The Song of the Siren (1994) - full transcript

The Gulf War, January 1991. Talila Katz, a yuppie Tel Avivian creative director at an ad agency falls in love with clumsy food engineer Noah Ne'eman. The war, with its Scud missiles bombarding Israel and disrupting everyday life, is the backdrop for this pair's love story, told with satirical bite that only Irit Linur [screenplay / novel] can provide.

"Before the movies became an art

"We went there to dream.
-To dream.

"Before Antonioni
was considered a genius

"We loved to go every day

"And see lips and legs.

” Brilliantine and Rin-Tin-Tin...”

Girls, girls. Break it up, okay?

Give me a hand or get out of here.
-1 don't know about you,

but I'm out of here. Bye.


Wow. It's really pouring.
-Bye, Talila. Dont talk to me.

"All | want is
to live my life in peace.

"l don't want wars.
No, ho.

“I'm tired of wavering between
hot and cold, good and bad.

"l want to live a carefree life...

"But life takes hold of me.

"Life takes the lead.

"But life takes hold of me.

"Life takes the lead.
Life leads me on.

“All 1 want is to live
my life in peace.

"l don't want wars.

“I'm tired of wavering between
cold and hot, good and bad.

"l want to live a carefree life...

"But life takes hold of me.

"Life takes the lead.

"But life takes hold of me,
yeah, yeah...”

-Talila? It's Alona.

"Life takes the lead.
Life leads me on.”

- Hi.

Oh, | cant believe. Aren't you
ready yet? It's already 9.

| brought you the dress. Daffi,
don't start with the TV.

Dad's waiting downstairs.

Why is he outside? -Why doesnt he
come upstairs? -He’s in a rush.

He has a patient in 15 minutes.
-On New Year's Eve? At night?

Even Freud didn't work at night.

Wel'l be right down.
-Hi, Talila.

Enjoy the party. -I'm not going.
-Why aren't you going?

| can't stand parties for celebs.
-You're not their teacher. Just go.

| don't want to.

Get ready for the countdown.



Hello. Look. Marco is about to throw
up on his own shoes.

Well, there goes 500 dollars.

It's me or him, baby.
- Hi, Donny. May 1?7 -Hi.

You don't have to worry. It's all
bullshit. It's all bullshit.

| have a friend in the air force
and he says...

Hey, isnt that Ofer Strassburg?

Is he here to annoy Talila or us?

Let him get upset. We're the ones
who got the Tivol account.

What's he doing here?
-Who? Ofer Strassburg?

Yeah. Doesn't he have a
New Year's party in his own office?

Who invited him? -Yaron, | think.
He’'s his friend.

Want me to ask?
-Dont go anywhere.

Who's that girl he's dancing with?
-Hagit Degani.

The daughter of Degani Advertising?
What's he doing with her?

| heard they're getting married.
Is that true?

Happy New Year to the entire
Rosenbaum-Marco team,

a young and dynamic advertising firm,
the most successful in the country.

Let's hear your applause!
Let's get dancing, folks! Dance!

Come on, Ronen.
Come on. Let's dance.

Folks, Ronen Marco is dancing!

It's horrific.
I'm crazy.

Talila? Good morning.
-Good morning.

Did you lock the door? -No.
| didn't lock the door, you idiot.

| can't hear you. -Can | join
you or something?

| can't come out.
I'm in the middle.

Do you remember what | told you
yesterday? -No.

About Tivol.

You said I'd get the account.
-And have you given it any thought?

| thought you were just
making it up.

No, no, not at all.
| was serious.

Do you want it? It's a big
account. You'l find it interesting.

Do you want it? -What's that supposed
to mean? Of course | want it!

Rosenburg-Marco. Good morning.
-What is going on with you?

We're sending it. Right away.

Did you have a nice time
yesterday? -Very.

Do you have to go
to the Tivol meeting?

Hi. Talila?
-What happened to her?

She’s probably nervous
about the Tivol account.

So.. Why don't we start?
-We're waiting for someone.


Where's Talila?
-l have no idea.

I'll be right there. Go away.
I'm busy.

| have a meeting in a minute.

You're so mean to me. Is this even
a good day to talk to you?

It's an excellent day. Did you come
to show off your new suit.

Nice suit.

Listen. Don't get mad.

| came to give to
an invitation to my wedding.

What a surprise.

February 26. Will you come?

| thought we were past
the whole anger thing.

You look good, you know? You're not
S0 hice to me, but you look good.

That's ridiculous. Hagit Degani
looks much better.

Daniela, take notes, please.
-Well, you already know me.

Zvika Rosenbaum is the Rosenbaum
of Rosenbaum-Marco.

This is the Yaron, the creative
director. -Nice to meet you.

Neta is our copywriter.


And here is Talila Katz, our...
your account executive.

You went too far,

Shechter, do you want to
introduce your people?

Yes. I'm Haim Shechter,
the CEO.

This is Daniela Rotman,
our marketing director.

This is Haim Oren,
the assistant director general,

and that is Noah Na‘aman,
our food engineer, A great talent.

Noah is the guy who, last year,
invented the...

Right now, Noah is planning
a new cor-burger,

and meanwhile, what can | say?
Everyone who's tasted it..

Talila, do you want to begin?

"With us today is the military
commentator, Zev Shiff. Hello, Zev.

"Good morning. -With such a high
threshold and aggressive declarations,

"it's reasonable to assume that this
summit will end in a stalemate?

"The summit's poor beginning
was not because of...

"And not the result of the threats
that neither side will budge.

