The Solitary Gourmet (2012) - full transcript

A solitary businessman travels across Japan, eating at its various establishments and experiencing the various delicacies of Japanese cuisine.

Akabane, Kita Ward


I think it's been 20 years or so
since I was here last.

Looks so different...

Little bit like Urashima Taro* feeling...
(*Tale of a man who went missing and
came back after 300 years)

So this town had changed
to this type of feel?

[Go! Go! Akabane Joshi!]

(*short for Akabane Joshi/Akabane Female)



[Um... what should I eat?]

Regardless of time or society...
[Um... what should I eat?]

When someone indulges in satisfying his hunger...
["Welcome." "I'm going to eat in large serving"]

...he will become selfish and...
[Ho~... My stomach is totally empty.]

...he will become selfish and...
[Yes. This is really good meat.]

...liberated for a moment.
[Yes. This is really good meat.]

Without being disturbed by anyone...
[Yes. This is really good meat.] eat freely is an act of aloofness.
[Yes! This is it!] eat freely is an act of aloofness.
[Hope the rice will come soon....
For Yakiniku, you must have white rice with it.]

This act is the best comfort given
equally to every man.
["Nom nom nom"...
I'm really a Japanese who can't drink....]

This act is the best comfort given
equally to every man.
[Nom nom...

This act is the best comfort given
equally to every man.
[Phew... that was good. I feel like my
stomach will burst. I ate too much.]

EarthBuriTeam Subs Presents:
"The Solitary Gourmet"
=Season 3=

Ep. 1: "Guinea Fowl and Eel Bowl
of Akabane, Kita Ward"

So this is the place...

Cafe and fruit shop...

So this is...

Akabane style too, huh?


Somewhat suspicious looking BaneJo...

Thank you for taking the time for me.

Oh, not at all.

I heard you will... able to import any kind of western goods.

Yes, not any kind but...


May I ask who told you that?

It was Takiyama-san.

Oh, it was Takiyama...

Oh, is that so, I see...



How about Akuma?



Eh? Akuma...?


I've been collecting statues
of western Akuma (devils).

Statues of devils...

For example...

(*Demon king of the wind in Assyrian
and Babylonian mythology)


- Other than that, Amon*.
- Amon.
(*A Goetic demon)

- Amon will breathe out fire from his mouth.
- Oh, I see...

- Do you understand? The feeling?
- Yes. I do.

Um...let me go over this.

Um...Two Pazuzu and...

Eh~ One each of Baphomet and Amon.

No specific high request but would like to
be in the form of wooden statues, is that right?

Yes correct.

Then, I'll contact you as soon
as I get the information.

I'm counting on you.

Oh no. I'll take care of that.

I can't allow customer to pay for it.

And I'm planning to stay here for a little longer.

Oh, I see...

Then, if you insist.



I'm counting on you.

Thank you for coming.


Next time I see you... owe me a dinner for this.

I can't win...

I haven't even had breakfast yet so...

My stomach is totally empty...

- Excuse me.
- "Yes~."

May I help you?

- May I have the Fruit Sandwich set, please?
- Thank you for your order.

Fruit Sandwich...

Maybe... it's my first?

[Fruit Sandwich Set]

[Fruits Sandwich]
"Plenty of cream and fruits!
moderate sweetness is really great"

It's really big!
[Fruits Sandwich]
"Plenty of cream and fruits!
moderate sweetness is really great"

But looks great.
[Fruits Sandwich]
"Plenty of cream and fruits!
moderate sweetness is really great"

[Fruits Sandwich]
"Plenty of cream and fruits!
moderate sweetness is really great"

I'm digging in.

Not as I've imagined...


Fruit Sandwich...

My stomach is...

...feeling really fresh satisfaction
that was never felt before.

This coffee...

...tastes like wiener kaffee*...
(*Espresso con panna = espresso with whipped cream)

I see...

It's great!

Thank you very much.

Thanks to the Fruit Sandwich,
I feel refreshed.

Well, let's get to another work.

