The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2001) - full transcript

When his new neighbour turns out to be the wizard Merlin, young Ben Clark is enlisted in an ancient battle to save the world.

(MultiCom Jingle)

(adventurous music)

(subdued music)

(dramatic music)

- Come, come.

This way.

Hurry, hurry.


Fingall, we must go.

- I cannot.

I have bore this staff
for a thousand years.

And even now, I can feel it's power

pulling at the darkness in my soul.

If Morgana should get this,
she could destroy the world.


- Hurry, wise one.

- Do not fight me.

Not now.

- Let me.

- No!
(electricity zapping)


- Fingall, help me!

- By the light!

(electricity zapping)

- What has he done?

- Fate's cause of fate, Sir Knight.


Take that staff to Merlin.

He will tell you all.

By your life and by the
lives of all you love,

do not fail in this.

- What of you?

- I'll take my chances.

If I fail, she will only get the crystal.

- Who will defeat her then?

- The crystal will make her strong,

but not so strong that the staff bearer

couldn't defeat her if he willst it.

Go, save the staff.

Merlin will explain all.

- Do as you will then.

We hold them to give you time.

Come, come.

(dramatic music)

- This way!

- [Man] Here, get in!


- Down, down.

- [Man] You up there, faster!

- Quiet.

We hold them here for as long as we can

to give the wise one time.

Then, we get to Merlin
as quickly as possible.

(suspenseful music)

- [Man] Extinguish the torches.

- [Man] Now!

(people shouting)

(metal clanging)


(metal clanging)


- I have failed you, Merlin my old friend.

You should've been the
staff bearer after me.

Instead, I have let it
infect an innocent soul.

I'm so sorry.

Morgana will not have it.

That it cost me my last breath.

The crystal will call to you

and I trust to all that
is good you will hear it,

and not Morgana.

And not the poor boy who
is the bearer of the staff.

(thunder crashes)

(uplifting music)

- Is this it?

- The oak tree will
make a great tree house.

- I'm too old for tree houses.

- But, not too old to tick me off.

- [Woman] Calm down, darling.

He needs more time.

- Yeah, and we need this job.

- [Woman] The truck's not
going to unload itself.

- I've got a stomach ache.

- At four you can have a stomach ache.

At 14 you unload the truck.

Oh, Ben.

I know how you feel, but lighten up.

Dad needs this job.

- I'm going to hate it here.

I don't know anybody.

- In a couple of weeks
you'll have new friends.

I promise you.

- Oh, yeah.

Sure, I will.

- Man.

(dramatic music)

- Gotta run.

- Go, get out of here
and meet your new boss.

Ben and I can manage
without you for an hour.

Can't we, Ben?

- We'll do your room later, okay?

- Ben.

- Okay.

- Bye, love.

- Bye.

- No change there then.

Work comes first, last, and always.


I'm Ben, your new neighbor.

- Well, good for you.

- Nice garden.

That your hobby?

- I suppose so.

- Mine's magic.

I can show you a trick if you like.

It's really neat.

- Magic, is it?

- [Ben] Hey, they're all jacks.

How did you do that?

- Magic is not a game
of tricks for children.

Take your cards now and disappear.

I'm busy.

- Hey, if you don't want
to talk to me, then don't.

Miserable twerp.

- What was that?

What did you say then, boyo?

- I'm sorry.

Were you talking to me?

You can't be talking to
me because I'm invisible.

I've disappeared, remember?

- Brat.

- Butt face.

(bell ringing)

(kids chattering)

- This one's taken.

- I thought...

- He was there before you, Mark.

- Butt out, Nicole.

Just read your stupid book.

- Let's...

- No, wait.

Don't let this jerk bully you.

Besides, if you let him sit here

I'll have to deal with the smell of you.

- He won't fancy you, nerd.

Nobody fancies you.

- Oh, grow up, Neanderthal boy.

- All right, everyone.

Find your desks.

Settle down.

You too, Evans.


We have a new student.

Ben Clark from South Africa.

Ben, would you stand up, please?

Now, I want all of you
to make Ben feel welcome.

I need a volunteer to show
Ben around the school today.

Oh, come now, people.

That's not very hospitable.

Well, shall I nominate someone?

(class whistles and woos)


Thank you, Nicole.

Now, all of you should
have the required textbook.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- So, are you finding
your way around okay?

- Yeah.

- Hey, look.

There's no need to thank me or anything.

- Thank you?

What for exactly?

- For sticking up for you
in class a few hours ago.


- I think I could've handled it on my own.

- Oh, really?

Because the way I remember it,

you were letting that
jerk walk all over you.