"The demand for preconditions
is really the most worrisome.

"For example,
the precondition that...”

It went all right, don't you think?

So what are you doing tonight?
-I'm shaving my legs.

What about lunch?
-Sorry. | made a date with my sister.


Ill make a scary face and he'll
run away. Just a minute.

Mom, calm down. No missiles will fall
anywhere. Really.

Do you need help?

| think so. Can you get
the spare tire? It's in the back.


What happened? Did you get dirty?
-No, that's the color of my hands.

It1l rub off soon. You have to
scrub it with laundry soap.

Do you have a bar of laundry soap
at home?

There. Just a bit more
and it will be all clean.

Now there’s almost...
almost nothing left.

Are you going to give me
my hand back? -Sorry.

So, do you want my telephone
number, by any chance?

That's what you asked? And what did
he say? -He said: Sure. Why not?

And you meant it? Are you really
going to go out with him? -Why not?

You said he looks like a geek. That
he dresses like a boy scout.

Wow. Look at that dress.

He really does dress like a boy scout.
-You must be deranged.

Totally off your rocker.
First, you spend two years

with a guy who knows the difference
between Beaujolais and Saumignon.

Sauvignon, not Saumignon. He'd put
you in jail for a mistake like that.

Besides, the bastard is getting
married. “What?

This, for example, is a dress that
would look good on Hagit Degani.

Hagit who? -Hagit Degani, daughter
of the famous Baruch Degani.

After the wedding, she'll probably
call herself Degani--Strassburg.

That disgusting yuppie. She can wear
anything she wants. You know why?

She’s 22. Her entire body
is young and supple.

After | put up with him for two years
he goes and marries her.

2 yards for 10 shekels. Go for it!
2 yards for 10 shekels.

Believe me. You get a thick one
for the price of a thin one.

Go for it. So ladies.
What do you want?

Talilo, want to hear something that
will make you happy? -Ofer's dead?

Amos hasnt been able to get it up
for a month. ~Amos the big shot?

He says it's because of the ultimatum
or the uncertainty.

| can't remember which. He covered
the whole house in nylon wrap.

Do you know how many cans of food
we have at home?

Do you know how hard it is to drag
all those cans home from the market?

Believe me. My back is killing me.

He gave us a lecture on nerve gas.
Mustard gas. Believe me.

He's worse than Mom. -How long
has he known her? Two days?

Why's he marrying her?

When he was with me, he didn't
want to get married so quickly.

Take this, darling.

“Don't cry, girl. Don't cry.

"The fall sparkles in your eyes,

"smiling dearly
and whispering that fall has come.

"The fall smiles.

“Don't cry, girl. Don't cry.

"Even if the summer heat has ended.

"There’s no reason
that a love song

"Can't be sung in the fall.

“Don't cry, girl. Don't cry...”
- Hello? -Can I speak with Talilaz?

-This is Noah. -Just a second.

Hi. “Well, you gave me
your phone number.

Right. -So | thought maybe we could
get together. -We could.

It's just that | have reserves duty
starting tomorrow.

Really? Are you going
to bomb Iraq?

No, I'm going to the equipment base.

Any chance you like schnitzel? -Yes.
-Are you hungry? -Hungry? Yes.

Do you know where Mazkeret Batya
is? -Of course.

Makeret Batya, damn it! Where is
Mazkeret Batya?!

Mazkeret Batya!
Mazkeret Batya!

Mazkeret Batya!

What a sweet sign.

Down to the end and left...
Right after the orchard...

Third house on the left...

| heard the car.
-1 brought us beers.

Do you want me to take your coat?

Aren't you cold like that? -Cold?
Of course it's cold, but it's sexy.

It's not sexy? -“You have lipstick
on your teeth. " What?

You have lipstick on your teeth.
-Where, here? -Yes. There. -Here too?

There, too.
-Shut up, idiot.

My schnitzel is burning.

My mother first dips them in bread
crumbs and then in egg.

I've never heard of anyone who does
it that way.

Tell her you met a food engineer and
he told you it's not right.

As if that would help. My mother
also says that on January 15,

Sadaam is going to attack us
with an atomic bomb.

And what do you think about that?
-About what? About the war?

I don't think about it. Can you
imagine missiles on Tel Aviv?

I'll have parking by my house before
missiles fall around here.

It's pretty ridiculous. Wow, it's
been years since |'ve eaten Jello!

I wanted to make something else,
but I didn't have time.

And you just happened to have Jello
in the house? You're unbelievable.

It's idiotic, but it tastes good.

When you were little,
did mix your Jello?

No, just ice-cream. -Me, too.
Did you used to lick chocolate?

You're strange. What kind
of questions are you asking?

Excellent questions.
What do you want me to ask?

About school? The army? | only ask
questions that interest me.

Have you ever been married?
-No. Stop it.

“No. Stop it.” Answer already.
Have you ever been married?

No. | told you. -Do you have kids?

If you had kids, what would
you name them?

Noah. Why did they call you Noah?
-1 don't know. | never asked.

That was pretty nice.

You're pretty okay
for a food engineer.

It's not like I've ever been with
a food engineer before you,

but I don't think I ever thought it
would be nice to try it

with a food engineer,
for a change.

| thought a food engineer would be
like an account, only with a apron.

Do you work with an apron?

Are you married?
-I said no.

I'm just checking. Do you have
any unrequited loves?

Any broken heart that won't mend?
Any legendary ex-girlfriend?

Do you?

How long is your reserves duty? -One
week. -Will you call me from there?

