The Slingshot (1993) - full transcript

Stocholm in the 1920s. Young Roland lives with his socialist father, Jewish mother and a boxing brother. His mother sells condoms illegally, and from them, Roland makes slingshots which he sells. His rebellious ways has gotten him the special attention of his school teacher, who always makes sure that Roland is punished. Roland also tries to make extra money by repairing bicycles, a successful business that in the end lands him in hot water.


If you're going to faint,
you've got to do it right.

It's nice waking up
when you feel like waking up.

It's easier to concentrate
when it's silent all around you.

How do I know whether
I was meant to be Swedish?

That's my question...

Hardsub transfer
by Oskar

- Rolle! Rolle!
- No, Klasa. He won't do it!

He will if you dare him!

You're so tough!
I dare you to lick that iron post

I'll do it!

- What's he doing?
- I don't know.

- Ow, ow, ow!
- Help him, then!

Good heavens!
What's your name?

He says, "Roland."

And your parents?

- Where does he live?
- They're Jewish. Here's his mother.

Roland! Roland, my little darling.
Hold still.

I'll take that!

Here, take the spade.
Put it there. There, quickly. So...

There, there, darling.

Quiet, stand still.
It's nearly done, Roland.

Time for some fried Jew nose!

Jew Nose yourself,
you damn idiot!

Have you gone crazy?

- You bastard!
- Stop it, damn it!

You're crazy!

What's that, a false nose?

- Shut up!
- Go to sleep, boys.

Go to sleep now,
damn it!

I could shleep 'til next shummer.
- Just shut up...

- Then I'll ride my bishycle...
- Idiot, you don't have a bicycle.

- Sleep, my little boys.
- Shut up, damn it, all three of you!

Come, come, boys!

- Hurry up, before the porridge burns.
- Listen to your mother!

Mother dear, where did I
put that ad for the job?

- It's right under your fat bottom.
- Oh yes, so it is. Thanks.

- Bertil! Watch it.
- You almost hit me.

It's a matter of precision.
I don't hit anything I don't want to.

"We need someone built just like
the king to pose for a portrait."

"Appearance or age
is of no importance."

"Applicants should come to the Royal
Palace on Saturday 14th, at 9 a.m"

- "The model will be handpicked
by the artist himself."

- A job is a job.
- so the king is replaceable,

like a puppet!

A Socialist can sit on the throne;
if he's built like the King!

- And are you, Papa?
- Yes, damn right I am!

It's not every day you're
offered the reins of power.

In a rather reactionary
paper, too!

Will you be king?

- Idiot!
- Bertil!

It's illiterates like you
who hold back the revolution.

Today, Roland;
you shall escort your father

to the stronghold of feudalism.

- Your father's talking about symbols.
- Yes, I am. I am.

And maybe I'll earn an
extra crown for my family so...

my Sciatica won't show
up in the painting.

- Collar size?
- Forty-two.

Thank you very much.

- Collar size?
- Forty-two.

This way. Next please.
Thank you very much.

- Next. Collar size?
- Forty-one.

- This way.
- Thank you.

- One hundred and ninety-one...
- Collar forty-one and a half.

This way.

Next. Thank you very much.

- Collar size?
- Forty-three.

This way please.

Now by God, Roland!

We'll give some real red blood
to those blue-bloods!

What a Job!

Il just have to stand there...

and look like I'm thinking
about pâté de foie gras.

- What would you like?
- You mean it, dad?

- Damn right I do!
- A bicycle.

- A what?
- A bicycle perhaps.

'A bicycle, are you crazy?
You're not getting anything like that.

I meant an ice cream...
or a sausage.

A sausage, please.


- What are you staring at?
- The bike, of course.

I thought you had
your eye on Margit-pussy.

Stickan, he's circumcised. With his
dick cut off, what does he know?

Can't you see she's not
wearing panties?


She'll let you tie her
shoelaces for sixpence.

