The Smurfs Christmas Special (1982) - full transcript

At Christmas, the Smurfs and Gargamel cross paths with two children and a stranger out to kidnap them. Can the magic of Christmas prevail?

[theme music]

[music continues]

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

[Smurfs in unison]
♪ La la la-la la la
La la-la la la ♪

♪ La la la-la la la
La la-la la la ♪

♪ La la la-la la la
La la-la la la ♪

♪ La la la-la la la
La la-la la la ♪

♪ La la la-la la la
La la-la la la ♪

Oh, hi, Smurfette.

I'm gonna play a solo
in a holiday festival.

Wanna hear it?

Oh, I can't right now, Harmony,
maybe later.

'I have to put my presents
under the tree. Bye.'

Hey, Grouchy,
wanna hear my solo?

I hate solos.

Easy, smurf's it.
Watch out!

Be careful, Clumsy, slow down.
Hefty, careful now. Sloppy!

Hey, Smurfs, wanna hear my solo?

Not now, Harmony,
you should know better.

Papa Smurf says
the great pudding

'is one of
the most important elements'

'of a holiday celebration.'

'And any distraction
that might cause'

'even one drop to be spilled..'

No Smurf appreciates
good music anymore.


Wanna hear my solo, Lazy?

[trumpet music]


[snoring continues]

♪ La la la-la la la ♪

[Jokey chuckling]

Smurfy-looking present
you have there, Jokey.

My special holiday surprises.
One for every Smurf.

'Have you made yours?'

I wrote a holiday solo.
Wanna hear it?

[trumpet music]



That's not funny.
I'll have to make another.

I can hardly wait
for it to be done.

It's the greatest pudding
I ever made.

And I didn't spill
a single drop.

I know that Papa Smurf
will be pleased with my work

and I, for one, predict that..


You wanna hear my solo now?

'Move a little higher.'

'Easy with those cones.'

'A little lower, Smurfette.'

'That's right. Perfect.'

All my little Smurfs
look so happy.

This may be the best holiday
celebration we've ever had.

(male #1)
'And ever since then,
on every Christmas Eve'

Jolly Santa Claus
with his white beard

bright red cap and a big sack,
stepped out on his journey

to visit children
all over the world.

And bring us presents?

Oh, I love that story,

Is Santa Claus real,

'Well, when I was
a little boy, William'

'Christmas Eve just wouldn't
be Christmas Eve..'

[dramatic music]

Christmas Eve! Bah!

Oh, I hate holidays.

But Christmas,
I despise most of all.

Just think of those miserable
blue Smurfs out there

making their little presents,
exuding all their...yuck! and good cheer.

I won't have it!
I won't, I won't, I won't!

[Azrael screeching]

Ouch! Why, you miserable cat!

I'm going to turn you
into a rug that I can..

What's this?

"Mother's Old Recipe
for Making Life Miserable."

This is it!

This is just what I need to
destroy the Smurfs' Christmas.

Oh, how they'll suffer.

And after they've suffered
long enough

'I'll destroy them all,
one by one.'

[Gargamel laughing wickedly]

♪ Jingle bells jingle bells
jingle all the way ♪

♪ Oh what fun it is to ride.. ♪

Not yet, Greedy.

I was just making sure
it was ready, Papa Smurf.

Oh, no, you weren't,
Greedy Smurf.

You were sneaking a bite
for yourself.

And that's very selfish
and unsmurfy because..


...there are 99 other Smurfs
besides yourself..


We all want equal shares
of the great pudding because..


Thank you.

Now, as I was saying, Greedy..

'...the great pudding
isn't complete'

until we add
the final ingredient.

Uh, you mean the last walnut,
Papa Smurf?

That's right. The last walnut.

You mean the big, plump,
ripe delicious one that uh..

You ate!

Sorry, Papa Smurf,
I couldn't resist.

That's alright, Greedy.

I'll borrow another walnut
from Squirrel.

♪ Jingle bells jingle bells
jingle all the way ♪

♪ Oh what fun it is to ride.. ♪



'Now, Azrael,
this wonderful recipe'

'isn't complete until we add
the final ingredient.'

Dearest mother's own
sweet touch oil of rat wax.

Oh, it does my heart good,

Soon the Smurfs
will be no more.


I don't understand
what went wrong, Azrael.

