The Sniper (2009) - full transcript

A police sniper teams up with a hot-headed rookie to take down his former friend and teammate, who is exacting revenge on the police force.

All units, look for vehicle IN995,
in silver. Out to all.

Is that the car on the radio?

No way. Can't be.

2 officers approaching.

They're moving in.

We have to help them.

No, we're here on intelligence work.

But we have a situation.
I'll go check.

Cover for me.

Come out, Snake.

I'll get at least several millions.




Drop the knife!

Drop the gun!

Shane, I'm going in.

Drop the gun or I'll kill him.

Calm down. I'll co-operate.

Now drop your weapon
or he will die in drain!

Easy. Shut up or you'll die faster.

Drop your gun.


Take a deep breath.

If you go for his heart
he still has 8 seconds to react.

Hit his reflex nerve
2 inches behind the eyeball.

Every cop carries a gun.

But not every cop has the guts
to take a head shot.

OJ can.

He has the eyes of a sniper.

A sniper's rifle determines
an operation's success.

If anything affects its accuracy,
the sniper's aim alone is useless.

You must protect your gun.


What do you think, Shane?

He seems quite confident.

You need that for the Special Force.


Make sure he won't get too confident though.

Look further out, keep your balance.

Look towards 11 o'clock from here.

How far away is that red building?

A bus is 10m long.

The way I see it,
the beeline aside should be 400m.

It's about 120m from here.

Sir, the hypotenuse is 410m.

Keep your fingers sensitive.

Use this.

Watch your breathing when you fire.

They're not in sync, and hold the grip casually,
not too hard.

Know what women say about men?

Hold them too hard and they'll flee.

Let them go and they'll come back.

You must use your heart
when you hold a gun.

Without gadgets, you use your judgment.

Range, wind direction,
wind speed, temperature, humidity.

All in your mind.

400m at 3 o'clock, full speed wind.

Watch my breathing.

Your body shakes with each heartbeat.

Learn to overcome it.

Take a deep breath, exhale slowly.

Synchronize breathing and heartbeat.

Fire when your body is most steady.

Hartman won 4 years in a roll.

You're a top shooter too?

Hartman had a flu that year.

Who's Lincoln?

He's the only one on the team
who could hit 500m in full speed wind.

Where is he now?

He left 4 years ago.

He was our best shooter.

But nobody likes him.

He was neck to neck with Hartman.

What do you think of them?

We should promote the capable.

Lincoln is top shooter 4 years in a roll.

Hartman has better commanding ability.

Lincoln, you're promoted to Inspector.

29609, you're getting out today.

Kindergartens are like robbers.

I thought I was off the hook
when the kids got to primary school.

Now here's another one.

4 years old, a genius.

Say something, ok?

You like it spicy?

The food inside was tasteless.

Bathe with pomelo leaves before you sleep.

Here's $20,000.

Let me know if you need more.


You picked him up?

Dropped him off near his old house.

How is he?

Better than the last time I saw him.

I think he's recovered.

Keep an eye on him.

I will.

He only took $20 from your money.

I'll give you the rest tomorrow.

We can finally look
at our wedding pictures together.

I went to jail right after the wedding.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

He's welshed on his debt.
I'll hire someone to beat him up.

Save the dough.

Just pour gas over him and he'll pay up.

You dumb or what?

Allowance for this month.

What the hell?
Toll fees?

Is this how you greet your dad?

Spend smartly.

Smart my butt, you butt hole!

You think I really need your pennies?

Get smart yourself!

Smart ass...

There you go again.

I should've just transferred you the cash.

You think I wanna meet you here?

Don't get all high and mighty on me.

So what? I'm a gambler.

You were raised by these mahjong tables too.

Now you're a cop,
and you're shunning your old man?

Look at you.

On the beat even in a storm.

If you're so smart,
why aren't you the Chief of Police?

As if you are some big shot.

Easy, Uncle. Have a soda.

What a skank.
So this is what you call classy, huh?

Good one, Bro.


Your dad is quite a brute.