- Hey, I'd rather let him walk all over me

than having him stomp all over me.

- But, he won't push you
around if you don't let him.

- Is that why he pushes me around?

I thought he pushed me around because

he's twice my size and likes it.

- Hey, I was only trying to help.

- Thanks anyway, but I
don't need your help.

- Oh, okay.

Well, I'm off to the next class.

You do know where that is, don't you?

Oh, wait.

I forgot.

You don't need my help.

(bell ringing)

- Hey, wait.

(bell tolling)

(tense music)

- [Mark] Get him!

- Let go of me!

Let go!

Let go of me!

- Where's your girlfriend, Clark?

- I don't want any trouble, okay?

- No, of course not.

You only want trouble
when your girlfriend's

there to defend you.

- She's not my girlfriend, okay?

Look, you can have the
desk back if you want.

Just leave me alone.

- We've got a nice nerd here, boys.

(kids laugh)

You better watch your step, Clark.

You never know when you might
trip and hurt yourself again.


Let his tire down.

(air hissing)

(subdued music)

- Oh, good boy.

Looks like someone really had a go at ya.

- What do you care?

- Why don't you let me
give you a lift home?

Take some of the weight off that leg.

- I'd rather walk, thank you.

- Suit yourself then, boyo.

But, I am going that way.

We are neighbors, you know?

- Well, since you're going that way.

- Come on, get in.

So, boy.

How'd you manage to get so roughed up?

- I got in the way of some brainless git.

- Hmm.

Well, in my experience,

when a brainless git wants
you to get out of his way,

it's best to do so.

- Hey, I'm not stupid, all right?

I would've stayed out of his
way if it wasn't for this girl.

- Oh, I see.

So, it was because of a girl.

- No, it wasn't because of a girl.

Well, it was because of a girl,

but not because of a
girl the way you think.

- I see.

So, is she a bit of a dazzler, this girl?

- No.

I mean, yes.


Look, I'd rather not talk
about it if you don't mind.

- Fine by me.

- Good.

- Good.

- Fine.

That was a cool trick.

- I know a lot of cool tricks.

- But, you're not gonna show me, right?

- Right.

- Fine.

(suspenseful music)

- There he is.

- There he is, indeed.

This anniversary thing
is getting tiresome.

Up and down and around
this world a hundred times

and he always ends up
just where we started.

How boringly predictable.

- He don't look like
much these days, does he?

- He don't look like much, Sly?

Just for once disengage
that tiny rat brain

before someone stomps on it.


The boy.

Who's the boy?

- Just a kid.

He moved in next door yesterday.

- [Morgana] Why are they together?

They obviously know each other.

- [Man] He's only the neighbor's brat.

He's harmless.

- Wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is wonderful.

That kid is Merlin's accomplice.

He's the staff bearer.

It's gonna make our job easier.

We've lots to do.

Now, find out who he is.

I want to know everything there is to know

about that young man.

- Don't mention it.

- I won't if you won't.

(car engine starts)

(knocking on door)

- [Mrs. Clark] Benny, you in there?

- [Ben] Mm-hmm.

- How was your first day?

What happened to you?

- Nothing, Mom.

I fell.

- You fell and you tore
your blazer as well?

- Okay, so someone pushed
me and then I fell.

It's no big deal.

- No big deal?

I'm going down to that
school first thing tomorrow

and I'm gonna have it
out with the headmaster.

- Mom, don't.


You're just gonna make it worse.

I can take care of myself.

Don't tell Dad.

- All right, but if it happens again, Ben.

- It won't, Mom.

Don't worry, okay?

- Okay.

You better get yourself cleaned up.

Dinner will be ready soon.

- In a minute.

- [Mrs. Clark] Don't be long.

♫ The crystal

♫ Invoke the spirit of the night

♫ O glorious one

♫ Magical crystal of the Well of Wisdom

(speaking foreign language)

(tense music)

(electricity zapping)


- So, the circle closes.

- Whoa.

What was that?

- You can't have him.

I won't let you have him.

- [Man On Radio] Enjoy the
warmest temperatures of the day.

26 degrees rising to 29
degrees by mid-afternoon.

- There you are.

- Ah, thank you.

What happened to you?

- [Ben] I fell.

- Well, be more careful.

- Can I get you something to eat?

- Whatever.

- How was school?

- It was a okay.

You know, new.

- You make any friends?

- I've only been there one day, Dad.

Give me a break.

- Charm like that you're bound
to make loads of friends.

- (laughs) Funny.

- [Mr. Clark] Well, we aim to please.

- If I tryout for the
football team, will you come?

- Sure.

- Dad, can I ask you something?

- What?

- I was just wondering.