Do you want me to call? -Yes. Will
you call? -Of course. If you want.

| do. So call.
-1l call. 1l call.

Get in the house.
You"ll catch a cold.

"The atmosphere in the Geneva
newsroom was extremely tense,

"and Baker's words came as a great
shock to those present...

"Because evaluations were optimistic
as long as the talks continued...

Are you crazy? Marco will kill you
when he gets back.

"And Baker himself tried to have a
heart-to-heart talk with Tariq Aziz

for 2 hours, but the minute Baker
announced that the Iraqis refused

to show any flexibility in
following the decisions made by

"the Security Council, that means
that the Geneva Conference failed...”

What's going on? Where’s Marco?

Havent you heard? He went to an
advertiser's conference in Amsterdam.

Of course. An advertiser's conference
in Amsterdam. He's scared stiff.

He's scared that missiles might fall
on him or burn his shoes.

I'd also go, if | had a chance.

"Seal off all openings. Apply
adhesive tape and ensure insulation

"around the window.

"To decontaminate
exposed body parts, use flour

"or talcum powder...”
-They've gone totally insane.

Why are they making everyone
go into hysterics?

What are you talking about? The
public has to know what's going on.

"Be prepared and be protected!”

Ladies and gentlemen, I've been
working on this all day. Look.

"The P.B.C. is a protective baby
carrier..” -This is absurd.

"That can protect a baby from
chemical agents...”

Wow! What a great poster!

You drink and go. | have work to do.
-Be nice.

Your father's girlfriend left him.
-Really? She just left him?

She didn't die of some awful disease
that smelled bad?

Would you cut it out already?
You're the one who left him.

So ll left him.
Now, she left him, too.

The bunny got on a plane and went to
her daughter in Canada.

What do you think about that?
- I don't care.

You'e adults.
It's not my business.

Of course not. Are you going to have
lunch with him on Saturday?

You know | am.

So maybe you can find out
what really happened?

Mom, I'm not going to spy on Dad.

It's not considered spying.
It's just showing interest.

Mom said that Hanna went abroad.
-That's true. Her daughter is worried

so she sent her a ticket. -She also
said that you and Hanna broke up.

| don't have control over that.
What about you? Got a guy?

Actually, | do. He's even nice.
Would you believe it? -No kidding.

Are you treating him well?
I treat him super-well.

Grandpa. -God help him.
-Grandpa. -Hi.

| think that Amos is upset.
Amos, why are you upset?

Maybe we should postpone this
discussion. -Why? It's a great topic.

It's not even a discussion.

Is something wrong?
-Does something seem wrong to you?

Come on. Tell me.
-What happened?

Amos cheated on me.

Do you remember that patient he had
on New Year's Eve?

There was no patient
and no analysis.

It was her, a second year
psychology student.

She was 22. Can you imagine?
A 22-year-old girl.

Good morning.
Indeed, war in Iraq.

1 hour ago, the White House
spokesman announced:

The liberation of Kuwait
has begun.

The United States,
along with the coalition, has begun

"Operation Desert Storm,” battling in
the Gulf. As a cautionary measure,

here is an announcement by
the IDF spokesman:

All citizens, with the exception
of the Emergency Homefront Units,

are asked to remain in their homes,

open their gas mask sets,
and keep them close at hand.

| repeat. Remain inside the house,
open the gas mask set,

and keep it close at hand.
The public is asked to prepare...

"The Voice of Israel from Jerusalem.
Here is the 10 o’clock news report

“from Liora Goshen. A new
development.” “Where is everyone?

Who? Don't you listen to the radio?
-Have they fired missiles at us?

Missiles? Are you for real? There's
an IDF order not to leave your home.

I came to finish up a few things and
I'm going. You go, too. I'll lock up.

Noah, what are you doing here?
-1 was released from reserves duty.

Did you conquer Kuwait? Did you miss
me? Did you kill Saddam?

No. | told you | was on
an supply base and | left

If anyone passes by and sees me...
-You're sweet..

I missed you so much.

You smell great.
Is it grease?

Noah and Noah...
Noah and Noah...

You talk a lot, dont you?
-1 have a lot to say.

Noah and Noah...
-Noah, and Noah, and Noah and Noah.

Let's get married.

We haven' even gotten to know
one another yet.

Maybe once you get to know me,
you won't want to marry me.

That's it? You're going?
-I'm going to the bathroom.

Noah and Noah...
Noah and Noah...

Did you hear that?
-Turn on the radio.

"Everyone is waiting for information.
Wel'll have the news soon.

"Listen: Due to a missile attack on
Israel, an embankment...”

That's the phone!

Pitzi, are you all right?

Dad, did you hear an explosion?
-l heard.

Get into the sealed room
and put your mask on.

Did you put on
your mask? -Yes. Bye.

All the lines are busy. | just wanted
to say that everyone's okay.

Alona, and Amos, and Grandma. -Did
you call Dad? -What do you think?

Well, if you're all right,
Il hang up.

I'm going to listen to the radio.

Is this room sealed?
Do you have masking tape?

Masking tape? Why?

Why? Where've you been? They shot
missiles at us. Do you have tape?

Do you have a mask?
-"So we are waiting.

"What do we know? -We know
that there was an alert siren,

"a genuine alert, it seems, and
according to the IDF announcement,

"we must stay at home, put on our
masks, stay in the sealed room,

"and do everything we learned...”

Noah, if it was gas, we"d be dead
already. This room isn't sealed

and I don't have an inch
of masking tape.

Are you coming back to bed or are you
going to stand there like an idiot?

