The Snitch Cartel (2011) - full transcript

Martin Gonzalez is a lower class boy who discovers the world of drug trafficking in the way to upward mobility fundamentally to win the love of Sophia, a good girl, a priori unattainable, which is his love since childhood. His boldness, unconsciousness and youth lead him to become active and vital part of the dangerous "Cartel Norte del Valle", a criminal organization that defines itself as a bloodthirsty and powerful device that overcame the Cali Cartel in cunning military power of corruption and economic strength. Several years of drug and appropriate (bad) friends helped Martin to move up the syndicate, and finally getting the attention of Sofia and win her love.

Based on the book
El Cartel de los Sapos by Andrés López

and the characters in El Cartel,
the Caracol Television series




I swore to her
that I would never kill anyone.

That's what I promised her.

How did I get here?

How did this day come?

My name is Martín Gonzales.
They call me "Fresita."

Like many before me,
this story begins with someone...

...picking cocaine leaves
in the Colombian jungle.


All right, let's begin.

We are in Cali, Colombia.
It is 1993.

I am at the wedding of Pepe,
my best friend, business partner...

...and the reason why
I got into drug trafficking ten years ago.

At that time,
there were two important Cartels:

the Medellin Cartel,
led by Pablo Escobar...

...and ours, the Cali Cartel.

Both Cartels were at war,
so we always had to watch our backs.

Son, before you learn to speak,
you have to learn to dance.

This is boring.
Let's get this party started!

- Should I get the Mariachis?
- Forget them! Pay attention.

This is how you get
a party started!

Bunch of assholes!

Long live my brother Pepe!


Pay attention, boys.
This cutting cocaine thing isn't easy.

- Don Oscar, but what do we cut it with?
- With flour, with...

Shut up and pay attention!
With flour, with chalk, with anything.

Come on, Oscar.
Stop getting the kids into trouble.

From 1 kilo, you will get
1 1/3 kilos. No more.

If you get more, you fucked up.
Don't be greedy. Keep the client happy.

You cut it, others are going to cut it,
so what do you have left?

If you want to be in this business,
you have to buy socks.

- You can't go around looking like fools.
- Fools?

Listen! If you want people to fear
and respect you, you have to dress right.

Everything comes in
through the eyes.

In this business, you have to stand
in front of a lot of people.

Fresita, with those eyes and a nice shirt,
you're going to get all the pussy.

No, Don Oscar.
I just want one.

- Look at this idiot. He's in love.
- You fool.

That's Sofía, the girl I've been
in love with my entire life.

Damn, she's fine!


Don't be a bum.
She's a good girl.

You've had me out here
hung-over for three hours!

You should pick up a better chick.
That bimbo doesn't even give you a glance.

Just because you only like skanks,
it doesn't make her a bimbo!

Why are you such a pig?

There she is.
Look! That's right stupid.

Seriously, look!

Wow. Sophie got hot.

- Who's that? Her boyfriend?
- No, it's just her friend from school.

Friend? Listen to this idiot.
You're the friend.

An imaginary one at that.

He's the trophy,
and you're the dirty little secret.

Dude, with those clothes,
they're never going to let you in there.

Listen, that girl is a princess,
the queen of her castle.

Don't take this the wrong way,
but you're a rat. Hey mama, look up here!

My friend wants to meet you!
Up here!

Get up asshole, she's about to leave.
Won't you invite her to my wedding?


What? You make me wait here for
three hours to tell me that?

At least kick the shit out
that asshole. Asshole!

You pussy!

Who else?

Don't tell me you're
like this because of that bimbo!

No, I'm fine.
I just have a headache.

That's because you're
not fucking stupid.

- Stop being so annoying!
- Martín, listen to me, no listen!


Chicks like Sofía
aren't for people like you and me.

We're drug dealers, Martín.

We're not doctors or dentists.
We're drug dealers.

When you get that through your head,
you'll stop suffering.

Get up, asshole! I just got married!
Get up! Let's celebrate.

Are you gonna make me kick your ass?
Come on and make me!

When Pepe got married,
we were living a great moment.

We had the world
at our fingertips.

We were in business.
We were all friends.

We sent massive drug shipments
to the U.S.A.

Except for the war
with Pablo Escobar...

...we were the kings of the world.

The Mambo Kings,
as they used to say.

What's up, Cabo?

I don't know, Guadaña.

Something doesn't feel right.

Move, son.
Where is Pepe?



What a great gift!
Oh, man!

Let's see what kind of stud
we're talking about.

Smell it, baby!
Smell it!

