The Song of Sway Lake (2017) - full transcript

Music collector Ollie Sway recruits his only friend, a rowdy Russian drifter, to help him steal a 78 record from his own family's estate.

- Dearest Charlotte.

You begged me to freeze time.

I'll do anything, even that.

The taste of your skin

fresh from the cool water,

will nourish me through this

Until I've frozen time for you.

Your devoted commander.

- Dearest Hal.

Can we dance to it?

♪ Sway Lake

♪ Can you hear

- Every young couple

knows the Eden Sisters'
number one hit, "Sway Lake".

But did you know that Sway
Lake is a real place,

where now anyone can visit?

Even you!

Named for philanthropist Ulysses

who purchased it in 1890,

Sway Lake was for many decades

an exclusive retreat for the

escaping the heat of New York

Come spy on the piano-playing
war hero

Captain Hal Sway,

along with his fetching wife,

as they entertain their
guests at Crane Point,

which remains in the
Sway family to this day!

♪ Sway Lake

- Cole Porter has stopped by...

So has Dwight Eisenhower!

Why not you?

Hey look, there's their boy

Are you going to be a hero
like your father, old chap?

- Dearest Hal.

Our son said that when
words fail, there's music.

When music fails, silence.

♪ When they begin the beguine

♪ It brings back the sound

♪ Of music so tender

♪ It brings back a night
of tropical splendor ♪

♪ It brings back a memory ever
green ♪

- Dearest Hal.

Five months after our son's

our grandson Ollie has decided
to return

one last time to the
lake that bears our name.

His plan is to steal a valuable

78 record from the house.

The original "Sway Lake" record,

performed and painted shut

by Tweed McKay himself,
on our wedding night...

Never to be heard again.

- The cheesy hit version
was done by the Eden Sisters.

In '44.

Got rich bleaching other
people's songs

for the masses.

- I cannot wait to
hear the original version.

- Nah, we can't open the record.

It'll lose its value.

We take it and run.

- Ollie believes his father

would've wanted him to have it.

For as a music collector,

only Ollie appreciates
that a perfect thing

must never be sold at any price,

its seal never broken.

♪ What moments divine,
what rapture serene ♪

- To aid him on his mission,

Ollie's recruited his only

- Hello trees!


- A Russian
vagabond named Nikolai,

who exaggerates his charm

for whatever audience is before

Both the boys are orphans,

both believe the modern world is

and both agree that stealing is

when it's in the name of love.

♪ Don't let them begin the
beguine ♪

♪ Let the love that was once
a fire remain an ember ♪

♪ Let it sleep

- The young men have sworn

to complete their mission with

honor, and verve.

It's never too late to
find the perfect sway,

my dearest departed commander.

Your devoted darling.

♪ The beguine

- Incredible, man.

What a beautiful asset.

You're joking.

I had no idea you were such
a rich fucker, my friend.

- It's not mine,
it's my grandmother's.

She never comes here anymore.

- Hey, what are you doing?

- Hey, you wanna
sleep in the street again?

- No thanks.

This, you know...

- Hey, hands off the military

- You know, you really should DJ

You're good.

- Thank you.

- Your papa
never left you a will, no?

- If he did, my grandmother
burned it.

She hates clutter.

Where the fuck is this?

It really should've gone to me
when he died.

- Don't worry, Ollie.

We're going to find that record,

and make your papa proud.

- It's probably just
locals fishing on our dock.

- You must protect your assets.

Let's fuck with them.

- There's something down there!

- Who's out there?

- Maybe the ghost ate his ass.

- What the fuck?

- Who are you?

- Nik, what are you doing?

- This is private property.

- Who cares, the owner's dead.

- The owner is right here.

- Jimmy, let's go.

- Stupid fucks.

Don't come back!

So, this is where your papa...?

I'm sorry man.

- That girl was hot, right?

- Ollie...

This summer is for our pops.

- Dinner, honey.

Alright, we start on the east

and then work our way through

until we find this record.

- Is this your grandpa?

- Commander Hal Sway.

The most decorated officer

in the Pacific Convoy Patrol.