How would you, I mean, what
would you do if someone...

(phone ringing)

- Sorry, Ben.


- [Man On Phone] This is Mr. Lennon.

- Oh, hello, Mr. Lennon.

No, not to worry.

What can I do for you?

- [Mr. Lennon On Phone]
Did you feel a tremor?

- A tremor?

- [Mr. Lennon On Phone] Yes.

- No, I didn't feel anything.

Well, did anything get broken?

We'll check it out in the morning.

All right.

It might take a while.

The museum's a big place.

(whimsical music)


- Fix me a drink, Sly.

- Are we celebrating, Miss?

- Oh, yes.

We're celebrating, Sly.

- Are we going to find your
crystal thingy this time, Miss?

- Yes.

- Every hundred years you say that.

If we couldn't find it last time,

how are we gonna find it this time?

- 1,400 years we didn't get
your crystal thingy, Miss.

- No, in 1,400 years we haven't found

the crystal thingy yet.

Talking to a dumb cat like a dumb cat.

No, Filo.

We didn't find the crystal yet.

It's different now.

The boy is back.

- I hope so, Miss.

'Cause I hate being a person.

- Beats being a rat.

- As if a cat would know.


- Oh, stop!

I don't need bickering
familiars right now.

I'm taking a shower
and when I've done that

I'm going to conquer the world.

- Whatever turns you on.

(playful music)

Wake me when it's time to eat.

- No, but...


(cat meowing)

(subdued music)

(cat screeching)

- Jeez.

- Where are you going in such a hurry?

- Nowhere.

Where's Dad?

- Oh, he popped off into the office.

- [Ben] On the weekend?

- Well, it seems there was
some kind of tremor yesterday

that caused some damage
to the new exhibits.

- Yeah, I think I felt it.

- Well, I didn't feel anything.

- [Ben] Well, whatcha doing?

- I'm going out to paint
the fence in the front yard.

- I'll do it.

- Are you ill?

- If you don't want me to, I won't.

- No, no, no.

Go ahead, please.

- [Ben] Morning.

- How's the knee, boy?

- I'll live.

Doing some gardening?

- Mm-hmm.

- I'm painting the fence.

- Well, that's nice for you, boy.

Maybe you could show me
some tricks sometime.

- I already said no.

- Oh, come on.

It's not going to kill you
to show me one lousy trick.

- I don't know any lousy tricks.

Only good ones.

And those I'm not allowed to divulge.

Magicians rules, you see.

- What if I become a magician?

- And how would you plan
on doing that then, boy?

- You could teach me.

- I don't think so.

- Well, why not?

- Because magic's not for playing with.

Magic's power.

And power is dangerous.

- I can pay you if you like.

- You can't buy what you want.

It's a gift

or a curse, poor child.

- I'll earn it then.

- You always been interested in magic?

- Always.

I'm good.

My dad says so.

- Seems like a good boy, your dad.

- I guess.

- How'd you get that scar, boy?

- When my dad crashed the car.

So, are you gonna teach me or not?

- Persistent, aren't you?

- I want to learn.

What's wrong with that?

- It's not what you learn, boy.

It's how you use it that counts.

All right then, boy.

I'll give you a chance to impress me.

Prove you're not the young
naive you seem to be.

Paint my side of the fence
and I'll teach you a trick.

- Two tricks.

- Two tricks.

- Done.

(both spit)

Wow, thanks.

- Don't thank me yet.

- When do we start?

- Whenever you like.

Paint's in the garage.

(tense music)

- Kid painted fence?

Kid painted fence.

Well, the excitement's killing me.

What's this?

The house shimmered.

The house shimmered?

- It shimmered.

(tense music)

(metal clanging)

(people shouting)

- You go.

You must leave us.

- I cannot leave you.

(dramatic music)

(electricity zapping)

- No!

- No, no.

The battle is lost.

Do not fail the wise one.

Good luck.

- I will see you again.

In this world or some other.

- Go!

(dramatic music)

(electricity zapping)

(subdued music)

- [Milner] What do you want, boy?

- I heard you shouting.

I thought you were in trouble.

- Don't think, boy.



- How'd you do that?

- Magic.

Something we'd be better
off losing in the world.

- What do you mean?

- To think is to falter.

To believe is to do.

Even evil.

(wind roaring)

Nothing here concerns you, boy.

And don't try coming in
this house on your own.

It's protected.

- I won't, okay?

Can we start now?

- You do the fence?

- Well, not exactly.

- Then, do it.

- You're a drag.

You know that?

- You wanted to learn, you're learning.

Don't think, believe.

If you believe, you can do, boy.

