The Sky Princess (2017) - full transcript

"The Sky Princess" is a CG-animated feature film about an ordinary girl who becomes an African princess with the help of a magical bird. But when the thrill of palace life fades, the same magic that transformed her into royalty prevents her from returning home.

[elder Mosi] Have you
ever wondered why the sun

and the moon never shine
in the sky together?

Long ago,

they were husband and wife.

Their love lit up the sky
like never before.


But the moon became jealous
of the attention

the sun gave to the universe.

She was so heartbroken

that she wanted nothing
to do with him.

Kisiwa Island was split
into the Sun Village

and the Moon Kingdom.

Plants could not grow
without the sun.

To stop the hunger,

the moon sent animals.

But the people
were still depressed

without the sun.

So she lavished them
with diamonds, rubies

and lots of gold!

Everybody lived by
the monarchy's number one rule:


Meanwhile, on the other side
of the island...

The land was fertile.

But without the moon,

people worked non-stop.

A council of wise elders
lead the village.

Both sides of the island

were like different planets

until one girl

changed the sky as we know it...

[mama] I gotta take Grandma
to the doctor,

help Aunt Imani
plan her baby shower,

and stop by the market...

You mind watching Kojo and Ayo?

-[Kojo] Gimme!
-[Ayo] Gimme!

[Dafina] Do I have a choice?

Dafina, when I was your age,

I had to look after
seven younger brothers.

I know, Mama.

But... why do girls
always have to baby-sit?

That's the way it was for me,

your grandmother,
your great-grand--

-[Ayo farts]
-[Kojo cries]

[laughs] Come here,
Little Miss Stinky.

It's okay. I'll change her.

Thanks, sweetheart.


[Kojo] Yummy! Yummy!

[Ayo] Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!

[Kojo and Aya laugh]


[baba] Good morning,
my children!

[Omari] What's up!

Hey, Baba. Hey, Omari.

Mama made grits.


No time for breakfast today.


We're starting
a very important project.

Oh! The princess stool?



who it's for is never as
important as what it's for.

[Kojo and Ayo laughs]


Will I be surprised
with a princess stool

for my birthday tomorrow?


♪ I've always been a good girl ♪

♪ Never sassy ♪

♪ Never catty ♪

♪ But tomorrow is my birthday ♪

♪ And I really don't ♪

♪ Feel happy ♪

♪ Will anyone surprise me ♪

♪ Am I asking too much ♪

♪ For a little bit of fun ♪

♪ Will anyone surprise me ♪

♪ I only want to live ♪

♪ Before my life is done ♪

♪ But no one will surprise me ♪

♪ Tomorrow is just another day ♪

♪ No one will surprise me ♪

♪ That's the way
It's always been ♪

♪ And how it's gonna stay ♪

[instrumental music]

[Kojo cries

[Mosi] Someday,
you'll be one cool mama.

What do you want, Mosi?

Happy birthday, Dafina!

Go 'head, it's your birthday.

Go 'head, it's your birthday.

[laughs] Thanks for remembering.

What kind of guy forgets
his future wife's birthday?

Let's not get carried away.

-[Kojo] Gimme, gimme.
-[Ayo] Gimme, gimme.

The nerve of you to eat
my birthday gift!

No, I... ouch!

[kids laugh]

I thought it might be romantic
to peel you some fruit,

who knew love could
be so painful.

[kids laugh harder]

Friends have no business
being romantic.

We could be much more
than friends.

You never know when to quit.

[chewing loudly]

But I know what women want.

Oh really?

A guy who makes them laugh
till their stomach hurts.

Or maybe that's gas? [laughs]

Know the one about
the cheetah and the giraffe?


[Dafina] You've told that joke
twenty-eight times,

-but who's counting--
-It was a very, very hot day.

And the cheetah went under
the biggest tree for some shade.

Along comes the giraffe
who says,

"Hey, you took my spots."

[crickets chirp]
Get it?

They both have...

[children giggle]

[chuckles] Maybe that joke
is for a younger crowd.

Don't worry, I'll get you
more fruit tomorrow,

and the day after that,
and the day after that,

till we're so old
that our teeth fall out

and we can't eat fruit anymore.

[Mosi pretends to be toothless]

Ugh! That's gross,

but kinda sweet too.

[kissing sound]

[Kojo and Ayo] Oooh.

Thank you so much
for cooking my favorite.

I had to make veggie stew
for my birthday girl.

You didn't forget?

Girl, I was in labor with you
for twenty-two hours! Um!

I remember every second of it.

When the midwife put you
in my arms and you smiled at me,

I thought you were
the most precious thing

under the sun.

[baba] Happy birthday, Dafina!

