The Snow Queen 2 (2014) - full transcript

Snow queen casts a curse on her mirror making people see the worst in themselves.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

I have to tell you
the whole truth.

I have to share
my most terrible secret.

I... was serving the Snow Queen!

She made me do

the most terrible,
most despicable things.

Go search among the people.

I want you to find
Master Vegard's heir.

Back tomorrow with the kid.

I was supposed to bring Gerda
to the Snow Queen's palace,

to her certain death! But...

You were beaten by a girl?

But there were two
and they surprised...

You hit me right in the face!

- Luta.
- Get it off me! Get it off!

By going through so many trials
along the way,

we became true friends!

Orm! Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.
Just leave alone!

Danger awaited us
around every corner.

But that only brought us closer.

For the first time
in my worthless life,

I felt like I could change,
I could stop lying.

I could be a brave hero
instead of a worthless troll.

By the end of our journey,

as we reached
the Snow Queen's palace,

I realized I couldn't bear
serving the Queen anymore.

This here troll,
he betrayed you.

He will never change.

He is not your friend.

He will never be anything more
than a cowardly troll.

Orm! My name is...


Orm, look out!

Run! And don't forget
about your magic mirror!

Finally, the time
of eternal frost is here.

But what did we expect?

No one could beat
the Snow Queen.

We were looking death
right in the eye!

If it hadn't been for Gerda...

What? What is this?

This can't be happening!


And from that day,
I vowed never to tell anybody

that I had been serving
the Snow Queen.

O sacred Lake Gao!


let this be the last lie
I ever tell.

I swear I will never lie

to anyone again!

"Dear Gerda, it's Orm.

"How's tricks?

Just thought
I'd check in again."


"I'm living with Grandma.

She's back to her old self
since she thawed out..."

I'm almost done
knitting your scarf!

- Aren't you proud...
- Weren't you knitting a sock?

- Oh, it was a sock. Ah.
- ...memory problems and all.

Listen! Look in my eyes!
Don't forget what I said, Orm.

- It's very important.
- Yeah, stop by the bank.

No! To buy concert tickets!

I'm really shovelling in
the bucks.

What do you think this is,
miner, a sandpit?!

Hand me that scoop! Here!

My boss keeps promoting me,

and I have an easy, clean job.


Most importantly,
I've got friends I can count on.

Oh, let me help you, madam.


Yes, sir, life is good.

♪ There once lived a... ♪

♪ Lucky troll ♪

Ah. Hmm.

♪ Who was loved by every soul
Because he was a... ♪♪

So, Orm,
what are you going to do?

I'll dump half the rocks out.

And you don't need to pay
your credit for your house?

And you didn't promise anything
to your grandma?

Hey, Rahat! Little help, buddy?

You've overloaded it again.

- This isn't safe.
- Yeah, look.

Anything goes wrong
and I'll take the whole rap.


Good to know there's still
upstanding guys like you around.

- We should unload it a bit, Orm.
- Yeah, okay.


Better now?

One, two...


- There we go! Come on!
- Yeah!

Come on, let's go!



No, no!

Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Whoo!

Where you going?!


Wah! Okay.

You idiot!!

Stop it! What are you doing?!


- Come on, Daddy.
- Play, Daddy.

- Oh!
- Whoa!

- Ah!
- Whoo-hoo!


Stop it!

Ah, Orm.

Come on!

"...and everything's
pretty much easy street

for good old Orm these days."

Cushy country life
your boy's got there.

- Yeah.
- I don't like this.

I can't explain why,
but we should go see him.

- Can you give us a lift?
- What are you talking about?

he says everything's great!

I've learned is to trust
my intuition more than Orm.

Something's not right.

Just listen
to what he wrote next!

The cart is smashed to bits.

The tracks are destroyed
and buried in piles of rubble!

Half the town has fallen
into the mines!

There's a hole in my office!

You'll need more
than a year's salary

to pay for all the damages!

I'll bring my own cart
from home and clear the tracks.