Get that cow out of here
and bring the next present! Let's see it!

Look son,
with a lot of love, you hear?

- Open up!
- What is it?

Open it, man!
Don't be so paranoid.

All right! Let's see.


Your firstborn!
Your firstborn!

- Where did you get this motherfucker?
- Your firstborn!

What a great doll!
Where do the batteries go?

Baby, come say hi to your son,
come on. Look at him!

Do you know why the war
between the Cartels started?

Because of a woman.

A guy from the Cali Cartel had an affair with
the woman of a guy from the Medellín Cartel.

Pablo Escobar asked for his head,
but we refused.

So the war started.


I hope that will be enough
to get Escobar off our backs.

When we need more, I'll let you know.
This could get complicated.

My head was somewhere else.

Excuse me, ladies.
I'm late for class.

- Hey.
- What are you doing here?

I was driving by and I thought
to myself, "I should study."

You should.

How are you girls doing?

Wait for me out there,
but don't leave without me.

- Why do you look so good?
- What do you want?

You smell good.

- What was our deal?
- Nice.

- What?
- What?

Why are you here?

Because I wanted to see you.

I was dying to see you.
Let's go grab a bite, or...

...what do you want to do?

I can't.
I have to go home and study.

- Ok, let's go. I'll take you.
- No.

You know I can't show up
at my house with you...

...and you can't come here
to look for me either.

- So?
- I have to go. Bye.

Hold on a sec.

- I brought you something.
- Put that away.

- Are you embarrassed? Open it.
- Don't bring me things at school...

...and don't send things
to my house.


When are we going out?

I said I can't.

I can't, Martín.
How can I make you understand that?

What time? Where?

At 8:00.


How nice.

Guadañita, for you, man.
She's lactating.

My God, what a beautiful thing!
Where did you get her?

Were you simmering in the kitchen?

Gentlemen! Listen up!

A toast... that piece of shit
that was making our lives a living hell!

Now he is in hell!


I'll be right back.


- Hello, sir.
- Fresita.

We are celebrating.

Come down to the farm.

Let me guess.

It was the office
at 1:00 in the morning.

And you have to go.

Something came up.

I don't know anyone
that has something come up at this hour.

As far as I know,
you're not a doctor.

Martín, what are you
involved with?

You know I'm a businessman.

What kind of business
are you in?

All kinds of things.

- Cars, motorcycles, bicycles...
- Guns?


Why would you say that?

- Why?
- You think I was born yesterday?

You don't just leave me in the middle
of the dance floor to answer the phone.

- You have to take care of me!
- Hold on...

What? Why did you
bring me here?

- Relax. Come.
- Tell me.

- Let's dance the last song.
- What are you talking about?

What do you want? Why do you ask me out?
You always do this!

I want to be with you.

You're the most important thing to me
and that's what matters.

- Relax...
- Don't touch me.

I can really tell how
important I am to you.

When you have the balls to tell me
the truth, call me.

In the meantime
don't come near me!

Listen, Grillo.

Have you thought about how far
we're gonna go with all this?

Have you thought about it?

I think you and I
are gonna end up... as hell.

We're pussies if we don't.

Being friends with all these bosses.

I'm gonna tell you something Martín... friend, these mother
fuckers better watch out.

Pablo Escobar can come back from
the dead and even he better watch out.

My own brother is gonna have
to kiss my ass.

I'm gonna have a conversation
with God.

Carmen. God uses
her ass to speak to me.

What did you assholes
do with Carmen?

I love those flowers.

Who are they for?

You will catch a cold.
Take your shirt off.

This is the other woman in my life.
May she forgive me for not naming her first.

My Grandmother.

My family.
She was my mother, my father.

She stood behind me,
even though she hated what I was doing.

The harbor of Buenaventura, where drugs
were leaving from, was well guarded.

So Pepe and I were looking for
a better way to send the drugs.

Where we would make more
money and cut the Mexicans out.

All right, Pepe. So, tell me,
what's this deal you keep going on about?

Listen up. First, you're crazy,
giving the Mexicans work.

They're paying you
with your own money...

...from your coke,
from your kitchen.

And this bullshit of sending tiny planes
with 1000 kilos. That's not gonna work.

Hold your horses! This shipment
was already promised to the Mexicans.

Break your promise.

These guys pay for 6000 kilos every 30 days.
We'll pay you every 7.

If you do the math, that's a margin
increase of 23.2%. You follow?

Add to that the fact that...

...the Mexicans cry about everything,
their crates, their fajitas,

We're gonna pay you
an extra five hundred a kilo.

Do the math again and
now your margin is up 108.3%.

