The Slugger's Wife (1985) - full transcript

Darryl Palmer is a right fielder for the Atlanta Braves. He is a middling batter at 0.294 for the season thus far. He falls in love at first sight with Debby Huston when he sees her performing at the Limelight, a local club, she who dreams of pop music stardom, with the next step on that hopeful road being a record contract. Initially, Debby has no interest in Darryl whatsoever, but he eventually wears her down with his true affection for her, they eventually getting married. As he feels he has nothing else of substance to give her, how he shows his love for her is to be the best batter he can be, their first date which was predicated on he hitting two home runs in the next game, something he had never done before. As such, he continues to hit home run after another in providing this gift for Debby, while in return people begin to see Debby as his good luck charm. As Darryl's newfound hitting prowess is in large part the reason for the Braves' success - they marching toward the pennant and he himself on track to break Roger Maris' long standing record for most home runs in a season at sixty-one - Debby, despite loving Darryl with all her heart, begins to feel the pressure of always needing to be there for him, at the expense of her own life and career. The question becomes whether their relationship and marriage can withstand the pressure despite their love, Debby who wants Darryl to rely on himself, especially as she is offered that coveted record contract.



* Wanna dress
real pretty, yeah

* Wanna walk real nice

* 'Cause I'm gonna see my baby

* Make his head turn twice

* He looks real cool, yeah

* He dresses real slick

* Of all the guys I know

* He's the one I'd pick

* Whoa whoa

* Jimmy, don't you wanna do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
we could make it right

* Oh, Jimmy
you know where to put it

* 'Cause I got
what you want tonight

* Well, I can't hold on
much longer

* Though I think that I should

* My mother always told me

* I should keep it if I could

* My girlfriends
think I'm crazy

* They don't know what I see

* Oh, but Jimmy makes me crazy

* When he's kissing me

* Whoa whoa

* Jimmy
don't you want to do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
we could make it right

* Oh, Jimmy
you know where to put it

* 'Cause I got want you want

What's your name again, honey?

I'm Lola.


How'd a dumb
outfielder like me

ever get a great-looking
girl like Lola?

You didn't. I got Lola.

You got Cindy.



* Oh, Jimmy
don't you wanna do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
We could make it right

* Hey, Jimmy

Now, that's a pretty girl.

Damn, she's pretty.

* Don't you wanna do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
we could make it right

* Oh, Jimmy
you know where to put it

* 'Cause I got
what you want tonight

* Don't you wanna do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
we could make it right

* Make it right

* Oh, Jimmy
you know where to put it

* 'Cause I got what you want

* Tonight

* Don't you wanna do it




the Limelight is
proud to present...

Aline Cooper!

* Got a man and kids
in Baltimore, Jack

* I went out for a ride
and I never went back

* Like a river that don't know
where it's flowin'

* I took a wrong turn
and I just kept going

* Everybody's
got a hungry heart

* Everybody's
got a hungry heart

* Lay down your money
and you play your part

* Everybody's got
a hu-hu-hungry heart

* I met him in
a Kingstown bar... *

Hi ya, Roy, how you doing?

Hey, Darryl, how's it going?

Okay. You seen Chuck around?




Darryl Palmer... Debby Huston.



How you doing?



Uh, if you see Chuck,

just tell him
I'm heading home.


I really like
the way you sing.

(CHUCKLES) Thank you.

I couldn't take my eyes
off your voice.

That's a fact.

If I ever get to
make an album,

maybe you'd like
to watch it sometime.

I think you
struck out, Darryl.

It's three and two.

DEBBY: There you go.

Thank you.


-Miss Huston?

DARRYL: What do you say, guys?

I, uh, I didn't mean
I didn't like your voice.

I did.

I just liked looking
at the place your voice
was coming from.

Damn, that didn't
come out right either,
did it?

Well, it's not my fault

you look the way
you do, is it?

Well, it's not my fault

you talk the way
you do, is it?

Oh. I really got to be going.

* Everybody's
got a hungry heart

* Lay down your money
and you play your part

* Everybody's got
a hu-hu-hungry heart *

ANNOUNCER: Batting third,

number four, right fielder
Darryl Palmer.

WOMAN: Hit it out
of the park, Palmer!

MAN: Let's go, baby. Take 'em
to the field. Let's go.

-MAN: Come on.

Hit it out of here.

WOMAN: Okay, Darryl,
let's do it!

MAN: Keep your
eye on it, Darryl!

* Guess I should've known

* By the way you parked
your car sideways

* That it wouldn't last

* See, you're the kind of guy

* That believes
in making out once

* Love 'em, leave 'em fast

* I guess I must be dumb

* 'Cause you had a pocket
full of horses

* Trojans
and some of them used


* But it was Saturday night

* I guess that makes it
all right

* And you say
what have I got to lose

* And I say

* Little red Corvette

* Baby, you're much too fast

* Little red Corvette

* You need a love
that's gonna last

* I guess I should've
closed my eyes

* When you drove me
to the place

* Where your horses
run free...

Hey, what are you
so sore about anyway?

All I did was tell you
how attractive
I thought you were.

DEBBY: Well, I appreciate it.

But I'm trying to make
my living as a singer!

Well, give me a chance.
Next time I'll watch
with my eyes closed.

What are you
doing tomorrow?
We got a day off.

* But it was Saturday night

* I guess that makes it
all right

* And you say "Baby,
have you got enough gas?"

* I say, little red Corvette

* Baby, you're much too fast

* Little red Corvette

* You need a love
that's gonna last... *

Look, don't worry about it.

They're not the only
recording company
in the business.

We just gotta
smooth out the edges.

I'll see you tomorrow.




DEBBY: Oh. Oh...


I'm real sorry.
Are you all right?

DEBBY: What do you mean,
am I all right?

Do I look all right?

Yeah, you look great.

Your car looks
like crap, though.

I was rushing.
And I didn't want
to miss you.

Well, you certainly didn't
"miss me", did you?

Do you know what
that's gonna cost me
to get that fixed?

Ten dollars.

Ten dollars?

Yeah, I'll pay the other $600.

Well, how am I going
to get to work?

I'm playing err...
Tomorrow night.

I'll send you a limousine

with a color TV
and little sandwiches
in the back.

I don't want
little sandwiches.
I want my car!

I love my car!

Just leave me alone!

Jesus Christ. Who hit my car?

That is a brand new car.

That's all right, sir.

I'm gonna take care
of everything.





I promise things are gonna
pick up between us.

Don't give up on me.

* Corvette

* Little red Corvette

DARRYL: Your money
or your life.

-Hey, hey, what's
happening, Darryl?
-Hey, Chuck.

What'd you do,
bring the whole
damn team with you?

Yeah, I brought a few of them.

Are we all set for tonight?

-All right!

* Ooh Ooh

* Ooh yeah

* A body like yours
oughta be in jail

* It's on the verge
of being obscene

* Move over baby,
gimme those keys

* I'm gonna try to tame
your little red love machine

* Little red Corvette

* Baby you're much too fast...

-It ain't gonna
work, man.
-It'll work!

Moose, you think
it's gonna work?

Shit, no,

he's just gonna
embarrass himself.

He's gonna embarrass
the whole team.

Clutch! I am a clutch hitter.

I love pressure.

Honey, bring me
a pressure burger.

Coming right up.

* Little red Corvette

* 'Cause if you don't

* You're gonna run
into the ground

* Little red


Hey, Debby!

-Ain't she good?

Let me have
a light here, Lyle.

Thank you.

Now, we all know
the Atlanta Braves

have been struggling
pretty hard this year.

And I got to say this
as much as it pains me.

We got a fellow out there
in right field

who's having a real hard time
with the bat.

Mr. Darryl Palmer.


You're hitting what, Darryl,

.239. I went 0-for-5 today.


Darryl's real anxious
to make us proud
of our Braves.

So he's promised to hit
not one,

but two home runs
out of the park tomorrow!


Now... That's a real
tall order, Darryl.

If you want to withdraw,
you just say so,

we'll forget
the whole thing right now.

I'm gonna go for it,
all right, on one condition.

If I do,

Miss Debby Huston promises
to have dinner with me
after the game.


Now, now, if I don't,
she's off the hook.

And I give $1,000
to her favorite charity.


Now, you heard
the offer, Debby.
What do you say?

MAN: Go for it.


Well, I already
have a date
for tomorrow night.

-WOMAN: Come on, do it!

