The Soul Collector (2019) - full transcript

An old man, fated to collect souls for eternity, seeks atonement after trading his daughter's soul.

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I'm the wanderer, always searching.

You are in me and I give you s.

And we will meet again.

Man can not fool me.

Man can not fool me.

I am walkers.

And you're mine forever.

see these mountains so creepy.

The man said the hills be the back of a snake.

She is sleeping on the stomach.

After the rain, you can see the reflection of their scales.

And so arise rainbow.

And among the snake lifts his head sometimes;

If you look closely, you can see.

Stop, however, the child instilling such fear.

I'm not afraid. Snakes are not bad.

Many cultures see it as a lucky charm.

What culture is?

Some countries in Africa.

Snakes are to accompany the afterlife souls.

Where do they come?

That's what I read in the book nem.

smart girl

You are close.

Well, here we are.

Check it out. A long time it is.

It's pretty dark.



Can I keep the candles? Please!

Mary sucks. - Mary!


The candles went out.

Why are you just went that way? You scared me!

Ok let's go. Returning to the car and wait, where it is safe.

You do us a room ready? Yes.

You're back.

That is also my grandfather's farm, I always say.

And, it was to say?

Class I FIND. How does it feel to living here?

As in any other farm.

My father was always early for work before dawn.

Sometimes I did not see him again before the setting sun.

Do you have friends here?

Yes, sometimes the village boys to play approached.

The village is very close.

Some of the parents worked here.

He was not above all at a child

I think his name was Siya or something like that.

His father was a kind of healer.

A Sangoma?

How do you know that?

From school

Sangoma may call the ancestors.

They're like ghosts, just use.

Where they can sometimes be angry.

That's just superstition, Mary.

This is not just superstition, Aunt Sarah, that's true.

Enough of ghosts and Sangoma before we get all the nightmares still.

We have a lot tomorrow, so please go to sleep.

I would like to ... - No, no, this is enough time tomorrow.

It's okay.

Look, I found FUE.

What is it?

My father's old boots. They are just a bit.

Well done. Finally you will walk in the footsteps of his father.

Then I'll sometimes look a bit.

Let's see if the generator still can. It's time we have electricity.

I can enter?

Sarah stay here and help. I then show you around, okay?





My mother's room.

Wow. These were all things? It was a treasure.

Tonight I want to sleep here. May l?


: In addition, the house is amazingly big, you know?

you come here and clear, so alone?

Oh, look at you. Come here. Let me get rid of it.

Pssst. Pssst.

If I just got this stupid thing running.

What do you know about the machine, the counter sir?

I give my best.

What's in the shed?

It will be?

No idea, is closed.

To surprise people is not very nice.

Are you lost, Miss?

Do not do hurt. Please sir.

I feed.

Thank you, señor.

Is dead?

Oh, yes, ma'am, and they have been for quite some time.

Look more closely.

Voler truth in His life.

There, everywhere, you see?

Death is life, and life is death.

These worms come here, they need a body to survive.

They differ little from their caterpillars.

They feed on something, then it is to transform something.

My caterpillars turn into moths.

My name is Lazarus.

I am Maria.

Oh, what a pleasure to meet you, Mary.

: Also, what are you doing here in the middle of this forest, and alone?

I just moved to a nearby farm.

I looked for food for my caterpillars.

You should introduce? - Oh please.

Dies are my tracks.

This is called Tiger because of the stripes on the back.

Oh, hello tiger.

The big grumpy because the lord is because it always looks so grumpy.

Here are Toto, William and Sarah.

And now teeters Calvo weave themselves ...

and turn into moths.

Yes, but I never leave because we are friends for life.

Can you help me back to the farm? I lost my house.


Hears! Mary, come here.

Who are you?

- Er heißt Lazarus ... - Still, Mary.

Es tut mir Leid, ma'am.

I, I did not move in the riots.

I worked for master target. I you are doing?

- Can I help you? - Good morning sir.

My name is Lazarus. He worked for his father, Master destination.

Yes, but died, Siem WAS?

Well, I found the girl here in the woods.

It was? It does not run so far, it's dangerous.

Sorry, my caterpillars were hungry.