Plus, I'll throw in the pilot
for free who charges 11%.

That puts the margin at 148.3%...

...more than you're making with
the Mexicans. What do you think?

Hey, how does this thing work?

Don't worry, Oscar.

No, there is no problem, seriously.
Goodbye, Oscar.

That motherfucker...

Fuck him!

All set, uncle.

Everything at the airport is good to go.
Whatever we need.

Don't worry about it.


Fucking Colombians
cancelled the shipment.

- What happened?
- I don't know! He just canceled it!

- Damn it!
- So?

So we have to cancel the airport,
the captain and the plane.

Go, hurry up!

You're so cheap.

At least hire some people
to help us load this shit.

Not cheap, cautious.
There's a difference.

The less amount of people
that know about this the better.

- What about when we take it to Miami?
- Listen to him. Are you stupid?

Do you think I've been shopping
for eight days?

Don't worry about it.
I have everything ready.

All right, but come help.

What don't you understand about
me having a small hernia in my back!?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I MISS YOU. Martín

- We have to put in a little extra work.
- We have to?

Yes. Coke doesn't have legs.
We can't teach it to walk.

I'll tell you something else,
this route is perfect...

...because it's discrete, understand?

We'll be suck on this titty
for two or three years...

And the boat? It's poetry in motion.
Did you think we were going in a canoe?

This is American gold, my friend.

Stop, stop.

Put it in there!

Where are you going?

- Watch out!
- Don't worry!

Relax, dude!


That was lovely.

Before 9/11 sending money through
the airport from Miami to Colombia...

...was as easy as spending it.

Ten hundreds to a guy in Miami...

...five to another guy in Cali,
and mission accomplished.

- Cool!
- Here!

This motherfucker.

Come here, Fresita!

You're learning fast.

That's right. Keep coming.

Fine. Follow my voice.


Here, here. Come here.

- Martín!
- Okay, stop.




That house you see there... yours.

That car is also yours.

I am yours.

I'll show you the rest of the house, dear.
There are four bedrooms here, right?

Since we'll have a bunch of kids,
we can put one in each room.

If we want to have more, we can build
a tall tower over there to put the rest.

You know,
where we can keep all our kids.

Look at this pool, for example.
I already want to rebuild this.

We can make it
about 12 feet longer that way.

If this house is too small,
we can buy another.

I will buy you whatever you want.
What do you want?

I don't want to suffer.

I'm not gonna
let you suffer, my love.

I want you to be
the happiest woman in the world.

I don't want you to worry about anything.
I will always take care of you.


You know, I've been thinking...

...and I want to get out of this business
so we can live in peace.


I don't wanna live without you.
I can't...


I promise.


Sofía is a name of Greek origin
that means "wisdom."

They say that people named Sofía
have strong personalities.

They are kind, easy-going...

...gentle, well mannered, and sharp.

And they like everything
that is pure and luminous...

...two qualities I didn't have
at the time.

With Escobar dead,
the heat was back on us.

The Colombian government signed
an extradition agreement with the U.S.A... send drug dealers
to American prisons.

Heads of the Cali Cartel made a decision
that could've changed everything.

First of all, Don Oscar,
thank you for coming to my house.

Excuse us.

With all of your people.

Of course.
We did exactly as you asked.

I called all of you down here
to make you a proposition.

It is something that will change...

...the course of our lives
and the history...

...of this country.

Today we want to dismantle
the drug trade in Colombia.

This, of course, comes with
some very important guarantees for us.

We've already talked
to the District Attorney.

Hold on a minute.

It's one thing for you
to make a proposition...

...and another for you to tell us
that we have to end the drug trade.

Will someone please clear that up?

Don Oscar, this business
has to come to an end.

It's the best thing for all of us.

We only have to serve out
a short prison sentence.

Five years maximum.

The government is even going
to let us keep our money...

...without having to pay any taxes.

With such guarantees...

...why would we keep trafficking?

I know that
what you're saying is good.

But just because you made
a deal with the D.A...

...doesn't mean we have to stop
doing what we do. Right?

Why don't you speak up, son?
Let us all hear you.

What was I gonna say?

I admire and respect you, but...'s easy to retire
when you're already rich.

What about us?
We're just starting out.

I didn't go to school,
and I'm not going back now.

I also don't agree.

I owe a lot of money
from my production.

Who's going to be
responsible for that?

The money you have now
is not enough?

Of course it's enough.

But why would I pay it out
if I don't have to?

All of us here
have a lot of debt.

If your proposition
includes you paying them...

