The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (1976) - full transcript

A villain named McCreep steals the Smurfs' magic flute, an instrument that makes people dance wildly, and uses it to rob them. The Smurf King sends out Peewit to track down the thief and retrieve the flute. Now Johan and Pirlouit must get it back at all costs, so they head to the magical kingdom of Smurfs to ask for their help.

Once upon a time...

No, no, it wasn't once upon a time.

This story takes place
in the Middle Ages, that's all.


So this story takes place
in the Middle Ages.

On that day, there was a great festival
being held in the kingdom.

The tournament's starting!

Hurry up...
We can't miss it!



I've won!

I've won!

But you, Sire, you've lost your bet.

You've lost, Sire.



I thank you, Your Majesty.

Ah, there's Johan.

He's the one who'll be carrying
my colors in the next contest.

And who will this
young boy have to face?


He'll be jousting with The Black Knight.

Here he comes now.

Sire, would you
consent to bet with me?

I'd like to put 10 crowns
on The Black Knight.


Alright, it's agreed.

What happened?

Where am I?


We downed him!

We downed hi!


Hip, hip, hurray!


Now tell me, Sire,
who is this...?

Ah, yes, of course.
Excuse me.

But who is that
odd little man?


Yes, he's a funny little chap,
isn't he?!

For example,
he thinks that he's...

...that he's a musician...


Oh no!

And what's more, he sings!

Noble lords and
gentle ladies...

Hear the moving
and triumphal ballad...

...which celebrates the win
of my friend, the gallant Johan.

Now you must all believe...

with a crash and a bang
and a fall.

Now you must all believe
that into battle with Johan...

...that into battle
with Johan.... really can get hurt
with a crash and a bang and a fall.

You really can get hurt if
you fight the old quintain...

...if you fight the old quintain.

With colors flying proud,
with a crash and a bang and a fall.

With colors flying... fight the great Black Knight.

The great black knight.

If this ode has brought
you joy with a crash...

...and a bang and a fall.

If this ode has brought you joy,
I'll sing it all over again.

I'll sing it all over again.


Sire, I've been told a merchant
has arrived at the castle.

Do you wish to see him?

A merchant?

Yes, I do!

Wait for me.

I'm coming.

No, no, no.

Sir Pirluit is the one
I want to see.

I have a few little things here that
will interest him very, very, much.

You have things
to sell to Pirlouit?

Yes, Sire.

That is correct, Sire...
to Pirlouit.

Very well...

Go and fetch him, at once.

Right away, sir.

Well, what's that?

Can you eat it?


It would be indigestible.

But wait,
I'll show you.

You won't believe your eyes,
when you see this little wonder.

But I shan't keep you
in suspense any longer.

Enough babble, gaggle and prattle...

Look at these splendid objects!

And the prices...!

My prices are cheaper
than any competitor.

Like this, for example,
it's a harp from Ireland...

...with cedar-wood embellishments.

Oh, but just listen to
these melodious chords.

In addition... this beautiful example,
with its mellow sound.

So mellow!

And this lute,
which sings like an angel.

And this... this...
I've forgotten what you call it.

But it sure makes
a lot of noise, eh?

I also have a...

a hurdy gurdy...

a triangle...

and a, uh,
a flute.


You're crazy!

Don't you realize...?

Pack all this up!

Hurry up, or else...!


Get out of here!

If ever you're fool enough
to come back...

...with your filthy rubbish,
I'll have you hanged!


We had a narrow escape.

I believe the merchant
wants to see me.

So where's this merchant?

Well, the fact is...


I think he wanted to compliment you
on your... musical abilities.

But as he was in a great hurry,
he had to leave.

And so that's the way it is.

Oh, what a shame...!

A shame for him, anyway.

I would have played him
my new dawn serenade.

I performed it last night,

And guess why
it was so melodious.

Because I attached a new mute
to my instrument.

And you, Sire,
what do you think of...

Oh, Sire. You've fallen down.

Are you hurt?