As I said, I worked for his father.

Well, CAE want help, I'm like ...

Thank you, Mr.

- Lazarus - Lazarus, Verzeihung.

Currently need anyone.

Yes, it's a little early, which just moved grade,

That you have returned to Mary thanks.

Here, for you, Lazarus.

Danke, sir.

Lady, is tut mir Leid so.

I really did not want to worry them.

I had the pleasure to meet you, Mary.

Mach's gut, Lazarus.

Mary, if you strange new herbringst, is not a real problem.

The nearest police station is miles away.

He brought calm back and look here.

It's just kind man.

It is enough, Mary. Go inside.

Why are you always so hard on her?

And we could help their actual use.

You got it repaired.


I'll go see what commands briefly. Wait here.

Hears! What's going on?

One, señor ...

Without electricity is not good, sir.

I've noticed some problems and I thought it might help.

What have you done?

The diesel filter, sir ...

it was dirty.

And therefore, no diesel could enter the cylinder, sir.

So I got it cleaned.

That is what I did.

Well, now it works, sir.

Thank you, Lazarus.

You are welcome sir.

Good night to you, sir.

Lazarus! So you've been working for my father?

I let myself sleep in the shed. - What is doing what?

It has repaired the generator, Sarah.

Who can go a person alone in the dark?

There is much to do, I need help.

No, he disappears overnight today.

What is wrong with you, Sarah?

It has become Mary.

He has worked here sometimes and has skill.

Something in him is not trusted.

Please, Sarah!

Mary wants to sleep in her mother's room.

Light breaks. candle ne is the hall stop.

- Do you think they do? - Comes clearly.

Sleep was beautiful, small.

You know where we are.

You can always come to us, okay?

Do not worry. the bathroom Mama I feel safe.

I feel that I shouted, Mary.

My mother always was pierced in me will never talk to strangers.

And when I saw this man ... - Lazarus?


I panicked.

I'll protect you.

You're good?


Is nothing. I Dreamed

All good?

Yeah right. Sleep peacefully.

It is back and it's dangerous ...

The only question is when it will strike.

Obara, with all due respect,

I can not continue.

We sat in a cage like pigs,

and I started to expect the attacks of snakes?

And morning we woke up and the next blow?

I do not understand.

A snake that starts with patience.

You have to anticipate each move.

Understand how they think.

So prepare in front of his attack.

If you move too soon, you lost an eye ...

but it is not a snake, he is a demon.

A demon who eats the souls of our loved ones.

The souls of our mothers and children.

Lazarus is just a man, driven by pain and suffering.

No man should ever suffer so much pain.

In desperation purse seiner has given the devil admission.

And we have to face the consequences.

This has, when it comes to raising the dead ...

So why not try to stop it?



Who's there?

Show yourself!

I can not see.

¿Want Lazarus? Tell me you love was ...

Daughter back to me.

I can keep my baby in her arms.

It was too late.

There must be a way, sidewalk.

Lazarus was simply a father who loved his daughter.


Mary, did Mr. Grummel?

Yes, he died last night.

Oh. Maria. Mary, that I do tan sorry.

I want to bury him. But he's just a caterpillar.

I just throw them away.

No, Mary.

You know, this little caterpillar, then small and insignificant,

Hat a soul, just like you.

In his war was, das niemals stirred.

But all remover. My parents died.

I saw her die.

Yes, Mary, but something alive.

And dies Etwas ...

It is hovering around a small moth finally carried away by the wind;


Somewhere far away.

Mary, do you want me buried?

s order


This has been good.

Sometimes I miss my parents.

Mary, I want to show you something.

Come on

Be careful

Wait here.


These two are my favorites.

I found them while flying alone on the roadside.

The sun was setting. And the air was so clear.

I pursued for a long time.

I want you to take them.

Seriously? Can I keep it?

They are yours.


I have to go.

Hide them. This is our little secret, okay?

Where have you been?

Nowhere. Urgently I need the bathroom.

Will, William. - ¿What?

There is a man looking at me.

It must be of the people.

Lazarus, where is Maner?

I do not know, sir.

