The Solitude of Prime Numbers (2010) - full transcript

Alice and Mattia, two exceptional personalities but inadequate, synthesis of two lives in pain, two special people who travel on the same track, but are two worlds imploded, unable to open up to the world. One fully understands the feelings of the other, but is never able to express them out loud, in short, they are two prime numbers. Prime numbers are divisible only by 1 and themselves.


Calm down.



How many axes of symmetry
make up a square?


- No, four.
- Correct Mattia. Four.

One, two, three, and four.

Now let's draw a hexagon,

a hexagon is a six-sided polygon.

Let's draw the axes of symmetry.

So does a circle
have infinite axes of symmetry?


Michela, stop it.


Calm down!

- Will you stay with her?
- Yes.

Get up.

Come on!

My birthday is on Saturday,

it'll be a costume party,
my mom said you can come too,

and so can she.

Let's go.

I don't care
if you're not rich enough.

It's an impossible love,
your father will never allow...

Let go please, I didn't do anything!

That's my father!

- Let go! - He's just a child.
He didn't do it on purpose.

Forgive him,

if he did it, it was only out of hunger.
He hasn't eaten in days.

Do you know him?

Yes, he's an orphan. Believe me,
he's never done this before.

Let him go.
Punish me instead if you want.

- Fine, he can go.
- Thank you very much.

Let this be a lesson,
never steal again.

Go home now.

- My countess!
- Hi, dad.

Breakfast is ready.
Come on, get up.

Alice's breakfast... here it is!

The reception needs to be perfect.

Thank you.

The champion's breakfast,
look at this!

Here it is!

Not a crumb for mom,
she sits around like an ornament.

Honey? Are you awake?

Still in bed? Rise and shine!

With this marriage,
have the kingdom at our feet.

Here she is!

- Hi!
- The prettiest of all!

- Beautiful!
- You're so big Alice!

- She's grown so much.
- So beautiful!

You have lovely eyes.

My champion!

- You must be starved.
- We were watching you.

You flew like a Peregrine Falcon.

- You clobbered them all?
- Yes!

That's right, good girl! Sit down.

My doll of steel!

Let's get you some food,
some real sustenance.

I ordered cornmeal
with venison for you.

Know what we'll do after eating?

The Kandahar and Motta slopes.

- She's too young for Motta.
- Please, folks!

We have to push her,
or she'll remain a novice.


She must be first
amongst the best or nothing.

- What if someone see us?
- Nobody's here.

You're crazy!

- What if someone see us?
- Nobody's here.

Like it, Viola?
You like when I'm rough.

You're hurting me.

Giacomo, stop it!

- What's the fucking problem?
- You're hurting me.

- Piss off, bitch!
- Wait, Giacomo!

Here's the school.

Hope we've made the right choice.


Changing schools.

Go on, go.

- Bye dad.
- Bye, be good.

Run, it's pouring rain.

And bring home the umbrella, Mattia.


You have such nice hair.

Don't tell anybody
what you heard, Alice!


You must be Balossino.

Kids, this is your new classmate.

- Hi.
- Welcome.

Tell us about yourself.


My name is Mattia.


All right, you can sit here.

Thus, determine the initial values
of V zero and T,

V zero is the velocity
of the two point-like bodies...

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.



Mattia, you're only 24 years old...

Only 24? Only?

24 years old, he's a man!

Why should he stay in Italy?

It's no place for people like him.

Germany has
a strong tradition of research.

- You don't know German.
- He'll learn.

Young people can learn languages.

We're influencing him too much,
let him speak.


parents are responsible
for guiding their kids in life.

Mattia should go to Germany,

make a great career for himself,
and be happy.

He can come back to Italy any time.

Maybe he could do a trial period.

Ask if you can stay
forjust a few months...

- Then decide if you like it.
- A trial period?

It's a competitive field,
someone else will steal his position.

They'll think he's fussy.

- So?
- He must go to Germany.


These aren't the ones.

Where the hell are they?

All this stuff is still sitting here.


- The Bai wedding?
- Can I...

- Do it alone?
- Yes.

What if you mess up all the photos?

- I don't want to go, but it's important.
- I'll go.

We can't mess it up
like we did with the countess,

we have no good photos.

The negatives were poorly lit.

- So?
- I'll take good shots.

Will you? Can you?

- Do it, I have no desire to go.
- Really?

- Bye.
- Thanks.

- Be good.
- What about the car?

