The Soul-Mate (2018) - full transcript

Tae-jin, a patrol officer, gets into an accident while investigating a case, and his soul gets separated from his body. He is desperate to solve the case and return to his beloved ...

[VIU Ver] The Soul-Mate
" Wonderful Ghost "
- BlackPython -

- Thief!
- Stop, bastard!

- Thief!

Don't come after me!

What the hell?


(Don Lee)

I said stop!

(Kim Young-kwang)

Where did he go?

Will you please stop?

Oh man...


Go to hell!

That's enough...

You're so dead!

You son of a bitch!

(Written by Kim Seong-jin)

Damn thief.

- Come here!
- Stay back!

- Stay the hell back!
- He's gone mad.

- Go away!
- I'm breaking a sweat,

let's go. Hey! Hey!

- Help me! I can't swim!
- You're a bundle of joy.


Don't let go.

Shush, it's Hyun-ji.

I'm not here.

Officer! Sir!

Hey, baby.

No, it's my day off.

(Directed by Jo Won-hee)

- Hold onto this, idiot.
- Officer! Help!


No, it's not that...

(Wonderful Ghost)

It's your fault she doesn't answer!

If you're old, you should've stayed home,

why are you making others uncomfortable?

Why did you glare at me?


What is it?


Enjoying the show?

Listen, granny.

Are you having a heart attack?

Time to die yet?

Hey, put that away!


Got a problem?



Are you deaf?


What's up?

You got a problem?


I'm getting off.


This is my stop.



Don't you run a gym?

- So?
- Why didn't you help the lady?

Why should I?

Mind your own business.
Go away.

You good for nothing.

Why you...


So annoying...

(Justice Prevails! Jang-su Judo)

Shouldn't you be practicing?


Pair up and practice.

What are you doing?!

- Coach, I don't have a partner.
- Yeah?

Right. Bong-go.

- Hey, hey!
- Yes?

- Come here.
- What's up?

Pair up with him and do some drills.

I'm not a coach here.

I'll exempt you from next month's fee.

Come on, stand straight.

Hold here.

Hello, doctor, good afternoon.



Yes, of course! I understand!

For sure!

Holy cow...

It's nothing! Sorry about that.

Hard boiling or frying?

- Hard boiling, please.
- Okay, I'll prep it in no time.


So cheap!

Cheap fish here!

- Got sesame oil?
- Yes.

One spoon takes care of the fish stench.

Such a good shopkeeper
for someone so young and cute.

Got a boyfriend?

Not all cuties have boyfriends.

Why, want to set me up?

- Sure, if you're single.
- Really?

I can totally set you up.

Thank you!

- Come back again!
- See you!

No boyfriend, huh?

Go away!

What's wrong?

Just look at you.

You had to get hurt on your day off?

Bad guys don't have days off.


That's dangerous.

Don't piss off the knife-wielder.

Peach, wanna close up and go on a date?

Don't touch me!

What's with this?

Let's go on a date!

Don't be ridiculous,
I gotta sell all these first.

Stupid mackerels...

You're in the way.

Okay, I'm gonna change and come back.

Go away, and get stabbed again!

Peach, I'll be back!

You're not bulletproof!

You're lucky that we got a donor.

Doctor, thank you so much...

We'll do some more tests
and have the surgery in 2 weeks.

Thank you so much!

You're a lifesaver.

Please sit down for a moment.


This is a sensitive matter...

Will you be able to pay for the surgery?

That's not an issue.

I'll sell my gym if I have to.

Please proceed with my girl's surgery.

Very good.

She can run all she wants
after the surgery.

That's a relief.

Doctor, I owe you big time...

Please, don't do that!

You've taken good care of Do-kyung so far.

Keep her safe until the surgery.

Absolutely, I'll do my best.

Thank you so much, Doctor!

Thank you!

- Thank you...
- You really are strong.

Would you like some mackerel?

Thank you!

- Okay.
- Please come again!


Thank you.

Sold everything?

Why are you back?

Back for our date, obviously.

Anything you feel like?

Come here.


Sit down.


The other hand!



- Ouch!
- Did that hurt?

Nope, not at all.

All patched up.

Am I the best or what?

Yup, I'm all better.



Please be careful, okay?


I'll go change.

- Peach?
- Yes?

What should we have?

Whatever you want.

No, something you want.





We gotta go, what are you doing?