Listen, son, no one here is going
to pay the debts of anyone.

In a couple of days,
the business is over.

Don Oscar, when this meeting is over,
I ask you to talk to your people.

Well, I'm afraid will have
to do it yourself.


Here they are.

Excuse me.

Anyone else?

You know how we fix this?


We can't let our guard down.

Guadañita is right, Don Oscar.

This got sour and we need
to take them out of circulation.

- We will not solve this with guns.
- Don Oscar.

Don Leonardo...

A minute, please.

Listen, if you want to stay
in the business, fine...

...but do it outside of Cali.

Not in our city.

Since when do you own this city,
Don Leonardo?

With all due respect.

I know you. You're not looking
to start any problems with us.

I know you feel the same way.

Fortunately, Colombia and the Valley
are big enough for the both of us.

Don Oscar had become so powerful that
he faced the top bosses of the Cali cartel.

That is how the Cartel del Norte del Valle
was officially born.

- With it came another power struggle.
- My proposal is simple.

I am under pressure
from the competition.

They don't let me work in peace.

They are affecting my business.

That is why...

...I would like for them to travel.

A tour or something temporary?

National Police! Hands up!


A paid vacation.

A permanent visa would be nice.
A resident visa, for example.

Mr. Nacho Soto Mayor?

Can I finish eating?

How much is a
permanent resident visa?

We have always
come to an agreement.

I like doing business with you.

By handing the Cali bosses over to
the police, Don Oscar was winning the war...

...and we were gaining confidence.

Then our biggest adversary
came into the picture:

the DEA.

Becoming a snitch is easy.

First, you have to tell them everything
you know in exchange for future benefits.

Then you negotiate your sentence,
and hand over most of your money...

...and finally,
you agree to protective custody.

The temptation was great...

...for a lot of people, even if it meant
looking over their shoulder...

...for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for cooperating.


In the meantime, I repeat the same thing
to myself 33,000 times a day:

pure and luminous,
pure and luminous...

...pure and luminous,
pure and luminous, pure and luminous...

- What is this asshole's problem?
- Shut up.

I can't hear what he's saying.
He talks really fast.

- What is he saying?
- This piece of shit is pissing me off.

- What does he want?
- Quiet!

Tell me.
What did he say?

I'll explain everything.

Check it out: 21 karats.

Figures. You start doing well
and you start showing off.

What do you mean?
I don't work in a bank. I'm a thug.

I am serious, Pepe.
Stop fooling around.

Take off all of those chains.
I don't want you showing off.

The Mexicans are fuming
because I didn't send them that shipment.

I'm sending them a boat
with 15 tons of coke.

- What?
- How many?

15,000 kilos, son.
That's how this business works.

You bet small, you win small.
You bet big, you win big.

- What about us?
- Like wet dogs, outside looking in.

That's why I called you.

I want you to go in
with me, 50/50.

Are you serious?

I'm very serious.

Let's do it! But we're low on cash right now.
This is what we can do.

We put down $3 million,
and you put up the other $3 million.

- Damn it.
- What do you think, bro?

That's why you're the boss.

I promised Sofía that
I was getting out of the business...

...but every day
I was getting in deeper.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Can you explain what Oscar Cadena's boat
is doing on my ocean?

This is a fishing boat, sir.

Get the shipment out of the cabin,
kill these assholes, and sink the boat.

No, Pepe!
That is not how things work.

You cannot tell me you lost it,

it got confiscated,
or someone stole it.

This is a serious business,
and you have to own up.

You and Martín have one month
to get me my money.

One month! Goodbye!
I will see you here.

Pure and luminous,
pure and luminous...

Pure and luminous,
pure and luminous...

Can you pass me the lime,
my love?

Someone came
by here yesterday.


Someone asking about you.

They said
you owe them money.


Did they hurt you?

They came for the deed
of the house.

What house?

This one.
The only one I have.

What did they look like?

They were thugs.
Like you.

What's going on, bro?

Aren't we supposed to have a month
to pay your brother back?

Someone shook my grandma down.
My grandma!

- Who's the asshole?
- How the fuck would I know?

Why do you think
I'm looking for your ass?

For once in your life,
stop acting like such a little bitch.

Don't fuck with me
right now, asshole.



Come over here.

- Just tell me, man.
- Come over here.


Did you hear the DEA
came down on Hugo?


Supposedly they offered him a deal
to lower his sentence.

Said they would get his family
a house in Miami.



Now what?

"Now what?"

Now we celebrate the fact that
that piece of shit is dead.



Celebrate what, asshole?

I just told you someone went
to my grandmother's house!