But considering the fact
I'm gonna raise
$1,000 for charity

without much risk
of breaking my date,

I accept.

-Thank you, ma'am!

I'll see you
at the players' gate

right after the game.

Dress semi-casual.


You're semi-freaking
crazy, that's what.

Two homers?

You can't drive
a truck that far.

You know why I haven't
been hitting all year?

Nothing has inspired me...

Until now.

That is my inspiration.

It's one-nothing, Astros.

We're in the bottom
of the second inning.

Thus far, Mark Fidrych
has been excellent.

The Bird
really doing his thing.

UMPIRE: Strike!



Man, oh, man, that guy
is throwing some shit.

-COMMENTATOR: The two-two
pitch. Strike three called.

Come on.

Take yourself out of the game,

Tell them you're sick.

I am.
I just swallowed my tobacco.



When was the goddamn last time
you hit two home runs
in one game?

High school.

It was a 24-inning game.
I batted 12 times.


MAN: Do it, Darryl.

MAN1: Give it a rip.
MAN2: Just meet it.

ANNOUNCER: Batting third,
number four, Darryl Palmer.

Play ball.

the tall gangly right-hander,
gets the sign.


There's strike one to Palmer.



And the pitch on the way
to Darryl Palmer.

Foul tipped into the glove.

Palmer swings.

There's a line drive,
deep left field.

This one is out of here!

UMPIRE: Outta here!


You have to come
around here more often.



Darryl Palmer,
a very happy man

-as he goes back
to the dugout.

BURLY: You hit one
for that girl,

but you won't hit one for me.

I told you to go on a diet.
I don't like them fat.

we go to the bottom
of the fourth inning

and Darryl Palmer
will lead off for the Braves.

And here's Fidrych with
the wind and the pitch.

It's hit deep
to right center field!

Back to the wall, it is gone!

Darryl Palmer's second
home run of the game.

-Where's a phone?

I've got to break
my date for tonight.

You didn't think
I could do it today,
did you?

No, I didn't.

I even bet our drummer
$25 you had no chance.

-Are you hot?

I'm just not used
to wearing ties.

DEBBY: Well, then why
are you wearing one?

I'm putting on my best.

I'm trying to impress you.

-Because you're special.

You're a lady. I knew that
the first minute I saw you.


You're not anything like
what I expected a ballplayer
to be like.

I know.
It's refreshing,
isn't it?


I don't mean this
to sound insulting,

but you really do come off

a little too sure of yourself

for your own good.

DARRYL: Well, that's
the refreshing part.

Underneath all this

I'm as shy as a puppy,
you'll see.

Pretty soon...

I'm gonna be standing up
on the end of my chair,
begging for food,

and you're gonna be
throwing me little pieces
of chicken.


You are crazy.

Excuse me.
I hope you enjoy your dinner.

Thank you.

Your chicken looks
a little dry.

Her chicken looks
a little dry.

Does it look
a little dry to you?

No, it looks
fine to me!

I don't want you
eating dry chicken
on our first date.

You'll remember it
the rest of your life.

No, no, no, it's not
chicken, its duck.

It is?

She ordered chicken,
this is duck.
Take it back.

No, I ordered duck.
I love duck!

Please, leave the duck.

Sure the duck isn't too dry?

Why don't you
bring her another duck.

I like dry duck.
I asked for it dry.

Please, leave the duck.

-Yeah, leave the duck
and forget the chicken.
-Yes, sir.

Oh, and could you
bring us some more wine.

Oh, no!

I'm sorry. Did it get you?

No, it's all right.

What do you mean,
it's all right!
I ruined your dress.

No, it didn't get on my dress.

It got on my duck.

It did? I thought that duck
was too dry, anyway.


Could you just bring us
another duck.

I don't want another duck.
I'm fine!

Will you relax? Please!

I think I can safely say

that this is the worst night
of my entire life.

Well, I'm beginning
to enjoy it.

glad someone is.

My pants are soaking wet.

We'll have to stay all night.

It's amazing how you
didn't get nervous
at the ballgame.

You've got guts.
I'll tell you that.

And what would you have done
if you'd struck out?

That wasn't the point.

I was trying to get across
how I felt.

Did you ever see Gene Kelly
in Singin' in the Rain?

Splashing his shoes
in the water,

swinging from the lamppost.

About 12 times.

That's what I was doing
up there at the plate.

I knew you was watching me,

and I can't sing,
and I can't dance,

But I sure as hell
can swing a 34-ounce bat.

Hitting the hell
out of that ball...

That was the only way I could
tell you how I felt about you.


You are something.

I never know
what you're gonna
say to me next.

Depends on which drink
I'm gonna spill.

I'll be better
at the next dinner.

Next dinner?

I've already paid off my debt.

You planning on hitting
four home runs tomorrow?

I don't know. I'll come up
with something.

What's wrong?

The duck is dry.


-* I'm singing in the rain

* Just singing in the rain

* What a glorious feeling

* I'm happy again

* I'm laughing at clouds

* So dark up above

* The sun's in my heart

* And I'm ready for love

* Let the stormy clouds chase

* Everyone from the place

* Come on with the rain

* I've a smile on my face

* I'll walk down the lane

* To a happy refrain

* I'm singing,
singing in the rain... *


DARRYL: All right,
here we are.

-This is my kind of place.
-Oh, yeah?

DARRYL: Two doubles,
two singles, four RBIs...

You had a real good day today.

DEBBY: I did?
DARRYL: Yeah...

We're partners
in this thing.

I go up to bat,

-feel your hands on the bat
right next to mine.

We're hitting .271.

* I'm just a red-blooded
fun-loving all-American boy

-I'll have a duck...
-Yeah, right over there.

* I'm just a red-blooded
fun-loving all-American boy


Warner, how you doing?

Hey, Darryl, how you doing?

I love adulation.

I love being recognized.

Well, at least you're honest.

I love being honest.

Four, with everything
that's bad, Pepi.

No charge for Mr. Atlanta.

I love being Mr. Atlanta.

-So what's it feel like?

Hitting a home run.

-You don't feel it at all.

If you catch it
in the sweet spot,

the dead center of the bat,

there's no weight.

It's just like
cutting through air.

It kinda... (WHOOSHING)

...takes off.

You don't even watch it.

You know before anyone else
in the stands.

You just put your head down,

circle the bases real slow,

drink in all the applause.

Greatest sound
a ballplayer ever hears.

"Sweet thunder,"
That's what we call it.

Yeah, I've had that feeling.

Oh, yeah?
Which league was that in?

It was up there on stage!

Sometimes I get
a hold of a song,

I don't even realize
I'm singing it.

It just floats outta
there all by itself

pretty as anything
you've ever heard.

And that's when
it works, you know.

I mean, that's when
I know I made music.

Yeah, that's it.

Listen, double-header
tomorrow. Want me
to pick you up?

I'm going to Boston.

I'm going to be gone
for two weeks.

Two weeks?

Well, I gotta make
a living, same as you.

No, you don't.

I can make a living
for both of us.

If I get 20 more
runs batted in,

I'm gonna hold out
for the big money.

Well, I earn my own money.

What are you saying?
You want to keep me?

No, I just want to
take care of you.

I mean, you're not gonna be
singing in clubs
the rest of your life.

Well, how do you know?

I like singing in clubs.

And maybe I'll get
that record contract.

Don't you try taking away
what I love doing best.

I wouldn't ask you
to give up baseball.


DEBBY: I don't want to be
behind any man.

If it's the right man
and the right time,

then standing
side-by-side with him
is where I wanna be.

DARRYL: Am I rushing you?

DEBBY: Yeah,
you're rushing me!

Would I be rushing you
if I kissed you goodbye?


What kind of kiss?

Regular. Just lips.
Not too juicy.

the number five,
boy-next-door kiss.

Do you stay up all night
thinking of things...

* Out of the blue
and into the black


You are dangerous.

* Pay for this

* But they give you that

* And once you're gone

* You can't go back

* You're out of the blue
and into the black... *


If you have something to say,

I'd be very glad
to listen at this time.


I'm scared.

-Of what?
-Of everything.

My life, my career,
means a lot to me.

How am I going to manage
you and a career
at the same time?

I won't take your career away.

Oh, yes, you will.

I know your kind.

Possessive as hell.

You're the kind that
needs his woman around

all the time, aren't you?

I don't know.

I never wanted one around
more than overnight before.

Am I really scaring you?

Because I'll stop.