"This is a joint broadcast of Galatz
and the Voice of Israel. The news...”

Get into the car immediately!

"The Voice of Israel
and Galatz. Hello.

"This is the 10 o’clock news
from Zvi Salton.

"Chief of Staff, Dan Shomron
says that Israel

"will not let these missile attacks
go by without a response...”

"The Chief of Staff believes
the destruction

of Iraqi rocket launchers
is close.

He asks the home front to
stay resilient as it has been..”

I'm happy to announce that we're
the only ones who remained.

In a few hours, the building will be
totally empty, and then we can go

into my neighbors'” apartments and
snoop around in their drawers.

How can you be so smug?
-Because you're here.

You love me, don't you? -You realize
that if missiles were fired tonight,

there could be missiles
tomorrow, too?

So well go into the bomb shelter.
-He could fire chemical missiles, too.

I don't think so. “You don't think
so? And you base this on whatz?

You're pretty hysterical.
-Hysterical? Missiles exploded,

houses destroyed and I'm hysterical?
You don't even have masking tape!

You have a cute ass,
you know?

Crazy. -I'm crazy?
I'm super-sane.

My previous girlfriends were
super-sane. You're not.

If, for example, I'd take you to my
parents, they'd have a heart attack.

You should know, | have a great
success rate with parents. If you

take me to your parents just once,
theyll nudge you to marry me

until you give up.
-I'm not so sure.

Where are all these records from?
Did you rob a museum?

Show some respect
for your culture, you bum.

“If it's a Sunday,
if it's a Wednesday,

"If it's a summer day,
if it's a winter day,

“If it's a rainy day,
if it's a sunny day,

"If it's a great day,
if it's a sad day,

“If it's nighttime,
or if it's daytime,

“If it's evening,
or if it's dusk,

"The whole week’s for you.

"The whole week’s for you.

“If you're here with me,
and if you're not,

“If you didn't tell me
how or why,

“If you didn't even tell me your name,

“I love you.

“If the moon shines down on us,

"And if the flower blooms for us,

“If clouds float in the sky,

"and if fish dance on the water,

"Please hug me.
Don't let me go.

"Don't let me go.
Please, hug me.

"The whole week’s for you...”

| need to pee.

Put your mask on.

Where are you going?

Sit down!

"Even if you
didn't tell me your name,

“I love you.

“If it's a Sunday,
if it's a Wednesday,

"If it's a summer day,
if it's a winter day,

“If it's a rainy day
if it's a sunny day...”

Noah, come on. It's your turn.
-I'm coming.

Hello? -Can | speak with Noah?
-Who's calling? -Is he there?

He's not here. -Who are you?
-When will he be back?

If you tell me who you are right now,
you'll save yourself the awkwardness

of having me slam the phone down
in your face.

And may a truck run you over.

Who was that? -A wrong number.
-A wrong number?

So how come you never got married?
- It didn't work out.

-She went abroad.


She went to study medicine in Boston.
She got a scholarship.

A scholarship?

So she must be a talented girl.
-Yes, | guess.

How long were you together?

A year is a pretty long time.

Do you still love her?
Do you want her to come back.

It's not relevant right now.

Why do you have to ask me
all these questions?

| landed on Haifa.

| have a hotel there.
Give me 1,000 shekels.

I don't have any. Give me a discount.
- I don't want to. I win.

I'm going to visit my father
in Petah-Tikva. -Now? At night?

Hi, this is Donny. Does anyone know
how to reach you by phone?

You forgot to leave a number.

Well, we're going back
to work tomorrow, so come in.

Bye. -Hi, Talila.
This is Ronen Marco.

Remember me?
I'm calling from Amsterdam.

I'm glued to CNN, and | see
things are hopping over there.

Too bad | can't join you, but there
are some issues with the conference.

Ill try and call back later.
- Are you crazy?

I've been looking for you.
Where have you been?

| tried that Nahum of yours
and he said

you're on your way
to Petah-Tikva.

Well, you should have gotten here
a long time ago.

Call Dad the minute you hear this.
We're here.

Don't you know what time it is?

If your mother is allowed to call
me at this hour,

then | can come here, too.

My mother called you?
-Are you going to let me in?

Why did my mother call you?

Your mother thinks
that I'm a great guy.

So tell me about life out
in the wild?

- Why not?

You're not usually shy.

You can tell me
about Hagit Degani.

Okay. Hagit Degani is in London and
I don't think she's coming back.

-Marrying Ofer phobia.

She told me that living with me
is like living in a cemetery

and after being
with me for a few minutes,

she has to go warm up
in the freezer.

For some reason, my girlfriends
become quite poetic

when they dump me.

Why dont | feel that
you're heartbroken?

Why don't you tell me something
about that noble savage?

We're jealous. -You talk to me about
being jealous?

When [ told you
that I'm not getting married,

your sigh of relief could be heard
in Mazkeret Batya.

Why arent you in
Mazkeret Batya, anyway?

"In times of tension, problems could
arise between couples.

“If a problem arises, don't make a
big deal of it. Just say:

"Let’s calm down first. Let's see.
Then, fondle one another a bit.

“I'm not saying to have intercourse
because that..”

What's with the sweat suits?
Are you going to the Olympics?

Missiles are falling over here
if you don't mind.

So the sweats are rocket-proof?
-Talilat Where have you been?!

Did Ofer get in touch with you?
-1 forbid you to talk to him anymore.

Oh, stop it. -What are you doing here
anyway? -l invited her.

Do you have a problem with that?
-Me? Why should I?

