my mother would say you
should repay the compliment.

Share the wealth.

No, this is the
third time this month.

Third time with As You Like It.
What are you trying to do to me ?

Death by reading ?

Is there an Orlando in your life ?

No, let's have some Blake, please.

Oh, god, you know what I miss
the most ?

To be able to swim out there
and become a dot on your horizon.

And have the strength to come back.

You want a hot whiskey ?

- There has to be reason.
- You tell me.

And you supervised all of it ?

The psychotherapists, neurologists,
experimental studies ?

Every detail.

And watched her decompensate
with each step.

She'd become depressed,
withdrawn, self-destructive.

And then we'd stop, and she'd blossom.

As I doctor, I failed her.

And you agree
with the final diagnosis ?

Olivia Williams is in sound
medical and psychiatric health,

and has simply chosen not to speak.

No further treatment required.

I wrote it.
Her silence is a choice, Michael.

If you attack that,
you attack her very being.

- Portland Psychiatric Center.
- Dr. Edward Knott, please.

This is Michael Lande.

Hey, man, I was
just reading about you.

How do you make neurology
sexy to the rest of the world ?

What's your secret ?

Well I stopped playing
beer pong, for a start.

Guilty !
It's good to have you back, man.

How's the inner sanctum ?
And when are we having a drink ?

- Look, I need your help.
- As long as it's legal.

I have dependents.

I need whatever research
you can dig up

on adult selective mutes
and other non-communicators.

Anything verbal ?

Capable of making sounds,
understanding words,

but doesn't make words in any capacity.
Verbal, signed, written.

So we start by assumption that the
patient in question can't make them.

Exactly, but why ? What would block
the capacity to output words ?

Obviously, bad wiring in the motor area
or left frontal lobe.

Dude's not a car.

That being said, have you run any...
Wait a minute.

It's not true, is it ?
Who are we talking about here ?

- And no questions.
- About the patient.

I need complete confidentiality.

You know what, I'm gonna arrange
a visiting staff appointment.

You'll have access to whatever
you need.

Let me ask you this...
how's her grandfather ?


Music, mathematics, religion.

It's all conceived right here.

In the mind. We still know
almost nothing about it.

Lionel called
it the undiscovered country.

When I first started at Portland,
he said to me,

"Forget about the known.

We are explorers.
Go quickly after the unknown."

I'm sorry about Lionel.
He told me.

Are you scared ?

Me too.

Why don't you speak ?

What shall Cordelia do?
Love, and be silent.

He specifically asked
that you play the part.

Yeah, as a kind of revenge.

He's getting whatever he wants tonight,
Maverick. So, pucker up.

That's Joan, my wife.

Thy stones with lime
and hair knit up in thee.

Oh, I see a voice.

Now will I to the chink
to spy my Thisbe's face.

Thisbe ?

My love, thou art my love, I think ?

Think what thou wilt,
I am thy lover's grace.

Kiss me through the hole
in this vile wall.

I kiss the wall's hole,
not your lips at all.

Wilt thou meet me
at Ninny's tomb straight-way ?

Tide life, tide death,
I come without delay.

Now is the moon used
between two neighbors.

You've heard me say many times,

too many times,

that all of life,

all of life is in Shakespeare.

Tonight, this stage

was all the world.

- Well, thank you for being here.
- You're welcome, old man !

Happy birthday !

- Bye ! Thank you, Liv !
- Tally Ho !

Venice, a street.

Antonio to Salarino

and Solanio.

In sooth,
I know not why I am so sad.

It wearies me,
you say it wearies you.

Thank you.

You say it wearies you.

But how I caught it,
found it, or came by it,

what stuff 'tis made of, whereof
it is born, I am to learn.

A want-wit sadness makes of me,

that I have much ado to know myself.

Your mind is tossing on the ocean.

I'm sorry.

In sooth,

I know not why I am so sad.

It wearies me,

you say it wearies you.

But how I caught it,
found it, or came by it,

what stuff 'tis made of,

whereof it is born,

I am to learn.

What's happened ?

This is all Shakespeare.

Misery acquaints a man
with strange bedfellows.

Liv ?

Is he alright ?

When are you leaving, Michael ?

I took a room down by the docks a few
days ago. I'm staying on for a bit.

Why ?

