The Son of No One (2011) - full transcript

A rookie cop is assigned to the 118 Precinct in the same district where he grew up. The Precinct Captain starts receiving letters about two unsolved murders that happened many years ago in the housing projects when the rookie cop was just a kid. These letters bring back bad memories and old secrets that begin to threaten his career and break up his family.

New York is still here.

We're here.
We're going to be here tomorrow.

This is the way
of life people want.

Democracy, the rule of law, people
treating each other decently...

people caring about each other,
and we're gonna prevail.

New York is gonna be here tomorrow
and it's gonna be here forever.

And this is the way of life that
people want throughout the world.

Daddy's home!

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

What are you doing here?

She's been dying to do that
for the past hour. Where were you?

What's she doing still up? I had
some paper and the traffic is horrible.

What are you doing
with the balloon?

Heavy traffic.

- Let us know next time.
- I will, I will.

What are you doing? You're going
to go upstairs and brush your teeth?

- Come on, go, go, go!
- Go. Get up there.

- You're going to tuck me in?
- Yeah of course.

I'm gonna check that toothbrush.


So what,
they change her medication?

The doctor says we'll keep trying
different ones until the seizures stop.

That sounds like a genius plan.

That's where she got
the balloon then?

They're pretty nice in there.

- Except that one idiot.
- Who? Dr. Sing?

He talks to her like there's
something wrong with her.

What are you talking about?
He talks to her like she's five.

I can't stand him.
He's an asshole.

He is... I'm sorry, I just...

I don't understand how they can
move you two hours away randomly.

- It's ridiculous, you know it is.
- It's temporary, isn't it, Ker?

- I don't care that it's temporary.
- Come on!

'Quality of Life' it's a bunch
of shit and you know it.

Daddy, I brushed my teeth.
I'm going to bed.

Okay, I'm coming up right now.

What do you want me to do?
I ain't got no seniority.

- Daddy! I brushed my teeth!
- Gotta finish this now.

I run in bed!

Okay, baby,
I'm coming up. Hold on.

I love you. You stop it, okay?

- Hey you!
- Hay is for horses.

Yeah, it is.

How did Charlie
run again, Daddy?

How did Charlie run?
You know how Charlie ran.

And Charlie
was a good dog, right?

Yeah, what are you talking
about? He was the best.

And that's why you
named me Charlie, right?

Yeah. Psh.
We can't say that too loud.

Mommy still thinks I named
you after Grandma Charlotte.



You okay?


You tired?


You know all I ever dreamed about
was people like you and mommy.

Good night, baby.

And that's where
the castles were...


- Where you grew up?
- That's right, baby.

The giant castles.

And they was as big as
the whole world?

Okay, go to sleep.

Good night, baby.

Milk! I want my gun!

I got the little motherfucker
down here in the apartment 1-C.

A little Casper motherfucker.

A little glow-in-the-dark motherfucker
that they call Milk. Milk!

Little glow-in-the-dark Casper
motherfucker got my gun...

and I'm gonna get my shit, Milk!
Where's my goddamn gun, Milk?

Give me my goddamn gun.
Fuck you, Milk!

Give me my gun!
Shit, you stole my gun.

Where Milk at?
Where he at? Milk?

You glow-in the-dark
Casper motherfucker!

I want my shit!

- Get the fuck out! Get out!
- Shut up!

Get outta here, Hanky!
Go to your own fucking house!



Seeing it is, in person...

is very different than seeing it
on television or seeing pictures of it.

It gives you a sense of the devastation
that was accomplished there.

Retiring Police Commissioner,
Charles Stanford...

and his predicted successor,
Captain Marion Mathers...

are coming under
continued scrutiny...

of the Quality of Life raid here
at the Queensboro Projects...

on Christmas Eve.
Locals are saying...

this didn't have a whole
lot to do with safer streets.

It had a lot more to do
with real estate.

A deal to turn the coveted
waterfront property into condos.

I fucking live here!

Osama Bin Laden
and other terrorists...

are still in hiding.

Our message to them is clear.

No matter how long it takes...

America will find you
and we will bring you to justice.

- I fucking live here! We live here!
- You live here? We know that.

All right, back up! Back up!

Captain Mathers,
I talked to one woman...

who said that the 118
isn't welcome here.

You're causing trouble
by being here tonight.

What we're doing...

is we're making a dangerous
neighborhood safer.

So that, the good citizens
who live here...

we want them
to enjoy their holidays.