And half the town works
down in the mines anyway.

Now they can just step out
of their houses

- and they're already at work.
- Hey, everybody!

- Whoo!
- Get out, Orm!

How do I buy
concert tickets for Grandma?

Concert tickets?! I'll give
you something for the tickets!

Here! This is for popcorn!
And parking!

And babysitting!

- Yah!!
- Get out!!

Two tickets, front row.
How much?

For you, Mr. Arrog, no charge.

Two tickets, please.
Front row.

- Five coins
- Five coins?

Huh. What about the fifth row?

- Four coins.
- Hey! Moving along, buddy!

What about row 30?

- Three coins.
- Hey, you, move it along!

A hundred?
How much to listen from outside?

Hey, Uncle Eric! Could you, uh,
just put five more coins

- on my account?
- What?

I thought you were here to make
your house payment, Orm.

I'd love to, but the mortgage
payments have gone up again.

You should've
paid more attention

to the text in the footnote!

Uncle Eric,
I hit the mother lode today.

I kid you not.
Gems as big as my fist!


Some as big as my head!

Oh! As big as your head?!

How much do you need?

Just five coins, please.

One, two...

Just piles of 'em!

...three, four...

Enough to fill a stadium!

- You could play soccer with them!
- Five...

- Yow!!
- Orm?

Well, just a rough estimate,

You alright? Orm?

Maybe not as big as my fist!

as big as my head.

Yow! Okay, okay! Alright!
It was a joke! Yow!

Very funny.

You happy now, little piranha?

I show you've missed
three house payments.

The bank is not happy.
You might lose your home, Orm.


You'll be living
in the train station!

Rahat, could you lend me
five coins till payday?

"His Majesty,
the King of the Cave Trolls,

"has issued a decree.

"The king invites all men
over 17 years of age

to come
to the Castle Square today

to fight for the hand
of his beautiful niece,

- Princess Maribel!
- What do you mean...

What do you mean, fight?
What are the rules?

- Excuse me!
- He who proves himself worthy...

Orm, let's go.
We can't be late for work.

Wait. I didn't hear.
I need to hear the rules!

Rules?! We're gonna get fired!

...will marry
Princess Maribel,

and get half the kingdom
to boot!

The winner will be chosen
by the public!

Quit your whining.
"We're gonna get fired!"

We'll get fired!

Look, if anyone asks,
I've got a toothache!

Don't you dare
come back late from lunch,

or you'll be fired!

I'll be on time!

Wh-where are you going?

Looking good, guys.
As you were.

Wait! I'm a can-di-date!!!

Can you read, candidate?

I just have
one little question.

Three seconds to ask it.

It's about the contest rules.

What would a peon like you
need with the rules?

No! Don't!

Come on in, Mr. Arrog.

This is a free country, sir!

Then go. Be free.

Ah. Humph. Ah...

Argh. This is against
the constitution!

Now, have a good day,
Mr. Arrog.

Alright, pal,
back to the mines!


Oh, no.

Uh... uh...



It wasn't me!

Oh, Orm. Did you want something?

Could you lower the bridge?
I'm late for work.

I can't. See the motorboat?

But this is a no-parking zone!

Rules don't apply to the
future husband of the princess.

But he hasn't been chosen yet.

These things
are all predetermined.

Were you born yesterday?

Four score
and seven years ago,

our forefathers

brought forth in these caves
a new nation,

conceived in liberty,

and dedicated to the proposition

that all trolls
are created equal.

And so, I,
Arrog the Magnificent,

promise you, my fellow citizens,
that if you choose me...

But what if we don't?!

Who said that?


Young man,
where are you going? Wait!

Excuse me.


Grab him!

- Where did he go?
- Here's what you do.

Well, it's like a kiosk.
If you see a bunch of ducks...

- There he is!
- So... Where are you going?

- She says, well...
- Ah!

Excuse me. Sorry.


There he is!
Quick, head to the shore!

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Uh... surprise!

Aw. Uh... really?

There he is!