Celebrate what, motherfucker?

Pure and luminous,
pure and luminous...

...pure and luminous...

Pack that shit well. I don't have
any cash right now, but pack it up.

Don Pepe,
I'll have to ask Don Oscar.

You call him. You're the one
that's gonna get it. Call him.

He's actually calling.

We're going from bad to worse.

You're like a porcelain thug.
You get dropped and you break.

My brother gave us a month
to pay him back. What else we can do?

You gonna sell the house
you bought that bimbo? Your car?

The only thing
you know how to do is this.

A thug's debt gets paid with thug's work.
We do this deal...

...and pray we have something left.
Maybe we get up from this one.

- How do we do it?
- With the Mexicans.

- They pay $6,000 a kilo.
- What? Did you forget what happened?

If you're afraid,
then let's stay home.

Why don't you call the Mexicans?
You're the one who knows them.


Son of a bitch!

Don't even think about asking me
for the car again!

- Now what?
- I don't know. Let's sell the house.

Don Oscar found out
that Don Nacho...

...escaped from prison
and had plans to kill him.

Fuck you!

Hello, Emanuel.

Don Leonardo.


Excuse me.

Come in.

Hey, Cabito.

Nice to see you, sir.

What are you thinking?

Do you want to start a war?

War is what they got.

I can't wait till this comes through
and we each buy a plane... we can smoke weed in it.
Yo, mama!

Come here!
What's going on with the food?

Do we have to wait
for these assholes to get hungry?

No, sir, in a few minutes,
we will begin our services.

If she's not back soon, I'm gonna
go up there for some self service.

Damn, what's that smell?
Are you nervous or something?

Pepe was the top boss' brother,
and that's what was saving his ass.

I, on the other hand,
was already planning my own funeral.

We needed help
getting rid of our debt...

...and we were both desperate enough
to ask the enemy for help.

Do you know what I like
about this restaurant?

That it's nice and calm.
All the customers are serene.

Well, getting back to our business,

I'll buy the merchandise here
but nothing else.

Well, Don Modesto,
we were thinking that maybe...

...we could pick up
some cargo here in Mexico...

...and we could go in as partners
when it crosses the border.

That is exactly what cannot happen.
I work alone.

- Don Modesto...
- Stop.

That's final.

Waiter! Come here.

Take this money.

Pay everyone's bill.
You can keep the rest as a tip.

Go. Courtesy of Modesto.

We also ask you
about something else.

I don't know if you heard, but a few days ago
we lost a shipment in these waters.

- Do you know anything about it?
- Yes, yes.


Here in Mexico
we call that "sinking."

Of course.

Since these are your waters.
I mean you control them, we thought...

- You don't believe me?
- Of course we do!

He means since that was my brother's boat,
there was a lot of money invested...

You don't believe me.

No, sir, we believe you.

Okay, enough!

Gentlemen, I'm leaving.

- Goodbye.
- Bye, sir.

The bill is settled, but in Oscar's name,
you two will pay for my meal.

- Of course, sir. It's our pleasure.
- Bye.

Let's go.

- Old faggot fuck.
- Shut up, you idiot.

Listen, man, you know
who I have to deal with.

500 kilos isn't enough
for the truck driver.

God is the one that makes
miracles happen, not me.

500 kilos. Listen to this guy.
We're not street dealers.

We have to go in with
at least--at least 1500.

1500 is another conversation.
With 1500 we can make something happen.

Where are we gonna
get 1500 kilos?

His name is Grenade.
Guadaña gave him to me.

- It's perfect.
- Right?

For Christmas dinner.

No, I kind of like him.
I'm thinking of keeping him as a mascot.

Watch, he listens.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand, motherfucker!

I think I can train him
in a month.

Cabo, listen...
We were thinking...

What are the odds of you doing
a little business with us?

Eat shit.

A business deal?

You still owe Don Oscar
a lot of money.

Come on, man. You know
I'm gonna come through for you.

We need you to lend us
a couple kilos to do a run.

Get some cash to take our girlfriends out
to suck on some lollipops.

How much?

With like 1500,
I think we're good.


Come on. You're gonna
hold on to 1500 kilos?

You have that shit under your mattress.
Come on, man.

Aren't you gonna
say anything, Fresita?

Borrow us that shit, Cabo.
You know I'll come through. I'm your guy.

- I really wanted to see you.
- How bad?

- Really bad.
- Oh, yeah?

Me, too.

I love you.

Is it good?

Nasty. Get that shit
out of my face.

- How is it?
- Pure and luminous.

"Pure and luminous"?

