The Snow Queen (1986) - full transcript

In this adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's longest story, the beautiful Snow Queen has captured two children and now keeps them apart. She has inserted a sliver of her own special ice into the eye of the boy, so that his heart will turn to ice and will be a proper match for hers. The boy's sister, meanwhile, has won free and attempts to find her brother. When she does, the warmth of her love for him melts his frozen heart and defeats the Snow Queen decisively.


Green was the great stone
of the Crown of Darkness -

but it was covered in ice.

There is a prophecy.

When the stars of
the Northern sky are born anew -

he who breaks the ice
with a black sword -

shall gain possession
of the green stone.

If he then places
the whole crown upon his head -

he shall become
master of the world.

Then nothing shall be
as it was before.

The waters will turn to crystal.

The sun shall be covered in frost.

The moon encased in silver.

Time... shall cease.



Kai, I found something!

Stone, be green, be ready.

Excuse me, have you seen Kai?

Hey you, can you tell me
if Kai has passed by?

Poor little girl, how did you
find yourself on the water?

Where are you travelling,

I'm looking for Kai.
Have you seen him?

I'll have to think about that,
il faut penser.

Maybe I have, who knows?

I see, I hear, I sing.

Grenadiers, at ease.

Isn't she sweet?

Young lady, come and tell me
more about this hero of yours.

Passionant, how exciting!


Have another chocolate heart
if you want, ma ch?rie.

Won't you stay with me a while?

I'm very lonely,
for I have no friends.

Hardly anyone comes here.

Forget your silly adventure.

For a charming young lady like you,
boys are nothing but trouble.

I know.

I have seen the world
and the world has seen me.

I used to be a ballet dancer,
prima ballerina.

A respected queen of the dance.

Now all I have left
are my memories. And...


Lovely... music box.

Kerttu! Kerttu!

Isn't it beautiful?

Wouldn't you like to dance
as beautifully?

I would.


You'll never have to leave here.

I've always wanted
a little girl like you.

You'll see,
we'll be happy together.

I'll give you a present.

Ready. Now!

Dear God, how sweet!

I'm going to faint.

Ma ch?rie, look at the doll.

Hands high above your head.

Round, round.
Perfetto, exactly!

Bend your head to the side,
that's it.

How beautiful, bella!

Am I as beautiful
as the doll in the music box?

Yes, you are,
as beautiful and accomplished.

Da capo!

Round and round.

Bravo, how beautiful!

Art is so wonderful.


Don't eat it, you'll forget!


One, two, three, four.

Good, and up.

Intorno. Balance.


Remember your neck,
remember your legs.

Round and round.
That's it, my rosebud.

Remember your arms.

Faster, faster.

More, more.

Mon dieu!

What are you doing?

Don't spoil this.

If you wish to be a dancer,
you must obey, love art and me!

This isn't fun anymore.

Ah, my nerves!

I've lost my fan.
Go and find it.

I'm melting.

Look in the cupboard.




Who are these?

Look on the table.

"How to catch little girls".

"Enchanted chocolate hearts".



What's keeping you?
We'll continue in a minute.

My rosebud, have a chocolate.

We'll continue again tomorrow.

We'll dance,
dance together forever.

You are my ice prince.

I have forgotten Kai.

Don't cry,
your love can still save you.

Who are you?

We used to be little girls.
-The witch turned us into roses.

We couldn't resist her.

If you don't obey her,
she'll cast a spell on you too.

-Horrible, horrible...

We take turns being
the doll in the music box.

Dancing forever.
-We can never escape.

Don't waste time.

Or the witch will hold you forever.
-Escape quietly.

So she won't see.
-So she won't wake up.

So she won't hear.
-You have to save yourself.

-Hurry, hurry...

My doll!

Hurry, hurry...



My darling, come and have
some delicious chocolate hearts.


Come and dance.

Mon amour,
don't be afraid. Come out.


Don't go!

Grenadiers, attention!

Attention! Destroy!

-Come with us!

I must find Kai.

Kai, you can break the ice
with the black sword -

and retrieve the green stone,
only you.

Grant my request, and I'll crown
you with the Crown of Darkness -

and make you ruler of the world,
because I love you.

The crown
shall regain its power -

once the green stone adorns it.

Absolutely not.

You may not touch the crown yet.

Kai's button.

Kai has been here.

To the maiden he is dear

So I heard when
I tried to sleep near here

I saw Kai, that's clear

You're looking for Kai?
-Do you know where he is?

Something of the sort.

Have you seen him?

Something of the sort.

If it's Kai, he's forgotten you
because of the princess.

Does he live with a princess?

Yes, and sleeps in her bed.

Every word is true.

My sweetheart in the castle
knows everything.

The princess is madly in love
with this noble youth.

I think Kai has been snatched.

He'd never wander this far
on his own!

If you fall in love,
you are in love

Or you freeze
for the lack thereof

Don't cry,
we're on our way to the castle.

My sweetheart will find a way,
and you will get Kai back.

Only my sweetheart,
that tiny and tender sparrow.

She can lift
the lid atop the moon.

She washes it with silver hands
and laughs like a chime.

With my sweetheart's smile,
summer is at its best

My sweetheart's arms
are like a bird's nest

The Guards and lackeys
will never let you in the castle -

but we'll sneak you in.

My fianc? has told me
about you.

Your story moves me deeply.


It wasn't Kai after all.

I'm bored.
I don't want to sleep anymore.