Your father and I
wanted to give you something

as special
and unique as you are.

Wow! It's really pretty!

These eighteen beads represent
each year of your life.

Let everything you've learned
be a foundation for wisdom.

Thank you so much,
Mama and Baba.

[Nubia] Hey girl, what'd you get
for your birthday?

My father made this for me.

[Sizani] I guess that's cute,

if you like that sort of thing,

but girl, look what my daddy
bought me for my birthday!

[laughs proudly]

Quit showing off, Sizani.

You know her family
can't afford gold. Um.

Oh, my bad.

the only gift that counts

is the one
from your boyfriend, right?

Check this out.

See what my man got me
for my birthday!

'Ey, we saw Mosi walking around

with a lil' fruit basket

Is that all he gave you?

[cheetah laughs]

Mosi is not my man.

[giggles smugly]
Don't be ashamed, Dafina.

Some girls get diamonds,
[clears throat]

And some girls get corny guys
with corny jokes.

Nubia, I told you,
he's not my ma--

[Nubia] Hm.

[Sizani] Bye Dafina!

Come on, girl,
let's go to the market.

I need new sandals
in the worst way.


[monkey laughs]

Girl, what's the matter?

That's exactly
what Mosi gave you.

[laughs wickedly]

He even kinda looks like Mosi.

[cheetah mouth farts]

[Sizani] Aw, look at him!


[Dafina cries]

What's wrong, sweetheart?

Other girls go shopping

and all I do is baby-sit.

And I know Baba says it's wrong
to want gold and diamonds,

but why?

If you're not satisfied
with who you are,

a shiny rock
won't change anything.

I'm worried about Dafina.


You always worry about
the children.

Usually all four of them,
at the same time.

This is different.

Dafina is changing.

I know she's not
our little girl anymore,

but why are you worried?

She's curious about
gold and diamonds.

Plant a seed
and you can eat the crop.

Plant a diamond
and nothing grows.

Yeah, but...
maybe if we bought something

small for Dafina a pair gold earrings,

then she could see
that it's not a big deal.

Here in the Sun Village...

our soil, our plants,
our whole way of life

is worth more
than all of the diamonds

in the Moon Kingdom.

One minute, Baba.

Take your time, son.
You're not going anywhere today.


You will stay home
and help your mother...

Dafina, you will come with me.

This place is so beautiful,

The real beauty is how
everything here has a purpose.

Trees make the air we breathe.

Without them, there is no life.

And this one is
eight-hundred years old.


[magical transformation]

I'm eight-hundred and sixteen,

but I think I look
pretty good for my age.


Whoa! Uh! [falls]

this is my daughter, Dafina.

[magical transformation]

[tree whistles]

Mm. Mmm. Mmmm! My, my, my!


Watch yourself or you might
end up being firewood.

My bad,

but your daughter is fine.

[magical transformation]

Baobob is such a flirt.

He acts like that
with all the trees.

[magical transformation]

Man please,

you know you ain't got no game.

Do all of

We're always talking,

but most folks
don't care to listen,

except for your father,
he's a good man.

Good man, my twig!

He chops us up
into pieces for a living.

But he always talks to us first

and he only takes what he needs.

Other folks cut us down
without a thought or a care.

If some fool lays one finger
on my bark,

I've got something for 'em!

Back up off me!
I said back up off me!

[karate sounds]

I meant to do that. (hurt) Oh!


This is all I need today.

'Ey man, that's gonna cost you
ten cowry shells.

Will that be credit or debit?

Aw, shut your trunk, Baobab.

I promise to put this
to good use.

Take care, everybody.

You do the same.

See ya later!

Don't leave a brotha hangin'.

I was hoping
we could grab dinner sometime.

You like mud pot pies?

I always stress
that everything has a purpose.

As you make the journey
into womanhood,

your mother and I feel
it's important for you

to embrace
that sense of purpose.


I guess I am a woman now
that I'm eighteen.

Whoa-oh! Not so fast,
young lady.

Look around you,

everything here has a purpose.

Dancers wear this mask
to honor the ancestors.

Midwives wash newborn babies
in this bowl.

And this will make a staff
for the lead council elder.

is that the princess stool?

Can I sit in it? Please...

Like I told you,
everything has a purpose.

That was not made for you.

This was.

[leaves falling]

[wood carving]


When I first learned,
this happened to me a lot.

But accidents and mistakes
are the key to getting better.

Someday, these will be
the hands of a great carver.

[upbeat music]


I had so much fun today!

Not as much fun
as we did! (laughs)

[babies laugh]

So much for traditions, 'ey?

Elder Femi will appreciate
your hard work.


