The Snow Queen: Mirrorlands (2018) - full transcript

A powerful king nearly lost his family due to the Snow Queen's evil deeds. He finds a way to ban all the magic from the world - all the possessors of magic powers are now trapped in ...

Have you done your work?

No Admiral But we're working to our...

absolute bones

Hey give me back my sandwich

That's what you meant by "Work" ?

What's going on ?

Everyone come here right away

The Snow Queen : Mirrorlands


Who are you ?
Why have you come ?

Good day , I'm Gerda
looking for Lilith

Already turned the magician of the
ninth level

Of the tenth level,was hereditary magician
of the tenth level

Here I am

What do you want?

Wanna learn about your

Want me to make a love potion?

Or want to pluck out your eyebrows?

this is much more serious

See , my parents are magician

My brother has magic powers

But I don't ,I have absolutely nothing

No talents at all

Nothing helps?

Poor thing

Could you help me?

Of course Of course

But first you have to help Lilith

-How? What should I do?
-Bring me... 10 Dinars

10 Dinars?

Yes 10 Dinars. Believe me
If Icarus brings me 10 dinars and asks
Lilith for help....

he can fly without wings

Alright. I will

10 Dinars

Luta can you pass me my piggy
bank please ?

7 , 8 , 9.....
10 . 10 Dinars

Here it is
A month of hard work

-Will you find a place for it?
-Of course

This one makes cost to the whole
10 Dinars

You must be joking

Magic just isn't in fashion any longer

Soon we'll have to sell ourselves
to attract people to the shop

Technical progress is all the rage
these days

Oh Hand-made magic goods

It seems you're the only store that..

hasn't closed down yet

No costumers anyway

But you're here

How do you like this one?

What a wonderful mirror

I remember those days

Things were so much more fun and
happy back then

Only 10 Dinars

Oh sorry

How could I ? My retirement benefits
is all I have to...

live on

No please take it

Accept it as a gift

Thanks dear

I told you I would sell it

10 Dinars

Really ? You got to be kidding me

That's a good sign

From now on , Everything's gonna be better

I can feel it. you know what?
Let's call the day off

We finish the work with a great family

Would you go and get Kai ?
He's been painting a portrait of...

The barber the one at the deck
, For two days so far

Yes I think I know who the barber is

Look my son It's working

Whose dad just made a Bio-Synchronous
robot ?

Your dad

Your Dad is a Genius

Yeah , Like magic


No no this isn't magic

This is science OK?

It's the science which makes
the world a better place

Look magic is bad like
Evil , Deep dark evil

The kind of nearly killed us

But not all magicians are evil
like the snow queen

There's good magicians in fairy tales
No ?

Sorry dear
You told me fairy tales?

Don't waste your time on nonsense

Go to the library and get the
"Fun Mathematics" instead

That's a good book to read

Your Majesty , The magic Artifact
has been delivered , Right from
the snow queen's castle ruins


You should remember , A royal guard's duty
is to protect not to...

You hide yourself behind the king

Why you don't remember , An artist's
duty is to paint right...

Not like this

Kai , Kai

How did you know that I'm here?

How's the barber's portrait going?

-Hey Alfida

Kai , Dad's calling you for dinner

If your dear brother keeps
drawing like this..

The only ones who'll have dinner
with him would be his parents

It's the modern art

Maybe I missed up but just a little

If you'll see what I draw tomorrow..

You'll be begging me to invite you
for dinner

Silly boy , Why he has to draw a portrait
to invite me for dinner ?

Your majesty listen to your
court magician

This is the cursed portal of Gerda

We must destroy it immediately

Gerda , She's famous

Written in Trolls language

It's written that

"The gate is to exile the evil...

That magic brought to common people

That's where it must be set

The mirrorlands will let you in

If you have magic gifts within

And that will be your end"

This Gate leads to the mirrorlands

To the snow queen

But there's no way back
It's a one way ticket

I know the Trolls language
And that's the exact reason you're here


Cause I need to know for sure..

that anyone can escape from there

But there's no way back

No one but the snow queen deserves such a

No magicians are better than her

-Yes your majesty

Could you help our magician to
the portal here ?

Copy that your majesty

No No please No

Dad would he ever come back ?