I'm late. Oh, no!

Work! I'm late! I'm late!

We made it.

You can take it easy now, Orm.

But I'm on time, boss.
What happened?

You're fired.

You mouthed off
to the wrong knight.

You mean Arrog?

I'm fired
for just talking to him?


Fresh crystals!
The most delicious!

Oh, let's see it!

Hey, Orm.


"Eviction notice.

"As you've missed
three payments,

"we're hereby
repossessing your home.

You're getting evicted...


There you go, Luta.

I hope you're happy.


Toeing the line,
following the rules...

Quiet, you!

...when only a year ago,

the Snow Queen herself
chose you as her right-hand man.

I warned you!
Do it for Grandma.

You can lie,
say you defeated the Snow Queen,

and the Princess, the castle...
all yours.

Don't even try to persuade me.
I've changed.

But the world hasn't changed,

It's ruled by those
who've got the stones.

You're right.

They won't let me in
without armour.

Ah, I didn't get the tickets
and I...

The concert!
Oh no! Grandma!

♪ Come on baby tell me ♪

Maybe she forgot.

♪ Ah wacka wacka wacka ♪♪

- Hey, Grams!
- Ah! Oh, my goodness!

- What you up to?
- About 4' 3".

But I'm growing.
Taking vitamins...

Ah, really nothing.
I'm just tidying up here.

- That'll take a while, I guess.
- Really?

- The place is really dusty.
- Really?

You wanna get every speck,
allergies and whatnot.


Oh! I completely forgot.

We don't have no time
for no stinking dusting. No!

- We don't? But we do.
- No! No, no, we don't! No!

'Cause I made some dough
for the pies.

And I need to know:
Who's gonna bake the pies?

I was worried for a moment.

I mean, you know,
about the pies.

Can't waste that pie dough.
You spent all day.

Yeah, look at you already.
Don't you make fun me.

'Cause I wasn't always

some kitchen-bound
little fuddy-duddy. No.

Not so long ago,

I had a hot prince
in love with me.

Oh... how we danced!

♪ If you want my body... ♪♪


Oh! Ah!


What's going on?

Who is this?

Get out of my castle!


Get out!

Yeah, yeah, I know,

the prince's dad
called off the wedding

because he didn't like
your dirty dancing.

What? But have I already
told you this story?

Yeah, Grams,
it was fun the first 200 times.

Ah... What's wrong with me?

Oh, my! Orm!

- Hurry. We're gonna be late!
- Late for what?

What do you mean, for what,
crazy boy? The concert!

Oh, the... the concert!
Uh, we went...

we went last night.
Remember, Grams?

We went last night? Really?
Did I like it?

Like it? You loved it.
Especially that one song.

Remember this, Grams?!

You went nuts for it!

Orm? What's this? Oh!

But didn't you make the payment
on the house?!

House? Uh, the house payment's
nothing, Grams. Forget it.

I've got it figured out
so you're gonna be living...

in the castle.


Dear Gerda, in this world,

lies can really hurt.

But the truth...

hurts more.

I gave Grandma my word,

and now... I just don't know!

They want armour?

I'll give them armour!


There once
was a winsome troll,

and everybody loved him,

because this winsome troll...



it was here a second ago.

Or was it?

And where's the cutting board?!

Oh, I'm going senile!

Where is all of my stuff?!

Lyusya, listen,
can I borrow a frying pan?

Sure, come on over.


What are you all dressed up for?

Out of my way,
thou commoner!

Orm! I got to sift the flour.

And I have to marry
the princess!


Don't just stand there,
you knaves!

- Ah!!
- That's better.

Park it. Keep the change.

Yes, sir!

Who are you?

Who am I? Who are you?

Name, rank and serial number!

- Ow!
- Touch me again,

and you and your head
will be distant acquaintances.

Please, sir! Have mercy!

I got hungry kids at home!

The wife's unmilked,
the livestock's unplowed...

I'll spare you this time,

But get it together, soldier.


I said get it together,

I'm watching you.

