The Smell of Us (2014) - full transcript

A group of skateboarders in Paris are at the heart of a loose coalition of young people who do drugs and have sex. Several of them are rent boys, including the Dorian Gray/Narcissus of the group Math (Lukas Ionesco) and his friend JP (Hugo Behar-Thinieres) who is in love with him, but is continually rejected because Math reckons he's only gay for pay. There's a girl who sometimes comes over and is jealous of JP's closeness to Math, and so she snitches on JP to his parents, and there's an indigent old man nicknamed Rockstar (Larry Clark) whom the group tolerate as a kind of mascot/despised pet. And there's Michael Pitt (who featured in Clark's "Bully") with a guitar in a couple of scenes looking slightly uncomfortable at being so clearly surplus to requirements.

Hey, Rockstar!

Hey, Rockstar!

Yes of course.

Run the ex-trick with him?

Yes, it works every time.

Yeah sure.

Try to vary a little.

Give him hell.
Pressure to him like an insect.

- Do you have a cigarette?
- You're ten! Are you crazy or what?

- Come on, we give you 50 cents!
- Forget it.

Suck my dick, asshole!

- Pacman, look who's coming.
- Do you need a tampon?

- Ask Marie.
- Great fun, kid.

- Do you wet nose bleed?
- Yes, I have blood all over.

Everyone is here.

Location, Rockstar?

Want a smoke?

- Sing something for us.
- He's like your dad.

- Do you want to squeeze me in the balls?
- Yes, you would like.

For violent, pal.

Rockstar, come back!

So gay. I did it in five.

- Hey, baby face, offers you a glass?
- Forget it.


From behind.

It is spam. Remove it.

- Damn, now we are on this crap site!
- Look, it's escort guys.

- Holy shit, have you seen the prices?
- It was like hell!

- He goes enough taxis to buy smokes.
- Or, to go and take a dump!

- It can not be that hard.
- No.

You must choose a stage name.
What should you take?

- An alias.
- All right, choose your alias.

I'm hot ...

- Dickie.
- Dickie? Why?

Dick means penis in English.
- BBC Big Black Cock.

You are not black, sicko.

Now its time.

You'll just know.

The guy was crazy. He woke me up
at five, six and seven in the morning.

I would lick and suck him.
He grabbed my head.

What's the sick bastard who does that?

You know what?
His sperm tasted blood.

I could not sleep with
that nasty taste in the mouth.

I was completely gone. Two flarror whiskey
and God knows how many lines toffee.

You give up too easily. That's your problem.

- That's what they pay for.
- You're too kind. Then they pray always for more.

I sell dreams. I draw on
someone buttery song so that he relaxes.

I take his flabby old hand
and get him to dance.

You should have seen when he pressed
his shitty zigenarfejs against my balls.

Give it here.

- He said: "You're so cool, Hugo".
- Hugo?

Yes, deadhead.
Not a fan I show him my ID.

Do you get it? One should not be in a hurry.

You should take it easy and slowly.

Now and then
caresses it to him like this.

Idiot hardly knew his leg, and I
got him to run faster and faster.


- He did not ask anything else?
- Yes, of course. I followed the music.

Stop it! Stop that.


It is quiet. I've been through worse.

I smell weird?
Maybe the smell is still there.

No, you smell like a freshly washed baby.

Are you okay? Last night was not like
to comply with some men at weddings.

Do not worry.

- Now we buy some liquor.
- Sure. I'll just put on pants.

What the fuck are you looking at? Stand up.

Can you play when you empty your pockets
and smile? It called lyckoskatt.

Empty pockets and stop resisting.

Stop it!

Empty pockets.

- Home and grinning, it's the right attitude!
- I put you there on the web, your shit.

Check the ad: "One night
with erotic massage. "I can do that.

Have you seen the new boards?

Mine is broken. I'll get a new one.
Like them?

To hell with your damned boards.
All still looks the same.

- What are you doing, guys?
- We just chillin.

Do not come late.
We eat dot at twelve o'clock tomorrow.

- Want to call mom, Mathias? Mathieu?
- No. Math. It is quiet.

Good night, then.

That bitch just want to suck my dad.

- What happens tomorrow?
- Do not know. Give it to me.

Yes! I got a girl.

