The Snob (2019) - full transcript

Seon Woo-jeong is an artist who plagiarizes other people's works and lives on them with a plausible expression 'borrowing'.


GORAE FILM production

Of course I know you work hard.

SUN Woojung is all about guts.

But Woojung,

what's wrong is wrong.

Why take the hard way
when you have a choice.

It's not like you're one of a kind.

There're two kinds of people
with two kinds of reactions.

Go or stop.

Which kind are you?

Of course I'm a 'stop'.

It's not like I have a good backer

I know I'm not that talented


It's not spelled out,

but isn't this painter, SUN
Woojung, your own story?


You're right.

I'm attractive.

Men kept coming at me.


I do have another talent.

And by another talent, you mean…

Getting bitched at.

You know what people call me the most?


starring YOO DA-IN





directed & written by SHIN


People call it plagiarism,

but to be clear, it can
be called derivative art.

From a broader
perspective, 'appropriation'?

You can see it as
applying a new concept to

the idea of display and artwork.

That is how your pamphlet says

but you literally copied an
entire work of Charles JANG.

It's pirating an idea rather
than appropriating it, isn't it?

How can it be plagiarism
if it's a different artist?

I believe my idea to
appropriate other works itself

is another form of creating art.

How do you respond to comments
saying your exhibition's 'blah',

but it's raising a buzz
due to your looks?

I'd say, 'Thank you'.

But aren't looks a talent as well?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Ms. SUN.

How is senior Hyeongjoong doing?

He was a senior staff at
the university newspaper.

I heard you were a couple.

I see…

I'll let him know you asked about him.

Too bad.

You must have looked
better without the eye job.

Excuse me?

Nice complexion.

Like baby's skin.


You know me, don't you?



She even titled it 'Plagiarism'.

How can an artist like you

do something like this?

Don't waste my time
and say what you want.

I'll see what I can do.

That's not necessary.

I just need an apology.

I'm sorry

I did you wrong.

Yes, I'm sorry.

That's it?

Aren't you admitting you did wrong?

I don't think I did anything wrong.

By the way, I heard that the
price of your paintings have tripled.

You should be thanking me for that.


I'll do whatever it takes to
kick you out of this scene.

Ms. SUN, are you okay?



please calm down.


What a fraud.

Ms. SUN.

Long time no see.

You remember me?

We met two years ago
at the Biennale after party.

Did we?

I drank too much that day.


Well, have you thought about my offer?

I did think hard,

but I think it'll be difficult.

My private exhibition is going on

and I don't have time for new works.

But, why did you choose to contact me?

Yumin rarely casts pop artists like me.

We contacted you because

we felt you have enough
merits among your peers.

If you work with us, we will
support you $20,000 after taxes.

And we'll also take
care of installation costs.

A new partnership with us

will open doors for more collaboration.

Oh, I liked the exhibition
you opened last year.

The one with foreign workers
standing nude in masks.

I'm avoiding political
and socials issues for now.

It feels hypocritical to
pretend to know when you don't.

The true hypocrites are out there.

Of course if you watch
the news, you'd know.

This job often makes me
feel self-deprecation too.

It's the first time I've
met a male curator.

Was your dream always a curator?

At first, I wanted to be an artist,

but I came to realize that you
have to be gifted with talents.

It was around then I got married.

So you're married?

Do you have a boyfriend, Ms. SUN?

Is he in the art field?

Kind of

I knew it. It's good to
meet someone in your field.

Ms. SUN.

Ms. SUN!

I forgot to tell you.

But it's not something
to discuss in the street.

How about that place?

You mean the hotel?

The wine bar there has a great view

I want to show it to you, Ms. SUN.

Are you suggesting we
have a one-night-stand?

A one-night-stand?

I guess that'll work too.

But there's no pressure.

You're home.


What about dinner?




Have you decided to do
the Yumin special exhibition?

Hey, I haven't made a decision
yet. Where did you hear that?

I'm a journalist you know?


Jihyeon's the Art Director there.

You know YOO Jihyeon?

Of course!

He would have been my uncle.

I'm supposed to meet
him tomorrow in Jeongdong.

What for?

Dunno, guess he's got something to say.

Wanna come?

It's good to get acquainted.


You know YOON Seonye?

The girl with close-set
eyes and gloomy vibes.


Who's that?

She called you senior.

She was a younger member
of your university newspaper.

I guess there was a girl like her.

