The Soul Collector (1999) - full transcript

Zachariah, makes a few mistakes and it is decided that he is to live as a human being for thirty days. Mordecai is his supervisor. Rebecca's husband died and Zachariah the soul collector, or, the angel of the death helped him to make the transition between heaven and earth. There are some complications with Rebecca's farm and Zachariah helps her out.

My name is Mordecai.
I'm a soul collector.

Since the beginning of time,

we have guided souls
into the afterlife,

arriving at the moment of death

in accordance with
the grand design.


[sad music playing]

[man] I'm sorry. He's gone.

No, no! No.

[indistinct chatter]

[Mordecai] There have
been few problems.

After all,
one should not stumble
while on the eternal path.

Come on, hot shooter!

[Mordecai] But recently,

the council has been confronted
by an errant spirit,

who has become, in this
century's vernacular,
a screwup.

Yes! Yes!

[pager beeping]

[woman crying]



-[man] We've got rhythm back.
-Oh, my God, Raymond.

Oh, thank God.

I'm on a roll. All right,
ten on number nine.

Come on, baby,
do your thing.

Do your thing,
do your thing.

[dealer] Seven.
That's a loser.

Next shooter.
Place your bets, please.

You blew it.

Hey. Stick around, Mordecai,
you might bring me some luck.

Zacariah, you had
a collection scheduled,
and you weren't even there.

Five minutes!

No, no.
You pushed it too far.

They are angry, Zacariah,

and I'm not gonna cover
for you any more.

Just tell them to reschedule.
They've done it before.

That is not the point.

Every time you get involved
in one of these cockamamie
stunts of yours,

the plan is altered.

Years of human life
are affected.

You're a soul collector.

You have a job to do.

All right, I won't
screw up again.


You got my promise.

Promises won't cut it.
Not any more.

Well, what do you
want from me?

It's not what I want, Zacariah.

It's out of my hands now.

You've gone too far,

and this time, they're
gonna teach you a lesson.

No, no lessons.

Look, talk to them
for me one more time.

I can't. It's final.

Besides, I agree with them.

Thirty days on Earth,
living as a human being.

Maybe then you'll learn
some compassion for them.

[chuckling] No.

You're kidding.

[dazed music playing]

[birds chirping]

[Zacariah chuckles]

You got to be kidding me.

I mean, live as a human?
This is insane.


I mean, yeah,
I was a little late.

It's not like...

Like it hasn't happened before.
Give me a break.

Zacariah, you're arrogant,
you're irresponsible.

You think you can get away
with everything.

Well, you've used up
your last marker.

The answer is no.

So, what am I
supposed to do here?

How do you expect me to live?

I suggest you get a job.

[instrumental music playing]

[music continues playing]

[cow mooing]

It's all right.
It's okay.

There you go.

Oh, you're just caught up.

Ow, ow!


There you go.

Stand up. Stand...

You all right?

Okay. Go on.


[gun cocks]

Who the hell are you,
and what are you doing
on my property?

I'm waiting for an answer.
Come on.

My name's Zac... Zacariah.

That doesn't tell me what
you're doing with my cattle.

I was getting it out of that,
that wire.

Where's your horse?

I don't know.

I'd tell you more
if I knew more.

Well, you better
tell me something.

I was riding.

And the horse
got spooked and...

Threw me. You know,
when I came to,
it was gone.

Everything I had
went with it.

That's your story?


Yeah, that's as much of it
as I can remember.

Oh, so now you have
amnesia, too?

Well, I don't know
about amnesia but, uh...

I can't remember yesterday.

I wouldn't accept that story
from my seven-year-old son.

Now, you just go on.
Get out of here.


[Rebecca] What is it?



Ooh, that looks bad.


Yeah, here.

Thank you.




Well, you're not just gonna
leave me here, are you?

I guess my calf owes
you more than that.

Come on.

Hop on.

Go on.


Whoa, hey!




Are you okay? Yeah?




I can see why you fell
off your horse.

Let's go.

Hang on.

[country music playing]


Hey, Jason, would you take...

Whoa. Careful.

-Jason, would you
take him, please?
-Hi, mom!

Hey, Danny, did you get
your work done?

Uh, most of it.



I sneezed.

Why is that a big deal?

Who's he?

His name is Zac.

He helped me with a calf
over in the north pasture.

What was he doing there?

I, uh, I fell off my horse,
and your mom rescued me.

Surprised she didn't shoot you.


Well, I think she meant to.

That's my mom.

All right. It's enough
of this. I want you to
go get cleaned up, okay?

But what about him?