Any way you can think of
to get cocaine into the United States... can be sure it has been tried
by a drug trafficker.

Cars, submarines,
airplanes, helicopters..., trucks, tunnels,
and the classic one:

a set of balls big enough to take it
over the border yourself, like we were doing.

While we were in Tijuana,
crossing the border... Colombia,
Don Oscar was turning himself in.

Just like he'd agreed to do
with Colonel Ramiro Gutierrez.

I need to speak to you.

I want to be with you.
I miss you too much.

Did you get the flowers I sent?

I don't want your flowers. I want you
to come home, to be here with me.

What's wrong, my love?
I'll be back soon. Two or three days.

- You said that last week.
- I promise. I'll be home soon.

Don't make promises.

I really need to talk to you.
If you really care, come home now.

Holy Mary, Mother of God...

...pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


Shit! Motherfucker!
No! Shit!

No! Motherfucker, motherfucker!
Motherfucker, motherfucker!


Are you okay?
What happened?

Dude, what happened?
What is it?

Dude, what is it?
What is it?

They killed my brother,
Goddamn it!


They killed my brother, man.

No way.

They killed my brother.

When people start talking
and giving other people up...

...paranoia sets in
and people start getting killed.

Eventually, your past catches you up.

Don Oscar's past
had a proper name:

Two Wheels.

...and suddenly, the TV signal cut out.

When the signal came back,
America had already lost the game.

This guy, Aguirre Peña,
scored a goal.

Another drink?

If we didn't win, then Cali
wasn't going to win either.

Don Oscar,
this is for my brother, Hugo.

Oh shit.

Pepe went back to Colombia for
his brother's funeral and stayed.

Even though Don Oscar was dead,
I still owed him a lot of money.

In this business people die...

...but debts are inherited.

With Don Oscar dead, El Cabo
stepped in to run the Cartel. owe me?

How can you say that?
Calm down Cabo.

You're putting the cart
before the horse.

Are you selling it by the gram?

I'd prefer if we don't talk
about this over the phone.

Why do you defend this asshole?

Listen, motherfucker!

While you're over there
scratching your balls...

...we're at war down here
waiting for your contribution.

Why do you say that Cabo?

Pepe and we decided
that the money you owed the late...

...Don Oscar is going towards killing all
those faggots and avenging his death.

So get me that money
and get it to me fast.

You'll have to wait, because
we don't have money right now.


Listen to this asshole.

Wait how long?

Don't forget
the fifteen hundred tamales...'re using to make
money for yourself are mine.

I lent those to Pepe temporarily.

When are you gonna give them back?

Or should I take my money
from your paycheck?

What's your problem?

Things around here aren't that easy.
All I need is time.

One week. No more.

What's going on?

All I wanted at that point
was to sell the drugs...

...for as much money as possible
and retire.

So I could finally live
in peace with Sofía.

It's done.

Multiply 1500 by $12,000 and
that's what we can sell it to my boys for.

Dude, if we go to New York
we can sell it for twice as much.

- Are we in New York or LA?
- The money is in New York.

Over there we can sell it for
twelve thousand more per kilo.

And five thousand
miles of risk per kilo.

The real risk was crossing
the border.

We're the ones doing all the work
and the Americans buy it here...

...and sell it there for twice as much.

- Are you American?
- No, but I'm not an idiot either.

- We can get more money of this.
- I've already told you, bro.

- Relax, it's just business.
- That's exactly what I'm saying.

We can sell if for twice as much.
Twice as much.

- Hello?
- Hey, grandma.

- How are you?
- Fine. We're on our way to New York.

What are you doing there?

I have to do a bit of shopping.

I'm calling to ask
for my cousin's address.

I want to stop in.

Okay, this is in Queens right?

Okay, I'll tell them.

Big kiss. I love you.

Me too. Take care.


What's going on, cuz?


What's up?

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Damian.
- Hi, bro.

A friend from Mexico.
Clarita my cousin, Gustavo.

Come in.

- Hey, Amelia.
- Hi.

- Hey, Juan.
- Hi.

- How have you been?
- Good, thanks.

Very nice.

- When is our first meeting tomorrow?
- 11:30, in Brooklyn.


You pray?

You have to give thanks.

- Good to see you.
- You too.

Excuse me, ma'am.
Is Fresita home?

- Martín is not here.
- He's not here?

- No.
- Wait, dude. Hey, dude!

You asshole.

Excuse me.

Sofía, right?


Have you spoken to Fresita?

Because he owes me some money
and he doesn't want to pay up.

He hasn't told me where he is
or when he's coming back.