- What a stud.

Piano playing captain with his
sexy bride.


To Charlotte and Hal.

- This is my dad's 33rd favorite

- Is this the record?

- Listen.

♪ Hold that tiger

♪ Hold that tiger

♪ Hold that tiger

♪ Hold that tiger

♪ Hold that tiger

♪ Hold that tiger

♪ Hold that tiger

- Backwards!--
- Forward!

- Forward!

Stop talking to a fucking

- It's a chipmunk.

♪ Hold that tiger

- I have to check my asshole,

for glass in my ass.

- Let's go find purple-haired

She's so perfect.

She's not here.

- Okay.

Find a new girl.

I have never in my life been
turned down,

and neither should you be.

Watch me.

Excuse me, girlies.

Come here please.

Here they come.

- You look like Luke Perry.

- Thank you.

- No.



- Where are you going?

- Is this your piece of shit,

Race you back!

Show them the way, Ollie.

Make your move!

- Do you guys know a
girl with purple hair?

- Isadora?

She's like a lesbo.

- Who fucks guys.

- This is Memphis Mabel.

She was homeless at 12,
a chorus girl at 15,

and ended up as the
highest paid singer in...

♪ Sway Lake, can you hear? A loon
crying out in the ghostly moonlight ♪

- Hey Ollie. How's your
collection going?

- B plus, Dad.

- It's the crackle I love.

We can disappear into it.

We're collectors.

- Dad...

You happy now?

- Do you
understand what makes this

one record perfect?

- Dear Charlotte.

Code name greatest day in
Eskimo history approaches.

Your devoted commander, Hal.

♪ Love is funny, or it's sad

♪ Or it's quiet, or it's mad

♪ It's a good thing, or it's bad ♪

♪ But beautiful

♪ Beautiful to take a chance

♪ And if you fall, you fall

♪ And I'm thinking--

- Excuse me.

- Hey, who are you?

- I'm Mrs. Sway.

This is my house, who are you?

- I'm sorry.

I'm a friend of Oliver.

- Oliver's here?

I'd have thought he'd stay away.

Mrs. Sway.


I'm so sorry about your dad.

- You were missed at the

- What are you doing here?

Put some clothes on, dude.

- I'm speaking at town hall
about that dreadful marina,

tying up some loose ends.

I'm selling this place in the

I hope you're wearing your sun

you do have your father's
skin you know, dear.

- Come on, let's go.

How long is she staying?

- Ollie, just--

- I hope no more than a week.

- Perfect.

- This driveway is a mess.

- Great to have you, Gran.

- Young man.

You may want to wear a touch
more clothing for dinner.

- She has witch
powers, pack your shit.

- But you're not your dad,

you don't care what she thinks.

- I can't believe she's selling.

- What about the record?

We never give up on a mission.

Hey look, look, look, look.


We locate the record, then we


Play nice, it belongs to you.

- We eat while it's hot,

Respect the chef.

When did you last wash your

I remember when people
wanted to look their best.

This meat is a bit tough.

- I think it's perfect.

- It's overdone.

Hal rescued Marlena from Cuba.

- He tried desperately
to get her kids out too.

- Hey dad, I met a girl.

What song should I play her?

- What do ugly fellas like us

know about love?

Better to leave it untouched.

I marked it five out of five for

- How can you rate a
record without hearing it?


- Leave.

- These are 78s?

- No, those are 33s.

These are 78s, heavy ones.

Vinyl used to be industrial

Could slice a head off with a

- Why'd your pop hide it?

- He didn't want his mother to
have it.

I heard she played the Victor

of America the Beautiful at the

If 50 years of nagging hadn't
driven him to suicide,

that shit would've killed him
for sure.

Found my dad's porn.

Shit is depressing, man.

- Until Admiral McKinley accepts

Wolfpacks can also be
engaged in the Pacific,

supply lines will continue
to be at colossal risk.

He was right, you know.

- Why are you reading that shit?

My grandfather was a dick.

- February 17, 1943.

Eskimo Day begins.

What does this mean?