I'm not so sure about her

I bet she's done an eyelid
surgery, but she wouldn't admit it.

You've got one message from SEO Jinho

Can we meet today?

I, don't, think, so.

Your message has been sent

You've got a totally different
look from what I'm used to

I never had a crush on you.

During our 3rd round you clearly
said that I have a good looking.

I have no recollection whatsoever.

You keep arguing though.

I'm not arguing, I'm just a little hurt

I even cancelled my early
morning flight the next day.


Yes, Mr. YOO.

I'm out of the office.

Now's difficult I'm busy at the moment.

You can tell me on the phone.



Woojung, this is Jinyoung.
Has Soyoung called you?



Soyoung returned to Korea
last week, and she's not well.

She hasn't been in touch
since she went out yesterday.

I think she'll probably contact you.

If she does, call me.

Not well, my ass…

Do something to stop her, Woojung.

She's driving me crazy.

This is nice.

Hey, I got married,

but had an affair.

My English in-laws
are out of their minds.

They just sent me
to a mental institution

I had to stay there for 3 months.

Don't believe what she
says, she's such a liar.

I'm telling the truth See this?

These are shots they gave me.

When I refused to take pills,
the bastards gave me shots.


Whatcha lookin at?


Why are you looking at me like that?

You've seen me before?

You know me?

What did you just think?

What were you thinking when
you looked at me, asshole?!

How dare you touch
me, you son of a bitch!

You're a fucking loser,
you son of a bitch!


Stop it!

Okay, I'll be there soon.

If I take a cab, I'll make it.

Yeah, okay.

Are you alone? Where's your girlfriend?

She's running late.

What would you like to eat?

There's a great seaweed
soup place around here.

Let's go!


Would you like to work as
our special exhibition curator?

It's a 3-month job.

If you say okay,
'll talk to your editor.

Don't you already have
a curator in charge?

They hired him when I wasn't around.

He's not so great to work with

I came here right after firing him.

I'm not sure about this

I don't have the right credentials.

But you've curated before!

It was just a part-time
job for a few months.

Awe, come on…

Yeah, Ms. KIM.

Awe, let a man eat, for Christ's sake…

Okay, fine I'm on my way.

Uh, yeah.

Oh, and in March,

there'll be a retrospective
of my work in Berlin.

If you write a 10-page
article, the trip's free.

Let's go have some fun.

Yeah, well…

Have more Here, eat more.

This is the real deal.

Awe, I have to go.

Finish up.

No need to come. He left
for another appointment.

Just come home.

I thought your meeting was
at 8. It's been less than an hour.

I'm running out of batteries. Later.

He's doing it again.

SUN! Wait for me!


Stop hanging up first.

Why do you keep doing
it when I hate it so?

You should've brought your friend.

I'd like to meet her, too.

You are not listening, again.


Yeah, Jinyoung.

Hey, SUN!

I'm heading for your place right now.

Where is it?

Wait downstairs with cab fare, okay?

Awe, jeez…

Nice place.

Which floor?

Hey, hey, hey!

What's all this about?
What do you want?

Let me stay until Dan's here.

You know him, right?

My husband Dan.

He's on the plane
from England right now.


This isn't my place. I
can't do as I please.

Who is it?

Who told our SUN to kick me out?

Which bitch told you to?!



What the fuck?

What's he glaring at?

It's not like he owns the entire lot!

How could deny a friend you've
met in 10 years a night over…?

I'm so hurt.


Bad news.

I like him.

What's your name?

It's KIM Hyeongjoong.


What does it stand for?

Successful and precious.


Can I stay here for a few days?

Hey, you can't.

This isn't a place for you to stay.


I'm busy for the time being

and she leaves for her studio.



Settle things among yourselves.

I'm turning in.

Hey, Hyeong.

KIM Hyeongjoong!


Nice place.


Hey, SUN!

Do you sleep in separate bedrooms?

Are you a 'no sex' couple?

How come you live together
but not sleep together?

You guys are weird.



Of course I trust you

I can settle for an
indictment without detention.


I trust you.


Did you meet that junior
schoolmate of yours?

He'll give me an answer tomorrow.

And did you tell SEO?

I laid it all out for him,
so I guess he got it.

Just make sure everything to be clear.

My head's about to explode.

You could have lied
back and enjoyed the art.

Why did you have
to jump into all of this,

and go through troubles?

