The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011) - full transcript

Action director Ching Siu-Tung helms this fantasy film based on an old Chinese legend about an herbalist who falls in love with a thousand-year-old White Snake disguised as a woman. Jet Li stars as a sorcerer who discovers her true identity and battles to save the man's soul.

Master, where did this blizzard
come from?

Don't believe everything you see!

But I really cold!

Then, you're already under
her spell.

I've lost without fighting?

The ice harpy!


You're no match for her.

Now you tell me!

You have come so far to find me.

Are you not entranced by my charms?

Instead of meditating on your sins... are still harming humans!

Blame those men, not me!

I was so good to each of them.

But their roving eyes strayed
away from me.

So they deserved it!

You're an enchantress, they were humans.
You were never meant to be together.

Today I'll bring it to an end.

Monk, you think you can escape
from my spell?

Then come and get me!

Master, have you killed her?

I've trapped her!

Confine her in the Lei Fang Pagoda.

Me again?

It's me!

Jin Shan Temple

Lei Feng Pagoda

Trying to scare me?

Master wouldn't have trapped you
if you were really scary.

We're giving you another chance.

A chance to reflect and improve.

If you make real progress in meditation...'ll be realised.

You, too! Study to improve yourself!

Hey! Hurry up back there!


Xu Xian...

I shouldn't have climbed up here
to pick up herbs with you.

Be a bit more patient.

Look! Here's one.

Unlike Shennong, you know the
value of herbs.

Xu Xian, you even know which
flowers to eat.

Which flowers cure which ailments...

Do you even know what flower that is?

That fool is eating flowers!
They have thorns!

He's no fool.

He's not picking the pretty wild
roses with thorns.

Roses are pretty...

...but not as pretty as me.'re more like a hornflower.

Blowing your own horn from
dawn to dusk.

Hey, don't you even know...

...medicines cure ailments...

...but others need liqour distiled
from flowers!

That's absolutely right!

Let's keep going.

- Alright
- Climb further?

Look, they are still digging for herbs.

They'll strip the whole mountain bare!

I'll give them a scare!

What? Qingqing...

Xu Xian? Xu Xian?

He's coming to...

Xu Xian, are you alright?

Xu Xian!

Xu Xian!

Where's that girl?

What girl?

May be you banged your head too hard...

Just now, in the water, a girl kissed me.

She breathed into my mouth.

She saved me.

Hey! The one giving you the
kiss of live was me!

Why did you save him?

You even gave him his vital energy a boost!

Hey, I'm talking to you!
What are staring at?


Nothing? You're smitten!

Master, it looks like another
bat-demon bite.


Today is the 15th...

The day of the Lantern Festival.

We have to find these demons soon.

Or many more people will die.


Ferryman, wait!


We need to cross the river,

I'm no ferryman, but jump in.

I hope we're not delaying you.

Not at all! To help others... to spend time well.

Thank you kind sir.


What you just said was very

How do you use your time when
you're not helping others?

I'm aiming to become a doctor of medicine.

Good, good! Young men like us
should have dreams!

I have one too.

I dream of become the Abbot of
Jinshan Temple.

And where would that leave me?

Uh, Master...that's not...

I didn't mean now...
I mean after...

After my death?

You want me to die?

No, I...

That's not what I meant, Master...I...

It seems your are Abbot Fahai
of Jinshan Temple.

It takes ten years of good deeds
for two people to meet.

It's destiny that let us to be acquainted.

Young men, you're from Hangzhou?

Yes, my name's Xu Xian.

I'm herbalist.

Master, what are you counting?

How long until I die.

Xu Xian, the weather's nice today!

That it is.

Don't change the subject!

What was your dream again?


The ultimate dream.

I don't have any dream!

My only dream is my wish that you...

White, tell us what's bothering you.

Turtle and I can help you resolve it.

I want to visit the human world.

You just want to see that
flower-eating fool!

I'd just like to take another
look at him.

Look at what? He's just a common mortal!

You've been moping over
him for days!

What's this all about?

She used her vital essence to save
a fool who was drowning.


Let me say it.

If their lips met...

...there was a flow of vital essences.

He's in you and you're in him!

Nothing so serious, I just want
to look at him.

Don't give a hard time.

Qingqing, come with me!

Hey, where are you going?
I want to come! Take me too!

I will just stay here.

See how much fun the mortal world is?

In a moment, get off the boat...

...and find him for me.

I'll be strolling around here.

When you find him, bring him to the
pavilion on the lake.

Why don't you find him yourself?

I want to play a little joke on him.

And see how nice he is.

Master, it's turning!

Then don't blow on it!

We'll split up to look around.

