The Sixth Secret (2022) - full transcript

At a late-night seance, attended by twelve people, the medium announces that five secrets will be revealed before midnight. There might, however, be one more - the darkest of them all. Made as an homage to classic Hammer horror movies, The Sixth Secret is an over-the-top murder mystery with several twists, told in real time and flashbacks.

A lion?

in England?

This is Justice.


The name of a lion. "Justice".

It was in the evening papers, sir.

Escaped from the zoo in the morning.


I wonder if these poor
souls would agree...

Isn't it

one of life's cruel...


of unsolvable mysteries.


Mart Sander's film

I'll take one then.

I think it's the third one.

What do you wonder if we
are kept waiting here like this?

Look what time it is!

Madame never
appears before midnight.

That's right, gracious.

Do not know why?
Waiting for your pumpkin?

He says the doors to the
afterlife open at midnight.

As long as the doors of the bar cabinet are open

I'm not complaining.

Don't be vulgar.
This here is a shrine.

Would there be a fire?

Excuse me, gracious: a
committed non-smoker!

As did young Mr. Bonpree.

Nobody here has matches!

It seems like a pretty bad cold.

I'm already waiting
to get back to the club.

So why did you come at all?

Oh no, don't even try!

I know how these
spiritualists work.

They send their spies to investigate.
- How lame!

Forgive, O Merciful One!
Edwin, please behave yourself.

And the same goes for you!

Spying around here like a shadow.

You don't have to worry about Jenkins.

He is deaf like Beethoven.

Are you kidding me?

Deaf butler?

Maybe the blind chef is also included in the set?

And anyway, why shouldn't the
gracious lady know why you're here?

He would have to be a
level spy to know the answer!

Answer to what?

To the question:

what is the code

The code? - Safe code.

What is it all about?

Edwin inherited his
father's industrial empire,

but some necessary papers are
in the safe which we cannot open.

Can't get rid of it somehow?

Can not.
- As a family lawyer, I would not recommend it.

The safe has a special mechanism

- if you try to open it by force,
the acid canister inside breaks

and destroys all content.

Heaven. There must
be some dirty secrets.

Just look, and that's
all you'll ever know!

It's more than I wanted to know.

By the way, I wanted to ask:

Who is that doll?

No idea.

American as far as I know.

Someone Miss Daisy.

I loathe Americans. So lame.

I wouldn't want to
disappoint you, my love.

but I'm one of
the "kids" myself.

American? - Just like that.

Well... At least
you hide it well.

As the old saying goes
- "When in Rome..."

And when you're in London!

Spot on.

London will soon be
flooded with Americans.

And that lady - Miss Mills, isn't she?

He should be American too.

He may be American,
of course, but

LADY... He is Madame
Orlofsky's secretary.

Hot piece..! - Miss Mills?!

No no, that Miss Daisy.

It will soon belong to me.

Even I can predict that much.

Oh that you can.

Yes! Look!

I see, I see...

Red - I will be his lover.

Black - he will be mine.

So what is zero?

Zero is marriage.
So very little risk.

Tell me when!

You're welcome!

Next time you can
consult me ​​immediately.

Let's go and sit at the table.

Oh, but you can't. Not yet.

Why not? It's almost midnight.

Madame insists that
all twelve seats be filled.

And now there are only four of us.

What are these things?

You will see.

What was that thing?

Door bell. For the deaf.

Don't mark.

So the waiter is really deaf?

Like a pack of oak.

Why don't we get ourselves
some working specimens?

Jenkins is almost like furniture.

There are probably other reasons here.

Otherwise, it seems to be
in excellent working order.

I hope there are busloads
of American tourists

At least we could
come to an agreement.

Lord. What are they?

Honest working people, I offer.

Don't they know how to
use the servants' door?

But, gracious lady!

More Christian charity!

Madame Orlofsky could accept
the lower classes on weekdays.

They definitely have all
their pockets full of matches.

Merciful prova.