His shirt's all ripped
and he's wet and dirty.

He'd fit into dad's things.

That'd be good.

Yeah, uh, okay.

Why don't you go upstairs

and get him a pair
of pants and a shirt?

You know where
your dad's stuff is
packed away, right?

Okay, hurry up. Thanks.


Head for this way, please.

Helen, this is Zac.

I found him wrestling
a calf out of a mudhole
over in the north pasture.

Looks like the calf won.


Well, how about some coffee?


Just made some fresh.
How do you take it?

Take it. Uh...

Cream, sugar?

He claims that his memory
is gone.

Well. Let's try black.

That's coffee.

Something wrong with it?

I just did not think
it would ta--

No, it's good.

There's cream and sugar's
over there.

Might want to try that.

You know, you probably
want to go...

The bathroom's just across
the hall there to clean up.

What's that all about?

You keep an eye on him.
I'm gonna go check him out.

[slow piano music playing]

[Rebecca] Come on, sheriff,
somebody must have
reported him missing.


Hold on one second.

Think these will fit?

Yeah, that's fine.

Yeah, I'm here.

Well, just keep checking, okay?


Those clothes look like
they fit you pretty good.

Uh, yep. Yep.

Yeah. Thank you.

Yours will be done
in just a minute.

Aw, mom, isn't he
staying for dinner?

Uh, he can't.

There's people that
will be missing him.


Danny, why don't you go set
another place at the table?


[Jake] Rebecca, we've been
all over this place
and there's nothing out there.

Did you look in
Little Rock Canyon?

We looked everywhere.

I've got more bad news.

There's another
50 head missing.

Fifity more?

We'll find them, Miss Rebecca.

They're out there somewhere.

Isn't it time for some
of uncle Charlie's
birthday cake?

-Who told?
-[all laughing]

Oh, come on, Uncle Charlie,
you've been talking about
that cake all week.

Your mama's been
cooking me carrot cake
since she was ten years old,

and it's still
the best I ever ate.

Oh, you just say that

so I'll keep making them
for you every year.

Oh, no, he's saying it
to warn me not to even try.


Mom swore never to go
near the kitchen.

[mimics chocking]

[all laughing]

See how they beg
for my cooking?

* For he's
A jolly good fellow*

* For he's
A jolly good fellow*

* For he's
A jolly good fellow*

* Which nobody can deny*

Make a wish.



Don't ever do that. It hurts.

No kidding.

-Come on!
-Come on!


Where was it you said
you were from again?

I told you I don't know.


You said you got
thrown off a horse.

You look familiar.
Did we ever meet before?

I don't think so.

No, if he was from around here,
one of us would know him.

Then maybe you could tell us

where you think
you might be headed.

Well, I guess
I'm looking for a job.

[Danny] You could work here.

No, we don't... We don't need
another man around here.

But you said yesterday
we could use some more help.

[man] Would you work
for room and board?

I don't know.
What kind of work?

We could use somebody to
finish up the property fence.

How long would that take?

Two weeks, maybe a month.

I could do that.

Yeah, I mean,
how hard could it be?

[laughing] All right.

So how many cattle do you think
are missing at this point?

Couple hundred, maybe 300.

Well, we just can't afford
to lose any more,

not with the price of beef
as low as it is.

We just got to get lucky.

We needed luck yesterday.

You all know how much acreage
we had to sell off last year.

We could barely
afford winter feed.

Well, that's exactly why
the last thing we need's
another mouth to feed.

No, Jake, that last thing
we need to do

is fall behind on work
while we're looking for cattle.

That's why he can help us,

Well, I talked with the other
ranchers again today,

and no one's missing
any livestock.

Sheriff can't figure it out,

[door opens]

Dad, you said after dinner.

Checkers, Charlie.
We promised.


We'll talk.

-Good night.

Look, I don't trust this guy.

I think it's odd that
he shows up here now,

right when you're
losing all the cattle.

The cattle started
disappearing weeks ago.

Well, maybe he came here
to finish things off.

It's a pretty strange way
to go about it.

I'm not gonna leave him here
with you and Danny alone.

I can take care of myself.

I know that.

But I want to take care of you.

Thanks for cleaning up.


Ellie, come on.
Time to go.

[Ellie] I'll be right down.

You okay?

Maybe he shouldn't
be staying here.

There's something
strange about him.

Honey, you're the one
that brought him home,
fed him dinner.

What was I supposed to do?

He was all muddy,
cut, bleeding...

Okay, so now he's dry
and bandaged...

And settled in the bunkhouse.

What am I doing?

