The Song of Sparrows (2008) - full transcript

When an ostrich-rancher focuses on replacing his daughter's hearing aid, which breaks right before crucial exams, everything changes for a struggling rural family in Iran. Karim motorbikes into a world alien to him - incredibly hectic Tehran, where sudden opportunities for independence, thrill and challenge him. But his honor and honesty, plus traditional authority over his inventive clan, are tested, as he stumbles among vast cultural and economic gaps between his village nestled in the desert, and a throbbing international metropolis.

In the name of God

The Organization
of Art and Better Living

Majid Majidi

The Art and Cultural City of Tehran




Reza Naji

Maryam Akbari
Kamran Dehghan

Hamed Aghazi, Shabnam Akhlaghi
Neshat Nazari

Written by: Majid Majidi
Mehran Kashani

Stage Manager: Ranbar Rahidi
Photography: Ali Tabrizi

First Assistant Director:
Sirrus Hassanpur

First Camera Assistant:
Mahmad Abraheemyan

Produced by:
Kamran Majidi

Special Effects: Mohsen Ruzbahai

Computer Effects:

Amir Saharghiz -- Kamran Saharghiz

Saeed Malekan

Costume and Production Designer:
Asghar Nejad-Imani

Sound Recordist:
Yadollah Najafi

Sound Mix:
Mohammad Reza Delpak

Hussein Alizadeh

Hassan Hassandoost

Director of Photography:
Touraj Mansouri

Executive Producer:
Javad Norouzbeigi

Director and Producer:
Majid Majidi

Come, come here and eat this.

Here, pretty birds. Eat this.

Come here. Eat this.

Come here, pretty birds.
Eat this.

Come, come.

Come here. Eat this.

Come eat.


Come here and eat, my beauties.

Don't make so much noise, boy.

Why do you bother so much?

Eat your food.

Come, come.
Come, my beauties.


- Karim!
- What is it?

- Come here!
- What is it, Abbas?

Come here, Karim!

- Hello. How are you?
- Okay.

I saw your wife on the way here.
She told me to tell you to go home.

Has something happened?

No. Your daughter's thing fell
into the water storage, and it's lost.

Hearing aid.

The kids were playing,
and she lost it.

They looked but couldn't find it.

Anything else?

No. She just wants you to go home.

What are you doing?
You broke it!

Hold on!

- Hello. How are you?
- Good.

Hello. Hello.

Hello. What's going on?

Haniyeh's hearing aid fell in,
and we can't find it, Dad.

Haniyeh, where did it fall?

I wanted to help, and it fell off.

- Where's your mother?
- At home.

Go home. I'll find it for you.

You go, as well.
Everyone get out of here.

Hussein, what are you doing here?

I'm looking
for Haniyeh's hearing aid.

Why were you here
in the first place?

Mr. Karim, they told us
there are fish here.

I don't know if it's true or not.

Like hell there are fish here!

As soon as I get down there,
I'm going to beat you.

You spoiled brats!

What's in the water storage?

Hold the ladder!

Don't you have any brains?

Fish live in clean water, not sludge!

Even if there were fish,
what do you need them for?

Come here, boy.

Come here!

- Where did the hearing aid fall?
- Somewhere around here.

I know it's around here.
Show me the exact spot.

- Near the ladder.
- Let's find it.

Find it.

Did you give any thought to all
the bacteria and trash in this water?

Mr. Karim, they said
if we throw fish in here,

they'll double in a month.

Fish will double in clean water,
not in dirty water.

Mr. Karim, are there any snakes?

You can find all kinds of animals,
just like you, but not snakes.

Mr. Karim, after we clean it,
we'll throw goldfish in,

and when they multiply, we'll sell
them and become millionaires.


This storage is blocked.

It will take years
for the sludge to dry.

We'll empty it with the other kids.
We'll clean it up.

Instead of cleaning,
you need to drain it,

so we can find the hearing aid.

You can keep the fish.

Mr. Karim! A snake! A snake!

A snake!

Where? Where?

Over there!

I found it.

Take these and go home.

I'm coming.


Be careful.

Kids who don't listen
waste their parents' time.

Be careful.

Come here. Hurry.
Where are you going?

- Did you find my hearing aid?
- Yes.