- Use your own damn car.
- Can you lend me yours?

- Take a taxi.
- I can't, it's really far away.

Take a taxi.

Fine, take my car.

Bring it back undamaged.

- Bye.
- Thanks. - Bye.

- Hello?
- Good morning, it's Alice.

- Hello, how are you?
- Fine, thanks.

- And you?
- Fine. Sure you're fine?

Yes, I'm fine. Is Mattia there?

I'll go get him, hold on.


- Yes?
- Alice's on the phone for you.

Mattia, the phone!


- Hi, it's me.
- Hi.

- Were you studying?
- Yes.

As usual, you're going
to turn blind and hunchbacked.

- Why are you whispering?
- I'm not.

- Yes, you are.
- No.

Where are you?

At work.

I have a proposal for you.

- What?
- Come to a wedding tonight with me.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes. - No!

Do you have a suit?

- Guess whose wedding it is?
- Yours.

No, you would know then,

because you'd be the groom.

Just kidding.

- It's the wedding of...
- Of?

Viola Bai.

Come help me,
I have to photograph it.

I'll pick you up at 5:00,
look swanky.

- I have to tell you something.
- Good or bad?

Is it something good or bad?

Tell me later.
You can't change your mind! Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Viola Bai.

- Pretty!
- T-shirt!

What was the water like?

Did you put any conditioner
in your hair?

- Who needs a brush?
- I do.

Hi Gimpy!

Where are you going?
You're all on your own?

What were you doing, hiding?

You didn't shower, Gimpy?

You want to be dirty
and stinky all day?

- Not getting changed?
- Get undressed.

I said get undressed!


At last!

Make it quick!

Look at herjacket!

What a smell!

- What a stink!
- Haven't you ever heard of deodorant?

Take off your pants.
Show us what's underneath.

Come on!

What's that?

That scar must've hurt!

Want some candy?

- Wait!
- You wish!

It has no sugar but you need sugar.

We'll coat it with sugarjust for you.

- Lots and lots.
- Lots of sugar!

Here, now it's perfect.

Eat it!

- Yuck!
- She ate it!


- Let's go!
- What's going on?

- Girls!
- Viola, let's go.

What's wrong?


Alice, what's wrong?

Are you ill?


Come on, Mattia, move it.

What about Marco's sister?

149, 307,

359, 347,

401, 601,

307, 331,

499, 503,

701, 109,

131, 149,

151, 239,

241, 257...


What's wrong?

What do you expect?
He doesn't understand a thing.

You know he's not reliable.

He's got
no import-export experience.

You cannot depend on him at all.

I won't cover for him again, got it?

Goodnight, darling.

He's all show. Nothing but hot air.


Why are you here?
Why are you awake?

Come on, let's go to sleep.

What's going on?

What are you doing here?

Why is she awake at this hour?

- Mom, I...
- What happened?

You should be sleeping,
why are you here?

Take your sister to bed.

You must be a man, be responsible!

- I know but...
- Go to bed!

Bye, sweetie. Goodnight.

- You must be a man.
- Goodnight.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Hi.
- Hey.


Wow, she's so pretty today!

She needs a crash course.

She looks worse every day!


- Bye.
- Where are you going?


Where's she going?

Hi, what are you doing?

Relax, I'm by myself.

You're playing hooky too?

I'm skipping a test today.

Listen, sorry about the other day,

we were just playing around,
it was a game.

- A dumb game.
- I know.

Don't be upset though.

Come with me to the store.

- Store?
- Yes, it's nearby.

- Why?
- It'll be fun.

Plus, I desperately need
some leggings.

So, wanna come?

A pig's heart
is similar to a human heart.

Mattia, do you have any secrets?

I do, listen to me.

Tell me yours
and I'll tell you mine.

Mattia, are you my friend or not?

Let's finish this dissection

or else we can't complete
the report.

Who cares about the report!
Tell me your secret.

Tell me what you did to your arm.

Tell me what you did!


Do you really want to know
what I did?

- Yes.
- Watch.

Get undressed.

Come on, quick.

Don't be shy in front of me.

Have you ever kissed a boy?

I don't remember.

You've never been with anyone?

Have you?

Of course.

I used to play around,

but now I have a steady.

That guy who was in the bathroom
with you?

Yes, Giacomo.

That guy in the bathroom
is called Giacomo?

Yes, he and I are going steady.


How many tattoos do you have?



You should wear tight clothes
more often.

You're really pretty.