I followed mother's recipe
right down to the last..

[Gargamel screaming]



Hit it smurf, squirrel,
I have it.

I got it, Papa Smurf.

Guess my eyes aren't as good
as they used to be.

Thank you, squirrel,
and happy holiday to you.

'Oh, Azrael, to think Christmas
is almost upon us'

'and those vile little Smurfs
are out there'

'singing, dancing and laughing.'

It's enough to make me
throw up.

If I can only get my hands
on their rotten blue hides, I..

[knocking on door]
'Now what? Hello?'

Who are you?

Please come, sir.

Our sleigh overturned and our
grandfather won't open his eyes.

Will you help us?

Do you have any money?

- No.
- Then go away! I'm busy.

Oh-ho, he's mean.

Yes, he is. Come, William, we'll
find someone else to help us.

(male #2)
'My niece and nephew
should've been here hours ago.'

'Never should've allowed them'

to make the trip
with their grandfather.

- Organize a search party.
- Yes, sir.

[Smurfs in unison]
♪ La la la-la la la
La la-la la la ♪

'You think grandfather's
gone to Heaven, Guinevere?'

He'll be alright, William.
Just hope someone will help us.


The nerve of those
little brats, Azrael.

Interrupting me and my work.

Now, let's see, where was I?

'Ah, yes.
Two drops of bat spit.'

No, no, no,
this recipe will never do.

The Smurfs, there must be
a way to destroy them.

[door opens]

Who-who are you?

Who I am is not important.

What is important
is that I can give you the power

to destroy the Smurfs.

And what in exchange?

I want the two children
who are lost in the forest.

May I ask why?

Revenge, a simple revenge.

The children's uncle,
the good bailiff

by the very nature
of his goodness

constantly meddles
in my affairs.

'He's stopped me
from doing my evil deeds'

time and time again.

Now I will make him suffer
by kidnapping the children.

'Of course, I would've
picked them up myself'

but, alas, goodness comes my way
only by betrayal.

That's where you fit in.

I see.

And the Smurfs?

'This scroll will tell you
how to find the Smurf village'

and what to do
when you get there.

Yes, yes, I'll leave right away.

Children first, Smurfs second.

Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Of course, of course, I..

[Azrael screeching]

Yoo-hoo! Children!

Now where can those
two brats be?

Yoo-hoo, children!

Hello! We're looking
for two lost children.

My niece and nephew.
Have you seen them?

No, no, I haven't.

There's been an accident.

Their grandfather's sleigh

He's alright, thank goodness,
but we can't find the children.

Oh, the poor dears.

I shall certainly
keep an eye out, sir.

I'm offering a reward,
ten gold coins

for their safe return.

Ten gold?

Well, that is generous.

But the main thing is that
the dear children are safe.

Oh, I do pray
that they are well.

Well, keep an eye open,
I'm sure we'll find them.

'And a Merry Christmas to you,
my good man.'

Merry Christmas to you all!

Ten gold coins, eh?

Perhaps, Azrael,
there is a way to have it all.

The Smurfs and the gold.
Ha ha ha.

Yoo-hoo! Children!

I'm scared, Guinevere.
Poor grandfather.

He's alright, William.

Everything is going to be

[wolf howling]

♪ Silent night ♪

[Guinevere singing]
♪ Silent night ♪

Shh, listen, Papa Smurf.

- That sounds like ah-ah-ah--
- 'A child.'

Yes, exactly what I thought,
Papa Smurf.

Now I say we should..

Hey! Wait for me!

♪ Holy Infant ♪

[wolves growling]

♪ Holy night ♪

Stop! Stop, I say!

No, no, no!

You must not harm
these children.

They are our friends.
Do you understand?

- It's Santa Claus.
- I hope so.

Good boy, good boy!

Now, be on your way,
my friends.

Please, our grandfather is hurt
and needs help.

Our sleigh overturned and--

- Where is your grandfather?
- He's with the sleigh.

Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy,
find that sleigh.

[speaking in unison]
Yes, Papa Smurf!

go back to the village.

I need help with these children.

Yes, Papa Smurf.

Now there, children,
don't you worry.

Are you Santa Claus?


Santa Claus? Me?

There it is! Come on!


'Oh, Hefty.'

See a grandfather anywhere,

Absosmurfly not, Hefty.

But there certainly have been
a lot of humans about.