Not at all.

Wait, Sire...
I'll help you up.

Leave me alone...
I don't want to get up.

I'm very happy as I am.

But Sire, you're not really going to
stay there, on the ground, are you?

And why not?

Why, it's very, very comfortable
on the ground.

Yes, very comfortable.

I even think
I'll take a little nap.

Pirlouit, go and fetch me
a royal cushion for my royal head.

I'll run, Sire.

No, no, Johan, not you.

I said Pirlouit.

Pirlouit, you go.


But why me?

Because I ...!

Go on...
Be quick about it!

Hurry up, Pirlouit.

Phew, he's gone.

Quick, help me up.

You don't want
to sleep anymore?

Don't talk nonsense!

Does one usually
sleep on the ground?

Yes, just now,
you said you wanted to.

Yes, but that was then...
not now.

Pirlouit was here.

Hm, just look at
what I was lying on.

A flute.

It must have fallen off
that confounded merchant's wagon.

We must destroy it.

Come, come, there's still a fire
in my room.

We'll use that.

And what's more, this flute
is not very well made.

Have you seen it?
It's only got six holes.

And in it goes...

Good riddance!


Come and see.

Someone's making fun of me
in this castle.


The fire!

Quick, quick, get out!

Get outside!

Fire! The king's room
is on fire!

A fire in the king's room?

Hold on, Sire.

I'm coming!

But this is a jug of wine!

A nice drop of wine!

Feeling better, Your Majesty?

It is done, Sire.

The fire is out.

Ah, very good.

Very good.


Johan, just look what
I found in the ashes... a flute!

Not the flute?!

Yes, it's a flute.

But it isn't a flute
like any other.

It's only got six holes.

How I'd like to know
who the idiot was...

The vandal who threw it
into the fire.

Such a fine instrument.

Oh, sorry.
It must be sooty.

Pirlouit... Pirlouit...
Hand me that flute immediately!

It's no good.

Are you sure it's the same
flute I threw in the fire?

Without any doubt.

How come this flute didn't burn?

I don't know.

But... but why was the smoke green?

I don't know.

I don't know either.

It's witchcraft.

I'm beginning to believe it.


It's quite clean.

I'll try it out.


But I really must let everyone
in the castle hear it.

You slowly pour the fresh cream,
and then after that...

Hey, hey, there's the seneschal.

Hello there, Mr Seneschal!

Look, I have found a flute.

Have you really?

Listen to this...

I'm going to play you
a little tune.

Alright, but just
a very short tune, then.

I'm... I'm in a very great hurry.


Stop it!

Look here...!

How dare you jump around
when I am playing!

Oh, I can't understand it.

I couldn't help it...

It's witchcraft!


Oh, yes, witchcraft.

Is that a bad joke?

All right, Mr Seneschal...

And yet...

Wouldn't it be marvelous if...?

Oh, there's that
old stuck-up, Dame Gripe.

Let's see...

Hello, Dame Gripe.


I hear that you like dancing.


I wouldn't do it
for anything in the world.

Goodness me, it's true.

This flute really is magical.

Do you realize what that means,
a magic flute?

Oh, you rascal!

Left, right, left,
right, left, right, left...

Play a little louder.

I'm afraid I'm rather
hard of hearing.

So I danced and danced,
without being able to stop.

You, Dame Gripe?

You actually danced?

Yes, Sire.

I danced.


Hey Johan!

See? Save yourself!

She's quite nimble
for her age.

Sire, Johan, the
flute, it's magical.

People begin to
dance whenever I...

Listen, Pirlouit, your
joking's gone on long enough.

You don't believe me, eh?

All right, here goes!

Oh, no, Sire!

What's happening?

Pirlouit, stop!


Do you believe me now?

Admit that it really
is fantastic, eh?

Do you realise
what I can do with it?!

Left, right, left,
right, left, right, halt.

Guards, seize that man.

Who, me?
But why?

Well, what's he done?

Sire, this person has
disturbed public order.