Hey Cabo...

This is a pretty nice house, huh?

Fresita has good taste.

Cabo, Cabo,
let me take care of this.

Have a nice day.

What's going on, Pepe?

- Nothing's wrong. Relax.
- What do you mean? Tell me.

Martín owes money to Cabo
and he hasn't shown up, so they're worried.

Don't worry.
I'll calm them down.

And, you know, if Martín shows up,
tell him to call me.

Call me, all right?


I'm really sorry
about your brother.


How are you?

Not good.

Come here.

Since he died, its been nothing
but problems, and violence, and debt.


Pepe, let me go.
What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Don't do this, Pepe, please!

No! I beg you.

No, please! Please!


Pepe, I'm pregnant!

Get out of my house.

Your house?
Who do you think you are, cunt?

You're nothing but a drug dealer's wife,
you stupid bitch!

Where is he?

Hey, Martín!

- Ready.
- The money?

Your money is in the trunk.


Colombian, right?

From where?


Where's your gun?

I don't have one.
Calm down.

Don't look at me!

Stay calm.

See what happens,
you fucking cunts!

Piece-of-shit motherfuckers!

Wait, man. Hey!

Let me go!

What's going on?


What do you want?

I'm looking for Sofía.

She doesn't want to see you.

Let her tell me.
Call her, please.

- She doesn't want to see you.
- Call her!


Sofi, come on.

I'm sorry.

I can imagine
how you must feel.

But this was it for me.

It's too late, Martín.

Get this through your head:

I never want to see you again.

- Never.
- Sofi.


Hey, look who's here.

I can't believe it.

The great cunt is back
from Disney World to visit the poor.

What's going on, Fresita?

Were you lost?

Even the pig
was asking about you.

Oh, yeah? He must not be happy
about what you did to him last night.

Here's the money
from the 1500 kilos.

What about my interest?

Come on, Cabo.
At least he brought it.

Don't worry.
Your share is ready, too.


Hey, Fresita.
Fresita, come back.

Where are you going?

We love you around here.

Right, Cabo?

I wanna ask you
for a small favor.

Now that you're going to Mexico...

...bring me back a Mexican outfit.

The hat, the buckle,
and the boots.

To go out and pick up chicks.

Listen to this one: The only things
he picks up are dead bodies.

I can't help you there.
I'm not going to Mexico anytime soon.


- You haven't told him?
- Stop being such a loud mouth.

You haven't told me what?

Fresita, Cabo, and I were thinking,
and we want you to go to Mexico.

You will be our contact up there.
That's the order.

- What?
- We don't want you to lose more shipments.

That I lost?

Are you stupid or something?

First of all, we lost them.
Or don't you remember, asshole?

Second, I'm not going to Mexico
or anywhere else.

I came to tell you that
that was the last run for me.

The last one? That's cute.

This dumb-ass just doesn't get it.

What is it that I don't get,

That you two decided to send me
to Mexico? That I'm an asshole?

That I'm a clown you send
to Mexico? Fuck that.

You're gonna tell me
what to do now?

What's going on, man?
What's going on?

Listen, shit-bag.

I'll get up today.

From now on...'re gonna do whatever
I fuckin' feel like having you do.

From now on,
you breathe because I let you.

You know what else?
You'll never talk back to me again.


- What's going on?
- Go, go, go...

How can I leave it like this?
Cabo! Listen, Cabo!


- Let me talk to him.
- Get out, asshole!

At that moment,
if I wanted to stay alive...

...I had to put my head down
and move to Mexico.

Where are we going?

It's a surprise.

To the restaurant.

You on a diet?

What a great surprise!

No way. Poetry in motion!
How are you my friend?

- You've lost some weight.
- This is great. What's going on?

Listen, fuckers order some double
shots of tequila. Today, we're getting drunk.

Whatever. Come to the balcony
with me a minute.

Listen carefully
and don't ask any questions.

I'm not working with Damian, nor Modesto
or with any of these Mexicans.

Well, I am working with them,
but not actually working.

I'm working, but for some other people.
Through some...

Better yet,
I'm just gonna tell you now.

My brother, I'm a snitch.

- What do you mean?
- Yeah man. Because...

The DEA busted my ass six months ago.
There was nothing I could do.

Now I see you here man
and this changes my plans...

I won't... You're different... I can't do
to you what I'm gonna do to Damian.

I'm in deeper than a prostate exam.

You're fucking with me, right?

Are you crazy? If they find out,
they're gonna chop you up...

...into little pieces and me, just in case.

I know. I didn't have
any other choice.