I hope we're not too late
to help Orm!

Oh, please. If half
of Orm's letter was true,

it could be Easy Street,
here we come!

- This will be a great vacation!
- Alfida!

My grandfather was crossing
the bridge over the magic lake

when, suddenly,

an ugly and fetid orc sprang out
at him from the darkness!

My grandfather lunged
at the orc,

and he leapt on the back
of the horned monster's neck!

And suddenly, SMASH!

Did your grandfather... die?

No, Your Highness.

My grandfather took his axe

and bashed in his skull
of the monster!

And removed the giant ruby
from his forehead.

What an unusual
and undoubtedly valuable stone!

May I see it?

- Oh! What did I miss?
- Ah, Uncle...

General Arrog
was just telling the story

of his grandfather's
great, big ruby!

Uh, I mean accomplishments.

Oh, smashing.

So without further ado,

Then we have our new prince.
It's settled! Let's eat.

Hold it one second there!

Your Immensitude!
Shove off.

Who is that?

Who are you, Knight?!

I'm Sir Orm!
Unlike Sir Loin of Beef here,

I don't need to hide behind
my grandfather's achievements!


Oh, really?
And what heroic feat

did you perform in that get-up?

Did you "beat an egg"?

An egg!


I broke the Snow Queen's seal!

- You?
- Me!

Is nothing sacred to you,

My grandfather broke 100 axes,

and still couldn't break
through the Snow Queen's seal!

Aha. So those were his bones
outside the entrance, huh?

Keep up.

Oh, no. Trolls.

Poor guys. Till the bitter end,

they were trying
to save everybody.

They were left behind this wall.

It's the seal of the Snow Queen.

She turned Cave Town to ice.

Now she's gone.

We should try to break it.



No, no, no, no! Oh!

Don't worry, everything's still
where it should be.

This little mishap
couldn't stop me;

I rose to my feet,

and continued breaking the seal.

The seal clattered and rattled
under each almighty strike.

The going was tough,

but being a determined troll,

nothing could make me give up.

We better go back.

We don't wanna end up
like these guys.

And then, I delivered
the final, decisive blow!



I figured,
since the Snow Queen was gone,

I could lift the curse!

And I was right.

I managed to unfreeze
all the trolls,

including our brave king.

Oh! What did I miss?

And that's how the mysterious
Knight with His Back Turned

earned his place in history.

Lies, every word of it.
Throw this rodent out.

Or better yet, lock him up!

So he really is...

the Knight
with His Back Turned?

Princess, do you really
believe this powderpuff

was capable of such heroism?!

Then why hasn't he said anything
for an entire year?!

Why did he hide this
from everyone?!

Good point.
Why did you hide it?

Your Majesty, there's a
simple explanation for that.

- Wait a second.
- I hid it because, um...

It's because you were serving
the Snow Queen!

I can't believe you would
actually think that I...

Uh, hear me out, folks.

I don't tend to boast
about my heroic feats,

but since you're forcing
the issue...

I'm also the one
who defeated the Snow Queen!

You killed the Snow Queen?!


That's a load of bull poo!

Thank you. Ah!


- General, that is enough!
- But, Your Majesty,

you don't actually believe him,
do you?

The nation will decide
whether he is to be believed.

Let's go, Knight.
I want to know how you did it.



The Ice Palace was so cold
that even the icicles...

had icicles.
There she was, the Snow Queen!

It was just me and her...
mano a mano.

I heard you had friends
helping you!

Uh, now that you mention it,
yeah, there was this one girl.

I really just had her around
to, uh...

cook and clean
and do laundry and stuff.

So there we were.
In fact,

old SQ was standing exactly
where you're standing right now.

I saw my opening, made my move,
and threw my arms around her.

And she melted away.
Bye-bye, Snow Queen.

- All hail glorious Orm!
- Orm!

What a sweetheart!

I've made my decision, Orm!

The nation chooses you!

I wish I was your father!

Take my niece's hand.