You can look right up her skirt,
and see it all, the whole show.

You can also finger her
under her blanket.

He doesn't get it at all.

Good work.

What does "fingering"
someone mean?

ln what context?

I don't know.

About girls, for example.

That's something every
man learns in time.

Once you've done it, you'll know.
It's like learning to ride a bike.

I guess I'll get a bike first,
Then I'll be able to do it.

You need to work out.

It's the only way to survive.

Look at this!

Feel it.


Bertil will have muscles
like these.

Then he'll be the Swedish
boxing champion.

- I won't be a boxer.
- No, you shouldn't be.

Do you know what
you're going to be?

No, I don't know.

- Sure you do!
- Not a boxer. A doctor?

No, you're going to be a worker!

That's the finest thing to be.

Red Voices!
Anyone want a copy of Red Voices?

We ladies know what we need!
We're oppressed!

I want to listen to Bergegren.
Go to your father.

- Then we get a right-wing government.
- We have to take a longer view.

Let the king have his right-wing
government, it doesn't matter.

It'll just speed things up.

- Excuse me, Can I have that bottle?
- Yes.

Comrades! The young socialist
women's club of Stockholm,

are proud to welcome
Comrade Hinke Bergegren.

There's a platform to stand on.


In the last three days I've read
about three young mothers,

- Who've killed their babies.
That's one each day!

If the unions won't
recognize this reality,

then organized working
women must speak out!

We must encourage the use of
prophylactics by working people,

for family planning
in the working class.

Parliament criminalizes this
and calls it, and I quote:

"Encouraging the use of devices
intended for immoral use, or..."

- Where are you going with them?
- I found them.

Found them?
No, no...

No one finds bottles.
Come with me. Come here!

This is working class property;
and it's not going to be snitched...

by some little Jew-boy.
- But I'm a Jew and a socialist.

- Mama's Jewish and Papa's a socialist.
- You better decide what you really are.

This contraceptive should be
disseminated like socialist theory,

to gain acceptance
among working class people.

It must become available
especially to the poor.

It may sound harsh,
but it is our duty,

under certain conditions, not
to bring babies into this world.

Therefore, delegates:
Let us provide these items...

Under Swedish law,
this meeting is illegal.

I hereby confiscate
these illegal devices.

This is a criminal meeting,
and Mr. Berggren is under arrest.

Other meeting participants should state
their name and address before leaving.

You're not going anywhere!

Sit on the beam!
And stay there!

To hell with you!

Bertil, my crutch!

Damn peasant!

Let me go!
Get off me, you son of a bitch!

Let go!

Ouch! You damn bitch!

Take this. You stick them with it!
Now! Go, go!


Did you see boys,

how your mother fought?
- Fritiof, let's forget it.

Did you see boys,
the woman we have?

Or did you shut your eyes
like little girls?

- Fritiof
- Did you see our Zipa?

- Papa wasn't so bad either.
- No, I can still fight.

Are we criminals now?
- You'll rot in jail.

We're in their lousy police records,
but the hell with that!

We defended our right of assembly.
We don't need their permission!

Workers can't ask the capitalists
what's best for us, right?

Yes, but let's go home now
and eat a good meal.

No, we won't.

- First we'll do something else.
- But Papa, we're hungry.

- What are we doing here? We'll freeze!
- Coward! You're a coward, Bertil.

But here you see a man who was not.

He punched the red alcoholic
nose of the Establishment.

He displayed political brilliance
with the writer's scalpel.

- Papa...
- I can't hear you, Roland.

Therefore, Mr. Strindberg
I want to show you my family.

Look at my family, Mr. Strindberg!
Look at them!

Someday I'll take grandpa's pistol
and end this damn business.

"A comfortable shave gives you
a wonderful feeling of freshness."

"It prompts discerning men to
demand the most of their razor..."

"and therefore to use
the new improved Gillette."

- Roland...
- "If you intend to travel to London..."

