The Sound of Philadelphia (2020) - full transcript

A tale of family, friendships and betrayal in the violent world of the Philadelphia mob.

Here we go.


You guys know
where I was this afternoon?

Did I tell you?
The proctologist.

My doctor sent me to have
a proctologist examination.

They got an inverted chair

that tilts up,
with stirrups, right,

gives them a better
look at your asshole.

So while I'm sitting there,
looking at this thing,

right, this nurse comes in.

She pulls out
a tube of lubricant,

right, out of her uniform.

She takes it out,

she squirts a little bit
on her finger,

make sure
it's coming out all right,

and she lays that
on the table,

right next
to the shiny instruments.

Starting to get nervous.

So she comes over to me...

and she says, "If you go ahead
and slip out of your trousers

"and your fucking underwear,

"the doctor will be
with you in a minute."

So she goes and walks
towards the door,

she stops all of a sudden,
she looks me in the eye,

and she says,
"Relaxation is the key."

And I'm like, "What?"

She's like,
"The more relaxed you are,

"the quicker
we'll be out of here."

So she fucking leaves.

I'm looking at
this upside-down chair

and these shiny
fucking instruments

and this tube of lubricant,
and I'm like, "How the fuck

"am I supposed to
relax myself in here, right?

"What can I do?"

You jerked off
in the doctor's office?

You're goddamn...
I jerked the fuck off

and put that shit in the
trash can under the desk.

I did. I fucking did too.

What if the nurse forgot one
of the instruments and came back in?

Maybe she'd stick her pinky
up my butt, help me finish up.

You're a dirty little
fuck, ain't ya?

So, like, um...

Like, how much money

do you make
on a site like this?

I've got 20 roofers
working up here.

How many of 'em
really work up here?

Maybe three?

That shit is
easy money, right?

Ain't no such thing
as easy money.

You have no idea
what I had to do to get this.

Hey, Peter!
What are you doing?

You wanna piss
over the side?

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Holy fucking shit!

Peter! Peter!

What the fuck, man?
Are you all right?

Don't worry,
not the first time.

You could have
fucking killed yourself.

Come on.

What the fuck
did you do that for?

Thanks for coming by.

I appreciate it.

It's those journalists that
I was telling you about.

They found out that
the city employed

some of my family members,

and pretty soon those people
are all gonna be without a job.

How many?


- He's gonna win.
- Who? Cruz?

No, Trump.

I'm serious.

I'll vote for him.

He made billions,
he can run this fucking country.

Gentlemen, um...

It'll be extremely helpful
to me if those people

that I just mentioned
are viewed as, um,

immediately employable
in some other avenues of life.

Please tell me you ain't asking
me to make your mother a roofer?

No, that's not
what I'm asking.

Then what are you
asking me exactly?

I don't know, um...

Maybe you need
a new secretary.

You give all the work
around here to companies

employing roofers
that ain't union,

but you're asking me
to help you?

I want the pier at the
Delaware River waterfront.

I can't do that.

That's... That's impossible.


I think you know why.

Go ask your Italian friends
to help your mama.



What's going on?

O'Meara is dead.

What happened?

Michael, what happened?

Apparently some guys just
picked him up on the street.

They what?

These guys just picked him up
on the street,

and he just gets
in the car with them.

He don't even try
to run or anything.

What the hell
is wrong with people?

It's like they want to die.

- He had kids, right?
- Yeah, three of them.

His wife, she divorced him?

Yeah, she left.

We ought to take care of the kids for him.
But none for her.

Not a fuckin' cent.

We'll pay for the funeral.

That kid is really good, man.

Did you talk to his dad?

He's a crackhead.

The kid's stayin'
at my place.

The question is,
who put him in the car?

I don't fucking
know who did it.

The guy just got killed.

Well... I know we got to
respond to this in a way

that it ain't gonna happen again.
I mean, that I can tell you.

You don't know who,
you don't know why,

and you want to go to war?

Do you remember when
O'Meara got me my first lay?


Day I turned 12,

he let me baby-dick

that hooker in the backseat
of his Caddy.

Ahh, ahh, ahh!
You guys,

look at what we've done
to this fucking place.

Hey, I just
hired a new cook.

Do you where he's from?
Paris, France.

They eat fucking frogs
over there.

No. Jesus Christ,
it's not that we're serving French food.

Like I said, it's just that
the chef comes from France.