What?! Your Majesty,
I beg you, reverse your order!

this troll is a bald-faced liar.

At least he's recounting
his own heroic feats,

and not his grandfather's,

Ah! Hold the phone, everyone!

- Gerda? Gerda!
- We love you!

Gerda! Gerda!

So glad we came.

I guess you can't change
a leopard's spots.

What if he needs our help?

Our help?! After the way
he just betrayed you?!

Gerda, wait for me!
We have to talk!

We have nothing to say to him.

You go ahead, I'll catch up.


What do you want, Orm?
Want me to cook dinner for you?

Or maybe you need someone
to wash your dirty socks?

I didn't mean
for you to see that.

Orm, you haven't changed
one bit!

Neither have you!
No one asked you to come.

You're actually
going to blame me?!

Yeah, you keep poking
your long nose...

Look who's talking!

Go on, tell everyone! Hey.

That you saved them all.
Fine, go.

Tell them Orm used to work
for the Snow Queen.

Let them tear me to pieces.
That'll be fun.

I didn't come here for this.

Orm, my darling!

I've been looking everywhere
for you.

There's so much
for us to talk about.

Tell me more
about those precious stones...

Looks like Orm
doesn't need our help.

- Yeah! An anchor up his liver!
- I'm so cold, Kai.

The North Wind is picking up.

Oh, Orm!
Our house, it's... It's...

Forget the house, Grams!

I'm getting married
to the Princess,

and we're moving to the castle.

Oh... you're not joking?

No, I'm not joking, Grams!

You'll be living
in the castle now!


Come on, let's go!

But what about our things?

We'll have better things!
Castle-y things!


A hundred years have passed.

Feels like yesterday!

- Hmm.
- Hmm...

may I present my grandma!

You look familiar.
Don't I know you from somewhere?

Have I changed that much?

It's you! Wah!

Get used to it.
Orm, my love,

about those stones
you promised to show me...

A bit later. Grams,

did I make good on my promise,

or what?

The castle is all yours!

Come on.

What's this?!

Save me!

- Ah! Ah!
- Ah!

I got you!


- Orm!!!
- Princess!

Did I miss something?

- Your Majesty!
- What happened here?

Where is Maribel?!

The North Wind came and...

The North Wind?
The Snow Queen's minion?

I thought
the Snow Queen was dead!

I thought so, too.

So go kill her again!

Maribel is like a daughter
to me! Bring her back!

I'm not sure I can do that,
Your Majesty.

You're not?

Well, then Maribel will marry
the troll who can!

But, uh, Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!

I will say this one more time.

He who saves my niece...

...will become her husband.

I'll do everything I can,
Your Majesty.

Will you ask your grandpa
to help you?

No! This is my chance
to step out of his shadow.

Orm! Orm! Orm!

You're the toast
of the town now, weasel.

But pretty soon
you're gonna get burned.


You think you can defeat the
Snow Queen with those pebbles?

Well, miner, I certainly don't
plan on hugging her to death.

Hugging her? Ha-ha! Hugging...

Uh, you keep going.
I'm gonna take a look around.

"Dear Gerda, you might've heard
that the Snow Queen is back,

"but don't worry about anything.

This time I'm gonna be the one
to hug her."

Um, could you just remind me
how to use your mirror?

Wait! Of course!

Ha! I have to point the mirror
at her first!

And then I hug her!
Ha-ha! I got it!

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Whoo! Yeah! Yeah!

♪ Get down
Oop-a-la yeah ♪

♪ Come on come on and shake it
Shake it shake it shake it ♪♪

Attention, Popsicle.

Of course, Gerda's mirror.

How could I have forgotten?

Hey! Wake up,
you lazy bag of bluster!

Time for some exercise!

Uh, how we gonna get across
to the other side?

We can make a bridge
from that oak.

No! No way!

That's our oak! I saw it first,
and I'm taking it!

You wanna arm-wrestle for it?

Oh, wow!

Handsome and clever?

Exactly! Wait a minute.

