The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) - full transcript

Balthazar Blake (Nicolas Cage) is a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan trying to defend the city from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath (Alfred Molina). Balthazar can't do it alone, so he recruits Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a seemingly average guy who demonstrates hidden potential, as his reluctant protégé. The sorcerer gives his unwilling accomplice a crash course in the art and science of magic, and together, these unlikely partners work to stop the forces of darkness. It'll take all the courage Dave can muster to survive his training, save the city and get the girl as he becomes The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The war between sorcerers
was fought...

in the shadows of history.

And the fate of mankind rested with
the just and powerful ... Merlin.

He taught his secrets to
three trusted apprenctices.

Balthazar, Veronica and Horvath.

He should have trusted only two...

Veronica and Balthazar witnessed the savagery
of a sorcerer beyond evil ...

Morgana le Fay, Merlin's most deadly enemy.

We are but servants.

- Merlin.
- Horvath.

You betray me?

I am no one's servant.

Well done.
Now get the spell.

And so it was, Morgana gained the sorcerer's
most dangerous spell.

Known as "The Rising".

Giving Morgana the power to raise an army of the
dead ...

and enslave mankind

Veronica sacrificed herself for Balthazar, by pouring
Morgana's soul into her own body.

But Morgana began to kill her
from the inside.

To save Veronica's life
and to capture Morgana

Balthazar trapped them both in
the Grim Hold ...

An inescapable prison

Over time, Balthazar fought ...

many sorcerers who tried to free

Trapping them in layer upon layer of the doll

Eventually he captured Horvath as well.

As Merlin lay dying, he gave
Balthazar his dragon ring saying ...

it would guide him to the child
who would one day grow to be Merlin's successor,

the Prime Merlinian.

The Prime Merlinian is the only one who can kill

Balthazar would search for centuries.

And never it is said, will Balthazar
waiver from his quest.

For mankind will never be safe,

Until Morgana is destroyed
by the Prime Merlinian.

Hey, Tank.
How did you get up here?

David? Field trip today.
Don't forget to wear clean underwear

She means me, not you.

You're not supposed to be doing that, Dave.

Look, now.

That is cool .


... Before Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
were even built, there were ..

- Give it to Becky.
- Pass it on.

- Give it to Becky.
- Here.

Check one: I would like to be David's
( ) friend ( ) girl friend.

Hey, stop.

Excuse me.


No way, don't.

Arcana Cabaña
Founded in 1888

No way ..

The second emperor of the Han Dynasty,
locked his least favorite wife in this urn...

for ten years... to the day

They say if you open it up,
the same thing will happen to you.

I'm sorry.
I'm looking for this note.

Have you seen it?
It's kinda just blown to your store

- A note?
- It was blown to your store.

- It was just a...
- Coincidence.

Yeah, it was just a coincidence.

I have something I'd like to show you, Dave.

- How'd you know my name was Dave?
- Coz I can read minds!.

It's on your backpack.

Come over here.

This is very special, and if it likes you,
you can keep it

I better not. My teacher said I can't be gone for long.
She knows I'm here.

You're a bad liar, Dave.
That is good.

Oh boy

- No way
- I have been searching for a very long time.

Magically, here you are.

That ring on your finger
means something, Dave.

It means you're going to be
a very important sorcerer one day

And your first lesson begins right now,
with your very own Incantus.

Do not move, do not touch anything.

No way

- When am I?
- New York City.

Not 'where'. The year.
You are wasting my time.

What happened to:
"Don't touch anything?"

- That's not very sporting of you, Balthazar.
- Be quiet.

It's not you. He's been like this for a thousand years.
I'll explain later.

I need the Grim Hold
Where is that doll?

I'll have that doll

I want that doll.

Leave, Dave!.
Leave now!.

David Stutler. Never leave your...

There are strange magicians there.
They are made of roaches.

No. Don't go in there. The shop is on fire.
Do not go inside. These guys are...

... Crazy.

You really shouldn't tell stories. Let's go

Eew. He peed in his pants.

A jar broke.
It's just water. There was a fire.

Stutler. He's an idiot.


Good morn.... What is that... Oh, right.

Good morning, beautiful.

Hey, heads up.

Happy birthday.

- Thank you, Bennet.
- You're up early.

Mr. Hiedermann wants me to give a
presentation to his physics 101 class.

What? Teaching long division to English majors?

I know, it's like the Peace Corps,
but it's Hiedermann's class.

Hey, Bio nerds are getting drunk tonight.

... and we invited cheerleaders
from Princeton.

Oh!. So thery're smart cheerleaders?

So. Seriuosly? You're saying you don't
wanna go out on your birthday?

I got to finish my tesla coil project,
if I wanna graduate.

Dave... are you familiar with the gray wolf?