Excuse me, Mrs. Sway.

Where would I find a Criss Craft

- Whatever for?

- For the racing boat.

She needs just a little

and she will be beautiful.

- Do what you like, I
don't go to the dock.

You and Oliver could clean up
the grounds

rather than trash them.

That would be useful.


Come on, put your back into it.

Having fun?

♪ My Yellow Ginger Lei

♪ Reveals her scent through the
day ♪

Hey, get away from the shore!

- For medicinal purposes only.

♪ My Yellow Ginger Lei

- Found her.

My arrow will make her fall in

with the first person she sees.

♪ Makes me love you

- This fucker right here.

- Cupid was weird, he was a
naked baby.

Made me feel uncomfortable.

But what if she looks in the

and sees her own reflection

Or sees me?

- I didn't get that far in the

- This dart of yours,

it takes the fun, the fun from

- Who needs firewood in August?

- Marlena, there's a mouse.

Marlena! Mouse.

- Caught him.

- Take him outside.

- So what is all this?

- Condolences.

So far, I've only managed eight

- So burn them.

Tears are not meant to be

- I don't cry, Nikolai.

Timmy cursed this place
when he did what he did.

- So you punish Ollie?

- It's easier to lose a father
than a son.

- You're supposed to be helping

- What?

- Nice canoe.

- Fucking canoe?

This a genuine Adirondack

The Ducati of 1899. Fucking

- Commander Sway used
to row that guideboat

every morning.

You could set a clock by it.

What you need?

- Eight cylinder head gasket,

for a 1939 Criss Craft.

- Are you serious?

That old speedboat hasn't
been out on the lake

in 20 years.

- Fucking dumb motor, fuck this.

- College kids.

Work at a hotel on the lake,

but don't know a thing about

Nice to have a fella like you on
the lake.

- Why doesn't it fucking work?

- Let me try that.

- Fuck, I don't need your help.

- All right, all right.

Hah, see?

- I told you.

Can you get out of my boat?

- You know, you aren't that

- Says the guy whose friend
tried to drown someone.

- He's excitable,

there's a lot of freedom here,
you know?

I'm Ollie.

- I'm Isadora.

- That's a pretty name.

- I was named after Isadora

Sorry about your dad.

- How'd you know about my dad?

- Everybody knows.

- Cool.

- Hey Is.

Headed to The Cab this weekend,

you gonna be there?

- I don't know,

I'm sort of like sick of

- I'll look around

for a gasket for you, Nicky.

- Now this is a--

- Hey Jim, I can't get
this piece of shit to work.

- That's my kid's venture.

- Dad, I fixed it yesterday.

- The choke is stuck.

- You got lucky.

- All my life.

- Any sign of it?

- No, Mrs. Sway.

But I promise, I will find it.

- You realize what you've done

by agreeing to work, she's a

What are you wearing?

- We need to take military

Your purple lady has been

But they have revealed their

Kill kill kill kill.

Tomorrow you die!

- Who's out there?

- Hey dude, what's your problem?

- Let's go.

- Retreat!

- Hey, we see you man.

- Did your
papa teach you to fight?

- He was neither
lover nor fighter.

- But your pop taught you music.

- I need to find a girl

who likes old records.

- Remember when
you would do anything

for a girl, because you thought
she would save your life?

No woman is worth dying for

We were born too late.

- If she weren't rich,
she'd just be crazy.

- Why does she not go to the

- She's afraid she'd jump.

- And you don't swim.

Runs in the family.

- May the water of Sway Lake

find me in the Pacific.

May 12th, 1944.

Dearest Charlie.

The pure water of Sway
Lake awaits our return.

July 6th, 1944.

Dearest Charlie.

Far from these blood stained

codename greatest day in
Eskimo history approaches.

In love as in war, we
judge our allies best

by the secrets they keep.

You are a keeper of secrets,

When I open my eyes, I see you

swimming toward me.

I see our guests dancing in the

to Tweed's orchestra as
we sneak to the water.

Now that you're a Sway,

you and I are in cahoots

to ensure that the lake remain a

where time can stop.