So clearly you're unaware
of my training

in Miners' Fighting Skills!

Like the much-feared stone fist.

I'll show you a fist! Ha-ha!

- Pow, pow, pow!
- Argh!

It worked!
Thanks for the lift, Tiny!

Who needs a bridge?

All you gotta do
is get Arrog mad.

Who's next?

What? What's the problem?

Okay, fine, let's go to Plan B.

- Ready?
- Ready!

- Yeah, good luck with that
- And drink!

Oh, looking pretty!

Look how he abuses
his soldiers.


Suck it up, soldiers!
Drink, two three four!

Drink, two, three, four!

I guess you losers
just don't want this bad enough!

C'mon, ladies, feel the burn!
Go! Go! Go!

♪ I don't know
but I've been told ♪

♪ River water
is good for the soul ♪♪

Lots of luck, Arrog.

Maybe they'll name the bridge
after you!

Get moving!

Someone stole the mirror!


The North Wind.
Who else could it be?

Aw, how am I supposed to beat
the Snow Queen without it?

I got it! I got it!

"Gerda, looks like
the Snow Queen is back.

"I can't beat her without you.

I'll be waiting for you
by the Black Cliff."

But we can't let Gerda
see the trolls, Luta.

Ah. Hey, no!

Bad Luta! No! Bad!



Now I can just beat Arrog,
then the princess will be mine.

Ha-ha. Ha!




What happened, Orm?
Were you attacked?

Yeah, it was an...
anxiety attack.

- My so-called army ran off...
- Okay! Okay! a bunch
of chicken-hearted school kids!

What a surprise.
Some warriors,

those lunkheads
couldn't beat a drum.

The important thing
is to save Maribel.

Yeah, yeah.
Let go of my nose, please!

We may have been enemies,

but for the sake
of the princess...

Here, take my hand.

Hey, do you know a shortcut
to the Snow Queen's castle?


Okay, so we're here,

and the shortest way
is right through this.


Those places are deadly.

Don't worry, General.

I know the area
like the back of my hand.

Let's go, men! On your feet!
Here are your orders.

- Look! It's a messenger finch!
- I'll get it!

I'll get it! I'll get it!
Don't worry!

I got it! Oh, I got it!


I got it.

The Snow Queen is after Orm!

He'll be waiting for us
at the Black Cliff.

Everything's going
according to plan!

Huh? Uh...

Maribel, I've saved you.

You big, naughty beast!

Not until we're married.

One little kiss, my darling.

No means no!


- Orm?!
- General!

I'm marrying Maribel.

Of course you are.

Rest up for the big day!


Eric, why would you,
of all people, go with Orm?

I couldn't let
my own nephew die.

He owes me money.

Well, well,
look who's here, General!

On your feet!

- Mommy?
- Daddy!

Where's Orm?! Tell me!

He's been... missing
since yesterday.

- He just ran off all alone?
- No, he had our map with him.

He took your map and left you
here to freeze to death?

You say that
like it's a bad thing. Ow!

We'll have to go
without a map. Come on!

- What can we do?
- We'll follow the shoreline!

Hold this against your chest.
It will warm you up.

It's hot!

- Trolls.
- Orm!

But the Black Cliff
is further down.

Maybe he hasn't gotten there.
They're so cold.

- Hard to port!
- Yes, sir, hard to port!

Ah?! Oh!

War is war, Luta.
Do you understand?

What else could I have done?

I'll go check.
Maybe Gerda will sail by.


Whoa-oh-oh-oh! Ah!

He did all that

to stop you
from marrying the princess?!

If you don't believe me,
ask his friends.

It was a little weird. I mean,
he didn't even know Maribel,

and suddenly he's, like,
planning to marry her.

Thank you.

- Why is he doing this?
- So he can be king. Why else?

Anchor up his side!

Let's not waste our time
on that traitor.

Hoist the sail!

Gerda! I'm right over here!

Turn around!

What are you doing?!

Stop! Come back, Gerda!

Don't listen to Arrog!