Hanging the laundry.

You liar.

Did you do flips again?


Then why is that bear dead?

I told you not to do any flips.

Hurry, the teacher will scold you.

No more flips, okay?

I wanna!

You'll have surgery after 15 sleeps.

You can play judo
and run after the surgery.

- Really?
- Yup.

So don't do any flips
or run until then, okay?

- Okay!
- Pinky promise.

- Promise.
- Here.

My adorable baby. So pretty!

Let's comb your hair, we have to go.

We need a bigger comb, right?

So staticky...

Be good today.

- Good morning.
- Morning!

Come here, Do-kyung,

- Don't run!
- Come slowly.

(Police Station)

What the hell?!

Doze off without the mouse.

- Thank you.
- Binge drinking at night,

sleeping at work...

I gotta get him hitched or something.

Tae-jin, get married first.
You got a kid.

I sure want to.

But Hyun-ji won't do it until
we buy the blue-door house.

Oh, that house? She's so cool.

She really goes after her goals.

Yeah, unlike someone here.

Stop that.

My goal is not to have goals in life.

If you keep saying I got none,

you're ignoring everything
that I stand for.

Jeez, I got no money for anything...

- Good afternoon.
- Ignoring a citizen's report?

How many times do I have to come here?!

My apologies.

My boy always comes home
at the end of the day!

It's been days,
what if something happened?

It's not that I don't empathize with you,

we're actively looking...

Don't my taxes pay your salary?

Find my boy! Bok-gil!

- Got that?
- I'll do my best.

I've had it!

Have a safe trip home!

What a load of dog crap!
You good for nothing!

We're here to serve!


He's gone.

Stupid mutt...

(Looking for Bok-gil)



Where are you?

Stupid mutt...



Over here!

Shut up!

What are you doing?

Holy crap!

Why are you looking at my van?

Is this yours?

Could you turn that off?

It's mine, why?

Didn't it just arrive from the docks?

The docks? This was always here.

Then what are you doing out so late?

Why is that any of your concern?


See that?

(Illegal aliens smuggling crack down)

Buddy, see that?

Jang-su Judo Gym.

I pick up kids with this van.

Anyone can stick that on.

Stick it on?

Something's fishy...

- Hi, Do-kyung.
- I saw this at the docks...

It's time for meds.

- You use this to...
- I'll be right there.

- Pick up girls...- I'm on the phone!

Didn't you pick up girls at the docks?!

No, it's a gym van!

Stop pestering me and go away!

I'm in a rush.

Sir, you can't walk away.

Son of a...

What are you doing?
I could've been hurt!

So open the trunk.

Stop pestering a bystander
and do your damn job!

If you're police, act like one.

- But the crackdown...
- What a nuisance...


I don't believe this.

You can't leave.




What's wrong with this thing?

Sir! Stop!

Isn't that the van from last night?

Where did he go?

I got you.

Fled from me, huh?
I should just tow it.

Can I help you?

You again?

It's an investigation.

What investigation?
What's there to investigate?

That's my van and this is my gym!

I saw everything last night,
and this van is evidence.

If you keep lying, I'll confiscate it.

Stop harassing innocent citizens,
and just bugger off.

If you touch my van again, I'll whip you.

What the hell are you doing?!

Why did you take my picture?!

He's definitely fishy...

What a bastard...
Don't come back here!

80 cents, please.

I'll take this too.


Good night.

Come here, bitch!

Take care, Boss!

Yes, sir.

What? Drink?

- I gotta go easy today.
- What for?

I gotta help Hyun-ji close the shop later.

Why do shops open and close all the time?

Aren't you sick of it?

He still got to do it.

No wonder you're still single.

A stupid single guy like you
won't understand.

Mackerel on the house.

Mackerel again?

My body can't take it!

I'm not eating that.
Give me something else.

- You're so adorable!
- Thank you.

You took after your dad.

Is it for hard boiling or frying?

Frying, please.


Dad, I don't want to eat fish.

Why? This is so delicious.

It's bad.

You still have to, you'll get better.

Fish is so good for you.

Are you sick?

Stop chatting up the girl
and finish that up.

Yes, right away.

Daddy, you're a meanie!

- Here's $5.
- Thank you.

I'll cook it well, let's eat right away.

I still won't eat it.

I'll force you.

I'll spit it out.

I'll put it back in.

I'll spit it out again.