Well, we might as well head back
and report to Papa Smurf.

Hey! Hefty! Brainy.

Look at this.

What's it say, Hefty?

What it says
is not the point, Clumsy.

What it means
is the real issue here.

Oh, get on with it!

[clears throat]

"Guinevere and William,
grandfather is alright.

"Stay with the sleigh,
I will return.

I love you. Uncle Edgar."

The message is clearly
not meant for us.

'Yet here we are,
three small blue specks'

in a white wilderness.

Hey, wait for me!

The trick, Azrael,
is to turn the children

over to the stranger,
destroy the Smurf village

and then lead the rescue party
to the stranger

and receive the reward.

Oh, it's perfect, Azrael.

A plan made in Heaven.

Yoo-hoo! Children!

Wait till grandfather finds out
we saw Santa Claus.

And all his helpers.

All that delicious
wonderful pudding

and I haven't
even had one little--

Greedy Smurf,
don't be so selfish.

It's holiday time, you're
supposed to give, not receive.

And since you're far away
from home on this Christmas Eve

I would like you to have
this little gift.

Oh, thank you.
That's very nice of you, Santa.

Uh, what's a Santa?

Oh, it's so beautiful.

Thank you.

Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf!

I found the sleigh, Papa Smurf.

There was a note.

'It was from your uncle'

'and he says your grandfather
is alright, and--'

And he wants you both
to stay with the sleigh

because he'll be back.

That is good news.

Oh, Santa, I'm so happy.

I can hardly wait to see grandpa
and my dear, sweet uncle.

Do we get to finish opening
our presents before we leave?

Why, of course, William.
All of it.

I hate presents.

Oh, have a heart, Grouchy.
Have a heart.

[orchestral music]

This is a little song
we sing every holiday.

It's very old.

And very true.

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

♪ Goodness makes you happy
everyday ♪

♪ Badness cannot start ♪

♪ If there's goodness
in your heart ♪

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

Let's hear you sing it,

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

That's it. Louder now.

Alright now, Hefty, Brainy,
Smurfette, gather some wood.

You're going to need
a large signal fire.


[Azrael screeching]

Let me go, let me go!

Oh, please, let us down!

'Santa, help us, help us!'

Quiet, you brats,
or I'll feed you to my cat.

Come along, Azrael.

'We'll take care of
the Smurfs later.'

Oh, Papa Smurf, what does
that mean ol' Gargamel want

with the children?

I don't know, Smurfette,
but I'm sure he's up to no good.

What do we do, Papa Smurf?

There's only one thing
we can do, Brainy.

Follow them!

'Please, let us go.'

What will you do with us?

That's my little secret.

Gargamel! The children
are mine now as agreed.

Yes, yes, of course,
of course. As agreed.

Here, here, take them.
Take them.

'My word is as good as gold.'

'Yes, I'm sure it is.'

Stranger, something about him.

And now, as agreed

here is the means for destroying
the Smurf village.

[all gasping]

Alright, children,
go with the nice gentleman.

I'm sure he has
a lovely Christmas present

for both of you.

Indeed, I do.

'Now, come along.'

Oh, Papa Smurf,
how can anyone be so mean?

'Well, I must be on my way.'

Oh, and a Merry Christmas
to you, children.

What about our village?

It'll have to wait, Vanity.
These two children come first.

[Gargamel laughing]
'I found you at last, Smurfs.'

Come out and meet your doom.

Smurfs? Smurfs?


They're gone, Azrael!

Oh, but no matter,
they'll be back.

Oh, glorious night,
I'll just start without them.

[laughing wickedly]

"Evil forces, all that's foul.
Witches brew, demon's howl.

"Come destroy
the Smurfs' good cheer.

Let not one survive this year."

'Oh, it worked!'


'Oh, they'll be hungry
and homeless. Miserable!'

And now, to collect
my ten pieces of gold.

'Merry Christmas, Smurfs!'

They can't be far ahead,
Papa Smurf.

Well, let's keep our distance
until we know what he's up to.

Hello! I found the children!

A stranger, wearing a cape, was
spiriting the poor little dears

'off through the forest.'

Oh, no!

I tried to rescue them.
Oh, how I tried.

And I nearly lost my life
to that mad man's anger.

Which way did the scoundrel go?

That way, across the ice
and through those trees.