There is a small settlement on the edge of farmland, where at that time people lived.

Probably one of those.

I do not like that escape as soon as they see us.

Maybe you should go to the people and imagine.

I think it's important.

Tomo Lazarus. He Kanan help.

Okay, you wait here. I speak with them.

Ja, sir.

Good Morning.

How are you?

All of them?

Fine thanks. And you?

What's your name?

My name is Obara.

How are you?

Very well thanks.

Mbu looking ... ... and ...

Zanemvula living here?

We played together on the farm.

At the side of my name is William.

They are dead.

You were the one! How did you get here so fast?

Why do you spy farm?

Nerd ...

Seno name is Suno. He is our scouts.

It was just curious about our new neighbors.

You ask a lot of questions.

You're not welcome here.


I do not understand ...

I think they should do better, smoother.

It s peace come.

Get in the car, sir. It's safer.

I speak with them.

What makes You Ha doing here? Soft, demon.

Do not you think that what you are, boy, who dares to threaten me?


He is warned, better sleep with your eyes open.

Take care of his affairs with the white man.

We will not interfere. High away from us,

and keep out of his evil deeds.


Finally out!

Listen the one-eyed.

He knows what happens to those who do not obey.

His eyes were not the only thing lost.



let sir.

What the hell was that?

Superstition, Master William.

What have I done to excite dissatisfaction?

Nose. They talked constantly about his father.

Of my father? What's the matter with him.

I do not know, sir. These people have came against intruders.

They fear that want to take their land.

We can help cooperate with each other.

Not too much, sir approaches.

You could take advantage of.

Sarah says we should prefer nothing to respect, okay?

Ja, sir.

Do you like it here?

Yes it is nice here.

You and Lazarus, who seems to understand well.

He is very kind.

Why redeem Beiden?

Things ...

What things?

He knows a lot about nature.

Tracked and butterflies and such.

Oh yeah.

He said moths and butterflies carry the souls of the dead.

He said mothers and fathers soul was in two beautiful moths.

And where these moths being are?

I can not tell.

You believe?

Yes maybe.

Good ...

time for girls.

Have you ever wondered why?


Why we can not have itself.

I prefer to think not about that. I accept it.

Well, so, I find it very painful,

I can give you any type.

I'm like a dead tree without meaning and purpose.

Please do not do.

ASI is.

Why did God do this to me?

I was punished with a decomposing body. - Sarah, please.

I make my own son?

You have a child.

A wonderful daughter.

It is not mine.

And that's never going to be like them.

It goes completely embitter if you remain stubborn.

I'm hungry.

It is not time.

You and the girl, you get closer to you.

You begin to pass over me.

In this way they earn their trust.

I need it now.

You know that it's still too early.

Give me something about satisfying my hunger.

There is nobody here.

Then go to the people.

You are asking too much.

You do not love me.

Stop doing that! Shut up!

I will go to the people. I'll bring you something to eat.

What happens?

There is something strange.

No, nothing. Perhaps a jackal or something.

No, it's something else.

This is too tight. We must pause.


Where do you come, Lazarus?

Close up.

From one village to the foot of the mountain.

And you have a wife, family, children?

She was a wife and a young daughter.

They are dead. My wife died in childbirth.

And then there was this fire.

I could not save my daughter.

Since then he walks.

And so he came to Hemel op Aarde-?

Hemel op Aarde-as you say, is a very special area.

It is said that if it poses a kind of intersection here.

S my culture ...

it is believed that one can and this point with the ancestors ES contact occurred.

You mean, you can talk to the dead?

We all have ancestors, Master William.

The ancestors seem very important to be you.

Then you have this place that means a lot.

Many know this?

No, not many.

Only those who were chosen by the ancestors.

Are you chosen?

My people regarded me as a healer.

A man is able to communicate with the unknown.

I have a rare gift, Master William.

After the death of my daughter was a play a load.

It is getting bigger, yes.

If you eat more tan, you become moths soon.

As Lazarus has given me.

He is a very kind man.

- Ruh dich aus, Lazarus. - Ja, sir.

Sei still, mutters.

Sei ganz yet.

Hereby, I pay my debt.