No, please, Bennet. Not this again with
the gray wolf. I can't...

The gray wolf is a pack animal.

He must find a mate. He must
hunt and grunt. He must participate.

You're gonna get voted out of the pack.

Alone. Eaten by
a hungry bear.

That's a real pick-me-up pep talk,
and I'm ready to go get the day.

What? No, no, man...

Is everything okay down there?

- I should just leave, right?
- Right.

Wait, I'm sorry.
Becky? Becky Barnes.

We were in fourth grade together .

- I do know you. Dave Stutler, right?
- That's me.

You're that kid that the...
What is that place called? Arcana...

- Arcana Cabana?
- Yeah. So, did you transfer?

Yeah. I did. And got some help. treatments.

Yes. That was weird.

Yeah. You know what?
It turns out it's just a glucose imbalance

Not uncommon in young subjects.

- Ah, right.
- That's a great anecdote.

Hey, Becky.

Becky. Hey, hey, Becky?

So how are you enjoying physics 101?

- My .. my brain does not thinks physics.
- So what does it think then?

Music, mostly.

So, this is me.

- You work at a radio station?
- Yeah, I do an afternoon show.

- Are you kidding me? That's so cool.
- It's just college radio.

Like seven people listen to it.

Oh no, well, I'll be listening. That's one more.
You can round it up to eight.

I think that's our antenna.

- What's going on?
- Hey gorgeous, the whole mixer is toasted

and Freddy called in sick.

Sorry to bother you.
Where does your engineer keep his equipment?

Who is this guy?

So, the good news is you're still transmitting.
The bad news. your antenna loss- way too high

Alright. If I know what I'm doing,
We.. should .. be .. good!

- Thank you.
- No, please. It's my pleasure.

I could tell that ..this is all
this is pretty important for you.

My show is like the one thing that...
You know.

Physics. That's my thing.

- I'll see you around.
- You didn't ask her out!

You just fixed their antenna
and you left.

That's not the point.
She will remember me

She will remember me?
Who are you? Braveheart?

Bennet, I blew my shot of
getting this girl ten years ago...

I can't do it again. Now, get out of here
before you get electrocuted.

... And it's a miracle we
made it on the air tonight

This show may not matter,
but the music does.

This is Becky Barnes, WNYU Radio,
hoping there's music all around you.

I don't understand why did you
have to buy this piece of junk?

Junk? It's an antique.

Antique? It's a piece of junk
from a plea market.

Am I the first one out?

That's a yes.
Our ten years are up, Balthazar.

When I get the Grim Hold from young David,
I'll tell him you said hello.

Cheerio, Balthazar.

Dave Stutler
Rm 184th Grade B-

I thought B- was generous.

I've recently been released from
a ten-year sentence..

During which the only reading material available to me...

was your so called report on Napoleon Bonaparte,
from your school bag.

Your analysis was obvious,
your prose was weak.

- I was nine!.
- Irrelevant!

Where's the Grim Hold?
That doll you took from the shop.

The doll held something very powerful,
something very important ... to me.

You had it last.
I want it back.

- Listen, I threw it in the street.
- Where's the Grim Hold?

It's been a long time ago.
I don't actually know where it is.

I'll cut the truth out of you.

Sweet ..

Get him.

Wolves? No, no, no.


- Thank you.

Oh man, oh man. What?

Oh, no, no.

Kill him.



Oh my...

- No way.
- Where's the doll, Dave?

Him .. him ...
Him... him... him...

Alright, get up here now!
Now! Hurry!

This is not happening.. this is not happening.
I taste sour in my mouth.

Take it easy, Dave. Deep breaths.


Now, that is not happening ..

What's wrong?
What is it?

No, no, no, no, no.
You are not doing this to me again.

Do you have any idea what my life
has been like for the last ten year?

I've been stuck in an urn for the last ten years

So have I...
A figurative urn of ridicule!

Do you know that in certain parts
of the tri-state area ...

they still refer to having a nervous breakdown as pulling
a 'David Stutler'? Did you know that?!

Try to be a good listener, Dave.

That doll is called the Grim Hold.
It is a prison...

for the most dangerous Morganians
in history.

Each one locked up in a layer of the doll

Horvath wants to free his fellow Morganians,
and destroy the world.

This must not happen.

Yeah, for sure .

The truth is, you have a
very special gift

- You need to see that
- I just wanna be normal.

.. Normal life. I wanna forget about
that day at Arcana Cabana.

I wanna forget about magic.
I wanna forget everything.

- You should duck.
- What?

You wanna forget magic?
Then why'd you keep the ring?

I.... I was going to
sell that on Ebay.

You're still a bad liar, Dave.

I like that about you. It's a good sign.
You have the gift.

