The Sound of Fury (1950) - full transcript

The unemployed Howard Tyler is desperate for a job since he is married with children and his wife Judyis pregnant. When he meets the "bon vivant" Jerry Slocum, the stranger offers a job position to Howard. Soon he learns that Jerry is a small-time thief and his job would be to drive the getaway car after the heist. Howard improves the life of his family and tells that he is working in the night shift of a factory. Meanwhile, the journalist Gil Stanton that works in a tabloid is assigned by the owner to promote the thefts to increase the selling of newspaper. When Jerry kidnaps the son of a millionaire, he brutally kills the man and forces Howard to help him to dump the corpse in the sea. Then he asks for ransom to the family. When the boy is found, Stanton incites the population telling that the abductors are monsters. When Howard and Jerry are arrested, a mob threatens their lives in front of the police station. How will the police officers protect the prisoners?

I tell ya friends,

the world's going to the
Devil in a dive bomber,

and you're diving with it!

You gotta change your direction,

you gotta zoom up again!

The Lord knows your hidden sins,
and that's any kind of sin, brother.

What did the great prophet Isaiah say?

"Look ye blind that ye may see!"

You gotta make the Lord your seeing
eye, just as he is mine!

I can see a better world...

a greater world!

Every man shall bear his own burden!

"Whatsoever a man soweth...

that shall he also reap!"

You gotta sow the right crop.

You gotta look in your hearts
hearts and ask yourself...

if you can answer one thing:

How much is each of you guilty for all
the evil in the world?

Why do you do the things you do?

- Mister...
- What do you want?

You going to Santa Sierra?

No riders.

Come on. Get in.


No, no, thank you.

One of these? Toothpick.

Santa Sierra, huh?

- You ever been there before?
- I live there.

I was looking for work.

Heard they were taking on
hands at that chemical plant.

- They weren't.
- It's rough.

Maybe you oughtta try up north.

Maybe you'll do better up there.

No I gotta stay where I am.

I got a wife and a kid.

Another one on the way.

They sure drop the
net over ya, don't they?

Nobody jumped up and asked me,

but I figured when a guy gets married young,
he can just as soon go out and cut his throat.

Why they should let a guy get a marriage
license before they let him vote?

It's criminal!

Leave it to the female gender!

They hook you before you
got good sense.

Now you take my old lady... and I'm not kidding.
You want her, you can have her!

Hey, fellow...

- you're home.
- Oh.

- So long!
- Good luck to you!


Hello, Howard.
Welcome back.

Hi, Mr. Linden.

Would you ask him about his bill?

Tommy, please!

- Tommy, stop that!
- Then I won't go to school!

Oh yes you will, now stop that
whining and put your shoe on.

Put it on!

When you get back, we'll go
for a walk, maybe to the zoo.

- I don't wanna to go to no zoo!
- Alright Tommy, have it your way.

Hey, Pop! Mom promised me a quarter
for the baseball game.

- Now she won't give it to me.
- I didn't hear you come in.

- How are you darling?
- Fine.

Can I have a quarter, Pop?

- You look tired.
- I didn't get much sleep last night.

My whole club is going to baseball
and it costs a quarter.

All the other kids are going!

Oh, they are?
Here, will this do it?

50 cents!

You got a job.

You go to that ball game buy
yourself a couple of hot dogs.

Gee, Pop. Thanks a lot!
Bye Mom, I'm late!

- Howard, tell me what happened.
- Did you go to the doctor?

Oh nevermind about that.
Tell me about the job.

Judy, honey, you promised me.

They've got good doctors at that
clinic. They're the best in town.

Oh I don't really need a doctor yet.

Anyhow, I knew you'd get a job.

Then we could pay for my own doctor.

Oh, tell me what happened.
Tell me about the job!

There isn't any job.

But you just gave Tommy
a half a dollar.

What did you do that for?

'Cause I wanted to.

- You wanted to?
- Yes, I wanted to.

My kid can go to a
baseball game, can't he?

Not when we owe money for groceries.

Last night I needed
50 cents more to buy eggs.

We'll do without them. Don't pick on
me now, I'm tired, I've been up all night.

Begging for groceries,
begging for doctors.

Is that what we came
to California for?

You know what we came
to California for.

You wanted to come as much as I did.

Can I help it if a million other guys
had the same idea?

Well, I wish we were back home.
At least we weren't beggars.

Oh, Judy, don't cry.

Please don't cry!

What I can do?

What do you want me to do?

Sauté until tender,
then add the wine.

- On a low flame.
- Gotcha!

Tonight they're gonna have
veal scallopini.

Pini for paradise, Mike.

You get tired of writing that newspaper
column, I got an apron that'll fit ya.

You're a natural born chef!
Excuse me while I get this jerk.

- Bottle of beer.
- I love what you wrote in your column yesterday...

How do you like that? A priest helping
Indians fight a bunch of fires.

This must've been a town
in those days!

Where do you dig up your info?

You said it Mike, dig.

To write a newspaper column, you need a
good public library and a strong typewriter.

And an occasional idea!

How many newspapers your column in,
Mr. Stanton? A couple hundred?

Something like that.

You're a dime short.
Eastern Beer's two bits.

- I didn't want Eastern Beer.
- Why didn't you say so?

Why didn't you ask me?

You ever notice, Mr. Stanton?
You take a beer drinker, you've got a jerk.

Hmm, I don't know Mike.

The Lord must love the beer drinkers,
he made an awful lot of 'em.

See ya.

Okay, kid.

That's enough.

Say pal you see a pair
of shoes back there?




Sure been rolling down the gutters.
Must be getting rusty.

Nothing wrong with that last one!

Yeah, it was alright.

- Jolt?
- No, no thank you.

But it still ain't my money game.

If I got to bowl for $25-50 a line,
I'd better sharpen up.

Come on, help yourself.
Why pay bar prices?

No, thanks.
The beer is okay.