I'll feed you in your sleep.

I'll spit it out when I wake up.

Thank you, bye!

Hey, Tae-jin!

What did you buy?

- I don't want it!
- Give it to Hyun-ji!

- You take it!
- Take it as an apology!

- Dude!
- Come on...


Sir, could you pick up those apples?


Over there!

Don't touch other people's stuff.

- Dude.
- What?

Isn't something fishy about him?

- It's raining.
- It's Coach Choi.

- What?
- Coach Choi.

What about him?

Something's off, he looks like a thug too.

Cut the crap.

Looks like a thug?

He may look like one,

but he's anything but.

These apples...

Here, take it.

I have to sell the gym within 2 weeks.

I see.

Please look into it.




What are you doing?!

This thing's busted.

Didn't you catch ghosts in the navy?

Why are you so jumpy?

I was indeed in the navy,

but I don't like ghosts.

I hate jump scares.

You really hate ghosts?

That's a zombie, stop that.

Stop kidding around.

Granny, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

- Mr. Policeman!
- Yeah?

An old lady over there is hurt.

An old lady?

Let's go take a look.


Him again?


Are you okay?

- Can you get up?
- I'm okay.

What the...



- Daddy...
- What's going on?

Let me see you.
You're out of breath!

I told you not to run!
Why won't you ever listen?

Let's go.

You again?

She's your kid?
Don't scream at her!

You should be praising her
for doing something good.

She can't run, dumb-ass!

Screw off!

Don't mind others' business.


Let's go home.

Where do you live?

I live around the corner.

Okay, let me help you.

Welcome! How many people?

2 ladies coming in!

We'll do our best!

I'm Cutie Pie, welcome!


We'll do our best!

- I only got $10.
- Okay, fine.

What's going on here?

5 minutes.

- What's this?
- Did you find it?

Go inside.

I searched her, she doesn't have it.

Damn loser.



Where's your cell phone?

Your cell phone.

Where's her phone?

She must've tossed it,
I can't find it anywhere.

That's it then?

I'm sorry, sir.

This is how you manage them?

I'm sorry.


This skank crazy.

We paid handsomely for your cruise here.

You gotta start paying up.

How dare you shoot a video.

Where is it? Where is it?!

Where's the phone?

Tell me!

What's all this?

- Dude.
- Yeah?

I've been keeping my eyes
on Korea Night Club.

This video came from
one of the girls' phones.

And this is the original?

I got the original.

Where is it?

The file got corrupted,
I gotta get it restored.

Know someone who can do that?

Yeah, I know a place.

Yes, sir.

I'll be right there.

- I feel bad.
- About what?

I gotta take off.

Yeah, go on.

I'll talk to the chief about this.

Sorry about this.

No worries, off you go.

- I'll head out then.
- Sure, bye.

This place is cleaned up nicely.

Officer Kang! Are you in here?

Good evening.

It was vacant for so long,
I bet it was tough.

- You did good.
- Not at all.

Here's the key.

Live as hard as you worked on this house.

- Thank you.
- Sure thing.

- I'm off.
- Have a good night!

- Watch your step.
- Certainly.

- Good night!
- See you!

- Thank you!
- Sure!

(Officer Jong-sik)

Hey, what's up?

What? Right now?

I'm buying something.

I'll be there soon.

(Toy Shop)

The van here...

(Towing Notice)


I didn't park here long!

That bastard!

You're so dead...

I'm so winded...

Where is he...




What the hell?

Is he dead?

Where did he go?

Hey! Why did you
tow my van, bastard!

Huh? What's that?

What's wrong with you?

What the hell, man?

Stay back!

Why is he here?

Did you find it? Huh?


You said he had it on him!

Did you check properly?

What did you do to him?

Tae-jin, buddy!

Tae-jin, wake up!

What did you do?!

He fought back, I had no choice.

You son of a bitch!

You were supposed to just get the card!

Don't pretend to be righteous,
and wrap this up!

This is Patrol 11, officer down!
Wolre Street...

What the hell?

- Patrol 11, say it again?
- Are you nuts?

We have to go.

That bastard, he needs to die.

Wake up!


Patrol 11, Patrol 11, say it again!

This is Patrol 11, 240 Wolre Street!

Officer down! Come right away!




Over here! Hurry!




Jong-sik, a moment ago...

What's happening?

What in the...

Jong-sik, hey...