Watch out!

What it is?

A demon!

A demon? How do you know?

I'm an expert, of course I know.

Are you going to exorcise it?

Shh, not so loud. It's nearby!

My Master and I have been tracking it
for ages.

Master says we must exorcise it today.

Why do you have to do that?

Demons hurt people.

What about the demons which
don't hurt people?

I don't know.

Could you make friends with them?

Definitely not!

Why not?

Master only taught me how
to exorcise them.

Not how to make friends with them.

Then your master has a problem.
Or may be his Master had a problem.

Why don't I have a problem?

Because you absolutely don't have one.

You're very nice.
And very smart.

I'd like to have a friend like you.

I'm Qingqing.

I'm Neng Ren.

I'm busy, I have to go.

Take care!

You are the gentleman my sister
wants to see.

Look again, do I look like a gentleman?

You have the wrong man.

Can't be...

You're a herb-picker, aren't you?

Yes, but I'm not a gentleman.

So I can't possibly be the one
your sister wants to see.

I recognize you, you're the man
who eats flower.

Then what's my name?

Who am I?

I don't know.

But you are the one my sister wants to see.

It's Lantern Festival night,
go and enjoy it.

And stop bothering me.

Goodnight...young miss.

What on earth?

Why is it moving?


You're a real fool.

Where do you think you're going?

Sorry, sorry!
I didn't do that on purpose!

Sit down.

Miss, it's late and you're
alone here.

This isn't proper.

Don't treat me as a stranger.

You don't need to be so polite.

No, no, I should go.

Who built this pavilion?
It's so rickety.

Well, I think it's very nice.

And it's a perfect spot
to see the West Lake.

I'm afraid I'm not so interested.

And I need to get home.

This early?

There's moonlight on the lake,
a pavilion in the moonlight...

And we're in the pavilion.

Don't you think it's romantic?

I'm too busy for romance.

What are you avoiding?

Why are keeping such a distance
from me?

Why don't you like me?

It's not that I don't like you Miss...

But someone else already has my heart.

Miss, I'm a very poor man.

I pick herbs for a living.

I'm not worthy of your affections.

Then tell me about her.

What kind of person is she?

I know almost nothing about her.

I can't even recall her face.

All I know is that she saved my life.

That day I fell into a lake
in the mountains.

She rescued me.

If she saved your life, you owe her a lot.

But when I revived...

...she was gone.

My friends said I'd imagined her.

But I'm quite sure she was real.

Because she kissed me so deeply...

...that kiss saved my life.

In a way it also took my life.

What could kiss her again?

Would you remember her this time?

Hello, my friend!

Oh, it's you...haven't gone home yet?

Done with your errands?

All done.

It's dangerous here, you should go home.

If it's dangerous, you should leave too.

I can't, I'm hunting demons.

Know the saying?

"There's someone smarter than you know"

It applies to the demons too.

You're no match for this one.

I advise you to give up.

I can't, I sworn to obey my Master

We have to trap the bat-demon tonight.

Well, if you want to kill yourself...

This is a very, very powerful demon.

Not really...

Just a bat-demon which bit a girl.

Ugh, she's all bloody!

How do you know?

I am an expert too.

I can't let it get away.

Sorry we can't talk more,
until next time!


Watch out!

Oh well, there goes another friend.

Neng Ren of Jinshan Temple!

Demon hunter and enforcer of Buddha's Law

No bluffing!

Master! Save me!

Master! Save me!



Look! Master Fahai and
Neng Ren are back!

What's wrong with Brother Neng Ren?

The bat-demon poisoned him.

Can he be cured?

If he's lucky...

What are you staring at?


No need to keep staring so long.

I can't stop wondering...

...if this is really happening.

What do you think?

That are you dreaming?

Someone once told me...

If I want to see someone,
I should keep her in my heart.

Then I really see her again.

Now I know it's superstition,
it's true.

You're saying you did want to see me

Xu Xian, let's go on like this.

Always together, alright?

Eating together, sleeping together...

Doing everything together.

Won't you get tired of me?

Won't you?

But I want to take you seriously.

I want to meet your parents.

And when I have their permission
to court you...

Then we'll have a formal match
and get married?

Brother! Brother!

Wake up!

The sun rose hours ago!

Brother, wake up!


That's scary, Brother!

Brother! You...Your ears
have grown pointly!

And you got fangs! So scary!

Brother, are you turning into a demon?

Master! Master!
Something very bad happened!

Brother Neng Ren has run away.

Come end see! Quickly!

This place isn't bad, we could live here.


Hey, friend...

You want to hang yourself?

Hurry away, friend.

Death by hanging is an ugly sight.