Fine people present and rest.

We're not all equal when
it comes to worry, right?

I immediately feel a close
connection between us, I really do!

Let's go, honey.

Let's not make a spectacle here.

I was afraid I was going to scream!

Fortunately, you endured.
Like a real soldier.

Check them out.

Whatever trivial tragedy has
befallen their insignificant lives,

now we all have
to be a part of it.

Generosity. What next?

More factory workers and laundresses?

This is where the fun can start.

Brandy, fast.
I'm stiff with cold.

Man, don't stare like
that, take my coat!

What's wrong with you?

And bring that brand!

Are you deaf?!

Indeed he is, my lord.

Deaf doorman? Damn it.

Such a reception after two hours of
being blown away in a passport storm.

- I don't talk through flowers, madam.

Would you like a fire?

No! Whatever.
You can't stay here.

- This is a private gathering

Go away.
Mister Arnheim, tell him!

Look, my lord, things are like this...
- Wait, wait!

Try it though!

I guarantee you a jaw-dropper!

And you are...
- This is my business and no one else's.

I'm only interested in card placement.
- Session!

Good or bad, sister, the
main thing is that I get answers.

One moment.

I need my coat back for a while.
I left something important in my pocket.

Oh shit, you're deaf.
In other words:

my coat! Need!
Bring - my - coat - back!

Understand? My - coat - back!

We have a problem, sir.

It seems so.

I'm working on it.

You asked for brandy, sir.
- You heard that right, girl.

Not like this one here...

I am Madame Orlofsky's secretary.

Look, our servant...

I already know. Deaf as a stump spider.

But the thing is, sir, we
have no vacancies today.

By invitation only.
- There are no free seats?

Is this some sort of Savoy hotel?

There was not a word
about it in the "Times"!

In the Times? But madame
hasn't advertised there for months...

Months, years - whose business?

Is this hole still working?

See, it clearly says,
"Sessions every midnight".

You have...
at least a dozen places here?

I rushed here from London now!

Damn it, if I were to drive
back here empty-handed!

Look, my lord...

Don't bother me, man!

You're talking to a
middleweight boxing champion!

I wanted to say that of
course you can join us.

Miss Mills, please
take care of Mr.'s coat.

Hell, man, you'd
need some brandy too.

Everything is all right.

Well, imagine the picture.

But look.

Renaissance tapestries.

Rönich grand piano.

Doesn't look much
like a gypsy tent.

But Madame
Orlofsky is not a gypsy.

He is a Russian aristocrat.

Like all of them.

I can assure you -

Madame Orlofsky is completely
trusted by the best company.

And who says you are not on

his payroll to preach like that?


But, wait, wait. I've
done things with venkus.

Would she be Russian, wouldn't
she be "Orlofskaya" or something?

Your coat, sir.

Wait wait. Haven't I seen
you anywhere before?

I don't think so, sir.

I don't forget any faces.

I do remember.

In other words,

So what do we know
about this ground mole?

Is it the right maker or not?
Or just some sort of card game?

Don't be rude!
Madame is infallible!

I have been consulting
him for years.

And yet, still single?

How dare you?!
- Come on. Such a nice tot?

They have only two questions:

how to find a man and
how to get rid of him!

If you're going to be
lame, I'll ignore you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Madame Orlofsky is
ready to receive you.

Now who does he represent?
Some bride of Satan?

Shh! He only operates in the dark.

His eyes can't stand the light.

Here are seven.

Eleven were supposed to come.

It's the weather's fault, Madame.

Several had to cancel.

There must be twelve
people at the table!

Go and call the cook and the driver.

I welcome you.

It's almost midnight.

As if we didn't know.
- Please, all of you,

choose your seat at the table.

I'll take what's free.

I'm trying to hook
up with Miss Daisy.

Rather not, otherwise you
won't be able to concentrate at all.

Where is Lexington?
- Called. The rubber burst. Will not come.

Fuck it.