Danny seems to like him.

Danny misses his father.

Hey, it's every
woman's dream, right?

Having a handsome stranger
show up at your door?

You have been reading
way too many romance novels.

With my luck, someone's
gonna show up at my door
with a warrant for his arrest.

Say goodbye to your Aunt Bec.

-Bye, Rebecca.
-Bye, sweetie.
Sleep tight.




This is great.
This is great.

what am I doing here?

[rooster crows]

So, Zac.

How did you sleep
last night, partner?

Not the way I'd hoped.


Well, don't complain to me
about being tired.

-I expect a fair day's
work out you.

You know what it is
you got to do?

Yeah, I'll figure it out.

You better do more
than figure it out.

Maybe he ought to ride
with me today.

Help out with the roundup.

Uh-uh. Tom's the foreman.

He wants him here
finishing the fence.


I'd rather he be where I can
keep an eye on him.

He wouldn't mind you so much

if you were old
and tired like me.

He's a little high-strung.

-[Danny] Lucky.

Lucky, wait up. Lucky.

Hey, Zac, what's up?

Nothing, I'm just working on...

Just putting this fence up.

Oh! Ow!
Ow, ow!

I could have told you
that was gonna hurt.

You were holding it wrong.


That's funny?


Yeah, well, if it's so easy,
why don't you try it?


First, you hold the staple
underneath like this.

Then you tap it.

Not too hard.

Till it catches.

Then you can whack away at it.

How come you didn't know that?

I knew that.

Try it.

[Danny] You're doing good.

Want some licorice?

Sure, thanks.

[horse whinnying]

That's my mom's horse.

My dad gave it to her
when they got married.

She's pretty.

She's gonna foal soon.

I'm gonna get to train a colt.

Oh, yeah?
Boy or girl?

We don't know that yet.

My dad tore this when
we were picking apples.

Remember much about your dad?

I remember some.

Mom tells me about him
so I don't forget.

How did he die?

There was a stampede
over in Pine Creek Canyon.

I'm hungry. I'm gonna go
get us some food.

[Danny] Come on,
Lucky, let's go!

It's about time.

How are you adjusting to life
as a human, Zacariah?

Well, it's not
as much fun as it looks.

The sun's frying my skin,

These guys make
noises all night,

I can't sleep, I mean...

Why would anyone want
to live like this?

Look what's happening to me.

The cut went away.

The thumb is not
healing itself.

Sometimes it works,
sometimes it doesn't.

Okay, Mordecai,
I'm begging you,

-get me out of here.
-I'm sorry,

it's 30 days.

You still have 29 to go.

That's impossible.

Oh, I don't think so.

But, Zac, one more thing,

when you come back,
you'll be bringing something.


One of these souls.

[sad instrumental music

[pleasant music playing]

Come on, Lucky!
Come on, boy!

Good boy, Lucky.

[Danny] Hi, mom!

Hi, sweetie.

You didn't have
to do this. I'm fine.

Ellie said you didn't get
out of bed all morning.

And besides,
I had the soup.

I know. I made it yesterday.

Of course you did.

If I had made the soup,
it would really make you sick.

Flowers, too.
I must be dying.

Don't joke.

What did the doctor say?

I didn't call him.
There's nothing wrong.

Don't tell me that.

This is what,
the third time in a month?

I'm just tired. I'm not
sleeping great. That's all.

[Lucky barking]

[Danny] Sit.

Go get it!

Run, boy.

How long's he staying?

Till he finishes the fence.

Jake says he's not
much of a worker.

Jake would.


[Danny] Looks like there's
something in his paw.

Come here.
Come here, Lucky.

Come here.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa.

He's good with
kids and dogs.

There you go.

So, what are you thinking?

He can paint a fence,
he's nice to dogs.

"This is a man I need."

He is the last thing I need.

Yeah, well,
just remember that.

Besides, why would
I want anybody

who doesn't even
remember who he is?


You keep pushing Jake away
because you're not ready.

I like Jake, but...

Liking is different
than loving.

[Zacariah] Sit, sit.

[Danny] Stay. Go!

So, exactly how long
do you think we have?

Four months.

Six at the most.

Look, this is gonna sound
a little off the wall,

but remember
when your dad died

and old man Peterson
tried to buy this property?

I don't think he'd
resort to rustling.

No, that's pretty extreme,
even for him.

Well, he got the Martel ranch
a few years back.

And from what I hear,
there was some pretty shady
stuff connected to it.


Rebecca, I'll do
everything I can

to keep you from losing
this property.

I promise.

I know.

I miss Sam.