You'll get nightmares.

I know!

After death, your body turns purple...

Your tongue hangs loose and
your eyes fall cut!


If you don't believe me, give it a go!

You don't look like you really want to die.

You don't understand.

I'm a demon hunter...

...but I'm turning into a demon!

Just think...

...when I meet a demon I've hunted before...

...I'll will seriously lose face.

If you're a demon, just be a demon.

When a demon meets another...

...mostly they just nod a greeting.

And lots of them don't have limbs

Who'll care about your face?

I'll let you in on a secret.

Actually, I'm a demon too.

What's wrong?

Aren't we the same now?

All demons together! Don't look
at me like that!

Since we are so close now...

...I'll teach you how to be a demon.

Come on!

I'm gelded!

Come on!

- A gelding!
- Come on!

I just had chive for breakfast.
I'm going to throw up!

Bats hang upside-down, get used to it!

My head will burst! It's full of blood!

That will make you smarter.

I have a question for you.

Am I pretty?


Right now, all I can see is

I'm seeing you upside-down.

Pretty doesn't come out into it.

I see.

And now, am I pretty?

Seeing you now...very pretty.

So do you get a special
feeling when you look at me?

Would you like to bite my neck?

Taste my blood?


I'm a sinner, I'm a sinner.

Drink some water.

What's this?

What do you think?

You bit my neck...

...ate meat and drank blood!

You violated the Three Taboos!

No more calling yourself a monk!

From now on, be demon you are!


- We're there
- Have we brought enough gifts?

Stop worrying' Come on in.

I didn't expect your family
to live in a mansion!

It's just a broken-down old house.

You here at last! You kept us waiting!

They are all here...this my family.

Go on in.


We need to hurry.

They can't keep these forms for long.

I know.

I want to play too!

You can't take a human form! Scram!

Hello, everyone.

I'll make the introductions.

This is my father.


Sir, my name is Xu Xian.


He's absolutely amazing!


You're just perfect for each other!

The perfect couple!


Really nice to see!

How wonderful that you're
here to propose!

Don't worry, he's fine.

Auspicious day for an engagement,
isn't it?

This mother.

She's so young!


Actually, my stepmother.

I'll introduce you...


How come you have a girl's name?

You misheard, it's Gugu.

He was a chubby kid, that
was his nickname.

And it stuck.

- Hello, Gugu.
- Let's sit down.

It's this year's latest fashion.

This is called Doodle do Wine

It'll make you hiccup! Doodle-do!

My parents like you to look
at them when you speak.

Aren't you here today to propose?

Hurry then, we can hardly wait!

I'm Xu Xian, poor and humble...

I never dreamt I'd win anyone
like your Susu...

I've came here today...

...because I seek your exalted permission... marry Susu.


Altough I have nothing to my name...

...I love Susu very much.

No need for a cowry, juts take
her home! Go on!

I also want to say to Susu...

Good heavens!

Fine, just get on with it!

I want to hear what Xu Xian has to say.



I don't know what stroke of good fortune...

...allows me to make you mine.

All it took was one kiss.

The wheels of fate turned...

...and brought me to a perfect

...of tenderness and happiness.

From now on every moment, every
second I have...

...I'll spend...

...beside you... make you happy.

- Why did you do that?
- They're reverting to their true forms.

It's bad! It's bad!

Fahai is here to exorcise us!


Get Xu Xian away from here while
I distract him.

Be careful!

A tawdry illusion to dupe humans!

Send them all back to the demon

Yes, Master!


Master, let her go!

You know what you're asking?

Come back with me.


I can't go back anymore

Master, take care!

We escaped?

I'm not dead?

Be calm, I'll always protect you.

What are we doing here?

Weren't we getting engaged?

We did it.

My parents gave us their blessing.

- Really?
- Yes.

That was easy.

So, now we're married.

I'm your wife.

We can be together for the rest
of our lives.

One day...

...I'll have my own pharmacy.

Then I'll have more money.

I don't want you to suffer
with me.

How could that be?

As long as we're together...

...I'll never know.

What's love like in human world?

What do you mean?

I'd just like to know what kind
of couple we are.

Tell me.

Well, there are several kinds.

Some couples are like birds
in the forest.

Each can fly away if they want.

Not that kind!

Another kind is...

...where the husband gets rich and

...of his wife's death.

Xu Xian!
I'll kill you!

Watch out!

Don't chase me!

You'll make me drop the herbs!

I'll kill you!
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

This disease can't be cured.

- Master!
- They're victims of demons.

At best they'll go mad, at worst
they'll die.

While they're alive, I must
try to save them.

Take precautions, don't go
strange places alone.