No, I have a life.

You're the last person
Horvath saw with the Grim Hold.

That puts you on his list.

So unless you want him to turn you
into a pig,... who just loves physics,

Then you better help me
find that doll before he does.

Ah, God. This is crazy.
You see how crazy this is, right?

Alright. Alright. You help me
get it back, you're done.

- Really?
- You can walk away.

Can you please put my dresser back?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.. what are you doing?
Oh No. Please, don't do that. What are you doing?

What? Whoa, what is that?

It's my Grim Hold tracking device.

Biometric pressure spell that displaces
the atmosphere above the doll.

It looks like downtown.

If we can track the Grim Hold,
so can Horvath

So why don't we just take the eagle?

Too hot profile for a trip downtown

- I'll have to call a tow.
- That won't be necessary.

Yeah, but this car has been
impounded for like ten years.

Yeah, this is low profile.

She missed me.

Let me give you the basics. Strickly Sorcery 101.
Put on the ring.

- Nothing's going to happen.
- Yeah?

Oh, no.


Have you heard that people use only 10%
of their brains?

Sorcerers can manipulate matter...

because the're born with the capability
to use the entire power of their brains.

Which also explains why molecular
physics comes so easily to you.

So wait... Is sorcery
science or magic?

Yes and yes.

For now all you need is a
basic-combat-spell. Making Fire.

- What causes molecules to heat up?
- They vibrate?

Everything we see is in a constant state of
vibration. That's the illusion of solidity.

But how do we take that which appears solid
and have it burst into flames?

We will the vibrations to go faster
Step 1: Clear your mind ..

Step 2: See the molecules.
Step 3: Make them shake.

- Got it ?
- No, I definitely don't got it.

Trust the ring, Dave.
And keep it so.

Civilians mustn't know magic exists.
That would be complicated.

... Says the guy in the 350-year old
rawhide trenchcoat .

I threw it in the street.

It's been a long time ago.
I actually don't know where it is.

I threw it in the street.

- Don't go in there ..
- He peed in his pants.

The shop is on fire. Do not go
inside. These guys are...

It's just water.
There was a fire.

- I threw it in the street.
- But where?

Get away, freak!
I need to pull in there.

- Are you addressing me?
- Hey! Don't mess with me.

Where was I?


You stay there. I'll get the Grim Hold.
Keep an eye up for Horvath.


Can I help you?
Do you have an appointment?

I'm sorry to trouble you. I'm looking for a...
Well, it's rather strange .. A nesting doll.

It's about this big. Angry looking
Chinese gentleman on the front.

- A nesting doll?
- Yes.

- It's possible. I collect so many objects
- Tao fa ho long. (Your hair is beautiful)

Ah, you speak Mandarin.

That was Cantonese, Horvath.

The Grim Hold. Where is it?

An old associate of mine speaks
impeccable Cantonese.

He lived about 200 years ago.

Do you know him? Sun-Lok. Of course you do.
You locked him inside the Grim Hold.

Opened it.

Are you alright?
What, Oh... What the ..?

- Hey, I'm like one of them.
- Dave. You should run.

What is wrong? Why is it so heavy?
This thing is heavy.

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Be still.


Come on

You skipped the first step.
Clear your mind!

Get the first step.

Clear my mind?
Are you insane?

A little bit.

Oh, man.

This is it.
Clear your mind . Believe.

Yeah. Oh, go team.
Magical stuff.

Did you see that? Did you see what I did?
I did it.

I stood on the balcony.

- It can't be.
- Thanks, man.


Hey, what do you got?
Did you see what happened here?

You know what?

One rocket hits this paper dragon in this Asian festival
and lit it up like a birthday cake

We get some muffled call
saying it was a real dragon.

Between you and me, cap'n, I think some of
these folks were hitting the sake pretty hard.

Sake is Japanese. actually ..

Carry on.

- Sake is Japanese?
- Well, it is

- I was in character
- Oh, right

You may now return the ring to me.

I'm a man of my word.
You helped me. We're done.

Right.. right

I'd like to wear it some more.

We need a place to work.
Somewhere under Horvath's radar.

I think I can help with that.

This was originally a subway turnaround

They let me work down here because some
of my experiments can be a bit dangerous.

Oh, my professor has a hook up
so nobody knows we're down here.

I didn't have the chance
to give you this before.

Your Incantus.

I remember it being bigger.

Pocket edition.

The Incantus is our textbook. The art,
science and history of sorcery

Including our recent history as well.

Come on.

See? There you are.

Before we can put Horvath
back inside the Grim Hold

We must first turn you into a sorcerer ..

Which begins now.
Step back.

- I really was doing something...
- Eyes open.

- Yes.
- Mouth closed.

This is the Merlin Circle.