I hope not

I'm responsible for your future

No no please stop
I don't wanna go there

He's not back

Evil feeds upon Evil Andreas

He deserves this

Today is a great day

Once , the magic nearly killed

Finally It's exiling

Now it's time for science and education

-Tell them Keep eye on it
-Keep eye on it

Follow my order

I need all the magicians here

Could you believe it ? 10 Dinars

Just right after I gave it to Gerda

I guess it was just pure luck

Not pure luck

I feel everything is going to get better

It seems people really need magic

Specially when you put your heart and
soul on it

You'll see , When Kai finishes the portrait
of the barber , He'll pay Kai good

How's the barber's portrait going anyway?
Still progressing?

Dear Citizens , Everyone who have magic
powers are invited to the palace..

To show their skills

The king is looking for a new talent..

And there's plenty of gold

For anyone who can show what they

The lucky ones will get a job at the palace..

To be at The king's service

If you don't have magic powers yourself..

But know someone who does , Write
to the king

The prize will be yours

I told you it's a good sign..

These all happenings can't be coincidence

Let's go together

Of course Go

Such a chance won't happen everyday

I Got the store

But you...

Mom , please you know that I don't
have magic powers

-I'll Be fine mom

There's enough magics around to

I'm happy with being just an ordinary girl

You're not ordinary you're wonderful


So there's no way back ?

I tried every possible way
You can be sure of that

I had plenty of time

But if we can't Get out of here

Maybe there's someone out who can
set us free

You want me to freeze everyone up again?


Why didn't you freeze me up ?

To finish the game first

Check mate

Calm down
Just joking

Your check skills no better than a penguin

Still prefer you to no opponent at all

Are you there ?
Is anyone out there ?

Snow queen you saw the advertisement too?

Never thought the competition would be
so tough

They promised me to appoint me to great
magician after I passed through the gate

What these all supposed to mean ?

Another competitor ?

What did they promise you ?

How clever

Good luck

Don't miss us , We'll be here soon

Come on in

Are you OK ?

Is something wrong ?

I hardly managed to get here

Didn't you like the mirror ?

The mirror is magical and that's why
I'm here

Of course it's magical

You must run as soon as possible
The king...

I know I know the king has invited all
the magicians to a show

My family is on the way there too

It's just a trap

The king is getting rid of all magicians

He's exiling them through
the gate to the mirrorlands

And no one ever could return

It couldn't be true
It must be a silly joke

No joke kid

My son is head of the royal guards

This is top secret information

If my son realizes that I warned you

He'll have to throw his own mother
to jail

Your family is in trouble
All the magicians are in trouble


Automatic Service is on
Please Tell your issue

Go to the palace

Error : Wrong code

Move on

The system's broken
The system's broken

Come on in

Mom , Wait

His Majesty is waiting for you

Wow what's this ?

A joyful Journey

Magical gate to the magical

Don't be shy ,His Majesty is waiting for you

Dad mom wait


Why you're standing there doing nothing?
Invite her to ice cream

If she couldn't pass so she's not a magician

Throw him to jail

Dad what they would do to her ?

Until our job's done
No one got to know anything

Afterward We'll let her go

She's not our enemy she's like you and me

It's working


Vegard where are we ?

So they brought you here too?

Now you're in the deep...


Come with me I'll show you around

There must be a way out of here

Well if the snow queen could not..

escape from here this long

How could we ?

Escaping from here is tougher than

Exactly , This prison has made for the snow

For us there must be a way out

It's sad , The king is getting
rid of all the magicians

but why?

Ask her

Oh got it , A black sheep spoils
the whole flock

How dare you talk to me like that?

You hurt a poor old woman ?

It's all the king's fault

He asked me on a date

She froze up his son too

So what ? you want me to apologize?

Only the one who defeated the snow queen..

can see her soul..

There's no other way

For our happiness and freedom..

The snow queen should be here

till the day...

Till the day what ?

I have no idea this part of my vision is
not clear yet

If everything go on my prophecy
Everything will be fine

How you're trying to deceive me ?

It seems the first thing we can do is
to start trusting each other

Well what ? would you help us ?

If I do
Would you finish your prophecy ?

OK Anyway I forgot how
the outside world is look like

I told ya I told ya
It's the new snow queen , She's kind and nice

-Who? Me ?

I'm late

Hey Gerda

-Good day
-I need your help

The old woman was right
They even locked up the snow queen

Please stop , Your parents sent me

They're here too ? have you seen them?
Where are they?