Is he a gangster?

Gang, my ass.

He used to co-own that mahjong parlor.

Boss, win it all, take them all.

Lucky all the way.

He had his heyday.

But he just can't accept his heyday
has long gone.

He thinks I can't make it,
I'll prove him wrong.

Daddy, let's not go to Mom's this week.


You don't want to see her?

She's always on the computer.

She only cares about the stock market.

She lives alone.

Just keep her company.

I'll pick you up tomorrow after lunch.


What is it, Jenny?



Please sign here, Mr Fong.


Mr Fong.

Someone left this for you.

Wear this. It'll bring you luck.

Let me find you a job.

I can manage.


Whoever you work for, it's a job.

This time you got 4 years, next time 8.

How much more time do you have?

Forget the petty jobs.

Come work for me.

Even if something goes wrong
we'll go to jail together.

I have it all planned out.

We'll intercept our bro
on his way to the doc.

10am Tim Mei Avenue, Central.

Escort 1, turning onto Tim Mei Avenue.

Get in, Phil!



Quinn wanna rejoin our gang,
how's that sound?

I didn't say anything.

You saw what happened today.

Who shot the cops for us?

Why did he help us?

We must trust each other.

Tao is the muscle, you're the brain.

You don't need me. Who cares?

How long have you been here?

10 years. What have you done?

Nothing but piddling shit.

What I do is my own business!

You're my bro.

I'm responsible for you!

It's hot, where's Quinn?

He's gone.

Let's eat.


I heard you were the best.

You could hit 500m in full speed wind.

You're the first.

I'll be the second....

and the first to hit 600m.

Your breathing will slow you down.

How will you beat me?

Breathing in and out is too slow.

You better learn to hold your breath.


Let's see who hits more in one breath.

Senna won't compete off the tracks.

But he's dead.

Every man is competitive by instinct.

Or else he doesn't have what it takes.

Their sniper can hit 350m.

They're the best on the team?

Yes, Sir.



You know the drawback of holding your breath
while you fire?


It's quick and steady.

It suits me just fine.

It lowers the oxygen level in your blood.

Your heartbeat will increase
and your sympathetic nerve will be too active.

Your hands will shake a lot.

A sniper with shaky hands is useless.

It's too dangerous.

I have met Lincoln, that's how...

I don't care.

You're under me. You take my orders.

That's how we shoot here.

I will not tolerate any other way.

Yes, Sir.

they used a sniper to rescue Tao Yip.

What's your strategy?

The sniper is nothing to worry about.

We have the best shooters.

I have total confidence in them.

Under the leadership of Hartman Fong

we will apprehend Tao Yip and his gang.

As a police sniper, what's your view?

Any comments, officer?

You want to challenge the HK Police?
I'm waiting for you.

Don't take it personal.

4 years ago,
something happened to the team.

It was Lincoln's last mission.

3 robbers held 20 hostages in a holdup.

Tao was the prime culprit in the scene.

We had the bank surrounded.

Lincoln was my partner on 1.

Hartman and Metal on 2.

We waited a few minutes
but received no order to move in.

What happened?

One of the hostages
was the son of the bank owner.

They wanted $100 million for ransom.

Prepare to move in!

Sniper team and assault team stand by!

Hold it.

His family will pay the ransom.

Everyone, back to one!

Who fired the shot?

As a sniper, Lincoln was impeccable.

That's what the Special Force needs.

Hartman recruited you
because of your confidence too.

But over-confidence may ruin you.

Lincoln, explain to us,
why you fired that shot?

I saw Tao about to pull the grenade pin.

I had to neutralize the crisis.

Did you report this to your superiors?

If I had time,
I wouldn't need to shoot.

As Lincoln's partner,
did you see Tao pull the grenade pin?

No, Sir. I was only the spotter.

A subtle movement like that could only
be perceived by the sniper, not the spotter.

You were the sniper on 2.

Have you taken your eyes off Tao?

No, Sir.

You saw every move he made?

Yes, Sir.

You saw him pull the grenade pin?