It focuses your energy.
Helps you master new spells.

It is where you will learn the art.

Step inside,
you leave everything else behind.

Once you enter,
there is no going back.

So I should probably pee first?

Better safe than...

I can hold it.

I'm Balthazar Blake, sorcerer of the
777th degree,

and you are my apprentice.


Your ring is not a piece of jewellery.

It projects the electrical energy of
your nervous system into the physical world.

Without his ring, a sorcerer
is powerless .

The only other thing a sorcerer
needs ...

.. is a nice pair of pointy shoes.

Your rubber soles block the current

Plus it helps look classy.

These are old men shoes.

Excuse me?

I love them.

A lot

I haven't seen that cane since...
I saw a picture of it when I was a boy.

- You've been locked up a long time.
- And now I'm out.

- And I need soldiers.
- I got one kid

- He ain't old school
- One will do

Your ingenuity and your heart, will give you an
advantage over Morganians.

They rely only on the power of
their magic.

But if you're up against the wall,
there's only one weapon of choice

The plasmaball.

Yeah, nothing. There's nothing, nothing.

I got it.
I got one.




... And invite my soul...
And again.

See? That's what
pad is...

So I'll have a bath from the jewels then I'm gonna
emerge, right? And everyone's gonna think I'm dead.

I'll reach into the big top hat
and I'll pull myself out,

but I'm a woman.

A ball of fire, right. A baby sitting in a napkin
but I would like a tiger.

If I could get like a tiger jump a leopard .

But not at his mouth, that's been done, I'm sure.

Good. Just perfect, doll.
Yeah, yeah, keep it straight up, sister.

Oh, do tell me this is a joke.

Sorry, are you lost?

So, you are what passes for
a Morganian these days?

- Maxine Horvath. You are one smanky man...
- Will you excuse us, ladies?

Yes, excuse us, ladies.

- Bob, you too.
- Bob...


So they tell me you're some kind of
... entertainer.

Five sold out shows at
the Garden plus...

back end
on a pay per view.

Did you ever see Morgana
pull a rabbit out of a hat?

Look, my master disappeared when I was fifteen.

Left me with nothing but an Incantus...

and some prescription guide for vandalment issues.

- So I improvised.
- Well, the time for improvisation is over.

Balthazar Blake may have found
the Prime Merlinian.

He wears the ring?

The best way to
to defend against fire...

a vacuum ball.

Your turn.

- I did it. I did it.
- Excellent. Excellent.

- Excellent
- I did that.

What's wrong with your
tesla coil?

It seems to be firing on its own.

- Really .. really funny.
- This will be hilarious then.

Oh, my God.

- Dude.
- I think it's fair enough.

- I haven't eaten in ten years.
- Yeah, yeah, fair enough.

May I ask what's so special about this bench ?

- No, no. No.
- What?

There's no time for that
and too much at stake.

That girl, she's the one, man.
And you're my mentor, Balthazar.

Aren't you supposed to help me achieve
my personal goals?

Ahh.. yes, yes. Except I'm not your mentor.
I'm your master.

And your master says: If Horvath catches
you out in the street, you'll die.

Is she worth that?
Think about it, Dave.

Don't eat my sandwich.

Becky. What a coincidence.

- Oh. Hi, Dave.
- Going uptown, or...

- Are you stalking me?
- Not in a threatening way.

Why was I even concerned?

So I listened to your show last night.

- Oh, what do you think?
- I would say it was amazing.

I've never actually heard of any of those bands
which I think is a good indicator that they're cool.

I'm glad someone was listening.

This may come as a surprise to you
I don't get up too much.

Give me that. Come on. Come on
Give me the bracelet.

That was my grandmother's bracelet.

Dave, don't!

Can you just give me that bracelet back, please?

You better run back to your girlfriend.

Believe me, I wish she was...
You thought she was my girlfriend?

Is that the kind of idea you got?

You talk too much.
Shut up.

What are you doing?

I have no idea what you're referring to .
I honestly...

- Oh, you seeing it?
- Heads up

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, here you go

- Your grandmother's bracelet.
- How did you do that?

- That guy was huge
- I've been doing a lot of cardio.. cardio boxing lately ..

Let me introduce Thunder, Lightning.

Something about you seems different.

I am wearing new shoes.

- Nice.
- Thank you, is that your train?

Yes. Thank you.

Alright, I just want to tell you that if you
want me to help you with your mid-terms

- You come by my lab. I'll text you the address.
- Yes. That'll be great.

- Yeah?
- Ah, tomorrow?

It's a date

No, no .. it's not a date.
It's a date ... like an appointment,

It's a date, no like an appointment.

Love .. is a distraction.
Sorcery requires complete focus

Let's go, Thunder and Lightning.
There's more to learn.