- Fuck France.
- He says fuck France.

Hey, look, you guys
remember Grace?

What, your sister?

- Grace.
- Yes.

- Holy shit. Grace?
- Mmm-hmm. Yep.

No fucking way.

- Good to see you.
- Good to see you!

Look at you! Shit!

I thought you were...

I thought you were living
down in Florida with your mom?

Um, I was,
but I am going to Jefferson now.

- Ah.
- Mmm-hmm.

Grace is gonna
work at the bar

and stay at my place
for a while.

- Fantastic!
- Mmm-hmm.

Look at you,
look how beautiful she is.

Like no fucking way
she's your sister.

Let's get some fucking
champagne or something...

- Yeah!
- Let's celebrate.

- Yes.
- Good job, Jimmy.

Know what I'm saying?

Excited? Yeah,
I definitely am.

That was really fucking good.
That was excellent.

- Pretty good one, right?
- Yeah.

Okay? Huh?

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right, man.

You good?

Are you all right?

Yeah, perfect

Here. Let's go home.

- One more drink.
- No, come on.

It's late, let's...

- Nah, I gotta have one more drink, Peter.
- Let's go home.

You're a good guy,

You're a good guy,
your cousin too.

He helped me out with the
restaurant and everything...

- What do you mean?
- What?

- What do you mean?
- Just trying to say thank you,

that you helped me out
with the restaurant

- and everything...
- No, no, no, no. Did you...

Did you borrow money
from Michael? Did you?

Because if you did,
don't sit around thinking

it's gonna take care
of itself. It's not.

It's not a friendly thing,
do you understand that?

Hey, hold on a second,

hold on a second,
we grew up together, right?

What the fuck do you mean?
He's your cousin, man.

Yeah, he's my...
Exactly, you said it.

He's my cousin,
not yours.

How much?

I don't know.
I don't remember.

You don't remember?
Well, he remembers everything.

Don't get in too deep,
I'm telling you.

Don't fuck with him.

I only borrowed a little money
for the restaurant.

I'm gonna pay him back soon.

I am.

It's not gonna be a problem.

- Jimmy?
- Yeah.

Don't forget what I said.

No, no, no, no.

No, I know.


The fuck...

- Hello.
- Peter, it's me.

Jimmy, I'm sleeping.

It's Michael. He got shot.


They were waiting for him
in front of the restaurant.

I wasn't there.
But Grace was, and she said...

Is he dead?

- Where is he?
- In there.

Go on in.

Remember when we
got our first paychecks?

And we got wasted
up on that roof?

You jumped.

Busted your tailbone.

I thought you did it
to pick up a disability check,

but you never missed
a day's work.

Who did this?


Bono's men.

- Why?
- What don't you understand?

The Italians killed O'Meara,

and now
they're trying to do me.

Why did they kill him?

They want what we got.

I need your help, Peter.

If I'm gonna hold on to this,

I gotta have somebody
I can trust.

What, they want it all,
or they want a share?

What's the fucking difference?

Now it's a share,

but tomorrow they'll take
everything from us.

You know
we can't fight them.

They want a share?
Just give it to them.

We don't have to do
what they say anymore.

- The streets belong to me.
- Michael listen to me.

Your father made a deal
a long time ago.

It's lasted so long that
everyone who made it is dead.

And before him,
they killed McCullough,

because he was fucking with
the Italians in Atlantic City.

They realized that the jobs
are still a source of money

and power in the city,

and that you still control it.

If you don't give them
what they want,

- you know what's gonna happen.
- You have to be on my side.

You're my brother.

You're the only one
I can trust.

What's going on?

Come sit down.

What the fuck is going on?

- What are you all doing here?
- It's the baby.


She got hit by a car.

Look, it was nobody's fault.

- The fucking guy's car slid...
- What guy?

The neighbor.

You mean Victor Kopec?
The cop?

Charley! Charley, stop!

- Get off of me!
- No, no.

Get the fuck off of me.
Let me go!

Let me fucking go!
Get off!

Now that's an excellent horse.

There ain't nothing
wrong with her.

It's got fucking
spaghetti legs.

She's come from a long line

of champions,
the bloodline...

I don't give a fuck
where she comes from.

Fuck that horse.

- Mr. Flood...
- Fuck you!

Can you believe
this motherfucker

trying to sell me
a horse like that?

Tell him I want a big horse.