If that's what you want.

I'll tell you when to stop.

You're just gonna
have to teach me.

You don't seem to be
having any trouble.

I'm talking about baseball!

I don't know
the first thing about it.

Baseball. Sure.

Whenever you want.

Well, how about right now?



-Okay, now,
this is first base.

DARRYL: This is second...


And home plate's
right about...
(KISSES) There.

Ooh, that's home plate?

Yeah, right about there.

Oh... So then what happens?

-DARRYL: Well, then
the batter steps up.

And the pitcher pitches.

-Now, that's a fastball,

that's a curve...


And that is a slider.


Ooh, that slider
is a hell of a pitch.

DARRYL: You want
to see my splitter?




* It's better to burn out

* Than fade away

Batting third, number four,


Darryl Palmer.

-DARRYL: Time?

Now time is called.

I think Palmer
might have called time.


BURLY: Hit it out of the park
there, big guy!

Play ball.

-What in the hell is this?
-DARRYL: What?

What do you mean, what?
There's singing coming
out of your damn pocket!

In my pocket?

What have you got
back there, Palmer?


It's just a cassette.

-You can't listen to music
during the game.
-Why not?

I listened to Star-Spangled
Banne didn't I?

CATCHER: Well, how do we know
he's not getting signals

on this damn thing
from up the stands.

He knows what pitch
is coming up,

and I'll guaran-damn-tee
that's why he's been hitting
the damn ball lately too.

Give it to me, Palmer.


I could fine you for this.

She's good luck to me.

He wears a rabbit's foot
around his neck,
doesn't he?

Yeah, but the damn thing
doesn't sing songs.

All right,
let's get back in there
and play ball now.

-Come on, Pete!

Let's get this yo-yo
out of here! Come on, pal.

Well, it's all
straightened out now,

and back in the batter's box
is Palmer.

Work hard, let's go.
Work hard!

The wind by Columbo.
Here's the pitch.

-It's hit to deep
left center field.

I got her perfume on my bat.


* Don't you wanna do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
we could make it right *

DEBBY: Darryl!




I thought you were
still playing in Boston.

We're shut on Mondays.

We can stay in bed till 4:00
tomorrow afternoon.


Let's get out of here.

You look thin.

I lost six pounds.

-I don't eat too good
when you're away.

* Oh, Jimmy
don't you wanna do it

* Yeah, Jimmy
we could make it right

* Oh, Jimmy
you know where to put it

* 'Cause I got what you want
tonight *

Are you sure can
eat another one?
It's awful big.

I never ate a steak
cooked as good as this.

What do you do?
You just look at it?

I hit .424
in the last six games.

Burly came up to me,
and he says, "Kid,
keep this up,

"next year we're going
to the World Series.

"Take my advice," he says,
"And marry that girl.

"She's gonna
make us all rich."

Marry me?

Thanks for popping
the question.
I was too nervous to ask.

Now, wait a minute, Darryl.

I never planned
on getting married.

Do you love me?

I don't mean never,
I just meant now.

My career's just beginning
to get started.

People are just beginning
to notice me.

Do you love me?

I'm not sure
I'd make a good wife.

You need someone
around all the time!

I'm not... I'm not cut out
to be a baseball wife,

sitting in the stands
every day.

Do you love me?


PRIEST: Deborah,
will you have this man

to be your lawful
wedded husband,

to have and to hold
from this day forward,

for better, for worse,

for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

to be together as long as
you both shall live?

And if she says, "I do,"

we're in next year's playoffs.

I do.

Who says I'm not
a great manager?

And in a moment,
we'll be ready to go.

Yup, you got it.

Where were you? I'm up at bat.

For Christ's sakes,
I've been stalling like crazy.

Oh, I'm sorry, honey,

but they kept me on
for four extra numbers

and there's some record people
here tonight.

Burly, you better
get him out here!

If he doesn't bat right now,
he's gonna be out!

His mother's in the hospital.

She's talking to him
from surgery.

Well, tell them to sew her up!
I got a ball game to run!

I've gotta bat now, honey.

I just wanted to hear you say
you loved me from Boston.

Oh, I'd love you from China.

-MAN: I'll hold
the phone for you.
-Don't hang up.

Listen to this.

Apparently, everything's
as it should be,

because Palmer
is standing in now.

Now, he's ready to go to work.


COMMENTATOR: Ready to go.

The pitch is swung on,
here's a drive, way back!

-This ball is out of here!

Tell her that's for her!

* If you're down and confused

* And you don't remember
who you're talking to

* Your concentration
has swept away

* 'Cause your baby
is so far away

* There's a rose
in a fisted glove

* And the eagle
flies with the dove

* And if you can't be
with the one you love, honey

* Love the one you're with

* Love the one you're with

* Love the one you're with

* Love the one you're with

* Don't be angry, don't be sad

* And don't sit crying
over good times you've had

* There's a girl
sitting right next to you

* And she's just waiting
for something to do

* Well, there's a rose
in a fisted glove

* And the eagle
flies with the dove

* And if you can't be
with the one you love, honey

* Love the one you're with



DARRYL: Terrific!
I mean, terrific!

You got a hold
of that song, honey.

It's out of the ballpark.
Here, these are for you.

What are you doing
here in Boston?

I thought you were
in Los Angeles.

No, I left this morning.
I'm on my way to Atlanta.

DEBBY: How am I supposed to
concentrate on my work

when you're popping
up everywhere?

I'm romantic.
Damn, I'm trying to cut down.

Darryl, you've
got to stop this.

I'm working now.

Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?

You and I got five hits
in the double-header

Oh, you don't listen to me!

You don't listen
to me when I sing,

you don't listen
to me when I talk.

Why don't you ever
listen to me?

So, when are you going
back to work?

Uh, soon. Well,
not right away.

Darryl wants me
to travel with him
for a little bit.

The 0-1 on the way.

Swung on,
driven deep left field!

That ball is way back.

-It's out of here! Home run!
-WOMAN: Yay!


He hit one about 450 feet,
and the Braves lead it 6-2.

MAN: Thanks, Darryl,
that's awfully sweet of you.

Go on, get your
own stewardess.

Hey, babe,
here's your coffee.

They heated up a bun for you.

Oh, I'm not hungry, Darryl.

Well, they made it special.
Just taste it.

(SIGHS) I don't want it.

Just open it up and smell it.

You won't believe it.

In 27 years around baseball,

I've never seen a man
so crazy about a woman.

How come your wife never comes
to the games, Burly?

Well, Marie put in her time
in the big leagues.

She went to law school
after sitting around
watching me for five years.

Saved the marriage.

Smart woman.

What's wrong, honey?

I don't know.

I can't travel on trips
like this all the time, Burly.

I can't come out
to the ballpark every day.

What about kids?

You talking about
having any yet?

I just don't feel like
being tied down

to anything right now.

But you do love him?

Oh, of course, I love him.

It's just
all the responsibility.

I mean, some days
he comes home
without getting a base hit,

I think maybe,
I did something wrong.

Luckily he hasn't been
having many days like that.

No, but I have.

I mean, some days I feel
like I want a hit of my own.


It's into deep left field,
back toward the wall...

She's gone!
Another home run
for Darryl Palmer.

That's Palmer's sixth
in the last ten games.

Boy, is he ever on a streak!

So if you went to work again,

who would you
work with? That...

-Gary, right.

You ever hear from him?

I spoke to him last week.

You spoke to him,
or you saw him?

I saw him.

We worked together
last Thursday afternoon
at his place.

We're trying to write
some new songs.

Didn't we agree
that I would work

after your season was over?

That's our agreement.
We agreed on that.



* Find us a better way

* There's still a lot
that we both can learn

* All that we hoped we'd be

* Someone's fantasy

* Just took a funny turn



I was gonna go for some chili
with Manny and Tina.

Gave you a call,
nobody was home.

I got worried, thought
something might be wrong.

Nothing was wrong.


Uh, where were you,
at your sister's?

I was at Moon Shadows.

They called me
and asked if I wanted to do
a guest appearance.

Just one show, so I figured
it'd be just for one night,

and I really felt
like doing it,

so I said yes!

Hey... Why not? How'd it go?

It went great.
I mean, I was
a little rusty at first,

but it felt great
to be singing
in front of an audience again.

That's great.

I'm real glad, hon.

When did they call you? Today?

No, a week ago.

A week ago?

You never said anything.

Well, I didn't know
how you'd feel about it.