He has thrown discredit
upon the entire army... using a fiendish flute.

He must be thrown into prison.

Oh, yes?

Well, come and get me.

Sire, Johan, block your ears.

Oh, what's the flute done?

What's happened to them?

Are they dead?

No, don't be alarmed, Sire.

They simply fainted.
They seem worn out.

Worn out?

But I only played a few notes.

Yes, but with a magic flute.

If I understand it correctly,
if you listen to this flute...

...for too long... fall asleep.

Hey, that's right...
Isn't that fantastic?


This instrument
is a terrible threat.

It must be destroyed.


Hand me that flute

I have many other things.

I've got musical instruments.

I've got a selection here,
without equal.

And what prices... what prices!

Prices defying all competition.

Here, look at this horn.

Just listen to its
sweetness of tone.

But haven't you got
anything smaller?

Yes, of course.

The flute.

Here, here you are.

I've got the very thing here,
a flute...

...which is...

I've lost it!

Oh, it was a unique flute...

...with just a small defect.

It only had six holes.

But I do have...

Hey there, landlord!

Alright, I'm coming.

You said you had a flute...

A flute with six holes?

But I lost it.

Early this morning.

In the king's castle.

At the king's castle!

Yes, I'm sure of it.

But... but I also got a horn and
a very pretty drum, and also...

have my horse saddled.

Ah, it's the "Ballad
of the Gentle Lady."

Master Pirlouit?

That's me.

My name is Torchesac...
Mathieu Torchesac.

I liked your singing
very much.

I'm told you play
many instruments...

...very delightfully.

Oh, yes. I've got
a whole collection of them.

- Would you like to see them?
- Oh, very much.

Who is that man who is
leaving with Pirlouit?

A traveler.

He asked us for a bed
for the night.

Well, I don't like
the look of him.

And I've also got
some castanets...

...and a viola de gamba.

The one I like,
is the flute.

The flute!

Ah, I have one.

But it's not like other flutes.

It's only got six holes.


And when I play it,
everyone begins to dance.

Oh, no!

Yes, yes.

Come and see...
It's in my room.

And what did Papa Smurf say?

He said we could smurf
in Pirlouit's room.

It's here.

There it is.

Oh, smurf!
Missed it.

Quick, let's smurf out of here!

Let's smurf away.

Here we are.
Come in, you'll see.

Hey, there it is!

And you say this flute
will set anyone dancing...

...who listens to it?

- Come off it!
- It's true.

Just you listen.

Stop it!

Stop it!

Well, do you believe me now?

It's really amazing.

Would you allow me
to play it, just for a bit?

Well, it's just... alright then.

But you must promise to stop
the moment I ask you to.

It's a promise.

Oh, no.

When will Pirlouit
stop all that racket?

Master Pirlouit,
would you please not...

What's happened?


I'll untie your bonds.


Oh, my gosh.

Ruffian, thief, rascal,
swindler, knave...

...bandit, blackguard!

Where are you hiding, scoundrel?

Come here, you miserable brigand...
I'll have your guts!

You've made me dance.

I'll make you dance too... the end of a rope.

You rascal,
I'll cut you in pieces!

someone's stolen my flute.

Oh, have they?

Pirlouit, what's happening?

That... that man, Torchesac...
he's stolen my flute.

Oh, that's not so serious.

But yes, this is a magic flute.

And those who hear it
are overwhelmed.

That Torchesac is a thief.

And he's sure to use the flute
to rob people.

Oh, dear me!

But this is very, very serious.

We must... we must
find this Torchesac.

What are you waiting for?

We're there, Johan.

We have found him!

1,502, 1,503.

Oh, the thieves!


There he is.

Bandit, swindler, robber.

Just you wait.

Johan and Pirlouit!

You're gonna pay for this!

My flute...
give me back my flute!

Torchesac, you're a thief
and a swindler.

Just wait till I get
my hands on you!

Giddy up!


Johan, quickly, wake up.