The music echoes in my ears.

And the taste of your skin...

Your devoted commander, Hal.

- Would you mind looking for

We're late for the town hearing.

- Okay.

- Nikolai.

Did you move my desk?

Well, it'll have to be back
where it belongs by dusk.

There's dew.

- The guideboat was gone, I'll
take you.

- Typical Oliver,

he never cared about the lake.

- Hey.

♪ Strolling along the avenue

♪ Whiling the time away

♪ Dreaming of all

- Could you do this for me?

It always comes undone.

- Of course.

- A large town dock will bring
new boats.

Business this community needs.

- That's right, Jim!

- We give the floor to public

- Mrs. Sway.

- Look who it is.

- I...

I grew up on this lake.

It used to be--

- Two weeks a
year don't give you the right--

- Let her talk!

- It used to be this lake
connected us to the past,

to nature, to each other. To

First, we lost the trout.

Then, most of the loons.

- For God's sake, Mrs.

- While I wish Jim success

with his son's jet ski business,

a public dock will triple the

of motors on this lake.

When Eel Lake got their dock,

they saw milfoil come
in from outside boats.

It destroyed their purple
reed, their fish stock.

This isn't about a dock.

This is about the water.

The purity of this lake, our

- You mean your lake!

You don't own the lake anymore.

- She is so full of it, man.

- You hear that?

That's a 460Z.

One day this lake is
gonna be a destination

whether you like it or not.

- Hey, what did you say?

- Marlena, are you okay?

- You're so sweet, Ollie.

Like your father.

You know, he did his best for

after your mother left you guys.

But it's hard to live without

- I know.

- He was so quiet.

Did he ever show you his

- Some of it.

- Don't say a word, okay?

But I can't find a record that
Mrs. Sway

says is so important.

She says she needs the money.

I don't trust him.

- And once again, Oliver is

- I am sorry, Grandmother.

- I don't know where
else to look.

- What are these markings?

- Everyone in the family

had their own way of ranking

When I was little I graded these

so I wouldn't accidentally
DJ subpar music.

- Olivia Newton-John.


- What?

She's hot.

- Thank you
Marlena, I'll take those.

- Harry Belafonte.

He's like the black Neil

Julio Iglesias. He's like
the Spanish Neil Diamond.

- That is a
terribly good recording,

such a handsome man.

- B minus?

It's not his best calypso.

What are those?

- For my laborers.

Thank you.

- Moscow Mule.

Famous American drink.

- I gave it four stars.

The letter grades were your
system, Ollie.

I like to think I played
a part in Ollie's "calling."

Now he knows what people want to

before they do.

- Looks like we agreed on this

- Not a handsome fellow.

What grade did Timmy give it?

- You know, Americans
would rather organize music

than hear it.

In Russia, we simply dance.

Ollie, you spilled Moscow Mule!

- Careful.

- What are you doing?

- What are you doing?

- Trying to throw her off the

- Relax, I can fix it.



- Masterful.

- I don't know how this work.

- You think because I'm a woman

I haven't rowed in the ocean?

Of course I have.

You feather your oars, and
cut right into the waves.

- I swam in the Arctic Sea.

Have you done that?

- Try this lake, five AM in

Hal and I used to swim
naked every morning.

The water used to be so
pure, you could drink it.

- In Saint Petersburg,
when the ice turns to mud,

it spits out treasure.

And my pop used to take me to
the swamps

to look for German corpses,

clutching their G41

with no fucking bullets.

See, what he loved about the USA

is that you don't leave your

dead in the mud.

You take every soldier home.

And that is what makes this

the greatest nation on earth.

- Hal would've adored you.

- Shit.

- Ollie.

You're so clumsy.

Be careful of Hal's sweater.

- Well I'm trying to clean it.

- Here, here, here, here.

- Ollie.

Here we go, here we go.

Here we go.

- Take it.

- Ollie.

- You're not getting paid enough

to put up with her.

- Mice.

- I'll take care of that,

You're not ugly.

The perfect record.

There you are.

The one too good to hear.

It's you.


- Look at this.