Can't you see?
Your sister made a mess of things.

- Mom, should I pour?
- A little bit.

What do you expect?

They've made me miserable
since morning.

- Did you find the hearing aid?
- Yes. I don't know if it works.

It's not working.
I don't know if it can be repaired.

You can't in a thousand years
clean that place.

We'll clean it.

Then, when we fill it with water,
we can put 100,000 fish in it.

Do you know how much
100,000 fish are?

Well, it's 100,000 fish.

Then what?

We'll sell them
and become millionaires.

Millionaires, yeah, right!

Put this in your ear, my girl.

Can you hear me now?


Don't read my lips.
Stand up.

Go over there.

Go on.


Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?


Move back... back.

Back... back.


Now turn around.

Where was the hearing aid?

Where was the hearing aid?

- You rascal!
- Mom!

Get back here!

Come here, you rascal!

Get him!

What's all this noise?

Why are you fighting with him?
The neighbors will hear!

Don't you see?
Haniyeh can't hear!

Go. Go in.

I think it's broken.

It can't be fixed?

She needs her hearing aid.

Her exams start in a few days.

You'll have to go to Tehran.
I'll give you the address.

Maybe they can do something.

- Are you insured?
- No.

It will be very costly.

Karim, what are you thinking about?
What's wrong?


Here. Come, take it.

Come, come.

Now look at it.

No, it's still bad.

I'm going over there to try it.

Now look at it.

No, it's worse.

It can't be repaired. It's ruined.

That's good!

That's good!

Don't move!

I can't hold this all day!

I can't stand here all day long!

Please, just one more minute.

Be careful, Karim.

Don't worry.


- Narges...
- The reception is bad!

How is it now?

It's good. It's good.
Don't touch it.

- Watch as long as you like.
- It's great.

What do you want?

Narges, this roof is great
on summer nights.


We could sleep here and let the kids
watch TV downstairs.


Your button is falling off.


Throw it down.

Take it.

Ramezan, when is the boss coming?

In an hour.

What do you need?

I need an advance.

He gave you an advance 10 days ago.

Ramezan, you know
my daughter is deaf.

Her hearing aid isn't working,
and I have to buy a new one.

- Mr. Karim!
- What is it? I'm coming!

Should we move the ostriches?

Please let me know
when the boss arrives.

- Okay.
- I'm coming.

Easy. Careful.
We don't want to agitate them.

Bring them in.
Be careful. This one is hurt.

Be careful.
This one has injured its leg.

Take it to the back
and pull off the hood.

What are you doing?
Don't bother them!

Be careful! Not like that!

Easy, don't choke it!

Easy, easy.

It's escaped!
The ostrich is running away!

Catch it! Block its way!

Catch it!

Catch it!

Catch it!

Hurry up!

I'm coming!

Did you find it, Habib?

No. We searched everywhere.

Amirabad, up in the mountains...

What happened, Karim?

It vanished into thin air.

God will help you.

If we don't find it, I'll be ruined.
It's worth 2 million tomans.

The boss comes tomorrow.
Don't be upset.

Hello. How are you?


Ramezan, did they fire me?

Come and sit down.
Let's have some tea.

There's nothing I can do?

This is my share.
Give it to the children.

Have your tea.

It's not fair.

Hello, Dad!
What did you bring?

I've got everything. Be patient.
I've got everything.

Don't touch it. Wait.

This is for you.

No, I want that one.

- Here, take it, as well.
- I want that one.

This is for my lovely girl.

- Hello.
- Hello, my dear.

- Narges?
- Yes?


Make a nice omelet tonight.


Why did you bring
all your work things?

That job wasn't for me.

First, the pay wasn't good.
Second, I wasn't insured.

Third, I can't work
with those dumb ostriches.

I have to find another job.

Don't play with the egg, kids.
What are you doing? It'll break.

Don't play with it, boy.

Dad, can I break it?

Dad, can I make it?

Breaking it is tricky.

Then why did you ruin it
that other time?

That time the shell was bad.

If the shell is bad again,
will you give it to me?

Why should he give it to you?
It's mine.

I want it for the fish.
What do you want it for?

I want it for something.

Dad, can I paint it?

No way! It's mine!