No, Sir.

Lincoln, you're suspended as of today.

Your case will be forwarded
to the Department of Justice.

No one can support your testimony.

Why isn't anyone there to stand behind me?

Hartman must have seen it,
even if others didn't.

He was sentenced to 4 years in jail
for manslaughter.

You'll need dynamite to blow the vault.

I have a plan.

The vault is very near the Police station.

Leave the cops to me.

You missed and failed to kill me
4 years ago.

Never thought you'd saved me the other day.

It's our destiny.

5 vehicles from emergency unit
will come in 2 minutes,

each carrying 5 cops. 25 in total.

4 backup teams in another 5 minutes.

SDU, assault team and sniper team
will have you locked down in 10 minutes.

You won't be going anywhere, Tao.

How much should I pay for my freedom?

A lot.

He was a cop.

I don't trust him either.

He's been watching us.
I'll get him.

I've been worried about you.

You're really working for those men?

Everything I do is for us.

You won't be sorry?

Only those who owe me will be sorry.


Go get Daddy a bottle of water.

Why did you do it?

No matter what you have lost
you still have us.

Why were you the one who saved me?

I don't want you anymore.

Don't you get it?

Why did you save me?

I don't want you to see me like this.

Go away.

Get out!

Daddy, your water.


Who gave you this?

A guy.

How's your wife?

She's fine but a bit emotional.

What are you going to do?

I'll play it by ear.

I must look after her.

There's a reason for everything.

I have seen Lincoln.

Shane, I need a favor.

What is it?

Take a week off.

What do you have in mind?

You're my only friend on the team.

What do you mean?

What are you planning to do to the team?

It's you who hijacked the prison van?

You were a cop!

If you want to know, ask Hartman.

For 4 years, I've never asked you
or doubted you.

I won't ask again after today.

About Lincoln's sentence
was your testimony the truth?

I told them what I saw.

Lincoln had no reason to fire that shot.

He judged everything from his perspective.

He thought he saw Tao pull the pin
and assumed I saw it too.

He thinks I was lying!

He killed the hostage because of arrogance!

He thought each shot was within his control.

This phone and SMS are related
to the hijack of the van.

I know Lincoln did it, but got no proof.

Too many cops were wounded.

We can't let them run wild.

We must catch him.

Excuse me.

What is it?

Have you seen this man?

He just moved into 8A.


Get out, go!


Tao, run!

Officer down!

2 suspects trapped on the 3rd floor.

Call for backup!

Back off!

Don't move!

Back off!

Watch out! He turned on the gas.

762 and Bamboo on 1.

Iceman and Forest King on 2.

OJ and Metal on 3.

Virus and Russia on 4.

Rabbit, you're the backup.
Move it!

Rabbit and Metal on 3, OJ as backup.

Why wait? Move it!

Go! Go! Go!

We're preparing the money and the car.

Some of the hostages are sick.

Can you release some of them?

Not until I get the money!

S1 on PO.

S2 on PO.

S3 on PO.

S4 on PO.

Inspector Fong,
we have cut off the gas supply.

Call off the negotiator!
Assault team stand by!

Bravo ready.

Charlie ready.

Hostages are blocking the view.

S1 cannot get a head shot.

What about S2?

S2 negative.

He's stepping out with a hostage.

Assault team, corner him to S3 and S4.

Charlie in!

Bravo in!

The gas has not cleared away.

Hold fire. Corner him!

Stay back or I'll kill him!

Back off!

Back off! Back off!

Back off!

S3, S4 stand by. Shoot to kill.

S3 report,
cannot get a head shot.

What about S4?

He's coming this way.

He stopped by the exhaust fan
and found cover.

Find your position!

S4 negative.

S5 confirm.

Head shot, shoot to kill.

Stay back! I said back off!


Are there any casualties?

You took a clean shot
under the circumstances.

How do you feel?

I have no comment.

Save it for those bastards
when they are arrested.

Care to comment?

Say a few words.

Come on.

Didn't you hear me?

I said shoot to kill!