Where's Torchesac?

He's hopped it.
We must catch him.

It's not worth it, Pirlouit...
so long as he has the flute.

We must find a way
to break the magic spell.

Oh, yes, but how?

Let's see... Homnibus.

The wizard, Homnibus.

Of course!
Let's go.

Let's see, what says
the book of magic spells.

Grow, little plant, grow.

Go on, go on.

Pull yourself together!




Go to it!

I've done it!

Mr Homnibus.

Mr Homnibus, Johan and
Pirlouit have just arrived.

What a nice surprise!

Prepare us a good meal,
Oliver my boy.

Unfortunately not, my dear
friends, I cannot help you.

No one knows the secret
of the flute with 6 holes...

Well, apart from the Smurfs,
of course.

The what?

The Smurfs.

This Smurfs?

The Smurfs?
What on earth is that?

They're the ones who made
the flute with 6 holes.

Oh, then we could go and
ask them to help us.

That's impossible.

Why's that?

No one knows the road which
leads to the land of the Smurfs.

There might be a way
to get there but...


But what?

Well, we'll try doing it
by hypnokinesis.

By hypno what?


It's a science which enables you
to duplicate your personality...

...and transfer it
to another place.

Sit down.

Let's see here now.

"Treatise on..."

No, no, no, it's not that.

"Theorems of Alchemy."

No, no, no, it's not that.

in 3 Easy Lessons."


Pirlouit, don't touch anything!

Ah, there, I found it.


What are you going
to do to us?

Hardly anything.

You are simply going
to be made to sleep.

What, again?

And you will wake up
in the land of the Smurfs.

Look at me, at me, into my eyes.







Hey, Johan!

Where are we?

Well, if Homnibus
didn't make a mistake... must be the land
of the Smurfs.

Where are they
all, these smurfs?


Where are you?

Just you watch where
you smurf, you smurfs.

Pirlouit... over there!

Well, look, if it isn't
Johan and Pirlouit!

What nice smurf
brings you here?

Papa Smurf will be delighted
to smurf you.

Do what?

Smurf along.

Smurf me.

I'll smurf you up
to the village.

What's he going on about?

I think he said we
should follow him.

And all the smurfs
take on the smurf...

...and smurf the smurf
that I smurfed you.

Hey, smurfs, Johan
and Pirlouit are here!


Johan and Pirlouit, they're here.

They're here.

We must smurf that
to Papa Smurf.

What's all this fuss about?

Hey, hey, ho, ho, ho.

Calm down, calm down!

Let's go to greet them.

There's Papa Smurf...
he's "Big Smurf"

Well, if he's "Big Smurf"...

then I must be
"Huge Pirlouit".

You are both most welcome here.

Hello, Big Smurf.

We have come to ask you...

Where to find the 6-Smurf flute....

Ho, ho, be quiet.

Go smurfing somewhere else.

They really are too much.

Just because
they're 100 years old...

...they think they're
grown up.


So, what age
does that make you?

I've had my 542nd birthday.

Well, you don't look it.

Come, I'll show you
around the village.

We came to ask you...

It's funny...
You're all the same.

How do you recognize
each other?

Yes, we all look alike...
and yet...

They all look the same.

They look the same.

They look the same.

So how can it possibly be
that each has a personality?

This one for example
has a charming weakness.

He's actually known
as the gourmand smurf.

I'm the best smurf
in my particular line...

Stuffing myself is my personality.

Just look at those smurfs...

they're a very odd pair...
smurf peasant and poet...

But these two don't care.

I cultivate rhyme...

Full of clever ideas.

Being a damned good smurf
is our personality.

If a smurf is too proud
to do any work...

...that's the lazy smurf!

Whenever I get the chance... smurf out of
doing any work...

That's my personality.

While the handyman smurf
can fix anything at all...

...he is always helped
by the clumsy smurf.

Look at this machine
which I devised all on my own.

You just smurf on a lever...

That's my personality!

When all of the smurfs look the same...

all look the same...
all look the same.