I don't want to give it to you.

What's all this racket?
Be quiet! Be quiet!

What's all this racket?
Be quiet! Hold on!

What are you doing?

I'm marking the spot I have to break.

What did you do, Dad?

Was that the trick?

It happens sometimes.
The shell was bad.

Hussein, listen to me.
This is for Mr. Akbar.

This is for cousin Abbas.

This is for Mrs. Kobra.
This is for Mr. Ebrahim.

Take these to them.

- Karim?
- Yes?

This is for Mrs. Roghiyeh.

- Is she back?
- Yes.

Get up, son. Take them.



I'll take your hearing aid to the city
to fix it, my beautiful girl.

Go now.

Hello, cousin.

Hello, Karim. How are you?

Fine. What's going on?

The damn thing broke down.
I don't know what's wrong.

I need to take it to a repair shop.

Are you going to the city?

Yes, let's go.

Hold on.

It's always breaking down.

Every minute
a different part breaks down.

A shepherd told me
he saw ostrich eggs

in the desert above the hills.

- Which hills?
- Behind the coop.

I searched that area
and didn't find anything.

- Thanks. Take care.
- Bye.

Look at what Hussein did!

The microphone is damaged badly.
It is not easy to repair.

You need a new one.

If you like,
I can put you on the waiting list.

Doctor, how long will it take?

Three to four months.

Three to four months?
I can't wait that long.

My daughter's exams
start next month.

Then you have to buy one
on the open market.

How much will it cost?

This kind of hearing aid
is about 350,000 tomans.

These days I am very busy.
I'll put you in charge.

- Where? Which market?
- Straight ahead.

I'm late. Hurry.

You haven't even given me a report.

You've put the German delegates
in the Continental Hotel.

Yes, the Esteghlal Hotel.


The French go to the Palace directly.
It's not our concern.

This conference is very important.

You need to coordinate everything.

I need an operation report
to give my superiors.

I'll get off here.


Yes, I'm going to a meeting now.

Talk to you later.

Hold on.

Before you start picking up people,
learn your way around Tehran.

- How much?
- Whatever you like.


- Who are you?
- Are you talking to me?

- No, I'm talking to myself.
- I'm just one of God's creatures.

- Oh, really? What do you want?
- I'm looking for passengers.

You've come so late
and want to leave so quickly!

Beat it.
Earn somewhere else.

What's wrong with you?
I have to feed my family.

I have to earn a living.

Listen, buddy. All these people
pay money to work here.

Don't make me angry!

Are you telling me to leave?

Beat it! Wait further down the street!
Don't stand here!

What's the difference?

Move it!
Earn a living somewhere else!

Asghar, come on.
It's your turn.

Hello, Hajji. I'm at your service.
Where are you going?

- I need to make a few stops.
- Have a seat.

Please, have a seat.

Let's go.

- Aren't you working?
- Yes.

Come on.

Have a seat.

Wait, I'll fix it! Wait!

Give me two minutes! I'll fix it!

Stop here.

Stop. I will be back.

Wait here.
I'll be right back.

Let's go.

In front of this shop.
A bit further.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

Hello. How are you?

How much do I owe you?

Whatever you like.

- Stop! Stop!
- What?

- Go.
- Where?

- Just go! Go!
- Where?

Go this way.

Go that way.

The construction site on your left.

Wait here. I'll be back soon.

What do you want?

Is this trash?

- What do want it for?
- For my house.

- Take whatever you want.
- Thank you.

There's someone on the other line.


Is that you?
I'm in front of the construction site.

Hold on.

- What do I owe you?
- Whatever you like.

- Is 1,000 tomans all right?
- God bless you.



Sir! Sir!

Sir! Sir! Sir!

- How much per kilo?
- 1,000 tomans. It's cheap.

You think 1,000 tomans is cheap?

Try one and then let's see
what you say.

Give me one kilo.

Make it two kilos.

I love those
who know good from bad.

Narges, how is it?

Zahra. Easy, easy.

No fighting.

Move over. Move over.

- Not too much water, dear.
- Karim, have some tea.

Thank you. Good-bye.

Hello, Hajji.

Thank you.

How are you?

Yes, I'm not in Tehran.

I'm in Mashhad.