Calm down, Mother,

it's over.

Everything has been fulfilled.

Still hungry.

I said, it's still too early. They complain to stop.

You left me in the house.

It does not fit.

You forgot me. Why, father?

You're not my daughter. My daughter does not get bored with us.

Sorry, baby. Excuse me.

I can give you what you crave, Lazarus.

He brings me the girl.

The woman took me under suspicion.

I take care of them.

Sarah, can I join?


What did you do? Sarah!

Something tried to kill me.

- Do not try to kill .. - Something has tried ...

Nothing is trying to kill. Only're stressed.

That's just in your head ...

Not in my mind, it's true ...


I have to start the water pump at present.

You can not always collect water from the dam.

Yes, we can not sell the house in all modes.

Therefore, I do not know, I start to like it. We could strutting all.

No ridiculous seas.

Que? A few cows, some chickens.

Melkst morning you cows, Mary brings eggs ...

You've planned everything, right?

Yes. In any case, purely theoretical.

Stop with daydreams and fix the pump.

Maria still is a good idea. O Mary

I think the big idea.



Today I have the pump running. sorry

I'll go and forage bang for my silkworms.

It was him.

I felt his presence yesterday.

He warned.

Warnings do not suffer evil away.

I do not care. Malignant or nonmalignant, which must cease easy.

I have a plan.

Take this bag with you.

Get him ourselves, grabs,

the bag and then destroy it.

Very simple.

You are playing with fire.

We have to wait for the right moment.

I've heard enough of you much time.

I'm not saying I went to do.

I do not need your permission. She is my mother.

My mother.



Sleep, mother.

I will do it ...

I will avenge his death.

Yes, avenging.

Sleep now, Mother.

The dream.


Would you like to like to see my track?


Toto is there in the corner. I had one, Mr. grandfather.

He died a few days ago. But that's okay.

I got buried out there in the field. - Hears! Who are you talking about?

You were you?

Do not be afraid.

See it.

See it.

See to it that Satansbrut.

They see it!

For you miss seeing.

You had no choice. He would have killed me.

Maybe I should have let this happen.

If you going to kill me, you need ...

try harder.

You devil! - I'm not a demon,

but the spirit of a father.

You bear no guilt and death. I can give you peace.

Peace? Never

All curses can cancel.

I burn, burn everything.

They are burning ...

You've made a murderer out of me.

I can not anymore. You can not do it someone else?

Must be the girl.

Should be to ...

So tonight then.


I told you that something is wrong with Lazarus.

And not at all.

I told you, you should stop doing.

Lazarus has a girl in the bag.

Will you trust! You have to let go, there's something wrong.

There is certainly an explanation for everything.

He is a murderer and an evil man.

You should rest.

I need it. We need it here.

William, going to tell you now.

So help me God. Otherwise I'll get Mary.

And never see again.

What are you talking about? Lazarus is not a murderer.

I know what I saw.

Do not! Finally, I can talk to someone!

Someone who listens! - Mary, sea enough.

You should listen to it.

William, go down and tell him.

Mary, stay with me.

I warn you. Listen to ridiculous.

And take responsibility for their actions.

Lazarus, I'm sorry, but I have to let you go.

It just does not fit right.

An attempt is worth war.

I ... I have even a little money. Alone ...

Please take it. Maybe it helps you get back to his feet.

He has cut himself.

Yes, but nothing happens, sir ...


Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Aber, sir, that will stay with Geld von Ihnen.

Could be a single bit tonight?

Of course, staying one more night.

I wanted to thank you for the good work me just personally.

Lazarus, I do not like the question, but I can look in your bag?

Only for curiosity.

Of course Mr.

Diesel is all, sir.

I wanted to go and get new degree.

No, stay here. Spend the night.

You had a hard day. Cutting and care'll get the diesel.

That's not right, sir. The family is above everything.

On the hand, Sarah!

He has a bloody cut!

Do you have any idea what it was embarrassing for me?

He stays overnight and leave tomorrow morning.

That's not enough. Now you need to go.

Then you will! I keep his paranoia.

Ich hol den Diesel generator.

Then I do.

Mary! Mary, are you there?