'it's best to stay at the hotel Zeril,
right in the heart of..."

It's just as well that you learn too.

- so you can help me later on.
- Yes, Papa.

"Right in the heart of the
business and theatre district."

- "Very elegantly decorated..."
- You weren't looking.

You weren't looking
when I hit that policeman.

Yes, I was.


I saw you sitting up
there on that beam.

Covering your eyes.

You must look at the world.
A revolutionary never closes his eyes.

- No...
- No.

- Did it fall off?
- No, it broke.

A new chain costs 3 crowns,
at least!

I'll fix it.

- There you go.
- You're a damn genius!

You've got real talent!

Want to buy it?

- Sure, but I don't have any money.
- Take it now and pay me later.

God, that's nice of you!

- I could repaint it.
- I'll help you out on two conditions.

You give me all the money you get.
Each sixpence you get is mine.

And help some friends of mine to repaint
their bikes. Then you'll get it for twelve.

- Ok, I promise.
- So we have an agreement.

- Hello.
- Yes we do.

- Parry, then!
- Damn you, if you hit me!

I won't hit your nose.
Come on parry!

- How can you be so sure, idiot!
- I choose when to hit you.

See! I chose not to hit you.
Defend yourself!

I don't want to!
Let me by.

- I'm trying for the junior championship.
- I don't care.

At Christmas!
Got that in your little head?


- Roland!
- Yes?

Now you're going to get it!

Calm down, Rolle!

For God's sake,

Take it easy!

Rolle give up! Are you sick?
Let go, alright?

Rolle, For God's sake,
My gloves, damn it! my gloves!

What are you doing?
Stop, damn it! Knock it off!

- You're crazy!
- What the hell!

Rolle, damn it!
The gloves!

What's this, huh?

Who's going to buy him
new gloves? You or me, eh?

Are you crazy?

I thought so.

Not even a penny for candy.
That penny belongs to me!

That's only fair.
Every penny is mine.

Until you pay for the gloves.

- I'd rather die.
- Go on then!

No, for God's sake, don't.
Then I'd have to pay for the gloves!

Let's see them.

Hold still.

Tomorrow is the first day of school
and you must have a beautiful nose.

This doesn't make it look better.

When you have stylish clothes,
you have to have an elegant nose.

- I don't want to look like a girl!
- Boys can also be beautiful.

But this just looks silly.

Yes, I'll make the bow
a little smaller.

- There.
- Mama!

We'll snip off the bow.

We'll start the new school year,

with a reminder... of the values
this school strives to preserve.

"Is Our God A Mighty Fortress..."

Nils, why do we like singing
this particular hymn so much?

Martin Luther says that God loves all
children and wants to keep us together.

- So he puts us in a fortress.
- Did Martin Luther really say that?

But Nils is right so far
in that he described some

of the Christian message.
Thank you, Nils. Sit down.

I ask, because in these times
of demonstrations and strikes.

Evil forces are knocking
on the door of our homeland.

That's why we must protect
and care for our fortress.

As long as we sing this hymn
in our educational institutions,

we shall remind ourselves
never to open the door,

so that the Bolshevik
walk among us...

and start writing their
slogans on our blackboards.

Roland, since you're a jew,
you don't have to sing along.

Is our God a mighty fortress.

He is our trusted weapon.

With him, we share
all our suffering and sorrow.

We place all our hope in him.

The Prince of Darkness appears,

threatening and angry.

He prepares himself assuredly,

with violence and cunning.

- Nevertheless, we proclaim.
- Yet we do not fear him.


It's no secret that the two
of us don't like each other.

What do you think, Roland?

It has never been
a secret to me.

We're starting a new school
year together.

I don't know why your parents
let you attend this school.

Your mother's a Russian Jewess
and your father's a revolutionary.

- And a socialist.
- Yes...

But I cannot allow you to
sabotage my morning assembly.

You have to learn
our customs and traditions.