Make a boilermaker out of it!
That's all beer's good for.

Sure been a long time since
I had one of these.

Hold this for me, will you?

- What outfit were you in?
- Hmm?

Oh, no outfit I guess.

- I never got out of Camp Roberts.
- Roberts?

What do you know?
I did basic there.

- No kidding?
- Yeah, what a joint!

- Couldn't wait to get shipped over.
- You got over, huh?

- Yes
- Pretty rugged, hmm?

That was a rumor
I heard in Paris.

Oh, Paris.
Oo la la!

You know what you could get for
one crummy pack of cigarettes?

Boy, the markup was terrific!

Sure wish a guy could get
a buck that easy these days.

- Things kinda slow, huh?
- They're up and down.

They're mostly down. It's kinda
tough getting anything steady.

- You can drive a car, can't you?
- Yeah.

- Walk me to my hotel.
- Well...

Eh, come on, come on it's
only a couple of blocks.

Maybe I can put you on to something.

- Okay, sure!
- Yeah, hold this for me will ya.

- Hey what's your name?
- Tyler. Howard Tyler.

Tyler, huh?

- Where you from, Howard?
- Boston.

Boston, huh?

Throw me that brush,
will ya Howard?

Oh, one of these days, I'm going
back to Berlin. What a town!

I never could decide between those...

big German frauleins
and those little French dollies.

I give 'em all
the same branch.

Hey, did you ever noticed one thing
all women have in common?

They're all partial to
the same color, green.

Yes, I know what you mean.

Not bad, huh?
Eau de nuit.

- Boy that smells good!
- Smells expensive.

$6.50 a bottle!

A guy gotta keep himself in shape.

I used to play a little
handball at the Y.

You never know when you're going
to get in a beef!

What size collar do you wear?

15 and a half.

That's too bad.

None of these I can spare you, but...

Hey, feel that, that's real silk.

Yeah well silk makes my skin itch.

- Fasten that for me will ya?
- Sure.

That's platinum you know, not silver.

- Boy you sure treat yourself alright.
- Eh pretty good, hey, think I need a shave?

No, no, you look good!

- Jerry...
- Yeah?

Got any idea what
time it's getting to be?



- Going some place?
- I have to go home.

Jerry, about that job
you mentioned...

My wife doesn't know where I am.

Keep her guessing.
They'll respect you more that way.

- Hey, you like this one?
- Yeah, that's good.

- Uh, Jerry...
- Buddy of mine gave it to me.

I liked it, he took it
right off his neck.

I'll have to introduce you to him
sometime. He's quite a character!

Yeah. He can afford it. He averages
20 bucks an hour, five hours a night...

you figure it out.

$20 an hour? What does he do?
Run a diamond mine?

What diamond mine? All he
does is pick up 5 little cards.

Just five little cards.

Only he knows what they are
before he picks 'em up.

That's some job.

I know another guy that averages
$400-500 a week. Sometimes more.

He'd be willing to split with
the right partner.

- He's the guy I was thinking about for you.
- For me?

All you have to do is drive his car.
Think you'd be interested?

What makes you think he'd want
me for a partner?

My personal recommendation.

All you gotta do is drive his car.

He does all the work.

What kind of work?

Oh you know, knock over a gas station,
maybe a hamburger joint or a liquor store.

Nothing risky.

Oh now, no. Oh wait a minute Jerry.
I didn't know that you were...

talking about that kind of work.

Uh, something wrong?

Well, I've done a lot
of things in my time but...

Suit yourself!

Just trying to get you a break.
You asked me, didn't you?

- Yes, I asked, but I...
- But what?

Anybody else make any
better offer lately?

You guys kill me! They kick in your teeth and
the more they kick ya the better ya like it!

What are you looking for?

Here, there's 10 bucks, live.

- Don't get sore, Jerry.
- Who's sore? I feel sorry for ya!

Go tell your troubles to the 1st National Bank.
They got a special Tough Luck Department!

Come on, take the 10 bucks
and get outta here!

- Jerry...
- Yeah?

Who's your friend?

Who do you think?



Oh, hello, Howard.

Listen, Mr. Yaeger,
will you do me a favor?

Will you go over and tell my wife
that I won't be home for dinner?

'Cause I gotta see about a job.


Yes, thank you.

Thanks very much, Mr. Yaeger.

Here it is.

- You nervous?
- No. Well, maybe.

So was I the first time.

You'll get used to it.

Pull up past the joint.

Keep it in gear.


Stay where you are.

Get over there and drop that rag.

- Look who's here, Jesse James.
- Button it up!

Do, do what he says, Joey!

You just as tough mister, with an old lady and
a sick old man when you ain't got that gun?

- Oh shut up, shut up.
- Joey, Joey!

Lucky I didn't kill him!

What about that guy that came in?
Any trouble?

No. I told you, didn't I?
I never have any trouble.

How did you do?





- Hi, Mr. Yaeger. Is Judy here?
- Yeah.

We're all looking
at the television. Come in.

No thanks, tell Judy that
that I want her, will you?

- Get out of my way, varmint!
- Nobody ever called me a varmint and lived!

Mrs. Tyler, your husband wants
to see you.

Hey men, they're heading
up by Cactus Creek!

- Tommy get your jacket on.
- It's not finished!

Shh! Come on,
get your jacket on.

Good night, everybody.

Gee wiz, Mom!
Why do we have to leave now?

Can I stay a little longer, Pop?
The picture is almost over.

- Did you get my note? I didn't know what time...
- That's alright, honey, don't worry about it.

Pretty soon we'll have
our own television set.

Howard, you got a job!
Oh, isn't that wonderful!

- Tell me about it. Is it a good one?
- What do you think?

I got an advance on my salary.
Here, don't you want it?

Tell me about it, Howard.

Look, talk about all the luck.
I just happen to run into this guy,

He's a foreman at
Santa Sierra Cannery.