- They don't agree with you.
- Well, that's what we're doing.

I'm a cop.


Twenty in, twenty right out.

Twenty in twenty out,
twenty in, twenty out...

that's what I fucking
tell myself every day.

Twenty in, twenty out,
twenty in, twenty out...

twenty in, twenty out,
twenty in, twenty out.

Jesus, you're
a fucking rookie at 30?

Shit. My 30th birthday...

I was halfway to retirement.

So you just spent your fucking
twentys, having fun, being free.

Bullshit. Eating pussy.

You've ask me this every day,
since I've transferred here.


You know record shop, 7-11 's,
they're not that exciting.

Fuck excitement.

You know, I feel bad
for you, old man.

One day, you're fucking pulling
over these hot ltalian chicks...

the next with this shit?

Fuck. Everybody hates America.

Meanwhile, what the fuck is anyone
else doing for the rest of the world?

Where's my money?
You got my money?

She's Olive Oyl.
Pick that stink bitch up.

- See you two at the precinct.
- You got it.

Olive? Hey, Olive.

- Take that son of a bitch in!
- All right, all right.

- Come on, get in the car. Get in.
- You're going to the car. Get in.

Right after you,
you bonny-assed motherfucker!

Shut up.

Fuck you!

You're gonna
fucking regret that later.

What are you doing?
Get outta here!

I'm looking. I'm looking.

What are you, retarded?
What are you doing? Fuck!

You call people retarded?

Get outta here!

Thanks for coming to work
today, Mom. I appreciate it.

- Shut up!
- Stop it!

All right, all right. You know what?
Keep them separated.

Look who's here. Olive!

- Got your Sunday best on?
- Go fuck yourself.

Not over here. Not over here!

Are you going flying today,
Martinez? Look at you.

It smells like he flew out
of somebody's ass, Cap.

You going flying? Look at him.

Go to hell!

Easy, Olive. What about you?
Do you mind the smell?

I don't know.
I mean, I'd rather not.

You know what we'd rather
not do is smell like shit...

when we go home to our wives.

When the old man steps down,
you can beat out of anybody you want.

I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Yeah, get him.

All right, all right.

Get off me! Fuck you!

Sit down. Sit down.

- Way to go, Olive.
- Fuck you!

How'd you get the weekends off?

Just told them I wasn't
gonna transfer here without it.

Man, Mathers must have
wanted you pretty bad.

All right.
I'll see you on Monday.

Yeah, man.

Listen, think of me
from your 7 /11's and shit.

And Mathers said
to look at that shit!

The city's in
an elevated Code Yellow...

and this fucker
we should be looking...

into some unsolved shit
from 16 years ago.

- Excuse me, sir?
- What, are you in the Army?

No, no, I'm just...

Fucker can't even
sign his own name.

It's the third month in a row.

This reporter's making
a career out of it.

It's the first I heard of it.

Now that you're here,
you should be aware of it.

I didn't even want this.
I told him to stop coming to me.

This is where I live.

This is where I live!

I got the little motherfucker
down here in apartment number 1-C.

This is where live!

Grandmother, she's an old lady.
He takes the checks and...

I thought he was gonna kill me.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

My grandmother does nothing! She's
an old lady. She doesn't do anything!

Shit! Pretend you're
taking a shit or something.

You can't even knock? You just
walk in people's houses and shit?

Listen, teenager.
I got to take a shit.

I'll take a shit right here,
right now. Outta my way.

What the fuck!

What kind
of fucking butcher shop?

He comes every day.

He takes the checks
from the mailbox...

right from the mailbox.
And she doesn't do anything.

I just didn't want him
to come here anymore.

I saw when Louie died.
Cops were all laughing.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

We'll throw him in the garbage.

- He got a bullet in him, Vin.
- Shut the fuck, I don't care.

We're gonna throw his ass
in the garbage. No one gives a shit.

Yeah, the cops don't care.
No one does.

Yeah, trust me,
No one gives a shit.

Hey, baby.

Did Charlie run, Daddy?

He ran like this.

And he loved to hang
in the giant castle?

That's right,
in the giant castles.

Okay, night.

You liked the circus, baby?

Of course she liked the circus.

I loved the circus.

Loved the circus!

I'm gonna stop by the precinct.
I left my cell phone there.

And then we're gonna
watch Sponge Bob, right?

No secrets! You were whispering!

Daddy was just saying
this is where he grew up.

Did you know that?
In one of these buildings.

The giant castles.

Come on.

Nice hip pack.