Stop nagging.

You're going home, right?

I have meetings starting
early in the morning.


Stop acting so busy.

Just drop me off, okay?

Just don't stop me.

Fresh air, huh?


Let's go.

Attention please.

I know you may have heard,

but I was hired at the last
moment for this exhibition.

Since we're short
of time to get in sync,

I took it upon myself to
bring in a new team manager,

KIM Hyeongjoong.

Please welcome him.

I'm KIM Hyeongjoong.

I'm sorry everything has
been happening so fast.

I'm sure the company will
compensate you adequately.

So, I hope you will extend
a helping hand to him…

How long does he
need to empty his desk?!

This all must be confusing,

but consider it a fresh new start

and get to work.


Mr. YOO.

When will you resolve our
team's overdue wage issue?

This isn't the place to
discuss internal issues.

Since I've joined the team,
it'll be resolved in no time.

It's been 2 months since
we've been told the same story.

Until our team's paycheck comes in,

I'm keeping this seat.

If you need one, use this.

Mr. SEO.

Let's talk.

We can do it right here.

Let's go outside. It won't take long.

I think we all need to listen
to what you have to say.

Stop being so stubborn!

Let's go outside.


Since I'm already here,

I'll just get to work.

You said I should use this seat, right?

Listening to him, it seems
Mr. JANG isn't asking for much.

What did you say he wants?

If you can just make
an official apology,

he said he'll call off the lawsuit.

For God's sake, what
did I ever do wrong?

He received a 4 wk diagnosis.

Ms. SUN must be working out
a lot. What a shove that was.

He started it first.

Ms. SUN.

But you did wrong, didn't you?


I'm sorry.

Okay, great.

Since we agree it was
a misunderstanding…

- let's put it aside and…
- No, not that.

You should admit you plagiarized.

I said it's not plagiarism,

but appropriation in art.

There you go again.

You're not making any progress.

If you can give in just a bit,

we can all live in peace.


you know why Andy
Warhol was called an artist?

Cause he blatantly copied
the image of a canned product

and confidently claimed he did.

That's what you call 'art'.

Get your facts right
before you make claims.


Soyoung took my mobile
yesterday and I can't reach her.

Soyoung's still at my place
after she barged in last night.


Can you keep her with you
so she won't get into trouble?

I'm a bit busy.

I'm sorry

I have to prepare for an exhibition

I was suddenly
assigned to go on this trip.

Then, you can always
send her to a motel or hotel.

Yeah, okay Thank you!


Yo, friend.

How was the meeting?

What's that?

Wanna a puff for old time's sake?

I can always call the cops.

You want me to tell them
we were pot smoking buddies?

This is Hyeongjoong's house.

If you need to smoke
pot, do it at your own place

I don't have a place to go.

Then go to your mom's.

She passed away 3 years ago, you bitch.

And you call yourself a friend?

It happens when there's
no mail from a 'friend'.

Who sends word like
that through the mail?

My mom was sick anyway.

Oh, your card also comes out as a sun.

It says you'll win the lawsuit.


Let's get something good to eat.

I've been starving all day.

Make me something to eat.

I thought you said you
were settling down in the UK?

You haven't changed, have you?

If you had an affair, you
shouldn't have been caught.

Who says I was caught

I told him all.


Dan has an insanely good heart.

He told me to confess
if I cheat on him, so I did.

But the fucker just had to
tell his mom and his sister.

I did all kinds of drugs,

but nothing beats the ones at
the mental hospital in the UK.

It literally makes you a half-wit.


you're saying you got those
marks from the hospital?

Who is it?

You should introduce him to me.

Fuck you!

Never get caught by your boyfriend.

He's just like Dan.

He'll be vicious if he finds out.


Dicks and cunts are always the problem.

If your cunt wants it, how
can your head deny it?


Go have an affair.

Do it,

but make sure it's a perfect crime.



what do you like about her?

She isn't the timeless beauty type.

She reminds me of my mother.

My ideal type is someone like my mother.


Yeah, she cooks well,

and has an older look.

Are you classmates from university?

Is that what she said?

We're high school buddies.

We painted at the same atelier
in Bongdong near Jeonju...


Try this one.

Hey, SUN.

Did you tell him that story?

What now.

Not yet?

Hurry and tell him.

What's the delay?

What story?

Don't trust her She's full of lies.


Did you know she's seeing someone else?


Did I say something wrong?