Why did he lie?

I didn't want to lie,
but it's the only way

to survive, Gerda!
The world is unfair!

Guess that's why
he did what he did.

I think the world
is what you make it!

Please believe me, Gerda.

I never want to see him again.

Fine! Then go!
Orm doesn't need anyone!

He can beat the Snow Queen
all on his own!

Just like he did before.

Have it your way
Luta! Come back!

Alright, then, just go.

Another traitor.

♪ There once was a lucky troll ♪

♪ And he was loved
by every soul ♪♪

Some loving souls. Huh.

Leaving me all alone.

You're absolutely right.

The world is unfair, Orm.

It hurts when your friends
side with your enemy.

Yes, but some of it
was my fault too.

Nonsense! We have to stop them!

If Arrog reaches Maribel first
and manages to save her,

your grandma will never live
in the castle.

But I can help you.

Yeah, right.

Ask me, and you'll see.

I'm not your average reflection.



Oh! Help me!

You're real!

As you can see!

How did you get that staff?

Did you steal it
from the Snow Queen?

Haven't you figured it out yet,

There is no Snow Queen!

Who are you?

You can call me...
the Snow King!

The sea is freezing over!

We're finished!

Ah! We're all gonna die!
Thank you.

Hoist the sails!
Full speed ahead!

Go, go, go!


Hey, King!

Leave my friends alone!
Or... what?!


We're gonna make it!

Fire the bow cannons!

Anchor up your liver!

Load the catapult!


Stop this right now!



Ow! Ow!
Hurts, does it?

See how hard it is
to fight yourself?!



No, Orm, that's gonna hurt.

Look, another one!

Everyone, brace for impact!

Not the nose!

- Uh, goo-good job, sailor.
- You, too.

I'll freeze every one of your
friends into ice sculptures!

I'll teach you to love yourself.

No way! Even the Snow Queen
couldn't freeze Gerda.

It's easy to freeze
a deceived heart, Orm.

She'll never believe you!

But will she believe you?
Because we're one and the same.

But you're just a reflection!

Just a reflection? Ha!

I was just a reflection
when you took your stupid oath!

But which one of us looks
more like a reflection now?

I can see the moon through you.


I won't let you fool anyone!

That's where the North Wind
was headed.

To the Snow Queen's palace!

- Skates down!
- What?

- Whoa!
- Ah!

- Whoa! Awesome!
- Yeah!

I forgot to tell you
about those.

So what next?

Close your eyes and pray!


We made it! Yeah!

Whoa. Teach me!

Hopefully, it's a skill
you'll never need again.

Follow me! This way!


Ah!! My... heels!

Oh...! Oh, okay.

Okay, come on, come on.

What's going on?

Gerda! Gerda, can you see me?


This day will linger long
in our memory!

And will go down in history!
Victory will be ours!

Stand tall and proud!






Gerda, watch out!

Whoa, whoa....

Kai!! No!!

For our forefathers!



I... must have fallen asleep.




Gerda, help...

- Orm?
- Gerda, please, listen to me!

Don't go near him.
That's not me!

He's trying to fool you!

Where is the Snow Queen?
Are you serving her again?

I've been forced to...

She... she made me.

No! He's an impostor, Gerda!

I'm Orm! Me. He'll freeze you!
Can you hear me?

Orm! What's happened?
What did she do to you?

- Are you hurt?
- I'm so cold.

Take me. Take my life.

Just leave her alone.
Get your paws off her!

Gerda, there's nothing more
important in my life than you.

No!!! Stop! Stop it! Stop it!

Stop! Argh! No!

No! No!

Why is it that you only realize
what's important in life

after you've lost it?

You... you...

You froze them all.

Observant. But it wasn't me.
It was you, Orm.

One lie, then another,

despite your vow to Lake Gao
that you wouldn't.

Where I come from,
we never forget an oath!

As I grow, you shrink,
my friend.

Ah! What is this?!

Your new home.
I hope you like it.