They're not here
They are in the mirrorlands..

With all the other magicians

You're the only one who can help them
to set them free

It's been prophesied : "Only the one
who defeated the snow queen...

Can see her soul

There's no other way"

No one but you can see me

That's why they sent me to you

Why me ? They couldn't find a proper

What's wrong with you ?

What's wrong with me? Kidding me?

I'm not a magician , what can I do to help ?

Well I'm a magician what can I do ?

You've defeated me and that's
why I'm locked up in the mirrorlands

All the other magicians are locked up there too
Maybe you don't have magic powers..

But you're free

Almost of course

Well "Almost" doesn't count

Besides , You must have magic powers

And that's good they not relieved yet

Otherwise you'll be in the mirrorlands with
everyone else

Leave me
I didn't do anything wrong

You can't deceive the king


Yeah Lilith , Yesterday she was Lilith Today she's Marguerite
Tomorrow she'll be Minerva

Her name should be Charlatan

That means you lied to me?
And you can't help me

Of course I can . I'm Magician
of the tenth level

But I won't help someone who doesn't help me

Get me out of here I'll help you

Got it

And you , Why you're helping me ?
You want me to do something for you ?

You lied to me about my parents sending
you . Didn't you ?

You're just using me to set you free
Ain't you ?

I wasn't the one who locked up your parents

We don't have much time and you're
the one to choose

The life Is unexpected

And sometimes the only way to salvation..

Is to trust your former enemy

What about me ? Get me out

I'm looking for the key

The key ? You're lying

You can't deceive me I'm magician
of the tenth level

Get me out or or...
Or I call the guards

No please don't

Guards Your prisoner Escaped


Where did she go?

This way

Quick find her

Why people always help you ?

The ones you never met them before

That's the true power , It's more powerful
than any magic

It's not me

It's the humans who are like that

-What about Trolls?
-So the Trolls

Good , Cause their king is the only
one who got the key to the mirrorlands

So let's go for the trolls

-Go search over there
-Yes Sir

I'm going to the dock

We don't have time
Search everywhere

If you found that girl bring her to the palace


-I'm coming


Hey Everyone over here

Gerda , Let's go


Be careful

Now you can come out

Hey! Who is looking for trouble ?

Gerda ? what are you doing here?


Help me

Why are you hiding ?

Help me . they're chasing me
I want you to get me out of here without anyone

Who are chasing you ?

There she is! Go for her!

What about Kai?
Is he alright ?

Kai is in trouble , So my parents
Only the trolls can help them out...

We gotta go for trolls

This way
Aye Aye Sir

They're after us

We'll feed them off

Give us the prisoner or We'll shoot you

No way

Get them

Shall we shoot sir?

The whole town is below us..

Who you wanna shoot at ? Your granny ?

Your turn

They lost us

Yes the danger is away

Come on!

Take them

A thousand devils

Oh no!


Admiral where we gotta shoot at ?

Shoot ? they're gone

It was a miracle

Miracle ? you were helped by anyone
you saw...

As usual

Alfida thanks for help

I can't believe the king

such a thing

He done many good deeds

Once I've frozen him and his son up

After that he started to hate magicians

I could guess that , A black sheep

The whole flock

-You're talking to me?
-No to her

Alright sorry let's not to talk
about sheep

Let's go I'll show you where you can
get some sleep

It seems you need a little rest


No there's so much to do

-Say Are you OK?

Your face is all white

And those pimples on your eyes

Yeah huge ones

Yeah maybe you're right
I need a little rest

Yeah yeah

Wake me up

Just go

Wake up , We're arrived at the city of trolls

So great

-What's going on ?
-I have no idea...

But something's going on for sure

Oh dear

I've never thought it would be you
You've come with the ultimatum from the king?

Your Majesty what do you mean by "ultimatum" ?

Humans want to exile trolls

-They've frightened us by war
-Why ?

King Harold says we're magic people..

And that's why we gotta get exiled

It's horrible

Why Don't you fight ? You're brave people

Nothing can stand against Harold

I don't wanna get my people killed

That's why we'll go underground

There's no one down there

But while you're up here could you
please help us to the mirrorlands?

You're the only one who knows how
to do it

The mirrorlands?

The snow queen is there , We're prefer
to live underground than Ge frozen

My parents are magicians..

The king Harold exiled them to the

If you don't help me out
They'll be there forever

Gerda I'm sorry about your parents but...