- You bastard!
- Although I have not seen her fejs yet.

Have you checked other ads?
"Sex without coercion."

- Go down the page.
- You'll have to wait a little.

"Looking for horny girl hard sex
and deep blowjobs, golden shower. "

- He is probably a teacher's Bichon.
- Sure.

- Should we fix the drugs for tomorrow?
- Toffee? I call that guy.

I want to watch Supreme-shirts.
You will see. I'll buy them all.

- A sweater for the day.
- That's not so bad.

One day.

Louie Lopez!

He is asgrym.


Marie! What do you think about Math and JP?

- What are you saying?
- What then? Laurel and Hardy?

They are funny.

I like Math. He's nuts.

Damn, it's really boring!

I'm tired of the stereotypical skaters
who believe they have swag.

I know nothing about JP. He appears foam.

- They are still together. Are they gay?
- Toff, it is 2013. All the guys are gay.

- Are you crazy? Not me!
- Are you sure?

- Want to film when I suck you?
- Of course.

What happens?

You have such nice lashes.

I want to put me on them
and never wake up.

See what I mean?

Are you afraid of my run-down body?

Not so excited, huh?

You know what my husband said,
just before he died?

He said:

"We leave all of a shoe
in someone else's refrigerator. "That was all.

- I do not get it.
- Neither do I. You get to choose significance.

That is the advantage of madmen.

Madame ... Catherine.

Am I doing wrong?

- You obviously need no answer.
- Shit...

Come here.

Oh, my little boy.

My little boy. My little boy.

Why do I get assfucked?

I was not even able.
Bloody fotsniffare!

I'm just like him.
It is the real me.

It will cut me when I think of
what he forced you to.

What did you say?

Forget it.

May I borrow your computer? I have a date.

Hey, Max.

You are a frustrated bastard, huh?

Do you wish you could hear me?

Read my lips. Max!

Your shit.

In ass?


Away with you.

- I'm high as hell.
- She's barely eleven.

- Why did you invite me if you are gone?
- Not me.

Right, honey? Sure you called me?

Let him be.

- Is he high, right?
- I do not know.

- What is he, then?
- Do not know. He sometimes disappears.

It's like talking to
a retarded.

Yes, father.

I do not know. She sleeps enough.

- All is well. You woke me.
- I pull on some music.

Wednesday morning at seven o'clock.
Pauline's mom drives me.

Kiss. Bye!

- I'm too high for that.
- It's just for fun.

A platonic dance. Do not worry.

- Then maybe Math gets hungry.
- Yes. Come now, Math.

- Choose your dance partner.
- No, he chooses a gayest otter you.

Otters are cute.
You are nothing without your money.

You can say what you want,
but he prefers girls.

He is still with me.
Look at him. He is barely human.

Shut up.

Get up. Come on!

I'm tired of him. Let's go.

My little boy.

Lillen min.

My little boy!

Come on. Wake up, damn it!


Damn! Come on!

Come on! Wake!

You are very cute.

Why did you become an escort guy?

My father is dead.
My mom has two jobs.

I take care of my siblings.

I have no choice. I have to make money.

- Where do the Math and JP their money from?
- I do not know.

Maybe they escort guys.
It is easy to find that kind of job online.

To: JP's stepmother
JP horar.

You have talent, Bella.

- When are we going to eat?
- Food's ready. We'll eat soon.

Sure, she's fine like that?

You should talk to him.

Is it good in school?

It is quiet.

- Can not you talk seriously?
- Can not you be quiet?

- Come on, JP.
- Shut up.

Stop it.

Is not he handsome?
He is really handsome.

Nice shirt. And especially the shoes.

- You have nice shoes.
- Stop now.

- Elegant.
- I bought them with Math.

Do not try, JP. Take them off.

Take the damn shoes!

Come on, damn it!

Let me go!

- Stop!
- Are you crazy in the head?

You horar just to brag!

Well done.

Is that JP?

Do you know where Math?

Should you meet him?

What's happening tonight?
I'll have a party. You're invited.

To do what?
You think I'm stupid or something?

I know what you hide.

What happens?

Clean and nice!

Close your eyes and open your mouth.


- I usually just take a half.
- Now we can fuck all night.