Let me out of here, you creep!

everything is in its place.

How lovely that you all
could take time away

from your busy schedules
to come visit!

I'm so touched.

By the way,

my house is your house!

Leave them alone, you dirtbag!

Pipe down!
Our party's about to begin!

You look so graceful today,

If you want my advice, General,

you should keep an eye
on your lady.

Someone might steal her.

You're not a troll,
you're a goblin!

Don't mind me, kids.

Warm each other with the heat
of your beating hearts!

And shut your mouth.

I know an icy chasm divides us,

and I can't expect
your forgiveness.

But who knows,
maybe you get to know me better

over the years ahead.

The long, cold years ahead.

What have I done?!

♪ There once was
a lucky troll ♪

♪ And he was loved
by every soul ♪

♪ Because the truth
he always told ♪

♪ The truth... ♪♪
The truth?

Oh! My mother's mirror!

No, I didn't...

Oh! Was it me?

I guess so.

I'm forgetting everything
these days.

Such a stupid old woman.



It wasn't you. I did it.
Don't cry.

It was you?

Yeah. I was fooling around
and... I accidentally...

Oh, Orm, sweetie, thank you.

Always tell the truth.

I promise, Grams!

The truth!

I didn't tell the truth.

The Snow King
was born of my lies,

because I...

I... I'm...


I wanted to be noticed!

I wanted to be bigger than I am!

So I lied!
I betrayed my friends!

I'm sorry, Gerda! I... I'm a...


I... I'm free.

Orm! But how did you...?

I won't surrender my friends
to you!

I didn't hug the Snow Queen.

Gerda's the one
who defeated her.

What do you think you're doing?

Lokum, I ran away
so you wouldn't find out

that I'm nothing without Gerda!
Do you hear me?

Guys, I lied about...

everything being peachy!

I lied so I could win
the competition and I...

You're made for each other!

And I tried to break you up.
Forgive me!

Come back here! Stop it!
Shut your mouth!

you need to know the truth!

The most important thing
in my life is... Grandma!!


You think you can go
your whole life

without telling a single lie?!

I... can!

No!! No!

No. What've you done?


What? What's happening?

You were serving
the Snow Queen!

You're a traitor!

As a result of your actions,

the Snow King almost froze
the entire world again,

and all because of you!

This kingdom
will spare no effort

to give you everything
you deserve!


Whatever it is,
I accept your punishment.

We all know you played
an important part

in vanquishing the Snow Queen.


that is nothing compared
to what you did just now.

You vanquished yourself!

- Huh?
- Tell me,

who among you is perfect?

Maybe we never told lies
the way he did,

but that doesn't cancel out
your other flaws.

Some of you are greedy,

some are vain,

and some are routinely mean.

But Orm, he overcame
his own greatest flaw!

How many of us
can claim that achievement?

This monument will serve
as a reminder to every troll.

It will motivate us all to be
champions in our own lives.

And to do that,

we don't have to travel
to the ends of the world

and battle armies
of ice monsters!

We just need to face
our own inner demons.

- Huh?
- May I shake the hand...


Rosa, I have a confession.
I could faint at any moment.

All these years,
I've been too cowardly

to tell you one thing
I have always felt.

But your grandson
has inspired me!

If it's not too late,
will you marry me?!

Eh, um...


Orm, I've been really greedy.

I charged way too much interest
on your house.

Let's just consider your cottage
paid off in full.

- There.
- Whoo-hoo!!

Grams! The house!

Now it's ours forever!

Uh, did I miss something?

Oh, you certainly did.

I said yes.

Ah... ah...

Take it like a man!

- Grams, what's going on?
- Orm!

Looks like we're moving
to the castle after all!

Nah. I think you two
could use a little privacy.

I'm gonna go.

Ah, sorry, Gerda.
I said at the Ice Palace

that you weren't
the most important.

- I heard you, Orm.
- I was wrong.

I'm such a stupid troll.

That's okay. We'll make
a diamond out of you yet.


Subtitles by explosiveskull