I mean, I didn't want
to upset you or anything.

Upset me?
Why would I be upset?

It's just for one night.

So you didn't see the game?

I saw the first three innings.

I was supposed to go on
at 8:00, and I didn't
get on until 9:00...


Well, how'd it go?

The game?

Lost it, 5-4 in the tenth.

-Oh, I'm sorry.
Sounds like a heart-breaker.

Yeah, Burly's out
walking the highway

and trying to get
hit by a car.

You want anything to eat?

I'm sorry I didn't
see the game, Darryl.

You didn't miss much.

I went 0-for-5.
Struck out three times.

Left five men on base.

Two in the bottom
of the tenth.

I'm real tired. Gonna turn in.

You're angry with me,
aren't you?

Angry? No!

Why would I be angry with you?

You weren't the one
who left five men on base.

Sure I was.

If I'm the one
hitting all those
home runs with you,

then I left five men
on base tonight too.

I said I'm sorry, Darryl.

I can't watch every game!

I had a chance to work
for one night.

It was important to me!

Hey, I'm glad you did it.
I swear.

At least there was someone
in this family

gave Atlanta something
to cheer about tonight.



Hey, Darryl, that phone
is out of order.

Debby just called
the front office.

She says she loves you

and go out and
have a big game.
Now, let's go.

She didn't call,
did she, Burly?

She's out shopping,

she's out spending your money,

she's having her hair...
What the hell
is the difference?


-I think
I'm losing her, Burly.
-No way!

I mean, she's nuts about you.

Listen, I know
more about broads

than I do about baseball.

Now, what do you say?
Let's go. Go.

Atta baby!


a line drive deep left field!

This one is outta here!

DEBBY: Of course
I saw the game.

I'm at my sister's.

She just got the flu again.

No, it's nothing serious.

I miss you too.

I'm leaving right now.

Yeah, I'll see you soon.

So it's your decision.

They'll give you
the record contract,

but they want eight new songs,

and the best place
to get them ready

is out on the road.

I can get the band together,
but we've got to start soon.

How much time do I have
to make up my mind?

Until I finish my beer.


Hey, take it easy, man!

If you don't give me
a chance to hit,

they pay me no money
next year!

Didn't you ever feel guilty

about not being there
every day for Burly?

Sure... A little.

I felt a lot guiltier
about not being there
every day for me.

All my life I wanted
the right man to come along
and love me.

And then the right man
comes along,

only he gives me more love
than I can handle.

Have you discussed
that with him?

(SIGHS) What do I say?

"Please don't
love me so much?"

"Give me a little
room to breathe?"

a fair enough thing to ask.

COMMENTATOR: Darryl Palmer
has just hit number 52.

He's now nine away from Maris.

Boy, they love this guy.

He really jacked
the high fast ball.

Hit it right out of here.


That's his second
home run today.

Just another day at the office
for Darryl Palmer.

Way to go, Darryl.

REPORTER: Darryl, what do
you hear from Roger Maris?

DARRYL: Well, Maris says,
"Send over a case
of Budweiser,"

And told me to get a haircut.


REPORTER 2: How does it feel?

I like pulling the ball,
but I can go with it too.

I just feel real good
right now.

Darryl, you've got
just 26 games left.

19 of 'em are left
at the launching pad.

That gotta be great for you.

I think so. I'd like to
do it here. I'd like to
do it for the fans.


Burly, you've
managed this guy
for six years now.

What's the difference
between this Darryl Palmer

and the one who hit
only 17 home runs
all last year?

About 35 more home runs.

Yeah, but is it you?

Nah. Nah, I'm not doing
anything any different.

Well, what is it?

Well, he settled down.

He married this terrific girl.

Listen, if I'd met her first,
I'd have hit the 52 home runs.


Only, I don't think I'd have
been able to make it
around the bases.



Hey, Homer,
how you doing, boy?

Get this one. Get it!
It's going outta the park!

And it's another great catch

by Homer,
the barking outfielder, folks,

and he saves the pennant
for the Braves.

Where's mama?

Making us dinner or what?

Hey, Deb,
did you see the game?

Hit 51...


Right in the left
field stands.

It's all for you, babe.

Deb! Where are you, woman?


Where's the old lady, huh?

She making us dinner or not?

What did you say, hon?

DEBBY: Nothing.

DARRYL: What did you do today?

DEBBY: I bought
a new suitcase.


Should have told me.

I get them for free.

(GRUNTS) Damn,
my shoulder hurts.

Doc said I should rest it,
but I just don't think I can

with two weeks left
in the season.


I think there's something
we'd better talk about.

I'm gonna use
the Jacuzzi, hon.

If I don't loosen this up,
I'm not gonna get the bat
off my shoulder tomorrow.

You are going to be
at the game, aren't you?

I mean, none of us can afford
to miss any more games

from now until
the playoffs, okay?


DARRYL: All right, all right.

HAWKER: Ice cold Coca-Cola.

Debby, wait! Debby...

What is it?


Is it another woman?


How many times a day
do you speak with Manny?

I don't tell him
where I'm going,

but he finds out where I am!

-I've just got this
leash on me, Tina.

The biggest leash
I've ever seen!

Okay, so at least you know
he cares about you.

That's not caring, Tina.
That's not caring.

That's owning. I'm desperate.

I've got to get
out of here now

before there's
nothing left of me.

Sure, when the season is over,

you can have
a few days apart...

No, not when
the season's over. Now.

We're ready to go.

The pitch is good.

Kind of a half-swing.
He chopped at the ball.

-You're out!
-He's gonna be
thrown out at first.

Palmer started
the season in good shape,

hit the ball hard,

but of late, he's
been having problems.

He's two for his last 18.

He seems to be
distracted today.

He's in a bit of a slump.

Of course, the Braves hope
he'll pull out of it.

-Something's got
his attention.

He's taking an awful lot
of strikes lately,

and that's very unlike
Darryl Palmer.


Once again, Pete pumped
right across the middle.

Nothing and two,
the count on Darryl Palmer

still looking for
his first hit of this game.

And the 0-2 pitch on the way.
Strike three swinging.

Palmer out of there
on strikes again.

And he swung very,
very late and...

Well, as the Braves go...

Uh-oh, this is embarrassing.

That's three strikes, Palmer!

...goes down on strikes.

Add a little embarrassment
to this moment.

He was right at the plate.

He struck out

and didn't realize that was
strike three swinging.

He was right in
the batter's box,

and they told him, "Hey,
you only get three strikes
in this league."

Lost track
of the count somewhere,

so Palmer remains
mired in that slump,

striking out again.

That'll bring up England.

MAN: Next time,
babe, next time.

-It's all right.
-It's okay, baby,
shake it off.

It's all right, Darryl.
It's all right.
It's all right.


BURLY: Settle down, Darryl.


England takes a strike.
Nothing and one, the count.


The 0-1 pitch
on the way to England.

He takes a ball high and away.

Maybe Palmer can
snap out of it.

England swings and misses!

He's down on strikes.

So the Braves are
again not hitting.

They're having big,
big problems scoring runs.

No runs, and no hits,
no errors, none left.

Let's go. Let's hustle.

We go to the top half
of the seventh.

It's 3-0, San Diego.


* When I need you

* I just close my eyes
and I'm with you

* And all that
I so want to give you...

"I pray it's not forever...

"But I guess that depends
on how we handle it."

Oh, God.




If a woman wants out...

A man's got a right to know.
Am I right, Home?


Don't you fall for
no good-looking
cocker spaniels.

Don't ever get married.

They're only interested
in their careers.

Am I wrong?

* When I need you

* I just close my eyes
and I'm with you

* And all that
I so want to give you...

All right, all right,
go ahead.




* I hold out my hands
and I touch you

* I never knew
there was so much love

* Keeping me warm
night and day

I want you to
turn on the lights.

But they're on already,
Mr. Palmer.

Not those lights.

The lights in the stadium!

What stadium?

The Atlanta Braves' stadium.

Where the Atlanta Braves play!


Can't practice
without lights, can I?

Well, but I can't
turn on them lights

unless I have permission
from the management.

You want to win the pennant,
don't you?

How can we win the pennant

if I don't get in
my batting practice?

-I'm in a slump.

I haven't hit a home run
since last night.

Yeah, well...

Now, you, are gonna
turn on the lights,
God damn it!

Mr. Palmer, don't do that.

Hey, I'll lose my job!