Family outing at the 118, man.
You ran out of shit to do on the island?

We came in from the city.
We went to the circus.

- This is Kerry.
- Hi, yeah, Kerry and Charlotte.

- Hi, did you see some lions?
- Charlie loves the lions, right?

- Everybody loves lions, man.
- Come here.

You're bringing two pretty ladies
up in this shithole? What's up?

You can sit right here, okay?

I'm gonna be right back. I'm gonna
get my cell phone out of my locker.

All right, man. I'll be up here.
I'm taking care of them.

- I'll be right back.
- All right.


- What are you doing?
- We were playing with the breathalyzer.

Stop it. This stuff's filthy.
You don't touch this stuff around here.

- We were just fucking around here.
- Really? You don't know that well.

- You understand?
- Really?

Kerry, come on.


Come on, baby.

There she goes.

Have a safe trip
back to the island.

It's a desire and a chance to react
under certain circumstances.

The economy reacted,
the stock market too.

New York is on track to a rebound.

It's just a year
after many have said...

that a city like New York
couldn't bounce back.

And see what happened
to the market.

This boy, Milk,
done took my gun.

You get a murder on Whitestone.

The kids are crying. You know?

Parents givin' 'em
days off of school.

The children here are different.

You see them from your window?

Don't worry. They'll do their
shit and then they'll leave.

We just can't say nothing.

I gotta go.

You better not say
nothing, Vicky!

- Everybody's freaking out now.
- I know.

But I gotta get home.

Please, just chill.

My mother's boyfriend is here...

and I don't wanna deal
with that.

He got a bullet in him, Vin.

I know that.
You don't think I know that?

- What do you want me to do?
- Just I gotta go home.

I'm serious.
What do you want me to do?

I don't know! I'm going home.

Jonathan, your grandma
took the dog out.

So I was here just
looking at an old picture.

And I thought maybe you
and I could talk for a minute.

How about we go outside?
Nice day today.

Just you and me...

sit somewhere, just talk
a little bit. Is that all right?

It'll be fine. It'll be fine.

You seem a little
shook up, Jonathan.

A reason for that?

It ain't easy
growing up around here.

I could imagine,
especially without a father.

He was a good man.

Your father.

You know why I brought you
out here though, don't you?

With all of them
looking at us wondering...

what's Detective Charlie,
white Officer Charlie...

doing talking
with little white Jonathan?

What are they talking about?

And a few of them are particularly
concerned about some dead junkie...

last seen going through your door...

and then winding up about
twenty feet from that same door.

You don't know why?

You're a deer in the jungle here,
my boy.

And that fellow, Hanky...

he wasn't worth
two damn cents, Milk.

Yeah, that's what
they call you, right? Milk?

I'm just talking. It's over.

You can go. But you hear anything,
you come talk to Officer Charlie.


Good seeing you Jonathan!


Someone can tell me sitting
in my hallway is a fucking crime?

Fuck you outta here!
Fuck that shit!

Fuck you!
Fuck that shit, motherfucker!

White, Prudenti! Come here.
Let's take a walk. Outside.

Olive Oyl, you look beautiful,

Fucking asylum in there.

Jesus... Look.

I need you go over to the Gazette's
offices, over there by Ditmars.

I want you to talk
to the writer.

Tell her she's not hunting
the fucking Son of Sam here, right?

Tell her we're fighting a war on terror
in this fucking city already.

- No problem.
- Here, you take this.

Handle it.

Last thing we need...

is them demanding we reopen
some case 16 years ago.

None of us want that, I imagine.

No. All right. Let's go.

- Just be safe.
- Okay.

Tell her to cut the shit.

I watched him die
in the heat of the sun.

Sucking up bullets
of a policeman's gun.

"Police at the 118 know."
Listen to this fuck.

But Mathers said
it's bullshit though, right?

Yeah, it's all bullshit.

If he was a man, he would have
signed his fucking name though.


- Ms. Bridges?
- Lauren Bridges.

Like London bridges, right?

Just like that.

I know who you are.
Officer Prudenti.

Yeah, that's right.

- You're new?
- Yes, madam. Jonathan White.

Pleased to meet you.

- Look at this.
- You like that?

Yeah, I do.
Look at these fucking assholes.

So Marion sent you.
I understand why you're here.

Captain Marion?

All I can say, as far as me
not printing them...

you came to the wrong person.

- We'd like to see the letters.
- Of course.

Tampered evidence
is wasted evidence.