This is perfect.

The Rising will happen here.

We will use these satellite dishes on the rooftops.
There and there and there.

Get it done

'My Best of' DVD
drops next month.

There you go. Alright.

Sorry, but it's just nice for them
to see a genuine icon like me.

Fortunately, they will be dead soon.

But before that...
we need to find the boy.

Well, how do we do that?

We'll wait until he's alone.

Now focus on control
Set me down slow and steady.

Dave? It's Becky.

Probably back shortly.

Could you please hide?
Hide now, please.

Dave, get back here.
We have important work to do.

- Knock, knock.
- Yeah, Becky...Just a...

- We should go. The library, anyplace.
- Dave?

- Is that company I hear?
- Yeah.

Umm. Okay. Fine, Becky, this is my...

- Uncle. Uncle Balthazar.
- Dave, I'm confused.

I thought you and I were staying in together.

- Aww. If this is a bad time, I could come back... - No, no ..
- Actually.

- No. No. Uncle, you and I
have plans for later on.

- Becky, let's just get out of here.
- You know what?

It's alright, because I just remembered I have
to go into town to pick up your anti-itch gram

So you two stay here.
Pleasure to meet you.

OK, enough with the studying.
There is something I wanna show you

- What are these things?
- Tesla coils

I was using them to generate something
called plasma.

The thing is, I got so fixated on
the technical aspects of it that...

I almost didn't notice something
kind of a ... beautiful

I think you better
step into my cage.

OK. It's definitely the first time
anyone has said that to me.

I'm not surprised.

Just hold on to this bar, please.

With both hands.
Yep, OK.

OK. Hold on tight
and enjoy the show.

Oh, my god.
How is this possible?

Ahm, the coils are firing at such a high frequency

that the sparks literally create sound waves
as they fly through the air... which is .. nerdy!

You were listening.
I played this song the other night.

These coils are my life.

Two years I'm down here working with them...

and they're making their own music
and it was lost on me...

I was never able
to appreciate it...

until I met you and heard you talk
about music on your radio show...

aww... I'm just happy

Alright, this is me.

So you want to read up later?
Eight o'clock. my lab?

Yeah, that'll be great.

- With me?
- With you, yes.

- Just making sure...
- I got yoga.

Yeah, I gotta go to the bathroom.

I got a date with a girl
because I'm awesome...

- So you're the one?
- Excuse me?

Prime Merlinian, eh?
You don't look like much

I don't actually know what you're talking about.

Good. Makes this easy.

Don't have anyone to hear
you with your girly cries, huh?

I don't actually know who you are.

Really? You don't recognize me?

Are you in Depeche Mode?

What? what ... Arrgh ..

What do you weigh like?
About twenty?

What the...?
Is this high school over again?

Alright, l tell you what.

Hit me with your best shot.
Your most powerful spell.

- OK.
- Get the ring at. Put it on

Good boy.

- No, I'm joking.
- Nothing has happened.

- Have you cleared your mind?
- Yeah, pretty sure.

It is the pressure. The ring is on.
Take the ring off.

- That might help.
- Enough, you Idiot.

Watch the door.


Oh, no.

- Hello, Dave.
- Hi.

So, Dave...

I'm going to kill you. right here
In this dismal bathroom

It's not very classy
but there you go.

Before we get to that unpleasantness,
you're going to tell me where the Grim Hold is.

Where is she?


Oh, he hasn't tell you, has he?

The truth about who is inside the doll.

Oh, sweetheart,
You've put your faith on the wrong man.

Tell me, have you ever been in love?

- I...
- Yeah, you're in love right now!.

I can see it in your eyes.
No, no, don't deny it.

I wonder what would happen
if you lost her?

- I...
- Shut up.

You'd be no better than the rest of us.

Where's the Grim Hold?

- I don't know.
- Dave, you really are the most dreadful liar.

That's what I keep telling him

Want your guy back?

It's been awhile since I've seen the
Hungarian miracle.

I guess I'm just old fashioned.

Balthazar, watch out.

What are you doing here, Dave?

Horvath was trying to kill me.

His moral compass
doesn't exactly point north.

Yeah, and what about yours? huh?

You haven't been completely truthful with me.

That guy called me the Prime Merlinian.
Balthazar, what is that?

Now, I'[m not doing anything else until you start
being truthful with me about what's going on.

Who is in that Grim Hold?


Wake up that moron in stall number three for me,
would you ?

For heaven's sake

Morgana, she was making preparations for
the Rising,

Something that will enable her to enslave mankind ..

by resurrecting dead Morganian sorcerers.

So after the witch girl,
there's another doll...

that contains the greatest evil
the world has ever known?

She's in the last doll.