Why do we make
all this nice stuff

for other people

but we never get to
keep anything for ourselves?

-You know that everything...
-Has a purpose...

I'll get our lunch
on the way back.

[instrumental music]


I am Princess Dafina.

Ruler of a mighty nation!


Princess Dafina...

It's my honor to serve you,

Princess Dafina.


Who said that?

What have you done!?

I am so sorry, I just...

You disappoint me, Dafina.


Ready to boogie across
the river?

Um, I'll have to pass.

Come on, girl!

Mosi, I'm grounded.

And even if I wasn't,

Baba would never let me go
to a Moon Kingdom party.

But I'm sure you'll have fun.

Fun without you is like
the sky without the sun.


[Tamu] Dafina. Dafina.

Mosi, um...

tell me about the party later.


What? [gasps]

It's my honor to serve you,
Princess Dafina.

Who-- what are you?

I am Tamu, your loyal subject.


When you sat on the royal stool,

you became a princess.

It was you..
you spoke to me in the forest...

And now,
I'll take you to your palace.




What are you doing? watching.

Mama, do you think
I could be a princess?

You will be a queen
in your own right

when you learn to appreciate
what you have. Um?

[snaps green peas]

But every girl dreams
of being a princess.

I was always content
just being me.

It figures you would say that,

[record stopping]

Until you learn your lesson,
you'll stay grounded.



Hey girl!

Why was your man at
the party without you? Um

Mosi is not my man.

She probably didn't have
anything else to wear.

Is that the only dress you got?

[cheetah laughing]

Listen, what I've got

is none of your business!


Oh girl, let's go.
I'm running late

for my hair appointment.

[monkey laughs]

[Tamu kicks the banana]




My pleasure, your highness.

Are you real
or am I going crazy?

You are real!

Are you ready to go
to your palace, Princess Dafina?

Sure. [giggles]

But what about my family?


you'll have to
leave them behind.

But just say the word,
and I'll bring you home.

You can be princess for a day,

a week, a month, a year...

Are you some kind of genie?

A genie can only grant you
three wishes.

I can grant ya thousands.

Wait a minute...

What's the catch?


What is it?

You can only be a princess
in the Moon Kingdom.

What's wrong with that?

It's quite different
from the Sun Village.

I've been waiting
my whole life for different.

Let's go!

Hold on tight!



Whoa! Look out!


This is amazing.

The amazing part is yet to come,
your highness.

[magical transformation]


Right this way, Princess Dafina.

I see you're not the only one.

Does that make me
any less special?

You're more than special,

you made me a princess.


Don't they know
I'm not a real princess?



Good evening, your highness.

♪ What should a princess say ♪

♪ How about hello ♪

Sure. Hi. Hello.

♪ How should a princess act ♪

♪ Just go with the flow ♪

♪ I don't belong ♪

♪ Of course you do ♪

♪ I don't fit in ♪

♪ Don't be silly
You're doing fine ♪

♪ Keep up that grin ♪

♪ I really wanna be a princess ♪

♪ But I don't have a clue ♪

[Baako] ♪ Watch your step
In your royal shoes ♪


♪ When you walk
Into that palace ♪

♪ You'll know what to do ♪

♪ How can you be so sure ♪

♪ There's so much I don't know ♪

♪ Like ♪

♪ What should a princess say ♪

♪ How about hello ♪

♪ Hello ♪

♪ How should a princess act ♪

♪ Just go with the flow ♪

♪ I really wanna be a princess ♪

♪ But I don't have a clue ♪

♪ When you walk
Into that palace ♪

♪ You'll know what to do ♪

♪ Nefertiti, Mekeda and Nzinga ♪

♪ Were strong and beautiful
It's true ♪

♪ But believe me my dear ♪

♪ They haven't got
A thing on you ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ But what would
A princess say ♪

I thought I heard you out here.

Hi. [giggles]

You're such a beautiful queen.


You speak as if
you've never seen me before.

Come inside,
dinner is about to be served.

Wow! [giggles]

Oh dear,

That's just one of your
many birthday presents.

We'll be celebrating all month.

Perhaps we can
convince your father

to buy the diamond statue
you so deserve.

[door opens]

Do you know who made this?

Who knows and who cares?
Let's eat!


Excuse me, but um..

are there any vegetables?


Now that's a good one,
a kid asking for vegetables...

A proper princess
never plays with her food.

[chews] Not bad.

This would be nice
with some veggie stew.

You know we only serve meat
in this palace.

Have you been sneaking over
to the Sun Village?

Me, oh, me, no!

But a friend of a friend said
veggie stew is pretty tasty.

Oh dear,

I hope you're not consorting
with those Sun kids.