I'm a Christian, baptized
and not circumcised.

Do you want to see my dick, sir?

You little devil!

Into the corridor!


- And why are you here?
- Ohh... How can I say...

It started because Lina said,
if I hit her she'd tell, and...


I said, "If you do, I'll hit you",
and she told the teacher.

Now you can go back
to your classroom.

Why are you to get a beating?

I told the teacher
I wasn't circumcised.

And that he could check
my dick if he liked.

Now you can go in again.

Damn, I closed my eyes!

During forest fires,
toads stay underground,

and the fire can't get to them.

When the fire's gone past,
they come out and find food.

I name you after the
world's greatest inventor:

John Ericsson, who invented the
propeller, armored boat "Monitor",

And the locomotive "Novelty".

Rolle! Someone here
wants to talk to you!

- Hi.
- Hi!

Look, I don't have any money,
but I'll soon get some.

Fine, Rolle. But you'll have
the money next time, right?

Sure, Stickan. Sure...

"As to their appropriate..."

- Finished.
- "International proletariat..."

Wasn't I going to get sixpence?

See this.

You earned this by the
sweat of your brow - but wait now.

Now it's mine,
because you owe me money.

Hello, I'm Karin Adamsson.
Can I see Zipa?

If I'd only known! Having children
kept me from working for the party.

I've worked my fingers to the
bone to get everything done.

Roland, if you want to help mother,
then no greasy fingers.

It's like real skin.

And it's strong, Zipa.
stronger than you'd think.

Ow, ow! Ouch,
I'm stuck! Help!

- What are you doing?
- He has sewn himself to the machine.

Are you crazy, boy?
Careful of the Singer!

- What do you want us to do?
- Give him a schnapps.

That won't help!

- Are you crazy!
- Sorry, sorry!

- Careful of the Singer, I said!
- Singer...! Singer...!

Singer! You talk about the Singer
When your son's bleeding to death!

- You want to bury him, you murderer!
- Calm down, dear, be quiet!

Shut up! Shut up!

The Boy's almost in his grave,
and you go on about...

You shut up!

I don't understand, You don't look
like you've been in training.

Better not weigh too much,
or you'll have to fight the big boys.

Then we'll get beaten.
- I should fight the little boys?

You can lose a few kilos.
One kilogram a month until Christmas.

- But Konte says...
- Konte's wrong!

You can eat vegetables,
climb stairs and take saunas.

- Good day!
- Good afternoon.

- Can you use my boy?
- Sure. Of course, Mr. Schütt.

- Sillen, you spar with Bertil.
- Bertil, do whatever Konte says.

On your guard, Bertil!
Good, Sillen!

Move your feet, Bertil.
Keep your guard up.

Good, Bertil.
Go for the body.

Stop, please.

That's enough for today, Bertil.
Wash up and take care of your eye.

Try again, Bertil!

- I'm going to wash up.
- Hell, no! Keep training!

Hey, you! Weren't you going
to spar with him?

- Yes.
- Why don't you, then?

- But Konte said...
- Like hell! Give him a match!

- Papa, can't we go home to eat?
- Shut up, Roland.

Papa, can't we go and eat?

All right, we'll go home and eat.

It's mine.

Do you get it?
It's mine.

What are you doing?

- Here come two more.
- Hi, Stickan.

What the devil!
Is that the one I sold you?

Sure, neat, huh?

I've got a problem.

- I don't have any money.
- You're kidding?

It's true.

- Fine, but I'm taking back the bike.
- You can't do that!

It's mine. You didn't pay.

But I will, I promise.
I haven't even ridden it.

I'll get the others in a week.
Don't make them all the same colour.

But you can't just take it!

What did he say?

- I won't wear them!
- In Sweden, we must live Swedish.

ln Russia, we dress as Russians,
in Sweden like real Swedes.

We look like Jews asking
for a beating by Swedes.

Mother's trying to help you!

But we'll get beaten up even
more in these clothes.