Tell him the whole story, says I can use a guy
like you on the night shift. $50 a week to start!

- Oh, you'll be working nights.
- What's the difference?

- How's about something to eat?
- Oh, baked ham! Oh, it's so expensive!

So what? We've got the
right to live a little too!

Oh boy, potato chips!

- Son, you still want that two-wheeler?
- And a television too?

Believe me, when your old man says
something, he means it. Never forget that!

Howard, have you been drinking?

Well, just a couple.
This fella and me kinda celebrated.

Now, Tommy go wash
your hands first.

Alright, they're not so dirty.

- We'll put the TV set right here.
- Oh, Howard.

- Well, we'll throw this piece of junk out!
- Don't be silly.

When we get that TV set, you can have the
whole neighborhood in anytime you want!

You see, Professor, boogie woogie is
the most scientific of musical forms.

It's the only one that allows the piano player
to keep the music going with one hand,

and feed himself with the other.

Drinks are on the house, Professor.
Don't be coy anybody.

Gil, darling...

- Hal's on the...
- Darling, your dinner looks beautiful,

you look beautiful...

You smell wonderful.

The phone, darling, it's for Hal.
He can take it in the alcove extension.

Oh, and listen, I heard Nicholas
barking down the street.

Vito must be coming back.

Hal, telephone for you.

- Why don't you take it in the alcove?
- Okay.

Vi, I think our great
man is almost here.

Honey, honey, shall I invite him over
for the game tomorrow night?

Oh, Vi.

Well why not? If he's such
a mathematical genius,

he ought to be able to play
a little bridge!

Time and space have met!

Ain't it wonderful what the H-Bomb
has done, Professor?

It's made a scientist almost as
important as a good fullback!

- Vito, we thought you were lost.
- Please, no reproaches, my humble apologies.

This little rascal, he led
me not home, but to a cat.

Oh, Nicholas, I thought I told you
to bring Dr. Simone straight home.

Oh, don't be too hard on him. There are
magnets more powerful than beauty.

In addition to the cat, he met
a lovely French poodle.

That phone call was from Fowler.

There's been another holdup
out on Highway 101.

Did you tell Chuck
to stop the presses?

I can no longer take a position...

removed from the problems
of everyday life.

There are no ivory towers.

Hal, I can not talk business
on an empty stomach.


The recipe we got from that little place
in Rome. Remember, El Greco's?

Before you leave I'm going to fix you
some of their polenta. With quail.

I'm grateful for that day
you and your men found me.

- First honors, Vito.
- Thank you.

The boy was badly slugged.

How's about going down there
with me after the party breaks up?

Maybe you'd like to
do a special feature?

On a holdup?
Plates everybody!

Well, why not? Remember that
liquor store a couple of nights ago?

And the service station stickup
the day before?

Two bit robberies Hal, don't try
to talk us into a crime wave.

Maybe we're in one and don't know it. Anyway
our circulation can stand a little crime wave.

Wait a minute, Vi. That's not enough
for you. You're growing girl!

My diet!

I was under the impression you hired me
to write a column, not general news.

Maybe a bonus would interest you?

A bonus?

You mean money?

Hal, you know that might make
a petty robbery very significant.

Say you'll do it for me, Gil. You've
got a big following in this town.

With your byline on a special series,
I could really sell some papers!

- What are you two plotting?
- The boss is trying to get me to work tonight.

For money!

Don't you dare take Gil away
to the office again tonight.

I'm just getting used to him being
home nights and I like it.

- And besides, we do have a house guest.
- But this is important, Helen!

You understand, Doctor.

My mathematical mind suggests
an alternative.

Why couldn't the house guest
accompany his host?

Ah, this wouldn't interest you, Vito.
Vi, have some mint sauce,

Hal's discovered we're
in the middle of a crime wave.

On the contrary, all waves,
light waves, sound waves,

and crime waves
interest me very much.

Youee darling? I guess I'll have to
work tonight, if only to entertain Vito.

Looks like I'm going to
be a headline widow again.

Well, let's live while we can.
Who wants some wine?

- If you get a lead Officer, let me know, huh?
- Yeah, we'll get onto this guy.

Lotta out-of-state hoodlums moving
into California towns, fellows.

No, this looks more like
some local roughneck.

Yeah, this guy likes
to leave his trademark.

- Smoke, fellows?
- Thanks, Mr. Clandenny.


Yeah, Hal?
Get this, Vito.

The angle we'll take is there's probably some
eastern gang operating in the community.

That always makes good copy.

This is what is known as
building up the family tree.

By the time Hal and I get through,
this town will think it's been invaded.

Eh, Mr. Clandenny,
a thought occurs to me.

Isn't this destructive
to the public health?

This distortion of realistic values?

I, uh, it's not that I'm personally going
for sensationalism, Doctor. I don't.

If I had my way, I'd minimize
crime as much as possible in the paper.

In that case, wouldn't the digestion
of your readers be greatly improved...

if you were to put your
editorials on the front page,

and the crime news
on the editorial page?

How about that, Hal? Where's
your sense of social responsibility?

Oh I've got my share, but selling newspapers is
my business, that's the way I make my living.

Good night, Doctor.

And don't forget my invitation!

I'd be very happy to show you
around the plant, anytime.

- Thank you. Good night.
- Good night, Hal.

Better get some gas while we're here.
They could use the business now.

- Joe, fill it up,would ya?
- Sure thing.

Gil, tell me something.

Are you yourself not afraid of the effects
this exaggeration of violence...

- will have on your readers?
- Hal's little crime wave?

Vito, Hal works with a very
fundamental formula:

people love to be scared to death.

They more you scare them,
the more papers they buy.

If frightened people are the
measure of newspaper sales...

it must be a profitable
business these days.

Hey, crime wave,
read about the crime wave!

Crime Wave!
Read about the crime wave!

I've been thinking about
that job tomorrow night.

