The Snowman-Postman (1955) - full transcript

On the eve of the New Year, several children write a letter to Father Frost asking him to send them a Christmas tree for the holiday, and then they make a Snowman who should take the letter to the magic forest. When midnight arrives, under the beat of a clock, the Snowman comes to life and, together with a small yard puppy, nicknamed Druzhok, sets off in search of Father Frost.

Produced by Soyuzmultfilm Movie Studio
Moscow, 1955

Snowman Postman

Scenario: V. Suteyev
Director: L. Amalrik
Art Director: A. Trusov

Composer: Nikita Bogoslovskiy
Camera: M. Druyan
Sound Director: N. Prilutskiy

Director's Assistants: V. Lalayants,
B. Meyerovich, Ye. Novoselskaya, A. Firsova

Art Director's Assistant: T. Sazonova
Camera Assistant: Ye. Rizo

Animators: V. Arbekov, K. Malyantovich,
D. Belov, R. Mirenkova, B. Butakov,
V. Pekar, R. Davydov, L. Popov

V. Dolgikh, N. Privalova, F. Yepifanova,
L. Reztsova, Ye. Komova, T. Taranovich,
V. Lihachyov, F. Hitruk

Decorators: V. Valerianova, K. Malyshev,
A. Goreva, V. Rodzhero

Voice Cast: L. Buhartseva, R. Plyatt,
M. Vinogradova, Yu. Hrzhanovskiy, G. Vitsin,
L. Shchagin, A. Gribov, Yu. Yulskaya

- Hooray, the New Year is tomorrow!

- And that means tomorrow
there will be a fir-tree!

- But who'll give it to us?

- Grandpa Frost will give us the fir-tree!

- But how will he know that we need one?

- We'll send him a letter!

"To Grandpa Frost
from the kids."

- But who will deliver the letter?

- The letter'll be delivered by...

a snowman.

- Snowman?

But where is he?

- Very simple, we'll build him!

Snowman, snowman,

Be a children's postman.

Take this letter, very good,
And go into the dark wood!

- Grandpa Frost will get the letter,
Find a fir-tree in the wood -

Something fluffy, something better,
with green needles would be good!

Bring that fir tree quick, old boy,
For the children to enjoy!

Bring that fir tree quick, old boy,
For the children to enjoy!

- Yeah...

What a quest they've given me!

Go into the wood,
find someone in the wood,


and for the children bring...

from that someone some thing.

- Take me along!

- And...

and who are you?

- My name is Buddy!

Take me along!

I will help you find the way.

- You're right!

It's more fun together!

How can one find anything here?

Let's go...


O-or no,


Or, or maybe...


O-or here...

there and here, here and there!

Hey, you!


Could you tell us how to get to...

to.. uh...

- To Grandpa Frost!

We really need to

give him... this.

- Something's not right here...

- This!

Why are you quiet, big-eyes?

You just don't know the way, do you?

- How about I deliver it?

- No!

To me, this

is more valuable than anything!

For this, he'll give me

one that's thi-i-is big!

- What, a hen?

No, even better!

- A duck?

- Oh, stop it!

Much fluffier!

- No way, a goose?

So, apparently, for that letter,

Grandpa Frost will give you whatever you want?

- How about we walk right up to that
letter, and... *whistles*

- And then get from Grandpa Frost

for this letter... everything
we need!

- What's that you're carrying, neighbor?

Let's share!

- I don't want to share!

It's all mine, so there!

- You don't want to share?

Then I will take it all away!

- Where, where are the dogs?

It must be a roundup!

Ah, so you're the one
that dared to wake me!

- We...

we didn't mean to wake you.

W-we were searching for a...

what's his name again?

- For Grandpa Frost!

We don't know where he lives.

- And what do you need him for?

- These kids have bi-buid...
built me

and ordered me to deliver this to him.

- A letter?

- Yeah, yeah, that!

But where and how to go,

we don't know!

- Yeah, seems like it's a serious business.

Alright, let's go, I'll show you.

- Thank you!

You saved me.


Wait, where's that... that,

what was it?


- One, two,


- And again!

- Hey-how!

- To whom?

Me? Let's see.

"To Grandpa Frost..."

Ah, it's from the kids.

Well, well, well, interesting.

Let's see, let's see...

"Dear Grandpa Frost,"

"please send us"-

- A hen! A duck!

- A hare!

- Quiet, quiet!

- A lamb!

- Quiet, I said!

"...please send us a fir-tree."

- Fir-tree?!

- "...please send us a fir-tree.

We really need it. This letter will
be handed over to you by

a snowman".

And which of you is the snowman, hmm?

- So, uh, they built me,

and told me to bring you

th-this... what it's called again?

- Letter!

- And these ones


- Stole the letter!

- So that's how it was!

Oh, you scoundrels! You scoundrels!

Next time they'll think twice!


And for you, snowman,
the brave children's postman,

I will give a beautiful
fir-tree and a bag of goodies.

You will take it to the kids and say:

"Grandpa Frost wishes everyone
a Happy New Year!"

- Hurry, everyone, hurry!

- What a good job by the snowman!

He did it!

- Grandpa Frost himself picked it for him!

- A fluffy one!

- A good one!

- With green needles!

- With green needles!

The End
(subtitles by Жукороп & Niffiwan,
with a bit of help from Eus)