I'll shut up.

TAK Soyoung.

Stop talking about others
and just talk about yourself.

Why did you return to Korea?

You vowed never to come
back and spat on the airport.

Are you seeing someone else?

I told you she's nutty.

Stop responding to her.

Nuttier than you?


Then I'll just have
a little affair myself.


Why didn't I think of that?


Just like I told you, right?

Having fun pissing me off?

Don't you get it?

I only have 2 months
until the exhibition.

Can't you see you're
going to mess it all up?

Two months is enough.

Want me to paint for you?


Like you mentioned, he's
got a knife up his sleeve.

If he finds out, he'll kick me out,

and write a negative
article on me for sure.

And it'll be the end of my career.

Do you really want
things to come to that?

Remember BAHN Jaeyoung?

The dude with the pierced tongue.


IM Moonyoung,

KIM Sangjae,

LEE Dukcheong.

They all dated you
until they fell for me.

Are you trying to brag
about being popular?

Men have always been
more into me than you.

They still are.

- Crazy bitch!
- So,

I'll seduce your boyfriend.

Go have your affair
without having to worry.


It'll be your insurance.

I'll seduce KIM Hyeongjoong
and have sex with him.

The British say you can dodge
horse shit but not bird shit.

Why would you have
sex with my boyfriend?

Are you nuts?

You'll need an excuse
in case you get caught.

And call it even.

Then he can't write
anything negative about you.

I wondered why I
was drawn to this place.

I guess it was to help our little SUN.

Just trust me.

I'm a pro in seducing men.


I made two demands to
the gallery Director, Ms. KIM.

Pay 100% of our overdue
wages and reinstate my position.

If there's no reply by this week,

we're starting a boycott.


there's no pressure to join or not.

Just let me know your
answer by this weekend.

Yes, Jihyeon.


I'm on it,

but do we really have to go this far?

I feel like a spy.

Come on…

It's cause I heard a rumor

that they created this
members-only chat room,

to collect any irregularities
on the gallery's management

to use in their favor if necessary.

We need to be prepared just in case

I trust you'll do a good job.







Is he married?

Why'd you have to pick a married one?

Funny to hear this from someone
who fled because of an affair

I didn't flee from anything.

Are you into Hyeongjoong?

I'm into every man on the planet.

He's not your type.

Don't even think of it.

So you think you know my type, huh?

You won't be satisfied.

Tiny dick?

Forget it.

He likes when you give him head.

Doing it with your mouth.

A blowjob!

OK, what else.

Get the evidence.

Recording a video would be the best.

What for?

So he can't lie.

If you're gonna do it, do it right.

So, it's a green light?

Even you fail,

I know nothing about this.

All rise!

Please be seated!

SUN Woojung's art stands at
the frontline of postmodernism.

If she loses, the controversy
over derivative art,

and artists' freedom of
expression will be subject to…

subject to legal intervention.

Plagiarism in the art scene
has been an ongoing debate.

Recently, it has become an
issue of the artist's moral standing.

In the case of the defendant,

it can be seen as
appropriating an image.

But without accepting the
original artist's plea for an apology,

the defendant has taken
forceful actions toward the plaintiff,

the court rules, the defendant
to pay $30,000 to the plaintiff

as compensation.

Admit it now, that you plagiarized.

I just wanted you to say
that you copied my work.

This just makes me look
like I won by getting beat up.


If you keep this up, it'll
look like you're into me.

So fuck off before I
kick you in the groin.

Are you here?

Right, just walk
straight into the alley.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Okay, I'll see you at the studio.

Ah, Ms. SUN.

I just wanted to check what's been sold.

We did make a sell,


Just tell me.

You're hesitation is scaring me more.

Not that way, but this way.

The clients who bought
your work cancelled

I guess they heard about the trial.

It's okay.

I've decided to do the
Yumin Special Exhibition.

Oh, really?

I'm glad.

I'll be back after I take care of this.

If you're all done, let's call it a day.

Still have a lot of work to do?

No, not really.


I'll be leaving.

Good bye!


You're early.

Woojung had to leave for the trial.

She asked me to get you dinner.

Did you have dinner?

No, not yet.

I'll do the cooking.

What would you like?

You seem tired these days.

You've got bags under your eyes.

How clear your eyes are.

I had LASIK done.

They did a good job.

Care for a drink?

Please sit.

I've got work to do.

So won't put out, huh?