It's got me plenty worried.

Eh, you're always worried.
Listen to what this guy Stanton says:

How do you like that?
We're a flood of expert gunmen!

We ought to send them our pictures
for the front page, huh?

You know what we can get for it,
don't you?

- For what?
- Tomorrow night.

Sure, but look at the payoff.

What did we get tonight for risking
our rotten necks? $24.83... to split!

This way, bang!

Once around,
we're on Easy Street!

That's the only reason
I'm going for it.

And after that, believe me...

no more.

You ain't going chicken on me, are ya?
You'll be there?

I'll be there.


I'll be there, Jerry.

I may be a couple of minutes
late, but I will be there.

Yep, yep, okay.

How do you like the black?

Hey, cowboy!

Now these I do like.

- You got these in her size?
- I'll look.

Oh no, Howard, they're much too fancy.
Where would I wear them?

Honey, we are going to step out one of these
Saturday nights! Get'em in her size, will ya?

Look Hon, I got to get
going, or I'll be late.

- Buy whatever else you want, huh?
- Okay.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

- So long, partner.
- Bang! Gotcha!

Don't ever do that Tommy.

I'm sorry boy, but you gotta be careful.
You'll put somebody's eyes out...

- Okay?
- Okay, Daddy.

You're makin' me nervous!

Maybe he'll be late, he
could be in there another hour.

Not him, he's always out by 11:00.

Those folks must set an alarm clock.

Now will you relax?

Look Jerry, keep your hands off.
I mean it, don't shove!

You want to stick your chin out for
peanuts the rest of your life?

Don't you want to get the big dough?
Be someone for a change?

I'm here, ain't I?

Yeah, you're here.

What'd I tell ya?
Right on time.

Lovely evening!

What's the idea?

I feel like a ride.

Ah, just my style.
Why don't you turn her over?

Let me hear
what she sounds like.

- Look I...
- Turn her over.

Not bad.

Get going!

Straight out Elm.

Where did you get the suit?

The suit, where did you get it?
Around here?

- I have them made.
- Around here?

New York.

You guys sure treat yourselves
alright, don't ya?

New York, eh?

How do you like that?

What are you tying me up for?My wallet's
in my back pocket. There's $20 in it!

$20, huh?

You oughta be able
to do better than that!

But, if we ask your old man
real nice, he'd do a lot better.

- Yes, indeed. A lot better.
- What's my father got to do with this?

Say ah.
Open your mouth!

Let me know if it's too tight.
Come on, get in there!

- Johnny, please.
- What do you have to go now for?

Well I gotta go, it's late.

Just ell your boyfriend you...
went to the movies!

Oh, I told him that last night.

Now be nice, Johnny.
It's late, I've gotta get back.

Alright, okay,
have it your own way.

Oh, wait, Johnny, wait!

You can see me Thursday. Honest,
honey, you can call me Thursday.

So nobody's been up
here since the War, huh?

Hold his feet.

- Aren't we gonna take him in there?
- Hold his feet!

If somebody comes around here one night,
they'll come around here any night.

- But where are we gonna take him?
- Will ya quit talkin' so much!

This is where we hit the jackpot!

Jerry! Wait!

Jerry, what are you gonna do?
Jerry, don't!

You do that again, and I'll break you in half!
What's the matter with you, anyhow?

- Are you his brother or something?
- Jerry!

Jerry, you never said that you were going
to kill him, Why do you have to kill him?

You want him to give our
description to the cops?

What do they do when they get the chance?
I got more brains than any of 'em

Now, hear me.
I've got more brains than any of ya!

Jerry, don't!
You can't kill him just like that!

Come on, help me get his tie.

There, want his watch?

I guess you're right.
Cops will have a description.

Too bad.

Here, here's his tie clip. You gotta have
something to send with the ransom note.

You didn't say you were
gonna still try to collect.

What are you talking about? You
think I slugged him for the fun of it?

Put it in your pocket!

20 bucks alright.

Alright, let's get him
into the water.

Come on, come on,
we ain't got all night!

Howard, is that you?


Why aren't you asleep?

You woke me up.
What time is it?

It's 1:30.

Why are you so late?

Go to sleep.

I was having the most wonderful dream.

I was in the hospital,
having the baby.

And this time, it did not hurt
at all.

She said "Daddy" the minute
she was born.

- Rub my back.
- Does it hurt?

Just pressure.

You do want a girl, don't you?


Are you sure there's no pain?

Don't lie to me now,
I want to know.

No, I'm alright.
I feel fine.

What's the matter, Howard?

Nothing, why?

Your hands are trembling.

I felt a little cold.


Much better.

She had the biggest blue eyes.

Just like a picture.

I got right up out of the
hospital and took her shopping.

Isn't that funny?

We went to the same store...

I bought the dress in today.

I was buying
her a pinafore.

Hey, Gracie...

bring me another order of
that French fried onions, huh?

One by-carb, coming up!

Where ya been,
you said 5:30.

Lay off, will ya Jerry?
I don't feel so good.

Didn't I tell you to quit schloppin' on that
shellac? You wanna get ulcers or somethin'?

- What'd you eat today?
- I ate.

- What?
- Soup.

Do you call that eating?
Bring him a steak, Gracie.

- No, I don't want it.
- How's about a steak sandwich?

Yeah, give it to him.

Bring him a cup of coffee first.
He don't feel so good.

One cow on a slab.

Here is our insurance policy.

Take a look at it.

- Some dividend, huh?
- How's about you?

I already talked to Velma.

She's got a date for you!

We'll mail this from Dawson so as it'll
have an out of town postmark on it.

Give me the tie clip.

What tie clip?

The tie clip that I give you last night.
The one we took...

I haven't got it.

- Whadda you mean, you ain't got it?
- I don't know. I must have lost it.

- Can't you do nothin right?
- Don't get sore, Jerry.

- Whadda we need that tie clip for?
- Because that's how we...