- That horse look big to you?
- Yeah, it's a racehorse.

- That's a shit horse.
- No, it's a racehorse.

That's a shit horse.
I can spot a champion when I see one,

and that's a fucking
shit horse.

What do you know
about horses?

You like boxing?
I like horses.

Whatever, man.

Hey, that kid
Carlos is training...

Jimmy tells me he's special.

Jimmy doesn't know shit
about fighting.

So is the kid good or not?

Yeah, he's good enough.

Maybe you talk to him,

maybe we get him somewhere.

- Get him somewhere?
- Hmm.

He is good where he is.

The kid could make
some money now,

that ain't going
to last forever.

That's all I'm saying.
Maybe you talk to him,

let him know we help him.

They don't need us
to make money.

I told you,
he's good where he is.


You talk about these guys like
they're family or something.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Can I get a beer?


How's, uh...

- How's Michael doing?
- He's all right.

What about you?
Sounds like you were pretty close.

I was still inside
closing up.

I didn't hear the gunshot,
just heard people screaming.

Jimmy told me you're working
for Michael now.

- No, I'm just helping out.
- Doing what?

Don't tell me
you're a roofer.

You know what we do.

Jimmy grew up with us.
It's not a secret.

Taking over
the family business?

Yeah, kind of.

You know, when we were kids,

I always thought that you were
different than your cousin.

Oh, look at him go.

Look, I know that in his mind,
he thinks he's a real boxer.

He thinks that he can be
a world champion one day.

Fucking give it up, Peter.
You look like dog shit.

- How you are doing, Carlos?
- I'm okay.

I was...

I was wondering
if the kid was around.

Maybe he could give my man
Lenny here a couple of rounds.

He's run to Jersey
for some parts.

He works for me now,
at the garage.

Oh, to Jersey?

He gonna come back,
or what, eh?

Don't worry about him.

He just wants to move
a few rounds with the kid.

Just taking it real easy.

What do you say, Carlos?

I told you, he's in Jersey.

Oh, shit, look at that.

There he is.

How you doing, Ryan?

How was Jersey?

What's the weather like
over there?

How are you doing?
I've been hearing good things about you.

You look strong.

- What's your weight?
- 125.

A buck twenty-five?

What do you say you give my man
Lenny here a couple of rounds?

I wanna see you guys move.

Three rounds?

Three, four, five.
Whatever you want.

He said...

He thinks
he can kick your ass.

I don't think so.
I wanna see you work, kid.

Come on. Let's go.

Man, it's gonna be fun.

Let's go.

There's no
reason to do this, man.

I wanna see the kid work,
that's the reason.

You keep saying
how fucking good he is.

I wanna see if he can fight.

So why don't you come by
next week,

and you can see him work?

You don't have to bring in a
fucking monkey. It's insulting.

So somebody's insulted.
So the fuck what?

Hey, by the way,
where were you last night?

At the restaurant.

Oh, yeah?

With Jimmy?

Yo, check it out.
A fight.

Yo, we gonna do this?

All right.
Let's see what my monkey can do.

Hey, he's
a buck twenty-five, Lenny.

Touch him.

Yeah. There it is.

The fuck?

What the fuck?

What the fuck are you doing?

Get the fuck up.

Get... Wake the fuck up.

He's, like, half your size.

You let him knock you out
like that?

You're right,
he's a fucking monkey.

Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck out of there.

Get the fuck out of the ring.

Get the fuck up, Lenny.
Get out of here.

Don't bleed in my car.

Be in touch, Ryan.

Very nice. Very, very nice.

Your dad here?

Go get him.

I told you
not to come in here.

What do you want?

Uncle Phil's here.

So what are you doing here?

The guy's
calling Constantine

eleven times a day,
sayin' you're gonna do him.

All right,
don't tell me you're comin' in here,

telling me what I'm gonna do.

No, I came to tell you
what you ain't going to do.

He's helpin'
the Italians on some...

On some things, Charley.

Constantine don't want him hurt.

There's lots of cops
helpin' him on some things.

How come this one's
got to move in next door,

in an Irish neighborhood,
the place where we grew up,

and drive his
big old convertible

up and down the street
like some Center City pimp?

The guy took my baby, Phil!

He took my baby.

It was an accident.

Constantine don't want
the guy touched.

Yeah, well, fuck Constantine!

And fuck the Italians.

First they're in our business,
now they're in my house?