It's a suicide mission

Tell them the snow queen won't
Hurt them

I Give them my word

The snow queen promises to don't
hurt you

The someone who I know And
I'm agree with her by the way..

Told me "Sometimes the only way
To Salvation...

Is to trust your former enemy"

How did you do that?

It's not Gerda
Once we've served the snow queen..

With proud

She was the greatest magician of all time

She was kind , Noble , And powerful

Until it all went wrong and she became
completely frozen

Gerda , We'll help but it's
the last thing the trolls would...

Do to humans before going underground

-You're responsible for people to...

Get evacuated

You can't go with them
It's too dangerous


Back there in front of the trolls king
It was the snow queen really ?

Her soul is here with us

Tell her that I won't become her slave again

My slave ?
Tell him that himself wanted that

She says "Yourself wanted to"

Ohhh she's really here

It's kinda creepy
That means...

You have magic powers?

Back there in the prison you told

That I have magic powers ?

This magic is not kind of..

You've born with

-The thing is , Your magic powers
are not relieved yet
-But why?

Cause you don't need them right now

I don't need ? I really need

You know how much I suffer ?

You've been born in the year of Red Dragon

You can't relieve it with force
Unless there's a real need

How I have power of a dragon ?

couldn't be simpler like...

Cat or something...

Like a little hamster

Over there , To those rocks

Be Alert!

What's that ?

Spell of the king Eric...

mother of all mirrors
Lake Gao..

arise from your eternal rest
Open up the mirrorlands

Dad look what's that ?

Everyone hurry up
Gerda opened up the Gate

What's happening ?

There it is
The secret lake of trolls

They believe this lake is magical

-Is that true ?
-We'll get it after examining it

What's that right there ?

I can't see

It's king Harold
Quick take cover

They want to save the snow queen

Admiral , Destroy the gate immediately

Copy that your majesty




Admiral the gate just destroyed..

We can stop shooting

Yes your majesty

Order them now or they'll
finish all the ammo

Don't shoot!

Admiral this one's look deaf..

Take him to the kitchen

Kai you're alive

-I thought I lost you forever
-I'm OK

Your majesty

Spell is on your hands now

I hope it would help you

No please no

I really proud of knowing you

No No come back

Abracadabra please come back

Oh no I can't do magic

But you told me I can use it whenever
There's need

You're kind and wanna help
But there's no real need yet

So what's the real need ?

It doesn't depend on your wishes
It's simply exist

You will understand when the time comes

Quick take him to a hospital

Quick take him to a hospital

We gotta go

Admiral don't you think
The girl must be in the jail ?

It's right your majesty but she escaped

And what's your duty ?

To search the whole area

It's a good Idea
here's Amanta Cave after all

How long you wanna search ?

As you order your majesty

How an ordinary girl without magic
powers can escape from a...

Royal prison and reunion...

With the snow queen ?

I don't know your majesty

I've never served the snow queen

It's not hard to find

Send someone to the town to figure
out who the girl is

Copy that your majesty

Secure the perimeter and stick to the main task

Aye Aye your majesty

We gotta done before the snow queen...

Comes and freeze everyone up again

Your majesty

We'll do your order right away

Pull down the tanks

Orm why you're still here ?
Haven't all the trolls gone ?

Orm never leaves his friends alone

I'm gonna teach your king a lesson

I got the spell , We can still
open up the portal

But we gotta be hurry , Harold's
Draining the lake out

Kai we missed you a lot
We're so happy to see you here

Excuse me

Have you found anything?

Yes we collected some magic artifacts

That should get examined and destroyed

And this is for you
Well what we can do with these rocks...

They seem were alive once
Can you see?

Dad can you imagine?

It could have been walking around
a few hours ago...

Like a fairy tale

Hey why you're not in the kitchen yet ?

Admiral -Yes?
-You've missed an artifact

-Admiral you think too much..

Just do your job

-Do you see that artifact?

-Go and get it

It's look like a heart..

Or some kind of energy

Put it in the special box

Guess there's no water in here

By the way Orm
Was this lake considered secret..

Because It contains the secret water or...

The water was secret because of being...

In a secret lake ?

How should I know ?

Why you're staring at me like that ?
I was just curious

Alfida You're a genius

Well that goes without saying
But why?

