The Sound of Violet (2022) - full transcript

Shawn is desperate to find a wife, but he's shy and awkward on dates. He works at a dating app but still can't seem to find his soulmate. His brother drags him to a party where Shawn lands a date with the captivating Violet. Shawn's autism and trusting nature keep him from realizing Violet is actually a prostitute. On their "date," she realizes something is different about Shawn, and it's not just because he has a condition that allows him to "hear" colors. When he finally asks what she does for a living, Violet tells him she's an actress. Shawn shows Violet a level of devotion she's never seen before, waiting outside with innocent encouragement as Violet "auditions" all over town. Shawn's protective family gets involved as they begin to see what's happening and question Violet's background. Though his brother and grandmother have been trusted guides, Shawn starts to realize he needs to break away and explore what it means to be in a loving relationship. Shawn thinks he's found a potential wife, while Violet thinks she's found her ticket to a brand-new life. The harsh realities of Violet's life soon begin to press in on them, and this unlikely pair is forced to decide whether they have what it takes to stay together or if sometimes true love just isn't possible for people like them. Based on the award-winning novel.

[calm piano music]

[seagulls squeaking]

[Shawn] Life never turns
out the way you expect.

That's one of the last
things my grandpa told me.

He also told me to always
bring an extra pair of pants,

whenever we play miniature golf
in case I got a hole in one.

But I was always very careful.

Your profile pictures
aren't very up to date.

If you didn't see your name, I
never would have known that was you.

I read an article about how this
place used to be an abandoned plant.

Until someone realized that it
could be something beautiful.

[calm piano music]

[Shawn] Sorry.

Touching can be too intense.

[camera clicks]

[Shawn chuckles softly]

[dreamy music]

[sad instrumental music]

[upbeat instrumental music]


[Ruth] How did it go?

She just ran off.

Let me guess. You didn't
look her in her eyes.

- I'm never getting married.
- [Ruth] Married?

We need to get
you a second date.

I need to find someone
before you die.

Well, good news.
I'm still breathing.

Sometimes to motivate myself, I
picture you lying in a casket.

[Ruth chuckles] How
dare you say that?

You know I want to be cremated

so no one will
screw up my makeup.

Maybe I should start
picturing you as an urn.

[Ruth laughs]

Whatever works.

Don't ever stop looking
for that special someone.

She's out there.

Every day, I pray
that you'll find her.

I printed something for you.

That'll be you someday.

Clint, my man.

How's the meat?


Why is this hottie rated a six?

She lied in her bio.

She says she majored in
cosmetology at Harvard,

I caught that one. My algorithm

- cross checked the way she...
- Okay, look.

Somebody that looks like this

should have a boost
to their score.

[Shawn] The score
is objective.

It's her history of how
many times she's been...

Nobody cares about people's
histories if we lose

all the young and hot
with valid credit cards.

Let's find a way to
reward this beauty.

Oh, I can't get into
my personal account.

Yes, new rule.

Employees are no longer allowed
to date through the app.

So you can't use it either.

Of course I can.

- Quality control.
- What about Adele?

- Same thing.
- And Cyrus?

Shawn, we've had
a few complaints

from some of the
girls that you've met.

All of them, actually,
not a big deal.

But, uh, you know, maybe we
try to date through other apps.

I know my chances of finding
someone will increase if I can...

- I hope everyone's excited about our women haters party.
- [Jake] Tammy.

Fine, promo party. Some
of you need to RSVP today.

I didn't get the invite.

Sorry, Shawn. Jake's getting
picky about who goes.

I won't have anything to
eat or drink. If that helps.

Can't do it, Shawn. When
Jake says no, he means no.

Kind of like victims
of sexual assault.

No means no, people.

-I'll add you to the list,
-But you just said no.

[shushes] I hate the theme
and object to it on principle,

but you're a nice guy.

[dance music]

[Colin] What up, bro?

We're at a Pimps and Hoes party.

Why are you dressed
like Elton John?


- You don't look like a ho.
- [Tammy] Exactly.

Why are we celebrating women
being trafficked by pimps?

[grunts mockingly]
How's Grandma doing?

I heard she swallowed
a hundred dollar bill.

Grandma didn't swallow anything.

So there's been no change?


[Shawn] She looked at me.

Hey, turn on the
charm, smile back.

Nah, no. That's like
the Cheshire cat.

More subtle, look, look.

[Colin] No, you're being
creepy. That's creepy.

Smile long enough to hook
her, not make her run away.

Three seconds. Turn your head,

smile for three
seconds and turn back.

Yeah, it was
awesome. Yeah, yeah.

Okay, some of these women
might be out of your league.

All women might be
out of your league.

- Don't say that.
- Kidding. Kidding.

Try your smile out
on somebody else.

It worked.

White is the color of all
wavelengths of visible life.

People think black
is all colors,

but black is the
absence of color.

Uh-huh, I'm violet.

Heh, the color on the higher
end of the visible spectrum,

I'm Shawn.

Please say you'll go
on a date with me.

- We can go someplace right now.
- I can't right now.

We can do later,
but it'll cost you.

You're at a Pimps and Hoes party

talking to a ho.

I'm not good at pretend.

Well, I'm good at everything as
long as I'm paid by the hour.

I used to be paid by the
hour. Now I'm on salary.

Three hundred an hour.

What do you do to
earn that much?

Like I said,


You free Saturday night?

What time? For how long?

I don't know.


until eight.

You don't want to wait
until it gets dark.

It's summer in Seattle.

The sun stays out forever, like it's
trying to make up for the rest of the year.

Whatever you say, big spender.

Just text me your address.

I look forward to going out.

Going somewhere is extra.

Then we can stay
in, have dinner.

I'll bring dessert.

I like chocolate.

Bro, you did it.

[calm piano music]

[phone vibrating]

Hi, Douglas.

Send her up.

[elevator bell rings]

[Violet] Oh, I think,
I have the wrong place.

[Shawn] Hi, Violet.

[Violet] Oh.

[Ruth] Hello.

Women dress so edgy these days.

[Ruth chuckles]

[Violet] Will you
be joining us?

[Ruth] I'll, I'll
be in my bedroom.

No touching until I say it's OK.

- Oh, well, Shawn doesn't like touching, either.
- [Shawn] Mm-hmm.