I miss him, too.

You and Sam.

Helen and I had our
sights set on you two
in fourth grade.

How could you resist?

We were some pretty
hot-looking studs
in those boy scout uniforms.

Oh, yeah.

It was the little cap thing
that got to me.

[both laughing]

[Danny] Tell it again,
tell it again!

[Zacariah] I can't. Come on.


Well, each driver
was put in a cart

that came with two huge
wooden wheels.

They go racing
around the track,

and the dust is
flying up everywhere,

and the horses are thundering,

and the people would
be standing up,

and they're cheering.

It's life and death.

I want to go! When can we go?

Well, you can't go any more.

The chariot races were
in ancient Rome.

It was thousands of years ago.

[truck door closes]

[Ellie] But you said you were
watching from the stands.

No, I said that I dreamed
that I was watching.


[Jake] Hey.

[both] Hey, Jake.

Hey, guys.
Hi, honey.



Movie starts at 8:00.
We're gonna be late.

I can't go.
We got to finish this.

How's it looking, Tom?

Not great.

You know, we can
skip the movie.

Why don't I go pick
us up a quart of
Rocky Road ice cream?

How'd that be?

That sounds great.

I'll be back.


[Rebecca chuckling]

So, tomorrow you can work
on the fence again with Zac.

Zac's not much
of a builder, mom.

I had to show him
how to hammer a nail.

Well, he's trying
to figure out who he is.

I guess we can scratch
carpenter right off
the list, huh?

Oh, yeah.

Go to sleep, okay?

-Good night.
-Good night.

-You ready? Swear?


Pinkie. Aah, love you.

Love you, too.

Zac said he'd say good night.

Well, he went back
to the bunkhouse.

Um, come on in.


Hi, Zac.


Well, thanks, uh,
for helping me today.

That was good.

You're welcome.

Can you tell me a story?

And Doc Holliday just
swaggered down the street,

and he walked in that
O.K. Corral and fwoo fwoo!

You could hear the whole town
just suck in their breath.

You said you'd check.

I thought you were asleep.


Night, Danny.

Um, I'll see you tomorrow.


What did you find?

Nothing, again.

You know, whoever's doing
this is pretty clever.

He seems to know exactly
where we're not gonna be.


I want to look up near
where Peterson's ranch starts,

All right?

Let's head over that way.

Hell, Tom, we'll be
out all night.

You got it.

I feel like everything's
slowly slipping away.

Tell me what to do, Sam.

[Ellie] Rebecca!

How do I find a way to save us?


Rebecca, mama's sick!

She fell down and they
can't get her up!


She's at home.

Hang on.

[engine turns over]

She's over here.

Oh, my God.

Okay, um, I want you to go
and find Zac, okay?

You try the bunkhouse first.

Is she gonna be okay?

Yeah, she's gonna be fine.
Now go. Go!

Helen? Helen?

Helen. Helen, wake up.

Come on, wake up.

You focus on me, okay?
Focus on me.

Tom. Where's Tom?

He's with Jake and Charlie,

We're gonna get you
to the hospital.

I just want you to stay
focused on me, Helen.

Look at me.
That's good.

You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.

Just breathe.

[slow music playing]

Did you reach Tom yet?

[Rebecca] No, his cellphone
must not be working.

Sure hope she'll be all right.

[engine stops]


You all right?

This land has been in
my family for generations.

The people who live on it
are my whole life.

My father and Helen's father
worked on it together.

Helen and I grew up playing
on every inch of it.

Just like Danny and Ellie.

I love her, Zac.

Let's go.

[engine turns over]

[horse whinnying]

[door opens]


Zac! Zac!

The guys aren't back yet.
I need your help in the barn.

Easy. You're okay.

[door opens]

Shh, shh.

The foal's not coming,
and the vet is
at another ranch.

I need you to come here
and hold her head
and talk to her.

I have to go turn the foal.

-What should I do?
-Come this way.

Easy, easy.

Easy, easy.

Just keep talking to her.
Just hold this.

Hold this and just
keep talking to her.

Okay, okay.



Keep talking to her.

Talk to her.
Talk to her.

It's okay.

Keep talking to her.

Easy. Easy, easy.


Okay, I'm gonna try
and turn it now.

It's okay.



Take it easy.

I got it. I got it.

Okay. I turned it.

It's coming.

Here it comes, Zac.
You want to see this?

Come here.
Here it comes.

Here it comes.
Here it comes.



Thank you.

You're welcome.

-What do say, cowboy?

When you finish here, head on
over to the horse corral.

The gate down there
needs a fixing.