The man skidded.

If it was something else,

I'd have taken care of him myself,
right there, that afternoon.

You know what? You can get
the fuck out of here!


Go to bed.

- Hello?
- Hey, Peter, it's Bono.

I understand you've got medical
problems in the family...

- Yeah, what do you want?
- Maybe we should talk about it.

Or you might be thinking of
takin' over the business.

So maybe we can
work something out.

Think about it and call me.

Who's this guy?

I gotta talk to you.

Sometimes I wonder what the
fuck I need you for in the first place.

I get shot, you're not around.

I come up to Carlos',
and you act like

you're ashamed we're cousins.

What are all these knuckleheads
doing out here?

- We're making a move.
- You're making a move?

Well, they tried to do me.

We're not just gonna do
one of them.

We're going to end this fuckin'
thing, that's what's next.

But the Italians have been around
for, like, what, a hundred years?

And you're gonna end it?

This is Philly, everything
in this fuckin' city's

been around for a hundred years.

Yeah? What are you gonna do?

I'm turning them loose.

Turn them loose? These guys?


The only way to do that

is when you tell them exactly
what it is you want them to do.

And then you promise them
that you'll cut off their hand

if they do it in any other way.
You hear me?

And maybe,
maybe if you're lucky,

you'll only get jammed up
half of the time.

But we ain't jammed up.

You're not?

We know who did O'Meara.

I'm telling you...

You put these guys
on the street,

I'm out. I'm going to Hawaii.

You want them off the street?

Then you take care of business
with me.

Or go to fucking Hawaii,

and don't come back.

Pour that one out, please.


Somebody died.

Pour it.

So, what happened to
your mother...

She got scared of things
that wasn't there.

First, she wouldn't go out
by herself,

then she wouldn't go out
even if I was with her.

Then, finally, it scared her
so bad that

she's afraid to even move
her little finger.

She thinks if she moves
her little finger,

it wakes up,

and remembers
what happened to your sister.

She thinks if she just keeps
everything still,

it don't hurt.

I wanna see her.

It ain't the kind of hospital
you can visit her.

They, uh...

They wouldn't let me
get my dogs.

Who'd... Who would want to
burn up a couple little dogs?

- Let's take your shoes off.
- Okay.


He was there.

He was there when it happened.

Listen, they're not
looking for Jimmy.

You're safe, don't worry.

Don't worry.

Peter, what's going on?


Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,
what are you doing?

Come on, get up. Get up.

Get up.

Get up.

Come on.

They wouldn't let me
get the dogs.

I told them,

"I don't care
what you do,

"just let me get my dogs
out of your way."

I asked him,
the guy at the door.

I said,
"Could I please have the dog?"

And he wouldn't
answer me.

And I can hear 'em
in the back,

barking at the one
in the basement,

but the guy at the door
wouldn't let me in.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Tell me what happened.

I told them,

"it's none of my business
what you're doing,

"just let get my dogs
out of there first."

And he wouldn't answer me.

And then...

Only, I didn't want to
go in there.

'Cause if I walk in there,
I'm dead, and...

I ain't even got nothing
to do with this.

And then, the one at the door

said that I better, uh,
go call Michael,

and tell him what's happening
to his place.

I said, "It's my place.

"It isn't Michael's."

But he just says

I better go back
across the street.

So, I go call Michael,

but then Leonard says
he's asleep.

And then,
while I'm on the phone,

I hear a noise.

It sounds like somebody
blowing out a candle.

And it shakes the house.

And then,
when I looked out the window,

the inside of the place
is already orange.

The fuck you doing here, huh?

I want to talk to Bono.

I told you to call me,
not to come.

Yeah, it's right here.

Let's go.

- Michael send you?
- No.

What are you doing here?

Shit's getting out of hand.

Yeah, well,
he started it, not me.

That's not what he said.

Oh, yeah?

O'Meara tried to extort my guys.

I asked Michael
if he can fix it.

Michael says sure,
he can fix it,

but he don't do it.

So I do a little investigation,
and guess what?

Him and O'Meara are
working together.

Trying to take
construction sites from us.

So, you know, there's
three sides to every story,

yours, mine, and the truth.

And the truth is he's done,
he's gotta go.

Is there any way

We can just, you know...

I mean, forget about all this?


But you stand to make out.

I'm gonna need somebody.

You understand?

I mean, I can't just
walk into the unions

and announce they're under
new management.