And if I don't want to
do something, I won't.

Oh, well, of course, dear.

We all need better boundaries.

Well, um, I'm off to
my bedroom, and uh,

- so you two can get started.
- [Violet chuckles softly]

[door opens and closes]

[Shawn] Oh, you were
supposed to bring dessert.

- It's right here.
- What?

[jacket light thud]

- Oh.
- Um... [chuckles]


Oh, you want the
girlfriend experience?

As long as it leads
to something more.

We can role play.

Whatever you want.

You really like muffins.

Those are Apple muffins.

official state fruit.

I've got something
else you'll find tasty.

You did bring dessert.


Where's your bedroom?

Right down the hall
and to the right.

Give me a sec.

[calm piano music]

We should get the business
part out of the way first.

[Shawn] Business part?

Didn't know you were changing.

You're new at this? I get it.

You booked me for three hours,
that's nine hundred, stud.

I don't understand.

- Are you a cop?
- I'm a programmer for a dating app.

I turn original formulations
into executable programs.

I solve problems with algorithms
and verify the requirements

- of the...
- I love to hear more about that later.

I really have to show you

You're the one who hired me.

- Show me whatever you want.
- Why would I hire you?

You really thought
this was a date?

What else would it be?

What do you think I am?

You're a pretty woman.

[cell phone buzzes]

You're very nice, but I have
to go. Car's on the way.

- That was too quick.
- [Violet] Sorry.

- I need to hook up with someone.
- I could go with you.

You should date someone else.

Did I say something to hurt you?

Sometimes I do that
without realizing it.

It's nothing against you. But...

But you can't date
a guy like me?

Not the first time
I've heard that.

[Violet] Well, it's
a short car ride.

[upbeat instrumental music]

[Douglas] Hey, I've got
a box for your grandma.

I'll get it on my way back.

- She knows you're going out?
- Of course she does.

I'm on a date.

You have a busy schedule.

- It's just for work.
- What do you do?

- I'm an actress.
- Oh, wow.

- So this is an audition?
- Kind of.

- How long have you been acting?
- Look, you're fine to come along,

but can you do a
little less of this?


- [Violet] Have a good night.
- [Shawn] I can wait here until you're done.

- [Violet] These things could take a while.
- [Shawn] I'm fine.

- [Violet] You really need to go.
- [Shawn] Don't worry about me.

- Well, I have your number.
- Sorry, I don't...

Hugs, they're too intense.

Oh, okay.

I'll see you around then.

[knocks on door]

[door opens]

[door closes]


[somber music]

Did you get the part?

You're still here?

I wanted to hear how it went.

Same as always. I just
try to get through it.

I've got another audition.

You're very popular.

[Violet] I can't believe
you stuck around.

[Shawn] I didn't
want our date to end.

I hardly know you.

[Violet] Most people just
care about my measurements.

[Shawn] We can start with
that. How tall are you?

[Violet] Five six.

[Shawn] What's your
favorite breakfast cereal?

[Violet] Hmm.

The sugar cereals. My mom
didn't let me eat growing up.

[Shawn] Mine used
to be Good Friends.

[Violet] That's a cereal?

[Shawn] It's the only thing
I would eat for breakfast,

until I couldn't
eat gluten anymore.

[Violet] I'm going to make
a cereal called enemies

so that people can eat
them for breakfast.

[Shawn] You are?

[Violet] Just a bad joke.

[Shawn chuckles]

[car tires screeching halt]

[Violet] You don't
need to wait for me.

Let's keep this thing going.

It shouldn't be long.

[somber instrumental music]

[boat whirring]

[dreamy instrumental music]

[Violet] You okay?

Just listening to the
colors of the bridge.

Some of the senses in
my brain are mixed up.

It's called synesthesia.

When I look closely at
colors, I hear sounds.

What's that sound like?


Not what I thought.

[man whistles]

Stay here for a second.

Productive night, sweetie?

You didn't text me back.

I'm going there now.

Who's the guy?

Just someone being nice to me.

That's all he had in his wallet.

You know,

better get back to him.

Who is that?

He's, uh, my manager, Anton.

Helps me get jobs.

[cell phone buzzes]

[Violet] I've got
one more audition.

Takes the edge off.

[Shawn] You should try chamomile
tea. It also relieves cramps.

[Violet] I'll
keep that in mind.

It's the [unintelligible]

[electric whirring]

You're looking pretty, Amber.

Oh, I think I have
the wrong place.

No, you got the right place.

Amber works down at the office.

She won't give me a time of day.

Just play along.

[Colin] So I haven't met a
lot of actresses in Seattle.

- It's a small community.
- [Colin] Huh.

How long have you
two been friends?

[chuckles] Colin is my brother,

A very protective brother.

Ah, didn't realize
it was so late.

I want to see you again.

[Violet] I wish my
life wasn't so busy.

Take it easy, bro.
Give her some space.

I really like you.

[Violet] I'll
call you, promise.

That was four dates.

A new record.

Yeah, I count that as one date.

Look, grandma's been
bugging me for a while

to help you find someone.
Maybe it's time I did.

I like Violet. We're going
to have a fifth date.

I will help you find
the right kind of girl,

and we'll start with, uh, this.

Most of us don't wear the
same thing every single day.

I mix up the colors.

Yeah, you dress like a Lego.

Okay, time to dress like a man.

I'll forget how to
match everything.

We will take photos.

And maybe do something...

I know, I know, I know.

Thank you.

Someone stole my credit card.

You gotta be careful, bro.

[Ruth] Ready?

I thought Sunday
is blue shirt day.

Colin says this is better.

Did you ask that woman
about her family?

Her job?

- She's an actress.
- Wh, what about her church?

I don't know.

Make sure you read
the sell sheet

before you buy the house.

I'm not buying a house.

Besides, she hasn't answered any
of my phone calls or text messages.

She'll probably just
be like everyone else.

You know, sometimes we need
a little encouragement,

so that we don't
give up on love.

Doesn't seem right for
me to wear these anymore.

Are you dying?

Oh, and I know your grandpa

would've wanted you to have it.

Therefore, when you
find that special person

- Thanks, Grandma.
- Oh. [chuckles]

♪ Turn your eyes upon Jesus ♪

♪ Look full in His
wonderful face ♪

♪ And the things of earth ♪

♪ Will grow strangely dim ♪

♪ In the light of
His glory and grace ♪

Anyone can see it's a moustache,

but you can get it
lasered right off.