- Excuse me.
- Yes.

May I see the owner?

- Are you Inogashira-san?
- Yes.

I'm very sorry.

My father went to his friend's house.

And he told me to ask you
if you can meet him there.

Oh, I see...

I understand. Where is the place?

Just a moment.

I'm so sorry.

Let's see... This is the direction.

I hope you can find it.


- It'll only take 5-6 min or so from here.
- Oh, okay.

Oh, and, he wanted you to take this to him too
since you're heading that way.

- Oh, fine.
- I'm sorry to impose on you.

- Not a problem.
- And this.

- Sure.
- It looks like it's going to rain soon.

Oh, I see.

Then, if you'll excuse me.

Please take care of it.

Once you leave the market street...

...this town shows a totally different face...

How tasteful...

A reason I feel attached to
this kind of town is...

..maybe because every place in
front of the train station...

...keeps changing so much...

What is that...?

That chimney...

Municipally-owned apartments...

[Municipally-owned Kamiya 3 cho-me #2 Apartment]

Reminds me of Showa era...


Did I go too far?

Anyway, this thing is so heavy...

I really wonder what's in it...

This is it...
[Karaoke Snack Takekurabe]

I end up walking so much...

This thing...

I didn't have to use it...

- Excuse me, is Minaki-san...
- It's me.

- Inogashira-san?
- Oh, yes.

I'm sorry to make you come in this hot weather.
Come here and sit down.

- Mama, get him a beer.
- Yes.

Oh, please don't worry. I can't take alcohol.

- Eh!?
- For real?

Really, that's too bad.

- Well, you're in the middle of business anyway.
- That's true.

- You two just drink too much.
- Well~ haha...

- Here is orange juice for you. And some peanuts.
- Oh, thank you.

Ah! Here, from your daughter.

Oh, I'm sorry about that.

Here it is.

Year books.
From middle school and high school.

Oh, I want to see it!


That's why it was so heavy...

Oh oh, here here...

That's Masao from photo studio.

And this is me.

Eh~!? Masao-kun has changed too but...


You've changed beyond recognition.

I was cute back then.

Where? You really changed...

- Where is Higashi-san?
- Me, I'm here.

Eh!? You were that handsome?

And look at you now...

Excuse me... This is what you've ordered.

Oh, sorry to bother you.

And, since I'm already bothering you...

Can you... take this back home?

That's too much. Take it back yourself!

Ah.. yes. I will.

She's so scary!

I'm not scary.

Thank you for your business.

Work is done.

Maybe because I walked so much...

Feels like I'm getting hungry...

Fruit sandwich...

...doesn't stay in the stomach too long...

I want to... something...

That's right...

The shop I went to a long time ago,
I wonder if they're still in business...

I think... was around here somewhere...

That's right. It's right there.

Still in business.

(For business meetings and family dining,
Marumasu house known for carp and eel)

Just as I remembered...
(For business meetings and family dining,
Marumasu house known for carp and eel)


...I'll have Eel bowl and
salmon roe in soy sauce...


There is an Eel shop on this side too...

Well! Let's try a new place.

Welcome! What can I get you?

Can I have two chicken meatball sticks and...


They have Yakitori too...

[White lantern: "Yakitori"
Black banner: "Eel Kabayaki"]

It's eel... Good looking eel...

It's eel...Good looking eel...

It's a little early for "day of the
ox in midsummer" but...

My body is desiring eel right now...
(In many areas in Japan, it's a
custom to eat eel on that day)


...this aroma...

- Welcome.
- Welcome!

- Welcome.
- Welcome.

This aroma of eel,
I haven't smelled for a while... stomach is dancing in joy.

I finally made it...

Once you've decided, please call me.

Guinea fowl...?

I think I heard it in some French cuisine...

Never thought...

...I'll see it in eel shop...

They make sashimi and
lightly roasted of it, too?


They have so many varieties...

Not good.

I was getting lost in Guinea fowl...

Let's concentrate on Eel...

There it is.


...let's have little Guinea fowl
and close it with eel.