Sure you don't want some coffee?

Coffee keeps you awake at night.

Come on, dive into her!

Velma's waitin' with her girlfriend.

Look, Jerry, I've been
thinkin about...

the women, it's risky
bringin' women into this.

You were thinkin',
what with?

A couple of guys blowin' into a
strange town might attract attention.

But with a couple of dames,
it'll look like just a party.


Yeah, I guess you're right.

I can't do it.

Ah, well, come on. It's getting late.
We got a 40 mile drive ahead of us.

Hey beautiful,
how's about a check?

Something wrong with your sandwich?

No, he just don't feel
so good. Here.

Now you can go into
business for yourself.

Qué bonito!

Hey, Cisco!

Hey, look, now they've
gone around the bend!

Look, Cisco! That way!

Hey, Cisco, we're surrounded!

Look out amigos or I'll run over you!

Hey, what you doing
here, go on, out, out!

How many times I got to tell you
no touch nothing no belong to you?

Go on, vámonos.

Go on home, go on, I got
to make a phone call.

And no touch a car!

I felt like saying to her,
"Listen, you fat old hag..."

"why don't you go someplace else
and have your ugly puss worked on?"

I don't see why Paul puts up with her.

She raises a holler every
time she comes in the joint.

And you can't tell me
that's good for business.

She wouldn't be satisfied
if I made her look like Miss America.

Ooh, honey, take it easy.

Anyway, I've been
thinking of quitting.

Jerry's got some kind
of a deal on.

He won't tell me about it, but from the
way he acts I know it's big!

He keeps sending plenty.

Him and me this,
and him and me that.

You know, I told him the other day
I always wanted to go to Havana.

You know what he said?

"Maybe you'll get there yet,"
he said.


"That ain't a bad idea," he said.
"Not half bad."

But it was the way he said it.

What's he like?

Jerry? Oh, honey, he's nature's gift
to women, and that's no fooling.

Only, don't get
any ideas now!

Because he's mine.

All mine.

You know I wouldn't make a play
for your boyfriend.

Thank you.

And besides, I'm saving myself
for the man I marry.

That's sweet.

Did Jerry say anything about
what his friend is like?

No, only that he was nice.
Kind of quiet he said, but nice.

I like them quiet.

Only I hope he isn't bald.

Oh, there they are now!

Jerry, honey?

Come in!

Hiya, baby.

Hey, you want to knock my breath out,
you big baboon?

Honey, I'd love to knock
your breath out!

Uh, meet Howard Tyler.

- Delighted, I'm sure.
- Hi.

Watch yourself with him, baby, he's a dog
with the dolls. I don't want to have no trouble.

Oh, allow me to present Miss
Weatherwax. Mr. Slocum, Mr. Tyler.

Hi! How's about a drink before
we get started, Honey?

Think you could dust off
some glasses?

And they're not dusty,
I'll have you know.


- How do you do?
- How do you do?

Honey!, Watch your driving!

Hey, how you two
doin' back there?

Don't do nothin' you
wouldn't be ashamed of.

He makes me nervous.

Where do you come from
Howard, back East somewhere?

Oh, yeah, Massachusetts.

I thought you talked kinda different
from folks around here.

I was born in Ohio.

You were?

You're not married,
are you Howard?


I'm glad.

I wouldn't go out with
a married man, you know.

I'm not either.

Married, I mean.

Get me some cigarettes,
will you, Howard?

Here, have a couple
of mine, I got plenty.

Would you mind getting me some cigarettes?
Oh and uh, mail this, will ya?

I forgot to write to my mother
last week.

- If I know you, it's for a dame.
- Give it to me!

- Leave it!
- Give it to me!

Okay, okay.

- I told ya, it's to my mother.
- I was only kidding.

You do that again,
I'll cock you one!

Look at the bobcat...

it's why I like you baby, when you're
mad like this, you really send me!

I'll send you alright.
But it won't be to your Mother!

Aw baby, I was only fooling.

Oh, come on.

Don't be mad at me.

Come on, wipe it up.

Wipe it up.

You big baboon!

- Oh, excuse me.
- Alright, help yourself.

Okay, if you don't mind waiting.
My wife had a kid this morning.

Got let all the folks
and all my friends know.

Gosh, I never thought I'd be
standing on a street corner

mailing announcements
about a kid of mine.

Been married nine years.

We almost gave up hope.

I suppose you think I'm
acting a little goofy,

but a kid, well, it
kind of bowls you over.

You got any kids?

Say, maybe you can
tell me something,

is it natural for 'em
to cry all the time?

- Oh sure, they all do that.
- Oh, really?

I've been kind of worried about it.
I was ashamed to ask the doctor.

How much he weigh?

6 pounds and 3 ounces.

Oh boy, is he a whopper!

Well, nice to have a talk with you.
Good night.

It's okay.

I almost forgot.

Have a cigar?

Thank you.

Any complaints?

Come on, Hazel, will you relax?

Ally oop!

The crook lost.
Hostess, I'll take this party.

I wish I could!

No offense.
Got good taste.

Sit right down here, honey.

A little service, please.
That's the idea, as little as possible.

Hey wait just a minute,
what do we got here?

Hey, our silverware!

It is! Comes direct
from the hotel staff room.

Just a minute.
Oh, well, look at that!

Hey, shake!

Hey, that'll teach me to
keep my hands to myself.

Hey, don't blame me, if you think I'm
screwy, folks, blame my psychiatrist.

I had to pay my bill last month
and he's lettin' me go crazy!

Come on, let's dance.

Hey waiter, bring us a couple of Bourbon eyes.
Give them two anything they want.



- I'll have a double bourbon.
- Yes, sir, double bourbon.

Why don't you have some coffee?

I'll be alright when I have a drink.

You've had quite a bit to drink already.
Maybe that's why you don't feel good.

Why don't you have some coffee?

I don't want any coffee.
I want a drink!

