The Son of the Shark (1993) - full transcript

Brothers Martin and Simon, not yet teens, are incorrigible vandals; Martin runs away from reform school, Simon from foster homes, and they always find each other in a seacoast town of Lignan, where their destructive behavior is infamous. (It may date to their mother's leaving the family.) Martin is philosophical, romantic, and poetic: he dreams of being the son of a shark; he holds tight to a book about goldfish his mother gave him. In both halting and wild ways, he tries to court Marie, a neighbor girl. Simon, with a pocketknife and an intractable will, seems more dangerous to others. What, on earth, is there for these children-becoming-men?

Come on, hurry!

Move over. I'll do it.

Let's go!



Drive straight!

Sidonie's a pretty thing.
Too pretty to be true.

She's a doll with pretty shoes.
With pretty shoes.

Noemi is a pretty thing.
Too pretty to be true.

She's a doll with pretty shoes.
With pretty shoes.

Me and the Great Big Bunny,
we will go and munch her kidneys.

We will go and bash her brains.

We will go and gnaw her liver.
We will go and burn her hair.

Jam the pedal!

Hurry! Jump!

It's fucking amazing when it explodes!

If you really want to know

how this whole thing got started,

why me and my brother Simon
left our old man's...

Don't expect me to tell you.

The less I think about it,
the better off I am.

I want the milk. The money!
- What money?

From the cash register.
- It was empty. - Sure!

Just ask him.
- Chalk it up!

You're no cop!
- You're asking for it!

My brother will kill you!
- Let that faggot try!

Here's your money!


Get lost!

If I shut my eyes, what do I see?

Hey, look! The butcher.
- Laura's getting banged!

It's good and mushy.


My brother... He's the best.

When my mother left

he punched out
every window in the house.

And he quit school for good.

Just like me.

What the fuck is wrong?

It's coming!


Shit, the curtain!

Wait, it's stuck.

Refund! Refund!

Now it's working.

Some day...

we'll both hide
on the bottom of the sea.

And we'll disappear.


the sea will suck us down
into its bubbling guts.

And all the fish
will dance around us.

Look what they can do!

Are you asleep?

Martin! Are you sleeping?


What is it?
- What time is it?

I don't know.
- I heard something.

Shut up!

You know what?
At night, I think I grow a lot.

So? - What if I get so big
I can't get out of here in the morning?

We'll see tomorrow.
- It'll be too late tomorrow.

Don't start up! Hit the sack!

I can't. I'm scared.

Are you asleep?

Yeah, I'm asleep.

I was even dreaming.

And you know what about?

That I was an angel.
I was flying through walls and people.

What do you have to do
to be an angel?

Forget everything and disappear.

Okay, come here.

If I don't dream,
does that mean I'm dead?

Who told you that?

I called the kid's Center.
They'll take him back.

But it's the last time.

And the older one?
- Off to reform school in Lille.

And if he runs away again?

They'll need to find another solution.
His father won't take him back.

Will they put me in the same Center?

You'll see.

You always say that.
Anyway, fuck the cops, the judges...

The police.

If I go back there, I'll kill myself.

We'll both escape and meet up.

How will I find you
if I don't know where you are?

Like you always do. If you're scared,
head for the old man's.

That way, I'll find you.
- You won't forget about me?

Of course not. Relax.

I'd get bored without you.

They won't listen.
Beatings don't help.

Take the kid back to his Center.
- You have been there three times?

This will make four.
- Let go of him! Let go of him!

Asshole! Son of a bitch!

I don't wanna go back there!

I wanna stay with my brother!

I don't wanna go back there!
I wanna stay with my brother!

What happened next...
The truth is...

I'm not into talking about it

because just thinking about it
really gets me down.

Quiet down!


Vanderhoes farted!

I've got a problem.
- What is it?

Let's talk it over. - What?
- You're not under guard here.

This is a family.
- A family under guard!

Claire and Catherine stole my car
last night. - Your car's a heap!

If we'd known,
we'd have taken another.

That's for sure!
-They slept at a friend's.

The sluts got laid!


First, I don't want...

I don't want anyone borrowing my car.

We don't give a shit!

Second, let me remind you that
you can't drive before you're 18.

My 6 year-old brother stole
his teacher's car. So, shut up!