What do you think?

- Isn't it too showy?
- Listen...

It's my sister's birthday,

I want you to come over
wearing this.

- Maybe we'll find you a boyfriend.
- But...

I'll show you how to kiss a man.

I'll get you some shoes.

No, you should get 30%,

at least 30% before starting,
or don't do it at all.

Just trust me.

I'll organize it for you,
I have to go now.

Yes, I'd like to eat
if you don't mind.

Call you later, bye.

He bugs me during mealtimes.

Quit playing with your food,
eat now!


Come on, eat.

- I want to get a tattoo.
- Huh?

- I want to get a tattoo.
- It's out of the question!

- A tattoo? Where?
- It's out of the question!

That's all she needs:

she's flat-chested,
dresses like a boy,

and now she wants a tattoo?
No such thing!

What kind of tattoo?

- A violet.
- A violet?

No! N-O!


Lots of kids have them.

Sure, the slackers, morons,
and fools

who spend all day
roaming around the city.

- Viola has one too.
- Who is Viola?

- A friend.
- An airheaded friend!

People who have nothing to say
are the ones who get tattoos.

Losers, failures, and such.

You can't say that,
you don't know her.

And I don't want to know her.

- Maybe in a hidden spot.
- Like where?

Just eat.

A hidden spot?

Happy abstinence.

A tattoo, that's all we needed!

Nobody listens to me around here!

Least of all your mother!

You heard what the principal said?

See you at home.

Bye Mattia.

- Dani's coming to the party.
- Who?

Giacomo's friend.

Did you see how he looked at me?

- Come on, Viola.
- Not now. Bye.

I can't stand them!

- Hi.
- Hi.

Make up your mind,
you've seen all the boys.

I'll go to the party with you.

Sorry about last time,
I didn't mean to...

- No problem.
- I'm sorry.

- I said no problem.
- Okay. - Okay.

Let's go to class.


Him, who?

The guy down there.

- Let's go back.
- Where?

Aren't we going to class?


The one with the bandage
or the fatso?

- The one with the bandage.
- Are you nuts?

Know what he did?

He stabbed himself with a knife
during class.

Didn't you know?

I kind of like him. Maybe.

A guy like that would chop you up
and throw you away.

Are you sure?

Fine, let's go.

- Let's go back.
- Why?

Hi, I'm Viola, she's Alice.
We're sophomores.

Introduce yourselves!

- I'm Mattia.
- Dennis.

We wanted to invite you to a party
on Saturday. Want to come?

What's wrong with your leg?

Coming or not?

- I can't.
- Me neither.

- No?
- Never mind. - Wait.

Why not?

You have to play videogames
with your pal?

Or are you planning
on slitting your veins again?

I don't like parties.

- Everyone likes parties.
- Yes, but I don't.


Forget him,
we'll find you another guy.

If you'd known our kids
would turn out like they did,

would you have wanted them?

Sorry, but that's pure bullshit.

You can't pick your kids
from a catalogue. Please!

I know...


The greatest sorrows in my life
were caused by my kids.


They've ruined my life.

I'm exhausted!

You pretend it's all okay,
right Pietro?

I'm not pretending anything.

I pretend to pretend it's all okay.

It was just an accident.

An accident?

You think your lies will help him?

He hadn't done that in a while.

- He hadn't done that in a while?
- Yes.

So are you saying
he's getting better?

Stop it!

Stop pretending he's normal.


What does "normal" mean?

Mattia's a good kid,
he gets great grades in school.

I know.

He gets straight A's, but there's
something frightful beneath.

He has no friends.

He never talks.

He's locked in his room all day.

He cuts himself.

At least we knew
Michela wasn't well, it was clear.

We promised not to talk about that.

How can I not talk
about my daughter?

I think about her every single day.

And I don't?

Pietro, Mattia scares me.

Don't be scared, I'm sure
as he grows up he'll change.

I do have friends.


I'm going to a party Saturday.


A party?


Don't worry, I'll go talk to him.

Open up, open up.

Will someone get the door?

You're early.

I know.

- An hour early.
- Yes, I know.

- Can I come in?
- No.

I need to pee.

- You said you'd buzz from downstairs.
- Yes, I know.

- At 5:00.
- Yes, but I have to pee.

It'll be a long ride.

We have no bathroom.

No bathroom?

Let me in.


Why are we whispering?

I've never been here.



Bathroom's at the end of the hall.

No, no.


Alice, how are you?