Sit down. When midnight
strikes, you can leave.

I don't know you
or your questions.

Miss Mills handles
such formalities.

That is, of course, except
for his graciousness,

who has been a supporter of the
spiritualist movement for many years.

And of course Mr. Arnheim,
who is indeed my manager

and has arrived here with
his young ward, Mr. Bonpree.

And of course my own staff,

who are forced to replace
guests who did not arrive.

So practically everyone.

Not important.

These are the spirits that informed me

that you all need
to be here tonight.

Yes, I can sense it.

Tonight is the night.

Before the clock
strikes twelve...

...three secrets are
revealed at this table.

Yes: three secrets.

I'm a man!


FOUR secrets.

I already see.

These are dark
secrets, hard to hear.

But you have to hear them.

We are ready, Madame.

Wait. What does - he is a man?

Straight! We need to focus
on more important things.

Damn! What a waste...

But before the
secrets are revealed,

there is a final test
ahead - for all of you.

A trial run?

I didn't come here for that.
I came to test YOU!

Don't get excited, you've
already tested yourself.

All of you.
Now let's see if you passed the test.

There is a glass of wine on the table in front of you.

It's already going.

Remove the cover!

Souls have guided you
all to your constellation.


Capricorn. True!

Virgin. True, as always.

Damn it.


How did he know
I was sitting here?

I don't know anything.
These are voices.

I don't want to spoil the mood

now, but in my
case it went wild.

What do you mean?

This one here says "scales"

but nonsense if you
are actually a lion!

But... But madame's
voices are never wrong!

Or are they wrong?

I immediately said it was a waste
of time. I'm getting out of here.

Edwin... wait.

If he misses it right from the start,
why should I believe anything else?

Edwin... my dear boy... I
don't know how to tell you now...

Say what?

You are a Libra.

No it is not -

- what are you talking about now?

You're my godfather, damn it!
You were my parents best friend!

Yes, I was. And I am.

And that's why I know.

You know what? What's going on?

Calm down...

it's not easy to say.

It's been tormenting me for six
months, ever since your father died...

Oh... My condolences.

God, Alfred - speak!

Bonpreed --- were not your parents.


I'm sorry you had
to find out like this.

I've been waiting for the right
moment so that maybe one day...

But of course they were my parents!
I am their heir!


The man who raised you
loved you like a son of flesh -

- wasn't your real father.

Fortunately, you don't
remember your mother anymore...


So I'm not Edwin Bonpree?

Of course you are.

Just... not from the start.

A secret has been revealed!

That was cruel, Madame Orlofsky.

Alfred, you must speak.

Who are my real parents?

Bonpreed had no children,

but they didn't want to adopt either,

because a stepchild as an
heir always causes controversy.

So they drove away for a while,

just like health waters,

and when they came
back, already with the child.

This baby looked a
little big for a newborn,

but the third of October
was marked on your

birth certificate,
which was believable.

Wait wait.

Does everyone have to listen
to your dirge all night now?

What about my secrets?

What am I paying for here?

No one has to pay anything.

And at all, you have no secrets.

Oh, isn't it?

Your death wish is no secret.

It's like it's written
in red on your face.

It stinks and sticks to everyone
you come into contact with.

Oh or so?

You are racing down to the
ground with a head full of fast cars

and with motorboats and aircraft

and pretend you're a
death-defying daredevil.

But under that mask is a coward.

Choose your words, madame!

A coward who flirts
with death to be admired.

If you have any secret at all,

then the fact that you
are deathly afraid of death.

You know, now it helps...

You play it safe, but you give the
impression that you are risking everything.

And you're afraid someone

will see through your ramblings.

Looks like your death
abhorrence is a chick trick,

to make the ladies weak in front of you.

Would a coward do that?

You know as well as I do

that this Russian roulette of
yours always lands on zero.

Because the only bullet in your gun

is an empty shell - just like you.

Ah, "infallible"?

Are you ready to put
your life on the line?

Put it away!