You look great together. What
problem could | possibly have?

Fine, because it's none of your
business. -That's what | thought.

Do us all a favor. Just shut up and
come sit down next to Alona.

She doesn't want to shut up.
Everyone’s shutting up here.

She wants to talk. -1t wouldnt
hurt for you to watch your mouth, too.

Does anyone want coffee? -Yes.
-Pretending to be Mother Theresa

as if she's not here to ruin
Dad’s wedding.

Alona, don't meddle with our lives
and we won't meddle with yours.

Okay? -Okay. -| suggest that
everyone just calm down.

This argument has
no purpose.

Excuse me. This is
not a psychoanalysis clinic.

We didn't come here for you
to vomit Freud on all of us.

Talila, cant you control yourself?

You have no idea who Freud is. Stop
using him a some sort of curse.

Actually, you should just quiet down.
- Don't talk to me about quiet.

You're the one who said that quiet
bothers you in life

so you be quiet yourself. -Really?
Decide. Should | be quiet or noisy?

The children. The children.

Great, Amos.
Look what you've done.

Is that how you act
with your patients as well?

Why don't you ask him how he acts
with his patients?

Do you really think this is a subject
for a family discussion?

Do you have to tell everyone

Is there anything else that your
family doesn't know about me?

Maybe you should bring someone else.
Maybe put an ad in the newspaper.

Amos, that's enough. Drop it.

"This is the combined broadcast of
the Voice of Israel and IDF radio.”

With all the yelling, | forgot to
tell you. Tomorrow, we're going

to Jerusalem. To the Hilton.
- The Hilton? Isn't that expensive?

Yes, but another day with Mom and
Dad, and I'll want to kill them, too.

Will you come and visit? -Jerusalem?
I'd rather get hit by a chemical bomb.

What's that? A message from
Nahum? What are you hiding?

He can't send you dirty messages

He's in love, huh?

"The sun is setting

"On the world.

“Look. It's drowning

“Into the sea.

"Down into the sea,

"The seagulls dive.

"The water leaves its shells

"To you.

"So come home already,

"Little girl.

"Dewdrops fall like silver

"From the moon.

The wind kisses

"The waves...”

"The Opera House is built out of two
staggered towers, connected..” -Okay.

| wrote it down. And... Neta!
What are you betting on?

Today? Not today.

But tomorrow, yes. And the day after
tomorrow, no. -20 shekels, please.


Anat? -Today, yes.
Tomorrow, yes.

Two days from now, chemical.
-No way.

Such optimism. -Talila,
you're alive. Where've you been?

In Petah-Tikva, by my father.

| read in the paper that this war is
making people crazy, but Petah-Tikva?

I don't get what's so funny. We could
get killed at any moment

and you're here betting on when
the next rocket will fall?

What's so funny about that?

Has anyone noticed that the window
isn't sealed properly.

He's become such a worrywart.

Excuse me?
Excuse me?

Excuse me!

Do you have a rubber band?

We're all patriots, you know.

-You're welcome.

So are you on your way to Jerusalem?
-No. -l am.

My parents are at the Hilton. They're
old and scared of the missiles.


So are you going to the airport?
-Mazkeret Batya. Near Rehovot.

Really? That's a nice place.


Hello? Hello?


Why are you sitting in the dark?

| was waiting for you
and it got dark.

Sorry I'm late.

| have to talk to you.
That girl, Donna,

the one who went to Boston to study,
the one | told you about,

she came to Israel
to be with her parents.

| met her today. -You met her?
Why did you meet her?

She came to the factory. She also
said she talked to you on the phone.

You forgot to tell me.
-1 don't want to hear anymore.

Give me 5 minutes
and I'm out of here.

What are you doing? -I'm leaving.
-Leaving? Where are you going?

You can't go now.

Will you just stop for a minute
and let me explain?

No. I don't want you
to explain anything.

| know that I'm a fantastic girl,
and that it's not my fault,

and no one’s to blame, and I'm not
the type of girl that guys marry...

I've heard all that enough.
I don't have to hear it from you.

| just want you to let me pack
and get out of here.

At least sleep here tonight.
- Don't touch me, please.

I'm not planning on giving you
a farewell fuck.

"Rain, when it falls on time,

"Brings so much sadness along.

"Everything’s stopped,
comes to a standstill.

"Just the rain comes on time.

It doesn't care

"That the nights over there
are very cold,

"And that it's hard to cry
in the sand dunes...”

Stop it. That's enough.
Stop it.

Can you get me
the Baor family, please?

Hello? -Alona, it's me. I'm in
the lobby. “What happened?

I left Noah. - Come up. -Il can't face
Amos and the kids right now.

Okay. Il come down.

Did you say yes? -Yes. -Was that a
yes? -Yes. -I've been waiting...

Hello. -What?
-Hello. Remember me?

Can | sit next to you? -Sit...
My sister's supposed to join me.

My sister's here and my parents, too.
What floor is she on? -16.

| think. -Mine are on the 11th.
-What would you like, Miss?

Mineral water, please.
You know, it's really funny

that | met you here.
-Funny? -Yes.

Because when | met you on the
highway, you said you were going

to Mazkeret Batya, and | have an
ex-boyfriend in Mazkeret Batya,

so after you said you were going
there, | said:

Well, maybe | should see what's
happening with Noah.

His name is Noah.

| actually called him yesterday, but
some girl answered the phone

and she sounded
like such a monster,

so | said, "Well, | have
nothing to lose.”

| went to his factory. It was
a short and strange meeting

but now, | called him
and suddenly, it seems

that the girl left him, so
| decided to go over there

for the weekend to see what's what.
Isnt that funny? -Hilarious.