Why are you so late?

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Can I ask what your name means?

Little, flower petal.

Little flower.

But I used a different name in the UK.



It's the name Woojung gave
me when I used to be in a band.

She said, since she's 'SUN',

that I should be 'burn'.

I should've prepared
myself in case I lost.

That way I wouldn't have
been too surprised like this.

You got a heavy penalty, didn't you?

Are you going to appeal?

Since you mention it,

can you arrange production
costs by this month?

I got fired from Yumin.


How come?

YOO Jihyeon brought in his own curator.

Do you know any art journalists?

Why do you ask?

I need to expose everything I know.

Everything related to Yumin.

I'm going to make sure it makes news.

It's sink or swim.

I know this one art journalist.

KIM Hyeongjoong of

YOO Jihyeon's new curator is…

KIM Hyeongjoong.

You have good pronunciation.

How can I speak good English?

You need to meet someone
who speaks good English.

Like me.

Soyoung, do you have feelings for me?

I have to see to be sure.

What's this?

I asked you a question.

I know my rights.

I have the right to be silent.

So believe what you want.

I had no idea, trust me.

I had no idea he met with
YOO Jihyeon because of that.

Ms. SUN.

Can you give me Hyeongjoong's
social security no. and ID?

What for?

I need to find dirt on
those on the upper level.

With his personal details.

I love you.

Is this a bit sudden?

So out of context.

To keep silent to injustice

is another form of injustice.

If young people like us don't change,

you know well this field is doomed.

Let's make a change.

SUN, it's me!

Are you there?

You're in there, aren't you?

- Who's she?
- SUN!

Shit, what are we going to do now?

I failed to seduce KIM Hyeongjoong.


I guess we're too old for this.

I guess we're too old for this.

It's not working anymore.

Since I kept my mouth
shut, I'll crash here for a while.

I barely made it out. That's
why I'm in your clothes.

Got anything to drink?

Hey, sit.


I said, sit!

Hey, TAK!


You look familiar.

Ah, the smiley face!


Sorry for the intrusion.

Excuse me.

There's a nice vibe in your eyes.

What's your name?

Let's go, we'll talk outside.

Don't even think of drinking!

Your friend seems free spirited.

Is she also in the arts?

Wanna grab a drink somewhere?

No, let's just call it a night.

You're late.

Were you drinking?

Everyone is talking about the trial.

I guess everyone's
gloating over my misery.

Not you, but Mr. JANG's
win was the main subject.

I heard you're working at Yumin.

So you're not sharing
work with me anymore?

I just started.

You've been busy with
the trial lately, haven't you?

Who did you hear it from?

Can you arrange a
meeting with YOO Jihyeon?

I need to copy YOO Jihyeon's
work for this exhibition.

But you never liked his work.

Beggars can't be choosers

I have to pay $30,000 for compensation.

I need to sell something.

How about telling Soyoung to leave?


You told her to stay.

I keep seeing her as a woman.

I see you're a man after all.

Okay, I'll tell her to leave.

Is there anything you want to tell me?


Like what?

You must have something to say, right?

I don't either.


There is one thing.

But it all depends on you.

I knew it!

Good, it's enough to shut them up.

See? Didn't I say you've
got talent in this area?

I don't think I could do it once more.

Don't ask me again.

Good job.

Have more.

It's dropping…

Have more.



We'll take her to the family gravesite.


She should have treated
him better when he was alive.

Is it your wife?


You seem to get along with your wife.

Not really.

You'll see when you reach my age.

What we have is friendship.



I heard you were working here.

You know Ms. YOON?

Of course.

He kept nagging me in
university for being a bad writer.

Since you're eating,
should I come back?

No, no, I'm done.

Take your time and finish it.

Let's go.

Call me.

Too cheap to buy a new plate?

Why is he always giving me leftovers?

Friendship, my ass.





Mr. SEO.

Did you clear out this computer?

I can't find any files on it.


I have no idea.

Yes, hello?

Ah, yes.

Yes, we're on it.

Yes, I have a question.

Can you restore the data on a GPS chip?

About a month.

I'm SUN Woojung.

Yes, nice to meet you
I heard a lot about you.

Have a seat.


Thank you.

You're truly a beauty as I've heard.

I've only got 30 mins
until another appointment.

Shall we then get to the point?

I wanted to tell you in person.

I've always been a big fan of yours.

Especially your C series.