(Emergency Room)

Lift him slowly.

- Out of the way!
- Make way please!

- What's his BPM?
- 80 over 40,

oxygen saturation 90%.

Get NS and follow up with the lab.

- Call his guardian.
- Yes, doctor.

He's in a semi-coma.

I'll call his guardian!

Where is he?


What happened?

Doctor, how is he?

He had a cardiac arrest
due to cerebral hemorrhage.

So he's alive?

Medically, yes.

Will he regain consciousness?

We'll have to monitor him.

The extent of his brain damage
is unknown, so we can't say.

How long will he be like this?
Doctor, please!

What were you doing?!

What were you doing while he was attacked?

I'm sorry, the thing is...

Explain yourself!


Baby, what's wrong?


Dude, what's happening?

Hyun-ji, baby!

I almost died...

Are you okay?

Where am I?

You don't remember?

You had an accident last night.

What accident?

I'm not sure...

What time is it?

Just past 8 AM.

I gotta pick up my kid.

But you can't get up yet!

Are you okay?

Do-kyung? Baby?

She stood by you all night.

Do-kyung, wake up.


How did you get here?

You're up?

- You brought her?
- Yeah.

Did you sleep okay?

I thought you were on a diet.

This is my breakfast.

Are you okay?

- Yes, dad's okay.
- Let me see.

Did you get hurt badly?

Did you fight after drinking?

Of course not.

You're the only one who cares for me.

You really didn't fight?

No, if I did, policemen would be here.


So you did fight...


A man is dying.
A cop, no less.

I've told you,

when I got there,

Officer Kang or whoever,

he was already on the ground.

And some masked guys attacked me.

Then why were you there?

I told you that too.

My van was towed, and I thought he...

I followed him because I was pissed.

Aren't you supposed to be
on the brink of death?


You can see me?

Crazy bastard.

Wait, please!

You can see me?

What an idiot, move aside!

Thank you, Lord!

Thank you, sir!

What the...

You thanked me?


Listen to me carefully.

I'm actually...

not human.

Then what are you?

Well, I...

I don't think I'm a ghost...

My body is there, but I'm also here.

What I mean is...

Stupid Idiot.
Move out of the way.

- But sir...
- Move aside!

How did you do that?
Sleight of hand?

I told you.


Ow, my head...

Holy cow!

You're awake?

It was a dream.

What the!

You okay?

Something wrong?

Don't you see him?


See? Only you can see me.

Do you hear and see things?

No, this guy right here!
You don't see him?

I'll get the doctor.

No, forget it, I'm all alone here!


Please help me out.

You're my last hope.

Sir, please?

What the hell?


Come on, what's with you?


I'm talking to a ghost.

I've accepted a ghost into my life.

I saw everything!

Saw what?

How are you involved with the night club?

Why would I be involved
with some night club?

How do you know Mr. Cheon
from the club?

I saw you driving a nice car there.


I do chauffeur work,
and I dropped off a client.

What were you doing at the docks?

What's it to you?

It's suspicious being there
in the dead of the night.

My dead wife is there.

- What?
- I spread her ashes there!

You nosy bastard.

I think it was a misunderstanding...

Forget it.

What exactly do you want?

Why are you following me around?

Stop it!

We gotta arrest those guys
who got us in this mess.

Us? I just got a bump
on my head, I'm fine.

I think you got it all wrong.

You think they didn't see you?

I'll take care of myself,

the cops came by,
they'll catch those guys.

Many people's lives depend on this.

I'm being serious.

Am I possessed?

Then why don't I see other ghosts?

Sir, please help me out.

I don't even help humans,
why would I help a ghost?

I'm not a ghost yet, I'm not dead.

Whatever, this has nothing to do with me.

- I don't care.
- Sir.

Go away.

Mister, wait a minute.

Do you see this guy?

Look properly. Him, right here.

(Psych Ward)

You don't see him?

I see, good luck!

- Sir?
- Good luck?

Help me out, please!



Did you get some sleep?

Please take this.

You have to eat and recharge.

Sorry about yesterday,
it wasn't even your fault.

Not at all. It was my fault.

He'll wake up.

He's not the type to leave you behind.


What happened to the other man?

The detectives met him,

but he can't remember so well.

(Mr. Cheon)

Did Tae-jin ever leave
a flash memory card with you?

Flash memory card?

But I did.

It could be a valuable piece of evidence.