If you do good you can
even save your soul.

Nobody believes anymore.

Not in anything.

- Hey.

- So, after all of that
you let him take your seat?

- Yeah well, after him and his cronies

ambushed me after school,

I figured it must be
quite important to him.

- Oh, dear.

Sorry, Ben.

- Forget it.

- Mark is such a jerk.

- Tell me about it.

- If you want, I could
come and sit next to you.

- I don't think that
that's such a good idea.

- No, of course.

You wouldn't want to sit next to a nerd.

- It's not that.



It's not that I don't
want to sit next to you.

It's just that I don't want
to have to take a beating

every time I do.

- But, if you don't stand up to him,

he'll never leave you alone, Ben.

- I will, okay?

In my own time.

- And until then we
can't talk to each other.

- No, we can talk.

Maybe after school or something?

- Oh, okay.

We could go for a burger if you want.

- Yeah, okay.


- Okay.

- Okay, into class, both of you.

Thank you.

- One of these?

- [Man] Oh, no.

The diet one.

- So, how did you end
up in this place anyway?

- My dad got a job as
curator of the museum,

so we had to move.

- Ah, I know how you feel.

We moved here six months ago.

- Where are you from?

- Everywhere.

My dad's setting up new
offices for his new company.

We've moved three times
in the past five years.

- Man, that's tough.

- This place is probably
the best of the lot.

- Thanks.

- There you go.

- Thank you.

- Hope you enjoy it.

- And?

What do you think?

- I think it's a dump.

I'd rather move back home any day.

- I was talking about the milkshake.

- Oh.

Oh, right.

It's pretty good.

- It just takes some
getting used to, I suppose.

- I don't know.

I think it's quite tasty.

- But?

- Joking, joking.

(tense music)

- Don't look now, but
guess who just walked in?

- Oh, man.

- Well, well, well.

Look what we have here.

Two nerd lovebirds playing after school.

- Ignore him, Ben.

A bad smell goes away eventually.

- Think I'll have a sip of his milkshake.

Don't mind do you, Benny boy?

- Don't you have anything better to do?

- Shut up, Nicole.

Try and take it from me, nerd.

Come on.

Show your girlfriend how tough you are.



Nerd flavor.

Milkshakes are quite heavy.

Could easily slip out
of my hand by accident.

Sit still, nerd, or I
may spill this on you.


- Stop it.

Just leave us alone.

- Here it comes, nerdy.

Open nice and wide.

You're gonna love it.




Shut up.

Shut up, all of you.

- What was that about?

- Do you believe in magic?

- What, like tricks and things?

- No, not tricks.

Real magic.

- Do you?

- I don't know.

If you saw what happened though

you'd have to believe, wouldn't you?

- I guess.

- That's what I figured.

- Oh, boy.

I shouldn't have done that.

I shouldn't have done it.

Protecting the boy like that in public.

- I want to talk to you.

Are you Ben?

- Yeah.

- Excellent, I have
some good news for you.

You've won a prize.

- What prize?

I didn't enter any competitions.

I don't talk to strangers.

- I could help you with that
bully if you're interested.

- [Ben] Yeah, how?

- How much do you want to hurt him?

- I don't want to hurt him.


- But, he hurt you.

An eye for an eye and all that.

- He's just a jerk.

- Would be nice to get your
own back though, wouldn't it?

Hmm, I can see that you're tempted.

- Look, who are you?

You stay away from me
or I'll call the police.

- Silly little fool.

I'll have him for breakfast.

(speaking foreign language)

♫ Drake is the lonely pas tant

♫ Who from the well of wisdom

♫ Behold the light invincible flame

♫ Dawn of river mountain of flame

♫ Behold the light invincible flame

♫ Phenomenal over and beyond all reality

(electricity zapping)


(whimsical music)

- I'm getting sick of this.

- Hi, boyo.

- [Ben] Hi, Mr. Milner.

- How's it going, boy?

- Not too bad.

And you?

- Oh, not bad.


Mind if I hang around a while?

- No, go ahead.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have been spying on you.

It's just that trick you
did in the burger bar.

- Don't know what you're
talking about, boy.

- I said I'm sorry.

Can you get me down now?

- Oh, silly me.


- What'll it take?

Tell me, I'll do it.

I want to learn magic.

- I said two tricks, I
taught you two tricks.

- Not tricks, real magic.

- No.

I won't teach magic.

Not again.


- So, you taught someone before?

So, what was so good
about them and not me?

- Nothing good about them.


And I won't make that mistake again.

- So, you don't think I'm
good enough, is that it?

- It's not that, boy.

I never said that.

- So, I am good enough.

- I never said that either.