It's kind of hard for me to...

For me to trust you,
you know that?

Oh, no, Peter,
I liked your father.

And Constantine
liked your father.

Your father was a fuck-up.

The real question here...

Are you just another
stupid Irish fuck?

You want a beer?


First thing about
drinking beer...

Never take the cap off
with your teeth.

It doesn't matter if all
your friends use their teeth.

In the end,
they're gonna break one off.

Wait and see.

It's the same thing
as hittin' walls.

Every Irish wedding
you go to,

there's always gotta be
some guy hitting a wall.

Your Uncle Phil was
a good wall puncher.

The thing about that,
besides it's stupid,

is you can't always tell
where the studs are.

And, man, it's one thing to put
your fist through drywall,

it's something else
when you hit the studs.

There's no excuse for
hurting yourself on purpose.

The Italians know that.

Irish don't.

It's why they run things,

and why we don't.

You like it?

- No.
- Then don't drink it.

Uncle Phil...

I don't really like him.

- Why do you say that?
- I don't know.


He's fucked up.

Jesus, that's too good.

We take him down to the gallops this morning,

trying to keep everybody happy,

get him into shape
so he can race, like you said.

I get the vet to take a picture.

He broke a bone.

It's not a bad break,
it's just that...

The truth is,
it's not a very a sound horse.

And sometimes it happens.

What you're saying is this horse
that I bought for $80,000

ain't really a racehorse.

It's just...

Horses' legs
are delicate things,

and something happened.

Maybe his breeding was bad,

I don't know, he's just
too fucking big.

You think this is funny?

It's too fucking big?

It could be that, it could be
his father, his mother.

You're supposed to shoot those fuckin' things, right?

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

Put that gun away.
Put that gun away.

Get out of the way.

- You're not...
- I own the fucking thing.

You can't shoot the horse.

As long as you have been
around here,

have you ever seen somebody else
shoot their horse?

You ever seen anyone else around
here that's got a horse

that ain't a fucking horse?

Lots of broken down
horses, Mr...

You already talked, telling me
the horse is too big.

My cousin's talking now,
telling me

I can't shoot the motherfucker.

When he's through telling me
what I can do,

then it's your turn again.

Put that gun away.

Normally, they inject them.

- With a needle?
- Yeah, nice and easy.


A needle. Go get it.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

It's my horse.

You the owner?

Owner's signature.

Come on, let's go.

Hold him.

That's... $240, please.

You, uh, want me to have
somebody come get this?

You want me to take care of it,

or you want to have it
done yourself?

I changed my mind.

You hear what I said?

- You said you...
- Michael...

The horse is dead. Let's go.

Come on.

He's a big shot.

You wanted him to put the horse
down, that's what he did.

Come on, let's go, come on.

Hey, Leonard, gimme that bag.

Since when do you decide?

Ain't your horse.

Ain't your business.

Be careful
with that shit, Mr. Flood.

If you got a cut or something
and that gets in,

it doesn't take much.

Like one drop of this...

It gets in your bloodstream,

And if you put this
into a person...

They'd be dead before
you could get it half in.

So how much of this you got?

How much you need?

See, I like this guy better

Let's go.

Come here. Let's... Let's go.

I can have this one here?

All you want.

You don't, you don't mind if I take it?

No, sir.

Thank you.

Sorry, you wanted to
ask me something, right?

Uh, just about taking care
of your horse.

If you wanted me to take care
of him for you.

Yeah, I would appreciate
that very much.

No problem,
I'll do it right now.

But first...

I want you to get
on your fucking knees

and kiss him goodbye.

Morning, Peter.

Want to get in so we could talk?

What do you want to talk about?

Well, we heard a story.

A veterinarian filed a complaint
against Michael.

The vet said Michael made him
kiss a dead horse.

Yeah, so what?

Yeah, I can squash
the complaint.

I'll even have my lawyer
draw up the papers,

but what does that say
about your business?

How much longer you think
before someone

pulls it out from under you?

You need help,
we could save it for you.

It's gonna cost you though.

You're gonna kill your brother.

Well, he's not my brother,
he's my cousin.

Oh, well, that makes it a lot
easier then, don't it?

Either way, he's not where
he's at for long.

Don't... I don't hear nothing.
Are you thinking about this?

No, I'm not.

Let me approach this
another way.

Who do you think set up
your father to Constantine?