Go. Hey, excuse my brother.

He can be a little
blunt sometimes.

Did I say something hurtful?

Just try your key, Shawn.


Okay, that one's staying locked.

Look, um, just try a couple
more locks before we take off.


This may not have
been my best idea.

- [Violet] Can I talk to you for a second?
- Mmm-hmm.

I told her to stop by
between her auditions.

Give us a moment.

I got your texts,

including the ones about your
credit card being stolen.

Tell me how you want
to work this out.

You had it.

I thought that's
why you texted me.

[Shawn] I just wanted you
to know what was going on.

Maybe you wanted
to see me again.

Oh, right.

I must have grabbed it at
the coffee shop by mistake.

- I took everything back.
- That explains that.

[Colin] Can I chat
with you for a sec?

Hold on Shawn, just...

Look, something is off here.

I know, your brother
is very unique.

He has autism.

He's high functioning,
but it's tough for him

to form relationships,
communicate, break social cues.

I might have that, too.

Look, he can be too trusting,
too loyal, and when he hurts,

- he hurts big time.
- [Violet] Hmm.

He deserves a nice woman.

No offense, but you're
not really his type.

The only time people say no offense is
when they know they're being offensive.

- I didn't mean...
- I know what you meant.

Wanna get a bite to eat, Shawn?

Try the key thing.
Maybe a muffin.

[Violet] Your brother
could be friendlier.

[Shawn] Sorry about that.

Whenever I'm feeling down,

this is what I look at.

[siren wailing]

A wedding app.

That one lists
everything you need to do

to get ready for your big day.

I heard of a guy
who put out an ad

one time that said,
"Wife wanted."

He got a bunch of replies back
that said, "You can have mine."

[light chuckle]

- Is that a joke?
- [chuckles]

[Shawn] Colin is
better at those.

- Inspiring, huh?
- Huh.

Seeing all those cake
photos makes me hungry.

I can't eat casein
which is part of milk

or gluten which
is part of wheat.

[Anton whistles]

Uh, give me a minute.

You got me worried when I
didn't hear from you, sweetie.

No one was lined
up, I thought...

Let me do the thinking.

[Violet] Sorry. I
thought I was free today.

- There's something wrong with your hand.
- Just nerves.

I could never be an actor.
Expose myself to everybody?

- You're brave.
- I'm crazy.

You're a different wavelength.

[inspiring music]

What do you mean?

There are colors we can't see.

Beauty that's outside
our physical spectrum.

There's a lot about you
that's not visible to me yet.

But I can tell it's
going to be beautiful.

I'd like to try that hug again.

I can hug you gently.

Can you hug me?

That's the best I can do.

[Violet] How does
my necklace sound?

[gentle whispers]

Like whispers.

Since you won't hug me

I'll just say it.

I want to hug you, Shawn.

And it's not an
everyday event for me.

I've had more
touching then I need.

I don't know what that means.

But I'd really like
to see you again.

I know.

[Colin] Hey.

Grandma called me.

Now, she doesn't have a good
vibe about Violet either.

I finally have a relationship
and you're both against it.

You've seen her two times,
that's not a relationship.

You can be too trusting and
that's how you get hurt.

The way she dresses,

it makes me think
she has a past.

And those auditions at night,

there, there can't be that
many acting jobs in Seattle.

At least I'm worried
about my future.

You're the only barista
here with a teaching degree.

You should be doing
more with your life.

And you should be asking
her more questions.

Get to know her, find
out what she really does.

Be happy for me.

Colin doesn't think someone can
be a full time actor in Seattle.

I do other jobs to get by.

He doesn't even think
we should be together.

Neither does my grandma.

You're an adult. You can
choose who you're with.

The reason I showed you that
wedding app is because I only

date someone if she's
a possible wife.



Um, I almost forgot. Since
you're so into weddings,

I thought you could
use this someday,

when, uh, some of those
colors aren't right to you.

Thank you.

I should get back to work.

I got to go too.


[Violet] I don't
even know this guy.

[Anton] That's why we're
going out with him.

It'll be fun, I promise.

[Violet] It's getting late.

We should've met
him at the club.

[Anton] Would you relax, okay?

But don't worry about this.

[knock on door]

[Anton] Come on.

Hey, Joe, She's the one
I was telling you about.

[door locks]

Here you go.

Bottoms up.

Come on, you could do better
than that. Bottoms up.

Let's go.

You know what? Actually, [phew]

I forgot something in
the car, all right.

I'll be back in
like, two minutes.

- [Violet] I'll go with you.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Just hang out here, all right?

When I get back, we'll get a bite
to eat before we go to the club.

- [door clicks open]
- Okay, just...

[clears throat]

So you must have known
Anton for a while?

[siren wailing]

Your wine is a little sour.

[glass clinks]

I'm gonna wait in the hall.

[door clicks open]

[Violet] Oh, hey,
what's going on?

[violet complains indistinctly]

[somber music]

[inhales deeply]



[Violet cries]



[Anton] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- You okay?
- [Violet] Something was in the wine.

Your friend was all over me.

- [Anton] Calm, calm down.
- I'm calling the police.

[Anton] Calm down.

- Hey, it's all gonna work out.
- You don't get...

- I was at the door...
- [Anton] Just...

- Just... No, no, no, no, no.
- And he, he's...

I know exactly what happened.

See this.



Looks like you were enjoying it.

Come on. Get up.

- What the hell is going on?
- [Anton] Come on, get up.

Come on, that's it.

- [Violet cries]
- [Anton] Hey, come on.

Yeah, that's it.

- Mm, take one of these.
- Uh...

Take one of these, it
will make you feel good.

- [Violet sobs]
- Come on, take the edge off.

Let's go.

There you go.

I have another friend
for you to see.

- I want to go home.
- [chuckles]

[Anton] Now it's time for you to
pay me back for I've done for you.

- Okay. Hey, shush.
- No. This is...

- insane. -This is...
- You're going to make some dough.

You're going to make some dough

with this next one, all right?

I'd hate for your mom and
dad to get these pictures,

you know, or anybody
else back home.

Well, no one should
see you this way, okay?

Look, here's how it works.