You realize it's not actually evidence
until somebody gives a fuck about this.

- Are there any more?
- Only three.

Here on, the minute
they come in, I print them.

Like doughnuts, right?

I'd appreciate you stop
touching my shit. Thank you.

I'm sorry.

So I called Marion
after I received them...

and he couldn't give a damn.

Seems no one's interested
in the possibility...

of police doing anything corrupt,
since this whole 9/11 debacle.

You must feel
like a real reporter then.

We have
a circulation of over 100,000.

You can tell me the last time
that many people...

knew a cop for a good reason?

Look, if you get another letter,
why don't you give us a call?

Officer, you do know
the hero tide will turn?

- My cell is on the back.
- Of course, you know no one...

stays loved
in New York for long.

What do you think?

What do I think?
I think she's a dyke.



Please, don't hang up.

You know, I would never
do any of that stuff.

Vin, I didn't see
anything anyways.

Do nothing. I swear.
I swear I wasn't gonna do nothing.

He just said, if I didn't...

he'd tell my mother
to put me back in the hospital.

And if they put me back
in that hospital...

I can't do anything,
if anything happens to you.

I can do nothing.

What are you talking about, Vin?

You don't think I'm a faggot,
Milk, I'm not a faggot right?


You're the only fucking person
in this whole world I can trust.

I hate it.
I hate it here so fucking much.

I fucking hate it here.

Me too.

Listen, Milk.

In my mother's
boyfriend's apartment...

he has a thousand dollars.

I saw it, Milk.
A thousand dollars.

That's a lot of money.
I got the key.

I got the key to his apartment.
I can go in.

I can find it, Milk.
I know where it is. I saw it.

I can take it. And, man,
we can get outta here, Milk.

We can get outta here.


What's up, Milk?

You kids are cold-blooded.

Killing junkies, partying
and shit afterwards.

Vinny up there...

sucking his mama boyfriend dick.

Fuck is that about?

Hanky OD'd in my apartment.


Fucker jumped in the bathtub
for one last bath.

Gun went off. I could see that.

Hanky was a no-good junkie.

Junkie with a $300 tab
and a gun like this.

When I'm putting
the pieces together...

pieces of a fucking murder.

Somebody, definitely,
killed Hanky...

except me.

I'm not going to the cops.
They could give two shits about me.

I just want the $300 he owed me.

Listen, little man.

I want $300 or I'm gonna go
to the cops with this.

This shit still smell
like firecracker.

Get your ass inside.

What's going on? Johnny?

Sorry I'm late, Ker.

What's going on for real?

What do you mean?

Is there someone else?

Are you kidding me?

I met you when you were
working in a record shop.

You take this ridiculous
police test...

because you're going to be right down
the street. Now you're two hours away...

and you're in no rush
to get home.

It's temporary, Kerr.

Then why are you
getting home so late?

I just can't believe I ended up
at my father's old precinct.

I just can't believe
I ended up there.

I'm sorry.

I keep going by my old address
and I just look at it.

Who's there?

No one.

No one anymore.



I don't need to tell you
like I've been telling Prudenti...

which I'm sure you both
already know this.

But for the sake of clarity...

someone went in and tore the Gazette's
offices to shreds last night...

about 11 p.m.

I know Bridges for 15 years.
15 years I've known her.

She's relentless.

- Listen, Captain...
- No, you listen.

I don't give a shit who did this.
You know why?

Because I don't. But what I do
need is you both to go over there...

and tell her
that whoever did this...

is gonna be a top priority
on our list, whatever, anything.


And go on.

Ms. Bridges. I'm...

You came to have a good look
at the work you'd done?

I can assure you that we didn't
have anything to do with this.

You know every mafia wannabe
who grew up here became a cop?

Big facades with your hero
9/11 charity events. Fuck this!

If I understood a fucking
word you just said...

I'm sure I'd have a comeback.

I can have a car come around
maybe a few extra times at night...

Are you sure that wasn't...

your captain's request last night?

Fuck her, let's go.

Goddamn frat boy.

Just contact me directly,
if you have any more problems.

I have one.

It'll be the cover of our
next issue. Yeah, really.

You know what
a Mucky Pup is, Officer?

It's the son of a copper.

You? You look like
the son of no one.

But you were the son
of Stanford's old partner.

You have my card.

Did she say
anything else in there?

Just that she won't stop
printing these letters...

and her place got tore up.

Diesel bitch.

Probably did it herself
looking for a story.