It was this or go to jail
for the rest of my life.

But I created the problem,
so I also created the solution.

You have to turn yourself in
to the DEA.

What? What the hell
is wrong with you?

Martín, these guys bring your
prison sentence way down.

All you have to do is give up a
shipment here, then another one there.

They're already on top of this shit.

Do you know how many dead are
in Colombia because of snitches?

I know. But we can't stand here
philosophizing about this shit, right?

I'm just telling you
the way it has to be.

Either you come with me
and join the snitches cartel for the DEA...

...or I'm gonna have to tell them
that you're here...

...working with Damian
and all these other Mexicans.

I don't have any other choice,
Martín. I'm sorry.

You're a real a piece of shit,
you know that?

I'm a piece of shit? Why?
Because I told you everything?

I could've stayed quiet
and gotten your ass busted, but I didn't.


This is the piece of shit
that's gonna get you out of the business.

What's going on, Colombians?

What happened
with the fucking tequilas?

Listen to this kid. The tequilas.
You didn't order the tequilas.

Let's go.

Let's have a tequila.
I know I need one. Come on.

We won't give them...

Anestesia tried to convince everybody
to cooperate with the DEA,

to become part of his "Snitch Cartel."

Even though most
closed the door in his face.

- No!
- Let's at least talk about it.

Some accepted the offer.

You give them some money
and some of the routes.

I just listened to the offer that
that guy Anestesia made.

So, you thought it was a great idea
to become a snitch for the DEA?

No, Cabo, man.
How can you even say that?

All Anestesia said was that I had to help out
with two or three things...

...and I would never see the inside of a cell
or give them any of my money.

All the bullshit that piece of shit fed you
and you believed him?

That guy came to my house,
he told me this whole story,

and he fucked with my head a little.

He told me there was a long list of people
interested in working something out.

More than one in Mexico.
Since it's so close, it makes things easier.

Like that kid what's-his-name...





No worries.
I'll be there tomorrow.

So, what did Fresita tell you?

I gave him the address.

He said he'd be there
tomorrow at 3:00.


Now what?

You gotta do what you gotta do.

That's what she said
right before she put it in her mouth.

Guerrero, take care of my piggy.

He's coming.


Hurry up!

- This piece of shit wants a party.
- Come on, asshole!

Get out of here, man.
The cops are coming.

Hey, he's getting away.


Hurry up!

Come on, dude!

What happened, killer?

Now I'm pissed.
Do your thing.

Come on, assholes!

My name is Martín Gonzales.

Just a second...

I want to turn myself in.

Freeze! Police!

This was the only way
to get you to come.

I'm sorry.

Who do you think you are?
Who? Tell me!

Who do you think you are
to do what you want with my life?

What did I tell you?
I told you to never look for me again!


I got myself into
a huge fuckin' mess.

I turned myself into the DEA.
They're gonna put me away.

I hope you rot in that shitty cell.

Half of Cali tried to kill me.
If they don't find me, they'll go after you.

That's why I had
to get you out like that.

I don't want anything
to happen to you.

These are the keys
to this apartment.

You can stay here
as long as you want. It's yours.

Here. An account number
that's under your name.

There's $6 million in there.
Do whatever you want with it.

I don't want your money.
I don't want your apartment.

I don't want anything from you.

I'm sorry.

In Colombia,
things were getting worse and worse.

No one trusted anyone anymore.


Your second dish, sir.

I didn't order a second dish.

I am Modesto!

You know I love you, right?

I love you, too.

A lot.

I really hope
you don't get angry with me.

In one minute,
I won't be here anymore. Promise.



I'd like to ask you to meet me again
when I get out, here in this restaurant.

Well, whatever is left of it.

I want...

I want you to promise me that
when I get out, you're gonna be here.

Give me this last chance.
It's all I'm asking for.

Don't destroy the last bit of hope
I have to see you. Not now.

Let me take it with me to jail.



Now I am writing to you
from here.

From a cell in a federal prison
in the United States.

Today, on my birthday...

...I will celebrate alone once again.

The extradition law sent
a lot of drug traffickers to U.S. prisons,

so destiny put me and Pepe
back in each other's lives.

What's going on,
you rat bastard?

How many people
did you have to snitch on?

I would snitch on the other half of Cali
if I had to, you asshole!

Son of a bitch,
I'm gonna kill your kid.

Piece of shit!
Asshole! Rat bastard!

I'm gonna kill your kid.
Snitch faggot fuck.

I'm gonna kill your kid,

I'm not coming, Martín.

I'm not coming.










Marcelo Torreiro