You like hair?

How nice, how nice and all,

but I guess you're not the normal kind.

Ah, sorry, sorry about that.


May I appropriate your
series for the exhibition?

I wanted to ask for your permission.

Okay, you can do that.

Thank you.

But Ms. SUN, how old are you now?

Oh, oh.

Which university did you go to?

Ewha Univ., majored in Western Painting.


Your attitude was from
your powerful alumni.


It's all okay


if you'd let me be a bit condescending,

for veterans like you and me,

who's been this scene for years

should know better, right?

You could label it as appropriation,

but you're just deluding yourself,

and using this as an excuse.


I'm not really sure what you mean.

Yeah, you can take
from my work, no big deal,

but isn't it hard to live like this?

Are you a psycho?

After all you've been through,
shouldn't you seek another path?

You're not someone who can create art.

I am saying this from
the bottom of my heart.


You're right.

That didn't take long?

What did he say?

I'm laying low for the time
being, so don't try to reach me.


Ms. SUN!


I just couldn't reach you.

When can I get your draft?

Mr. SEO.

You know Ms. SUN, don't you?

It's been a while.

I was going to
contact you for the draft.

I had an appointment here.

For this exhibition,

we'd like to use Ms. SUN's
work as our pitching point.

What do you think?

With something that
hasn't even been made?

If that's what you wish.

You're quite talkative today.

How could you kick them out like that?

They're good kids.

Eat while you're at it.

Didn't I tell you?

You're way far from artist.

Every Tom, Dick,
Harry says they are artist.

Yeah, Jinyoung.

So when are you coming?

It's been days since
you said you'd come.

Why are you doing this to me?!

It's been days since I
said take her with you!

Why did you come to me?

Haven't I told you 10 years ago, I
never wanted to see you again?!

Back then, you said the same thing,

that I should quit art.

You think you're the only
one who has a mouth?

I can say it too, you know?

That you're a crazy junkie bitch!


You might be able to quit as you wish,

but not me.

This is all I've got with
nowhere to go if I quit.

It's a do or die situation
for me, you know?

So try to be a bit
more civil, will you?

I had no idea you've been
holding so much against me.


I'll fuck off.

Have a good life.


Mr. SEO.

What about Ms. SUN?

You haven't talked
to her yet, have you?

No, why?

I did okay her as a guest artist,

but with the trial results, it
won't be good to work with her.

It'll just cause a negative buzz.

How about we just not
mention our project to her?

At least we should talk to her.

If she finds out later,

we'll look really bad.

She wouldn't side with us, would she?

I don't know.

I'm curious myself.

Where are you going?

It's none of your business.

It's unlikely we'll be
seeing each other again,

so, how about a drink?


You said you were childhood
friends with Woojung, right?

What was she like?

She's no friend of mine.

Ask her yourself I don't
want to waste my time.

She never talks about herself.

You're the first
friend of hers I've met.

She was a cheap rubber shoe to me.

What's that?

Even shoes have class.

My favorite kind is Jimmy Choo.

Next is Louboutin.

And the next is Valentino.

There's about 10 different classes.

Where do you think a
cheap rubber shoe ranks?

I don't know.

I'm not familiar with women's shoes.

You don't need to know to answer that.

No designer shoe shelf
would carry cheap rubber shoes.

There are 2 kinds
of 'have nots' like her.

Those who ask for more,

and those who are too
proud to take anything.

She was none of these kinds.

She's too proud, but
still takes what's offered.

Woojung's living
here for free, isn't she.

She did the same thing 10 years ago.

After her family went broke,

she came to stay for 3
days, which turned into 3 years.

Using my makeup,

wearing my clothes.

Sometimes I'd be confused
if I'm her or she's me.

Be careful.

She pretends she's your
maid and then leeches off you.

She can stab you in the
back with a smile on her face.

Don't say I never warned you.

By the way, Soyoung!

Why are you suddenly
acting like a friend?


am I pissing you off?

I'm sorry.


Why were you secretly taping us?

You planned this with
someone, didn't you?

What a load of bullshit.

How many times do I have
to tell you, it was just me!

In case she's caught cheating,
she needed insurance…

Awe, fuck…

Why did you do it?

Were you two playing me?

-Mr. SEO -Ms. SUN.

You first.

No, you go first.

I'll hear you out first.

In case me and
Hyeongjoong were drowning,

who would you save first?