And what would it have to do
with this .. er .. Prime Merlinian?

Merlin had three apprentices,
I was one of them.

You are Merlin's apprentice?

He cast a spell that keep us from aging
until we found the sorcerer...

who would inherit his power...
and his dragon ring..

Some part of you, no matter how small,
must share the same blood.

As Merlin?

Great men have always been called.
This is your calling.

Merlin said:

"The only one who'll ever be able to
destroy Morgana once and for all is the Prime Merlinian. "

So I'm supposed to save the world?

I.. I just don't think I'm up for that.

You think I've been teaching you magic tricks
for some little girl 's tea party ?

When you ste0pped inside this circle,
I told you there was no going back.

You took an oath.

I've searching a thousand years for you.

Fighting Morganians ..
protecting the Grim Hold.

You're going to set me free

You have to become the Prime Merlinian,
and I am not asking.

I have a student who is failing my class.
I need his file .

First, I'll need to see your faculty identification card

You don't need to see my faculty identification card

I don't need your faculty identification card

These are not the Droids
you're looking for.

Here it is.
He has an unauthorized lab space.

OK, so how do I know
when I'm it... the Prime Merlinian?

The Prime Merlinian will become so powerful within,

He no longer needs his ring to cast magic.

When you can do that,
you're ready to take on Morgana.

Hey. What is he doing here anyway?

This should be good

Schematic for a fusion spell.

The merging of two souls
into one physical body.

I've only ever seen one sorcerer successfully
pull up human fusion.

- And Tank is here for...
- Practice.

Are you telling me you're trying to possess Tank?

Yeah, I'm so sure it's the best idea either.


No, man .. Becky is coming now and I'm standing in a puddle.
I need to stop and clean.

We're not done training

Balthazar, I've been waiting ten years
to see this girl again

Do you have any idea what's that like?

When I come back
you better be focused.

This is really sticky.

I'm doomed.


Thank you.

I command you to stop.


Oh, man.


- Hi
- You're on time.

- You forgot, huh?
- No, I didn't forget.

- Is everything okay?
- Me? How are you doing?

- I am good.
- Would you please stop that?

Would you...

It is probably the best for you to leave.
My God, what am I saying ?

OK, OK .. I'll go.

Yes, I'm sorry.
I'm having issues

My coils ..


You have abused the sacred art...

and you have abused the Merlin Circle.
Magic isn't a game.

No shortcuts.

Pooling in that water, and getting electrocuted,
That's how a sorcerer loses his power.

What rule is that?

Fourteen? Twenty-seven?
I can't even remember.

What different does it make if it's obvious that
I can't even control a few mops.

The stronger the man,
the stronger the sorcerer

- Thank you, thank you for another useless motto.
- I have another one for you.

You will not control your magic
if you will not control yourself.

You need to stop your worrying
and start believing in yourself.

- Is that what you do?
- What I do isn't the point

I think it is. I'm convinced you exist purely
to make my life a living hell.

You don't know anything about a living hell.

- You're making progress.
- No, I'm not making progress

No ring, right?

No magic.
I can't move the chairs.

I can't do it.

It's not me, Balthazar.
I'm sorry

I'm not. I'm not a hero.
I'm not the Prime Merlinian.

I'm just a physics nerd who
looks really really stupid in these shoes.


What are you doing here?

I saw you at the coffee shop,
So I followed you.

You looked more distracted than usual.

That bad, huh?

Did you really think that one bad date
was gonna make me hate you forever?


I do have to ask you this one thing.

What are you doing up here?

A friend of mine brought me here once.

And the height doesn't bother you?

- Are you afraid of heights?
- A little bit, yeah .

Trust me. Here. Come on.

Come on. You're good

I don't know.

Do you remember when you drew King Kong
in the bus window?

And he lined up with
the Empire State Building?

- You remember that?
- That was cool.

You saw the world in your own way.

I was just trying to impress you.

Well, it worked.
Not bad for 10-year old kid.

Right. What happened?

What? What do you mean?

The bitter irony of the fact that 10-year old me
is far cooler than 20-year old me.

I think 20-year old Dave is alright

Like alright - alright, or ALRIGHT - alright?

I think he is somewhere in the middle

That's a diplomatic answer.

And thank you.

I'm sorry I think you and I
need to have a talk.

No apology necessary.
But let's move on.

You're a darling, mate.

Surprisingly well done.
Now go find the Grim Hold.

You seem to have rather a soft spot
for that boy.

Has Balthazar
made a new friend?

- I don't see the Grim Hold.
- That's because you're using your eyes.

Clever Balthazar.
Always up to his little tricks.

Found it

It's lighter than I remembered.

- We once fought together, Maxim.
- A lot has happened since those days .

- This isn't about that .
- Yes it is, Balthazar.