Talila? Talilo.
-Your name is Talila?

My name is Donna.
Nice to meet you.

We have to go.

That's Donna, don't you understand?
That's Noah's legendary ex.

That boring mouse with her parents
on the eleventh floor,

with Sting playing in her ear
straight into her heart.

Who is that? -That bitch told me that
she's going to Mazkeret Batya

tomorrow to check out
their relationship.

Over my dead body.

Come on, Talila. This is insane,
roaming around the parking lot now.

You don't have a heart...

Besides, it's illegal. It's a crime.
I don't need to sit in jail now.

Kids, look for a blue car.

Which blue car?
What are you talking about?

Oh, Talila. -Yoavi, do you know what
an Ibezia looks like? -Yes.

You and Daffi go over there.
If you see a blue Ibezia,

let me know. Okay?
You're with me.

Give me a break, Talila. You want me
to sit in jail with my kids now?

Talila! | found it.

Talila, are you crazy? You're going
to cut the wheels in front

of the children?
That's not educational.

It's also not educational to lose
Noah to that vixen.

Yoav, Daffi, go wait over there
till Mom and Talila come.

| don't want to. -Yoavit
-Can you run fast?

What are you doing?
You're out of your mind.

Look, kids.
Look at the pretty bird!

Talila, stop it.
They'll arrest us.

What are you doing?
Talila, what are you doing?

That's it. We're done.

Are you going to faint? -Fair enough,
Talila. You're amazing.

It's important to protect yourselves.
It's important be vigilant,

and most important of all,

try and go about your lives
as usual in Israel.

There are a few who have left us.

| ask all of them to return
so that they don't become defectors.

Defectors or not, Tel Aviv residents
contemplate the question:

The sealed room or
a bomb shelter?

In a recent survey, it seems that
46% of the population

does not have faith in the sealed
room and prefer the bomb shelter.

54% still feel safe
in a sealed room

and continue to enter the room
during a missile attack.

Hilton, hello.
-Hello. Alona Baor, please.

The Baor family has gone out.
Would you like to leave a message?

Yes. That Talila called.
-Thank you.

Hello? -Yoni, hi. How are you?
-Oh, I'm on my way out.

Are you at home? --Yes. -So I'll call.
- Yes, of course. Call later on.

-Bye. Bye.

"Hello. This is the Katz family.
We can't answer the phone right now.

"But please leave a message.”
-Hello. This is your daughter.

Do you go on a trip?
Are you busy?

Did a missile fall on you?
Did you forget I'm alive?

I'm at home.

Hello? -Let me talk to Noah.
-Who's calling?

Open up!

Let me in!

Too bad there’s no mirror here.

| heard you came back to Tel Aviv.
What happened?

The air in Mazkeret Batya
was too clean for you?

Can you walk
or should | bring a crane?

Do you know what we're going
to do now?

First of all, we're going to give
you a bath in bleach,

and then
we'll go out on the town.

(codeword for missile attack)


All you chickens down
to the bomb shelters!

And now, all you chickens come
out of the bomb shelters!

Down to the shelters! Out of the
shelters! Down! Out!

"You can have everything.

Today is tomorrow,
just like yesterday.

"We need a holiday.

"You can have everything,
but I'm not allowed to

"Ask why?
-But you can...”

| have headache.

Where are you taking me? -To the
couch. -I hate this couch.

I'm going to replace it.
-Any more complaints?

| hate this war.
-This war is not your problem.

Your problem is that you don't live
like you should.

You think a new couch will make
your life all right?

Why not? My life is crap. At least,
| should be able to sit comfortably.

You should marry me.
| suit you.

| know it'll make you mad to hear,
but it's the truth.

We're a match. -1 don't want you to
suit me. You're a magazine.

I don't want to live with a magazine.
I want to marry for love.

Like that guy from Mazkeret Batya
for example? -Yes.

How long were you with him,
3 weeks, a month?

We were together two years. We lived
together. Isn't that worth something?

Something? Something?

That certainly counts
for something.

We lived together for 2 years, and
all you did for those two years was

to tell me what to wear and how
to look and where to cut my hair,

and how | talk and how much | curse,
and what movies | should see,

and what food | should like and that
the music I listen to is stupid,

and why it's vulgar to make noises
when having sex

and why people who drink instant
coffee should be shunned,

and |, like an idiot,
took all those things seriously

and two months after we break up,

you already make plans
to marry a 22-year-old,

which reminds me that not now or
during the 2 years we were together

two whole years, you never told me
that you love me.

But it's obvious, isn't it?

I'm sleeping. -Good morning, ma‘am.
| brought the couch.

That's it. I've had enough.

I'm getting out of the house.

Ever since you cut
that hussy’s tires,

| can't stop thinking
how I'm such a wimp.

| can't look at him.
| can't talk to him.

| can't even fight with him
in front of the children.

Oh, a little closer to the curtain.

What's this supposed to be?
It doesn't matter. Are you listening?

Every evening, he comes home with
stories of evacuees here and there,

and what a trauma they've had and
how he’s so lucky to have a home

and how he’s so lucky to be alive at
all and how he understands that his

days are numbered and getting shorter.
Let them get shorter. I'm sick of it.

He keeps telling me that he
understands me. That psychopath.

Bastard. I'm going to Kfar Bloom.
-To Michal and Benny? Are you nuts?

You hate them.
-Not as much as Amos.