It's true!
- I know how to drive.

Anyone can drive.
- Third...

No unauthorized nights out.
- Then we'll screw here!

What is it?

You know what goldfish do?
- Who?

They never round corners normally.

Goldfish swim straight.

Then just like that: whoop!

They veer to the right.

I am...

the son of man and woman.


if I had had it my way,

I would have been
the son of a female shark.

I wouldn't be so mean.

Nobody's seen the green wrinkles
on my forehead yet,

the bones sticking out
of my skinny face

just like the bones of big fish.

Let me go and hide.

You're a pain, Martin!

Up yours, asshole!

I'll piss in your eyes.
- Shove it up your ass!

I'll piss up yours!
- I love getting pissed up my ass!

Come on, Martin!


Are you okay?

Sure. I'm fine.

No funny stuff.
I'm counting on you.

See you tonight.

Why is he at the orphanage?
- His mother left.


I have to pee.
- You'll piss at the hospital.

Cut the crap!
I need to piss now.

I don't believe this!

You're back? Creep!
- Filthy whore!

It's you?

The cops were here.
- And Martin? - I heard he ran away too.

Come on.

The old man's loaded again.

Careful, it's burning.

You know... I want to be
a long-distance truck driver someday.

But you need good grades at school.

Look at this!

You did this?
- Of course.

I like his face.

"The city of Lignan

is safe and sound once again.

Martin Vanderhoes,

along with his younger brother,

has been placed...

in juvenile detention."

I figured you'd be here.

Why do you eat like a fugitive?
Can't eat with your dad?

I'm just good for footing the bill.

Him and his clippings. As if they
didn't print enough crap already!

Nothing to brag about.

Come and eat.

Come and eat.
- Don't knock me around!

Now that you're back, stay put.

This is no hotel.

This is unreal!

You won't get out now. Brats!

How much?

100 with, 300 without.
- Too much!

Fuck off! Bastard!

What the hell are you doing up there?

Simon, come down!

What an asshole!


I wish I were...

the son...

of a female...


I wouldn't be...

so mean.

Martin! What are you doing here?

Get in.

I wish I could help you, you know.

Clean up that mess in your head.

What's wrong, Martin?

I told you to come back to school.
You didn't.

Stick it out till you're 16.

Where do you think this will get you?

You're playing with fire.

No, thanks.

Stop before it's too late.

You're doing things
you'll regret all your life.

Are you listening?

How's Marie?

Marie? She's fine. Why?


It's open.

It's our big boy!

We were getting worried about you.

We were just wondering
where the Vanderhoes were.

Come give me a kiss.

Have something to eat.

He's crazy!

Go have a snack.
There are noodles in the fridge.

Where's Simon?

I heard he stopped by your dad's.
We haven't seen him.

Did you try the basement?


Where are you?
- I'm here, bonehead.

Not at the old man's?

The prick beat me up.
He nailed the door shut again.

So you'll be snug as a bug in a rug.

What's wrong? - Nothing.

Stop blubbering like a sissy.

What a jerk!
- You didn't come.

Idiot! It takes time to get here.

How about a bear hug?

That cap goes great with your shiner.
- Give it back!

You smashed it.

You monsters!

Wash up. You stink!

Wash up, goddammit!

Wash yourself!

What's this book?

Should I wash it?
It stinks too.

Cut the shit! Hand it over!

Marie's picture.

Give it to me. It's nothing!

Guess who's jerking off!

Back again? Try letting me know.
- We were going to.

Staying at your dad's?
- No, we prefer the great outdoors.

Stop by town hall. We'll talk.
And no more bullshit.

I hear the waves
lapping against the big fish.

You are more lovely
than the night, ocean.

Answer me.
Will you be my brother?

All that reading will make you blind.

We'll rob them blind.

Who's "Big Fag"?

The money or he burns!

Take the money.


I'm the son of a female shark.

Don't take the furniture!

Martin and Simon Vanderhoes
are charged with

stealing food valued at 425 francs

and breaking school windows
worth 1560 francs.

I can't figure them out.
They're not normal. They never will be.

There's nothing normal
about destroying everything.

I'll say this much: they scare me.

The fact is, you owe us...

2995 francs.