The ships were pumping out the water

It's still in those ships

The only thing we gotta do is to
seize them

You're a pirate you must know how to do that

We need to catch up to them first

-What's that?
-Or we should say who's that ?

Rollan ?

Gerda we're gonna miss the tanks

We can't leave him here

We should land right away


Go straight

You wanna teach me how to drive ?

I hope you have rescued him so
we can drown him

Or we can hang him

-Have you forgiven him?
-Yes and no , I don't know

But you didn't leave him behind

Is that how humans do it ?

Not all humans

Back there by the lake
You saved Kai even Though you didn't have to

That's how humans do it


I see the tanks in front of us

Hola Amigos

No , I got this

Right to the nose
Why ?

land the ship right there

So he can go wherever he wants
It's unloading anyway

We can't or we'll miss the ships

We drop him down right away

So he can fly wherever he wants

Sorry after being by lake Gao...

I don't remember anything

Have I done something bad?


-What we're gonna do with him?
-I don't know

I'm with you

Follow me to seize them

A thousand devils


Gerda What do we do now ?

My ship

It was a tough driving

If you crashed my ship
I would have kill you


You think we can trust him ?

I don't know

Be careful with him

As my mom always says :
"If you give a guy a second chance...

It doesn't leave you a possibility to give
anyone else a first one"

I didn't want to

There's no water left From the lake Gao

Without the water we can't open up
the gate

My parents will stay in the mirrorlands

No they won't , I counted
There's at least 4 tanks...

With the water from the lake left

And reach the palace soon

But why king needs the water ?

He's a scientist . He should
Examine whatever he sees

So we still got chance

Hey What's wrong with her ?

Try defeating the snow queen and
the fire demon...

Then let's see how many personalities
you'll develop

So what did she say ?

There's some tanks full of

And arrived at the town probably

I won't go to the town
It's suicide

I'm going to see where Harold..

Hiding the water

Hey! Give me back my apple!

It's late you gotta go to sleep
What are you reading ?

"Fun Mathematics" ? Great
like father, like son

Look . What's that?

Wish you could see you own faces

That's portruga the flying pirate city
in the clouds

We'll get some help for castle breaking..

And I could see my mom

How wonderful! The legendary cloud city

Heard you got some problems
At your service

Long story mom

I didn't expect that my help would make
you a legend

And then you tried to kill my daughter

A thousand time apologizes

Hang him

Get back here

I've never expected King Harold
to be this bad

He Exiled people to the mirrorlands

If you ask me I would say the world
would be a better place if...

Good people hang bad people on the necks

There's a pond on the royal garden
And it's filled with the water from the lake

I know where Harold hided the lake water

the royal pond in the palace

Why can't we just find a bank with the most
gold ?

How do you know the water is there?

I don't know she told me

I know where the pond is . I fly
by the palace more often

Help me Help me help me
please please please

Come on

But how we get into the palace?
There's many royal guards protecting it

I'll deal with the guards

When there's chaos in front of
the castle

You can get in

And that's not hard for you

Since you wear the royal guard's uniform

-Don't mention it , We have our
own reasons

Who wants to live in a world without magic ?

Besides if today he's after

Tomorrow it would be pirates

Leave him alone
He's with us now

We'll move at the sunrise

It means you can't be a royal guard
anymore and...

I can't..

See you everyday

Look at the sky more often and
you'll see

Here I come

Can't you sleep ?

Yeah , tomorrow is the last chance
to save my parents

But my magic powers haven't been relieved yet

What if I don't success?

We'll help you

Yeah thanks

People always help me

Say is that true?
The thing Orm said about me ?

What did he say ?

That I left you to dead in
middle of the lava ?

It is

And you saved me ?

First killed you then saved you

I know it's hard to believe but...

I'll do anything to redo what I've
done back there

But you won't probably ever forgive me

The one who can not forgive
has no friends

But you're right I won't probably ever
forgive you

Everyone run!


I hope We managed to grab their attention

Admiral look at that
A pirate's driving at town..

And you're still here

My fault your majesty

Move on

Pirates are attacking
Fight them

I wanna see them in jail

I cover you

I captured pirates to the royal prison

they don't look like pirates to me

You're king's dogs..

We'll Destroy you
Just sit back and watch

A thousand devils , Just see
what we'll do

That's the spirit


-What we gotta do now ?

Please this way , His majesty is
waiting for you

What's that ?