Give her a break,

we'll have to make peace
with the sunny side

of the island some day.

Guess what?

I wanna throw a party
for my little princess.

Oh, really? But why?

Because it's your
birthday month.

You can pick out everything,
even the menu.

I want okra, and yams, and rice,

oh and uh, could you throw in
some collard greens too?

Mmm! Mmm!

Go to the Sun Village
and get all the ingredients

for a vegetarian feast!
Feast! Feast!



How did you like
being princess for a day?

It's amazing...

but I kinda miss my real family,

especially Mama's cooking.

Are you ready to go home?

It would be kinda rude
to leave now,

The king is throwing me a party.

I've never been to a...

Par-tay! Par-tay! Par-tay!

Whoa! [laughs]

You remind me of someone.

Is he handsome like me?

I guess he's handsome
in his own way.

Aaahhh... I see.

No, it's not like that.

Mosi is just a friend...

I wonder if he would even
recognize me.

I know Nubia and Sizani
would be so jealous.

If seeing others jealous
makes you happy,

I can grant that wish too.


Being a princess
is more than enough.


There is no sign of Dafina.

I asked everyone in the village.

Nobody knows where she is.

I pray nothing bad
has happened to her.

[African music]

Flawless diamonds
for a flawless princess.

Thank you, Moon Queen.

To this entire kingdom,
I am royalty,

but my most important title

will always be mother.

Thank you...ah...Mama.

You're so welcome, sweetie.

[background chatter]

I can't thank you enough,
Moon King.

I mean, thanks Baba.

Only the best
for my sweet princess.

Well, this really turned out
to be a top-notch affair.

And I can't get enough
of these collard greens

with hot sauce.

Mm, mmm, mmmm!



My magic is compliments
of Prince Ekene.

What should I do?
What should I say?

How's my hair?

Oh, you are perfectly
lovely, dear.

Just be yourself.

Sweetheart, don't fall
for that ole' sky magic.

Men do that all the time
when they want to...[hiccups]

Good evening, Moonking,


and Princess Dafina.

Can I please have this dance?

Stop right there, pretty boy.


isn't this supposed
to be Dafina's night?

[sighs] Alright.
But just one dance.


[trumpets playing]

I was afraid
to even talk to you.

Why? Because of the Moon King?

Because of your beauty.

Your eyes shine like
a million stars,

your lips are as soft as...


I've never been much
of a dancer.

Hey, you still owe me a dance.

-But I...
-If everything works out,

we'll have our whole lives
to dance together.

Whoa! Our whole lives!
You mean...

I doubt your father
approves of me,

the poorest prince
in the Moon Kingdom.

My palace has only
fifteen bedrooms.

But I could build an addition...

My parents taught me
that the size of a hut...

I mean a palace, doesn't matter
as much as the love inside.

Then maybe I can
convince the king

that I'm worthy
of your hand.

I realize we just met,

but what I feel goes deeper
than love at first sight.

Princess Dafina,
I want to marry you.

[dreams] Princess Dafina,
I want to marry you.

Psst. Princess Dafina!


Hey, Tamu.

Did you shake a tail feather?
Um. Um. Um!

[giggles] No.
But tonight was perfect.

The perfect food,
the perfect music,

the perfect prince.

Does that mean
you don't want to go home?

Life here is amazing,
but I can't stay.

I'm gonna tell Prince Ekene
the truth,

then he can meet my real family,

and we can all move
into his palace.

He's got fifteen bedrooms,
you know.


None of this would've happened
without you.

You're like family!

I want you to live with us.

It would be my honor,
Princess Dafina.



I am so sorry,
your highness.

You're fired, you incompetent
peasant Sun girl!

Moon Queen, I mean Mama,

she made an honest mistake.

[door opens]

I said, be gone!


[seamstress cries]

You didn't have to do that.

She gave me no choice.

You just can't reason
with those people.

But what do you mean
when you say "those people."

The Sun Village is full
of hopeless souls

who spend
their miserable little lives

wanting what we have.

Not all of them...

In time,

you'll see the truth
for yourself.

[ocean waves]



All of this for me?

I wanna give you much more.


Are you always this romantic?

I'm just getting warmed up.

So tell me, Prince Ekene...

Yes, Princess Dafina?

What's your favorite joke?

I really don't have one.

Ever hear the one about
the cheetah and the giraffe?

It was a hot day and the cheetah
went under the tree,

or was it the bush?
No, the cheetah went
under the tree...

is that a Sun Village joke?

You got something
against Sun people?

What if I told you
that I was really
a wood carver's daughter...

from the Sun Village?


[flames crackle]

-I really don't care what
side of the island you're from.
-You don't?