No. Press.

Let's see if you dare.

Press six times in a row.

Then everyone will see the truth.

And that's not all..?

Yes, I can feel it.

You are afraid of something else.

You are afraid that your masquerade

has attracted the attention of Death.

You will see signs everywhere

that He is watching
over you. Waits.

You have realized that what
started as a game is now a hunt.

And you're right.

You will not see the dawn.

I --- what..?!
- You heard it. You will die tonight.

But preferably not in my house.
So you better leave.

I... leave?
- Yes, you and I are on the same side.

That is all.

I... I'm going to die today?

Yes, one way or another
- it does not play any role.

But since we have more
important things to do here,

then Miss Mills will
help you out now.

Let me take it, sir.

Wait wait.

Now I recognize you.

I would send you out, sir.

You are the... the...

Sir! Madame must concentrate!

Let's talk outside, please.

No! Hang on! - Sir!

What the hell is going on here?

What is it You are...

See you in hell, madame!

And thank you very much for your
kind donation, however small you may be.

Have a nice evening.

Was that the third secret?

Ah, who reads them.

But... how does he die?

Driving into a pile-up?

Very possible, knowing him.

But not today.

So... he won't die today?

Oh goodness, no.

I can see that he has many more

years ahead of
him, unfortunately.

Then why did you tell him that?

He was so annoying and full of himself.
And a staunch non-believer.

I could feel his presence
blocking my channels.

What was that?
- Car carburetor.

Yes dear, no need to be upset.

I... it sounded like...

Didn't sound dear.
Control yourself now.

He's gone.
He was completely out of his mind.

It's good for him.

Maybe cools his
confidence a bit.

Edwin, are you all right?


It's just getting to me...

Please, we need to focus!

It's almost midnight and so
much is still hidden from us!

So, put your hands on the
table so that your fingertips touch.

Yes -

i feel it!

voices whisper to me...

they whisper the word - - -

Mother! - Ahh!

It's mommy! - To whom?

Our poor old mother!

Taken from us so suddenly,

that we can't even say goodbye...

And now he calls me from beyond the grave!
I knew he would!

Oh no, no.

There is no poor old mamma.

Meaning... that then, yes,
your mother is in a better place.

But this...
this is someone's living mother

Here, among us.

Mother of a young man.

THAT young man!

You... don't want to say... that...

I don't say anything that
the voices don't tell me.

But tonight

the stars have led
here to this table,

of a young man who was adopted -
and the woman who gave birth to him!

My mother is here
- - in this room?

That's how it's written.

It could happen

only today, at this hour,

at the moment of the Great
Confrontation of the planets. A miracle.

Madame Orlofsky...

you are not serious...

Don't look at me!
I am untouched by men!

Then - who?

You are too old to be my mother.

You... too young.

And you are too…

yes, too!

And you...

You must shave!

Madame Orlofsky...

how could any of these
women be Edwin's mother?

But you yourself said that you
don't know who his mother is!

True. At the time in question,
when the Bonprees were in Europe,

I stayed in London
to run their business.

We didn't talk about it, but
from a couple of clues I figured,

that the mother was a Parisian street girl...
- Alfred!

Sorry Edwin, very
indelicate of me.

Please forget it. - Wait.


You said Paris?

Yes. At the time, the Bonprees
were renting a villa at Maisons-Laffitte.

I see things...

Yes, everything becomes clearer.

I feel the heat of summer.
Very, very hot.

That was twenty-one
years ago, wasn't it?

Yes, it was. Edwin just
came of age a month ago.

The child was bought for a thousand francs...

How do you know that...?

Yes, I transferred the money myself!

Then everything is clear.

A nice English couple, the

pitiful cry of a
newborn baby boy,

when he is torn from his mother's breast...

And this mother's bitter tears,

who don't think they'll
ever see their child again.

Tears that I can
still taste salty.

Do you... Not yet...

you -

- YOU are my mother?!

I am.