It's always about that
Veronica chose you instead of me,

The great Balthazar Blake,

My best friend.

Well, I'm going to let you watch me
release Morgana.

Let you watch your world
crumble into nothing

Drake. Let's go

- Nice catch.
- Is that what you want?

- They got the doll.
- We'll get it back.

Hang on.

Hang on, Tank.

To the left.

What the hell?

He's in here somewhere

Wait, he has the power to turn his car into
a taxi?

Use your ring and lock in on the Grim Hold.
Remember, it moves with the ring.

Okay, right .. right.

Go. Go!

There they come.

What the heck?

Nice one.

- Look at that.
- Hang on.

- Oh my god.
- Take the tunnel.

What is that? Smoke?

Come on.

Time for a little revenge.

What the heck is this?

Yes, we drove through a mirror.
We're trapped in a reversed world.

It is. Horvath's pay back.
For the bathroom mirror.

Oh, no. no. We won't die
as long as we get out of here soon.

By driving through our own reflection.

Fantastic. There. In the window.

This is it.

Oh, no, no. You're not...

- Here we go.
- We're not gonna make that.

Hello, Balthazar.

Oh, man. No, no. Back up. Back up!.

Oh, man.

I got an idea. I got an idea.

- Dave, don't.
- Please, I want to do it.

- What?
- 73 Pinto? This is your idea?

No. No.
My idea was to turn their car into a beater

- Finish it.
- Right!.

I think he stopped.

Hang up, Tank.
I got you, buddy.

I am sorry I thought you're
someone else.

Where is Horvath?
Did he get away?

Where's the Grim Hold?
Who was that?

That was her, wasn't it?
The third apprentice

For centuries Veronica, Horvath and I...

were the only thing standing between Morgana and
man's destruction

Our friendship and our magic
were what Veronica and I depended on ..

You fell for her, didn't you?

I fell for her.

.. like you, all Veronica wanted was to be normal.

Normal things, normal life.

I saw them.

And so is Horvath ..

That's why Horvath betrayed us.

.. For a thousand years you've been carrying her
around with you. in the Grim Hold.

I was going to give this to her that night.

I am sorry

Okay, Balthazar, we are going to get Veronica out
and destroy Morgana

- What's happened to you?
- Nothing.

- You're still a bad liar.
- Why does...

You know, I'm glad she likes you.

No, I am not surprised. Only glad.
There's nothing like it, is there?

Put your old-man shoes back on.
We have some work to do.

Are all the satellite dishes in position?

All line up. I chip my nail, which is not cool.

No, I imagine it is not.

Inside there, lies our next co-worker

Abigail Williams, the little witch who put
Salem on the map.

Once she is out, we are at
the Morgana shell.

that's going to take a lot of time and energy
to crack.

- So, what are we gonna do?
- Have you heard of the parasite spell ? No..

No. Sorry, I forgot.
Your education is somewhat lacking

And I prefer to get more by instincts.
Know it feels right.

The parasite spell is a rather nasty piece of business

It originated in Haiti, if memory serves

It enables one sorcerer to steal
the energy from another

But you weren't really using it, were you?

Excuse me.
I'd like to make a request

I just finished my show but
maybe next time, okay?

I said I'd like to make a request

When Morgana is released, no matter what happens,
promise me yo'll do whatever it takes ...

to destroy her.

I promise.

And for the record, you wear the old guy's shoes very well.

My feet disagree with you. But thank you.
Knuckle bump!

Might as well ..

Now that I've kidnapped the girl for you,
Is it time to release Morgana?

I'll give her your regards.

Mr. Horvath, have I done something wrong?

Not at all.
I need your power to free Morgana

I just don't need you.

Oh, that's two.
One more to go.

That's horrifying

Let's just find the Grim Hold
and be done with it

Battery Park, the Rising.

Persian carpet float.
And he thinks I'm old fashioned.



So that's Morgana.



That was easy.
Come on, Dave. You know the drill

- Give me what I want and I let her go.
- Dave, what's going on?

- It is gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.
- No, she is not.

She's gonna be ground up into chunks
and fed to the cat ...

unless you give me Merlin's ring
and the Grim Hold.

And Balthazar? He is busy admiring the decor.
So what's it going to be?


Take it.

Merlin's ring. It's been a while
since I've been this close to it.

I wonder if it still works.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I guess.

The Grim Hold?

I see.

He took my ring.
He was gonna kill Becky

I'm so sorry, Balthazar.

I would have done the same thing, Dave.

Where are you going?

Battery Park.
Horvath is going to release Morgana.

You can't take him on and Morgana
at the same time.

- That's... You literally can't.
- I have to try.

Well then I'm going with you.

Without any magic? He has your ring.
I am going alone.