One moment.

What are you doing?

Stop calling me!


Tae-jin, I'm in deep...

Jong-sik, what's with you?

Your gun?



Look at her eyes.

I'm so frigging tired.

Yo, come here.

You hung up on me.

You said you'd only take the card.

And then what?

What about the witness?

Even so, did you have to kill him?

Damn idiot.

You're worrying about him?

Worry about yourself!

When you lost everything
to sports betting,

I was the one who came to your rescue!

Don't remember?

We were good together.



Let me make myself clear,
don't drag me into this.

What a load of crap.

Who's dragging whom?

You called us, bastard.

Did I call? No, it was you!

Son of a bitch!


You piece of trash!
I've had it with you.

No fighting.


You can't even manage your girls,

and screwed everything up.

Did I put you in charge
for you to mess up?

I'm sorry...

You're sorry?

That's hardly enough to undo your mess.

Had you done your job right,

an officer dies on duty,
and we get the card back.

Backstabbing bastard!


Is this about Tae-jin?

But he witnessed it!

I could convince him...

He's not the type who can be swayed!


We went through so many
rookies over the years.

Yes, sir.


- Cheon.
- Yes, sir.

Find the card and manage
the girls properly.

Yes, sir.

And the other witness?

I'll take care of him.

For goodness sake.

He's a goner.

Forget him.

Let's find the bulldog.

(Choi Jang-su)

I'm here for the shot.

Lower your pants and lie down please.

Mr. Choi, we got a situation.

Those guys are here.

Stop walking through walls!

Those guys are just outside.

You have to get out of here!

Why should I?

- Lower your pants...
- Hold on a second.

It's fine. Please continue.

They're here! You have to go!

I can just report them!

- That's pointless!
- Report who?

The thugs outside and the cops...

- What should I do then?
- They're on the same side!

That's why you have to go!

I don't care, get out!

Get the hell out!

Hello? My shot!

Stop following me!

- Excuse me!
- You have to get out!

He's gonna give me trauma.


5th floor.

I'm here for physiotherapy.

- One moment.
- Sure.

Hey, Bong-go.

How's my girl?

Thanks a lot!

Mr. Choi! Behind you!

Watch out!

I told you it'd be dangerous!

They're coming! Hurry!

You prick, this is on you.
Those guys...

Who are those guys?

I told you, they're thugs.

You can speak louder.

Oh yeah.

I told you, they're bad guys.

For goodness sake.

Go take a look outside!

Go on!

Get back in!

They're leaving!

- Come up here.
- Okay.

What's going on?

- Hold on.
- Where the hell is he?

They're gone.

Oh man...

You're a hottie.

These are Mr. Kang's
personal belongings.

(Marriage Registration Form)

(Kang Tae-jin)

(Hong Hyun-ji)

Baby, take a look.

We're a real family now.


You and I, and our baby.

I'm way too easy.

Just wait till you wake up.

Look at our baby.

He's growing up.

Isn't it amazing?



Open up!

Let me in!

Hey there.

Over there.

She's back again.

This is getting out of hand...

This isn't your home anymore.

But it is.

This is my home!

I know you're upset

about losing your parents
and home in an auction,

but it's all in the past.

My dad built that house.

I was born there.

I'm gonna get it back no matter what.

- Yeah, Bong-go.
- Coach.

She's not at the kindergarten
and won't answer her phone.

What have you been doing?

I'm sorry, what do I do?

Look for her!



I don't believe this...



- Officer Kim.
- No way!

You were looking for a memory card, right?

Yes, that's correct.

I understand.

Mr. Choi!

Please help me, Hyun-ji is in danger.

Please help!

Help me!

Stay away from me!

You think I want to ask you?

You're the only one I have!


Oh man...


I'm so sorry about this.

She's never been like this.

Go to the park, hurry.

Okay. I'm sorry!

She's not answering her phone.

I see.

You should file a report
before anything else.

Don't bother, I won't help either way.

What are you waiting for?
My kid went missing!

Since you filed a report,
please just wait.

HQ will assign searchers...

Wait for what?

What if something happens to her?!

I understand what you're going through,

but I can't roam around...

Roam around?

You don't care because
it's not your business...

Not your business...

Mr. Choi.

I found her.

You did? Where is she?



Do-kyung! What happened?




Over here! Please!

This way!

- Watch her head!
- Okay!