Why would Lionel call

one of the few specialists
with the expertise to help her ?

Maybe he called me because
deep down he was afraid

he'd made the wrong decision
stopping Liv's treatment.

Watch it, Michael.

Now that she's speaking,
I'm certain he did.

Do not second-guess him.

- Let's join the others, Livvy.
- Can I talk to you for a second, Liv ?


I'll be downstairs.

Say your goodbyes, Michael.

How much of that did you hear ?

Can we sit ?

Tell me why you were silent
for so long.

I am that I am.

Be that thou know'st thou art,

and then thou art as great
as that thou fear'st.

Why are you speaking now ?

My grandfather.

Why Shakespeare ?

He loved me dearly and for his sake
I wish the having of it.

What about your own words ?

I of these will wrest an alphabet.

It's a small step now,
to speak for yourself,

in your own words.

I'm worried about you, Liv.

Will you let me help you ?

Lionel showed me these
a few days ago.

I took them when I left the house.

I was going to put them back today,
but you need to see them now.

You have a communication
disorder, Liv.

This is your history.

I need you to let me treat you, Liv.

I'm asking for your permission.

Liv, please.

I pray you know me
when we meet again.

Liv ?

State police want to alert

the local psych centers given
the whole Shakespeare thing.


Roland, we'll hold them off,

but we need to call Portland Psych
to see if they've heard anything.

I do not want them involved, Phyllis,
under any circumstances.

- We can't close any doors.
- She's fine, I know she is.

- How do you know that ?
- Fellas. You're both pretty.

Now let us do our job.
We'll be in touch.

You coming ?

Is she breathing ?

- Help me !
- Watch her head. Move !

Okay. Roll her over !

You're all right.
We got you.

Breathe, breathe.
Listen to my voice.

- She must've been freezing.
- Colder than a bluefish.

Local guy pulled her out of the water,
said she was swimming straight out.

Put her right there, good.
I'm gonna run you a hot bath.

She's been missing for three days.
We have to have an MD look at her.

Not to mention, there's gonna
be a shitstorm of paperwork.

Okay, I'll sign whatever papers
you need me to sign,

but let's do it tomorrow.

Are you okay ?

What happened ? Are you hurt ?
What happened ?

Can you speak ?

Get on a plane, Michael. Come on, Liv.
You alright ? Take your time.

Olivia Williams ?

I'm Officer Schwartz,
this is Officer Ronan.

We've received
an emergency application

for your admission to
Portland Psychiatric Center.

We'd like to talk with you
about yesterday's events.

Olivia, we're here to help.

She's a biter.

If you don't calm down,
we're gonna put you in restraints.

What the hell are you doing ?
Where are you taking her ?

- Portland Psychiatric Center.
- Get off of her !

- Who authorized this ?
- Dr. Michael Lande.

I'm calling Roland, Liv.
Stay calm, don't sign anything.

I'm calling him right now.

- She was missing for three days.
- Her grandfather just died.

What is the matter with you ?

They had to drag her
out of the sea, okay ?

Half frozen, they pulled
her into the boat.

She's grieving and
people do strange things.

- She could have died out there.
- So do something. You help her !

Next time we might not find her.

How fucking dare you ?

Roland Katz, please !

Roland, he's taken her.

Can you at least tell me where you were
the last three days ?

Why you were in the water ?

According to Dr. Lande's notes,
you speak Shakespeare.

And sometimes, if you become
upset, you can't remember it.

Is that happening now ?

Does this help ?

Dr. Lande brought it in.

Is there a reason you're not speaking ?

Why should calamity be
full of words ?

You have a communication disorder,

You need help.

This is the excellent
foppery of the world,

that when we are sick in fortune,

often the surfeit of our own behavior,

we make guilty of our own disasters

the sun, the moon, and the stars.

An admirable evasion
of whoremaster man.

My father compounded with my
mother under the dragon's tail,

and my nativity was under Ursa Major,

so it follows that I
am rough and lecherous.

Whatever happened to you
these last three days, Olivia,

whatever is happening now,
we can help you.

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.

Therein the patient must
minister to himself.

So you acknowledge
that you have a problem ?

Throw physic to the dogs,
I'll none of it.

Code thirty-thirty !

She put herself in danger.
Three days missing.