But they don't only
have qualities...

...they each have
their own personality.

Singing and dancing
and singing some more...

...means our festive smurfs
will never disagree.

I'm very fond of music,
and fun and jollity...

To smurf and dress up
is my personality.

He's really quite cute...
although he's acts tough...

We do love the smurf
that we like to call Gruff.


I don't like personalities.

He has a conscience
and a sense of duty...

...but our 4-eyed smurf
often talks too much.

I should always
smurf the proverb...

...that a smurf in the hand
is worth two in the bush.

And a rolling smurf
gathers no smurf.

And besides, it's by
smurfing with you...

When he closes his fist
it looks like a hammer...'s because of his strength,
the muscle-man smurf.

I'm a nice sort of smurf...

But bug me, and I'll punch you
in the smurf.

That's my personality.

All of the smurfs
look the same...

all look the same...
all look the same...

You need to get
to know them well.

They haven't all
been shown to you...

...and we can't
quote them all.

But we all have our personali...
personali... personali...


I imagine you'd like a small glass
of raspberry liqueur, eh?

Oh, yes, sure!

Do come in.

Make yourself comfortable.

Make yourself at home.

Oh, I'm sorry!

Just a moment.





We've come to ask you...

There they are... coming back.

Papa Smurf, Torchesac
continues to pillage and smurf.

We've tried several times
to smurf the flute from him.

But... but we just
can't resmurf it.

Keep on smurfing,
and don't smurf him out of your sight.


Now you were saying...

That what we've come
to ask you is...

If it's possible to stop the affect
of the flute with 6 holes.

Alas, no.

What we could do is
to make you another flute, so... could fight with Torchesac
on equal terms.

Oh, yes!
That's a great idea. Oh, yes.

Hear me, smurfs!

We're going to smurf
another flute.

Yes, and afterwards
we'll smurf a party.

That one.

To work!


Smurf up there!

Give it to me...
It'll go a lot faster.

It's a smurf smurf smurf.

It's a smurf smurf smurf.

When we smurf, do we smurf,
daily smurf smurf smurf.

Smurf smurf smurf.

La la la la smurf.

Smurf smurf smurf,
he's a smurf smurf smurf.

When we smurf, do we smurf
when there's nothing...

to smurf smurf smurf.

Hey, what?

Now what's happened?


The tree's been felled.

They worked all night.


And now what?

Now a party.

Now you look,
it's the heart of the tree...

...which is used to
smurf the flute.

Oh, the heart.

Come now, to work.

Would you like me
to give you a hand now?

Very well, then!

Hi, Pirlouit, how's smurfing?

It's smurfs.

It's smurfs!

Johan! I've got it.
I understand.

The language of the smurfs,
is easy...

You just swap words
with "smurf" or "smurfing".


But of course.

You listen...

I'm going to ask
for a glass of water.

Little smurf,
I'd like to smurf.

Ah, smurfing smurfie
would like to smurf.

To smurf?

To smurf?

To smurf.

I don't like to smurf.

To smurf you need a smurf.

That's it, to smurf
I must have the smurf.

A smurf?

A smurf?

A smurf.

I don't like to smurf.

This it it, your smurf.

What do you mean
my smurf?

This is it, the smurf
you asked us for.

That's not my smurf.

Ah, but yes, a smurf, a smurf
if you smurf when you want to smurf.

No, listen to me.

I wish to smurf a smurf.

A smurf, that's all I want.

A smurf?

One smurf.

Two smurfs.

I don't like smurfing.

We went to some smurf
the smurf and smurfs

that you asked us to smurf.

Me, I never asked
for a thing in me bob.

The smurf who smurfs
doesn't look at all like that.

You can do that smurfing here.

A smurfy smurf.


But yes.

Just listen to them,
I got the smurfy smurf.

Not the smurfy smurfs.

It is just to smurf I want,
a smurfa smurf that I can smurf.

A smurf?

Two smurfs?

Three smurfs?