You pay me back for
all I've done for you.

You know, keeping a
roof over your head.

Pretty things on your hot body.

Whatever you want.

Just till you pay me back.

I'll keep these safe
and keep you safe.

It's a dangerous world.

Parents get killed.

Friends get killed.

No one ever knows.

Come on.

- [mumbles crying]
- [Anton] Come on, let's go.

- No, I don't, I don't wanna go.
- Let's go!

- I...
- Let's go.

- [crying]
- Let's go

[cries] I don't want to do this.

The doorman had this for you.

- Oh.
- You get a lot of packages.

- You seeing that girl?
- You don't have to wait up for me.

What's her last name?

- I don't know.
- Well, you can't go over to her place,

if you don't know her last name,

- I'll ask.
- She's not the kind of girl that,

I picture you with.

You used to be happy
if I was with any girl.

Well, I'm not up to having
visitors like her around here.

- This is my place too.
- I only want the best for you.

And I don't think she's it.

I liked your paintings better
when they have color in them.

Well, this is the way life
feels without your grandpa.

I hope my life never
feels that way.

[footsteps trailing off]

[Violet] You're
early, very early.

I, I forgot to tell you
to use the back entrance.

I was excited to
start our movie night.

- You look pretty.
- [scoffs]

[Shawn] I didn't realize
you were just visiting.

[Violet] No, this is where I live.
I've tried to make it my home.

Oh, you have a roommate,

[Violet] That's Goldie.

- Oh, that's okay.
- Clutter distracts me.

I'm surprised you're not
in a house or apartment.

Anton got the place.

Worked out a deal.

He likes to keep all
his actresses together.

And he keeps most
of what I make.

Welcome to showbiz.


[Shawn] What's that?

[violet] Oh, that's Theo.

Every week I stuff
ten bucks in him

so I could go to a drama school,

at the University of
Washington someday.

[Shawn] It's gonna
take a lot of stuffing.

I know.

Just stupid dream.

- [hums]
- But Theo keeps me going.

- [Violet] It's just a bra.
- It gets my heart racing.

Nothing wrong with that.

There is, if you're waiting
until marriage to make love.


You don't have to wait.

It's a sign that you're bonded and committed
to someone for the rest of your life.


Or it's a sign you like
to have a good time.

[Shawn] Are you waiting
for that special someone?

Did I hurt your feelings?

I try to ask that if
someone's face changes.

[Shawn] You're cute.

Are these your parents?

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.

Where's your dad
in this picture?

He left us.

Fine by me.

His brother did
things he shouldn't

and Dad always denied it.

I'm just glad my uncle
couldn't get to me anymore.

I try not to think about it.

It's too hurtful.

I've been hurt, too.

My parents didn't do so well
with their relationship, either.

I had to have a lot of
sessions with therapists.

It was too much for them. So my
grandparents took my brother and I in.

[cell phone vibrates]

My dad says he needs to find
himself before he can find us.

My grandma says that he'll never find himself
at the bottom of a bottle, whatever that means.

I'm sorry. Looks like Anton
needs me tonight, after all.

What do you think?

- Gold or pink.
- I like the one you have on.

It sounds like a heart beating.

Maybe that's me.

Good night, Violet.

Good night, Goldie.

Oh, what's your last name?

- Black.
- Your name is two colors.

You told me black is
the absence of color.

You were listening.

[inspiring instrumental music]

- [Shawn] How was the audition?
- They're all the same.

This guy wore his wedding ring.

So gross.

Why is that gross?

Yeah, you're right.

It'll be better next time.

I created an algorithm that

searches for auditions for
women in your age range.

Lot of modelling opportunities.

Shawn, thank you.

I'd love to be going
for other parts.

I just wanted you to make it.

[Shawn] Okay, too much.

[Violet] You know, it's tough
making it to all auditions

if I'm seeing you in between.

Maybe we shouldn't see each
other on my work nights anymore.

- I didn't know. I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.

[Shawn] You'll get a
great role someday.

Look, student film, casting
female in her twenties.

Good looking, to play a
woman with a wounded past,

multiple personalities.
That could be you.

I think it is me.

A joke.

[soft laughter]

[cell phone vibrates]

- My next audition.
- You could skip it.

If I do, Anton will find me.

Somehow he always
knows where I am.

- What are you doing?
- Turning off your GPS.

- That's how he tracks me.
- [Shawn] Mm-hmm.

I know some fun
things we could do.

[Violet] Okay.

I'll grab my jacket

and then we'll have a fun time.

[upbeat instrumental music]

I promise.

[door clicks]

It's open.

- Where have you been?
- I'm sorry I'm so late.

- I've got something special planned.
- [Violet] Oh.

Uh, Shawn, this is
Alicia and Nadia.

They're friends of mine.

I thought you and I
were having dinner.

I'll share, they were hungry.

My grandma's coming home thinking
she's having dinner with just me.

You were a surprise.

All of you would be
too much of a surprise.

I love surprises, but
I wish you told me.

I didn't want you
to get nervous.

You must make a lot of money
to afford this place, huh.

It's my grandma's. I do coding.

Me too. [sniffs]

Gets me through the day.

You know how to code?

Oh, no, I thought
you said codeine.

- We should do this another time.
- Are you all actresses?

You're not going to get much
from Miss talkative here.

- [Violet] We should go, girls.
- Wait.

- What's wrong?
- No, it's fine.

I just, I can't miss an audition
again or turn off my GPS.

Did Anton hurt you?

He lost control,
happens now and then.

- He likes us to be professional.
- That's not right.

Let's come up with a plan
for that special dinner.

- [elevator bell dings]
- [stutters]

[clears throat]

[metal gate rattles]

[Shawn] How was Bible study?

[Ruth] Well, if more women were
like the women from the Bible,

this world would be
a much better place.

- [Ruth] The...
- Don't blow this for me.

- I'm in it for the long game.
- I'm not.

I think Douglas has some
mail for you downstairs.

[Ruth] Oh, uh, oh, oh, I
thought we were cooking dinner.

I'm not ready yet.

[Ruth] I smell bug spray
or, or is it perfume?

[cell phone buzzes]

[cell phone buzzes]

- We've get out of here.
- Just give it a sec.

- [Ruth] I hear whispering.
- [Shawn] Huh.

- What is this?
- Put it back.