You saw the state of her when
they pulled her out of that water.

Gentlemen, please. The responsibility
of care is with the hospital now.

She's with Dr. Anderson.

I will make my decision
based on his evaluation.

Wait a minute, two
physicians must certify...

Anderson is the best we have and
Michael is a specialist in this field.

- If they both agree...
- Lande is compromised.

Due to his personal relationship
with her,

his commitment of Ms. Williams
is terminated now

or we file malpractice
against Portland Psychiatric.

The restraining order against
Lande will remain in effect.

There's no doubt in my mind.
She's a danger to herself.

Nurse Ratched is gone.

Who is here ?

- Told you she spoke.
- Shut up.

Lovers to bed,
it is not yet near day.

Shut up !

This is a restraining order
against you.

My hands are tied. Go back to London,
let us handle this.

- We have to fight this.
- With all due respect, Anderson...

He will put her on a cocktail
of pills and pats on the head

and in six months time, he will
shrug her off as a lunatic. Please !

I'll put legal on it today,
but for now, you have to go.

- Let me explain to her what's going...
- No, I can't put the hospital at risk.

Look, I will pull out all
the stops, but for now,

you have no access to her
in the meantime

and you cannot set foot on hospital
grounds until this is resolved.

Terry, send security to my office,

There is a world elsewhere...

I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Someone is joining us today,

Is the doctor come ?

- Hello, Olivia !
- Welcome, ass !

Where's she getting a pen ?
We removed them...

You come most carefully
upon your hour.

Does my presence upset you ?

Now Master Doctor,
have you brought those drugs ?

This isn't a game, Olivia.

If you took the medication,
you might make some progress.

There's money for thee.

- Plate sin with gold ?
- If you refuse, we can't force you.

That's your choice, but
you've made no progress, none.

- I am not mad.
- No one has said you're mad.

But you're here because
you need some options.

Why won't you cooperate
with your treatment ?

Wise men know well enough
what monsters you make of them.

You must be a participant
in your own recovery, Olivia.

What studied torments,
tyrant, hast for me ?

We'll resume at a later date.

Get you gone, you dwarf,
you bead, you acorn.

Sell your face for five
pence and tis dear.

Thou art a disease which
must needs be cut away.

Remorseless, treacherous,
lecherous, kindless villain.

Down, down to hell and
say I sent thee thither.

I leave you !

- You know my attorney, Carter James.
- Tell me what you want.

She's asking for me.

Well, then testify that
her commitment was unfounded.

They'd have to reevaluate her,

and at this point,
she won't pass an evaluation.

You drop the malpractice suit
and the restraining order,

you let Michael in with her,

he can get her out of there
faster than any court can.

Michael and his ruby slippers.

"Tell her she's sick
and she'll believe she's sick."

Lionel Williams, remember him ?
Your request is denied.

You know the way out, Carter.

Have you been in to see her ?
She's decompensating.

She's lost weight,
she's being restrained.

They're considering moving her up
to Secure Care.

Do you know what it's like in there ?

If I were treating her
she'd be out by now.

Mr. James, remove your
client from my office

before I add trespassing to the list.

Come on, Shakespeare,
it's your hand !

- Bugs, no, she memorizes the cards.
- Shut up !

Put'st down thine own breeches.

Or I will.

The world must be peopled.

Hey, can you come down
to the Day Room ?

I don't know, they're naked,
they're dancing around.


Come to me, friend or foe.

Hold me not with silence over-long.

Sweet doctor, come.

The MRI came up clean.

- What have they come up with ?
- What haven't they come up with ?

You want the list ?

Autistic spectrum disorder,
schizoaffective disorder,

multiple personality.

She's not my patient.

It's a dead end anyway,
everything they try.

There's hardly a week now that
she doesn't kick off about something

and wind up in seclusion.
It's not looking good.

She still asks to see you everyday.

If they won't let me in to see her,

maybe I can get her out and
treat her on the outside.

And how are you gonna do that ?

Yeah ?

Good luck with that.

Not so sick, my lord,
as she is troubled

with thick-coming fancies,
that keep her from her rest.

Cure her of that.

Canst thou not minister
to a mind diseased,

pluck from the memory
a rooted sorrow,

raise out the written
troubles of the brain,

and with some sweet
oblivious antidote

cleanse the stuffed bosom
of that perilous stuff

which weighs upon the heart ?