Oh, I'm sorry.

You have very nice hands.
Did anyone ever tell you?

I oughta know,
I'm a manicurist, you know.

You really have lovely hands!

only you don't take as good
care of them as you should.

What you need is a
good manicure.

You'd be surprised what a good
manicure would do for you.

Would you care to dance?

No, no...

Good night, Howard.

Well, maybe I should say good morning.
It's almost light already.

Well, good night.

Call me up sometimes!

Who is it?


Just a minute.


Oh my goodness, I'm so sleepy.
What time is it?

Oh, it's not even nine yet.

Won't you come in?

Oh, I must look awful.

The place is such a mess.

Haven't you gone to bed yet?


Well, you must be awfully tired.
Won't you sit down?

- Would you like some coffee?
- No.

Just a drink.


we certainly had
a grand time last night.

- Didn't we?
- Yep.

Oh, I bet I know why you
couldn't sleep.

You've been drinking too much.

Don't you think you
oughta take it easy?

I don't like a man who
drinks too much, Howard.

You want me to like you, don't you?

I like you.

Oh, you're nice.

You're real nice.

Wouldn't Velma be surprised!

Weren't you ever married, Howard?

No. No.

Oh, I sure like you.

You sure are nice,
even if you do drink.

I guess I'll have to reform you,
that's what I'll have to do.

And now, a message from
our sponsors to you...

Oh, that radio.

Isn't it awful about that kidnapping?

You know people who do things like
this should be, well, I don't know.

"Police are intensifying the search for
Donald D. Miller since his car has been found..."

- I don't wanna hear that!
- What's the matter, honey?

People do things they don't, they don't
mean sometimes. Things just happen!

You're awfully tired.
Now, why don't you lie down?

Here, put your feet up and rest.

Say, did you know you
had something in here?

It was caught in the
cuff of your pants.

My it's pretty.

It's a tie clip.

22 carats. That's solid gold.

Give me that.

Say you told me your name was Howard.
What's the DM stand for?

Give me that!

What's the matter with you?
If you're gonna behave as if a...

I didn't want to take that.
Jerry made me.

Why did he have to kill him?

All he said was he was gonna
hold him until we got the money.

He never said
he was going to kill him!

Why did he have to kill him?

Where you going?

No place Howard, no place.

- You were goin' to the police.
- No Howard,

no, honest Howard.
I like you, Howard...

- You were going to tell them!
- No!

Let go of me!

I wouldn't hurt you, Howard.

I like you, Howard.

I wouldn't do nothing, Howard!

I've never been in trouble before.
I don't know what to do!

I didn't know he was gonna kill him, before God,
I didn't know he was gonna kill him.

Oh Judy, I didn't, honest!

- What's taking her so long?
- Give her a minute, can't ya?

Now we have to chauffer her
all over town on Sunday!

She's got a lot of nerve!

He's been gone two days, you know.

And he won't be the first man who's
walked out on his wife at a time like this.

Do you want the kid to hear?

And she pregnant!

Now you know why I never
wanted any kids!

Life's too uncertain.

People who can't afford
children shouldn't have.

The watchman says they haven't
worked a night shift for weeks!

That's funny.

I'll bet Howard didn't want
you to know he was laid off.

That's it.
That's what's been the matter.

He lost his job and he didn't
want me to know about it.

That's why he's been
acting so peculiar!

Ah, sure with the baby coming and all.

- He's worried himself sick!
- There, there, Judy. Now, don't upset yourself.

- Maybe we ought to drive to the police station.
- Oh no, no.

I don't want to go the police.
Just drive me home.

Howard will be there.
I know he'll be back!

Sure he will.

Right in son.

- What's going on up there?
- Police cars!

- Why, Judy they're at your house!
- Oh, please hurry, Mr. Yaeger!

Mr. Tyler is in there, officer.
I saw him not more than 10 minutes ago.

He's in there, alright!

Excuse me.

Here's his wife.

- What's going on?
- Lady, you'll have to stand back.

- This is my house, I live here!
- Lieutenant!

Here's a lady says she's
the guy's wife!

Bring her up here!

- Will you please tell me what's the matter?
- Are you Mrs. Tyler?

- Yes, what's happened?
- Your husband is in trouble ma'am.

- You got a key?
- Howard, oh no!

No, there must be some mistake.

If you have a key, you can
save your door being broken in.

Yes, of course.

Hey, there he is!

Howard! Howard!

Oh, please don't shoot!

I always told you he was no good!

- What did my Daddy do?
- Nothing, son. Can't you keep quiet?

Stay back, folks,
you'll get hurt.

Keep it open, men.
Move back, Johnny!

Oh, please don't shoot!
What did he do?

Richardson, come here.
Take care of this lady.

You can get hurt.

Tyler we've got you surrounded.
You haven't got a chance!

- Mommy, what did Daddy do?
- I don't know, Tommy.

Come out with your hands up.

Tyler, your wife and boy are here!

You don't want them to see you hurt!
Come out!

Oh, honey, what did you do?

Oh, please don't hurt him.

Please don't hurt him.

Sorry to be so long.

I want to get the coroner's report.
This turned out to be a pretty gruesome mess.

You should see what they did that
poor kid.

Are such men human?

The war taught us that sometimes
God's children can be pretty inhuman.

Try not to think about it now, darling.
We're going to be late to the Martins.

No, no. I've got to go back to the office.
You two go ahead. I'll try and join you later.

There is Tyler.
He's the one that confessed.

That pitiful creature?

You wouldn't think he was so pitiful, if you'd seen
what he and his partner did to Donald Miller.

Oh, I know, I know Vito, pity is a
very nice human emotion.

What they did is
absolutely inexcusable!

Thank you, Mr. Senator. I'm glad
you like the way I'm handling it.

Yeah, it was pretty brutal.

Thanks for calling.

That's the sixth phone
call in the last half hour.