- Is something moving?
- [gasps]

[soft thud]

What is going on?

Uh, she was looking at your ant
thing and they got all over.

Why do white people
keep ants for pets?

Grandma, you remember Violet?
These are her friends.

Lisa and Nadia.

Is that your real name? Violet?

[Shawn] Of course
it is, Grandma.

Oh, let's hope it is. [snickers]

Well, it's uh, more
of a stage name.

No one uses their real name.

What is your real name?

It's Olivia.

That's pretty.

Well, I can't wait to discover
more about Olivia Black.

- Call me Violet.
- [Shawn] That's why I wanted you

to have dinner together

so you could get
to know each other.

Did I tell you she wants
to study acting at U-Dub?

[Ruth] Well, what about
your spiritual life?

Are you a follower of Jesus?


[Ruth] What's the
name of your church?

Church of the...

Holy Grail.

That's great. I didn't know.

Well, I think we all should
go to your church this Sunday.

It's much better than dinner.

Or maybe Violet could
come visit our church.

Oh, I want to go to
hers. Who's your pastor?

Monty Python?

I'd love if Violet
could come with us.

I'd love to go.

Well, you'll have to
rethink your wardrobe.

- She can dress how she likes.
- We need to get going.

We'll see you on Sunday.

You really like
that bow tie, huh?

I was thinking maybe we could spend
a little more time programming,

and little less time
trying to be fancy, huh.

- I'm hoping to be groom someday.
- Let me give you some advice.

Love is blind.

But marriage, that's
an eye opener.

[Shawn] Grandma.

I told Violet we'd
be at church early.

Shawn, I can't stand by...

as you...

[breathing loudly]

I'll call 911.

[Ruth] It's, it's
a panic attack.

Just tell me everything
will be okay.

- Everything will be okay.
- You've got to mean it.

You're sure this
isn't the diabetes?

This is how it
started with Grandpa.

You're making it worse.

[Shawn] Everything
will be okay.

Everything will be okay.

- Everything will be okay.
- [exhales]

We never know when
our time will come.

What brought that on?

[Ruth scoffs]
What do you think?

Something isn't right about
that girl you're seeing.

She's a woman.

- Let's go now.
- [Ruth] Oh, please be sensitive.

I need to let this pass.

Tell Douglas to hold the car.

[Douglas] Now you, uh,
sure you all right?

You gave me quite a scare.

It's still ticking,

- but thank you for asking, Douglas.
- Yeah.

What a beautiful day.

I wish I had someone to go for a walk
with me when I get off work at five.

Hmm. I think you might
find someone. [chuckles]

This is for you.

Oh, and I found this.

- I think it's yours.
- Isn't that the pin you bought?

Thank you, Mrs. Lambert.

[Shawn] Who sends you
all those packages?

Don't worry about it.

I'd really like to open it.

[sighs] Fine.


He knows I haven't
painted in colors

since your grandpa passed away.

The doorman's the one that's been
sending you all these packages.

- He must really like you.
- [chuckles] Oh,

they're just little
gifts, Shawn.

Why won't you date him?

[sighs] I'm not, we're not...

Don't be absurd.

He's the doorman.

- How do you think it would lock?
- Why do you care?

Well, at my age, not
acting on love is,

the closest I'll come to ever
living out a Jane Austen novel.

Jane Austen?

You, you wouldn't understand.

I told her we'd be here early.

Maybe she came and left.

She's probably at her
church of the Holy Grail,

sitting next to King Arthur.

- Maybe.
- Oh,

girls like her tend to
stay away from the light.

♪ Through many dangers
toils and snares ♪

♪ I have already come ♪

♪ 'Tis Grace that brought
me safe thus far ♪

♪ And Grace will lead me home ♪

[woman] I'm sorry.
You can't be here.

- I'm sorry. I didn't...
- [woman] No, this is an exit row.

We need to keep it open.


♪ Amazing grace how
sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved a wretch like me ♪

♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now am found ♪

♪ Was blind but now I see ♪

[cell phone buzzes]

♪ 'Twas grace that
taught my heart to fear ♪

♪ And grace my fears relieved ♪

♪ How precious did
that grace appear ♪

Didn't see you come in.

- We're up front.
- I got called in.

- On a Sunday?
- Yeah.

I wish I could say no.

I like that song.

Feels hopeful.

It's "Amazing Grace."

Hmm, really is.

A car is coming to pick me.

[Shawn] If we were married, you wouldn't
have to worry about auditions or money.

- [Violet gasps]
- [Shawn] I'm serious.

I always thought I needed
someone to take care of me,

but now I can see you need
someone to take care of you, too.

[Violet] I don't know
what to say to that.

Am I someone you would marry?

Shawn, there's a lot
you don't know about me.

We can get to know one another,

as we spend the rest of our
lives taking care of each other.

I have a past or
the present life.

I've been with men before.

I didn't wait for marriage.

Everyone has a past.

But God gives us
a new beginning.

That's what that "Amazing
Grace" song is all about.

I've read up on autism, but
there's a lot I don't know.

I need some help,

paying bills,

making some decisions.

Reading people's faces, maybe
what to wear now and then.

Though Colin's been a big
help in that department.

And your family?

They would have to accept you

if we were married.

Your grandma would think I
married you for her money.

[Shawn] I don't care.

Violet, I've been waiting my whole
life for that special someone.

You've been carrying
that around?

For when someone's color
sounds right to me.

That's for me.

Will you marry me, Violet?

[emotional instrumental music]

Marriage didn't work out
so well for my parents.

We can be different.

Marriage is a big deal to me.

That's why you shouldn't
waste it on someone like me.

Loving someone is never a waste.

[door closes shut]

[emotional instrumental music]

I have, I have to
get used to that.

Of course.

Let's do this.

[emotional instrumental music]

I'm meeting with a therapist
to learn how to desensitize.

That's great.

We're not going the right way.

I have a quick condition, first.

- But our dinner...
- We have time.

Unzip me.

- How'd you do?
- He wants me back.

- Wow.
- He really likes me.

Of course he did.

I just have to get these
lines done by Thursday.

I'm so proud of you.

Shawn almost fell in love
with a disaster. [chuckles]

[Shawn] Colin, Grandma.

I'd like you to meet the
newest member of our family.

We just got married.

Tell me you're joking.