Who would you save? Me or your wife?

I am going to turn the
Yumin Gallery inside out.

Boycott the exhibition,

and present an anti-Yumin
performance with young artists.

If both were drowning, I
will save you, Ms. SUN.

How about you?

Is it me or KIM Hyeongjoong?

Thank you.

Take a look.

You could've just told me,

why did you have to show it to me?

What for?

What do you want me to do?

Did you tell Soyoung to seduce me?

Is that what she said?

Actually seeing it is
like a slap in the face.

Like a bad soap opera.

Okay, let's call it quits.

What's more to say?

It was nice knowing you for 3 years.

I'll just pack my bags and leave.

But I'll have to use the studio for now.

Give me 2 months tops.


I no longer care who you're
seeing or what secrets you have.

Let's just wipe the slate clean.

I realized as I was
getting it on with Soyoung,

that you're the only one for me.

Just trust me.

I'll take care of everything.

Yes, I do understand.

We'll have to accept it.


This is your work Ms. TAK, isn't it?


So what?

I went to this exhibition, too.

When Dan said it was by his
wife, I assumed you to be British.

Turns out you're Korean

and Ms. SUN's friend…

What a small world.

Friend my ass.

That's over.

Why bring that up? That was 5 years ago.

I'm no artist.

I'm planning an exhibition
that's quite unconventional.

I'd like you to participate, Ms. TAK.

You want me to paint?

What for?

Tell SUN Woojung to do it.

It's been ages since I quit.

I'm going to ask Ms. SUN as well.

Both of you need to participate

for it to be a complete project.

I'm working I'll call you later.

I'm in front of your studio.

This won't take long.

It's quite chilly outside,

isn't it?

You'll be shocked to
know whom I just met.

I'm going to get on the side of
KIM Hyeongjoong and YOO Jihyeon.

About the few encounters we had,

I'd like you to forget it even happened.

Why so suddenly?

Did something happen?

You said it yourself.

That it'll help my career
to align with Yumin.

I'm sick of fighting
this hard to create art.

At the end they'll cut you
out You okay with that?

They'll be merciless when
they no longer need you.

Or maybe not?

Will KIM Hyeongjoong
keep that from happening?

I'll keep the offer open.

If anything happens there,

you're always welcome here.

What could happen to me?!

Listen carefully.

I only slept with you because you
were the Chief Curator at Yumin.

If it wasn't for that,
you'd be nothing to me.

Without that, you're nothing.

Just dickless.

I'd rather die than go
there, so don't call me again

1 month later.



Wow, nice.


Yes, it is.


Hey, Ms. SUN.

Your work this time is great.

It was worth all the trouble.

Why focus on appropriation in
art when you can be this good?

You won't appropriate
work anymore, will you?

For the last time, I'd like to do yours.

You already gave me
the permission, right?

You're quite persistent, aren't you?

I like that.

Let's go.

Ms. SUN!


I love your work.

Thank you.

Good to see you again.

Why are you here together?

Flirting with each other?

Ow, Ms. SUN, you're hurting me…

Hyeongjoong asked me to come.


Since when did you drop the 'senior'?

She's writing the daily
coverage of our exhibition.

Jihyeon asked her to work for us.

Is that so?

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I almost got mad thinking
she was trying to seduce you.

You've got a really
strong grip, Ms. SUN

I almost died of pain.

I know,

I was getting all pumped up.



Our Young Artists Coalition of 20,

in light of managing the gallery
to increase corporate secret funds,

and delaying payment of staff wages

we denounce Yumin Art Gallery

I did the same thing 10 years ago

and they're still doing it.

To artists who cater to the powerful,

we refuse to overlook
your decaying spirit.

Self-reflection is something

we strongly recommend.

Hey, SUN!

Why am I here?

To congratulate my friend's exhibition

I even brought a gift.

That's it.

That's your gift.

Our Young Artists Coalition,

cries out to a world filled with fakes,

as a warning to the plagiarism culture

and shameful artists living off it



Artist TAK Soyoung.

Artist TAK Soyoung invited
by the Young Artists Coalition,

has completed this
piece to send a warning

to plagiarism culture.

Nice work.

TAK Soyoung still has it.

I always worked faster than you.

You think I'd care?

You two over there!

Gallery Director Ms.
KIM and Mr. YOO Jihyeon.

I passed on your corporate
credit card statement to the press

I think by tomorrow,

your phones will be on fire.