I guarantee it!
There, I've said it.

There's nothing wrong
with looking like a Dalecarlian.

The people of Dalarna put a stop
to Danish imperialism.

when they threw out
Christian the Tyrant.

- How does that feel?
- I guess it feels all right.

Remember that I warned you!
They'll beat Roland up at school.

You're nuts.
Dad'll kill you!

You know what?
I don't give a damn!

- I like blue and yellow.
- Idiot!

Real snappy, Rolle!

Button your fly, Runka,
so the lice don't jump out.

Sit down!

Roland, to what
do we owe this honour?

I want to show everyone here, sir,
that I'm Swedish.

Another attempt to act the clown
for your classmates?

No, this is mainly
for your benefit, sir.

Tell him you have this thing and
explain to him where it goes.

It's easy. And you can use
this "sock" several times.

You put it on the dummy,
like so.

So. And then just a little powder,
potato flour.

Buy socks, ladies,
It's phenomenal!

After each time you've used it,
you know what I mean.

It's very, very important to check
that the sock's unbroken. Like this.

Yes, this sock is strong,
not broken.

Another good thing,

you don't need to push away
your eager husbands.

Do you understand what you're saying?

Marx says that you must study;
without knowledge, you have nothing!

They can't take our knowledge,
even though they take our work.

- Workers have to work.
- Oh!

But they can't take away
our political consciousness.

"This consciousness can come
only from our actual experience."

"Our life process
is our only reality."

Karl Max, "German ideology".

The Underwater Sock.
By Roland Schütt.

Thank you, my dear.

A liter of plain snuff,
and a plain envelope, please.

Just a moment.

There you are.
That's one coupon.

Thanks very much.

Balloon with knob, sixpence!

Balloon with knob, sixpence!

Balloon with knob, sixpence!

Can I have a balloon
with a knob?

- Balloon with knob
- A balloon with knob.

- One or two?
- One to share.

Thank you very much. Bye!
Balloon with knob, sixpence!

- The boy's gone crazy!
- Hello, Mama.

What are you doing, Mama?

You'll bring us all
big, big trouble.

- Mama don't tell Papa.
- I don't want to discuss it.

But if you make more balloons;
is big trouble for your Mama.

Roland, promise Mama,
you'll make no more balloons.

Then you won't tell Papa?

No more balloons.

I say nothing to Papa.

Now put balloons in bottom
of trash can.

Hello, Mrs. Berg.

Yes, I've put aside...


Roland, give me an injection.
The morphine's right there.

Soon I won't even be able
to walk around the corner!

Like a damn invalid.

Hurry, stick it in!

Damn, Roland, I can't take this
much longer.

Stick it in!

- Papa?
- Mmm...

Here's the money
for Bertil's boxing gloves.

Very good.
That makes us even.

- Are we?
- Yes.

- I'll put the money here.
- Roland...

This makes me feel good,
you know.

Yes, Papa.

Rolle! Rolle!


I've got a problem. I need a balloon
with a knob again, for my mother.

- They're gone.
- You had lots of them!

- You heard what I said.
- You had tons! I saw them!

Beat it!

Feel them, Mr. Schütt.

- Are they German?
- English. They're English.

You're right. There's something
English about the way they feel.

- Shall we take them, then?
- We'll take them, then.



There is a syringe
in my jacket. Go get it.

Damn it to hell!

Papa! What happened?


You were great!

You didn't look away.
I saw you.

- No, I didn't, Papa.
- No...

How's it going with the
pigs stomach, Bäcklin?

Here's the scrap heap.
Help yourself.

- Thanks, Mister.
- Don't mention it.

Hey kid, they operated on Bäcklin.
Gave him a pig's stomach.

If you're lucky,
you can hear it grunt.

Absolutely true!
Done by surgeons in Sabbatsberg.

- Perfect!
- That's good, kid.

- Want a swig?
- No...