Look, you don't teach
magic like you teach maths.

- Try me, please.

If it doesn't work out,
I'll leave you alone.


- I can't, boy.

Now, go on.

- Okay, if that's the way it's gonna be.

But, you've done some
weird things, Mr. Milner.

- What do you mean by that, boy?

- I hope I don't let them out by mistake.

You know, when I'm sleeping or something.

- Blackmailer, are ya?

- Blackmail?

Now, who ever heard of such a thing?

Please, Mr. Milner.

I want to learn.

And if you don't teach me,

I'll have to find someone else who will.

- Hmm.

You would, wouldn't you?

- Yes, I'm serious.

I really want to learn.

- Okay, boy.

I'll think about it.

- Yes!


- I said I'd think about it.

So, boyo.

Wouldn't you rather be
out with your friends

instead of spending time
with an old boy like me?

- I don't have any friends.

- As a blackmailer, like yourself,

I find that hard to believe.

- Funny.

- What about that girl
you were telling me about?

- Nicole?

She's okay.

- Just okay?

- Well, maybe better than okay.

But, anyway.

My friends are back home.

- So, why don't you make some new friends?

- I don't make friends easy, okay?

(playful music)

How did you do that?

- I told you, boy.


Magic is order.

Earth, fire, air, water
in perfect harmony.

You have to believe it so to make it so.

A true magician's no mere tricks to bend.

He' a bearer of truth.

- Yeah.


Don't think, believe.

Don't think.


Believe what?

- You create the reality.

(kids chattering)

- Hi, whatcha scribbling?


Earth to Ben.

- Hmm?

- I said, what are you scribbling?

- [Ben] Oh, nothing.

Just a puzzle.

- What puzzle?

- It's kind of a test.

How can you throw an egg a short distance

so that it comes to a dead
stop, reverses itself,

and comes back to you
without tying anything to it

or without using magic?

- I don't know.


- I don't know, do I?

That's the test.

- You seem boring today.

Take a break.

Come and get it, Ben.

- That's the answer to the puzzle.

When you throw it up, it comes back.

Wait a second.

That's it.

The answer.

That's the answer.

You throw it.

Ah, thanks so much.

You're a genius.

I've got to go.

- But, Ben.

We still have class.


(tense music)

- Mr. Milner!

Mr. Milner, I've got it!

Mr. Milner.

(knocking on door)

Mr. Milner.

(knocking on door)

(bell ringing)

Mr. Milner!

Mr. Milner, it's Ben.

Mr. Milner?

Mr. Milner, are you home?

Mr. Milner.

Mr. Milner?

(liquid bubbling)

(suspenseful music)

(wind roaring)


Whoa, another earthquake.

- What do you think you're doing, boy?

- You know, you scared me.

I was just...

- You were just what?

Going through my personal things?

- No, no, no.

I just thought I'd...

- Well, you thought wrong.

So, in future, mind your own business

and don't go rummaging through

other people's private property.

- Okay, okay.

- You better go.

- No problem.

Have a nice life.

What's his problem?


- Get down.


Shh, the kid.

(tense music)

- It's pull is so powerful, Ben.

I fear you will not be able to resist it.

- 15:30, kid paints fence.

15:45, kid visits old man.

At 21:00, kid goes to bed.

Kid goes to school.

Kid climbs tree.

If the old man has got the crystal thingy,

why don't we just go in there and take it?

And why are we hanging
around out here like idiots?

(car engine starts)

- Now's our chance.

(playful music)

(wood cracks)


I'm the best cat burglar in the business.


- Quiet or I'm gonna have
to shut you up myself.

- Oh, you dirty rat.

(wind blows)

(window slams)

- Shh, shh.

- Shh.

That wasn't me.



Look, look, look.

- Oh, it's nothing.

Move on.




- [Sly] Sorry.




- I should boil your stupid
hides in oil, you morons.

How dare you disobey me!

Just look at you.

- But, Miss.

We just thought...

- I don't pay you to think.

Now, he knows we know about him.

And if we know about him,
we know about the boy.


How are we going to kidnap him now?

- Kidnap?


We don't like kidnap.

- I don't care what you like.

You like what I like!

Is that understood?


(kids chattering)

- Don't make me angry, Nicole.

I might not be able to control myself.

- Aw, still peeing in
the bed are we, Mark?

- Shut your face or I'll
shred your homework.

- Give it back.

- What are you staring at?

- Just give her back her homework.

- (laughs) Look who's
become a brave little hero

all of a sudden.

Why don't you make me?

- I'm not going to do that?

- Nah, didn't think so.

- 'Cause you're going
to do it on your own.