- You happy now?

- Yo, you a guest here?

- Goldbergs? cabin six?

♪ Stick out your can

♪ Here comes your garbageman

♪ In the morning

♪ Stick out your can

♪ Here comes your garbageman

♪ In the evening

♪ Stick out your can

♪ Here comes your garbageman

- Have you seen a girl with
purple hair?

Do you know where Isadora is?

- Who?

- Are you gonna kidnap me

and put me in your dungeon?

- You scared the shit out of me.

- I scared you?

Give me those.


Were you touching yourself?

- All right, all right, give
them back.

What are you doing?

- Tantric breathing.

It's empowering.

Are you trying to come to
the party tonight at The Cab?

You should come, I'm really into

- Still not done with
cabin three, Isadora?

The rest of the girls are

but they don't have quite as
many boys

speaking with them.

- It's my fault.

I was trying to get
reservations for my grandmother,

Mrs. Sway from The Point.

- I can help you with that.

Right this way, Mr. Sway.

- Thanks for your help.

Could you get started on my

- Go fuck yourself.


- Got her, yeah?

Slippery, watch out.

- Almost seems a shame to lose
all this.

Is everything accounted for?

- Almost everything.

See, it's listed here...

But there's no Tweed.

- Marlena, that record
is worth a lot of money.

- I know.

- Is that why it's missing?


I'm sorry.

I'm not myself.

- Yes you are.

- Okay Ollie, here's the plan.

You go left, I will take the
right flank.

And we will meet up for the

- Hey, let me take this one

This really isn't a war.

- That's where you're wrong.

♪ So dull, dull, dull

♪ What can I do

♪ Except watch forever
and ever and grow up ♪

- Hey!


Why do you keep following me?

- Technically, you're following

- I didn't know you were coming.

- I didn't know you
did this on a schedule.

- Hey Is, you okay?

- Yeah, I'm awesome.

- You only like
him because he's a Sway.

- I'm sorry but,
you play with children,

they wet the bed.

So, are you ready for Operation

- Whatever that is, yes.

- Operation Silencer is where

I put my penis in your mouth.

- Fucking crazy.

- You already agreed to it!

I have your revenge all planned.

Soon, our waters will no longer

be infested by that dickwad

and his fucking jet skis.

In case of emergency, three

- Roger that.

- Who was it?

- Spies, man.

Raccoon spies.

- Spies?

Raccoon fucking spies?

Retreat, retreat!

This is a victory for the lake.

Our lake.


- Of all our allies,

I believe it's the Russians who
will prove to be our greatest.

- Dearest Charlotte.

Remember the Eskimo days?

We will have one again.

- You sleep good?

Look, she's almost finished.

- What if someone got hurt?

- Don't worry,

the tripwire burned all the

Simple operation.

- At least get
rid of the evidence.

- Yes?

- Is Oliver Sway here by any

- He's down there.

♪ I drifted away with you

♪ Deep into the ocean blue

- Imagine getting a blowjob

from eight vibrating jaguar

That's what driving this baby

is going to be like.

- I could turn you guys in.

- But you won't.

- I saw both of you rowing to
the Livery.

Whose stupid idea was that?

- Mine.

Your boyfriend wanted to turn
this lake

into a toilet.

- He's not my boyfriend.

Is she sea-worthy?

- You want to try her out?

I'll take you for a spin.

- You take me.

- Okay.

- Pump her slowly, Ollie.

Do you floor the accelerator

of a 1968 Ferrari GTO,

the moment you sit...?

No, same with this beauty.


- Ladies
and gentlemen, the Eden Sisters!

♪ Sway Lake

♪ Can you hear

- Have you been through the

- What?

- Been through the channel?

- Yeah.

- When?

- Yeah, I've been there like a
thousand times.

I said like a thousand times.

♪ That bird is just like me

♪ Lonely tonight

- Hey, does this thing go any

- Please hold... Give me a

Nikolai did this on purpose.

♪ Lonely tonight

- What are you doing out there?

- I wanted to see if you noticed
the silence.

- Like it used to be.