She's unconscious!

She's a patient of
heart surgeon Dr. Kim.

She has heart problems!

Make way please!

Could you step aside?

- Check her pulse.
- Right away!

Is she okay?

It could've been bad.

It's good that you found her when you did.

She's okay now, don't worry too much.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Has she been sick for a long time?

Her mom had heart problems.

Do-kyung inherited it.

It got worse 4 years ago
when she got into an accident.

What's that?
Looks like an accident.

Oh no.

I think someone's in there!


I'll be right back.

Honey, be careful, please hurry.


Hold on!

- My wife is in there...
- Okay.

My wife died at the scene,

but Do-kyung survived.

Had I minded my own business,

she would still be here,

I think about that
dozens of times everyday.

Thank you for saving my daughter,

but I'm in no position to help others.

I can't even protect my own family.

I'm sorry.


Is Tae-jin in a coma because of this?

Did you see it?

I want to believe
that you'll catch the perps.

Do me this favor.

Son of a bitch!


Always be careful.

- What?
- I'm serious, be careful.


How long has he flatlined for?

3 minutes, doctor.

Inject 1mL of epinephrine.

Okay, injecting epinephrine.


Is he going to be okay?

His pulse is back,
but he may not have long.

You may have to make
necessary preparations.

Get up.

Get up right now.

Peach, thank you so much.

Please be careful, okay?





Do-kyung, are you okay?


You scared me.

Why did go there without telling me?

I'm sorry.

I know you miss mom,

I didn't want to make you worry.

I understand,

but you can't go there
without telling me, okay?

I'm sorry.

Who are you?

Who are you people?

Where's the memory card?

Did you hurt my fiancé?

It was you, wasn't it?

Pain in the ass just like her boyfriend.

What do you mean?

The donor's family
rejected the transplant.

But how can they do that all of sudden?

I'm sorry about this.

We'll have to wait until
a new donor shows up.

You're being irresponsible!

Doctor, we waited 4 years,

you can't do this to us!

I know, it tears me apart too.

But there's nothing I can do.

In that case, can I meet the family?

Allow me to talk to them.

You know that's against the law.

I'm really sorry.

I heard about Do-kyung.

Mr. Choi.

- I'm sorry, but...
- I've never...

once slept properly.

Fearing that something
might happen to her.

I don't know how long she can hold on.

Sir, Hyun-ji got kidnapped...

She doesn't know anything,

you're the only one I can ask for help.

I'll be dead soon.

While I'm still alive,

let me ask you this favor.


Where's the card?

Let the girl go first.

Are we making a deal?

You have that luxury?

Stupid punk.

How about I throw you in there
with a concrete block?

Give it to me.


What were you gonna do with that?

Why are you acting out?

It's the right one.

Let her go.

I'll take care of it, bastard.

Mr. Choi!

How old are you, you idiot?

Come here.

You're not allowed...

- 71G...
- 71G,

- 5909.
- 5909.

BY Refrigeration, you know this place?

Yes, I do.

Good day, sir.

What are you doing?


He was being an ass.

We need to talk.

About what?

I'm doing all the hard work,

but you get to keep the money.

I've been thinking,

this arrangement is wrong.

Isn't it almost your time to retire?

Yes, indeed.

Right, you need to rest.

About time I stop being a cop.

- Cutie Pie.
- Yes, sir.

Hey, hey!

Where are we going?

This is BY Refrigeration.

Why is he following us?

- We might need him.
- Who are you talking to?

(Restricted Area)

It's locked.

- I'll go inside first.
- Okay.

- Is there another way in?
- What?

Coach, why are you trying to go inside?



Why's ice falling from there?

Don't touch anything!

- Entrance is that way.
- Okay.

Why are we going in there?

- Who is it?
- Holy cow, hello there.

- It's open now.
- Who...


What did you do?

- He passed out!
- Be quiet!

You're the lookout, keep watch.

Why? Why is it always me?

For goodness...

Fine, I'll make you assistant
coach with pay.

Thank you.

Go look inside.

- Mr. Choi.
- Yeah?

- Did you find her?
- Not yet.

Girls are locked up over there.

- Yeah?
- Who are you?

- Look for your fiancée.
- Who are you?

I'm looking for someone.

You can't be here,
this area is off-limits.



why did you come inside?

No one's outside.

What's going on?

You did good.

- Are you okay?
- Untie them.