- And what makes you think that?

I'm not going to disappear

just because you close
your eyes, Benny boy.

- Wanna bet?

To believe is to do.

- Duh.

(suspenseful music)

(kid whistles)

(class laughing)

(tense music)

- Oh, Sheila.

- Cut him off.

After him.

(uptempo music)

Come on.

Get him, boys.

Go faster.

(horn honks)

(tires squealing)



I'll get you, Clark!

You're finished!

You're history!

- Mr. Milner.

Mr. Milner, I did it.

I did magic.

I shut my eyes, and I
believed, and I did it.


Didn't you think I could do it?

- No, no.

That's not it, boy.

I knew you could do it.

- I wished it and it happened.

It was like, like...

- Like the world stood still

and you were the only one in it.

- Exactly.

It was, it was...

- Fantastic?

- Fantastic.

Teach me more.

- No.

- You've got to.


- I can't, boy.

It's too dangerous.

I should never have started this.

- You promised.

- I thought I could teach
you to protect yourself.

Instead, I just made things worse.

It's pull is stronger than ever.

- What are you talking about?

- I'm sorry, boy.

It's for your own good.

- You're just like him.

Just like my dad.

Whenever you need something
it was for my own good.

He promises things and never delivers.


I hate you.

I hate you!

- Ben.



Ben, stop!

I'm sorry, boy.

(tense music)


- Milner.

Is that what you're calling
yourself these days?

Merlin to Milner.

How quaint.

Oh, would you like to come in?

Seems you've let your guard down.

Couldn't have the poor boy fry

every time he came to
the door, now could you?

- Curse you, Morgana.

- I do the curses.

Oh, it's all so, so dull.

What, no smells?

No eye of newt?

No toe of frog?

No hobble bobble?

- These days it's all done with computers.

- Don't humor me, merlin.

You know I don't like to be humored.

- You were a terrible student, Morgana.

You know that?

- I was your best student
and you were a coward.

Too afraid to test your powers

and too afraid to own the world.

- I didn't want to own the world.

Not then, not now.

- I did and I still do.

- Whatever the cost?

- Whatever the cost.

Where is the crystal?

- You can't have it.

- What's to stop me, old man?

You let that brat get to you,
and you let down your wards,

and you think you can stop
me taking just what I want?

- That brat is...

- I know who he is.

He is the staff bearer and he
took what was rightfully mine.

- It was never meant to be yours.

- You can't protect him from
himself forever, Merlin.

Sooner or later our
destinies cath up with us.

Even you.

Give me the crystal.

- No.

- I said, give me the crystal.

- No, careat.

(electricity zapping)

- You didn't have any wards
on the house, remember?

So, I've spun some of my own.

You're in my web now, Merlin.

You have no power here.

It's been a long time coming

and that little boy is going
to be the death of you.

- That boy is wiser than you think.

- How rich.

1,400 years too late and he
finally wants to trust him.

Look for a safe.

Pull down the walls if you have to.

I can feel it calling.

Just like it called to you
all those long years ago.

If I had found it instead of you,

the world would be a
better place today, Merlin.

- Better?

Because you would rule?

- As you could have if you'd chosen

to take the staff for yourself.

Tell me, why didn't you?

- Man has the right to choose his own way.

- Man is too stupid.

- Even if you find the crystal, Morgana,

you'll never have the staff.


(electronic beeping)

- Found it, Miss.

- [Morgana] Ah.

(fingers snapping)

- I told you.


You can't open it with magic, Morgana.

You need electronic combination.

Welcome to the 21st century.

- The staff.

Where is the staff?

- You cannot have it.

(electricity zapping)

- Wake him up.

- He's dead.

- No, he isn't.

- He's not moving.

- Damn it.

Okay, boys.

We're going to bring
in the heavy artillery.

We're gonna do it the old-fashioned way.

Move it!

I'll get the crystal out
of that silly little safe

and then I'll find the staff.


- Mr. Milner?

Mr. Milner!

What happened?

Are you all right?

- Help me up, boy.

- Your things.

- They mean nothing.

- I'm sorry.

I didn't mean what I said.

I was just really mad.

- I know, boy.

I know.

And I didn't mean what I said either.

I'm sorry.

- I thought you were dead.

- Me?

Never, boy.

- You promise?

- I promise.

Look, I need you to get something for me.

- [Ben] What?

- It's in the museum.

Part of the new exhibit.

- The museum?

- You father works there, right?

You think he'll let you in?

- I suppose.

Is that what they were after?

- Yes.

- Is it valuable?

- It belonged to a very
good friend of mine.

He was a very fine, very wise, old man.