Heard anything from the country boy?

Maybe you should visit him?

You know, like:
"Oh, | was just passing by.”


Well, Noah.
| got a marriage proposal,

but | decided that Il marry you,
Noah, and we'll have 3 kids

and wel'll call them
Pullet, Chickadee, and Orchid.

You heard the car.
-What are you doing here?

| wanted to see you, okay?
| came to grovel, okay?

I'm not sure that’s such a good idea.
-It's actually an excellent idea.

what are you doing here?

| came to bring
Noah some clothes.

Noah? Why should you bring
Noah clothes?

What's this? ~-Maybe Talila will
explain. I'm going to make coffee.

How are you? Did you family
leave the Hilton? -No.

Why didn't you tell me
you knew Noah?

| didn't know you were talking
about him.

Are you going back to Boston?
Don't you study there?

How do you know all these things?
How do you know Noah?

Why did you buy him clothes?
-1 should have bought you some, too.

Isnt it nice that the 3 of us can
sit here together and talk.

Talila, stop it. -Stop what? I'm
trying to be nice. -No you're not

and you know it
-At least I'm trying.

So Noah didn't tell you
anything about me?

| actually feel like | know you.

For once in your life, cant you just
behave properly?

Why did you come here? To fight?
-No. | came to give you these clothes.

What are those clothes for?
Can someone please explain?

Noah, is this the girl that was here
before me?

So you'e the one | spoke to
on the phone?

"Viper... Viper... Viper”

Talila, | dont want to fight with
you, but there’s a siren

and | think you should
go inside.

With the two of you into
the sealed room?

Thanks, but no thanks.
-Do you have to be so dramatic?

Can't you just cut the melodrama
for a minute?

No. And you can' stop the...

It doesn't matter. Get in the house.
You'll catch a cold.

Ms. Katz, where were you?
-Ms. Katz, my foot.

Leave me alone. I'm tired.
-Why don't you come sleep with me.

Just put all your feuding aside
and come and sleep with me.

For what?
-For this.

What am | doing?

It's still arranged alphabetically.

What are you looking for?

"The High Windows.” “You haven't
gotten over that stage yet?

So | dont like Polish jazz. Are
you going to shoot me for that?

Have you thought about what | said to
you? -What, that you want

to marry me?
What, are you serious? -Totally.

It's not because of the missiles?
-1 don't care about the missiles.

But you care about me?

If I'd have proposed six months
ago, what would you have said?

I'd have said: Yes.
-Then why can't you say yes now?

You know what? Maybe.

Is maybe a yes?


What | cant understand is why
Ofer proposed to me.

Why now?

Maybe he realizes that he made a
mistake and he’s trying to fix it?

Maybe he’s trying to make up for all
the crap he fed you?

And maybe he doesn't have
anything better to do?

Talila, you know what?
You tend to go overboard.

In my opinion,
you have to consider it.

Sometimes, a person has to know
when to give a second chance,

to forgive, especially if he asks
your forgiveness so many times

and tells you how much he loves you.
He promises to make it up to you.

Alona, what are you talking about?

You took Amos back? What did
you call him, a bastard, a maniac,

a Freudian psychopath?
-Shhhh... Don't shout, Talila.

Be happy for me. Dont be mean.
Besides, he coming over soon.

Want some coffee?
-1 don't know what | want.

Do you really think | should
get married to Ofer?

Well, if I don't get married to Ofer,
do you think that someone else

will want to marry me, or that
Il remain alone with my couch?

Does that seem logical to you?

Be nice to him.

Hello. -It's Amos. -Come on up,
bastard. | wont do anything to you.

Neta, Neta, come quick! Come watch
American soldiers. Hurry.

Donny, come and dance!

Let's dance.

"Last will and testament”

What's with Yaron? -He’s nuts.
He's writing a will.

Has he lost his mind?

Hi, everyone. I'm back. -Hi.
-Hello, Ronen. -Hi, Ronen.

Hi. Welcome back.

Hello, Talila.

Hello, Talila.


What about Tivol?

Tivol's on hold.
Everyone’s on hold.

You're kidding at me. Haven't you
submitted anything yet?

| dont know about Amsterdam, but
there’s a war going on over here.

So maybe you should go over there
with whatever you've managed to do

just to seen what they think.

This war won't go on forever.
-You know what?

That's an excellent idea.
-Great, Talila.

What's great?
-Donny, come on.

This is our dining hall.
We redesigned it.

We are very, very proud of it.
Come in. Here's the administration.

They say the hotdogs are amazing.
A great success.

Oh, hello! -You know Talila.
Dino... -Donny. -Donny.

Have a seat. Would you like to eat
something? -Shechter, our CEO.

Okay. Noah, this is the new corn
burger, right? -Great. -Excellent.

Will you come later on to see what
this nice young man and woman

prepared for us?
-1 don't think Il have time.

He's very busy lately.
-He has a new girlfriend.

Cant believe what a heartbreaker
he is. Look how he dresses

with his shoelaces untied.
Like a bum.

Hey, you're from Tel Aviv.

Would a girl from Tel Aviv give
someone like him a second glance?

Would you go out with him?

| can't really answer that.
I'm getting married soon.

Really? Congratulations!

Wait, let's fill our glasses.

Haim, Daniela, Noah.
Cheers! Congratulations!

Are you nuts? What's all this about
a wedding?

I didn't even know you had
a boyfriend. “What?

You said you were getting married,
didn't you?

Would you stop butting into
other people’s business?


So? You're alive.
Where have you been?