Thank you Master.

Where did this disease come from?

So many people suddenly dying.

You should take some rest.

You have been taking medicine
for three days!

I can't.

I have to find the cure.

Susu, give me a hand.

It musn't stick to the bottom
of the pot.

Preserving vital essence...

...concentrating vigor...

...boosting the spirit.

Aside from these fundamentals...

...the medicine must strenghten
the basic functions.

This is such a fierce disease.

Can this medicine work?

I really don't know.



Foul demons! Crossing the three
realms and five planes... harmed the people and spread
chaos and evil!

By Buddha's mercy, if you choose
to repent... still have a chance to live.

We'd rather die than listen to your

Beware! The fox-demons are
casting a charm!

- On guard!
- Yes, Master!

Maximum protection shield!

Heaven needs no hearing ecstasy,
needs no sight.

Void my sense of self.

What's that mantra?

Is it real or are you making it up?

Show your real forms!

By heaven's mercy.

Master, we regret our sin.

Please let us go. We beg you.

Silence! You are demons!

Return to the six oath of transmigration!

Accept your punishment with humility!


Sister, Sister.

What's wrong? Are you alright?

It's nothing.

That's impossible...

If you keep on like this...

...something will go very wrong.

I know what I'm doing.

All you care about is that Xu Xian.

Adding your vital essence to
that medicine... costing you centuries of

I don't want him work so hard.
I want to help him.

But you may not live to see
him again!

- It can't be that bad.
- Of course it is.

I have to go.


- Ah, Dr. Xu is here.
- Dr. Xu, thank you!

You're truly our savior.

We owe you our lives.

You and your wife are such good people.

Don't rush.

There's enough for everyone.

Thank you.

Master, you should take some too.

It cures sickness and
prevents infection.

Thank you.


Did you mix this medicine?


- No one helped you?
- Yes, my wife did.

You are the quintessence of the benevolence.

Take this spirit dagger as a token
of thanks.

I can't Master, I'm just doing my duty.

You shouldn't refuse a gift from
a senior.

Keep it to protect yourself.

Thank you, Master.


You think you can run?

You made the cure for the
fox-demon's poison.

So what?

Making it has cost you centuries of
vital essence.

You're kind to ordinary people.

But in your eyes, all we do is harm people.

Despite good intentions
you will harm someone.

Who will I harm?

You should know that.

Xu Xian is my true love,
how could I harm him?

You're from different realms!
Being together... drain his life-force and
distort his destiny.

Human lives are short and true
love is rare.

He didn't choose to love you,
you took his love.

What does that matter?
He's happy with me.

Go chant your sutras!

You know nothing of love.

If Xu Xian knew you are a snake...

...would he still love you?

I truly love him.

If that's the case, shed your own tears...

...don't make him shed tears over you.

Since you're so benevolent...

...I'll let you go this time.

If I see you again in this realm,
there'll be no mercy.

Susu, I'm home.

So soon?

You're back!


What's special about today?

Well, everyone else is
celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival.

While I'm celebrating the best day
I have ever had!

The day my medicine cured everyone!

- Really?
- Yes.

That's wonderful.

The old villagers were so grateful.
They gave us all this food.

Susu, thank you for working
so hard.

Here, a toast to you.

I'm hungry.
Here, try this.

It's good.

You have some too.

What's wrong?

What kind of wine is this?

They distiled it themselves.

Sulphur-flower wine!

That's right.

It's a festival tradition, it wards off
snake bites.


Susu? What's wrong? Susu!

Susu? Susu? What's the matter?

Are you alright?

I'm alright.


Why lock the door? Open it!


Don't frighten me!


What's the matter?




Susu, what are you doing?

Open the door!

Susu, don't frighten me!

Xu Xian...

Do you recalll...

...what you said to me when you

I want to hear you saying it again.

I knew you were playing
a trick on me!

I'd rather not repeat it.

If you don't...

...I might never hear it again.

Alright, alright! I'll say it.

But then you must open the door!


" All it took was one kiss"

"I'm sure that the wheels of the
fate turned..."

"...and brought me to a perfect moment..."

"...of tenderness and happiness."

"From now on..."

"...every moment, every second I have..."

"...I will spend beside you..."

" make you happy."

Susu! Susu!

Open the door, Susu!

I gave you a chance.

You didn't leave, so now I must take you.

Monk...Why are you intent on
destroying our happiness?

Susu! Who are you talking to?

Don't chase her!

She was stabbed with the spirit dagger.

Losing vital essence,
she can't take human form.

Master, where is my wife?

Did the white snake eat her?

The white snake was your wife.

You married a thousand
year-old snake demon.