A magical gate to his majesty's residence

He meets the special guests at there

Oh special guests? you think
the king would give me a job ?

Of course , please come on in

A rascal. How could he ?
Deceiving an old lady

Your majesty the mission is done
All the magicians exiled to the mirrorlands

There's no magician left

It's great now you can go

-Yes son ?

All those people didn't anything wrong
Did they ?

My son believe me whatever I do
is for you...

And your future

One day you'll become a father and understand

You can't make omelette without...

breaking a few eggs

I'll show you some broken eggs

Well thanks for coming by yourselves

Guards catch them

So you're the famous Gerda

Admiral all the pirates
captured and are in jail right now



She's not magician get her to the prison
With other pirates

You know I really respect you a lot

You've proved that an ordinary human...

Is more powerful than all those...

Mighty magicians

Please understand that...

Common people are always in danger...

As long as there are magicians living
amongst us

I'm sorry about your parents
I really am

But I had no other choice

Drain it off

Help me

Mt time is up

Throw her in jail
A secure one

So what we're gonna do ?

I can't see my parents anymore

Come on you saved them once

You can do it again
No problem

How ? I don't have magic powers

I'm useless , I'm the worst

Really Gerda ? You know who you are ?

You're not the worst you're the best

You do things that no one else
is capable of

And you don't even realize it

You don't know your own strength

What strength ? getting into trouble?

No like always finding a way to win over

And honestly...

You may not be a fancy magician...

Or a pirate captain ...

But you're an ordinary girl who always...

Manage to find a way out of any
difficult situation

And over come any obstacle

Believe me I don't know the way out
of this prison

But I'm sure you do

Hey your roof is licking
You hear me ? We're gonna get drown

So what ?

That's it. The water

-What are you doing ?
-What you said...

I'm doing the thing I'm best in
Overcoming obstacles

I don't know what you're doing
But I'm with you

What next?

-Take that

And now...


-I'm so dizzy
-Look into my eyes


Now I'm even dizzier


Hey what's going on?

Let me through
Let me through

There has to be some water left

He wouldn't just dumb it all

Hey Gerda look at this The king's
examining the portal

It's from the water of lake Gao

That's it . why I didn't think of it ?

Mother of all mirrors
Lake Gao

Arise from eternal rest...

Open up the mirrorlands

Admiral? Why she's walking around the castle like
she's a guest ?

I don't know your majesty maybe we should
lock her up and give her a dead penalty right away

Really you can't handle an ordinary person?

Gerda isn't ordinary she's kind and self-less

That's why she could defeat the snow queen

And you're evil

Evils shouldn't afraid of magicians

They should be afraid of in-humans
like you

Nor you neither your technical progress

Do what Gerda did

Watch this


You think I'm not ready to face against you?

I've been waiting for this moment

prepare to meet your powerful enemy

Alright fire head I guess it's time
for you to...

Back off

You didn't see my power enough ?

You're not so powerful

Forget it , Take this

See ?

That's what technical progress is

The future belongs to them

Let him go


As you see the time of magicians is over

No No No No



What's this?


Your magic powers relived finally

Yes thanks to you

Would you forgive me?

You never could defeat me

You're just a magician

Go get her Gerda

Alright then

Bulls-eye babe

No No

No No No No

I won't hurt you

And this doesn’t do anything with
being a magician or not

Gerda it hurts
You're like...

After what snow queen did to us...

I rather die to believe in a...

Magician to be anything but devil

I deal with the magicians and finish with you


Andreas son get back


What do you mean "No" ?
What are you doing ?

The world you're building is not
much different from what the snow queen once build

If she's evil...

Then what you are ?

-What? No No
-He's a magician

Andreas son come back
No No please

Come back son
It's not possible


He's right . I'm the true monster

Would you forgive me ?
Please Please

For the king

Admiral set the prisoners free right away

Yes your majesty

Mother of all mirrors
Lake Gao...

Arise from your eternal rest
Open up the mirrorlands

You saved us all

I told you you're not ordinary

You're wonderful

We're free

Andreas Son I love you
please forgive me

You forgive me dad

I love you too

-Alfida Why won't you come over for
dinner tonight?

I'll introduce you to my parents

You've promised

I would tell the prophecy...

but not to you

The queen Would be forgiven
When the one who...

Exiled her forgive her

We wanna celebrate out there
Won't you come?


That's how humans do it

I'm not melting again

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