Gil, this is the most vivid
piece of writing you've ever done.

I can't get over what
they did to that kid.

You wouldn't do that to an animal,
let alone a human being!

I've gotta get to the court house.
Where's Vito?

His morning walk.
He should be back.

- I've gotten to like him so much, Gil.
- Yeah, he's the best!

Well, I've gotta get going.
They're arraigning Tyler this morning.

Try to be back in time to
drive him to the station.

- And his train leaves at 2:30.
- Right.

- Vito! I was afraid I'd miss you!
- Gil, I...

I must talk to you about this.

Hello, Helen.

- Well, can you make it kinda quick?
- You are condemning...

these men without trial,
without investigation.

Gil, all of this is a direct appeal
to the emotionalism of your readers.

Well, that was the idea, Vito.

But, Gil, this is wrong.

It can have serious consequences.

As a journalist, you have
great responsibilities.

And, I'm trying to meet them.

And, the first one is to get the story.

Honest, I've got to run.
I'll try and get back in time.

And, don't worry, Tyler and his partner will get
a fair trial, whether they deserve it or not.

- Hey, Mike.
- What's up?

- Where you headed?
- Don't ask, Gil. Can't talk now.

- That was a great story you got on Tyler.
- Hey, you got a lead on Jerry Slocum, haven't ya?

Don't ask me.

Hey, Sheriff!

- And don't let anybody take any chances...
- What's up, Sheriff? Where your boys heading?

- Dawson.
- Jerry Slocum?


Where do you think you're going?

- With the boys, to Dawson.
- Wait until it's verified.

Carl, you handle number 2 car.

Gil, you know I'll let you in on it,
just as soon as I have something definite.

Now, listen, go easy on
this stuff in your paper, will ya?

What are you thinking about Lem? I splashed
your name all over the front pages, didn't I?

We have a problem here. I don't want to see
this town worked up, and I'm sure you don't.

You know what I mean.
Maybe Tyler and Slocum are guilty.

Maybe they're not.

Whichever way it is, they're entitled
to a fair trial, so take it easy.

Okay, Pop!

Just take it easy!

Oh, Curt, where's the
Tyler arraignment?

301, Judge Mcllroy,
they're just about finished.

Finished? I thought it was for 10:00?

It was, they changed
it over this morning.

Hi, Stanton.

- Beecher, what are you doing down here?
- Hi, Gertie.

- What do you mean? This is big stuff, Gil!
- Yes, Santa Sierra's front page in San Francisco.

Hey, Beecher,
here comes the girls.

Hello, girls. Would you step
over here for just a minute?

We'd like to get a few cute
little pictures for our papers.

Well... I guess that would be alright.

- Well, I don't know, I...
- Tell you what.

Well get some nice pictures, then maybe
we can all lunch together. Whadda ya say?

Now girls, Would you just, uh,
just put your arms around each other.

Which one of you did
Tyler confess to?

Well, it was me. But I didn't
know he was married!

Alright honey, now smile.

Oh, honey...

I can't...

Pardon me, please.
Let us through, please here.

- Oh, Mrs. Tyler, can I get a statement?
- No statement!

But I'm Gil Stanton, of the Journal.

I think you're the last man
Mrs. Tyler would care to talk to.

Listen, some of us came
all the way from San Francisco!

No statements!
Please have some consideration!

Where have you been?

No, I thought the
arraignment was for 10:00.

No, they switched this morning.
I wouldn't have known about it myself,

if I hadn't come down here
on some other business.

I had breakfast with the mayor.

He feels like we do.
We're performing a great public service.

Loved your story.

It's about time people began to realize
that we've got a job ahead of us here,

cleaning up this town.

Hi, told you I'd make it.

- Vito all packed?
- Yes, he's packed.

Good, that'll give us time to
talk a little before he has to go.

- Gil.
- Vito, I'm sorry that...

This is Mrs. Tyler.

Yes, Mrs. Tyler and I met at the...

How are you?

Please excuse me for
coming here like this.

I don't like to bother you.

Not at all.

Mr. Stanton,

I know how you feel
for my husband, but...

Could I get you something?

No thank you, I'm alright.

You see, he's been out of work...

and I'm going to have another baby.

It was on account of me that...

Oh, Mrs. Tyler, you mustn't start blaming yourself,
lots of men get out of work, but they don't...

Well, I hate to say this Mrs. Tyler, but...

sometimes we don't know the
people we live with.

No, you don't understand.

- You don't know Howard.
- Mrs. Tyler...

- your husband confessed.
- I know...

but it isn't just what he did. It's...

it's everything.

Oh, please, Mr. Stanton.

You can help him if you want to.

I'd like very much to
help you Mrs. Tyler, but...

believe me, there is nothing I can
do for your husband.

Oh, you don't know Howard.

He's not a monster like you
called him in the paper.

He wrote to me last night.
Please listen.

"Dear Judy,

I'm writing this
so you'll forget me.

I'm guilty and I deserve to die.

I'll die peacefully if I knew you'll
forget me, and forgive me...

for what I've done to you.

You're a good girl and
you deserve something better.

I shouldn't have married you
and had a family.

Don't cry for me, baby
because I got what was coming.

I want to get this all
off my chest.

I went with Jerry and stuck up
four or five places.

I can't remember how many now.
I was too drunk.

I've been having bad headaches
and bad dreams.

I keep thinking God is coming after me.

I'm sorry for everything.

I'm sorry for you and Tommy.

I'm sorry for Donald Miller...

and his mother and father.

I didn't know Jerry
was going to kill him.

This is the truth
and may God strike me dead.

I am not...

saying this to save myself,
because it is no excuse.

I'm glad it is all over.
I want to die.

It is no use to live...

when you're no good.

Judy, baby...

I want you to forget me.

You're a good woman and you
can find a decent life.

I am sorry I let you down.
Go back home and forget me.