And still no one gives
a fuck out those letters.

Except for us.

Except you.

- You came here with that dog?
- I want him to come with us.

- They won't let him come.
- Who won't?

We don't even know
where we're going.

Just, just tie him up.
Just tie him up.

I just gotta get in this
guy's then we can go.

It's under the couch.
Let's just get it and go.

- You have the key?
- It's, it's right here.

We're just gonna get it
and then go.

In and out.

Just close the door.

Charlie, stay quiet.

Just gotta get it and go.

Keep quiet. Stay quiet.

Shut that dog up!

Fuck ya'll doing in here?

- Nothing.
- What you two doing in here?

What's going on in there?

Charlie, stop! Charlie, stop!

Get this motherfucker. Shut
this dog. You hearing me, man?

- Charlie, stop! Charlie, stop!
- Piece of shit!

Stop that!






Sounds like your baby's crying.

Who is this?

What's the problem?

She doesn't like
her new medication?

Who is this?

When your husband
gets home tonight...

ask him about
two murders in 1986.

It's okay. It's okay.
Here, it's okay.

I'm not... Keep your feet up.

Precinct 118.

Officer White, please.

Sure. Hold on.

You got a call on line one.

This came for you, too.

Thank you.


I just got a weird call.


It was really fucked up.

Kerry, I can't hear you.
Is Charlie all right?

Where are you?
I need you to come home.

No, I can't hear you.

I got a really weird call
and I need you.

I'm gonna call you back
from my cell outside.


What the fuck are you calling?
Are you kidding me?

I'm telling you
need to shut the fuck up...

you fucking Puerto
Rican piece of shit. It's fine.

- I'm Dominican, motherfucker.
- I'm sorry, he's Dominican!

You don't want this, man.
Get the fuck down.

- I don't want this. I don't want this!
- Put it down.

- Put it down, right fucking now.
- This motherfucker though.

Relax. I swear to God,
I'm gonna put one in your head!

He's calling it like bullshit.

- Just put that gun down. Put it down.
- I don't wanna do this!

I'm gonna put a fucking
bullet right in your head.

- Relax!
- I don't want this!

- I'm just trying to live.
- Come on.

I don't want this. I don't want this.
I don't want this.

Take him
in the fucking bathroom!

What the fuck is going on?

Motherfucker took
my fucking gun!

So what are you're
bringing him to the bathroom?

We are in the fucking '80s?

Cameras all over the place here.

What's the matter with you?
Get this piece of shit up.

Bring him over to the desk,
rear cuff him.

People wonder why we pump
40 bullets in these fuckers.

Forty one!

I got half the city watching
my every fucking move...

and this asshole can't control
himself in his own precinct.

Look at him.

Look at him.
He thinks it's funny.

- I think it's funny.
- Look at him.

Yeah, he's laughing.
It's like you're retarded.


Let me ask you
something, Jonathan.

When you were out there...

did you feel like shooting
that piece of shit Puerto Rican?

Putting two in his head?

- Probably not the best idea.
- Why? Why is that?

We'd have your back.
It's important that you know that.

It's important
that you understand...

that that's not going above
and beyond the call of duty.

It's doing your job.

It's our job.

It's what we do.

- Okay. Answer that.
- Sorry.

You take the night off.
You saved a cop's life today.

Even if he is an asshole.


Why aren't you answering your phone?
I got a call.

He told me to ask you
about two murders in 1986.

What the fuck
is going on, Johnny?

They don't know anything, Jim.

They don't know
nothing about this.

This is life.

Everything you, you want
or care about in this world...

it ends up nowhere, right?

My mom says she's gonna
put me back in the hospital.

It's like they're always
trying to get rid of me or something.

But when I get out,
I'm gonna get a job.

I'm gonna get enough money
to get an apartment...

and we're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be okay, Milk.

As long as we don't say nothing.

And I never will.

I never will.



Ms. Carter? I was friends
with Vincent a long time ago.

I lived downstairs. Milk.

I was here to see Vinny.

Jonathan! It's so nice
to see you. Look at you.

You look like you're
doing well with yourself.


- You here for Vinny?
- Yes, is he here?

Vincent's not
the same boy you knew.

He is still my boy,
but he's not the one you knew.

I'm just gonna check up
on the roof real quick.

Jonathan, please
don't go up there.

The past bothers Vincent a lot.

Jonathan, please!

Hey, Vinny.

Hey man.

It's me...

It's Jonathan.

Milk. My man, Milk.