You can come in, Nikolai.

- It was a stealth operation.

You like?

- What?

- I took the jet skis out for

I did it for you.

Look, wait, look.

- See if Marlena needs
help in the kitchen.

She'll be planning my farewell

I didn't find what I came for,

so we're leaving tomorrow.

- You cannot leave the lake.

The lake needs you.

- Now we'll be electrocuted.

- This was a great idea.

- You like this old "Sway Lake"

- This song sounds
perfect, but I don't know.

There's no soul.

I guess I love sad music.

Music that makes me feel it so

I just want it to stop.

Do you know what I mean?

- Yeah.

- It's like the way I miss this

even when I'm here.

- Probably just better
to leave it all behind.

Go live in Brazil or something.

- And you'd leave tomorrow with

- Yeah, you know, I don't
care about any of it.

- You're such a liar.

Rich people always hang on to

- She'll be fine.

That was crazy.

- I'm sorry.

It's a towel rack.

- Thanks.

So do you remember how I was

that breathing thing
before, like tantric?


- Yeah, yeah.

- Okay, so can I do it with you?

The tantric breathing.

Okay, so just, I'm gonna breathe

and you breathe in.

It's like CPR but it's not.

Sorry, I'm sorry.

You have to keep breathing.

- Okay, okay, yeah, yeah, again.

- No, no, no, what are you


- Sorry.

What are you doing later?

Want to come over for dinner?

- You Sways are kind of weird.

Is your friend gonna be there?

- We won't bite.

- Yeah, I don't know.

Your family scares me.

Is everything okay?

- Idiot kid chained his craft
all wrong.

One of his dipshit buddies

got second degree burns.

Boats and liquor don't mix, do

- Yeah, I guess not.


- You're in the way, Ollie.

- Where are you going?

- Charlie needs champagne

for her goodbye dinner.

Do you know she's leaving?

- The boat stalled in
the channel, good work.

- You gunned it.

- I invited her for dinner.

- You think you love that holy

You know, I could have that girl

if I wanted.

But I want quality. She's trash.

Forget about her.

We'll crank up the record player

and have Sway family
celebration in the barn.

- Yeah, I'll choose the music.

Son of a bitch.

You want to be a Sway...

You ever find that 78?

- After 30 years, she will fire

Maybe Timmy threw it in the

- Check all the bedrooms.

Behind the clothes.

- Old fashioned?

- She hasn't called the police.

You can send him back
to Russia with one call.

- Don't call anyone.

- Hi.

- You came.

- This is how you greet a lady?

Tell her she looks gorgeous.

- These are for your

- Nikolai, why
don't you go find her?

- Yeah.

- What's this music?

- Fred Astaire, 1932.

♪ I've got you on my mind

- Marlena, you shouldn't have

to all this trouble.

- No trouble, Mrs.

- It's lovely.

- Ollie helped.

- Ollie.

Marlena can take yours in a bit.

Make it more becoming?

- These are for you.

- Carnations?


Fred Astaire?

Terribly interesting
choice, Mr. Disc Jockey.

Not much of a voice, but
what a charming fellow.

Please, no waiting, everyone.


Respect the chef.

- I'm sorry, I actually don't
eat chicken.

- Dear, it's pheasant.

- For everybody not here.

Hal, and Timmy, and my pop,

We eat this blessed food.

Thanks to the big man upstairs.

- Eat.



Who is your family?

Are you lake?

- Skip the inquisition.

- Actually, my family moved when
I was 10.

The Kyles.

- The Kyles.

They worked for us for a bit.

- She's in college, gran.

Don't worry.

- I study business in Albany.

I want to open a hotel here.

Like a good one.

- Goodness.

More hotels.

- Well, actually, more
like an old fashioned camp.

I mean if I had the cash,

I would open the kind of
place that you could go

and it would feel really real.

Kind of like this place,

- Well, let's hope you have the

- My father, Macklin, whom I

he came to Wall Street with

He lost a fortune during the

And he told his employees...

"I can't pay you, but if you
stay I can give you food."

They all stayed because they

he was a gentlemen.