If you're going to curse out Dad,
then | dont want to hear about it.

Hanna’s coming back on Sunday.
-If you're going to make a scene

then you should know
I'm really not in the mood.

I've already heard all your
complaints about Dad.

I don't want to hear any more
If he's marrying Hanna.

Let him marry Hanna.

| don't want to be stuck
in the middle.

And I don't want you to tell me
what a bastard he is

and | don't want to spy on him.
| want you to stop discussing it.

You know what? It's not so bad.
| thought it would be horrible,

but it's not. | lived with him
for so many years,

let someone else live
with him now.

What about you?
Are you all right?

Ofer, that wonderful guy, proposed,
and | accepted.

So why are you crying?
Don' you want to marry Ofer?

Aren't you happy?

| don't know. At least someone
proposed to me...

So why don't you stop crying?
Ofer is a nice guy.

Really nice...

| like this one.

Great. Barbeques and waiters.
-You chose the invitations,

you chose the place, and you
chose the catering.

Do you think | can chose the dress
by myself? -Of course.

Tell me when you're going.
Il come with you.

Have you already decided which
position we'll use on the honeymoon?

You need to get a haircut.

Smile, everyone!
“In general, we can say that

"Sadaam seems to be
somewhat hazy,

“but in general,
as you tend to say,

"he is fairing well and joking around
with his doctors.

"Yes. Let's move on to another
subject..” -Dad, change the channel.

Dad, change to Amos. -"Milk,
calf's foot jelly, grilled chicken,

"hummus with pine nuts,
tahini and olive oil

"all on a plate with a pita...”

Okay, can we begin? -Daffi, turn down
the volume please.

Grandpa wants to begin.
-Mom: Tell him!

Amos, the children. -Sit next to me.
-Come here. -No! No!

Don't you have any more
wine glasses? - only have 4.

Let's put it on the gift list.
-Okay. We have gathered here tonight

to make a toast in honor
of two weddings.

Are you sure it's
okay that we're drinking

in honor of Dad’s wedding?

It's okay.
Amos has a match for Mom.

Really? What does he do?
-He's a psychologist.

Everyone says that this will all be
over in a few days, and | must say

that personally, | am glad,
and I'm also happy to know

that finally, someone is taking my
little daughter. Yes, it's not easy.

God knows, she’s not easy

but I'm sure that the guy who gets
her will not regret it,

and that they'll have
a lot of wonderful kids.

Yes, of course, we can't overlook
the fact that Ofer is so wealthy

that | won't have to put up money for
an apartment. That's good, too.

I'm also wealthy. -Well, that's not
important now. ~Amos is rich, too.

Stop it. Stop it. I'd like to propose
a toast to Ofer and Talila. Cheers!

Daffi, Yoavi, get your masks.

Amos, take care of it...

Why did you switch the planters?
-We wanted to switch to geraniums.

Did you lock the door? -Yes.
-Turn off the lights? -Yes, yes.

It's a common phenomenon. There are
marriages that thrive under pressure.

Living with him was true hell.

Amos, are you marking time? -At my
age, is getting a divorce okay?

We're on to weddings now.

Show her the invitation.

Hurry, Daffi. Yoavi. Quickly, now.
Come on, Yoavi...

I just want to pull it tighter.
Come here. I'll fix it for you.

It's too small for me.

I'm not getting married.

What did you say?
-I'm really sorry.

| can't marry you.

Why are you looking at me like that?
Why are you all looking at me?

| don't want to marry him, okay?
He's not a bad guy.

He doesn't murder children,
and he doesn't torture cats.

Does that means that | have
to marry him?

Ofer, Ofer...

What did you come for?
There’s no audience here.

| came to apologize. Please,
let me apologize.

For what? For canceling
our wedding

3 minutes after we toasted it, and
in front of your entire family,

In front of people
| don't even know?

For that, too. Also because
| agreed in the first place.

We can't live together.
It's not right.

So what is right? Your food engineer?
And if he's so right, where is he?

I don't know.
-So what do you know?

You date me, fuck me,
agree to marry me,

and let me choose the invitations.

How long did you plan
to drag this out?

Maybe I should thank you that
you didn't ditch me at the ceremony.

Ofer, you'e not an idiot.
You have to know that I'm right.

See, that Noah. | don't know
what's going on with him at all.

He doesnt call me. Maybe he’s
getting married to his girlfriend.

| have no idea,

but | can't get married just to get
married. | thought | could.

| thought | could do it with you.

But it isn't right.

"It is a time of pride.
Pride in our nation,

"with people whose strength and
resolve made victory quick...

"This morning, Israeli citizens
received, with relief,

"the good news that the state of
emergency has been cancelled.

"Residents from the center of
the country were most joyful,

"as tension and fear had kept them in
their homes for a long time.

"Minutes after
the official announcement

"you could barely see the streets...”

| have no character. What should |
do? Who feels like chasing him?

There are a thousand others like him.
I'll slash her tires to bits...

Yes, and who are you?
-Donna went back to Boston.

No kidding? -I don't think
that I love her anymore.

No way.
-It's true.

So you're probably
really broken hearted.

Not really.

You probably really miss her.


You probably want me to let you in.


Tie your shoelaces, you bum!

"The sun is about to set

"On the world.

"See? It's already drowning

“Into the sea.

"Down into the sea

"The seagulls dive.

"The water leaves its shells

"To you.

"So come home already,

"Little girl.

"Dew falls like silver

"From the moon.

"The wind Kisses

"The waves,

"And stars fall slowly

"Down upon you...”