Hey, thought you might be in here.

Check this out.

I say we must not so stain
our judgment,

or corrupt our hope,

to prostitute our past-cure
malady to empirics,

or to dissever so our
great self and our credit,

to esteem a senseless help
when help past sense we deem.

More needs she the divine
than the physician.

Maybe we should bring her on the road,
make a bit of money.

What, with you as the Bearded Lady ?

I have charged thee not
to haunt about my doors.

In honest plainness
thou hast heard me say.

- They're gonna send her upstairs.
- Third time this week.

You going in ?

She's presenting with psychotic
agitation, mood lability.

No insight into her symptoms.

Possible obsession with Dr. Lande.


Photographic memory
which fails under stress.

- I know you said it wasn't organic...
- Oh, god, beat that horse.

Status report ?

Grounds and clothing privileges revoked
because of multiple escape attempts.

Special observation two status

for interfering with other
patients' development.

Refusal to take oral medication.

She's been placed in seclusion
six times in the last month.

I want some new ideas,
new differentials.

Anything ?

Could you get a treatment over
objection order for the meds ?

Not likely.

- What about ECT ?
- You always wanna burn it out of them.

but there's no history of abuse.

Come on, people, this is a highly
intelligent woman who's getting worse.

Give me a reason not to send
her upstairs.

Bipolar, have you considered it ?

It could be a unique manifestation.

Say, bipolar with some form of OCD ?

Thank you for reminding me
why you're here.

Let's go down that path.
Develop a treatment plan.

Who's next ?

Jennifer Elsie Goodwin.

- Ah, "Shut-Up"
- Shut-Up.

Come on in.

Have a seat.

It's okay.

I want to talk about Dr. Lande.

I want to talk about Michael.

- Will you send him ?
- You sure you want to see him ?

He did put you in here.

I pray you send him.

Do you have feelings for him ?

Think not I love him,
though I ask for him.

I have more cause to hate
him than to love him.

Get in line.
Bastard always beats me at pool

except for when he's letting me win.

Set me up with my wife

because he knew she was
too sweet for him.

And I had the highest scores
but who was offered my job first ?

And you know what he does ?

Turns it down flat.

He knew I was next in line,
wanted me to have it

because my wife and I
had a kid on the way.

To this day I don't
know if he did it for me

or to avoid becoming me.

Your turn.

He is sufficient.

Sufficient ?
Olivia, I'm being frank with you

because I'm trying to untangle
a very complex situation.

Trying to figure out
what's best for you,

how I can help,
what I'm capable of.

But I need you to return the favor.

He hath my good will,

and none but he in this prison.

I would speak with him.

Will you send him ?

I can't.

He's not authorized
to be in this hospital.

There's a restraining order
against him.

He cannot come ?

Why are you silent ?

I pray you, send him.

Oh, let me not be mad,

not mad, sweet heaven.

Keep me in temper,
I would not be mad.

Careful !

Subdue, don't injure !

If we are mark'd to die, God's will !

I pray thee, wish not one man more !

This day is called the feast
of Crispian.

He that outlives this
day and comes safe home

will stand o'tiptoe
when the day is named.

Then will he strip his
sleeve and show his scars,

and say these wounds
I had on Crispin's day.

This story shall the
good man teach his son.

And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,

from this day to the ending
of the world,

but we in it shall be remembered,

we few, we happy few,
we band of brothers

that fought with us upon
Saint Crispin's day.

Calm down, Liv. Calm down.


Decaf latte.

Home, you idle creatures,
get you home.

Is this a holiday ?

Go thou and fill another room in hell.

This place is too cold for hell.

Depth charge ?

You beast.
You wanna be up all night ?

Is man no more than this ?

Every bondman in his own hand bears
the power to cancel his captivity.

Be quiet !

Life, being weary
of these worldly bars,

never lacks power to dismiss itself.

Is that a suicide threat ?

To be or not to be,

that is the question.

Fuck that !

Not on my watch.

- Did anybody see you ?
- No.

Geoffrey owes me and the
others don't know who you are.

You have until the morning
shift arrives,

then she moves up to secure care.

After that, even I can't
get you in, you understand ?

To keep her downstairs,
she has to admit that she needs help.