Somebody wanted what he had,
someone wanted to be like him,

wasn't tough enough
or respected enough

and never would be.

You got no clue?

Your uncle.

No way.

I watched your uncle
bury your dad.

See, I worked for Constantine
back in the day.

I watched your uncle bash
your father's face in,

over and over with the shovel,

so he wouldn't be recognized
when they found him.

Why are you telling me all this?

Oh, so you'd realize
what Michael would do

if he was standing right here
and I made him the same offer.

You see, because
at the end of the day,

he's still his father's son.

You hear what I'm saying
to you, Petey?

It's your move.

What's going on?

How long until Jimmy's
got a problem with Michael?

What do you mean, a problem?

For the money he owes him.

Stay out of it.

Don't you dare tell me
to stay out of it.

Your cousin came
over here yesterday,

put a fucking needle
to my brother's neck,

and told him this is what
they use to fucking kill horses.

Jimmy's restaurant burned down
because of Michael.

First, Michael says
it's not his problem,

now he's threatening
to kill him for $95,000.

- There's nothing I can do.
- Of course you can,

he's your cousin.

Doesn't work like that.

I told Jimmy, you know,

not to get involved
with Michael.

And now he owes him.
There's nothing I can do.

Okay then.

If you're not gonna do anything,

I'll take care of it.

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna go to the cops?

Just think about
what will happen.


Stay out of this.

It's not your world.

You're just like Michael,

but I think you're worse.

Because you're a fucking coward.

The man that killed
your sister...

I took care of him.

It's gonna be all right now.
Come here.

He came over in the
afternoon when I was out.

Leonard and the kids just beat
the fucking shit out of him.

Michael, what the fuck?

I can't believe this happened.

I told you
they were fucking idiots.

Look at the guy.
Come on, look at him.

He looks like a lawyer.


How can they not spot
the difference? Come on.

Why do you think they sent him?

To fix your fuck-up with the
vet, like I told you.

- I know.
- Look at this mess.

I know.

Fucking idiots!

Call the fucking doctor.
Come on.

- I mean, I...
- No, call him right now.

I can't let the guy out of here.

I mean, I got
no choice about that.

The way they did him,
I mean, he's crippled.

Maybe the guy just disappears.

Oh, yeah.

So you think
they don't know they sent him?

We say he never got here.


You know what you're gonna do?

You're gonna pick up the phone
and you're gonna call them

and tell them exactly
what the fuck happened.

And you tell them that
your guys got too excited

when he showed up at the door,

and they beat him up.
They'll get it.

They'll understand.

And then you'll tell them

that if they want the guys
who did it,

that you will, you know?
You will give it to them.

And they can do whatever
the fuck it is they want.

They can break them,
they can burn them, whatever.


It's the only choice you got.

Look at this mess.

I'll help you with it.

All right?

I'll help you with it.

I need a favor in return.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

Go easy on Jimmy
about the money.

Jimmy, hmm?

You've seen Jimmy
walk the streets, right?

That means I went easy on him.

Now he's got to come up with it.

Man, come on.

What happened to the restaurant
is not his fault.

Fuck does that mean?
"His fault."

You know what that means.
Come on, man,

cut him some slack.

He owes me money.

I'll pay it.

No. No.

He needs to pay me back,

and you need to mind
your own fucking business.

All right, fine.

You deal with this shit
all by yourself.

All right.

Just tell Jimmy to relax.




He ain't here?

How come you got it so dark?

It doesn't matter to me.

I think you spend
too much time alone.

You come sit down?

They said his head
was cut halfway off.

They found him in the trunk
of his car.

You can't tell
your old man nothing.

Never could.

He'll sit there, just like you,
listening to somebody

as long as they want to talk,

then go do exactly what
he was gonna do anyway.

You supposed to be up?

It's 9:30. You supposed
to stay up till 9:30?

You're lucky.

Your Aunt Theresa don't let
Michael stay up at all.

Right after he has done
his schoolwork,

he's up to his room.

Your father's got
a nice house here.

Nice park across the street.

Dentists live in houses
like this.

Hey, hey,
where are you going?

It's him.

He don't want you running
outside this time of the night.


Yo. Where you been?

Did you get something to eat?

All right, go on upstairs
and let me talk to your uncle.

You didn't hear me or what?

He's just like you.

Doesn't listen.

Go on.