Howard. "

That's why I begged you this morning...

not to treat this tragic crime
with thoughtless emotionalism.

- But Tyler is guilty.
- Yes, Tyler is guilty.

But hate is not the answer.

It is wrong to treat Tyler
and his accomplice...

as though they aren't
members of the human race.

Men don't live in a vacuum.

They live with one another.

And if a man becomes a criminal,

sometimes his environment
is defective.

If only we began early enough,
with the child.

That is why I decided
to make my lecture tour.

In my own small way, I've
tried to point out...

that violence is a disease caused by
moral and social breakdown.

This is the real problem...

between nations
as well as people.

And it must be solved by reason,

not by emotion.

With understanding, not hate.

Only thus...

can we regain the
moral center of our universe.

Do you not remember how often...

we discuss these things
in the old days?

Of course I remember, Vito.

Of course, you're right.

I used words as criminally
as they used that rock.

It is easy to forget
our humanity.

Hal, please!

Hal, please don't start this run!

As long as you got a replate anyway,
give me 20 minutes to write another story.

What are you talking about? This is
the biggest story to ever hit this town,

you're doing a great job.

No, Hal, no! We can't pre-condemn
these men they way we've been doing!

You're crazy.
No matter how you figure it,

Tyler and his partner killed
that boy in cold blood!

Whatever they get, they deserve!

Hal, it's wrong, I've been wrong!

We can't do to them what
they did to Donald Miller!


Well, looks like we'll have to
re-plate anyhow!

They just brought Jerry Slocum
back from Dawson.

There's a crowd gathering outside
the jail at the courthouse.

Honey, they caught those kidnappers.
Everyone's going to the courthouse!

The Lord knows your
hidden sins!

Hey, you!
Come on, they got him!

Hey, wait for me.

Come, come, come on!

Why didn't you stay home?

Why don't you folks
go on back home?

What's the matter?
Afraid somebody's gonna get hurt?

Why didn't you protect Donald Miller?

We'll go home when we get
what we came for!

Operator, operator, you cut me off.

I was talking to San Francisco.

Well, you got your party alright.
How do you like it?

Layoff, Lem. This is not what
I wanted and you know it.

So what?
Does that make it any better?

There's liable to be a lynching
in this town tonight.

Those two guys upstairs might get
murdered, and you'll be responsible for it,

You and that yellow rag
you call a newspaper!

- Now listen, Lem...
- Yeah?

Okay, Nick. Use the
tear gas if you need it.

Operator, I've been waiting.
I thought I was talking to Frisco.

Get off that phone, Beecher!

I'm going to get you, Howard,
I'm gonna get you!

You hear me?
When I get out, I'm gonna to get you!

I'm gonna get you Howard. I'm gonna
get you if it's the last thing I ever do.

Do you hear me?

- Will you shut up?
- Pipe down, yellowbelly!

Hey, Jerry!
Give us a crack at him!

I will get you, Howard!
I'm gonna get you!

You hear me? I'm gonna get you
if it's the last thing I ever do!

Spot all the faces you can
so we'll remember them.

A lot of people are going
to jail for this tonight.

Listen to me!
All of you!

This is Sheriff Demig speaking!
A lot of you are family men.

Most of you are law-abiding citizens.

Go on home, all of you.

These men are entitled
to a fair trial.

We're gonna save
the taxpayers money.

We'll give 'em the same trial
they gave Donald Miller!

We live in a democracy,

and in a democracy there is
no place for mob violence.

I'm warning you, everyone of you!
You are breaking the law!

There is no law against what's right!

Are you passing laws against justice?

I'll hold you
criminally responsible

if anything happens to these men
under my charge.

Hey, jailer!
Come on, open up!

What about me?

Open these I dare ya!
Come on, open these!

Open 'em!

Pipe down you guys!
Quiet down!

Open these doors! I dare you!
Open them!

Open them! Come on, open em!
I dare you!

Open these, I dare ya!
Come on, open these!


Shut up!

Yes, Tyler?

Sheriff, you think you'll
be able to hold them off?

I can't lie to you,
doesn't look too good.

Sheriff, will you see what
you can do for my wife?

Please don't let anything
happen to her.

Nothing's going to happen to your wife.
I promise you.

Would you tell her to go home?
To Massachusetts?

Tell her that I've
got some money.

It's in an old coffee can
in the woodshed,

near the toolbox.

I was saving it for the doctor.

I'll tell her.


Is there anything I can do?
My name's Gil Stanton.

- Gil Stanton, the newspaper guy?
- Yeah, yeah.

Look, I don't know
how to say this, I...

I'm sorry.

It's alright, what you said
about me was the truth.

Please, Mr. Stanton, do what you
can for my wife and kid, please!

Yeah, I'll do everything I can.

Mr. Stanton, when you see her,
will you tell her that I love her?

No, don't tell her I love her.

Tell her to go home
and forget me.

Tell her to forget!

Quiet, quiet! All I want is 50 guys
who got enough to go in and get'em.

Let's go!

Hey, flap your lid, shortnin'!

Seen Clem Demig?

Let's go!

Heave, heave!

Heave, heave!

Come on and get me!

Come on!
Come on and I'll kill you!

Come on!
Come on and I'll kill you!

Come on!

Come on and I'll kill you!

There he is!


There he is!

Let's go get him!


Mommy, Mommy.

Tommy, baby. What's the matter,
what's the matter?

I'm scared, Mommy,
I'm scared!

Go to sleep, Tommy.

Go to sleep, baby.

Everything's going to be alright.

Everything's going to be alright.


Helen, stay there!


Sheriff, I...

That sound...

Never forget it.

And I'll never let them forget it.

Well... I've got a
newspaper to get out.

What are you going to say?

What do you want me to say?

You don't know?

Yep, I know.

Violence is a disease caused by
moral and social breakdown.

That is the real problem.

And it must be solved
by reason, not by emotion.

With understanding, not hate.