I'm near the shrine.

Yes. Okay.
I'll pray for you as well.

Hajji, please do something for me.

I'll pray for you.

Stop. Stop here.
No, I'm not talking to you.

I'm talking to the taxi driver.

Sir, your fare! Sir!

Your fare!

I paid you.

When did you pay?

Are you all right?
I just gave it to you.

- You didn't give me any money.
- I just paid you.

My fare should be 500 tomans.
I gave you 2,000.

Now give me back 1,500.

- What money?
- What money?

You won't give me my change.

When did you pay me?

You're stealing from me
in broad daylight?

You should be ashamed.

Officer! Officer!


Wait! Thief!

May God accept it, Hajji.

- Hello.
- Hello. How are you?

- Fine. And you?
- Good, thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Do you have tea in the green box?

No, I have the red box. Want one?

Excuse me, where did you get
that ostrich egg from?

It's not for sale. It's decoration.

Someone found it in the desert,
and he exchanged it for a tin of oil.

Do you want the red tea?

No, thanks.

- Hello, Mr. Karim.
- Hello. How are you?

Hurry. Come on.

Faster, Pouya.

Hurry, Hussein!

You idiots! What are you doing?
I'll teach you a lesson!

Wait! Where are you going?

Where are you going? Wait!

Wait! Wait!

- What's this?
- It's a window pane, my dear.

What do you want it for?

I want to paint it and replace it
with one in the house.

My eye!

Wait! Wait!

You don't pay any attention
to the boy.

You let him do whatever he wants.

He wants to clean the water storage
with the other kids.

You're saying the same thing.

Kid, I'll beat you
if you go to the water storage.

Ahmad said that if we each
contribute 15,000 tomans,

we can buy all the fish.

Where do you want to get
the 15,000, Mr. Millionaire?

I'll work.

You'll work!

If we save 5,000 tomans per day,
we'll pay our debts in three months.

What about Haniyeh's hearing aid?

Don't worry about that.
I'll get the money.

I'll buy her one.

Don't you want a stable job?

God forbid,
what if the bike breaks down?

They pay 150,000-200,000 tomans
a month everywhere.

I can make more than 600,000
with this bike.

We can even save money.
Is that so bad?

What do you want me to say?

Look, it's okay now.


Where were you going?

I'm going to find someone
to replace me.

God willing, I want to go
to Afghanistan.

When are you leaving?

Tomorrow. I'll go to Mashhad
for a pilgrimage.

From there,
I'll go to Afghanistan.

- God willing, when do you get back?
- In a month.

God willing.

Come down, Ramezan.


Put this money in the Imam's shrine.
Give him my regards.

Good-bye. Take care.

I don't know what's wrong.

I tried to start the engine
several times.

I left it in front of the supermarket.

The shopkeeper has the keys.
I've told him.

Pick it up from there.
Manage it somehow.

Yes. I am on a motorbike
following the truck.

Come as soon as possible.
Mrs. Hajji is there, too.

Anything else?

Be careful not to lose the truck.

Don't worry.

What? Why is this still here?
What a mess!

Come here, man.

Instead of staring at me,
tidy this up.

Come here. Clean it up.

Come here. Come here.

Take these to the third floor.

Leave those.

Come on, tidy it up.

Why are you standing here?
Go to the third floor.

I'll keep an eye on your bike.

Don't break it.
Hurry up. Hurry up.

Hurry up. It's getting late.

Would you treat these the same way
if they were your things?

Put the candlesticks on the counter.

Be careful.
A bit to the right.

Don't hit the wall. Go up.

Take this as well.
I'll pay you.

Take it. I'll pay you.

Go, go.

Be careful.
Don't break it.

What's wrong?
This is no way to work.

Sir, give me my money.
I want to leave.

Put it back in the box
and bring it up.

I'm not a porter. Give me my money.
I'll bring it up and then leave.

I know. I heard you.

Put it back in the box
and bring it up.

What happened?
Did anything break?

Where shall I put this box, sir?

In that corner.

Close the door. Careful.

Don't hit anyone.

Don't sit there. Come up.

Give me my money.
I want to leave.

What's the rush?
Put that box over there.

I'll pay you soon.

Come up. Be careful.
Don't do that.