Thank you for bombing
our exhibition, Mr. SEO.

Since you're here,

I'd like to show you
something this time.

You met Ms. SUN on this day
at the gallery café, didn't you?

Where did you both go
after you left the café?

You went to a bar.

Then the Sky Hotel.

What did you do at the hotel?

Wow, it's out.


I knew he had a knife up his sleeve.

Why don't you explain yourself?

Before I play the next video.

What are you doing? Are you nuts?

What's her deal?

Were you behind this too?

The guide dog farm in Yongin!

The paintings you hid
at the foundation school.

You bought them all
with corporate funds,

which are an enormous amount.

So, how did I find out?

Ms. SUN gave me all of
Hyeongjoong's personal details

ID, password, social
security no., everything.

I guess I was really loved

by this woman.

Where are you going, SUN?!

Everyone here,

now knows about your affair.

You can't just leave like this.

Ms. SUN here,

was a poor girl when
she was in high school

her family suddenly went broke,

her mother,

earned money as a cleaning
lady to pay her atelier fees.

But then she wanted to
go to a prestigious university.

We traveled to Seoul
together to take the skill test,

and we starting
drinking during the day,

and without any sleep,
we went to the test site.

Suddenly she asked me,

if we could,

swap our exam ID slips.

At the time, my only
wish was to piss off

my fucking dad!

I refused to satisfy his ego
by entering this university.


I passed with SUN
Woojung's exam ID slip,

and SUN with my ID, failed.

I got her into Ewha Univ.

And now she's being
treated as an artist.

Life can be funny, right?

Everything's a lie.

She's been using
drugs since high school.

She returned from the UK a few days ago

where she escaped
from a mental institution.

You see her shot marks?

You did it with me
when I was taking drugs.

You think I wouldn't know you
painted that after smoking pot?

You're right.


but this is also a part of my work.

You have to sell your
soul to be a true artist.

If it's for the sake of art.

When someone's dying,

at first they deny it and get angry.

Why is this happening to me.

No, it's just a bad dream.

It was the same for me.

It was painful.

All kinds of thoughts
went through my mind.

But frankly speaking, I'm
glad it came down to this

I forged my way into a university

living in fear for the past 15 years.

To think positively, Soyoung helped me.

It's like she slapped
me when I needed to cry.

If so,

why did you write this?

Isn't it because you wanted
to fuck everyone here over?

Your story doesn't match up.

From a basement room
without any heating,

where I survived on
instant noodles for a month,


I clicked on a mega
sale coupon by accident

and came across that news report.

Everyone there that
day were in the photo.

Young Artists Coalition's SEO Jinho.

Appointed Deputy
Director of Yumin Art Gallery.


In an interview, Chief Curator
KIM Hyeongjoong stated…

These clowns were
having a fucking ball.

It all started with a
single hateful comment,

but I just couldn't stop.

Then I decided.

- I should also give him a gift.

Why did you ask to see me?

It was last year that I
failed the literary contest.

All artists talk about is
money when they get together.

All businessmen talk about
is art when they get together.

When I was young, I
tried to imitate Kafka, but…

I have a part-time job I need to go to.

Can you make it short?

I read your script again, Ms. SUN.

To be honest, your writing's so so.

It's not great,

but there's something there.

Something good.

I want to sign you up.

On one condition,

that you use their real names.

And not change a single thing.

This is a fiction.

It's not 100% true.

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if
it's 100% true or not,

just that it's based on a true story.

Who knows?

Thanks to this story,

maybe you can turn your life around.

Woojung bowed low as
she apologized to them.

As she sashayed out,

Woojung recalled their names

one by one.

Adulterer, SEO Jinho.


The washed-out YOO Jihyeon.

Money launderer, KIM Boryung.

Small-time journalist, YOON Seonye.

And the pathetic human being,

KIM Hyeongjoong.


They had no idea.

That Woojung was just
hiding her claws for now.

As she walked out,
Woojung saw the world on fire.

It was Sodom and Gomorrah,

right before the Tower
of Babel collapsed.

Your name?

I guess you really like me,

to write a book about me.

I'm leaving for the UK tomorrow.

I was packing when I decided to stop by

I was going to send this in the mail.



And mine.


I'm sorry for everything.

Hope to see you before we're dead.


And if you need to have
an affair again, call me.

I'll make sure to coach you well.

Your name?

KIM Soojin.