Me, I don't want three smurfs.

Is it a smurf you really want?

A smurf.

I want a smurf.

But no, I want to smurf.

I don't like people
who can't up their minds.

- At least let's agree,
- if you want to smurf...

So why didn't you ask
for a smurf?

That's just what I did.

But you made us smurf,
smurf with a smurf

When you smurf,
you must be quite smurf.

"To smurf", is not quite smurf.

"I smurf."

"You smurf."

"He smurfs."

I don't like smurfing.

Grammatically, the irregular verb...

...takes an S
in the second person singular...

When you speak smurf you must ensure
to agree with with the past participle...

What we smurfasise, is smurf clearly,
and smurfs will always smurf.

20 times, re-smurf your smurf!

I don't like to smurf my smurf.

What's his smurf?

I really can't tell you.
But he smurfed us all.

Do you feel ill?

- There you are.
- A smurf.

Two smurfs.

No more smurf!

Here we are, the
flute is ready.

And now...

And now can we finally smurf
it and have our little party?

Listen, we can't really deny them
this little pleasure.

They've worked so
hard, haven't they?

For sure.

Yes, but let's get a move on.

Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

But... but what
are we doing here?

It can't be!

Why on earth have you brought
us back, for goodness sake?

It's too early.

It's that I was worried.

It's now been three days.

All was going so well.

The smurfs were just about ready
to give us another flute.

Quick, put us to sleep again.

Very well...

Sit down again.

Now look straight into
my eyes... into my eyes.

It's no use...

I can't manage to do it.

I'm extremely tired.

Oh no, you can't be.

You absolutely must
return us to the smurfs.

At least try to send ME back.

No, ME !

Come on.

All right now, look at me,
straight into my eyes...

Into my eyes, into my eyes.

That's clever.
You put him to sleep.


Meanwhile, the devil only knows
where we can find Torchesac.

5,432, 5,433.

There's the castle of
that brigand Mortaille.

Ah, 5,435, 5,436, 5,437.

I'm telling you
to taxes raised again!

Seigneur Mortaille,
it's not possible.

You'll bring ruin
to your castle.

The king might intervene and...

I don't care.

I need lots more money.


Here's some.


You leave us.

You rogue.

Haven't I told you never
to show your face here again?

Worried, are you,
that I'll tell your people...

...about all the pillaging
we've done together?

Shut up!

Come this way.


I've come to put
a proposition to you.

I want to raise an army
to invade the country...

...and become master
of the whole kingdom.

But to wage war,
you need a lot of cash.


I've got it...
lots of it.

You there, bring in my chests.

Well, you want to
command my army?

That's right...

But we'll have to find some men.

I just don't have enough.

I know an island...

Where you can get mercenaries
who'll do anything for a few gold coins.


Look here...

The port of Trominack is here.

And my island is there.

Yes... I see.

Besides, I intend leaving
for Trominack immediately.

A ship awaits me there.

I'll be back here
in about 10 days,

Could you see?

No, I couldn't.

Come on!


All's well.

He's asleep.




Oh, come quickly.

Come here.

Outside there are...


Goodness me...

It's the smurfs.

Ah, there you are.

As you disappeared,
we've brought you the flute.

Now you'll be able to smurf
that nasty smurf, Torchesac.


Does it work?

Oh, yes.

It does work,
exceptionally well.

Papa Smurf, he's smurf
and smurfing with smurf.

What's happened?

Torchesac is going to smurf
in Trominack... go and smurfs
some smurfs.

What's he saying?

Come on, it's simple.

He's explaining that Torchesac
is off to Trominack... keep himself warm
by picking winkles. No?


Torchesac is sailing
from Trominack... go and recruit
some mercenaries.


Maybe we can still catch him.
Come on, Pirlouit.

Come on, smurfs!

No, no...

We're not all going there.

I'm only taking
a few volunteers.

You, you, and you.

What about us?

What are we going to smurf,
while you're away?

We'll smurf a little party!