And he gave it to a very fine,

very wise, young man to look after.

Only I didn't know that then.

- You look sad.

Did he die?

- The old man did.

- [Ben] And the young man?

- Oh, he's alive.

Very, very much alive.

Now, go, boy.

Go get it.

- And then what?

- Bring it to me.

I'll be waiting.

- Okay.

What is it you want?

- You'll know when you see it, boy.

- What do you mean?

- We cannot escape our
destinies forever, Ben.

In that, at least, she's right.

- What is my destiny then?

- Whatever you choose to make it.

- Then, I choose to be the
world's most powerful magician.

- Be careful, Ben!

(uptempo music)

- Turn here!

Stop, stop!

A museum?

It's in a museum.

- Oh, we can do this.

- Thank you for that vote of confidence.

- Oh, you're welcome, Miss.

Oh, sorry.

- He's right, Miss.

We can do this, me and Filo.

We've done banks.

You know we're good at banks.

- Everyone's good at something.

Even you two.

Besides, this isn't a bank, it's a museum.

- I like banks.

- Well, well, well.

The old man is desperate.

If he thinks he's gonna stop me

just by reuniting the boy with the staff,

he has another thing coming.

Everything has changed.

I have the crystal.

Time to get furry, boys.

- Change to animals, Miss?

- Yep.

- [Filo] Oh, I like animals.

- Get in there, cat boy,
and create a diversion.

- Oh, yes, Miss.

- Well, if it doesn't come,
then I'll just get hold of them.

Good, I'll get back to you.

Thank you.


- Hi.

My name's Ben Clark.

My dad's a curator.

Can I talk to him, please?

- Um, yes.

I'll check.

(cat meowing)

There he is.

- [Ben] Hey, Dad.

Up here.

- Ben.

Come across.

I'll meet you at the top.

- Go ahead.

(cat meowing)

- Hey, Dad.

- Ben, what a nice surprise.

Come on.

- Hey, get back here.

Come, get back here, cat.

- So, sport.

To what do I owe this honor?

- This place is pretty neat.

- Don't sound so surprised.

It's what I've been trying to tell you.

History is fun.

You want to have a look around?

- Okay.

- Manager's perks.

Your old man gets to give
you an exclusive preview.

- Whoa.

They look so real.

(mouse squeaking)

- [Mr. Clark] They're made of wax.

And that's glass.

- You.

Don't I know that young man?

- Come have a look at this.

- I don't know, love.

I think he's the curator's son.

- Is he really?

How very interesting.

- Hey, love.

You can't come in here.


(mouse squeaking)

(tense music)

(cat meows)

(mouse squeaking)

(cat meows)

- Kitty?

Kitty, kitty, kitty.


(switch clicking)

(cat growls)


(cat meowing)

(wondrous music)

- We should invite your classmates, hmm?

Have some fun.

- [Ben] No, thanks.

- So, how have I screwed up now?

The football?

Your birthday?

- My birthday?

You don't even know my birthday.

- Yes, I do.

- When?

- March, isn't it?

March the 10th.

- The 12th, Dad.

The 12th.

You're unbelievable.

You must really love me.

- Ben.

- No, I mean it.

'Cause if you didn't,
you'd have to, right?

You'd pretend or something.

- Ben.


I do love you.


Come on.

I'm not that bad a father, am I?

- Off the record, Dad.

You're a lousy father.

- Yeah, well I'm still your dad, hmm?


- Yeah, you're my dad.

- Truce?

- Truce.

(subdued music)

What is it?

- They say it's Fingall's staff.

Legend has it that Fingall bore the staff

for a thousand years.

The only man strong enough
to withstand the evil

of absolute power.

When he died, Merlin
placed it in this stone

for Fingall's rightful heir.

- He was keen on sticking things in stone.

(dramatic music)

(cat meows)

(electricity zapping)

(mouse squeaking)

(cat meows)

Step away from the staff, Ben.

- Ben?

- You can't have it.

I promised to take it to Mer...

I promised to take it to Merlin.

(electricity zapping)


(cat meows)

- Filo, you idiot.

Don't touch!

(breathing heavily)

(cat screeching)


- Merlin?



(tense music)


Merlin, help me!

I have the staff!

I brought you Fingall's staff!

- Merlin is gone, fool.

He deserted you a long, long time ago.

Give me the staff, Ben.

- No.

- He didn't trust you with it then

and he doesn't trust you with it now.

Why should it be his?

Why not mine?

Why not ours?

Feel the pull of the crystal knight.


This time I have it.

This time I have the crystal.

Don't fight it.

Together again.

Crystal and staff.

You and I, Knight.

The whole world will be ours.