That box is fragile.
Be careful.

What have you done?

Don't worry.
I'll bring a shirt for you.

Moving is a pain.

Where are you taking that door?
You can fix it with two nails.

I promised it to somebody.

What are you doing over there?

Wait! Where are you going?

Hussein! What are you doing there?
Come out!



Hussein, where are you?



There's no one here.

Come out, kid.

What were the kids doing here?

Why have you made a mess?

We wanted a window pane
for the storage.

You had no right.

Didn't I say
not to go near the storage?

Why don't you listen?

Where's your mother?

Cousin Abbas was here.

Mom took one of the wooden doors
to Mrs. Kobra.

- The blue one?
- Yes.

She had no right to do so.
I didn't get it for free.

Come out and help me
bring the stuff in.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Hello, Mr. Karim.

It's a pleasure to see you.
Come in. Tea is ready.

Thank you.

Mrs. Kobra, this door is promised
to someone else.

Narges brought it by mistake.

I'll take it.

Hopefully, when I find
an appropriate door,

I'll bring it for you.

Excuse me. Bye.

Mr. Karim, you could have stayed
for a glass of Sharbat.



You're crying again.

Why don't you believe me?
I promised that door to someone.

I'll bring her a better one.

We have to consider our situation.

If we start giving things
to whoever comes to our door,

we'll be left with nothing.

I shouldn't have to tell you this.

I've given doors and windows
to many people.

Did you know that? No.

I'm thinking about Haniyeh's
hearing aid.

I asked someone to find one for her.

I was with him today.
I want to buy a good one.

I work all day long for you guys.

Please don't cry.



It's dark and the moon can be seen

Narges, come here

This boy is faithful to you

Narges, come here

Don't be sad

I love you
I love you so much

Narges, come and see what I'm doing

You gave me too much change.

Are you in a daze?

Hey, Mr. Clever.
Wait your turn.

I was here before you.
You didn't see me.

I don't know about that.

I don't think so.

Get behind him.
Have you signed?

- Yes.
- Go.

Give me your ID card.

Here you go.

- What is this? This is a copy.
- That's all I have.

- This is a copy.
- That's all I have.

I need the original.
Don't waste my time.

Take it off.

Please let me take it.

Take it down.

It's a copy.
Take it down.

What's going on here?

He gave me a copy.

Why did you give him a copy?

- It's all I have.
- You can't work like this.

- Okay, no problem.
- Mohsen, look out for him.

Sign this. Here.

Thank you.

Pull it. Pull it tight.

It could come undone on the way.

Easy. You're choking me.

Move! Can't you see
everyone is gone? Drive faster!


My bike broke down! Stop!

My bike broke down!



Help me take this off.
My back is aching.

Look at the writing.
It's so cool.

You bought a fridge?

Can't you see it's a fridge?

Help me untie it.
My back is aching.

Dad, why didn't you buy a TV set?

- I'll buy one, my dear.
- Is it a foreign brand?

I don't know.

Haniyeh, get me the knife.

What color is it?

I haven't opened it.

Bring a glass of water for me.

Bend over.

We don't need a fridge!

I'm holding it for someone.
I'm giving it to him tomorrow.

Look! It has a place for ice cream.

Bring it.


Hello. How are you?

Is it for sale?
What's the color?

It's an old model.

I'll pay you 50,000 tomans.

I have to make a profit, too.

Essi, come and get this.

Hey! Wait!

All right. Okay.

Where are you now?

Go straight ahead.

You'll see a sign
for "Behzadi Street."

I'll be waiting in front of the shop.

Sir, do you want to buy a fridge?

Hold on.

No, I don't need it.

The price is good.

Why don't you understand?

I'm selling it cheap.

I don't need it.
They're delivering my own load.

Why are you staring at me?

15,000 tomans for your tip.

And 4,000 tomans for the fare.

Good job. This shows
you're a good person.

Take your money.

You don't know how relieved I am.

This is the shop's card.

You can start tomorrow.

There's lots of work.
It will be good for you.

Thank you.

Read off the shipment.

Have your tea.
It'll get cold.

The stuff from Dubai or Turkey?


600 DVD players.


500 fridges.


400 Japanese blenders.


170 Korean washing machines.


50 LCDs.


50 plasmas.