You're so sweet and beautiful.

I couldn't imagine
life without you.

So... you would still marry me,
even if I was a Sun girl?

Me? Marry a Sun girl? [laughs]

No. But you'd make
a great concubine.

[trumpet blues]

[band music]


That's one angry Sun woman.

[band music continues]

[bass music]

We're looking for our daughter.


Hmm, you mean that

-good-for-nothing seamstress
that I fired?

There is no Sun girl here.

Now get off this property
at once!

[flames crackle]


[music beat increases]

[gasps] Let go of me!
Let go of me!


Oh! Mommy!

[heavy breathing]

What? No!

Leave them alone!

[heavy breathing]

Mama! Baba!
I missed you so much.

Can you please help us
find our daughter?

Mama, Baba...

It's me!

She's not here.
I think we should go.

[cries] Wait!


Has anyone seen our daughter?


How could Mama and Baba
not know me?

Tamu! Tamu!

I hope you can hear me.

[bracelet clinks]

I'm ready to go home!

I feel like I've lost
everything that matters.

You've still got me.

Thank God.

Let's get out of here.

Absolutely, your highness.

I'm done being a princess.

My own parents didn't know me!

That's because you called
the moon queen and the moon king
"Mama" and "Baba."

I know.

I never should've done that.

Look, Tamu... I just want
to go home to my real family.

Are you sure?


[xylophone crescendo]

[magical sounds]

If you don't mind,
I really need to
check in with the "Mrs."

Oh, okay.
I never knew you were married.

Ife means everything to me.

She really makes my home a nest.

[chuckles] I'd love to meet her.

[magical sounds]

Oh! We're a long way up.

[sniffs] Mmm,
smells like fried crickets.

[gags] Yuck!

Hey honey, I hope you cooked
enough for one more.


Oh, it's okay.

I'm not hungry.

[grasshoppers hop]

Dafina, meet my wife, Ife.

Yo Ife, say "what's up"
to my new wifey, Dafina.

Say what?

No! Ugh!

Aw! [crashes]

It was rude to leave in
the middle of dinner like that.

You can't do this to me!

And why are you
talking like that?

I guess you can say
this is the real me.

Take me back home
like you promised!

You are home.

Come on, ma, admit it,
you wanna be my wifey.

[Tamu mocking Dafina]
"Tamu, you made
all my dreams come true.

Tamu, you're like family.

Tamu, I want you
to live with me."

I didn't mean it like that!

[rap beats]
♪ Mic check. One, two, one two ♪

♪ From the day we met,
I felt the attraction ♪

♪ Inside my heart,
there's a chemical reaction ♪

♪ Don't get me wrong,
I know this is unexpected ♪

♪ But give be a chance,
you'll never regret it ♪

-[Tamu] ♪ You wanna be
my wifey, my wifey ♪
- ♪ Be his girl ♪

-[Tamu] ♪ You wanna be
my wifey, my wifey ♪
- ♪ Be his girl ♪

♪ These feathers can fly you
all around the world ♪

♪ I'll be your king
and you can be my girl ♪

♪ No matter what life
throws in our direction ♪

♪ I'll be right here
to give you affection ♪

- ♪ You wanna be
my wifey, my wifey ♪
- ♪ Be his girl ♪

- ♪ You wanna be
my wifey, my wifey ♪
- ♪ Be his girl ♪

♪ As the years go by,
our love will grow strong ♪

♪ You with me,
that's where you belong ♪

♪ And if you don't want me,
then that's too bad ♪

♪ You ain't goin' nowhere
and that's why I'm glad ♪

♪ You wanna be
my wifey, my wifey ♪
♪ Be his girl ♪

♪ You wanna be
my wifey, my wifey ♪

♪ Be his girl ♪

[rap beat trails off]

[car honks]

Ugh! Yuck! [hits]

Aww! [squirms in pain]


Alright, I'll give you
a few days to adjust.


You'll learn to love me

and if you don't...
well... too bad.

I'm in the mood for
some mealworm cheesecake.

Don't worry, love,

I'll be back before
you can say larvae. [kisses]

[Dafina sighs]

[Dafina sobbing]

-It's... chicken soup.

Thank you. [slurps]

Don't tell me...

he promised to make you
a princess with his magic

and his fake British accent.

I never should've left home.

I made that same mistake...
five years ago.

No. Uh-uh.

Definitely not!

I asked for an exact replica
of the princess dress!

That's impossible.

The royal family
uses a special fabric
that nobody can buy.

Mother, you disappoint me.

I'm sure the queen
never disappoints her daughter.

If your father
was still alive, he would--

This isn't about him.

It's about
you not giving me what I want!

I can't make you a princess.