No. That's normal thing for him

No one knows how much time they have...

.. to be with the people who are the most important.
Enjoy it.

That guy just flew away on an eagle.
A steel eagle.

Becky, I wanted to talk to you about this.
I just don't know where to start.

I'm just happy you're okay.

Look, Dave...

if you just can tell the truth, then I promise
I would do my best to understand.

Okay. The first thing you should know about me
is that I am a sorcerer.


I can conjure and duke plasma balls
out of my hands.

I can speed up time, slow it down,
various degrees of levitation.

And it was all very magical.

And I thought my last boyfriend
was different, because he wore a scarf.

- I'll come back, okay?
- Okay

- I'll be back.
- Well I am here.

- Bad time, Dave.
- Bennet, thank God you answered.

I got a real emergency on my hand.
I need you to meet me at my lab. Right now.

- Becky, I got to let you out.
- Let me out?

- Okay
- I think I know how to defeat them ...

- .. without any magic.
- How?

The rings on Horvath's cane.
He put them there in order to gain more power,

but they make him
a better conductor

Dave, I have no idea
what you are talking about

Alright, Rebecca. Here it is.

Many evil sorcerers will be raised
from the dead tonight.

So basically, Morgana is going to destroy
the world as we know it.

Oh, just that?

This is really dangerous.
I can't bring you into it

Well, I think I'm already into it

And besides as you brought it,
we're all gonna die anyway, right?

I want to come with you.

You're sexy.

- I got all the Tesla coil remote.
- Thanks, brother. I appreciate it.

I found this after we hang up

It was on the desk.

Give it to Veronica. Balthazar.

I don't think Balthazar is
planning on coming back.

I don't know what you're into here, Dave
but whatever it is you are getting me participating.

Thank you, Bennet. I appreciate it.
We should go.

Now is the Rising.

Now is the time


It's me, Horvath. Morgana.
No need to look so pathetic.

Destroy that thing.
I never want to see it again.

I can not raise the dead
until the circle is complete.

Spirit, I wear you on to terror
bring your terrible forces.

No way

- Man alive!.
- What?

- Are you telling you honestly don't see that?
- No. See what ?

I think they're using the satellite dishes
on the tops of the buildings...

to direct and amplify the electromagnetic energy

Alright, we're pulling over.

Becky, I need you to do me a favor.

I need you to go up to the very top of that thing.

- Great.
- You gotta move the antenna...

- .. and just disrupt the signal.
- OK. Right.

Becky. Remember that letter I wrote
when we're ten years old?

Friend or girlfriend?
I never saw what you checked, so...

in case I die tonight, could you please tell me

Don't die and I'll tell you.

Oh. Yeah, okay.


- Enough of your old tricks, Balthazar.
- As you wish.

There was a time when things are pretty even
between us, Balthazar.

As you can see, I've acquired
some new jewelry.

I'm coming, buddy. I'm coming.

Alright. What? What is this?
What am I looking at? No.

Come... And a walker.
Of course she has...

A matador gored by a bull
can take up to three days to die

Sounds unpleasant, doesn't it?

The circle is nearly complete.
It must be awful, Balthazar.

All these years fighting to stop this one moment.
And then coming up short.

That's my car.

Thank you.

We're too late.


Is she...

They're both still with us.

Balthazar. What have you done?

What you did for me.

Remember your promise.
Balthazar, no.

You will do whatever
it takes to destroy Morgana .

No, I can't.
I will not lock you in this thing.

And neither will I.

How sweet.

Oh, man.

And now we end this.


No way.

No ring.

- It is you.
- The Prime Merlinian.


Now it's my turn.

Is that the best that you can do?

I sure hope not.

And now it's my turn.

You have Merlin's powers, but you don't have
his strength or skill.

You are still weak.

But I'm not alone.
I brought a little science with me


I did it.
Balthazar, I actually didi it

He's gone.

He completed his quest.

No, no.. no. It's not over.
He can't die. Not now.

Come on.

That's not good enough.

Veronica, would you please step back.

If Morgana can stop his heart
maybe I can start it.

Alright, here we go, buddy.
Here we go. Listen.

You with all your stupid rules
and old-man shoes.

Always saving me with that look in your eyes.

Come on.

Come on.

I had a dream.

You were insulting me, Dave.

Me? Pretty weird, huh?

No, it kind of make sense.


- Thank you.
- Welcome back, old man.


You did it.
I know. I'm still alive.

- Surprisingly, so am I
- I know.

Oh, the note, right.
Friend or girlfriend?

I don't care

Definitely girlfriend

Do you like to have breakfast with me? France...

I got a ride

Okay, you're funny.

Something I forgot to mention to you...

I really have no idea
how to land this thing.