- Let's go, men!
- 'Wait!'

What about my reward?
My ten pieces of gold.

You shall have it
when we find the children.

Oh, this is disappointing,

[Azrael screeching]

A contract is a contract.
And you have broken ours.

Me? Oh, no, no, no, no.

You misunderstood.
You see, I was on--


Now, you'll come with me.

Well, I'd like to, but I have
other business to attend to.


Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, I'll go. I'll go.

Anything you say, anything.
Just call them off.


After you, Gargamel.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Look, Papa Smurf, Gargamel
and Azrael have joined them.

Oh, poor William!

Poor Guinevere.

Perhaps even poor Gargamel.

[Smurfs in unison]
Poor Gargamel?

I can't walk anymore, mister.

Where are you taking us?

This place will do nicely.

Eh, then you won't be
needing me, so I'll just--

'On the contrary,
someone as nasty as you'

is always of use to me
in my work.


Therefore, you'll accompany me
and the children

on what I regard as
the final journey.

You said no more walking.

We won't be walking,
my dear child.

Where are you taking us?

Home, my home.

I'm quite sure you'll like it.

No, no, I won't go!

No one leaves
until after the ceremony.

Please, you're scaring me.

Fire, fire burning bright

take us home this very night.

Oh, stop, please stop!

Stop it, please! I'll be good,
I promise, I'll be good!

Oh, smurf is us,
we're too late!

Yes, too late!

- Perhaps not.
- Yeah, perhaps not.

But, Papa Smurf,
what can we possibly do

against his evil power?

There is one greater power.
The power of love.

You must sing,
my little Smurfs.

[Smurfs in unison]

Yes, sing as you've never
sung before.

Believe as you've never
believed before.

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

♪ Goodness makes you happy
everyday ♪


♪ Badness cannot start ♪

♪ If there's goodness
in your heart ♪

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

- Santa!
- You're here.

The Smurfs!

Be gone, you little pests!

You're challenging powers
beyond your understanding.

- Help, Santa!
- Help!

Louder, my Smurfs!
Put your hearts into it.

I warn you, Smurfs!
Stop your meddling!

♪ Goodness makes you happy
everyday ♪

The fire rise up higher..

Children, can you hear me?


Then sing with us!

You know the words,
it's your only hope.

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

♪ Goodness makes you happy
everyday ♪

Stop, stop it!

♪ Badness cannot start ♪

♪ If there's goodness
in your heart ♪

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

Sing your smurfs out!

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪

Wall of fire, rise up higher.

Let no goodness pass this ring.

Wall of fire, rise up higher.

Gargamel, you too, sing!

Eh, yuck.

Yuck, I hate it.

♪ Badness cannot start ♪

♪ If there's goodness
in your heart ♪

♪ Goodness makes the badness
go away ♪


He's-he's gone!

He's gone!

[all cheering]

'William! Guinevere! Hello!'

Grandfather! Uncle!

Thank goodness you're alright.

Oh my darling, my darling.

We were so worried.

Safe and sound,
I made certain of that.

Now about that reward.

- Don't give him anything.
- Oh?

He was mean to us.

Was he now?


I was only trying to teach them
the ways of the forest.

You know how children are.

Wait, don't hurt him, please.

It's Christmas Eve,
time for forgiving.

- Even him?
- Even him.

Yes, well. A time for forgiving,
I quite agree.

Well, I must be going.

I tell you, Azrael, there
is no justice in this world.

None at all.
None at all.

Santa Claus saved us.

Santa Claus?

Yes, and all his helpers.

Oh, you'll never believe
what happened.

(Uncle Edgar)
'Santa Claus? Well, my, my.'

Goodbye, Mr. Santa.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all!
And thank you!

(Papa Smurf)
'Well, it's not much of
a holiday, eh, little Smurfs?'

'No presents, no pudding,
no tree...not even warm beds.'

But we still have the most
important thing.

Each other.

[Smurfs in unison]
Yeah! Right!

My words exactly, Papa Smurf.

I hate this,
but I still feel good.

Hey, any Smurf wanna
hear my solo?

- 'Sure.'
- 'Hit it!'

Oh, how beautiful!

Oh, gosh, Papa Smurf.
What happened?

I'm not quite sure.

'Maybe anything can happen.'

'Even miracles.'

[Smurfs cheering]

[theme music]

[theme music]