370 Malaysian vacuum cleaners.

Newspapers! Newspapers!

Sir, would you like to buy one?


Ma'am, newspaper?

Sir, please buy one.

Please buy one.

Balloons! Balloons!

Come here, my girl.

Do you have change
for 500 tomans?

Do you have change
for 500 tomans?

Do you have change
for 500 tomans?

Beat it!
500 tomans is already change.

Do you have change
for 500 tomans?

Do you have change for...?

What's wrong? I'm going!


What are you doing here?

What the hell are you doing here?

What are these?
You want to sell them on my grave?

Who was that boy?

Hussein, come here!

What the hell are you doing here?

What's your sister up to?

I said, come here!
Come here!

Won't you come?

Wait! Where are you going?

I made a mistake!

- Karim!
- Wait a minute!

- Karim!
- Mom, please!

Don't I provide you with enough?

Do you want to disgrace me?
Answer me!

- I made a mistake!
- Karim!

- Karim!
- He has to answer me!

It's not his fault, Karim.
He wanted money for the fish.

He has no right!

I'll drop that water storage
on their heads!

Where are you going, Karim?

Narges, get out of my way.
I'm angry. I'll hit you.

Karim is really angry.

Look at the children I've raised!

Just wait! I'll deal with you later!

I'll deal with you later!

Dad, I've brought tea for you.

Thank you, my girl.

- Narges.
- Yes?

Come here.
I want to talk to you.

Hussein, help your mother.

Take this.
We'll need it for winter.

This is junk.

Don't worry about that.
I'll make it new.

- Dad! Dad!
- Karim! What's happened?

Why don't you answer, Dad?


Hussein! Karim!



Help! Karim passed out! Help!

Help me, neighbors! Help!


Sir, he's not dead yet.

May peace be upon the Prophet
Mohammad and his followers.

May God cure him.

May God cure him.


Thank you, cousin.


Good-bye. Good-bye.

Good-bye. Good-bye.
May God cure him.

- Thank you for coming.
- You're welcome.

- I will visit you again.
- Thank you.

Haniyeh, help.
Hussein, go behind.

Sit up.

Pull off his sleeve.

Dad! Dad! Mrs. Kobra found
an ostrich's egg behind her house.

It was this big.

Are you in pain?

A little.

I'll buy you a new hearing aid
when I get better.

The price isn't important.

I put a new battery in this one.
I can hear for now. I don't need one.

- You can hear properly?
- Yes.


Haniyeh, over here.


- Yes?
- The cap is over there.

Hello. How are you?

- How are you? Hello. Hello.
- Hello, uncle.

Well done. It's all ready.

- Put these vegetables in the car.
- Okay.

Kids, come help me.

- Hello, cousin. How are you?
- Hello.

- Are you all right?
- Yes, thank you.

We have to go to the hospital
in two weeks

to take the cast off
and X-ray your leg.

I don't want to trouble you.

Don't mention it.

Keep it. You may need it.

- You put me to shame.
- Don't mention it.

- Abbas, come and open the door.
- Good-bye.

- It's very heavy.
- I'm coming.

[Speaking in regional dialect]

Karim, wake Hussein.
He has to have dinner.

Hussein, come and have your dinner.


Don't move your leg so much!



It's getting late! Hurry, Hussein!

Leave it there.

Put it up there.

Here, Mom, this is my salary
for this week.

My dear son.

Mom, they said I can work overtime
from tomorrow.

No, your dad will get worried.

If I work overtime,
I'll get 700 tomans per day.

We can earn the money for the fish.

Don't worry about the money
for the fish.

I'm sewing a few dresses.

I'll put some money aside
for your fish.

Mom, please give me
the money soon.

Mr. Kamali wants to expand
his garden and get rid of his fish.

So what?

If we don't buy the fish,
he'll sell them to someone else.

Don't worry, dear.
God is great.

Good night, my dear.

Karim, the doctor will come
in two hours.

I have to deliver some flowers,
and then I'll pick you up.

- Do you need anything?
- I'm okay.

Hussein, take care of your father.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- I'll be back soon, Dad.
- Don't go far.

- How much are two fruit juices?
- 400 tomans.