Eel omelet...


- Excuse me.
- Yes.

Have you decided?

I'll take Guinea fowl variety dish and...

One each of Guinea fowl
variety stick and fatty stick...

And...Eel omelet please.

Thank you for your order.

Eel omelet takes a little long. Is that okay?

Sure. Ah!

May I have Guinea fowl soup, too?

Yes. Thank you.

Did I...

...order too many Guinea fowl dishes...?

- Three orders of Eel rice boxes upstairs.
- Got it!

- These are to be washed.
- Got it.

That's the familiar sound of eel shops...

Thank you for waiting.
Here is your grilled plain eel.

Sake and eel on lunch hour...

...sounds like rakugo* world...
(*Japanese comic story telling, often talk
about lazy men drinking from high noon)

This shop... must've been here for a long time
without changing...

So carefree...

Thank you for waiting.

[Goro's Guinea fowl selections]

This is garlic dipping sauce,
enjoy your food.

I'm digging in.

[Guinea fowl variety dish]
"Sashimi is fluffy and classy
Bite in the lightly grilled fowl, so tasty."

Thick meat.
[Guinea fowl variety dish]
"Sashimi is fluffy and classy
Bite in the lightly grilled fowl, so tasty."

Looks really good.

Let's see...
My first experience with Guinea fowl...

So delicious... Encounter with the Unknown*...
(*Japanese movie title for 'Close
Encounters of the Third Kind')

Ii (Good)... E.T...

Guinea fowl...

So that's what you taste like...

For lightly grilled, let's try with garlic dip.

Good with lightly grilled too...

Well...Guinea fowl...

I made a prefect choice!

I was right to choose this shop!

[Guinea fowl [Guinea fowl
fatty meat stick] variety meat stick]

[Guinea fowl variety meat stick]
"Meat from many different parts!
Enjoy the different tastes"

[Guinea fowl fatty meat stick]
"Perfect match with refreshing grated daikon!
If you have one of these, it's your lucky day"

I see...

Many different parts...right...?

It's so good~!

On this one stick,
I enjoyed variety of Guinea fowl taste...

This one...

...really looks interesting...


This is a really good and interesting taste.

[Guinea fowl soup]
"Soup rich in Guinea fowl flavor
have a kick of pepper too"

This one will make you shout out for joy.

- Welcome!
- Welcome!
- Welcome.

Here is your eel omelet.

Oh, let me take some of those empty plates.

[Eel Omelet]
"Fluffy outside creamy inside!
Superb collaboration of eel and eggs"

What a beautiful view...

Almost a shame to eat it up...

Eel in the middle of creamy eggs...

So this is how it tastes...

Sweet and creamy...

Feels like eating western cuisine
in the eel shop...

Even in the middle of the eggs...

...eel is still an eel...

Although it's collaborating...

...still not losing its pride.


It's time for the main dish... Eel bowl...

- Excuse me!
- Excuse me...

Just a moment.

- Have you decided?
- Yes.

Two orders of eel rice boxes,
the choicest, please.

What? The choicest?

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

You don't have to show off that much...

- The choicest?
- Yes.

- May I take your order?
- I'll take Eel bowl, please.

Thank you for your order.

Hello, this is Kawaei. Yes.


Here is your eel bowl.

May I take these dishes away?

This is good enough... for me.

[Eel bowl]
"Nice and beautiful grill marks
Attack power is as you can imagine"

It's as delicious as it looks...

It's great! Eel and white rice...
The best combination.

Best combination to the stomach express line...

For some reason, eel shops always...

...serve Nara-zuke...

Since I can't take alcohol...

...I'm not a fan of narazuke...


But this one is good...

Tastes really good.


It may make me feel a little drunk...

It's really good.

I'm getting full and still tastes great.

It's almost overshadowing the guinea fowl...

Eel bowl is doing a great fight.

This profound taste... can't master it overnight.

I just ate the history.

That was great~!

- Thank you for coming!
- Thank you!


Huh? Did I get drunk with just narazuke?