You remember anything yet?



How long you planning on
sticking around?

Just as long as it takes
to fix the fence.


Nice job.


I'm learning all kinds
of new things.

Can never tell when they're
gonna need a fence up there.

Things are getting
very complicated here.

They're not buying my story.

I mean, didn't anybody think

how this is gonna affect
all these lives?

They expected you
to be an observer,

Not a participant.

It doesn't work that way.

You can't just... You can't
just drop into their lives

and then expect it to all
go back the way it was
when you leave,

and so I have to assume
it's part of their plan.

It's not.

Zacariah, while you're here,
just don't...

Screw up.

So, part of this lesson
in compassion

is learning how
to lie convincingly?

[Zacariah] You talk
with your mom about him?

[Danny] Yeah, sometimes.

Ellie asked if I can
still remember
what my dad looked like,

if I could still
hear his voice.

Do you?

I try to, but not really.

But don't tell my mom
because it'll make her sad.

I worry.

He was scared.

Why? What happened?

Uncle Charlie said they came
down the canyon so fast

that my daddy couldn't
get out of the way.


[horse whinnying]

[Danny] His cinch broke
and he fell right in the middle
of everything.

[Charlie] Sam!

Uncle Charlie
fell off his horse

trying to get to my dad
and almost died.

He still won't go back
to Pine Creek Canyon.

Think it hurts to die, Zac?

Well, I think the moment

that you actually die is...

Is wondrous.
It's amazingly peaceful.

He's in a beautiful place,

I can promise you that.

Really beautiful.


What did the doctor say?

It's back.

Five years. I was almost
out of the woods.

You beat it before,
you'll do it again.

I hope so.

You will.

[sad music playing]

She doesn't deserve this.
It's so unfair.

What's happened?

The cancer is back.


Why is this happening to her?

She's done nothing in this life
but be a good person.

Good night.

He's, uh...

Fast asleep.



There's something
about the nighttime.

I don't know if it's
the stillness of the sky

or the way the moon
and the stars

just seem to hang up there.

I feel like I'm looking
straight up into heaven.

* If I held you forever
It wouldn't be enough*

* So I'll kiss you
And hold you tonight*

* If I loved you forever
That's not time enough*

* So I'll love you
The rest of my life*

* Hold me tightly...*

There's something I've
always wanted to do.

* Love's brilliant bouquet*

* Time passes
You and me dancing*

* Nothing can stand
In our way*

* How can I tell you*

* Words can't express *

* This magic
That's happened to me*

* Never knew someone
Could touch me like this*

* Beautiful, gentle
And sweet*

* If I held you forever
It wouldn't be enough*

* So I'll kiss you
And hold you tonight*

* If I loved you forever
That's not time enough*

* So I'll love you
The rest of my life*

* Hold me tightly
Stand close beside me*

* Love's brilliant bouquet*

* Time passing
You and me dancing*

* Nothing can stand
In our way*

* If I loved you forever
That's not time enough*

* So I'll love you
The rest of my life*

I want that guy out of here.

Jake, it's not up to you.

She doesn't know
what she's doing.

Yeah, but it's her choice.

None of this guy's story
makes any sense.

And I damn well don't
believe that crap

about him just showing up
here like that.

What did he do, walk in
from another country?

I pressed him about it
the other day.

I got nowhere.

Hmm. Well, maybe it's my turn.

Don't get crazy on me, Jake.

No, I'm gonna be real
hospitable, you know?

Hey, why don't you and I
take him out tomorrow night?

Show him a good time.


I'm gonna buy him a few beers.

All right.

[music playing on jukebox]

[slurring] I...
I better get going.

Well, hold on there, chief.

What's your hurry?

Danny's waiting up,
and I've got to...

Teaching him about
the French Revolution.


And how do you know about that?

You learn that in school, Zac?
What school?

Didn't go to school.

Then how do you know
so much about it?

Saw it.

-Saw it.
-[both laughing]

Like on TV, right?

[laughing] Like on TV.

Amigo, you better be
thinking about moving on.

Two weeks, I'm gone.

He's not talking
about two weeks.

He means now.

What's so special
about two weeks?

That's when I have to leave,
two weeks.

Well, now, if you know that,
maybe there's lots of other
things you ain't saying.

I want an answer, damn it!

I want to know who you are!

-[Charlie] Jake!
-Rebecca ain't available!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa!

Wait a minute.

Let's look at this logically.

Now, I know I seen him
around here somewhere.

It just won't come
to me where.

Trust me, Charlie,
you've never seen me.