Well, you can't catch the kids,
so you take my TV.

They're your children.
- Why don't you arrest them?

They're too young for prison.
No juvenile home will take them back.

What are you doing with that?

That tops it all!
They take our stuff and you feed them.

Put that back or I'll whip you good!

"If I had had it my way

I would have been
the son of a female shark."

Hands off!

Where did you get the rifle?

Get this:

"The courts have run out of solutions
for the impossible Lignan boys.

Those who reached out to them
have had reason to regret it.

Wallets stolen, homes ransacked,

groceries robbed,

even cars and hunting rifles."

What a bunch of assholes!
They can't even take a decent picture.

And all those jerks on airplanes!

Hey, kids! Give me back my rifle
or I'll call the cops.

Fuck off!

Leading the cast of characters are Agnes

and Arnolphe...


It's Martin and Simon!

Good in school and lousy in life!

What's going on?
- It's Martin and Simon.

He's shining a moon!

Back to your seats.

Wait up! Marie, wait for me!

Hurry up.

Shut up and follow us.

Get going, bitch!

Move it, you slut!
- Let go of me!

Let go!

Move it!

Take them off.

Strip, we said!

Your scarf, slut!

Your jacket!


Let me go!

You're sick!


What will happen to us?


Cut the alarm.

Look at those knives!

Come on!

Holy cow, it's gorgeous!

Where's this from?
- Outside.

Did you see that?
They've got some too.

Merry Christmas!
- What is it?

Meat. - You're here?
After what you did to Louise.

It was just for fun.
- You call that fun?

You're still nice

but he's a bad seed.

You got to know him better.

Louise's parents filed a complaint.

Then it's over.

So we're friend again?

Don't stay there.
If Mom sees you...

Come on, it's Christmas.
Give me a kiss.

Marie, get inside.

With eyes like that,
she looks like a cow.

Merry Christmas!

None of your crap here.
- It's for little Luc.

You heard me. Get out, scum!

This is my house too!

I'll skin your hide!

Skin mine.
- You're just as bad!

They'd kill their father.

You're like your mother.

Cut the sob story!

What did I do to deserve kids like this?

I feel like blasting a bullet through
my skull. Is that what you want?

He's laying it on thick.
Let's go.

The cops are all over the place!

The cops!

Don't move, Vanderhoes!

Perfect timing.
I need a vacation.

Don't worry, we'll be back.
And Merry Christmas!

The flashlight and book are yours?


How did you get the book?

It was a present.
- You didn't steal it?

Who gave it to you?

My mother.

Do you ever read it?

All the time.

You read the book every day?

What's it about?

It's about goldfish.

What's the story?

It's about fish swimming in squares.

Do you like fish?

I love them.

Did you have fish at home?

Can I look at the book?

Do you remember the day
your mother left?

What were you thinking?


And how about girls?

It's cool.

Do you like being with girls?

Do you prefer being
with girls or with boys?

With my brother.

Have you ever slept with a girl?

Your dad says you lie. Is it true?
- It's true.

Do you know why you lie?

Do you enjoy lying?

It depends.

What would you like to do later on?


Why a salesman?

To sell!

What would you like to sell?

It depends.

There's nothing special
you'd like to sell? - No.

I want you to wrap me forever

in your bubbling folds

so, in your aquatic entrails,

I may know how fish fare.

Do you know what goldfish do?

He won't be such a smart-ass!

Look, it's Martin!



Leave us alone.

Did you run away again?

The judge let me go.
It was a mistake. - Really?

You don't believe me?
- You always lie. - So what?

You know what they did?
They threw me in the loony bin.

Why do you always come here?
- It's my home. - But your dad moved.

Who cares? I came for Simon.
- He's in a foster home.

I'll find him. - And spend the rest of
your life doing the same bullshit?

Stealing, roaming around...
Look at you. You're pathetic.

You're not a pretty sight.

If that's all you have to say...

So long!

Why did you kiss me that time?

What's wrong, Martin?

Happy birthday,
our best wishes on this day.

May these flowers
bring happiness your way.

May your life...

Look at you!

Those bastards!

They're real vandals.

They came in the back?

It smells like piss.

Give it to me!

The cops!

How's going?
- You're completely crazy!