- How nice to see you, it's been ages!
- Yes.

- How are you?
- Fine, and you?

Very well.

- You've never been here?
- No.

In all these years,
you've never come into our house!

Your grumpy friend
never invited you!

How rude!

- You're so pretty there.
- I was pretty when I was young.

How's your mom?


Be strong.

You need to be strong
for your dad too.

- Who's the girl?
- Michela.

Mattia's sister.

Mattia has never mentioned Michela?

- Never?
- No.

Mattia's going to Germany.

He didn't mention that either?

- Yes, he did.
- No, he didn't.

Yes, he did.

Let's go.


Bye, mom.

Oh, poor princess!

Michela, put this on.


Come on.

Yes, the fish are pretty,
but you're a duck not a fish.


Why aren't you ready?
Where's dad?



- Where's Michela?
- In her room.



You're still not ready? Come on!

Come on,
I told you to be a good girl!

Buck up!

- Well?
- We're going, hurry.

I don't feel like it.

- It's too foggy.
- No, the sun is blazing.

- Everyone is waiting for you.
- I don't want to go.

- It's starting to snow.
- Let me handle her.

- A puzzle?
- Yes.

- Drink your milk before we leave.
- I don't want to.

Drink your milk.

- It's too foggy out.
- Listen...

- I don't think Riccardo will like it.
- Everyone likes puzzles.

It's an educational toy.

- Is Michela ready?
- Almost.

Dad is dressing her.




really have to go
to the party with me?

Michela will go to the party.

- It's starting to snow!
- Who cares!

Her friends are waiting for her.

My daughter will not be absent!

I'll drive her.

Then if you're up to it...
we'll meet later. Okay?

If not, stay in bed
and stare at the walls.

- I need to use the bathroom.
- What?

No, you had plenty of time before!
Hold it.

- I'll be quick.
- No! N-O!

Move it!

- Are we late?
- We're only 5 minutes late.

I'll go get the door.

Hello, ma'am.

Sorry, I can't offer you my hand
with this box...

I'm preparing the kids for a party.

This fur is lovely!
Do you wear it often?

I've made something for you.
Let me show you.

Hold this. Listen, honey,

make sure you thank
Riccardo's parents.

And look after your sister,
don't let her eat junk food.

Bye honey. Bye duckling.

Have fun, my darling.

Can you drop off
De Andreis' fur on Via Po?

- Bye.
- See you later.

Come in, ma'am.

Come on, Michela!

Wait for me!

I'll be gone for 30 minutes,
stay here.

Stay here.

Michela, understand?

Michela, look at me!

I'll be gone for 30 minutes.


Stay here, okay?
Do not move for any reason.


I'll be gone for 30 minutes,
stay here.

Stay here.

Don't move.


- Hi, who are you?
- Mattia.

Hello, where's your sister?

- She has a fever.
- Too bad! Come in!

Riccardo, Mattia's here.


Where should I put this?

- What is it?
- A puzzle.

Now I'll transform them
into chickens!

Who wants to play blind man's buff?

Pay attention now,
you need to form two teams.

Boys to the right,
girls to the left.

Two teams.
Come on, everybody over here.

- Who wants to play blind man's buff?
- Me!

- You sure?
- Me!

Whoever tickles me most
will be captain!


It stopped.

I'm going to Germany.


It's freezing up there.



- I think it is.
- Do you?

To do my PhD,

they offered me a spot.

They have the best structures,

the best research centers.

Everyone wants you.

Only there.

They just need to know
where you're hiding.


In a car.

How long will you be away?

For 3 years.

3 years is forever.

No, it's just 3 years.

Don't say "just",
because you don't know what it means.

What'll I do without you?

Don't laugh.

I'm serious.

I'll be bored to death.

Even if...

#When you're in view
I try not to see you.#

#When you come into view
I close my eyes to not see you.#

What'll I do without you?

Tonight's your big night,

make a move on that boy you like.

- His friend is glued to him.
- Who cares! I'll take care of him.

What'll I do
when I'm alone with him?

What do you mean?

- What do I do?
- You kiss him!

- I make the first move?
- Of course.

Can you show me how to do it again?

You liked it, didn't you?

- What are you doing?
- We have to pee too!

Look at my face!

- Stick with me.
- Okay. - Come on, let's go.

- Your sister?
- In the bathroom.

- Hi!
- Hi!

- How are you?
- Fine.

Like the party?

Loud music gives me a headache.