[Shawn] We're not going to go

on a honeymoon right away.

I still have to save up.

I told him I didn't need one.

Shawn, is this a joke?

You know, I'm not
good at pretend.

I figured Violet can
stay at our place

until we can afford
something of our own.

Well, it's not our
place. It's mine.

- And absolutely not.
- But she's family now.

Oh, I did a background check.

Ask her how many times
she's been arrested.

You've been arrested?

I told you I had a past.

Well, maybe she can explain
to you what it's like to be...

arrested for solicitation.

Violet, are you or are
you not a prostitute?

[waiter whistles]

- [Colin] Let her go.
- Violet.

- [Colin] Stop.
- She's my bride.

Well, your bride
is taking my rings

- to the nearest pawn shop.
- Doesn't make any sense.

She got a call back
from her audition today.

- No, she's being called back to some guy's bed.
- Don't say that.

- [hyperventilates]
- [Colin] Shawn.

Who knows how many men she's been
with, how many diseases she has.

- My God.[hyperventilates]
- Grandma.

- God. Grandma.
- Just tell her everything will be okay.

[hyperventilates] Will it?

These are lines from
her audition today.

[Ruth sobs]


- Violet.
- [Anton] Go.

What the hell are
you doing, man?

- That's my wife.
- A world girl, pal.

- [gasps]
- Get to steppin'


[Shawn cries]

[Ruth] We can get it annulled.

No one will know
it ever happened.

I was...

-[cries] so stupid.
-No, no. Don't, don't. Don't say that.

It's hard for you to
know who to trust.


I can't even trust myself.

That's why I'm here.

You won't be here forever.

[paper rustles]

What's going on with
your algorithms?

It's done.

That's your score.

I'm two. That's great.

- Why am I not a one?
- Best score is ten.

Hmm. Something's off.

Analysis questions you answered.

How many people rejected
your profile online.

Wow, you did it wrong.

That's an objective rating of
your history. Two out of ten.

Your time is a complete
waste of my money.

I don't think so. People should
know what they're getting into.

Look, I can't keep shelling
out money to have you here.

I need something that
makes our app stand out,

not make people feel like crap.

And, and never run me
through your program again.

[Tammy] Don't forget
the party tonight.

What happened to your
wedding pictures?

They're just pretend.

Everything is pretend.

You're not yourself.

I thought I found someone.

It turns out she wasn't
who I thought she was.

Everyone hides who they are
until they know they're loved.

So I thought I did love her.

Did you love her for who she
is or who you want her to be?

[Tammy] Love is like friendship
that has caught on fire.

Might want to figure
out if you're burning.

- Burning?
- If you love her.

[Colin] If she loved you,

she wouldn't have gone
back to sleeping around.

You're right.

Look, I will help you find someone
that would never cheat on you.

Someone you love so much

you couldn't stand the idea of
her being with someone else.

She's out there.

Maybe she'll be at
the party tonight?

Nah, should go by
yourself tonight.

Okay? You're an adult. Just
be careful who you talk to.

[dance music]

- Where's my Violet?
- Busy.

Tell her I'm thinking about her.

[suspenseful instrumental music]

I need to know why you were
at the Pimps and Hoes Party.

So you could break
my heart. Obviously.

- You know my boss, Jake?
- Sure. We all do.

- How well do you know him?
- He likes to give his guests encouragement.

Me and the girls are
very encouraging.

I need to know what that means.

[Violet] He fixed up with Anton for
us to spend time with the parties.

Jake thought would be a good
fit with girls from the site.

He's not that bad.
A good tipper.

Have you been with him, Violet?

It doesn't matter
anymore. We're over.

- No more using each other.
- I didn't use you.

I needed a ticket out of here.
And you needed a babysitter.

I told you not to
waste marriage on me.

You should have
told me what you do.

So you can treat me
like your grandma does?

You lied about the auditions.

So I'm not who
you thought I was.

Time to move on.

This is obviously
where I belong.

I miss laughing with you, talking
about the day, having a meal.

You'll get over me.

Do you miss me?

I don't miss any of my clients.

I wasn't a client.

A non-paying client,
the worst kind.

Now, please be like the rest
of my clients and leave.

I thought you cared about me.

I thought we had a future.

I was playing you.

Maybe you'd seen that if
you weren't so autistic.

[somber music]

Your face changed.

I got so mad when I thought
you had been with Jake.

You're not just a
replacement for my grandma.

[romantic instrumental music]

I love you.

You're not the first
guy to say that.

But you're still
wearing the rings.

And the wedding dress.

A girl like me isn't going to
wear this kind of dress again.

You can't love me after
everything I've done.

You're my escape plan.
My future inheritance.

That's all.

I don't think that's all.

Well, one of us have
a special first night.

Then you lied about
that audition.

I just went through the
motions with that guy.

Buy his time.

And after the restaurant,
when you ran after me,

I couldn't be with anyone else.

[Shawn] You got into that car.

I pretended that I got sick.

Hmm. I've been here ever since,

telling myself you're
too good to be true.

I always thought it would
be hard to love someone.

To really love someone for real.

But [sniffs]

I never thought it would be so
hard to let someone love me.

I've missed the way
you see the world,

your bad jokes,

the way you care about me.

- [Violet] They ran out of people.
- [Shawn chuckles]

In case you want to
trace ants together.

I wondered if we could
runaway together, but...

I don't know why I thought
my pimp never let me go.

When were you going to
tell me about your past?

When I knew you really
loved me, I guess.

How can I really love you if
I didn't know who you were?


Gluten and dairy free.

This is the song I wanted
to play for our first dance.

["Anywhere But Here"
by Brandon Heath]

I've been practicing
desensitization techniques.

You know just what to say.

♪ I can see you walking
in a garden somewhere ♪

♪ You're bending over flowers
You're holding your hair ♪

♪ There's mud on your shoes ♪

♪ Oh well less you
could not care ♪

♪ You could be anywhere
but here with me ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ I know I'm the lucky one ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ I know it more than anyone ♪

♪ It's hard That's true ♪

♪ And I know I
don't deserve you ♪

♪ But I dare someone
to love you ♪

♪ More than I do ♪

♪ The universe could hide you ♪

♪ But I would come
and find you ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ Some people tried to warn
you I would be a mistake ♪

♪ Had a million other reasons ♪

♪ To run me the other way ♪

♪ But you made up your mind I
was the risk you would take ♪

♪ You could be anywhere ♪

♪ You could be
anywhere but here ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ I know who's the lucky one ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

Your techniques really work.