- But can I take this?
- Take it, if you can use it.

- Thanks.
- Don't mention it.

The Condom Slingshot.
By Roland Schütt.



What are you doing?

What's a "condom slingshot?"

Condom Slingshot - 1 Crown

Further back!

Much further back!


Damn, that's terrific!
Can I buy one?

- You can't afford it.
- Aw, be a sport!

- All right. One crown.
- What a pal!

- Anyone else?
- I don't have a crown.

How much do you have?

- Sixpence? Yes, that'll do it.
- I paid a whole crown!

- You pay what you can.
- Thanks, Rolle. Thanks.

- Rolle, Rolle! Your sign's gone.
- What?

- I'll make another.
- The cleaner took it down.

Shut the door.

Well, there aren't too many
Rolles at this school.

- Did you put this up?
- Yes.

I know. I've discussed it
with your teacher.

I told him to administer
the punishment you deserve.

So, I'll leave you two
for whatever time this takes.

Thank you, Carl-Erik.

Would you still like to
display your dick?

Or shall it be your behind?


A report will be sent
to your home.

But first, you and I
have something to settle.

I wouldn't have thought
a socialist brat like you,

would want to start
his own business.

But I suppose that's
the Jew in you.

In any case, it's illegal.

Where did you get hold
of these rubbers?

They are prohibited in our country.
Where did you get them?

Jew... Socialist... criminal.

So I can flog you
with a clear conscience.

Get the stool.

Take down your pants.


Out in the yard.
Can't you read?

But I've got to pee.
I can't wait!

Can't you see it's only
for teachers?

Pupils must use the toilets
in the yard.

Damn it!

God damn!

My dear little Roland.

You must understand that
these things make Papa angry.

Now, Roland.

- You devil... You devil!
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

It's not you.
It's that damned sadist!

Look at what he's done
to my boy!

Damn sadist!

What a damn swine!

The God-Damned fascist!


Here are the 12 crowns I owe you.
- Oh, my God!

There's just one problem.
I've sold it.

But you can take this
one for... nine.

You've sold it?

Yes, I didn't think you'd
get the money so quickly.

You can have this one for...
for eight.

What's got into you?

What the hell are you doing?

You're fucking crazy!





- Do you want to tie my shoelaces?
- I guess so.

- It'll cost a crown.
- Sure.


Is this all for me?

Are you almost finished?
- It's too dark to see.


But God help you
if you burn me.

The bikes aren't dry yet.

Come back tomorrow.
I'm busy now.

That's fine, Rolle.
We'll come back tomorrow.

Here, a crown from each of us.

Just put them over there.

Where are you from?
- Kungsholmen.

Don't take it all,
I need some for washing.

I'll get more later.

If you get too sweaty,
you'll catch cold.

Good Rolle. Shove it all in.
That'll do it!

You haven't lost any weight
in three months.

So how can you lose
that much by tomorrow?

All boxers sauna the day before.
I have to lose four kilos.

- You should have done this earlier.
- Put more in.

- Are you sure?
- Can't you hear me?

Suit yourself.

- Is this enough?
- Put it all in!

Good, Rolle.

I feel the weight running off me.

- Bertil, How's it going?
- Pretty good.

Remember your footwork.

Okay, boys, It's time now!

It is time now, boys.

Be sure to stick to the rules.

No punches below the belt.

Greet your opponent.


Hit him, Bertil!

- The Swedish Daily News.
- Too right-wing for us!

- A pack of American Mixture.
- Same price as yesterday.

Here's your change.

Mr Schütt?

- What's wrong with your legs?
- Sciatica.

My name's Kapowski.
I'm from Russia.

I worked at the Imperial Health
Institute as an orthopedist.

I know you're a socialist
Even so, I can cure you.



Let's go, Papa?

There's no harm in
just looking around.

He must be crazy.
He hangs socialists!


Come on, we're going
to hang you Mr. Schütt.

There you go.