Milk, my little man.

What's up, Milk?

Been a long time.

Yes, Milk.

Someone's calling
my house, Vinny.

Someone's calling my house.

Yeah, he's talking to my wife.

He's calling my...

I always knew you
was gonna be good.

I always knew it.

I always knew it.

- I know, man, but you got...
- I think I should go.

If you're writing
letters, you gotta listen.

You're not hearing me.

If you're writing these letters
you'll destroy our lives. You hear me?




Yeah, I'm on my way.

No, I'm coming home now.

All right.

What part of our conversation...

made you take another
two hours to get home?

- Did he call back?
- I am asking you a question.

Did he call back?
Kerry, I love you.

- I'm asking you a fucking question!
- Shut the fuck up, man!

You just can't fucking talk
to me right now!

I love you Kerry,
so just stop. Stop, all right?

Don't tell me you love me.
Don't tell me that.

Why don't you look at me?

Why don't you fucking look at me?
Look at me!

Look at me!

Look at me! Stop staring
at the sink! You look at me!

You look at me!

My God!

What happened?

What happened?

I never...

I never told anyone else.

I didn't. I never told.

I'm sorry.

I'll never tell anyone.

Okay, here he is.

Look who's here.
Detective Stanford.

He's gonna ask you
some questions.

- Hey, Jonathan.
- All right?

Okay, Mrs. White.

I'm going to the store.
I'll see you later.

Okay, thanks.

Sit down.

Why don't you just sit down?

Your grandmother told me about
your dog. I just heard about it.

I'm so sorry. It's just awful.

Nothing quite as painful
in this world as that.

Dog's name was Charlie, right?

You know, Jonathan,
I don't apologize about things...

but I have to say I shouldn't have
paraded you around here, like I did.

That was, it wasn't right.
You see...

when your father died...

I had an obligation.
You understand?

It wasn't like we worked
in a department store together...

or a bakery shop or something.
We were partners.

And when you're partners,
you're family...

like you are
with your grandmother.

I got two dead bodies
on my hands, Jonathan.

Now, that's a lot.

I got barking dogs,
people looking through peepholes...

drug talk about Hanky.
And it's all leading me...

to this.

To this.

To this.

To this.

You know the severity
of which I'm talking about here.

I want you to answer me.

These buildings
are full of secrets, Milk.

They're full of things people
shouldn't be doing.

Mrs. Carter,
up on the sixth floor...

she's telling me Little
Vinny's hearing voices again.

What I'm gonna do with that?

I gotta worry about my own.
I can't save the world.

This ain't a fucking
Superman outfit I'm wearing.

I've got two worthless pieces of over
21-year-old garbage that are dead.

No one cares.

Not a single fucking person.

So what do I do?

Case is closed.

I closed it.

So you can go live
your long life.

Next time we meet though...

you'll be a man like I am.

And a man has to learn
to live with shit.


I noticed you got a rental.

Come here, we need
to talk. Come on in.

Come on.

It's funny. Whoever's writing
these bullshit letters...

seems to be interested in everyone,
except the actual fucking killers.

It's time this shit stopped...

don't you think?

This next article comes out...

naming names...

all of us are fucked.

But you...

your life's destroyed.

Yours and your family's.

You understand what I'm saying?

This would be
the place for that.

That thing that you're thinking
there, with your gun...

you ain't wrong in it.

You're just projecting it
on the wrong people.

Sit down, Jonathan.

Let me tell you
something, Jonathan.

All that guilt and hate...

and all that other shit you've got
bottled up inside your fucked up head.

You've gotta realize what you
gotta do to save your own shit.

I'm worried about a promotion,
simple things.

You, this comes out...

I'll see to it that your secret life
is the headline...

in the New York fucking-Times.

And that, Milk, that's
what we're talking about now.

Ms. Bridges! Ms Bridges!

Ms. Bridges!

So, brethren have been calling.
I know why you're here.

No. I'm here on my own.

This has nothing
to do with the cops.

This has everything to do
with the cops.

- We're just getting a lot of pressure.
- We're?

Yes, we're...

You love that term
here in America.

Makes you feel like you're
part of something, family.

Everything about them
will be over come Saturday.

The kind of thing
a newspaper should be breaking.

Not a single witness questioned.
Not a single suspect brought in.

How very 1986.

This isn't out yet, is it?

Saturday is gonna be a huge day.

Marion had me all confused,
and I kept thinking...

he could give two damns
about these letters.

And he's got plainclothes
following me over some articles?