[mocking mother] "Ife,
I can't make you a princess."

Well, why not?

A face this beautiful...

belongs in a palace.

-[Tamu] I agree, Princess Ife.
-[Ife screams]

[Ife] I thought
I was hearing voices
until the night he appeared.

-[Paparazzi 1] Princess Ife!
-[Paparazzi 2] Over here!


[Ife] I also realized that
I had been a spoiled

that I had been living the life
of a princess all along,

-except for the Paparazzi.

[Paparazzi laughing]

[Ife] I begged Tamu
to bring me home.

[descending xylophone scale]

[magical music]

But he brought me here,
to Daybreak Mountain.

His first wife, Zalika,
told me the truth about him.

People like Tamu,
they give away their humanity
for riches or magic powers.

He used a spell to make me
believe I was a princess,

but I had been captive
on this mountain the whole time.

He did the same thing to you.

That does not make sense.

I was at the Moon Palace,
I was there!


Tamu brought you here...

a year ago.

You never stepped foot
in the Moon Palace.

You never met the Moon Queen
or the Moon King.

-You ne--

I begged Tamu to let you go,

Uh-uh! I gotta get out of here!

Please, stop!

I don't want
you to end up like Zalika.

What happened to her?

One day, she tried to escape

and she fell.

There's no way to make it
off this mountain alive.


Here, you try it!

-[grasshopper hops]

Oh, that's nothing compared
to the stink beetle stew.


I'd do anything
to get back home.

I miss my family so much.

I miss my boyfriend too...

[chuckles] even his corny jokes.

Sounds like
a lot of people love you.

I really miss my mother.

I may never see her again,
but if I make it to heaven--

Uh-uh. Don't give up
on getting out of here.

Dafina, trust me,
we're stuck here.

Hmm, not if we spice these up
with a little poison.

Tamu bought everything
in this kitchen.

So what's the plan?

when you go to the market,

pick up some ginger,
some cinnamon...

oh, and some poison too.

Oh trust me...

there's another way.

-[grasshopper] Oh no!
-[Ife] Is that poisonous?


How about that one?

I guess not.

[suspenseful music]

[Dafina breathing heavily]

[suspenseful music crescendo]
[Dafina gasps]

[breathing heavily]

It's so beautiful.

Are you sure it's this one?

Oh yeah.

Pretty things
can do the most damage.

And that's exactly what
Tamu is gonna find out tonight.

[dramatic music]


[exhales and clears throat]
That's it...

A wife should always respond
to her husband's needs.

By the way,
how you two getting along?

Oh, great! [giggles]

Wonderful! [giggles]

Has Dafina been
helping around the kitchen?

Ife is teaching me
everything you like.

Two beautiful wives
cooking my favorite meals.

I'm one lucky man.

Huh, I mean... [swallows] bird.

I mean... [chuckles] you know.

[Dafina and Ife laugh awkwardly]

[Tamu crunching]

Hm, the recipe's a little off.

[magical music]

[band music]

[Tamu chewing] Mm. Mmm. Mmmm!


[coughs] I'm in so much pain.


My whole body hurts...

from my feathers...

to my... [coughs]

Ah, maybe you'll feel better
in the morning.

It's too late for me.


Is he?

[gasps] We did it!


You got what you deserve...

-you triflin' ol--
-[Tamu coughing]

-[coughing and laughing]

No! Ugh!

[Tamu laughing]

[Tamu sighs]

It's gonna take
more than berry poison
to get rid of yours truly!

By the way, how was my acting?

[funny noises]

[Ife] Dafina, no!

I can't stay here!

But it's too dangerous to--

[Tamu] Play time is over, girls!

[Dafina] Ugh!

[cries] No!

[sighs] I'm okay!

[suspenseful music]

[feathers ruffle]

-[Dafina] No! Ugh!
-[Tamu grunts]

[both grunt in struggle]

[Dafina] No!


[magical music]

We've been waiting for you,

I'm Marula, and this is
my twin brother, Adisa.

So, what's up?

Ah! Wait... is this heaven?

Naw, but we can take ya higher,
Sista Dafina.

You know me?

Mm-hm, you're Ebony's home girl.

I owe my life to both of you.

Thanks so much for saving me.

We're happy to help.

Listen, I... I um...

Out with it.

The squeaky wheel gets oil.

A watched pot never boils.

A half loaf is better than
no bread, and I said--

In other words,
speak your mind, girl.

Ah, I really need
one more big favor.

Whatever it is, we got you.

Ife... jump!

[Ife breathing heavily]

I can't!

Ife, trust yourself!

[sighs] Thank you!


[dramatic music]

No, I got this.