Now, you know
you don't want me

to lose my job, do you?


* When I need love

DARRYL: Yeah, baby!

* I hold out my hands
and I touch love...


Inside, inside.

Ball was way inside.
Am I right, Homer?

Al, who's been screwing
with the machine?

That's supposed to be
a fastball!


New pitcher. New pitcher.

Just got to get used
to his motion.

Darryl, what the hell's
the matter with you!

You crazy, or something?

I can hit this guy, Burly.
Don't worry about it.

I got his number.

What's happening, man?

You know who's gonna
have to pay for these lights,
don't you?

I haven't been rehired
for next year yet.

Give me a break!

It's in the bag, Burly.

We got the pennant sewed up.

-(LOUDLY) Ten more homers!
-Man, he is wasted.

I'm in the record book!

Ahead of Ruth and Maris!

BURLY: Let us
take you home, kid.

Come on, Al.
I can hit this guy.

Put the bat down, Darryl.

You're not even warmed up!

-Come on, Darryl,
let's go sleep it off.


Did you tell her what I hit
in triple-A ball, Burly?

.365 average. 34 home runs.

I didn't even know
she was alive.

-BURLY: Put the bat down,
Darryl. It's cold.

You're gonna hurt
your shoulder the last two
weeks of the season.

He thinks I can't hit him.

I can hit any pitcher alive.

I'll drop it
down his throat, Al. Let's go!

BURLY: Come on, Darryl!

DARRYL: Faster, come on!

Throw it faster.

BURLY: She's coming back.
Let us take you home, kid.

DARRYL: Once I get my timing,
you're dead.

I'm gonna break
your batteries, hot shot!

BURLY: Stop it, Darryl!
Stop it!

I mean, think of the team!
Just think of the team!

Who's she thinking of?

Is she thinking of the team?

She doesn't give a shit
if we win or lose!

Just put her on stage
singing for some assholes

that aren't even listening!

-Am I right, Burly?
-Sure, kid, sure.

I don't need her!
I don't need her!

BURLY: Cut it out, kid!



* When I need you


I won't last three days
without her.

I'll die without her.

If you die, I'm gonna hire
a gay ballplayer.

I mean, I don't wanna
go through this anymore.

Gays fall in love too,
you know.

With outfielders,
with second baseman!

At least he'll fall in love
with somebody on the team!

If she calls,
will you wake me?

Of course I'll wake you.
What am I gonna do,
take a message?

Manny, get a chair,

go to sleep
right next to his door.


-Wake him up.

I always wondered
about Manny.

Last one out of the shower
and all.

-Did you ever notice that?
-BURLY: Yup.

Hey, Darryl!

Is there any news?

BURLY: She's in Kansas City.
She opens there tonight.

Call the airline.
Get me on the next plane.

BURLY: She won't talk to you.

How do you know?

BURLY: She told me.

She doesn't want
to be followed.

She wants time
to figure out

what she's gonna do
with her life.

We're all entitled to live
our own lives, Darryl.

Well, where's she staying?
If I could just talk to her

for five minutes,
that's all I need.

I can get her back. I know it.

If you call her, she'll run
so fast, and so far,

you'll never be able
to catch her.

When she's ready,
she'll call you.

What if she never calls?

Well, then you'll have to step
into the box

and stand
on your own two feet.

It's Darryl Palmer
batting fourth tonight...

Not Mr. and Mrs.

DEBBIE: We've gotta clean up
that second verse.

GARY: I got some ideas.
Let's eat first, huh?

DEBBIE: Darryl...

-Let's get out of here.
-No, just stay right there.

Look, why don't we talk
about this, huh?

DARRYL: I beg your pardon?

What is it you want?

Well, I'll have a small OJ,
two eggs over, crisp bacon,

black coffee
and some whole wheat toast.

You know what? She called me.

I never called her.


She's the one that wants out.

Now, if you think she wants
to go back with you now,

why don't you go ask her.

You know what my bet is?

Maybe I'm wasting
my time here.

Maybe I'm on of them
jealous, dumb husbands

that just doesn't...

Maybe you're right.

Listen, would you
just give Deb

a message for me?



Tell her I apologize
for having to smash
in your face.

Hey, man,
why don't you just relax
and take it easy?

Why don't you take
a walk, Slim.
This is a family matter.

Don't do this to me, Darryl.

I'm not gonna touch you, Deb.

I'm not gonna
lay a finger on you.

You don't need me.

I'm not your strength.
I'm not your good luck charm.

I'm not a gold locket
around your neck.

I don't want to be
responsible anymore.

I thought we loved each other.

DEBBIE: I do love you, Darryl.

There's no one else
in the world but you.

But to be with you,
I have to give up
everything that I am.

I don't want much.

I just want to be able to sing
a song that means
something to me.

Tell me it's all right
to have my own life.

Please tell me,
because even if you don't,

I'm taking it anyway.

Okay. Okay, no problem.

You can't go back.

That's easy enough
to understand.

You just let me know
where you are,

so I can send you
the rest of your things.

Just one thing, though.

You were never
a good luck charm to me.

You were never
a gold locket around my neck.

You're my wife!

I loved you more
than I ever loved any woman.

I hit that ball for you
as far as I could,

because that's the only gift
that I could give to you.

I wanted these next few years
so I could quit this game

with you as proud
as hell of me,

because it's gotta last me
the rest of my life,

and I'll tell you what.

With or without you,

that ball is going to fly
out of the park tonight

and tomorrow and every day

until I get the World Series
ring on my finger

and 62 home runs
in the record book!

Ten more, that's all I need!
You count 'em!





BURLY: You owe damages
to a coffee shop,

a guitar player,
three airplane tickets,

bail money...

And a $2,500
disciplinary fine.

If I so much
as hear you passing gas,

you'll be playing
in Omaha next year.

Did you get rid of her?

Yeah, I got rid of her.

Good. Screw her.

No disrespect.

BURLY: You and Manny
are taking the night off.

Oh, we're not
playing? How come?

If he goes to the plate
five times without
getting a hit,

he's gonna be convinced
he can't do it without her.

Get him drunk,

and when he's good
and pissed,

I want him laid.

-Yeah, three or four times.

BURLY: Get all the anxiety
out of him.

Get a few young girls.

Strong, healthy, good-looking.

Tell him he's doing it
for the team
if he says he's tired.

If he still says he's tired,

tell him he's doing it again
for the team.

The city of Atlanta
is behind him.

Do you think it'll work?

BURLY: Well, a guy that's just
been laid three times

is a lot looser than a guy
who's wife has just left him.

We're in the hands
of the gods, kid.

What about girls
for me and Manny?

When's that last time
you hit a home run?

I'm a manager, not a pimp!


* Black and orange stray cat
sitting on a fence

* Ain't got enough dough
to pay the rent *

What the hell is this?
You guys are up at bat
in five minutes.

We got the night off.

Dislocated hand.

Yeah, which one of you?

All three. We're very close.

* I strut right by
with my tail in the air

* Stray cat strut
I'm a gentleman's cat *

She's not that beautiful,
you know?

I mean, when you get up close.

I mean, real, real close.

You can see pores in her skin.

You put your eyeball
up on her cheek,

those pores,
they're as big as cantaloupes.

She's cute.

That's the most I ever thought
she was, was cute.

She used to be.

They lose that fast,
you know? Cuteness.

That's one of the first
things that goes.

You know what the second
thing is that goes?

Their tits?

* Ain't got enough dough
to pay the rent

* I'm flat broke
but I don't care

* I strut right
by with my tail in the air *

I've still got a good ass.

You got a good ass.

Moose has got a good ass.

Moose has a great ass, man.
Best one on the team.

All right, there you are.

So what the hell
do we need her for?

Especially since
we've got our asses.


just maybe she's got
one tiny little thing left.

I mean, it ain't even
worth mentioning.

It's nothing.

It's all that dumb chick
has got left to her name.

What's that?

I goddamn love her.

* I wish I could be
as carefree and wild *


I got a couple of girls here
that want to meet you.

-This is Paloma,

-and Sherry...
-Hi, there.

-And Peggy.
-How you doing?


I thought you said Debby.

I don't like that name, Debby.

They're usually not there
when you get home.

I'm just the opposite.
I usually am.

-That's great.

-Oh, why don't,
why don't we find out?
-Find out what?

Why don't we go home
to Darryl's place

and find out if you're there.

Sure, that'd be interesting.

All right. Let's go, girls.