♪ I know it more than anyone ♪

♪ It's hard That's true ♪

♪ And I know I
don't deserve you ♪

♪ But I dare someone
to love you ♪

♪ More than I do ♪

♪ The universe could hide you ♪

♪ But I would come
and find you my love ♪

[door unlocks]

[Anton] Good morning, sweetie.

I can't afford you to be sick
no more. Neither can you.

Come on. You've got a
star client waiting.

- The big tipper.
- I'm with a friend.

Her husband.

[Shawn] She doesn't
work for you anymore.

She's mine until she
pays off her debt.

[Shawn] Her debt?


This place ain't cheap.

This town is pricey.

How much to release
her from you?

She ain't for sale.

You put a price tag
on her every night.

Five thousand?


Then you'll let her go?

Are you serious about this?

All right, anybody
else gets involved,

and you don't see
your wife again.

Or your fancy grandma.

Got it?

And you keep her
off the streets.

For fifteen thousand I'll keep her
off the streets under my watchful eye.

I'll see you real soon.

I love you, too.

Are you ready to start
the annulment process?

Violet and I are going
to stay together.

I just need to pay her debt

so I can buy her
back from her pimp.

Fifteen thousand dollars.

You don't need to buy
an impossible marriage.

You can get that for free.

Grandma, I know you
have that kind of money.

I can do five thousand

but that's taking
out cash advances

and giving everything I've got.

Well, maybe he'll
give you a discount.

Does he take coupons?

[scoffs] I have spent my
entire life taking care of you.

And you get married in secret.

- Without bagpipes.
- Bagpipes?

You told grandpa that you'd have bagpipes
at your wedding to honor our heritage.

You wanted me to marry someone
who's like a woman from the Bible.

- Because you'd be better off.
- Rahab was a woman from the Bible.

She was a prostitute,
wasn't she related to Jesus?

And what about Mary Magdalene?

She had her issues

and she saw Jesus
rise from the dead.


If God can help someone
who isn't perfect,

which is all of us,
then why can't you?

I think it's because you
don't want to love anymore.

- Now you're being mean.
- [Shawn] "I have never been in love.

It is not my way or in my nature
and I do not think I ever shall."

Jane Austen said that.

I looked it up.

I was joking when I said

I wanted to live like
one of her novels.

Well, the joke's on the
doorman and on my wife,

and on your colorless paintings.

You're late for work.

And you better
bring back my rings.

[Shawn] Who put all
my stuff in this box?

I hope you have more luck
finding your next job,

then you've had
finding your next date.

You didn't get the message?

I think we should ask
people where they're going,

who they'd like to be with,

create algorithms
based on their answers,

make scores about the
future instead of the past.

We need people
looking not finding.

Finding is bad for business.

This will keep them
looking for someone

who matches their destiny score.

It'll be unique to our app. I
could run you some examples...

I think you need to concentrate
on your own destiny, Shawn.

And I need help with Violet,
who you hired for your parties,

to get her out of prostitution.

I bring in performers
now and then.

What they do in their
own time is up to them.

[Shawn] If you loan me ten
thousand against my future salary,

I can buy back violets freedom.

Future salary? Shawn you
don't work here anymore.

I'm not going to tell the
police unless you do it again.

What am I supposed to do?
Hire clowns for my parties?

- Clowns are not sexy.
- Your business is growing.

Maybe you can find a
place for them here.

You know what? I hired
entertainers, nothing more.

Get to work on this
"destiny score" okay?

I want to see some examples.

I'm proud of you for
standing up to Jake.

He's a work in progress.

You don't know what
he's been doing.

[Tammy] I'm working on him.

Just... I'm working on him.

I want to be with Violet.

- I know she'll need counselling, and...
- [Colin] You got me in trouble.

My manager saw me texting you, and I told
her about your crazy idea to buy Violet back.

It's not crazy.

Yeah, well, my manager
didn't think so, either.

She told me that the beans
from some of our coffee

come from a town where the profits help
keep women out of human trafficking.

Made me realize that I could help
someone who needs their freedom.

This is for Violet's debt. That's
two thousand. That's all I have.

Why does your face
look like that?

You've never hugged me, bro.

It's worth it.

[Shawn] I have over half.

[door shuts]

Mmm. The light's too bright.


You all right?

[Violet] Hmm.

[Shawn] Where's Goldie?

In a better place.

Oh, I thought I
cleaned all that up.

What happened?

Wedding gift from Anton.

- I'm calling the police.
- [Violet] No, please.

The police put girls like me behind
bars, not the guys who pimp us.

Anton would make the
girls and I pay for that.

Maybe he'll take what I have.

That's so sweet.

But even if you had everything,

he'd kill me before
he'd let me go.

I overheard him talking to a
gangbanger about moving us to Portland.

I'm glad I could see
you before he did.

You're coming to my
grandmother's home.

That's the first
place he'd look.

[scoffs] And I don't think she'd
exactly put out the welcome mat.

My brother's place, then?

Girls have tried to run
away from him before.

He works with other gangs, they track
women down, then they go missing.

You should leave
before he comes back,

before it gets worse.

Not without you.

As long as he thinks we're
together, he'll know how to find me.

Then we'll have to make it seem
like we're not together anymore.

Like we broke up.

Sweetie, the case is over.

You're right. He needs to
think we're over each other.

Get out!

Don't you get it? It was all a
lie. You're just another John.

- [whispers] Tell me you love me.
- I do love you.

[Violet] You don't
know what love is

and I am done
selling mine to you.

[softly] Go over
there. I'll slap you.

- Too painful, can't handle pain.
- Shush.

- I'm very sensitive.
- Just,

just turn your head and
think of a painful time

so it feels real or pretend.

- That's, that's method acting
or some [unintelligible] - Okay.

[Violet] I never want
to see your face again.

We're finished. Over, done.

- Go away.
- [Shawn] I wish I never met you.

- [slap]
- Ahh.

I never want to see you again.

You're bothering my sweetie?

We're finished
together for good.

[Shawn grunts]

We're over. He gets, he gets it.