[both grunt in struggle]

[Tamu cries]
[xylophone descending scale]

[wind whirling]

Thanks so much!

[Ife] If I said
thank you a million times,

that would never be enough.


Tell Ebony we say "hi."

And tell Baobob
I said "what's up?"

[joyful music]

Promise this is not goodbye.

I'll see you again,
Ife, trust me.

[happy music]

It's been two years
since we've seen Dafina.

I think about her every day.

Yeah, I really miss her too.

I just wish
we could see her one more time.




[happy music]


I'm so sorry for what I did.

I never should've left.

I worried about you
all the time.

We were afraid that
you were gone forever. Oh!

I was afraid too.

[piano music]

I had everything
I could ever want,

except the most important thing.

I found out... that nothing
can replace the people you love.

But when I wanted to come home,
I walked right into a nightmare.

Thinking of all of you
kept me strong.

And my friend, Ife,
she kept me sane.

I knew I'd be back
where I belong one day.

I'm real sorry that you had to
go through all of that.

I wish I could've
been there to protect you.

Oh, Baba...

you taught me that
everything has a purpose.

And what happened... Well,
that only made me more grateful
to finally be home.

We love you so much, Dafina!

And I love all of you! [laughs]

you two are getting heavy.

[kids laughing]

[Dafina humming]

Hey, Dafina!

[light drumming music]

It's real good to have you home.

Oh, Mosi! I missed you so much!

Seeing your face again...
makes me feel--

-Aren't you gonna tell me...
"Let's not get carried away."

You'll never hear me
say that again.

After everything
I've been through,
I know what really matters.

Mosi, I... I love--

How are you, young man.

Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm good,
I'm good, sir.

[giggles] I'll go get us some
water so... you guys can talk.

[whispers] I think Mosi
wants to ask you something...


Now I understand
why you're so nervous.

Mosi, have you come to ask for
my daughter's hand in marriage?


[water gently rushing]

Oh! I want gold lipstick
and weave all the way
down to my...

-Hey girl!

Are you gonna congratulate Nubia
on getting engaged to Mosi?

Girl, did you see that ring?

Mosi would never marry you.

And didn't you call him corny?

Yeah, I only said that
around you.

I had my eye on Mosi all along.

When you left,
it was easy to make him mine.


Bam! Boom! Bling!


[suspenseful music]

Where is Mosi?

[wood carving]

Mosi just left.

He told me
that he's engaged, but...

Dafina, please wait! Oh!


How could you marry Nubia?

I always wanted to be with you.

But after you left...

I thought
I'd never see you again.

I'm so sorry.

DAFINA: Do you love her?

I made a promise to her.

You can't go through with this.

My father says that a real man
never goes back on his word.

But Mosi, if you don't love her,
it makes no sense to marry her.

[somber music]

Maybe it will one day.


but I gotta go, Dafina.

♪ Girl, if you're feeling blue ♪

♪ I will make you
feel like new ♪


♪ Yeah ♪
[muffled] Back up off me!
Back up off me!

Mama, listen, I love Mosi.

And I know he loves me.
I know it!

I just don't understand why--

As much as it hurts,
you have to make peace with it.

You don't want to be in love
with another woman's husband.

Somebody's outside to see you.

Is it Mosi?

I think she's a Moon girl.

Oh, and she's fine too.

-[Dafina giggles] Hey, girl!
-[Ife] Hey!

All my life, I was told
to never come here.

But this is such
a beautiful place.

There are trees everywhere

and I [laughs]
I can't get over how good
the sun feels on my skin.

And the best thing about
the Sun Village... is our food!

You have to stay for dinner.

I don't want to impose.

[chuckes] Girl, please.

[laughs] Alright, I'll stay.

But on one condition...

come to my house for dinner.

[Dafina] Sure!

[happy music]

[chews] Mmm!


[car breaks screeching]

[Ife] Oh!
I am so glad you're here.

[Dafina] Me too, girl.

All I can say is "wow!"

[Ife] Mama! This is Dafina!

I can not thank you enough
for helping my daughter.

We helped each other.

I never would've survived
without Ife.

[chews] Mmm! [chuckles]

[uplifting music]

Please sit down, Mama.

I got it.

Your father would be
so proud of you.

Is that the real Moon palace?

I used to dream
about going there.

Now... [chuckles]
being home feels like
a dream come true. [laughs]

Mm-hm. I heard that!

[Dafina sobs]
[sad music]

Oh, Dafina. Oh look at you.

I'm not going.

You should be there for him.

[upbeat drumming]

I just can't.

Those stupid drums
are giving me a headache.

Stupid wedding. Stupid... Ouch!