We need him alive to crack the case.

That's none of your business!

Our job is to kill the criminal
and save the hostages,

not to crack the case!

Every cop wants to crack the case, Sir.

I know I can do it.
I did nothing wrong.

It's not for you to decide!

People could have died if you missed!

I'm a sniper.

I shoot only when I'm confident
I can hit the target.

Why are you picking on me?

Why should I?

I'm your commander.
You do as I say!

No one should act on their own!

If you can't deal with it, just leave!

What now?
How can we save Big Head?

We'll do this deal first.

When this is over,
I'll do everything to save him.

I know him. He was in my cell.

He's crazy!

Are you alright?

I'm fine.

Can you still do it?

Of course.

Assault team stand by.

Sniper clear.

Assault team, in!

Tomorrow is an important day.

After tomorrow, your victory and glory
will be yours again.

We'll go anywhere you want
and never come back.

I haven't felt your presence for a while.

Now I can feel it again.

Of course!

We'll be happy from now on.

Lincoln, who are you talking to?


Crystal is dead.

What are you saying?
She's not dead.

She's right here with me.

You better face the reality, Lincoln.

Reality? What is reality?

You're a cop, so was I!

Why? Why wouldn't anyone help me?

I was doing my job,
not out to kill anyone.


Why won't anyone defend me?

Why won't they help me?


I know...

You're afraid of me.

You can't beat me because I'm the best.

As long as I'm here,
you'll never be top shooter.

Lincoln, stop before it's too late!

You did nothing wrong, they did!

I want justice.

Justice? You shot me.

You call that justice?

Why won't you leave me alone?

I didn't mean to kill you.
Don't blame me.

I'll pay you back.

You shot him because you're arrogant.

You have no right to be the top shooter.

You defamed me because you're jealous!

You'll never beat me!

I lost everything because of you.

Hartman, it was all your fault.

It was your fault!

It was your fault!

Calm down!

It was your fault!

Leave me alone!

I don't wanna see your face ever again!

Sniper team, attention!


Tao, here's your bomb disposal car.

Inspector Ho, this is Lincoln.

We have your Superintendent.

You will send me Hartman and his team
or the hostage dies.

Hartman, you have never beaten me.

I'm giving you a chance
to be top shooter.




Inspector, put Tao on the phone.

What's the meaning of this?

You lucked out 4 years ago.
Someone took a shot for you.

We'll see if you're still that lucky.

I'll fire only once.

Stand behind me.

Quinn, you're not cut out for this.

Without me and Big Head,
quit while you can.


Raise your hands!

Assault One, in!


Lincoln is shooting everyone in sight.

Almost all of our men are wounded.

He won't let the paramedics inside.

He'll blow the car in 30 minutes.

Whatever personal grudge you have,

I can't afford any more casualties.

Take care of him!

Lincoln picked this 500m terrain.

It's advantageous for his attack.

Forest King, Rabbit, locate him.

The others spread out.

Find the best range for a head shot.


You're the only one on the team
who can take a head shot from 400m.

We'll cover for you at all cost.

Find Lincoln once you get inside.

Whoever spots the opponent ahead,
will win this battle.

Rabbit, search.

Forest King, 470m, 10 o'clock.

White sedan behind the blue coach.

Decoy! Move!

Hartman, what's the situation?

The car will blow in 10 minutes.

Covering fire!

I shot him down!

Don't mind me.

Iceman, go cover OJ!
He's a better shot for this shooting range.


Remember what I told you
about the drawbacks of holding your breath?

He's using a .50, it's much heavier.

He'll be slower in every move.

He can only take 5 shots in one breath.

I'll be the bait.

Grab the chances and thuds the best shot
in your way while he tries to shoot.

You're wounded.
You can't go out there!

After Hartman was hit why did he smile?
I don't get it.

I thought every man was born competitive.

Is that right or wrong?

2 top shooters destroyed each other
because of their anxiety to win.

It's not worth it.

Today I am the top shooter.

I will take on anyone who challenges me.

Experts can co-exist.