- Can't I give you 350?
- No, kid.

Then give me an orange juice.

This is for you.

- Why didn't you get one for yourself?
- I don't like it.

- Have it.
- No.

- Come on.
- I bought it for you.

I've had some orange juice.

Hello, Hussein.
How are you?

Hello, Karim.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Hurry up.

Hussein, give it to me and get in.

Good job.

Hold my hand so that I can get in.

- Hussein, guess what we bought.
- What?


We bought the fish from Mr. Kamali.
He gave us three herrings as well.

Really? Where are they?

They're under the flowerpots.

When we unload it,

we'll throw the fish
in the water storage.

Three herrings and four other fish.

Each of them will give birth
to 500 other fish.

Do you know how many that'll be?

More than 1,000.

You goofed up again!

Of course it'll be more than 1,000.

Hussein, we'll be millionaires.

Why did he give you the herrings?

At first, he said he won't sell them.

But Abbas liked our work,
and they were our reward.

He's a nice man.

Thank you, Abbas.

What's this mess?
You dig a different street every day.

How will I take this load over there?

Get off. We have to unload.

They are getting on my nerves!

Pick these up and bring them over.

This is too hard.

- Quickly!
- Hurry!

- Come on.
- Hurry.

- Take this one.
- Here.

Go, go!

- Hurry up.
- Take it.

Hurry up.

There's a hole in the bucket!

Get down!
There's a hole in the bucket!

The fish are dying!
We have to bring the bucket down!

Hurry up!

The fish are dying!

Hurry up!

What's going on up there, kids?

What are you doing?

What's going on?

Why don't you answer?

Have you lost your minds?

Come down here!

- What are you doing up there?
- Let's move this.

What are you doing up there?
Have you lost your minds?

Abbas! Hurry!


Come and see what's going on!

- Come! Hurry!
- Lift it up.


Hurry up!

Abbas, come here!

What are you doing?

Why don't you answer me?

What are you doing up there?

Why don't you answer me?

Be careful! Don't spill it!

You've all lost your minds!

Why did you break the flowerpots?

The bucket has no water.

We need to fill it up.

- Where are you going?
- Hurry up! Faster!

- Hurry!
- Faster!

- Hurry!
- Run!

Get them! Get them, guys!

Don't let them get away!

Get them!

Guys, let's put the fish
in the bucket!

The bucket has burst!

Our flowers have withered

Our eyes are crying

Our flowers have withered

Our eyes are crying

I remember the past days

The good old days

The good old days

The world is a lie

The world is a lie

The world is a dream

The world is a lie

The world is a lie

The world is a lie

I've passed my youth in pain
In this world

The sky's stick has hit my heart

This is your memory

- Let's go.
- Be careful.

- What happened, Abbas?
- Nothing. Don't worry.

- Where are you going, Hussein?
- I'll be back soon.

Be careful, Hussein.
Bring it out slowly.

I know what to do.

Hopefully, one day
it'll be Haniyeh's wedding.

Karim, tomorrow morning
I want to help Mrs. Roghiyeh

with her daughter's
henna ceremony.

The poor thing has no help.

I won't be gone for long.

Can I come?

It's no place for boys.

Please take me.

It's a ceremony for women.
You can't come.

Don't use these up.
It's all we have.

I want to draw a flower on dad's leg.

Come here, Hussein.

- Let me draw a flower.
- I'll draw one first.

Hussein, damn it.
Let me draw one as well.

You don't know how to draw!
You're going to mess it up!

I was here first!

What's all the fuss?

He won't let me draw.

Okay, hold on.

The lower half is yours.
The upper half is for Haniyeh.

You can't come higher
than the upper half.

Be careful with my leg.
It hurts.

Who is it?

It's me, Ramezan!

Hello. When did you arrive?

Last night.

I'm sorry, Ramezan.
I can't open the door.

The children are in the neighborhood.
Ask them to open the door.

I want to see you.
I missed you so much.

I won't bother you.
I heard you broke your leg.

I came to see how you're doing.
I have good news for you.

What's the good news?

The ostrich that ran away
came back this morning.

We're all so happy.

I have to go now, Karim.

I brought you a present
from Mashhad.

I'll put it on the wall.

God willing, I'll see you soon.