We'll smurf a little party!

The last chest is aboard,
Seigneur Torchesac.

We're ready to sail.

There's his wagon...

But where is he?


Have you seen the man who
was driving this wagon?

A little fat man,
with an ugly face.

A little fat man?


With an ugly face?


And he was driving
that wagon there, yes?


Do you know where he is,
for goodness sake?

Aye, that I do be knowin'.

He did go aboard that there boat
over there.



Aye, but they ain't told no one
where they was agoin'.

There they are.

What's happened?

All is lost...

Torchesac is gone, and no one
knows where he's going.

Yes, someone knows...

His accomplice...

...the wicked Seigneur Mortaille.

Yes, we were there.

And he smurfed him where
he was going on the map.

But we couldn't smurf
out where it was.

Because he had his back
smurfed to us...

...and we couldn't smurf
out what he was smurfing.

Want did
they say?

Oh, come on... It's very clear.
They're saying...

OK, you can explain later.

Where is Seigneur Mumford's castle?

It smurfs a few leagues
from here.

I've got a plan.

I need ink, a pen,
and parchment.

You, Pirlouit, go and
find the fisherman.

Tell him to stand by to sail.

Yes, what is it?

A message, Seigneur...

A message?


"Come and join me as quickly
as you can, you know where.

A fisherman will be
waiting at Trominack.

Show him the way to go.

I'll explain later."

And it's signed
Matthew Torchesac.

Have my horse saddled.

There he is!
He's coming!

I am Seigneur Mortaille.

Your boat is ready?

Oh, yes, Seigneur!

Come aboard.

Head westward.

I'll show you where
we have to go.

I'm sick.

I'm going to die.

Yes, yes.

What do you mean, yes yes?

All right, no no.

That's better.

I'm sick.

So... all OK?

Begorrah, aye!

It's your Mortaille there,
who don't look too 'appy.

If only 'e knowed
who sent 'im 'is message.

I'm sick.

Come now, be brave.

You'll be smurfing better.

Of course...
it'll soon go away.

And yet I smurfed him against
his eating herring with strawberries...

...and smurfed cream and
small onions and little bits of...

Look out!

I'm sick.


No... Don't sit there...
It's dangerous!

Get up quickly.

Go on, quick!

Oh, I'm sick.

Wait for me here!

I'll be back by nightfall.

Quick, Pirlouit...
we mustn't lose sight of him.

Good luck!

Good smurfing!

And a special bonus
of 20,000 crowns...

...when the men reach
Mortaille's castle.




What are you doing here?

Where's he gone to?

But I never wrote this letter.

Then who did?

The man with the boat...
He'll know something about it.

Come on!

They're well smurfed up!

That's for sure!
That's for sure!

We can return all this gold
stolen by Torchesac.

Yes, and as for us,
we have two flutes with 6 holes...

One for you and one for me.

- We'll have such fun, eh?
- No, Pirlouit...

These flutes are
far too dangerous.

As soon as we return to the castle,
we must return them to the smurfs.


I guess so.

He's understood.

Basically, he's
a jolly good little chap.

But it's Johan!

We're going to smurf
a little party!

Hey... What? What?

I'm a bit hard of hearing,
you know.

Papa Smurf,
did we smurf them both?

Yes, yes, thank you.

It's smurf.

Where is Pirlouit?

Pirlouit? Yes, you're right...
Where has he got to?

Not so fast, kid.

I haven't quite finished.

It's the spitting image
of the other one.

Just in time.


It's Pirlouit!


Here it is, Papa Smurf.

We can hand you back
the two flutes.

Here's one.

And here's the other.

You're doing the right thing.

These flutes could have
only brought you trouble.

Ah, that's quite right.

That's exactly what
I said to Johan here.

Now the time has come for us
to return to the land of the smurfs.

Maybe we'll smurf
again one day.

Who knows?



Oh no!

Can't be true!

I made a mistake.

I gave them back
the magic flute!

Subtitles by FatPlank