Let's have some fun!

Do you want bilberry candyfloss
or some other flavour?

I'm dying of thirst.

Play is life, rain or shine.

How do you know
there's a dragon on the roof?

The house is on fire.

Don't tickle me!
-Don't tickle me!

What's pink and chirping?

A dragon in pyjamas,
and the chirping is just a bluff.

Why does a dragon
drink water all the time?

He's in love with a match.

Kerttu, your hair needs cutting.
It's too long.

Do you want
another meringue tower?

Stop poking my fortress!

Off with the head!


How ugly!

Stop it! I'll bite!
-No you won't!

Stop it, you're horrible!

Where are you going?
-The party isn't over yet.

I have to find Kai.
-But you can't go yet.

You need to be properly
equipped for the journey.

Grant my wish, and I'll crown you
with the Crown of Darkness -

and make you ruler of the world.

Listen, darling.

How about
some juniperberry sauce?

I am a little hungry.
-So am I.

I wonder what you'd
taste like in juniperberry sauce.

Ouch, you little flea!

Don't ask who did it
Don't ask who's to blame

Here the moon is veiled in fog

Here footprints vanish from sight

We are the kings of shadows
What we need we take

We're burnt by black fire
First snow falls in our souls

We burnt the doll's house
And stole the ashes

The kings of shadows

Children run down Caramel Street
Looking for a stray balloon

Fairytale books are smoking
Gold changes hands

The princess is in a cage
Crying for help

We are the kings of shadows
What we need we take

We're burnt by black fire
First snow falls in our souls

We burnt the doll's house
And stole the ashes

The kings of shadows

The scent of prey
In the Dark

Downwind, in the shadows
The puma waits

When you least expect it
The puma leaps

Just a quiver in the grass

Soon you'll be gone!

Run away and hide
Beg for mercy

The shadow of the wolf
Will cover you

It's no use your fighting back
Soon you'll be gone!

Poor orphan is lost
Ran away from home

Happily step into the trap
Feel the robber's fingers

The hyena will lick your cheek
Soon you'll be gone!

Life is but frolicking
For the merry robber boys

Gather round, all the robbers

Sing and laugh

Drink and steal

Dine and make noise

But if you don't have
Plunders and loots

There will be no drinks
Or tomorrows, brothers

You must avenge everyone
And raise your glasses!

I'm not going to eat you.

But we have our boring
Ronald the Robber Prince.

Why don't we sell
this princess to him -

since he doesn't have a bride?

We're sure to get
a sack of gold coins.

Shut up, baby.

That's my magic reindeer.

What are you freezing for?

Put these rags on.

I sure have it good.

I'm a sophisticated lady with
a magic reindeer and a princess.

Let's see if you look like
a real robber.

You look like a bowl of porridge!
Let's mess up your hair.

Spit, put your hands in
your pockets and whistle.

Where did you get Kai's button?

I don't get it.
I was walking when suddenly.

Pow! That thing fell
from the sky on my skull.

From the sky?

I saw some lady fly by
real fast with a boy.

He was out cold.

Then she blew a storm
over the black and red country.

And then suddenly: pow!

That thing fell from the sky
on my forehead.

I was lucky I wasn't killed.

Where did the woman
and the boy fly to?

North. But now I'm
too tired to talk anymore.

I always sleep with a knife.
You never know round here.

Let's go to sleep.

You're an okay princess.
I won't let them sell you.

Unless I become mad at you.

Let's go to sleep.

Why is it a magic reindeer?
-It flies.

Who dares to
trespass in my kingdom?

I have promised you all,
but you won't get the crown yet.


You have been in mortal danger.

I want you alive.

Will you be my own Kai?

You're looking for
that boy, Kai.

Who are you?

I'm the Sorceress of the North.

I live here on the borderline
of white and black.

Snow and earth.

I warm my old bones with the glow
from the heart of the earth.

What place is this?
Why is it so dirty?

Dirty? It's earth, dear girl,
clean earth.

North of here is the kingdom
of the Snow Queen.

For the time being.

Do you know her?
-Yes, and she knows me.

She's wary and maybe even
a little afraid of me.

Long ago, when light and darkness
were still battling on earth -

a magic green stone fell from
the Crown of Darkness into a well.

If the Snow Queen
doesn't get the stone back -

her power will be drained.

If she does get it,
her power will be eternal.

But the Snow Queen
can't retrieve the stone herself -

because her hand
would freeze the well again.

She needs a human being -

because a human hand is warm.

Only a human can break the ice
with the black sword -

and only at a certain moment.

That's why the Snow Queen
took Kai as his prince.

Will Kai become a prince?

The Crown of Darkness
would freeze Kai forever.

Tonight, there will be a sign
in the Northern sky.

There is not much time.

Did you take these?
They belong to Kai!

Those buttons have the power
of goodness against the Snow Queen.

But they aren't enough.
There are bad guards in her castle.

I'll give you a cloak
to hide you from the Snow Queen.

Remember this.

The guards will doze off
for a while at midnight.

That's when you must enter.

If you fail,
there will be no second chance.

Do you dare to go?

Don't forget your friend.

Now the reign of light will end.

The spell must be recast
with the black sword.

For that, I need a human child.





Now the spell has been cast
and the world is undone.

We have won the battle
against the senseless powers.

Kai, come!

Kai, come!

Good night, world.


Subtitles: Minna Nuutinen
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