- Take number two, Mr. Schütt.
- What?

Take off your coat and hat.

Now that we've hung you Mr. Schütt
we'll pull on the legs.

It'is the traction method.

The disk is sucked back in
between the vertebrae,

ending the pressure
on the sciatic nerve.

- Roland!
- He can walk! He's cured!

A miracle!

- I can walk!
- He can walk!

Thank you.

Here's my Rolle!


Notice my haircut?

- What do you think of it?
- I think you're beautiful.

- Thanks.
- But everyone thinks that.

I wouldn't be so sure
about that.

I want you to know
something, Rolle.

One day I might not be here.
I maybe in Jerusalem.

Why are you going to Jerusalem?

It's always warm there,
like here in the sun.

Then I'll find peace.

I can tell a thing like this
only to you. Remember!

Here, buy two ice creams.

One for you and one for me.

We'll eat them together
in the sun.

Like in Jerusalem.

Two ice creams!

- Two ice cream!
- What flavour?

- Vanilla.
- Two Vanillas it is.

Not today, Roland.

We'll do it another time.

Rolle, I can manage.
See you.

What about these?

Thanks, that's kind of you.

Go ahead, Mr. Gissle.

- Go away!
- I just want to see your mother.

The sale of rubbers is over.
It's been shut down!

Why didn't you say so?

Good day.

Darling, these men are police.
Mr. Gissle and...


- They're asking if you know somebody...
- Excuse me, Mrs. Schütt.

- Is the basement workshop yours?
- Yes, what about it?

- And the bicycles?
- The bicycles?

- Roland, your bicycles!
- Yes of course.

- I repair and paint them.
- Repaint them, yes.

Do you know those bikes are all stolen?


Come on, let's go.

Sit down.
You can wait here.

Hey, get up.
You can't lie here.

The boys I talked to
have told me everything.

That they hired you
to do the work.

Thank you.

The seats, the handlebars,
the mudguards and lights.

All these parts were replaced
in your basement.

They just asked me to repair and
paint their bikes. That's all.

You could describe it like that.

But you could also call it a center
for rebuilding stolen bicycles.

You also repainted the stolen
goods before they were sold.

I never sold a bicycle
in my whole life.

In a situation like this,
it's best to confess.

We have a basement
full of evidence.

And ten boys from all over
Stockholm have testified against you.

So it seems pointless to sit here
and argue with you for hours.

Sign it now.

Then, perhaps, I can arrange
to get some food for you, too.

It's tough.
But you won't go to jail.

Since you're a minor
you'll be sent to reform school.

Or shelter...

You seem to be a sensible boy.

So sign here.


- Isn't this interesting?
- What? No.

Don't think I'm going to
share my lice with you.

Imagine, a little devil like this
attacking a big guy like me!

It's fantastic.

But these devils
don't make distinctions.

Every time I'm being questioned,
I ask to go to the toilet.

I put them all
over the toilet seats.

Soon, every policemam
in this building,

will have lice.

Police have to use the can, too.

Incredible, but true.
They have to crap, too, sometimes.

I'll be damned if I'll let you keep
a minor locked up in a cell!

Where's my son?

Mr Schütt, sit here.
He'll be out soon.

Get out of my way!

Good afternoon.

- I'm not going to allow...
- Your son has just signed a confession.

So you arrived at the right time.
He's free. He can go.

The rest is up to the
Junenille Protection Board.

After the verdict, we'll contact you
about the reform school. Here you are.


I believe in you.
I know you're innocent.

- Stop crying now.
- Yes.


What would you like?

Come here.

What would you like?

- A sausage, please.
- Good choice!

One sausage each.

Look, they're coming up.

- It's a girl.
- Terrible.

- How did it happen?
- Keep the pump going!

Damn it to hell!

Damn Jerusalem!

Where are you, Eriksson?


Ericsson! You must never
leave me again. Do you hear?


Don't go!
You hear me?