How can you be so sure?
How can you be so sure?

Because you're human.

Yes, sir.

And what are you?

I've never been human before.


I'm... I'm tired of all
the riddles, Charlie.

Now you remember
what I told you.

He's a little high-strung.

Let's have another.

Amigo, otra vez!

[soft music playing]


I always loved
watching you sleep.

I miss you so much.

I've always been here.

I know you love me, Rebecca.

I know how much you love me.

I'm glad.

The best way to honor
our life together

is for you to be happy.

Promise me that.

I promise.




Please don't go.

[Rebecca] It was unbelievable.

I know it was a dream,
but it just seemed so real.

Maybe it was
a little bit of both.

What do you mean?

Well, I mean, maybe Sam
wanted to talk to you,

and he did it in
the only way he could.

You don't really believe that.

Yeah, I do.

I certainly expect
to continue to give Tom
the benefit of my opinions.

And you too.

[clears throat]

For crying out loud, Mordecai,
you scared me half to death.

Odd choice of words.

What now?

They're not happy with the way
you're handling yourself.


You're here to learn about
compassion, not alcohol.

Well, thanks for reminding me.

I'll be reminding you often.

Well, you should
remind them, too.

Remind them there
are consequences

to their little experiment.

What consequences?


I came here, I got involved
with these people.

Now what happens when I go?
What happens to them?

They go on.

No, it's not that simple.

Danny loses another person
in his life.

So does Rebecca.

After what I've
already done to them.

What have you already
done to them?

I took her husband.

The decision to take him
was not yours.

what's happening to you?

Nothing is happening to me.

I just never thought about
what happens to the people
that are left behind.

[exhales deeply]

So, when were you
planning on telling me?

Telling you what?

That you're leaving
in two weeks.

I always said a month.

That was before.

-Yeah. Before.

I thought you wouldn't.

Not if you feel
the way that I feel.

I feel the same way.

[soft piano music playing]

I've got to get going.

Danny will be back any minute.


Now you've done it.

You're not a mortal man,

and you can't pretend
to live like one.

You leave me alone.
You don't understand.

How you doing tonight, Rebecca?


Um, this isn't exactly
a good time.

I know.

But you've been ducking me
a lot lately.


Well, actually, um...

I have been wanting
to talk to you.

Well, that sounds ominous.

Jake, I don't know
what I would have done

without you
the last few years.

You're like family.

This ain't gonna be
one of those...

"I love you like a brother"
speeches, is it?

You're too important to me,

and I just don't want us
to misunderstand each other.

No, there ain't
no misunderstanding.

At all.

You know,
you've been saying that...

It was too soon for you
to have a new man in your life,

and I told you I'd wait.

Now... Is that what
you're asking me to do?

Wait? Some more?

That wouldn't be fair to you.

Well, what do you
think would be fair?

[clears throat]

Fair... would be for me
to tell you...

That I just don't think
we have a future together.

Are you telling me you see
a future with somebody else?


[footsteps approaching]




[guitar music playing]


-You all right?
-Mm, yeah.

Tom said he found some
strays out near Pine
Creek Canyon yesterday.

I want to check on them,

and I'd like to take Zac
out there with me.

[Danny] Can't you take Jake?

Jake was gone when
I got up this morning.

Are you sure you want
to do that, Charlie?

Yes, ma'am.

I am.

[Danny] Think the lost cattle
are out there?

I don't know.

But they might be.

[Danny] Maybe I could
go find them.

You'd make a wise rancher,


Incidentally, these pancakes
are the best I ever tasted.

Want some eggs?

No. Thank you.



[Charlie] I've been
giving a lot of thought

to this bull you've
been feeding us.

Now it's time you were
straight with me.

Straight about what?

About you and Rebecca.

I promise you, if this thing
between you and her turns ugly,

I'm gonna be
your worst enemy.

It's hard, Charlie,
but I care about her.

You're gonna have to
do more than care.

What's supposed to happen
to her when you move on,

and you did say you were
moving on, didn't you?

You okay?

I'm fine.

Rebecca said you've been
avoiding this canyon.

I said I'm fine.

-[cows mooing]
-Whoa, whoa.

Did you hear that?



Maybe there are some
trapped cattle in here.

Come on.


Well, I'll be damned.

They're stealing our cattle.

Come on.

[country music playing]

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

[gun fires]


Don't move.

[Charlie] Crawl out
from underneath there!

Get out from underneath there!

Come on!


Come on, crawl!

I hope you know
what you're doing.

Just always wanted to see
what that felt like.

Obviously, Zacariah.

But I still say it's crazy.