He put me through private

with his bridge earnings.

So, anything is possible.

It's a shame not everyone
in your generation

knows how to work hard.

- What did you do?

- I raised a son and managed a

Is that not enough?

And I married a man who
said I was his equal.

If I'd been a man, imagine
what I'd have done.

- You hired a nanny.

You gave your son a wad of cash

to get him out of your hair.

- Your father made himself

made us all miserable.

He did nothing but listen to

As Hal always said, he
was an unhappy soul.

I did my best with him.

Some people are born that way,

I didn't wish him ill.

Perhaps it would've been better

had he never been born.

But then... we wouldn't have

- Excuse me, sorry.

I have to urinate.

- Ollie.


- I'm fine!

- He will be back.

- We won't let Ollie's outburst

ruin Marlena's lovely dinner.

Tears and dramatics don't solve

- I think it's good to
express your feelings.

I mean, I think it's healthy.

- Healthy?

For whom?

Don't be silly, dear.

- If emotions get
repressed, you end up just--

- Where did you learn this

In psychology class?

It is conscious grace

that separates us from animals.

- Oliver, don't...

♪ Sway Lake

♪ Can she hear

♪ A loon crying out

♪ In the ghostly moonlight

♪ And Sway Lake

♪ Can she see

- The composer was Tweed McKay.

Cole Porter's lover.

He recorded it right here in
this barn.

♪ Lonely tonight

He got nothing from it.

- Oliver.

- He died penniless.

But you can hear his regret


Just listen.

♪ On Sway...

♪ Sway...

- His voice is off-key.

It's not perfect.

♪ Summer breeze

- That's why it's better.

- What have you done?

- I wanted to hear it.

- Oliver.

I never wanted you to become
like Timmy,

attached to all these dead

- So it was okay to let
a stranger steal it?

That's what being handsome will
get you.

- Ollie, let's go.

- No, no, no.

Let him let his feelings out,

It's healthy, right?

- Her name is Isadora.

- No, I knew the Kyles, her name
is Lisa.

She's just playing dress-up.

- Thanks.

- Oliver.

- Ollie.

- Isadora!

- Ollie, wait!

- You stole from us!

- Small things, to keep them

- You stole from us!

- Ollie!

- I gave you a home, I
didn't give you my name.

- You need me.

You need me!

You have to hit with your body,

not with your fist.


Ollie, please.

My brother, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, please.

Hit me, Ollie.

Hit me, hit me.

Come on, my brother,
please, please hit me.


- You want to drown out there?

I'll take you home.

- He did the right thing, to
open it.

It's just music.

- Put it on again.

♪ Sway Lake

♪ Can she hear

♪ A loon crying out

♪ In the ghostly moonlight

- Hal and I
wanted to open it too.

But we knew, unopened it might
be worth something one day.

- What was the Greatest
Day in Eskimo history?

- It was a secret between two

who loved each other.

You may read the diaries but

you can't have our life.

- I will fix everything,

- You have to go.

- I'm not going anywhere.

- Steal what you want.

- I'm not going anywhere.

I've been on my own since I was

I'm home, Charlie.

- Put on his hat.

It's what you want, isn't it?

♪ I won't mind to grow old

♪ But doesn't she remember

- Now dance with me.

♪ Doesn't she recall

♪ The songs on the lake

♪ On Sway

♪ On Sway Lake

♪ Sway Lake

♪ Can she hear

♪ A loon crying out

♪ In the ghostly moonlight

♪ And Sway Lake

♪ Can she see

♪ That bird is just like me

♪ Lonely tonight

- Your name's Lisa?

- Do you want to put your arm
around me?


- Shit.

- Here we go, here we go, here
we go.


- Get off this property.

Don't you understand
human fucking English?

- I worked three summers to pay

for those jet skis.

- Your pop hates your business.

- Hey, Nik.


Let's go.

- Dearest Charlie.

What if one day no one remembers

why this lake was called Sway?

- Once we make
a sound, it must vanish.

- Darling.

- What motor is this?

- Yamaha, 780X.

- You know?

You saved me.