Don't you leave me, too!

Oh, it's you! Are there reform
schools for slimy toads, too?

I doubt it.

So little brother is going
to reform school.

He must be really dangerous.

You boys will soon be
leaving school.

So you must choose
an occupation.


Allan have you thought about
choosing an occupation?

I'm going to be a sheet-metal
worker, like my father.

I have a sheet-metal worker
in the class. Sit down.

lngvar, what do you have to say?

Tram driver.

But first, I'll have to help my father.
He sells vegetables.

A vendor of fresh vegetables.
Very good.

And you... Roland.

He's going to a reform school.

To learn how to behave.

What are you planning to be, Roland?
A burglar?

I don't know.

But if I learn to behave properly
I could never be a teacher.

What do you mean?

I'm being sent to reform school
by the Juvenile Protection Board.

Maybe I'll be protected
from further attacks.

Oh, I see.

I've also heard that the
teachers there are competent.

I must admit I'm amazed at how
much punishment Schütt can take.

One would almost think
he enjoyed it.

No, but hit me.

It would be a shame to take away
the pleasure from the Principal.

- Yes, how right you are.
- I don't see why you're hesitating?

Since you hate both Jews
and socialists so much.


I'm exactly what you
and Mr. Lundin hate.

So hit me. You're a real fascist.
Don't miss your chance.



What could I have that
you'd want to buy?

I never thought my lice
were worth anything

Runka, you have no idea what
riches are crawling around on you.

- What are you doing, Mama?
- Oh, what have I done.

You scared the life out of me.
My mind was elsewhere.

- Mama, was it in Russia?
- What? How did you know?

You've told me, Mama.

About the man from the village,
who gave you the necklace.

Yes, yes. I told you about that.
I'd forgotten.

Why didn't you marry him, Mama?

- I married your Papa.
- Why was that?

We all run away from Russia.

We come to Stockholm,
and I meet your Papa.

- I've heard that a thousand times.
- I've told you a thousand times.

If you hadn't run away,
would I be in Russia now?

Roland, Mama has work to do.

I want to know.

Was I meant to be
who I am now?

God knows, that is who
you were meant to be.

But can you be a Jew
and socialist at the same time?

My little darling...

A person can be exactly
what he wants to be.

Don't ever forget that.

You must not be afraid
to plant new things.

And then watch how they grow
in all directions.

One thing, Helmersson...

- You have to know where to...
- Papa, I'm going now.

A socialist must be
like a gardener.

If Lenin hadn't started
over again...

Papa? I'm going now.

The revolution isn't old.
It's still young.

As young as a boy.

As young as my boy!
Come here!

Look at him!

He has the whole future ahead.

He'll keep hurting himself.

His knees...

His nose...

But they're only scratches gentlemen!

He'll become big and strong.

You'll see him grow.

Do you understand now
what I mean, Helmersson?

It'll be all right, Roland.

(Skrubba protection home)

- What's so damn funny?
- It'll be an experience.

They're coming!
They're coming!

Don't try to run away from here.
You won't be allowed back.

You'll only be placed
in a tougher school.

That's why we don't lock our doors,
or have any fences.

Hurry up!
- Take your shoes off!

Off with your pants too.

But my mother
just washed everything.

We don't want lice here.
Take off your cap.


There can't be any dirt.
You still have lice, you know.

Hot food at 6 o'clock
in the dining room.

Hey, Nozzle,
dry your nozzle!

If you want, I'll stop them
from calling you that.

No thanks, sir. They might
start calling me "meatball."

- What happened to your nose?
- It was my big brother.

He's training to be a boxer.

He likes to...
practice on me.

I'd like to have a match
with your brother.

Without boxing gloves!

Erik, hurry up.
Watch out! Run!

Psst... Here...
That's right, come here.

Move it, Nozzle!

I knew it!
You can't die.

We just set our body temperature
according to the climate around us.

That's right, Ericsson.
That's right.