- Look, all I'm asking is...
- All you're asking...

is exactly what your captain
sent you here to ask...

and I'm not even sure
you know what that is.


If this were a movie...

I'd say you looked like
you saw a ghost, Mr. White.

Look, you can't print this.

- Why wouldn't I?
- Please, sit down.

Why wouldn't l...

Please just.

Can you give me a week?
Give me a week.

Two murdered nobodies
from the projects you grew up in...

are about to finally get the justice
they deserve after all these years.

- You're not, you're not hearing me.
- Nothing's gonna change that.

You're not hearing me.
Can you please...

Ms. Bridges, just hold
one second. Just hold...

One second.
Just hold on, please!

Bridges, please...

- You can give me one week?
- Your father is dead, Mr. White.

I'm not sorry,
because I didn't know him...

but his partner's an old
man now, a dirty old man...

full of dirty old man secrets...

I get to fuck his legacy...

and Mathers' future in one shot.

Gives me great delight.

Hey, Vinny.

You got something
you wanna say to me?

You wanna talk to me?

You wanna talk to me about
these letters you been writing?

I remember when you
caught me up here...

on the roof
with my mother's boyfriend.

You never told nobody.

Why you never told nobody?

'Cause you was my friend?
Are you still my friend?

When the pressures
and things started to happen...

you was the only one that came
to see me in the hospital.

They made me drink
all that stuff.

Couldn't say my words right.
Couldn't talk.

But you did talk.

- I tried to say it.
- But you did talk.

You did talk.

You said that you weren't gonna
say nothing to nobody.

But you fucked both of our
lives up in this shit, man.

You said you weren't
gonna tell nobody.

I think I'm gonna go.

I knew you would do good.

I think I'm gonna go.

You're gonna be fine.


Do I need to talk to your
wife to get this done?

- What?
- Is that I'm gonna have to do?

Kerry, you know where my gun is?


- You know where my gun is.
- I'm calling the cops, Johnny.

You're on with a fucking cop!
I'm on my way.

I don't know.

You don't know.


You don't know why people
are calling about a murder...

or why your car was totaled
or what's going on?

Because eventually you're gonna have
to know something, Jonathan. You are.

You are. I am talking to you!

Please, just don't
touch me right now.

I just wanted to give us
a normal life.

I just wanted to give us
a normal life.

- He said it's all.
- What does that mean?

It means I don't know
what to do about this.

I have no idea
what to do about this.

It comes out next week.

I killed those people, Ker.

I killed the people those
letters are talking about.

I killed both of those people.

Charlie? Shit. Charlie!


It's okay. It's okay.

Okay, darling.

- I'll the ambulance.
- She's fine. Let her sleep it off.

It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.

Mama's here. Mama's here.

Mama's here.

Mama's here.

So as it's coming in last night
at approximately 7:45 local...

writer and columnist for The Queens
Gazette, Lauren Bridges...

was gunned down
execution style...

at the foot of her office
on 31st Street in Astoria, Queens.

Witnesses say...

one man in a black ski mask
was last seen running right here...

Oh, my God.

That's the woman from the paper.

She was killed, Jonathan.

- Hello?
- Prudenti's outside.

You'll take a drive.

You fuck with my family, I swear
I'll kill you. I don't care who you are.

You're watching the news right now.
You know how serious I am.

Now get in his fucking car
and go.

I'm taking my own car.

You got it.

It's fucked up about that dyke.

Fuck her though.

Let's swing it right there.

- Where?
- Pull up.

All right. Here.

Go ahead.

Come on in.

- Fuck you want from me?
- Okay. Come on.

Have a seat over here.

Tommy, close the door.
Come on. Sit down.

All right, how about I sit
first. Have a seat.

Love fades. Did you ever
hear that expression?

Less than a year ago...

we lost almost 400 fellow,
officers and firemen...

and people are already getting
tired of saying thank you.

It's a tough city.

These are photographs of you
and Lauren Bridges at Mike's Diner...

seven p.m...

the night that she
was murdered. Last night.

Those pictures could cause you
a lot of problems, I imagine.

- You killed her.
- Jonathan...

- Sit down.
- Easy. Go easy.

Thomas put it away.

- Put it away now.
- That's okay. Just go sit over there.

- What's going on?
- Everything's okay.

Just do what he says.
Just relax.

you don't recognize me?

- Yeah, I recognize you.
- That's good.

I'm glad to hear that. Sit down.

Sit. We're gonna talk.