[drums continue]


-[Monkey laughs]

[Baobab tree] My bad [laughs]
but that was kinda funny.

[Baobab muffled] Back up off me!
Back up off me!

Aw, shut your trunk, Baobob.

Is something wrong?

Naw, except the guy I love...
is about to marry
the girl I hate.

[Ebony] Reminds me
of my first love.

We had a misunderstanding and...

he proposed to another tree.

What did you do?

Nothing. He married her
and went on to have
a dozen saplings.


Your story made me feel
a million times better.

Girl, quit moping
and go get your man!

It never would've
worked out between us.

A playa like me...
ain't ready to settle down.

[upbeat music]

♪ Go get your dream,
wherever it leads you ♪

♪ Follow your heart,
it won't deceive you ♪

♪ Folks give up too easy ♪

♪ And that's just a shame ♪

♪ 'Cause if you stop believing ♪

♪ You're the one to blame. ♪

♪ So go get your dream,
wherever it leads you ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Follow your heart,
it won't deceive you ♪

♪ I've seen enough
in life to know ♪

♪ Everbody makes mistakes ♪

♪ But the worst thing
is believing ♪

♪ That it's just too late ♪

♪ Go where your heart takes you
Don't let the haters phase you ♪

♪ Stay true to who you are.
You'll shine just like a star ♪

♪ Now go get your dream,
wherever it leads you ♪

♪ woah, woah ♪

♪ Follow your heart
It won't deceive you ♪

♪ Never deceive you ♪

♪ Go get your dream,
wherever it leads you ♪

♪ Get your dream ♪

♪ Follow your heart,
it won't deceive you ♪

♪ Never, never deceive you ♪

♪ Go get your dream
Wherever it leads you ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh. Get your dream ♪

♪ Follow your heart,
it won't deceive you,
It won't deceive you ♪

♪ Never deceive you ♪

♪ Go get your dream
Wherever it leads you ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Follow your heart,
it won't deceive you ♪

[music fades out]

Do you take this woman
to be your--

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


[people chatter]

Oh, no you didn't!


Now, sonny...

it's gonna cost extra...

if you want to
marry two wives today.

Mosi. Mosi, listen...

I love everything about you,

even your cheetah
and giraffe joke,
especially that.

I just... I hope it's not
too late for us to be together.

that's all I needed to hear.

I'm so sorry... but...
I can't marry you.

Now, where were we?


Skert! I don't think so.

I'll see your sorry behind
in court.

Oops! Yeah!

[people chatting]

It's not fair!

Do you know how much my parents
spent on food and flowers?

Not to mention my hair?

[horse neighs]

I promise to pay them back.

Just keep your promise to me.

We can still get married!

Alright, alright,
we've heard enough.

Are we ready to make a decision?

[elder man snores]

I say that
Mosi should marry Nubia.

If Mosi doesn't want
to marry her, why force him?

They'll be miserable together.

[elder man yawns]

I think that...

Mookie should get married...

[record stopping screech]

But I'm in love
with someone else.

And by the way,
my name is Mosi.

Let's see
how good you are with names

after your 99th birthday.

The point is that
it's time to take your wife.

[elder man snores]

That's two-to-one!

The elder council has spoken.

[harp music]

[elder man] Ow!
[elder woman laughs]

[elder woman shreaks]


Marry the girl
who made this for me.

-Hey girl, forget about Mosi.

I'm single!

[harp music]

If you want... we can do
the ceremony right now.

I pronounce you...

husband and wife.

I'm sure you know
what to do next.


[kids] Ooohh!

[happy music]

[harp music]



[narrator] Well,
after the sun and moon made up

they decided to share
both sides of Kisiwa Island.

And that was the beginning
of day and night as we know it.

Oh, because you kissed Grandma!

It was a kiss to remember.

Ife and I helped the Sun Village

and the Moon Kingdom
reach a peace treaty.

What's a pee treaty?

Oh! [laughs]

A peace treaty
is an understanding
between people.

Oh, it took many years...

But things got better between
Sun folks and Moon folks.

And when our son
married Ife's daughter,

all of you were like
the honey on the yams.

Grandma, did you ever want
to be a rich princess again?

You know, like you used to be?

This land, this life...

and you grandchildren...

Why you're my greatest riches.

If you have love,
[laughs] you have everything.

please tell us another story.

Oh now, it's getting
kinda late, sweetheart.


But, I think we have time
for a joke.

[children laugh]

-Now, Mosi...
-[child yawns]

Grandpa, it's almost bedtime!

Um, let's see...

if I can remember how it goes.

[children] Oh!

Don't tell me...

is this the one about
the cheetah and the giraffe?

[everyone laughing]

[happy music]