The Snail and the Whale (2019) - full transcript

A tiny snail goes on an amazing journey by hitching a ride on the tail of a huge humpback whale. Based on the picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

This is a tale, of a tiny snail

and a great big gray-blue humpback whale.

This is a rock,
as black as soot.

And this is a snail with an itchy foot.

The sea snail slithered all over the rock.

And gazed at the sea and the ships
in the dock.

And as she gazed,

she sniffed and sighed:

The sea is deep and the world is wide!

How I long to sail...

Said the tiny snail.

These are the other
snails in the flock,

who all stuck tight
to the smooth black rock.

They said to the snail with the itchy foot:

Be quiet.

Don't wriggle!

Sit still.

Stay put!

The tiny sea
snail sighed and sniffed.

Then cried:

I've got it! I'll hitch a lift!

This is the trail of the tiny snail,

a silvery trail that looped and curled,

And said...

"Lift wanted around the world"?

This is the whale, who came one night

when the tide was high
and the stars were bright...

A humpback whale?

Immensely long,

who sang to the
snail a wonderful song

of shimmering ice
and coral caves,

and shooting stars,
and enormous waves.


And this is the
tail of the humpback whale.

He held it out of the starlit sea

and said to the snail:

Come sail with me.

This is the sea.

So wild and free!

That carried the whale
and the snail on his tail.

To towering icebergs!

And far off lands.

With fiery mountains and golden sands.

These are the waves
that arched and crashed,

that foamed and frolicked, and
sprayed and splashed

the tiny snail, on the tail of the whale.

These are the caves
beneath the waves,

where stripey fish with feathery fins

and sharks, with
hideous toothy grins,

swam around the whale

and the snail on
his tail.


This is the sky.

So vast and high!

Sometimes sunny, and blue and warm.

Sometimes filled with a thunderstorm.

With zigzag lightning,
flashing and frightening

the tiny snail
on the tail of the whale.

And she gazed at
the sky, the sea, the land,

the waves and the caves
and the golden sand.

She gazed and gazed,

amazed by it all.

And she said to the whale:

I feel so small.

But then came the day,
the whale lost his way.

These are the speed boats running a race,

zigging and zooming,
all over the place.

Upsetting the whale
with their ear-splitting roar.

Making him swim too close to the shore.

This is the tide.

It's slipping away!

And this is the whale,
lying beached in a bay

Quick! Off the sand!
Back to sea!

Cried the snail.

I... I can't move on land.

- I'm too big.
- Moaned the whale.

The snail felt helpless
and terribly small.


- I've got it!
- She cried!

And started to crawl.

- I must not fail.
- Said the tiny snail.

This is the bell on the school in the bay,

ringing the children in from their play.

This is the teacher
holding her chalk.

- Telling the class:
- Sit straight.

Don't talk.

This is the board
as black as soot,

and this is the snail
with the itchy foot.

A snail, a snail!

The teacher turned pale.

Look! Look...

It's leaving a trail.

This is the trail of the tiny snail,
a silvery trail saying:

Save the whale!

These are the children running from school.

calling the firemen,

digging a pool

squirting and spraying
to keep the whale cool.

This is the tide coming into the bay.

And these are the villagers shouting:

As the whale and the snail
travel safely away.

Back to the dock
and the flock on the rock.

- Who said:
- How time's flown!

and: -
Haven't you grown!

Then the whale and the
snail told their wonderful tale

of shimmering ice
and coral caves

and shooting stars,

and enormous waves!

And of how the snail
so small and frail,

with her looping, curling, silvery trail

saved the life of
the humpback whale.

Then the humpback whale
held out his tail,

and on crawled snail,
after snail, after snail.

And they sang to the sea
as they all set sail,

on the tail of the gray-blue
humpback whale.