But... You are some
hundred years old?!

I'm thirty eight!

Let me look at you, my poor son

- after all these years...

How is that possible?

You must explain.

I knew something was
going to happen tonight.

The stars are in a mystical confrontation.

But to answer your question:

i was a seventeen year old girl

who fled the horrors
of the revolution.

The Bolsheviks had taken
everything, had executed my family.

I fled to Paris,

without a penny in his pocket.
I waited for my fiancé.

And then I found out

that he too had been murdered.

There I was - poor,
abandoned, and pregnant.

I was desperate.

Until I met a nice
English couple.

They offered to take my son

and enable him to have
the best possible life.

My mother...

That's it.
All the secrets have been revealed.

Fields! - Madam?

Take everyone to the station.

They catch the one o'clock train.

I need to talk to my son.

But, madame - we still haven't
got answers to our questions...

No, we're on fire, yes,
we're on fire, aren't we, Liam?

How about my poor old mother?

I think you'd rather
leave without answers.

What... What should mean?

I see your motives.

They are illuminated by the
darkness of your black conscience.

There's never been a big deal...

And you'd better not, or

you'll both end up hanging!

Are you saying that these
two killed the old man?

And now that he comes
to haunt them, they want

that I would return
yesterday to the grave.

Come on Liam!

I won't stay here
for another minute!

So, what about me?

Oh, baby.

On the train, you
meet a tall, dark-headed

stranger who is
the love of your life.

Well, finally!

And the same for you!

Sorry, but... It almost feels
like you two belong together.


The poor cannot choose.

Pull yourself up, kid.

I will make a man out of you.

If I were you, I would
quickly consult a doctor!

I... I need a drink.

I think you should be sober now.

All this stuff made
me totally sober.

So be it.

I thank the spirits for
leading you to me -

- before it's too late.

What does "too late" mean?

My poor son...
Our reunion will be short.

I won't be here much longer.

Don't say that, madame.

Nobody knows it yet -

- except my secretary and valet.

But a year ago my doctor

gave me another twelve months.

Ma'am! But what about you?

My talent - it has a
devastating effect on health.

I'm afraid I only
have a few weeks left.

I am speechless..!

But maybe another doctor's opinion...

Is there anything else you
need before I leave, madame?

Yes, my love.
Pen and paper, please.

Right now, madame.

Why is he leaving?

Isn't he staying here?
Especially if your health is bad...

This is an evil house.

Restless souls haunt here.

No one can be here
at night but Jenkins.

He drives Miss Mills
home and then comes back.

Here in the house..? Haunted?

Only I can control souls.

Voices - they drive
everyone crazy.

They are like whispering
directly in your ear,

from floor cracks and walls...

Jenkins seems to be
immune because he is deaf.

But madame - mother -

- you can't die after all!

Not now that---

Honey, my doctor needs to
examine you. That horrible cough -

- I wouldn't want
you to follow me!

But know that I will die happy,

because I have found you!

Don't talk about death -

- not now that we
are together again!

That's how it's written.

But first I have
to do something.

I have to give you something.

For what?

Its all here!

This will be my legacy to you.

Oh no, I couldn't take it...

Don't be stupid.

To whom else would I leave
my worldly possessions?

After all, this is your real
father's fortune - your birthright!

Please, madame.

Thank you very much my dear.

Don't let Jenkins
run like crazy.

The night is full of dangers...

Yes, madam.
See you in the morning. Gentlemen!

This paper -

- this I give you,
Mister Arnheim.

You know how to make wills.

Right now? Here..?


I feel that my heart cannot
withstand this unexpected joy.

I want everything taken care of.

So write.

"I, Zina Ivanova, also
known as Madame Orlofsky,

being of sound mind, I hereby
bequeath all my worldly wealth

to my son whom I had to give up

and who was raised
as Edwin Bonpree,

and with whom I
am now reunited."

Add the rest of the formalities yourself.

Will be done.