Kings and princes will
kneel in your presence.

Armies will ride forth at your word.

And queens will dance at your table.

Think, Knight.


- Ben.

(regal music)

- You betrayed me.

- No, Ben.

- Yes.

I remember it all.

I brought the staff to the cave
just like the wise one said,

then you took my life.

- Ben.

- I'm not Ben.

- You are Ben.

Ben the Knight like all the
other bearers of the staff

down the ages.

- Don't listen to him, Knight.

You came to him for help
because you promised the old one

and he stole your life.

- No, I meant to save you.

- Save him?

You ripped him from time,

fleeing the fates lifetime after lifetime.

- Ben, you were never meant
to be the staff bearer.

You can feel its power.

How is a man who is barely more than a boy

able to choose between light and dark?

Between power and humility?

- He was the staff bearer, and
he had the right to choose,

and you took that from him.

- Nothing would delight you more

than to see him lose his soul.

Would it, Morgana?

I never meant to cause harm.

What I did was wrong.

I am sorry.

- Choose, Knight.

Cannot flee our fate forever.

You've had 1,400 years
to choose, so choose.

Give me the staff.

Join me.

- He doesn't want to join you.

- How do you know what I want?

- I know you, Ben.

In ways I never knew the knight.

- Give me the staff now.

- No.

- (laughs) Aren't you
forgetting something?

This time I have this.

Why do you think he'd risk

reuniting your precious
soul with the staff?

Because he had to, that's why.

He hasn't changed.

He's still a manipulative,
devious, son of a toad.

And he doesn't trust you
anymore now than he did then.

He just needs you more.

He cannot defeat me alone.

- You should have trusted
me the first time, Merlin.

She didn't have the crystal then.

- I know now.

- Enough.

Are we gonna fight, or what?

- Ready?

(wind whooshing)

(electricity zapping)

- No!

- Morgana, I owe you one.


(electricity zapping)

- [Both] Here we go again.

- You enjoyed that.

- I did.

I have to admit, I did.

She never understood, really.

Even with 1,400 years to figure it out.

I knew you'd never give her the staff.

- But, you weren't sure
I'd give it to you either.

- No.

- And now I've got it all.

Staff and crystal joined.

- It's a powerful magic you hold, Ben.

More powerful still in your
hands made whole again.

- You can't take it from me.

- No, I can't.

It was given to you.

If you want to keep it,
no one can stop you.

If you want to use it
for good, or for ill,

no one can stop you.

But, if you use it, I'll have to try.

- You'd die.

- Yes.

(soaring music)

- I don't need magic.

- You have a good soul, Ben.

A kind heart and a generous spirit.

You've got magic, boy.

A lot of it.

- What now?

What happens to the staff?

- I will keep it safe as
Fingall always intended.

- What about me?

- What do you want?

- I want to go home to my mom and dad.

- Then, home you shall go.

- Will I see you again?

- Who knows.


- And Morgana?

- Oh, I don't think so.

Not for a generation, or two, at least.

- Will anyone remember?

- Not much.

- What will I remember?

- A wish to paint the fence, boy.

- Dad!

- What happened?

- You almost fainted, Dad.

I told you, you're working too hard.

- Yeah.

Wasn't there a woman just a minute ago?

- Can we just go home, Dad?


- Yeah, let's go home.

(subdued music)

(wind roaring)

- I thought you were gonna
phone me this weekend.

- Oh, I know.

I meant to.

I was just really busy.

- What did you do?

- It's hard to explain.

- You don't have to make excuses, Ben.

If you don't want to phone me, then don't.

- It's not an excuse.

I just can't tell you
where I was, that's all.

You wouldn't believe me.

We can do something this
weekend if you like.

- I'd like that.

- [Mark] Give us your
money, you little twerp.

- [Kid] I haven't got any money.

- [Mark] Come on, give it to me.

Hand it over.

- [Kid] Pick on someone your own size.

- Hey, listen.

There's something I've got to do.

I'll be back in a minute.

- [Mark] Just give it to me.

- Leave him alone, moron.

- Go away, Clark.

This is none of your business.

- Well, I'm making it my business.

Fancy a milkshake?

- You're weird, Clark.

You know that?

You're really spooky.

I ought to deal with you once and for all.

- I think it's about time
you pulled your socks up.

Or should I say trousers.

I'll be watching you, and every
time you step out of line,

I'll be here to air your
dirty washing in public.


- Yeah.

- Do I make myself clear?

- Crystal.

Come on, boys.

Let's go.

- Thanks, mate.

- I think I'm going to like it here.

This place has a sort of magic.

(adventurous music)

(MultiCom Jingle)