Lazarus? Are you?

Mary, come with me.

I want to show you something.

Where is everybody?

You want to get fuel for the generator.

Calvo can back.

Come with me. And bring their silkworms.

Hola people!

Where are you?



It was you done with them?

Where are they?

singing stops.

Stop singing!

Stop singing!

corner stops!

They have. Those he called Lazarus.

What are you talking about? What's going on here? Sarah?


What happens? Sarah, look at me.

Talk to me!


I'm sorry. That's all my fault.

Sarah ... Sarah!

Mr. You should listen.

Where is maria!

There is no time to lose.

Her family has to deal with a demon.

foreign powder.

It is called souls.

With the help of Lazarus.

Mary is at great risk.

Was it dust?

Follow our followers.

And bring back here Mary.

I'll stay here with his wife.

Go! Now!

What is this?

What is this?

They carried her.

You tell me where he is now, or distribution of your brain on my property.

If the trigger is pulled, the rest of his family is lost.

Maria needs you, William.

You have to go.

If you lie to me, old ...

I come back

I'm sorry, Sarah. I come back soon.

Bring me the goat.

How do you know this song?

The song?

Pululáis constantly.

I sang my daughter to sleep there.

Where is he now?

She sleeps.

I lost some time ago.

Obviously, you need a daughter and a father.

Give me your hand.

Y así now do.

I now speak.

I promise to take care of you when you can.

And he never wounded.

This is a great promise.

I do not think you can keep that promise.

I promise to take care of you when you can.

And he never wounded.

And now tremble.

Now we must be together forever.

Drinking out.

Are the stars of the night is is to see his brilliantly.

It is soft dark and light appears.

Be prepared.

It is said that the stars were the souls of people,

I had to move on.

They look upon us,

and look through the curtain of darkness.

And they remind us that are still with us.

Sleep well, my son.

His one here works ...

you do

Excuse me.

I'm here

Keep the goat ready.

Because it thinks? - Pssst!

Keep a solid defense.




So is.

Thank you, my ancestors are, thank you.

Dark, spirit poisoned!

You do not belong here. Go and never show your face again!

Henceforth I thee, evil spirit!

You do not belong here. Disappear or get killed!


My fault was installed.

What have you done?

I'm sorry.





I have a headache.

Do not worry.

Bald sounds again.

That's not our yard.

You're right.

This is not your home.

Where we are?

We're somewhere and nowhere.

It is a world between worlds.

In place of vacuum insulation.

I do not understand.

I was sitting by the fire ...

and I fell asleep me.

Ja, then the war is.

He fell asleep in a world to wake up in this.

See it.

I want to show someone around.

Mom? Father!

What's happening here?

Mom! Father! - Beruhige dich ...

Where are you? Return! Do not!

Calm down. Calm down.

Let me go. - Listen, hear my voice.

Listen to my voice.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

Listen to my voice.

Close your eyes.

It was see?

Our old house.

I remember that day.

Aunt Sarah?

Mary? You have to make a decision now.

This is Mary.

This is your soul.

Now you have the chance to go to their parents,

I return to the real world.

Why do you do this to me?

I'm sorry.

Sorry, Mary.

This was the only way to save my daughter Vuyiswa.

I'm sorry. I betrayed you.

I'm sorry.

I've broken our oath.

I'm sorry.

He violated his promise.

It was now going on with you?

Perhaps these rocks have mercy on an old man.

Do not be afraid, Lazarus.


You've made an old man a wonderful gift, my son.

Give me your hand.

Repeat after me.

I promise not to forget.

I promise not to forget.

I promise that we will meet someday.

I promise that we will meet someday.

And now tremble.

Thank you.

I'm pregnant.

It was?

As well? - I dont know.

I'm pregnant.

Good day.


I think you need some help here.

Thank you. We'll be fine.

I'm sorry, who with her daughter.

She's not my daughter.

Let's get along, and we will miss him.

But with your help, we have created a paradise here.

A good tree produces rotten fruit.

I'm hikers,

always searching.

You are in me and I in you.

And we will meet again.

You can not fool me.

Man can not fool me.

I am walkers. And you are mine.