So this is a legal document
that proves that Edwin is my son

and will everything but my
only blood relative inherit?

It is, as soon as
the witnesses sign it.

How many witnesses are needed?

Two, but since all the
guests and staff have left…

How stupid of me.

But could you
yourself be witnesses?

Whatever you want, mom.

It is not quite
traditional for the

beneficiary to sign
the will himself...

At the same time, of course,
this would prove that Edwin

recognizes Madame Orlovsky
as his mother and vice versa.

That is fine by me.

All right.
Everything is legally correct.

Mister Arnheim, you will keep
this document for yourself?

That would be the smartest thing to do.

But my dear -

- I'm so excited
for our reunion,

that I completely forget --- you have
your own reasons for coming here!

They no longer seem important at all.

But it is!

I feel... Wait.

It is related to your father - a man,

who died and
recognized you as his heir.

Yes, there was
something I wanted to ask...

We must take our original places.

I'm trying to get in touch with him.

Let's form a mind triangle!

Picture him in your mind.

Imagine how he walks,
how he talks to you.

Try to smell her,

feel his closeness.

I try.

Me too.

Someone is trying to contact me.

The ghost of a dead man.

My father?

Which one..?

Yes... I see him...

What was that?

Sorry - what?

It seemed to me...

It seemed to me...

Not important.

So - is this my father?

Mr. Bonpree?

Yes, I see a man.

A big, proud man, my lord.

It has to be him.

Ahh... but I smell anger.

He has not found peace.

Are you okay?

Holy heavens... What's wrong with him?

I think he's going into a trance.

There is something wrong here...

I do not like this.

Whatever you do,
don't disconnect.

Edwin...! Edwin..!

Fuck it. This is my father!

By heaven - - - yes!

You have betrayed me..!
You have shamed me..!

Lord. I feel sick...

Keep your hands on the table, or
his soul cannot return to the grave!


I know what you've done!

I know your shameful secret!

God! He knows!
Alfred, how does he know..?!

You are still a creature

and from the depths of the

grave I curse you,
and haunt you!

What did you do! Now his
spirit will always accompany you!

You're coming with me tonight!



Done. Dead.


He was so exhausted
that I was afraid

he would collapse
before he could sign.

We got over the knife edge.

There was also time.

Did you put an
earlier date on the will?

It would be suspicious if he
had signed on the day he died.

Of course.

I dated a month earlier.


You can come here now, Nathan.

Well played my love.

At some point I really started to
believe that you could see things.

At some point I...


I do not even know.

I once felt like I actually
summoned death...

In short, I was so
good that I myself

began to believe
that it was haunted!

You've messed up before,
but this was the crowning glory.

You're letting a
stranger in here tonight?!

Are you an idiot?

So what was I supposed to do?

I assume you cleaned
up your own soup.

And the same goes for you!

That damn Worseley would
have ruined everything on the brink!

However, you
needed twelve people.

Fortunately, I
won't have to put up

with this incompetence
much longer.

You got a good reward, so goodbye
and I don't want to hear from you anymore!

Now hurry up, miss.

In my opinion, new
negotiations should be held.

Who the hell do you think
you are to talk to me like that?

Don't show off, sister.
The show is over.

I saved your bony ass today!

Yes, I wanted to ask the whole time -

- how did the Worseley thing work out?

Everything was perfect!

I recognized it in
Worseley's first second.

His picture was in
Politseileh some time ago.

Ex-boxing champion, lynx snob.

Drove his wife to death
and now acts like a suicide.

Constantly spends nights playing poker.

When I went to
fetch his coat, I sent

Nathan to inform
Madame Orlofsky.

I went through his pockets.

I found the revolver - it was empty.

But that he sat behind the right cup..?

Molly remembered from the
article that this guy was born in April.

I only set the table here
with Aries cups while I turned

off the light and you all
watched Madame Orlofsky.

Clara lured him to the right place.

But what did it mean that
Worseley recognized you?