Don't let me catch you
sitting on the stairs listening.

Go on.

One, two.



One, two.

Work, Ryan, move, move.

- Get in.
- What's going on?

Come on, open the trunk.

The trunk is full.

What, you pop the lawyer?

Get in.

He was getting infected,
he was going delirious.

He made so much noise I couldn't
even hang out in my own place.

What am I supposed to do?

There's no reason for us
to do this by ourselves, you know.

The reason is, I want
to make sure it's done right.

I know the place to do this.

Oh, you know a place.

What place?

A place my father showed me.

So what we're saying,
if it comes up...

The guy was fine
when he left the house.

That's it.

See, there was a problem
with the way

you wanted us to explain
to them what happened.

The time.

The longer it goes,
the worse it gets.

The afternoon
when you came over,

there's already been a day,
a day and a half.

If I turn him over then,

it looks like I decided
to do one thing and got scared,

tried to do something else.

It makes us look weak.

I think you've
used this hole before.

All of a sudden, I'm digging up
bones and shit like that.

That's deep enough.

Get out of there.

It's deep enough.

You know what
I was thinking?

Maybe we give that kid
at the gym to the Italians.

I'm sure they could make
a shit-ton of money with him.

Maybe it'll make them
forget about all this.

Peter? What do you think?

You're on your own now.

Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming.



I wanted to thank you

for taking care for everything.

Yeah, don't say that.

Since you've called,

nothing feels real.

So what are you gonna do?

I don't really know, I...

I don't think
I want to stay here.

It's his city, you know.

I see him everywhere.

Maybe Florida.

All right then. Take care.

Are you going somewhere?

What are you gonna do now?

I don't know.

I don't know.

You should come visit me
in Florida.

Yeah, I can do that.

I can do that.

So this is your parents' place?


I used to live here till my...
Till my sister died.

Then I moved to Michael's place.

What about your parents?

My mom had a breakdown,
and my dad was killed.

Jimmy told me about your sister
but not about your parents.

If it's so painful,
why did you come back?

Well, it's my home, you know.

I belong here.

When my parents died,
I tried to live in their house,

but I couldn't.

That's why I came here.

For a fresh start.

Go back to school,

and be close to my brother.

And take care of him.

When you found him,

what did you think?

I thought...

I thought, "Fuck, I'm late.

"I'm too fucking late."

See you, guys.

What are you doing here?


Michael, what are
you doing here?



No sparring today.

I brought this guy over here.
Get ready.

He actually used
to be a real fighter.

And I want to see him
move around with your kid.

This ain't the place
for somebody like that.

Listen to me, Carlos.

I saw your kid move around
the other day,

and I thought it
was really impressive.

Now I want to see him move
around with a real fighter.

That's why I brought
this guy in here.

- Michael, stop it.
- Am I talking to you?

I didn't think so.

This is my gym.

I know it's your fucking gym.

And that's why I brought
a fighter in here

so he can move around
with your kid.

Carlos look at me.
Look at me!

I'm asking you for
a favor here. You understand?

And I think you want
to fucking give me that favor,

- do you understand?
- You fuck!

Carlos, come on!
Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it!

- Hey, Lenny... Lenny.
- Stop it!

Put the fucking gun down!

Hey, Carlos...

I'll see you around.

And, Ryan...

I'll see you around, too.

Peter, you comin'?

Get out of my gym!



Look, uh...

It's not gonna be easy, I know.

Something bad
happened to your father.

Don't worry.

We're family.

You're gonna move with us.

With Aunt Theresa,
Cousin Michael...


You won't be alone anymore.

I'll look after you.

You're like my own son now.

Get your stuff.
I'll wait for you downstairs.

We do them in the morning.

See, you know what I wish?
I wish there was a moment

where what's gonna happen

is right there with
what already happened.

So Carlos can see it,
the cause and the effect.

How do I do that?

What I really want is

that we kill him
more than once, but...

We park a car in front of
his garage door in the morning,

so when the kid gets out
of the car to open the door,

then bam, bam, we do him
right there on the sidewalk,

in front of Carlos.

You got to make sure that
he sees it before you do him.

I don't really care who does who.

But you got to do the kid first.

So Carlos sees it.

Are you gonna try
and talk me out of this?


No, there's not much more
to talk about, right?

Hey, you know,
I was just thinking

maybe it's better
if you do Carlos yourself,

you know,
just to keep it in the family.