And to get her out altogether ?

Visible recovery.

She's gotta use her own words.

I'll log your work in as my own.

Do you have a plan ?

Are you gonna share it with me ?

Fine, you fucker, just make it work.

Acknowledge illness, speak normally,
yes ?


Why are you doing this ?

I don't know, don't ask me.
Just, you know, fix it.

She's in seclusion.


I remember you, sir,
by the sound of your voice.

I remember thine eyes well enough.

I remember them too well.

Or art thou but a dagger
of the mind ?

And I shall lose my life
for want of language ?

- Is it not a language I speak ?
- Liv...

There is nothing I have
done yet, on my conscience,

deserves a corner.

I am not mad.


What is it you would impart to me ?

Wherefore do you hold me here
so long ?

I thought I'd be here too.

Not fair terms.


We are all frail.


They haven't let me in, Liv.

I've been trying.

The fault, dear Brutus,
lies not in the stars,

but in ourselves.

What's your name ?

- What say you ?
- What's your name ?


Your full name.

Full name, Liv.

- Olivia.
- Full name.

Have you ever said it ?

- Do you even know it ?
- I am not mad.

Your full name.

I heard thee speak me a speech once,
but it was never acted...

I never said anything to you
I didn't believe to be true.

Action is eloquence.

Free me.

Speak to me.

- Liv, we don't have much time.
- Let me go.

It's not in my power anymore.

Will you admit that you have
an illness ?

Do you not jest ?
It is not madness that I have uttered.

Then buy back your freedom.
Pretend. Tell them you need help.

They'll let you go in a few weeks,
let you come in as an outpatient.

Then you can make your choice.

I took thee for thy better.

If not for yourself,
then do it for Lionel.

Art thou not ashamed ?

- Why do you look on me ?
- Ignore him.

How does your patient, Doctor ?

For I have heard my
grandsire say full oft,

extremity of griefs
would make men mad.

I am not mad.
But if I were, you have made me.

Sir !

- I was adored once.
-There was aggressive physical contact.

You have to leave.

You still are.

- I told you any violence...
- We're a bit past protocol now, Ed.

We don't have time for this.

You keep on like this, you put us
all at risk. Including her.

- Then I confess.
- Quiet, she's saying something.

What I have done,
I here proclaim was madness.

So is the bargain.

I kiss his conquering hand.
Tell him so.

- Order a hoarding clearance.
- Are you crazy ?

There's no way she can handle that.

Do it.

Talk to me, Michael.

Olivia, please, there's no reason
this has to be difficult.

We're gonna make this easy.

- No, no !
- Gimme the book. I got it, I got it.

Olivia ! Please stop ! Stop it !

There it is. It's over now.
Okay, it's all over now.

Olivia, I give you my word.
We're gonna take good care of you.

They're gonna have to wash that off.

Let me do it.

Just clear the room.

Patient Olivia Williams.

Patient has acknowledged
illness and the need for help.

Hoarding has been curtailed.

- Is she dead ?
- Shut up !

She's awake.

Leave me in there, Ed.
No matter what, don't pull me.

Call Roland and Thomas,
tell them I'm here. Roland first.

What ?

No, I'm not gonna do that.
You still have time...

If it's you who makes the call,
you'll be covered.

Do it.

Which book is that ?

Written on the Body. Appropriate.

Why aren't you dressed ?
You have your clothes.

Speak to me, Liv. Say something.

Read to me, then.

You taught me language,

and my profit on't is I know
how to curse.

The red plague rid you for
learning me your language.

Those all have quotes in them ?

How long will that last you ?

How many words are there, 500, 50 ?

Do you remember any of it ?

You know what ? You don't need it.

Enough !
What's your name ?

What's your full name ?

Please. Try. Your name.


Your name, just your name.

What's a name ?

- That which we call a rose...
- No.

- Smells as sweet.
- Don't.

The world's a stage,
the women, players.

- Your name.
- It's Greek to me.

- New words, new language.
- Alas, poor Yorick.

My horse, my horse, my...

A kingdom, a kingdom for my horse.

Liv, we don't have much time.

You stick to his words and you're
stuck here. This is not a life.

There are more things in
heaven and earth, Horatio,

than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Here ? You're willing to stay
in here for this ?

Open the door.