Well, haven't we both received
our picture in the Police Gazette.

Can we be sure he won't
cause us any trouble?

He will never cause anything
again because he didn't go anywhere.

But we heard him start the car?

It wasn't a car.

You think he was the
only one with a gun?

Thanks to us

his car is now at the bottom of the river.

And the car with
other "actors" as well.

Aren't you...

Ah, don't be so naive!

We Russians do not
leave witnesses behind.

Nathan fiddled with
the limo's brakes a bit.

And I gave the driver a strong
dose of Veronaal in cognac.

So damn if we're not
worth the extra money

for getting our
hands dirty right now!

Isn't it, dear?


This ingratitude!

That was your shit,
and I'm not paying for it!

Or mendit should get a hint

where can you find
two cars in the river?

Then do someone else a favor!

So if you don't want to perform your
next parade roll under the gallows,

then you both walk out of

here and stop any blackmailing.

Because if I go down,
ALL of you will go with me!

I would listen to him.

So Nathan,

get your greedy bastard out of
this house before i throw him out!

Come on, honey.

I can't be under the same
roof with this bitch anymore.

The boy was completely out of his mind.

Usually ephedrine takes
half an hour to start working.

However, I pushed him a
double dose of the drink.

That maybe the spring in your car
will throw out nicely on the way back.

But now this mess has
to be cleaned up here.

Anyway, it's done.

So, young lord:

there is always a small
bonus for clients who make

me very, very rich.
This was the fifth secret!


are you up

I've been thinking here...


From what we
have discussed here.

Or money?

That way it sounds very lame.

But I just have to think about money
when I'm waiting for destruction!

Oh, now don't exaggerate either.

Your financial situation is good.
You can live comfortably.

I'm not a laundress

whose dream is to
"live comfortably".

When I was little,
I had nothing.

And I promised myself -

- I get EVERYTHING! And I did.

And I won't lose it!

Well, you can always
marry new money.

Do you have a few successful
CEOs among your clients?

You have already
snapped three pieces.

You helped me meet
them nicely, really.

So I did.
- And then you helped get rid of them just as beautifully.

Dear Madam, in my
profession the term

used for such a
suggestion is "slander".

You know very well
that I didn't play you

no role in the unfortunate
death of the three husbands.

Of course not, honey.

But I remember my
first wedding so clearly…

don't you remember

You mean your first
London wedding, I guess?

After continental husbands
started running out?

You remember how beautiful I
was in my white wedding dress,

with the wonderful emeralds that
good old Sir Mortimer gave me?

Ring, necklace, earrings...

And the first thing you said to

me when we had our first dance.


You said, "Madame,

do you know that these stones
can kill without leaving a trace?"

Such an innocent
remark cannot in any

way be interpreted
as professional advice.

I was just hinting at the personal
affairs of a former colleague.

For wonderful,
detailed details -

- that emerald dust
that enters the body,

blocks the airway for weeks and

leads to suffocation
and heart failure,

without leaving any traces in the body.

A lesson in the perfect
weapon, given to a young

woman who has married
a sleazy old businessman

and received the same weapons
from him as a wedding present!

Pure chance.

It was only fair to give
them back to Mortimer,

at least partially.
Mixed in his pudding.

The thing was worth an earring.

And what good is one earring to a lady?
- Exactly!

I think it suited Sir
Lemuel much better.

His stomach.

And poor Sir Ivan,
the fourth baronet...

Agreed, it was a
particularly unfortunate story.

Because this necklace
was my special favorite...

And now all that's left is the ring.

Yes, I'm saving this
for an emergency!

I am sure that if you
would agree to marry me,

then this situation would be here.

Don't be silly, darling.

I wouldn't marry you.
You are only after my fortune.

What is drying up...

But if you help
me get rich again

then I would share
this fortune with you!

What exactly are we talking about?

From a fortune worth...

about two million, I suggest.

This sounds suspiciously
like a Bonpree legacy.

Oh, Alfred. Think about it.