Manny, grab his arm.

Where we going?

We got to get you laid.
Burly's orders.

I don't wanna get laid.
Don't make me get laid, Manny.
My heart's not in it.

Your heart ain't even
gonna get near it.

I wouldn't make you get laid
if you didn't want to. Moose?

* I'm flat broke
but I don't care at all

* Mrowr!


Is that too loud?

I'll see what's going on.

* I was at home feelin' sleazy

* So I went down
to the speak easy

* As soon as my feet
hit the door

* I had all attention
from the dance floor

* Don't you know
the men all pause

* when I walked into the room

* The men all pause

* The men all pause

* and the brides
held their grooms

* The men all pause

* and the all sang
the same old tune

* Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa *



Is everything okay?

Can I come in?

It's never gonna change.

MOOSE: What's happening here?

Ain't you two made it yet?

He won't let me take
my bra and panties off.

How the hell
are we gonna make it?

Peggy, could you wait
downstairs a minute?

Darryl and I
have to have a talk.

PEGGY: What kind of talk?

This man
only knows one subject.

Her name is Debby.


(SIGHS) Darryl...

-I'm gonna level with you.

This is my last year
in the bigs.

I'm hanging them up
after this season.

* The men all pause

* And the brides
held their grooms

* The men all pause

She's gone, Darryl.

She's not coming back.

Not in the next ten days,
she's not.

Now, unless you loosen up.

Unless you get the confidence

that you can do it up there
by yourself.

I try, Moose.

are three of the most

fantastic women I ever saw.

They're yours.

I guarantee it.

One hour with those girls,

you won't even blink
if I mention the name Debby.

I used to do it before.

I was pretty good
with the ladies,

wasn't I, Moose?


You were the best.

You know, we had a list
of 200 volunteers for tonight.

Do it for me, Darryl.

For my old age.

Screw one for the Moose.

I'd screw anybody
for you, bud.

You know that.



You son-of-a-bitch.

I could cry.

Now, get your clothes off.

Which one
should I send up first?

Not in here.

This is where Debby
and I make love.

What about the spare bedroom?

Oh, no,
we did it in there, too.

Living room? Den?
Wherever you want.

Kitchen was the only place
we never did it.

Then it's the kitchen.


Let's go, kid.



He's ready.

He's ready.


I'm sorry if I offended
any of you ladies.

No problem.
We understand.

It's okay, honey.



Where we going, the kitchen?

Those counters
are always so damn cold.

I'll see you guys.

Hey, amigo,

we owe you one.

This one's for
the pennant, guys.

I can't.
That's our kitchen.

Debby cooked
in that kitchen!

I'm sorry, Moose. I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.

I just can't do it.

DARRYL: Homer, come on,
we're going to bed.

MOOSE: What about the cellar?

I bet you never
did it in the cellar.

We tried, Burly.

We really did.

The kid's got character.

I hate kids with character.
They never listen to me.


Oh, you had it,
you had it, old man!

Get your ass outta there.

MAN: Hey!

Oh, boy!

MAN 2: Come on, baby,
show them how it's done.

DARRYL: Tom... Put
something on it.

I need my timing.

Watch it!

Let him get some air.

Give him some room.

Darryl! Darryl, talk to me.

(GROANS) Debby?

He'll be all right.

At least
he got her name right.

DARRYL: Nurse,
are there any calls for me?

Who's that?

Hiya, kid.

How you doing?

Oh, Burly.

I didn't recognize you.

They got the lights
off in here?

Hi, Darryl. It's Moose.

Hiya, Moose.

-Who's that with you?
Dr. Hill...

That's me, too.

You got double vision, kid.

I know. It was murder
peeing in the bottle.

Hi, Darryl.

It's Burly. Can you see me?

Two fat guys like you?
Who could miss you?

Doc says you're doing fine.

I mean, he says you might be
able to play tomorrow night.

Would you like
to give it a shot?

Let's face it, Burly,
I'm just holding
the team back.

Why don't you bring up
that kid from Richmond.

Give him a chance.
At least he won't see
two balls coming at him.

Would you stop talking
like that?

Manny, tell him not to talk
like that.

Don't talk like that.

I mean, I don't care
who wins the pennant,

or even the goddamn
World Series.

Nobody remembers
who won it last year anyway.

It was Baltimore.

I care about you.

My boys always come first.

Now, get well, will you?

When you're ready,
you're ready.

If not, we'll get the bastards
next year.


* Hot town
summer in the city

* Back of my neck
getting dirty and gritty

* Been down
isn't it a pity *

Who's that?

Oh, that's Aline Cooper.

She's a real nice kid.

She's been working here
about three years now.

No kiddin'.

You guys think she's pretty?

Yeah, sure.

You want me to try
and fix you up, Burly?

Her boyfriend plays tackle
for the Oilers.

-He'll break your ribs,
but I can ask.

Squint your eyes
and look at her.

* In the summer in the city

* Cool town
evening in the city

* Dressing so fine
and looking so pretty

* Cool cat
looking for a kitty

* Gonna look in every corner
of the city

* Till I'm wheezing
like a bus stop

* Running up the stairs
gonna meet you on the rooftop

* But tonight
it's a different world

* Ain't it nice
just to be a girl

* Come on, come on
and dance all night *

She look anything like Debby?

Not much.

Yeah, maybe just a little.

Well, squint harder.

Make her look fuzzy.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, she looks
like Debby now.

She looks like anyone now.

If I pull this thing off,

I'm going to run
for mayor next year.


* Hot town
summer in the city

* Back of my neck
getting dirty and gritty *


Sometimes she wears
her hair in a twist.

-A twist! Twist?

I'm twisting.
I'm twisting.

-Everything's gonna
be all right.
-I'm nervous.

Oh, come on.

I don't know whether I can
go through with this.

Damn swell fellow
laying in there.

Think of how happy
you're gonna make him.

Come on.

Hiya, Darryl.

It's Burly.


BURLY: How are the eyes?

Not bad.

BURLY: How many fingers
am I holding up?

-BURLY: Good boy.

There's somebody here
to see you, Darryl.

It's Debby.


Debby's here?

Right there in that chair.

She came in from Toronto.
How about that, kid?

Deb? Is that you?

Yes, Darryl, it's me.

DARRYL: You sound so funny.

It's laryngitis.

I mean, she can hardly speak.

I told her not to come,
but she wanted to see you.

You're so far away.

Can you come closer?

BURLY: The doctors
told her not to.

In case she's contagious.

They don't want
you to develop
any complications

I don't care.

It would be worth it.

I'm gonna leave you alone
for a minute.

I can see you kids
want to talk.

DARRYL: I'm real sorry
about that day in Kansas City.

I was out of my mind.

You know I'd never
do anything to hurt you.

I know, Darryl.

Do you? Do you really?


I'm letting you go, Deb,

but I'm not angry about it.

I'm real scared.

But I'm not angry about it,

and whatever happens,

that's what's meant to happen.

Even if I wasn't your wife
right now, I'd love you.


I'm real glad
to hear you say that, Deb.

Because you know what?
More than anything
in the world...

I won't be seeing you
till after the season's over,

You're coming back
after the season?

I'm coming back, Darryl.

I promise you I'm coming back.

Hold my hand a minute.

Darryl, the doctors
said I wasn't...

I don't care
about the doctors.
Hold my hand.

You're so cold.
Usually you're so warm.

ALINE: I've gotta go.

You take care, now, you hear?

How did it go, kid?

She's said
she's coming back, Burly.

You think she really means it?

What have I always
been telling you?

Think positive.

-Nice going, kid.
-Get away from me.

Don't you touch me.

I must have been crazy
coming here

letting you talk
me into this.

I thought I was coming here
to cheer someone up,

not to break that man's heart,

because that's
what's gonna happen to him

if his wife doesn't
come back to him real soon.

Well, I'm not gonna let you
get away with it,

because as soon as he's
out of this hospital,

I'm telling somebody
what I did,
and who put me up to it,

and don't you try and stop me,
or I'll have it
on the 6:00 news

as fast as you can talk
out both sides of your mouth.

You think she's right?
You think I did wrong?

BOTH: Yeah.

You think
I'm a son-of-a-bitch?

BOTH: Yeah.

But if we win the pennant
because of what I did tonight,

you still think I'm wrong?

No freaking way.

Damn right! Let's get going,
we've got a game tomorrow.

A standing ovation

at Atlanta Fulton
County stadium

for Darryl Palmer.