You have to excuse
my godson Marion.

He has a tendency
to draw things out.

Last I saw you, you were a boy.

I was a man.

Look at me now.

Jonathan, shouldn't be
concerned about this.

This is family matters,
it's between all of us.

You're here because, in 1986.
You and your friend Vincent Carter...

killed the two men referred
to in this bitch's articles.

They were no good.

This is a family, Jonathan...

that you passed your civil
service test to rejoin.

Listen, I knew your godfather.

No, I know you did.
He was your dad's partner.

And, as you can see now,
he's an old man.

Stop talking about me
like I was not here.

Stop talking about me like
I'm not in the fucking room!

After all these years,
none of us were gonna allow...

the good names
of our family to go down...

because he did what was right
for two ungrateful punk murderers...

especially on the verge
of his retirement.

- You mean on your inauguration?
- I did what I had to do.

I did it for you and I did it
for your father.

That's who I did it for.
I had to do it.

Bridges first told me about
the letters, I could give a shit.

- But then they just kept on coming.
- They just kept coming.

We knew it either had to be you
or that other piece of garbage.

- But it didn't make any sense to us.
- That's right.

You'd gotten away with it.

So we figured you were just
suffering from a guilty conscience.

- We thought you were a fucking moron.
- So we brought you back.

Turns out you didn't have
any conscience at all.

All the while it was your brain-damaged
friend with the desire to talk...

to confess,
to write the letters...

to be a fucking retard.

But you were a good kid,

So, let us take care of this here.
Let us do it.

- I've got a family.
- Of course you got a family.

This is what you've gotta do.

- Listen to him.
- He's listening.

Just listen to him, Jonathan.

You're gonna get back
in your car now...

and you're gonna drive
home to your daughter, Charlotte.

And, on that long drive home, you're
gonna think about her pretty face...

your beautiful wife, and your nice
life out there on the island.

And after you get there, you're
gonna think how lucky you are...

to have half the 118
working overtime...

to ensure
that nobody finds out...

that you're a cold-blooded killer.

- I'm not no murderer.
- You're a murderer, Jonathan.

Jonathan, you get back here,
it'll be like it never happened.

You'll get a transfer
back to the land...

where DUls
are your biggest concern.

Here in Queens, they'll be
a tiny blurb in a little paper...

about a crazed fan...

who wrote letters
to a lonely woman.

Killed her and then
he takes his own life.

And life will go on.

The life you never
dreamed you'd have.

Got it?

- It's gonna be okay then.
- Good.

It'll be okay, Jonathan.


You're okay, Jonathan.

Here in Queens, there'll be
a tiny blurb in a little paper...

about a crazed fan...

who wrote letters
to a lonely woman.

He killed her...

and then, he takes his own life.

You're the, only fucking person
in this whole world I can trust, Milk.

I hate it here.

I hate it here so fucking much.


I never told. Never.

Whatever you and your
little friend did, Milk...

whatever it was...

I could give two shits.

You're gonna have
to learn to deal with it...

live with it...

however you do.


this is the last time we meet...

as man and child.



And a man...

has to learn...

to live...

with shit.


No, no! Jonathan!

Stupid motherfucker! Jonathan.

- We told you to go home!
- Get a hold of yourself!

You, come here.

Come here! Retard!


Get a hold of yourself!

Get the fuck off me!

Back the fuck off.

You gonna shoot me now?

Back the fuck off.

- He didn't kill nobody!
- You stay the fuck down!

Stay down!

He ruined your life!

Now, you're gonna take this gun and
you're gonna shoot him in his head.

Stay fucking down!

Take his fucking gun and shoot him!
Shut the fuck up!

He ruined your life.
Do you hear me?

He ruined your fucking life.

- He didn't kill anybody!
- You both did! Forget it!

Shoot him!

My God.



Another step, I end it.

I end it.

You go now. You keep going.

You go, you keep going.

Keep going. Let him go.
Let him go!

You can hate me
all you want, Jonathan!

All you want!

But you're a free man now!

You're a free man!



- Never told nobody.
- I know, I know.

Never told nobody.

I'm sorry.

- It's okay. It's okay, Vinny.
- Milk...

Jonathan White.

I never meant for this to hurt you.

Or Vinny.

Or anyone.

It was always them.

In the end, we matter.

And now, one of them is
dead and the other...

No one cares about a foolish old man.

Funny how things work out.

This will be my last letter.

Go live your life.

You're free to do that.

Free to forget.