And you?

It doesn't give me a headache.

Hey, listen...

Come with me over there.

- Where?
- Over there.


Where are you going?

Sit down.

- How's your hand?
- Fine.

It's bandaged.

- I have a scar.
- I have one too.


That's huge.

What happened?

I had an accident.


I was skiing.

- Did it hurt?
- Kind of.

I hear you're a genius.

A genius...


You like studying?

It's all I know how to do.

And me?

- You like me?
- Dunno.

- I never thought about it.
- You shouldn't have to think.

If I don't think, I get lost.

How long was the operation?

- What operation?
- Your leg operation.


I don't remember.


I was thinking you and I,
you know...

Do you like me?

I mean... want to kiss me?

Lots of doctors in the OR?

I think so.

So, I was saying,
would you like to kiss me?

I'd like to get up.

You don't like me at all?

Will you sit down a second?

Here I am.

Promise not to tell anyone.


That we didn't kiss.

Okay, I promise.

Prime numbers can be divided
only by themselves and by 1.

They're special numbers,

suspicious and solitary.

Some prime numbers
are even more special:

they're called "twin primes,"

a pair of prime numbers
that only differ by two,

like 11 and 13 or 17 and 19.

But twin primes never touch

because they're always separated
by an even number.

Now have fun and dance!

I'm going.

You'll never guess what happened!

I don't care!

- You don't care?
- I don't care!

- I want to tell you about it.
- Go away, dummy!

- What's wrong?
- I said I don't care!


I got a tattoo!

Want to see it?

- Look!
- Stop it!

I want to talk.

Gimpy's deaf too.

I got a tattoo, look.

- Viola, I got a tattoo!
- Will you leave me alone?

Gimpy fell down!

- Come with me.
- Seen Dennis?

- No, come with me.
- Where?

Help me remove it.


I can't do it.

I never want to see it again.

- Do we know each other?
- Yes.

I saw you photographing your mom
in the hospital.

I'm a doctor.

My name's Fabio.



Little Red Riding Hood,
Little Red Riding Hood...

Don't walk alone in the dark.

Never trust a stranger
who approaches you with kindness.

does not accompany wisdom.

The wolf takes on
the strangest forms of life.

But never,

never will it reveal its real intent.


the sweeter the tongue,

the sharper the teeth.

I have to go.

- Leaving?
- I have to go.

But we're about to have the cake.

- My dad's outside waiting.
- Okay, Riccardo show him out.

I have to blow out the candles.

Here you are!

I searched all over for you.

Let's go inside.

- Sit down.
- I have to work, let's go inside.

Please sit down.

What is it?

Mattia, what is it?

What is it? Tell me.

I was 8.

So was Michela.

She was my twin sister.





I've never told anyone.

Miss, I was looking for you,

it's time to cut the cake,
they're waiting for you to start.

Kiss, kiss, kiss!


You've reached Alice and Fabio,

we're not home
so leave a message after the beep.

Alice, are you there?

I found a place to live.

It's a one-bedroom.

It's kind of dingy,
but better than a boarding house.

I need to come by
and pick up some things.

And you? Are you okay?


Are you eating?

I eat.

I'm a bit concerned, as usual.

I eat and I'm fine.

At times it doesn't seem real. I...

Under the table.

Where are you? Alice, come out.

Find it?

Alice, it's Fabio, are you here?

She's dead! She's dead!

She's dead!

Are you Michela?


Miss... Are you okay?

What happened?

Can I help you? Sit up.

Do you need help?

- There was a girl here.
- There was nobody.

There was nobody.

- There was a girl here.
- Are you okay?

- Do you need a ride?
- No.


- Hi, this is Alice.
- Alice?

- Do you remember me?
- Alice Alice?

- Mattia's friend?
- Yes.

- Good.
- Of course I remember you.

- It's been ages!
- Is Mattia there?

Mattia's been in Germany
for seven years.

He works in a physics laboratory
in Jena.

One of the most important.
He's very good, you know.

Can you tell me how to contact him?


Excuse me, Alice Della Rocca?

- The girl with the limp? - Yes.
- Second floor. - Thanks.

Who is it?


- Hi.
- Hi.

You're here.

Is there a bathroom?

At the end of the hall.


Not anymore.

And you?


Still playing hard-to-get?

- You're very skinny.
- Normal.



not skinny.

You're not.

You're beautiful.

You had something to tell me?

Have you eaten?


I'll make you something.