Boy, what a year he's had.

He had a big slump
for a while.

But then he rebounded.

Hello, Debby?

It's Aline Cooper.

Aline! Hi! How you doing?

I got something to tell you,
and I'm not going to get

a night's sleep till
I tell somebody about it.

Well, last night,
when I finished off my set,

Moose and Manny were backstage
with that manager, Burly...

And so they told me
they were going off
to the hospital to see Darryl,

and they wanted to know
if I wanted to come with them
to cheer him up.

I thought,
"Wow, what a great idea."

Because I know that, you know,
the pennant's coming close,

and I got changed

and I went off with them
to the hospital in their car,

and once we got in the car
on the way to the hospital,

they announced to me
what they really had in mind,

and how they really wanted me
to cheer him up

was for me to pretend
that I was you.


So then they also
wanted me to say

that I was still
in love with him,

and that I was coming back.

So I did it...

Breaking ball.
There's the drive, way back!

And, uh,
I know. I know.


I must be a hell
of an actress,

because Darryl just hit
a whopper of a home run!

He's hitting again!

BURLY: I'm smart! I'm smart!

I'm rotten, but I'm smart!

BURLY: Atta way to go, kid.

Atta way to go!

I don't know why I did it.

Boy, they love this guy.

I just wanted you guys
to get back together
so bad.

Oh, Aline, I don't know

if I wouldn't have done
the same thing if I was you.

I mean, if it's working,
it's working.


* The king is gone
but he's not forgotten

* This is the story
of Johnny Rotten

* It's better to burn out

* Than fade away

* The king is gone
but he's not forgotten

* Hey hey, my my

* Rock and roll can never die

* There's more to the picture

* Than meets the eye

* Hey hey, my my

Hi, Manny. Hey, Moose.

Hey, Darryl, you gonna make
history tomorrow or what?

-I don't know.
I'm gonna try, Chuck.
-Good luck, buddy.

Mr. Palmer.
Hi. Lloyd Parker,
Sports Illustrated,

down here to
cover the game.

I wonder if I can just
ask you a few questions?

DARRYL: Sure, Lloyd,
just make it fast.

I'm not staying too long.

The Braves have won six
out of their last eight games.

You guys probably figured
you had it all wrapped up.

How do you feel about Houston
winning all eight
of their last games?

Well, what the hell, Lloyd,

winning isn't everything.

It's coming close that counts.

Okay, well, what about

breaking Roger Maris's
home run record,

61 home runs.
You need just one more.

Do you really think
you can do it?

Hey, man,
don't ask questions like that.

It's all right, Manny.

Yeah, I think I can do it.

I don't know if I'm going to,

I don't know if I will.

Yeah, I think I can do it.

Yeah, I think you can too,
and I hope you do.

Hey, Darryl, thanks a lot
for talking to me.

I appreciate it.
Good luck tomorrow.

Okay, Lloyd. Thanks.

* I held my nose
I closed my eyes

* I took a drink

* I didn't know
if it was day or night

* I started kissing
everything in sight

* But when I kissed a cop
down at 34th and Vine *

What's the matter, Darryl?
Your eyes bothering you?

I don't know.

Something's wrong, though.


Shit, I told you
we shouldn't have come here.

* But when I kissed a cop
down on 34th and Vine

* He broke my little bottle of

* Love potion number nine

* Love potion number nine

* Love potion number nine

* Love potion
number nine *



-Hey, Aline.
-Hey, Darryl.

Can I talk to you
for a minute?

-Hi. Hey, nice show,

Thank you, Darryl.

Oh, so how you doing?

-Good. How's Kyle?

Oh, real good.

I think they've got a shot
at the Super Bowl this year.

Yeah, I figure they do.

Have you heard
from Deb lately?

No, not in a long time.

You always wear that perfume?

As long as I can remember.

Is it all right?

It's great.

I was just wondering where
I might have smelt it before.

Oh, everywhere
in Atlanta probably.

It's really popular.

I've gotta go, Darryl.

Hey, good luck tomorrow.

I really think you deserve
to get everything you want.

Hey, Aline,

that's not how we say
"Good luck" in Atlanta.

You know that.

We shake hands.

Kiss lips.

I'm glad your lips
ain't as cold as your hands.

Darryl, it wasn't my idea.

MOOSE: Darryl, wait a minute.

Leave me alone, God damn it!

-I'm going to kill
that son-of-a-bitch!
-MOOSE: No, Darryl.


It wasn't Debby, was it?

It was Aline, wasn't it?
It wasn't Debby, it was Aline!

Why did he do that, Moose?


The team.
He was thinking of the team.

What if we lost
once in a while?

Wouldn't people still like us?

No, I don't think so.

Well, God damn it,
that's depressing!

Were you guys in on it, too?

Aw, Christ...

That is even more depressing!

We'll make it up
to you, Darryl.

I'd break my ass for you, man,
you know that.

I ain't promising nothing.

When I go up
to the plate tomorrow,

I'll take my cuts.

Just in case,

do you want to go to church?

Hello, Darryl.


I called earlier to tell you
I'd be coming by.
There was no answer.

Hope you don't mind
my letting myself in?


Why should I mind?

Well, I didn't know
if you'd be having guests
over or not.

No, no guests.

Just me and Homer.

Big day tomorrow.

DEBBY: I know.

I wanted to see the game.

They're not showing it
in Philadelphia.

Oh, would you like to go?

-I know you don't like...
-No, I'd like to go very much.
Thank you.

DARRYL: Oh, I'll leave
an extra ticket at the gate.

I've been following
the games in the papers.

I'm really happy
to see you doing so good,

and you've been doing
it by yourself.

I mean, no good luck charms

around your neck
or around the house.

It must feel good
to know that.

Did Aline tell you
about that...

Little joke Burly played on me
in the hospital that night?

DEBBY: Yeah, she told me.

Didn't look or sound
or smell like you.

I was hoping so...

I'd have believed
anything that night.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Hell, what for?

It worked.

And that's all that matters,
isn't it?

Darryl, there's something
I'd like to say.

DARRYL: Don't.
Please don't say anything.

When I go to the ballpark

I don't want to know
what's waiting for me
when I come back.

I don't want to depend on you
or what I'm hoping for.

I want to play this last game
by myself.

Can you understand that, Deb?

I understand that, Darryl.

Why don't you stay
here tonight.

Me and Homer
will use the guest room.

I've got to get up early
and go to batting practice,

so I probably
won't see you before I go.

You look real good.

Did you put on some weight
or did you lose some?

I'm about the same.

No... Not the same.

I don't think either one of us
is the same anymore.


I could try to relax you
and say

it's just another ball game.

Well, it's not
just another ball game.

It's the most important
goddamn game
we'll ever play in our lives!

And winning, it means
not only pride
and achievement and respect...

But endorsements
and TV appearances.

BURLY: Okay,
now, let's play this game

for the most important
thing in this man's world,
big bucks!

He's got it.

That's all for the Astros
in the top half of the second.

Nothing across for Houston.
We go to the bottom half
of inning two,

still scoreless in Atlanta.

Boy, so much pressure
in this game.

Obviously, the pennant
will be decided today,

and Darryl Palmer
who will lead off

the bottom
of the second inning,

61 home runs.

He's tied Maris' record.

In this final game,
he needs one more

to set a new all-time record
for most home runs.

You wonder, Pete,
what these fans want most.

They want a Braves win,
and they want Palmer
to set the record.

Number four,
Atlanta's pride and joy,

right fielder Darryl Palmer.

So it'll be Darryl Palmer
leading off here

in the bottom half
of the second inning.
61 home runs.

The media here
from all other the nation

covering not only this game,

but this attempt
of Darryl Palmer's...

CROWD: Palmer! Palmer! Palmer!

All the Braves in the very
front of their dugout

as Palmer digs in.


-So it's Palmer facing veteran
left-hander Al Hrabosky.
-UMPIRE: Play ball.

As we go to the bottom half
of the second inning,
no score.

-And the first pitch
is taken for a called strike.

Nothing and one, the count.

Bottom of the second,
no score.

Pitch number two.
He missed it, 0 and two.

Boy, he had that home run
cut, though.

That's the cut that has hit
61 home runs this year.

Tied Roger Maris'
long-standing record.

Everybody standing at
Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.

That's it!

Now Palmer back in.

Hrabosky ahead in the count.
No balls and two strikes.