Sure. It's okay,
we're not the bad guys.

Sir, I think I found her.

Okay, let's go.

- Bong-go, take them outside!
- Yes, sir.

Boss! We got company!


I think it's the witness!

Jong-sik, follow me.

Yeah, it's me.

I got an assault report
from BY Refrigeration.

Send all patrol officers here.

What will you do?

We can't get buried for this.

Cheon is the legal owner here,

we can put everything on him.

He won't just take it.

What can a dead man say?

Mr. Choi, hurry!

Please hurry!

Are you on the way?

He's the chief.

You guys get rid of the girls.

You go ahead.

Stop right there!

Who is that?

He's the witness.

Why are you making a fuss here?

I heard you're the one making
a big fuss in this town.

Do you know who I am?

I'm in charge of keeping
peace around here.

Stop meddling in someone else's business.

I used to mind my own business,

but some things in life can't be ignored.

Is that so?

Let me show you what happens if you do.

- Cutie Pie!
- Yes.


Get up.

Get up!

Over here!


- Wait...
- Are you okay?

What are you doing?!

It's not me, arrest him!

- Hold still!
- What are you doing?

This is all wrong.

I've been investigating him
for a long time.

He's with Cheon, lock him up!

What are you saying? It's not me!

Let's talk at the station!

I don't believe this!

He's one of the thugs.

- Get the Vice Unit.
- They'll be here soon.

I'm from Nambu Major Crimes.

Why is MaJor Crimes here?

Good to meet you.

I'm Hongsung County's Chief Yang.

Good work.

You punk.

What have you done?

I'll pay for my crimes.

We should stop here.

Release him, he's not involved.

Let him go!

Smuggling, bribery,
human and sex trafficking,

conspiracy to commit murder,
attempted murder, kidnapping!

Who do you take me for?!

- Chief Yang!
- You bastards!

It's all over, don't do this...

Stay back! Don't come close!

Chief Yang!

- Stay back!
- Chief!

I've been through everything!

- Stay the hell back!
- Chief!



Why are you grinning? You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's get Hyun-ji, get up.

- It's this way!
- Yeah?


Hyun-ji, are you okay?

I wanted a daughter like Do-kyung.

You and I must really be tied somehow.

I know.

I may miss you if you're not around.

It's all over, right?

Yeah, I guess.

Mr. Choi.

I seriously have one last favor.

I want to live here with you.


- I want to hug you.
- What?

No, it's not me.

Tae-jin wants me to tell you.


He did?


Tell me something
that'll make her believe me.

He said “Peach, I'm right here.”


You're here?

He's standing right in front of you.



I think it's my time to go.


I saved you and our baby, so I have to go.

What do you mean?

You have to wake up.

Hyun-ji, I have a favor.

I want to give my heart to his daughter.

No, baby!

I can't let you leave.

Don't leave me behind, please.

My Hyun-ji,

who'll protect you when I'm gone?

Who'll help you close the shop?

Who'll eat with you?

Please, don't go...

Mr. Choi.

Please take good care of her.

Hyun-ji, I have to go.

No, don't go.

Baby, please!

Don't go...




Please take good care of Do-kyung.

Of course.

- Take good care of her.
- Don't worry too much.

Doctor, please take care of her.


Were you...

My wife is in there.

From the accident...


My wife and I looked everywhere for you.

I can't believe we meet like this.

What a coincidence...


I'll do my utmost for your child.

Don't worry too much.

Doctor, thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Anesthetic administration complete.

Let's begin.

Got a gravesite ready?

Shall we put you in?

Old farts in this town are all mutes.

Your stop?

- So cool!
- That's amazing!

- I'm sorry.
- Go away!

Brave, bravo!

You're so cool!

It's okay.

Ask your mom for an ice pack.

- Coach, good morning.
- Good morning, ma'am.


- Honey, where are you going?
- Not telling!

Boss, we need a bigger gym.

Yeah? Why don't you look into it?

- Really?
- Yeah, you're loaded.

Huh? You got money.

- Hyun-ji!
- Welcome!

Did you have fun?

I won a match at the gym today.

- Win!
- Yeah? That's amazing!

My turn.

Your baby must really
like my heartbeat too.

Yeah, it's the greatest sound.

I got you a gift.

What's this? You drew this?





[VIU Ver] The Soul-Mate
" Wonderful Ghost "
- BlackPython -