See this?
I got it at Sport 2000.

You bought it in a hurry.
- How about a ride? - You're nuts!

Let's go to the beach.

When? - Well, now.

I can't.

- Not Sunday, I can't.

Why? - Because I can't.

What's the problem? I just want to talk.
- So talk. I'm here.

No, I want to talk on the beach.

Marie, even if you don't love me,
I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Nothing can tear that love out of me.

Sunday, at 10?
- I'm not sure I can come.

At the pool?
- I said I'm not sure I can come.

I'll be waiting. - It's not sure.
- Well. I'm sure. - How do you know?

Well, how do you know?
- I'm sure it's sure.

But it's not at all sure.

I'm telling you, I'm sure I'm sure.
- You don't know a thing.

We'll see.

Listen, Marie...

Listen, Marie...

I am the son of man and woman.

I am the son of man and woman.



I'd rather have been
the son of a female shark.

I wouldn't be so mean.

Let's walk naked to the sea,

into the setting sun.

Then, we'll jump into the ocean
where dreams are always beautiful.

And we'll make love once.
Just once, then we'll die.

What are you talking about?

Show me.

Cut the shit! Show me.
- Can you read, sonny?

Can you, prick?
- Show me!

Show you what? - What you love.
- I don't love anything.

"Marie, I'm the son of a sardine
and an anchovy. Pipi!

And I'll love you till I die... Sigh!"

Drop dead! You dumb jerk!

Stop faking it!
Cut the crap!

I want us to kiss until eternity.

You'll tear me apart endlessly

with both your teeth and nails.

That will be my greatest joy.

Marie, let's walk naked to the sea,

into the setting sun.

Then, we'll jump into the ocean
where dreams are always beautiful.

And we'll make love once.
Just once, then we'll die.

Stop it, that's not funny!

Come on! Let's make love once.

Just once, then we'll die.

Come on, Marie!
- Let go!

Let's make love!

Let go!

I don't want your kisses!
- Marie, come back!

Little bastard! Stop!


Watch out!

Are you crazy?

Let him go. Come on!


Why didn't you come before?

We like you here at city hall.

We only want to help you
and your brother.

And I'm not a cop
so you can tell me everything.

It's between the two of us.

So? You have nothing to say?

As stubborn as ever!

I'll get you a sandwich.

Where were you?

What are you doing?

So? Did you?

What? - With Marie.

- Did you fuck her?

What's it to you?
- Nothing. I meant it for you.

It looks like she got you good.

That fat whore!

Follow me!

What do you want?
- Shut up and walk!

Get in there and undress!

Make it fast!

She's all yours.

So, do you love her or not?

Go on, fuck her!

Kiss him!

Shit! Cut it out!

Kiss him, I said.

Stop it! - No balls.
You're all talk, no action.

Jerk! You shit-scared wimp!

Put that away. You'll get hurt.
- Come and get it. Come on!

Piece of shit!

You're both sick! Psychos!

Beat it!

Beat it!

Get lost!

Get the fuck out of here!

Beat it!

Get lost!

Leave me alone.


Are the fish in pain?

Why should they be?

They think fish aren't in pain
when they die.

But it's not true. They are,
but they can't say so.

Where are we going?

You're fed up with me?

I'm not fed up but
you're a pain sometimes.

I can go if you want.

What an ass!

Move away, kids. We're working.

Is your boat going far?

That's all I wanted to tell you.
What will I do now?

How can you know what
you'll do before you do it?

Nathalie's a pretty thing

Too pretty to be true

She's a doll
With pretty shoes

With pretty shoes

Emily's a pretty thing

Too pretty to be true

She's a doll
With pretty shoes

With pretty shoes

Me and the Great Big Bunny

We will go and cut her throat

We will go and nail her hands

We will go poke out her eye

We will go and break her bones

Sidonie's a pretty thing

Too pretty to be true

She's a doll
With pretty shoes

With pretty shoes

Noemie's a pretty thing

Too pretty to be true

She's a doll
With pretty shoes

With pretty shoes

Me and the Great Big Bunny

We will go and munch her kidneys

We will go and bash her brains

We will go and gnaw her liver

We will go and burn her hair

The End

English subs transcribed and synced by:
marooned2, KG, 2014.