And Hrabosky ready
with an 0-2.

It's on the way.

There's a drive
deep left field!
This might be it!

Everybody on their feet.

This ball is way back
in the blue seats
beyond Noc-A-Homa Teepee.

And Roger Maris move over,
make room for Darryl Palmer

who has just hit number 62,

setting an all-time
Major League record.

We'll remember this day.

Baseball's never seen
this before.

The 62nd home run
in one season.

Darryl Palmer has done it,

as he's done it
so many times this year

and here on the day

when the pennant
will be decided.

MAN: Nice going, Darryl!

A remarkable performance
by a remarkable player,
Darryl Palmer.

The big scene
is at home plate,

we've got an illustrious group
of Atlanta Braves

Darryl Palmer for entering
the record books

with his 62nd home run
of the year.

I'm sure he'll have to make
a curtain call for this one,

the fans are not going
to let Darryl

just walk back
into that dugout

without getting
a better look

at him than
they have right now.

Boy, even though
it's the second inning,

everyone spills out of the
dugout to welcome Palmer,

like the game
and the season was over.

Burly DeVito now hugging
Palmer right in front
of the dugout.

England is back into the wall,

but this ball is outta here.
Home run!

Powell has just homered
to deep left center field.

Hrabosky getting his sign.

Plato getting his lead
at first.

Getting a good lead
over there.

And the pitch on the way.

-UMPIRE: Ball!
-Takes it high. Runner going.

-You're out!
-The throw down.

Plato will be outta there
at second base.

Whoa, tempers a little hot
down at second,

but this'll be handled.

The umpire stepping in
to break things up.

There's a bouncer to short.

He didn't have
a very good swing.

Short to first.

-You're out!

The pitch.
Curve ball. Swing and a miss.

DeVito with the classic sign
at the Braves' dugout,

there goes Pachter,
a throw down at second base,

and he's in there safely.

The 0-1 on the way.
Line drive. They've got
a chance for two.

UMPIRE: You're out!

Pachter, a swing and a miss.

Looking for a throw,
Johnson back easily.

There's a drive,
deep right center field.

Palmer back.
He's... Got it on the track!
What a catch!


Well, the Braves are down
to their final chance.

Two men out, bottom half
of the ninth inning.

Houston with a 2-1 lead.

Manny Alvarado, the batter.

-WOMAN: Atta boy, Manny!
-He is 0-for-three today.

He's popped out twice,
and grounded out hard to third
his last time up.

Now Hrabosky just one out away
from eliminating Atlanta

from the National League
West Pennant.

The pitch on the way
to Alvarado.

He slaps one
toward right field.

It's in for a base hit.

Alvarado will take the turn
at first and hold on.

The Braves are still alive.

Alvarado with pretty good
speed at first base

as Darryl Palmer comes up,

but he won't be doing
any running.

Number four, right fielder

Darryl Palmer.

Let's go downtown
with it, baby!

There's a drive toward right.
That's through for a base hit!

Alvarado will round second,
head for third.

The throw will come back
into second,

and the Braves have runners
at first and third

with two men out
for Moose Granger.

Number 24, first baseman,

Moose Granger.

Now the Braves
have the tying run at third

and the winning run at first.

Moose! Moose! Moose!

Runners at first and third,
two men out.
First pitch to Granger.

Say, Moose,
what do you say, babe?

Come on, Moose!

Alvarado on third,
two down.

The stretch by Hrabosky,
and the 0-1 on the way.

There's a drive
deep center field

Gulliver going back.
Still going back.

This ball is going, going...

And Gulliver
up against the wall

to make the catch

and end the season
for the Atlanta Braves,

and just like that

this crowd is stunned
into silence

as Moose Granger's drive
hauled in by Gulliver.

the Braves came so close,

the tying run at third,
the winning run at first.

The winning run
would have scored,

and Granger's drive caught

right at the left
center field wall.

And now the crowd starts
to give the Braves a...

A quiet, but steady ovation.

They know the Braves came
that close to winning it all.



MOOSE: Damn.

MANNY: Two more inches.

Two more inches,
he doesn't get a glove on it.

DARRYL: That guy will never
make a catch like that
again in his life.


But he made it today.

Nobody feels worse than I do.

I love these guys.

We'll be back.

You can mortgage your homes
on that.

REPORTER 1: Where is he?

REPORTER 2: Inside, inside.

REPORTER 1: Hey, Darryl!

It didn't go your way,
but you broke the record.
How do you feel?

I wish we won, but we didn't.

REPORTER 3: Darryl, after
a colossal year like this,

next year, do you
think there's any way

you could do this
sort of thing again?

DARRYL: I don't know.

It's been a good year
and a bad year.

I can't think
about tomorrow yet.

REPORTER 3: Darryl,
I know you're proud
of breaking Maris' record,

but does not
winning the pennant
take the edge off it?

The edge, the center,
and the sides.

What do you do tonight
after a game like this?

Any plans?

I don't know.

I have to see what comes up.


Came to say goodbye, skipper.

BURLY: You know what makes
really good champagne?


Forty dollars a bottle,
it tastes like Mountain Dew.

Winning isn't everything,

It comes damn close.

Well, we couldn't have
gotten here without you, kid.

I mean, Christ,
you're in the Hall of Fame.

How does it feel?

Damn good.

Is that wrong, Burly?

I'm in the Hall of Fame,
but we lost the pennant.

Does that make me
a selfish bastard?

A little...

But you're human,
like the rest of us.

Here's a Mountain Dew to you.

I'll see you.


Sorry about that night
in the hospital.

The hell you are.

DEBBY: Darryl...



DEBBY: How do you feel?

Well, it hasn't been
an uninteresting day.

No, I suppose not.

I'm glad you were here.

It must have been a hell
of a game to watch.

I'm finally going to get
to make that album.

DARRYL: An album?

move over, Dolly Parton.

Well, almost, but not quite.

No, you're gonna make it.

I knew it the first
night I heard you.

You didn't hear me.
You just watched me,


It's a habit
that's hard to break.

I'm so happy
for you, Darryl.

I was so proud
of you today.


I like hearing that.

Can I drop you anywhere?

No. No, I got
a rental car

to get me
to the airport.

Oh. Okay.

Keep in touch.

Let me know when
that album comes out

before they're all sold.

I miss you like hell.

I'm just so damn confused
about everything,

but I know that I care for you
more than anything
in the world.

I believe that, Deb.

Is there a chance
we could keep the door open?

I mean, is there a chance,
in time,
we could reconsider the...


Let's keep the door open
till it's time to close it.

Here's that home run
you hit today.

The man who caught it
gave it to me to give to you.

In gratitude, he said.

That's okay, I've got enough.

Why don't you keep it?

That way, in case that
door is still open,

you might want to bring
it back with you one day.

I just might do that.

Goodbye, Darryl.

* Love

* It's just the way it goes

* Forever or for just a day

* Well, it's just that way

* Nobody ever knows

* It's just the way
love goes *



DARRYL: Hey, Homer!

Hey, boy!

How you doing?
Come on up here.


CHARLIE: Hey, you're gonna
have to get a stronger leash

if you want me to keep
watching this dog, man.

I mean, damn,
he's strong.

-Okay, thanks, Charlie.

Come here, Homer.
Come here, Home.

How many hot dogs
did you have?

You got mustard
all over your face.

Hey. Hey, Homes,
ask me what kind of day
I had today,

because you're never
gonna believe
what happened to me.

* Maybe we'll work it out

* Find us a better way

* There's still a lot
that we both can learn

* All that we hoped we'd be

* Someone's fantasy

* Just took a funny turn

* First we were everything

* You were the perfect thing

* Falling in love
with somebody

* Always hurts

* Love
it's just the way it goes

* Nobody ever knows

* No, not even you and I

* But you keep on trying

* Love
it's just the way it goes

* Forever or for just a day

* Well, it's just that way

* Maybe we went too fast

* Traveling different paths

* You just can't tell
how a life will turn

* Picture different scenes

* From a magazine

* It's not how
our candle burns

* You were the perfect thing

* I wanted everything

* How you love somebody

* Always grows

* Love
it's just the way it goes

* Nobody ever knows

* No, not even you and I

* But you keep on trying

* Love
it's just the way it goes

* Nobody every knows

* No, not even you and I

* But you keep on trying

* Love
it's just the way it goes

* Forever or for just a day

* Well, it's just that way

* Nobody ever knows

* It's just the way
love goes *