Big guy like me to get drunk with narazuke...

...I'll be laughed at...

Thank you!

Based on the manga "Kodoku no Gurume"
Story: QUSUMI Masayuki / Art: TANIGUCHI Jiro

TAGUCHI Yoshihiro

(as Inogashira Goro)

HIROTA Reona (as female client)

SHIMIZU Michiku (as the Snack Mama)
SENBUMATSU Kihe (as the male client)

ISAKI Mao (as male client's daughter)
TAKAHASHI Osamu (as male client's friend)
ISHIKURA Saboru (as Oji-san customer)


YOSHIMI Kenji (Kyodo TV)

QUSUMI Masayuki / FUKUMURA Satoshi / FUMIHIKO Kono
SHAKE / KURIKI Ken / TODA Takahiro

QUSUMI Masayuki / FUKUMURA Satoshi / FUMIHIKO Kono
SHAKE / KURIKI Ken / TODA Takahiro

Opening Narration: KASHIWAGI Atsushi
Narrator: UEKUSA Tomoki
Assistant Director: TABATA Ayako / KITAO Kenjin

Opening Narration: KASHIWAGI Atsushi
Narrator: UEKUSA Tomoki
Assistant Director: TABATA Ayako / KITAO Kenjin

I have to give this umbrella back...
Opening Narration: KASHIWAGI Atsushi
Narrator: UEKUSA Tomoki
Assistant Director: TABATA Ayako / KITAO Kenjin

I have to give this umbrella back...
Co-Producers: HORAI TADAKI / IGAWA Takashi
Opening CG: GASP
Music Recording: TODA Takahiro

I have to give this umbrella back...
Opening Theme Song:
"Kodoku no Tsundora"
by QUSUMI Masayuki

In cooperation with:
Kyodo TV

In cooperation with:
Kyodo TV

A 2012 Production of:
TV Tokyo

[This drama is fictional.]

["Furatto Qusumi" (Suddenly Qusumi)]
Author Qusumi will visit the shop
where the show was filmed.

Kawaei in Akabane
has been in business for 67 years.

Ever since the beginning,
they always offered eel and bird cuisines.

As usual, Qusumi-san comes in suddenly.
[Original writer, Qusumi Masayuki]

It's hard to choose but I really want
to try this Guinea fowl...

These eel selections...The special,
the choicest and... special choicest?

The special choicest...?
It sounds like special express train or something..

Qusumi-san ordered the following
[Guinea fatty and variety sticks
& Shinobi rice box]


- What would you like to drink?
- Ah~...

Small draft beer please...

Since she asked....

I'm sure there are many
that are drinking right now...

By the way, it's 1:30 pm right now.

It's so good!

Guinea fatty and variety sticks are ready.
[250 yen each]

Variety stick has meat from 7 different parts of the bird.
[Breast, midriff, neck, gizzard, skin, liver, wing]

First, he will take a bite of fatty meat stick.

It's good.

It's fatty meat but not oily at all.
It's like melts in your mouth.

Then the variety stick...

This is really good.

It has a more refreshing taste than chicken.

I can really go for more.

Makes me drink more too.

Let's see the Shinobi box Qusumi-san ordered.

There is eel hidden under the rice
as well as on top. Very luxurious item.

Looks great. This is Shinobi?
[Shinobi box regular 3100 yen]

So it's called shinobi because...ah...

There it is... It's hidden!!

Two layered like this is usually with seaweed...

How is the Shinobi box?

So good...

You can eat all in different ways...

Like eat the top layer first
and then eat second layer...

Makes me smile...

Eel box will makes you smile.
Featured Eatery:
1-19-16 Akabane
Kita Ward, Tokyo

Please try one at Kawaei.
Sweets shop:
"Puchi Mondo"
3-1-18 Akabane-dai
Kita Ward, Tokyo

"Pork belly and Cold noodles
of Hinode-cho, Yokohama City"

Stay tuned.

Subs by EarthBuri Team

Translation and Timing:

Editing and QC:

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