He was just leaving.

Got my fifteen g's on you?


[Shawn groans]

He gets it.

I don't think so.

Something wrong with
the way this one thinks.

[Anton] It's like I'm
beating a freaking kill here.


[beating continues]

[Anton] Oh, what's this?

A going away present?

Hmm, nice.

Time for you to go away.

[Shawn groans]

[Anton] Go out the back
exit, don't cause a scene.

You've got a guy coming up.

He doesn't care what you look
like. Just wants it dark.

All right. No faces. Anonymous.

I'm, I'm still sick.
I need a doctor.

I tell you what you need?

Now get the freaking lights off

and I'm gonna bring
him up right now.

[Anton] And take
off that toy ring.

[door opens and closes]

[dramatic music]

[knock on door]

[Ruth] Good night.

- What happened?
- We were in a bad part of town.

We'll be all right.

- Have you called the police?
- We did everything we could.

- There must be more to this.
- Well...

I wondered what Violet
saw in her pimp.

Then it hit me.

[Shawn laughs]

Look at the colors on my face.

What do you hear?


[Shawn] Trouble.


I got my wife back after all.

How did I do it?

- Beats me.
- [both laugh]

You've clearly
suffered brain damage.

Shawn, please go to the bathroom

and wet a washcloth and
bring back a glass of water.

- All right, I can do that.
- [Ruth] No, no, it's fine.

Ten thousand dollars,

if you leave my grandson and
Seattle and never come back.


I heard you wanted to go to
the University of Washington.

What's their school color?
Um, that's right, the violet.

How would Violet
like to be a violet?

Just leave Shawn alone.

Their color is purple.

And I know marriage
won't be easy.

I need counselling, rehab,

but we're in this together.

Twenty thousand.

I once thought I
wanted your money.

But now I see my
husband is priceless.

I know what's important to you.

[cell phone rings]

[Ruth] Um, hello, Douglas.

It's rather late.

Just a moment.

There's an Anton
here to see you.

[stutters] Douglas, um, we're
not having visitors tonight.

Please show him out.

[Ruth] Who was that?

Violet needs to
stay here tonight.

- I'm getting worried.
- We just need to figure some things out.

You can sleep here tonight.

But tonight only.

We need to call the police.

They won't do anything.

When I moved here,

I had no money and Anton
took care of everything.

He'll say, I was
paying him back.

You don't pay someone
back with your body.

You think I wanted to?

Come on, you can do better
than that. Bottoms up.

Every time I tried to stop,

he told me he'd kill me
if I didn't keep going.

- [cries]
- So sorry.

I, I, I found out later
the guy from the hotel

did that as a service
with different gangs.

That's how they break you.


Looks like the police have a special squad
that help with human trafficking cases.

- I was paying a debt.
- [sighs]

Human trafficking is the trade
of humans for the purpose of

forced labor, sexual slavery or
commercial sexual exploitation.

Thank you, Mr. Google.

Anton is downstairs.

- I'll talk to him.
- No.

- He'll never leave us alone.
- That's how he talks.

Douglas, please
make him go away.

You can send a text to get help.

Looks like they have
rehab and other services.

Your pajamas look a lot like
what you wore yesterday.

I, I might have
something that fits you.

I need to pick up a few
things back at my place.

You can't, you
can't go back there.

Anton doesn't
control me anymore.

You thought you could still get
back here without saying hello?

You got a backlog of customers

just waiting to
get a taste of you.

I've, I've worked
for you long enough.

[Anton] And you
keep coming back.

You know what? I think you might
need a little taste of some.

Huh? Whatever you want.

You need a little
pick-me-up? Mm?

You want something
stronger? More? Done.

But you still have a debt to me.

You only counted everything as
a debt to keep me in this life.

- You all just do what I had to do.
- [Violet] What about Alicia?


When is their debt going to end?

You know, they've
never had it so good.

And you, I always
treated like family.

You know what?

Let's get you back online.

But this time, I'll let
you pick who you meet with.

Well, within reason, of course.

You're a small
operation, I'm moving on.

Look, I got a meeting
with the Westside Gang.

We're gonna partner up.

They've got a lot of connections

and some feel good meds.

You'll like it.


The band's gonna be hot tonight.

I came here to prove to
myself I'm free from you.

Only think you proved is just
how stupid you really are.

I'm smarter than you think.

[door opens]

[dramatic music]

For God so loved the world that
he gave his one and only son.

God is a giver.
He's a generous guy.

There's nothing you can do
to add to that generosity.

In fact, you could say it this way that there
is nothing you could possibly do in your life,

that could make God love you more
or less than he does right now.

♪ Thou hast taught me to say ♪

♪ It is well ♪

♪ It is well with my soul ♪

♪ It is well ♪

♪ With my soul ♪

♪ It is well ♪

♪ It is well with my soul ♪

♪ It is well ♪

♪ It is well with my soul ♪

[knock on door]

I saw you at church.

Between that and counselling
I'm a walking wound.

A healing wound.

I'd love for you to
sit by me next time.

We'll see.

That looks pricey.

It's called designment.

I wanted you to have
something to wear

while I saved up for a real one.

[Violet] Thank you.

Your friends are here.

[Violet] What friends?

Did you invite someone?

[Nadia] We're out
on a day pass.

- From jail?
- No, grandma, from rehab.

[Douglas] Delivery.

- [chuckles] What's going on?
- Scottish afternoon tea.

These shouldn't be
served from a box.

These are for you.

I wish I could paint like that.

Maybe grandma could teach you.

[Ruth] Delicious.

[Shawn] I think we should
go to Gasworks Park tonight.

[Violet] Hmm.

I rather stay in.

[Shawn] You know what I
love about that place?

People thought it
was worthless...

Until someone realized
it could be beautiful.

Actually, I was going to say

until someone realized that all
they needed was a new start.

- Oh.
- We need a new start.

- We got one.
- Not for everything.

What are you doing?

Now that I know you,

all of you,

will you marry me?

I thought we were married.

Yes or no?


That car is for you.

[Shawn] I hope you
still like surprises.

Well, dearly beloved,
we're gathered here today

in the sight of God, to
witness the joining together

- of Shawn and Violet in Holy Matrimony...
- Oliva.

It's Olivia.

[romantic music]

[dreamy music]

[crowd cheers]