Sister, I'll give you some of
my vital essence.

No, it's no use.

You have only a few centuries' worth.

That spirit dagger had thousands!

We were wrong to come here.

It wasn't worth it, to see you like this.

May be I shouldn't have done it...

But I have no regrets.

Only now do I know...

...what true love is.


Is it really so important?

Tell me...

How can I save Susu?

The one thing that might is spirit herb.

It can bring the dead back to life.

It only grows in the Lei Feng Pagoda.

A demon like me can't even get in there!

Plus, there is only a single sprout.

It is really, really scary.
They say that even the fire can't burn it!

Even if it takes braving swords and
seas of fire...

...I shall save Susu.

I can't take you any further.

You dare to steal the spirit herb? Thief!

Which is the real spirit herb?

You will know after your death.

I'll find even if it kills me!

I must save Susu!

There's only a single sprout.
Fire can't even burn it!

They found us!

- Did you get the spirit herb?
- I did.

Then let's get out of here!

It's going to be disaster if they
catch you!

You take the spirit herb,
I'll distract them.

Demons have been confined in
Lei Feng Pagoda for aeons!

The spirit herb kept them trapped.

Your theft has caused a catastrophe!

Let me go! Why are you keeping me here?

I needed to save her!

I wounded Susu.

Master, let me go! Let me go!

I wounded Susu.

Master, we can't hold them much longer.

Call al the senior monks now!

We'll cast the Luohan spell!

I got the spirit herb!

Spirit herb? From where?

Xu Xian gave it to me.

Where is he?

The monks took him.


Seal the main hall with a maximum
protection spell!

Maximum protection in force!

Now we cast the spell!

Any interruption will kill him!

Leave! You trespass on hallowed ground!

Fahai, give my Xu Xian!

You should be thankful you aren't dead!

Why this further trouble?

Release him and I'll go at once.

He stole the spirit herb for you.

He's in great danger because
evil spirits possessed him!

Now, we're breaking your spell!

I possessed him?
That cannot be...

I want to see him.

He's in a life-or-death struggle.
Interrupting the ritual...

...will end his life...

...and threaten those around him.

Relations between humans and demons
can bring no good.


You're just coming between
my sister and Xu Xian.

If you won't release him, I'll fight you!

If I don't leave here with Xu Xian,
I'll flood Jinshan!

You're selfish! How many lives
will you threaten?

I will be force to put an end
to you unless you stop.

Very well...You're forcing me!

Get the important ones first!


Forward, brothers!

Bite them!
Break their human chain!

Xu Xian! Xu Xian!

Xu Xian?


It's me, Susu.


Who is Susu?

I'm your wife.

When did I get married?

Do you remember how we met?


Fahai, what horrible magic did you use
to make him forget me?

As I told you, evil spirits possessed him.

You broke in and disrupted the
Luohan spell!

You're the one who's harmed Xu Xian!

What Louhan spell? What possession?

You're making up!

You just want Xu Xian to leave me.

You're a monster!


Brother Neng Ren!

Brother Neng Ren!

I've been a dharma defender all my life... maintain natural order and
ethical conduct.

Why did the calamity happen instead?

Have I been too stubborn?

Was I really wrong?

Why is it...

...that every time I wake up...'re beside me?

Open the door! Let me out!

Let me see Xu Xian one more time!

I don't care if you turn me to dust
and scatter me.

The love we had...wan it not real?

Where is all your great benevolence now?

Can't we see each other just
one more?

Just once...

I'll accept my punishment.


Your mercy is boundless...

I understand...


Xu Xian!

You're suffering...

I don't recognize you...

...but for some reason I don't understand...

...when I see you shedding tears... heart aches for you.

Don't be upset, I don't want you to cry.

I'll cry for both of us.

I don't mind that you've forgetten me.

My own memories are enough.

Before I first saw you...

...I meditated for a thousand years.

But those thousand years...

...were worth less than a moment with you.

You'll never know... I've had to suffer.

But even if I die...

...I'll have no regrets.


Your hair tickles my heart

Your eyes lingers in my mind

I can bear any hardships to be with you

Our love shall remain in dark

year after year

but nothing can change it

Nothing at all

I will be there

If you are there

I vow to live for you

Because I can lose anthing but you

Love is right

If there is joy between us

Our love shall survive

longer than any time

I vow to live for you

till the end of time

Because I can lose anything but you

Love is right

If the tortures on me are to
protect you

Our love shall survive

longer than any time

And we'll meet again in our next lives


For two of them that was probably
the best outcome.

I never want to love anyone
as she loved him.'ll never be much good
as a demon.

Neng Ren...that new form you have...

It kind of suits you.