Just behaving like a human.

I shot you, mister.

I don't think so.

I want some answers.

Who the hell are you,
and who y'all working for?

[Jake] I'll answer that.

You in on this?

Well, what the hell
you think, old man?

Drop that damn gun, Charlie.

How could you do this to her?

I'm trying to help her out,

first by getting rid
of these cattle,

next, I'm gonna
take care of him.

Now, Charlie, you better tell
your partner there,

I got a dead aim,
and I got him
right in my sights.

Your friend already
tried to shoot me.

He missed.

Well, I won't.

Easy, Zac, he's crazy.

All right.

You've got this coming.


[breathing heavily]

Who the hell are you?

I want to know how come those
two bullets hit your body

without leaving
so much as a scratch.

Nothing happened.

I know what I saw.

They hit you dead center,
and you didn't even blink.

You're wrong, Charlie.

There's something about
you and this canyon.

You were there
the day Sam died.

It's coming back to me.

Weird stuff was going on.

I seen things

like I ain't never seen
before in this world.

Sam was there,
and somebody
was with him.

It was you.

You tell me
I'm crazy.

You're not crazy, Charlie.

You saw what you
think you saw.

It's the world I've been in
for thousands of years.

I'm a soul collector.


That's nuts.

No, it's not.

You're telling me
you took Sam's soul?

Well, just where exactly
did you take it?

To a place more extraordinary
than you can imagine.

But you know it's true.

You saw it for yourself.

I'm here for 30 days.
I have ten days left.

And then what?

And then I go back.

You may want to
get on the phone

and let them know
we're coming back there.

So after you leave,

things are gonna go back
to the way they were before,

-is that right?
-Not exactly.

I have to bring
a soul back with me.


I won't know
till it's time.

Well, just make
damn sure it's me.

It's not my decision, Charlie.

Listen, I'm old,
I'm sick,

and these folks got their
whole lives ahead of them.

These are decent folks.

Don't you tell Rebecca
what happened here.

It's better for her
not to know.

She's gonna know
sooner or later.

It'll make no difference.


This old man is gonna watch
how you handle this.

You hear me?


I never wanted to hurt you.

I was gonna have the money
to take care of you and Danny.

You son of a bitch.

I know it would
have been different
if he hadn't come here.

It would have changed nothing.

Miss Rebecca, there is a little
bit of good news, though.

We found 30 head of cattle.

Thirty head?
We've lost hundreds.

Yes, ma'am, but this is
from the south pasture.

It's part of
our breeding stock.

Well, maybe it's
not too late.

-Maybe Zac--
-Forget Zac.

Well, I can't forget him.
He'll stay now that
we need him.

No, ma'am, he said
he was leaving.

You don't understand.

Miss Rebecca,
you can't fall for him.

It's too late
for that, Charlie.

[engine turns over]

Charlie says
you're still leaving.

Look at me, Zac.

I love you.

I love you, too.

[sad music playing]

You're skating on
very thin ice, Zacariah,

very thin ice.

[Helen] When is he leaving?

He says next week.

You've asked him to stay?

Of course.

Are you losing your charm?

This isn't funny.

Come here.

Sit down.

I read something the other day.

I tore it out for you.

"It is only with the heart
that one can see clearly.

What is essential
is invisible to the eye."

I'll always be here
for you, Bec.

Just look for me
with your heart.

You'll be okay.

And if I'm not?

Well, then,
maybe I won't go.


[knock on door]


You wanted to see me?

I'm scared, Zac.

I need to talk.

Why are you asking me?

Charlie said that you have...

Some real comforting beliefs
about death.

He thought you could help.

I think you let go
of all the pain.


And you feel a lightness,

just like you're floating.

And you'll be at peace.

And you'll be met
by people that love you.

Those people that have
gone before you.

My parents.

Uncle Jeff.

Yeah, all of them.

They're waiting for you.

And it's just like...

Just like you'll be waiting
for Tom and Ellie
when they get there.

And you'll be together.

It sounds so real.


But if it's as beautiful
as you say,

why are you crying?

That's a good question.

[soft music playing]

[knock on door]


You didn't have to do this.

You didn't come to dinner.


wasn't up to eating.

Charlie, you need
to see a doctor.

No, I don't.

It's you I'm worried about,

what with Miss Helen
not feeling well

and Zac, and I'm--

I-I just don't understand it.

Why does he have to leave?

Miss Rebecca, it's easy to see
how much he cares for you.

You have to accept...

This is out of his control.

I can't.

I can't accept it because
it doesn't make any sense.