Come on, do not be shy.
Take off the jeans. All night!

What happy music!

Over time you'll find that it's sad.

- Where did you get it?
- Military.

A corporal would tattooed on the sly.

But my sensitive skin could stand it.

I love your lips.

Give me a kiss.

- Now we dance.
- Do you want to dance?

- I am totally exhausted.
- Come on, dance with me.

We see enough of silly out.

Follow him.

I promise to pay. Just like in the movies.


What have you done?

What the hell have you done?

- Did you get my text?
- Answer, damn it!

- I'm sorry.
- Did you say it to my pear? Your shit!

- It was not me.
- I should not be here. You sick fuck!

It was not me. I need you, JP.

I have it in me. It must end.

Why do you think I do it? Not a fan
to take taxis at. 03:00 or a sweater.

Why do you think I do this?
I'd follow you anywhere.

Everywhere, stupid!

- You are completely obsessed.
- Do you hear me, you selfish pig?

Did you hear? I think the mother is at home.

Shut up! Wake up now.

I'm just gay for the bucks!
Just for the money.

You're damn toxic.

Your shit!

I head south. It is out now!
Fucking idiot!

- Watch out for snakes.
- Shut up!

I have heard that it is fully
with vipers south.

He druttade almost straight at your face.

I get mad at you.

Shut up now.

Fucking dunce!

If you liked when he rˆvknullade you?
Is nothing sacred to you?

You stink old man.
You would sell your mother.

Moms or dads, I fuck them all!

- I have Jack and you're a fucking bastard!
- What did you say, you little shit?

I'm genuine. No one can take that away from me.
I'm the fucking king!

You hit SMALL FRY and stealing their syrror.
So genuine.

What'd you for something?

Although disgust you,
he is in any case not be mean to anyone.

Yes, stick now.

Irresistible, right?

I'm a friend of your son.

You are funny.

My son has no friends.

He is too selfish for that.

He is not the same.

Every morning...

He is not the same.

He is like a peacock lagging
its tail through the streets of Paris.

He never dream.

- I know. He told it to me.
- Really? Did he do it?

Then you are probably his friend after all.

What is it?

Why are you here?

I love him.

Stop it, Mom. Stop.

I feel crappy.


Damn, let me be!

- Mom!
- Well, come on now.

Come on. Do not want to smoke with me?

Smoke with me.

Shit, get out of here!

Beware of the head.

It is completely empty.

Jerk off for me.

Nothing is happening!

- Damn, you're quite disturbed!
- I'm hot.

Come, we go out.

Stick, damn it!

- Why?
- Get out! Look at you!

- I can suck you.
- Stick! You are fucking crazy!

- Go to hell! Let me be.
- Come on. Let me suck you off!

Come on now. Please ...

- Stick.
- Come on.

- Come now.
- Get out!

- You are fucking disturbed.
- Listen ...

- Get out now. Stick!
- I do not know ... I ...

Hold me, please.

Come on...

For the hell! We can lick each other!
Come on now!

Do your bit!

- I'm bored! Nothing is happening!
- Stop it!

I want to drink something.
What you got for something?

What is that? What is it?

Drag from here.



Here, drink a little. I am so bored.

Come on, my little Math.
Little sweet Math. My little sweet Math.

Math says "fuck off".
Go away!

- Stop it, Mom. Stop it, damn it!
- It is good, so good.

- Go to hell. What are you doing?
- Well, that's good, so good!

Shut up! Keep your fucking mouth!

You are so fucking sick. Stick!

Hug Bear! Fuck off!

Help me! The devil's in there!

I do not understand.
You scare me. Talk so that I understand!

- The devil comes back!
- Calm down, boy!

- Have you filmed clearly? You never get tired?
- No.

Damn it.

You shoot still camera or mobile phone.
You are pain in the ass.

We want a little privacy, damn.

- We do not even know what to do with it.
- We may never see the videos.

He has enough clips on all of us
to bust us when he wants.

He certainly has a j‰ttefil with your.
All your clips there.

He probably photographed us at parties,
sensitive stuff.

You are crazy.

What is it?

Do you want to fuck tonight?

Are you serious?

Gladly, but I can not.

Pacman would kill me.
I can not, honestly.

Here we go, guys!