Once more unto the breach,
dear friends...

Open it !

Hold fast and stay here
or adapt and live freely.

Is it worth it ?

What do you want ?

Choose, Liv.

- Choose, Liv !
- To be !

- The undiscovered country.
- What ?

To be or not to be.

That is the question.
Whether tis nobler in the mind

to suffer the slings and
arrows of outrageous fortune...

Or to take arms against a sea of
troubles, and by opposing, end them.

To die.

No, not a death.

To use your own words so
you can live out there ?

A compromise, maybe.

To sleep, no more.

And by a sleep to say
we end the heart-ache

and the thousand natural
shocks that flesh is heir to.

You can walk out of here. Tis a
consummation devoutly to be wish'd.

- To die. To sleep, to sleep ?
- Perchance to dream.

To have a chance at a future.

Ay, there's the rub.

For in that sleep of
death what dreams may come

when we have shuffled off this mortal
coil must give us pause.

Why ?
It's not giving up, it's words.

There's the respect that
makes calamity of so long life.

For who would bear...

For who would bear
the whips and scorns of time ?

The oppressor's wrong.

The proud man's contumely ?
The pangs of despised love ?

The law's delay...

The insolence of office

and the spurns that patient
merit of the unworthy takes ?

This is what I'm trying to understand.
Why would you put up with all of this

when it's in your own
power to walk out of here ?

When he himself might his quietus make
with a bare bodkin ?

I don't even know what a bodkin is.
I'm trying, Liv, help me.

Who would these fardels bear to grunt
and sweat under a weary life ?

Why would you choose this ?
To suffer in here ?

But that the dread of something
after death...

The undiscovered country.

The undiscovered country.

That's Lionel's phrase.

The unknown mind,
that's what he called it.

"We are explorers,
go quickly after the unknown."

We talked about this on the beach.

The undiscovered country...

from whose bourn no traveler returns.

You're saying you're the
explorer going after the unknown ?

The extreme choices,
the silence, the Shakespeare.

I'm gonna ask you a question, Liv.
I need you to tell me the truth.

Are you able to speak normally ?

I am able.

I will not.

Everything Lionel talked
about, it's because of you.

Going after the unknown,
new ways of being.

Of course he didn't want me
to treat you.

He wanted me to learn from you.


I know your name now.

Your name is Hamlet.

Your name is Shylock.

Your name is Rosalind.
Your name is Caliban, Ariel.

- Get away from her.
- Remove him, please.

You're Romeo. You're Prospero,
Cleopatra, Feste the Clown.

We're pressing charges, Michael.

Juliet, Portia, Banquo,
Malvolio, Ferdinand.

You're a fat friar with a double chin.

You're all the Capulets
and the Montagues.

And your name is Olivia.

I can now prove that this hospital
is a greater danger to my client

than she ever has been to herself.

So, unless you want to see
this place shut down,

pending a full investigation, I suggest
you agree with that assessment.

Now, I'd like to discuss your plans
for my client's release.

You've heard the complaint
that's been brought against you.

Is there anything you'd
like to say in your defense ?

I'm not here to defend myself.

And what do you intend to do
if your license is revoked ?

- Listen to her actions.
- Dr. Lande...

I'd like this clearly on the record.

Olivia Williams is in sound
mental and physical health.

My commitment of her was
entirely without foundation.

Then it is the view of this committee

that Michael Lande is in
breach of the code of conduct

of the American
Psychiatrists' Association.

The committee recommends
that his license be revoked,

effective immediately.

The committee calls Dr. Edward Knott.

You forgot about Falstaff.

Olivia, you ready ?

Liv !

And for Olivia,

I leave you the ocean
and everything in it.

The land and the worms
and the wet stones.

The sky and the wind and the light.

Our home, our books.

In short, our kingdom.

And it is still less
than you have given me.

By living an unknowable,
inexplicable life,

you have taught me to believe.

So have courage, Magpie.

Be not afeard.

The isle is full of noises,
sounds and sweet airs

that give delight and hurt not.

Sometimes a thousand
twangling instruments

will hum about mine ears,
and sometimes voices that,

if I then had waked after long sleep,

will make me sleep again,
and then, in dreaming,

the clouds methought would open,

and show riches ready to drop
upon me, that when I waked,

I cried to dream again.