Maybe someday it will.

[knock on door]


What is it?

You better come.

Just think of me as an angel
sitting on your shoulder,

and whenever you need me,

I'll just whisper in your ear.

And I'll tell you
that I love you

and that you're
a wonderful girl.

[Ellie] I love you.

And I love you.

[sad violin music playing]

This can't be right.

Not now. It's too soon.

I love you.

I love you.

You take care of them.

You know I will.

I love you, Rebecca.

And I love you.

[sobbing] No.

[sad music playing]

It's exactly the way
you described.

Thank you.

I love you.

Who are you?

I'm called a soul collector.

Just like the one
you saw with Helen.

Then why are you here?

I was sent here to live
as one of you on Earth

for 30 days.

And then what?

And then I go back.

No, I can't believe that.

It's true, Rebecca.


I didn't know how
to tell you.

And what exactly
happened in there?

I did that.
It was for Tom and Ellie.

I wanted to ease their pain.

-Who are you here for?
Whose soul?
-I don't know.

Maybe it was Helen's.
Maybe that was the soul.


I don't know.

And I won't know
until the time comes.




[horn honks]

How you holding on, Tom?

Oh, it's tough.

She's been gone a week,
seems like forever.

I can't let this ranch
go under, Charlie.

Helen would never want that.

Well, if you're ready,
my friend,

We got a lot of work to do.


Will I even remember you
after today?

I don't know.

I almost wish you made this up
as an excuse to leave.

You won't even exist?

[slow pleasant music playing]

[Charlie grunting]

[Tom] Charlie,
are you all right?

Oh, my chest.

Charlie, are you okay?

What's wrong? Charlie?

-Charlie, what's wrong?
-My chest.

Okay, you hold on, Charlie.

I'll get you some help.

[Charlie] Oh, help me.

Hold on, Charlie.

Come here.

[telephone ringing]


Tom, what's wrong?

Oh, my God.

-I'm on my way.
-What is it?

Charlie had a heart attack.

-I'll come with you.

No, you have to stay away from
us today, you understand me?

-It doesn't work that way.

I mean it.

Come on, Zac.

Hey, Danny.

Danny, hey.

I can't. You know,
we talked about this.


I told you I was
gonna be going soon.

I'm leaving in a little bit.

I thought you were my friend.

Look, I can...

I can still be your friend,
even if I'm not here,

just not the kind of friend
who plays with you.

But you'll call and stuff,

Dag burn it.

I'm gonna be really far away.

What place is too far to call?

Well, some places
don't have phones.

Danny, we got to go.

Come on, get in the car, okay?

Come on, Lucky, get in the car.

I don't know how
to say goodbye to you.


I'll get you some red licorice

and save it for when
you come back.

* If I loved you forever*

* That's not time enough*

* So I'll love you
For the rest of my life*

Look, mom, a toy store.

Can we get Uncle Charlie
a present?







Danny. Danny. Danny.

Are you okay?
Are you okay?


Stand up.
Let me see.

Oh, my God.


[man] I didn't see him.

Zac. Zac. Zac.


Zac, stay with me.

Stay with me, please,
stay with me.

Please don't go.

Please don't go.

Please don't.

Please stay.


No. [ sobbing ]

I will always love you, Zac.

You come for me
when it's my time.

What in heaven's name
were you thinking?

I couldn't let him die.

I just couldn't let Danny die.

And you are not gonna let them
reschedule this collection.


You know the rules.

Rules? What rules?

They broke the rules
the minute they sent
me down here

and I fell in love
with these people.

Not just Rebecca, but Danny
and Helen's family, Charlie.

Plowed into their lives
like a freight train...

Leaving chaos behind me.

Forget the rules, Mordecai.
We owe them.

I would give up eternity

to spend one lifetime
with this woman.


It's time to go.

[Mordecai] The council
heard you, Zacariah.

It is pleased
with your growth

as both a spirit
and a human being.

Some might say you turned out
to be a better man

than a soul collector.

Therefore, your reward

will be the granting
of a long life for Danny.

They want you
to guide him to adulthood.

To do that, they will
allow you to live
a life on Earth,

with all the joys
and sorrows that are
gifted to a human soul.

Your powers as a collector
will be stripped,

but you will be granted
the blessings of mortal man.

* Life was uncertain

* Then I found you

* Time couldn't
Keep us apart*

* If I held you forever*

* It wouldn't be enough

* So I'll kiss you
And hold you tonight *

* If I loved you forever*

* That's not time enough

* So I'll love you
The rest of my life *

* So I'll love you
The rest of my life *