Wouldn't it be wonderful
to have all that money?

Think what we could do with it!

Remember when I mentioned
the name "Bonpree"?

I guess neither of
us has that name,

which would give
access to that property.

But your ward wears.

The last time I checked, he
was happily drinking, gambling,

and carousing, and had no
intention of sharing his fortune.

Very careless behavior,
for a boy with a weak heart.

You said he had a
congenital heart defect, right?

I do not intend to discuss
my clients' private matters.

I remember when you
mentioned it, by the way.

When you said he's a spoiled

brat who treats you like a dog.

Well... You can't always
choose who pays your bills...

But why not pay
them with HIS money?

Sorry, but where is this
conversation going now?

If you desire a fourth
husband, I warn you,

that Edwin Bonpree is
not yet of marriageable age.

He's just a boy.
- And every little boy needs a mother.

His mother died when he was two years old.

Mrs. Bonpree died.

But not his real mother.

I guess I've mentioned
"by the way" quite a lot...

Never trust a woman who keeps
your wine glass full to the brim!

I'll remember.

Anyway. That got me thinking.

Maybe you'll take young Bonpree
to a session some evening?


He is sickeningly afraid of all
kinds of things beyond the grave.

And anyway, why would he

want to come to the session?

There's definitely
something he'd like to know.

Maybe he wants to ask
his lost father something?

To be honest...

There is some issue of a
lost number combination.

You're welcome!
He comes to contact

his father and find
out the combination.

But you can't give it to him..?

Don't be so slow, baby.
Of course not.

Because after the session,
he doesn't need it anymore.

Because he's dead.

First of all - I don't even
know what to say first.

What good would his death do us?

It wouldn't be. Except when,

if he could find his birth mother.

I don't know who his birth mother is!
Nobody knows!

I always assumed that the
Bonpreede gardener with his wife.

But they are long dead!


But what if that mother
wasn't the gardener's wife?

When suddenly there was a young Russian
noblewoman, who was cranked up by life?

You're not even really Russian.

Who cares? I could have
had a baby 21 years ago

and give it up for adoption.
And you,

as a long-time family
advisor, could confirm this.

So you just invite him here
and tell him you're his mother?

I haven't really
thought it through yet.

Maybe his father's spirit is "revealing the truth".

His father's spirit...

That would be Nathan, of course.

He is very good at following
the voices on the speaker.

Of course it does. After
all, he was an actor before

he found crime more
rewarding than Shakespeare.

You guide him, teach him to
speak like the late Mr. Bonpree.

And give me some
insight into Edwin's life.

Surely he wants
to hide something...


Now that you mention it,

then he is currently in a
very dangerous relationship.


With who? I bet with
some married women!

My lips are locked.

Ah, such crazy stuff?

I know: with a
married man instead!

With the gardener?

With a driver?

I will not discuss these things.

And anyway, I don't think
Nathan is that good of an actor,

that Edwin would think
of him as his dead father.

Empty talk.
Nathan shines every night!

He pretends to be deaf, and
Clara keeps talking to people.

No one suspects Nathan
and he listens to a lot.

Clara? Who is Clara?

Also from your rehabilitation
program for ex-prisoners.

Such a subtle one.

Ah, that redhead.

Your criminal charges
are all very good.

Nathan has an American
chick that he used as bait.

Yay, Molly Jones. Wasted soul.

But people trust him.

She plays my secretary.

Even if it goes through,
do you really think

that Edwin simply
bequeaths his property to you

and then drop dead?

Oh no!

I am the one who
bequeaths my fortune to him!

How? Why?

But what else could a doomed

mother do for her long-lost son?

"Destined to die"?

You must have
thought it through...

And if I acknowledge him
as my son and only heir,

wouldn't that make me as his

mother his only heir if he dies?

You said he didn't
have any relatives.

Technically you are right...

But he himself should
sign the relevant document.

You take care that we end up in the same
room together and leave the rest to me.

I have had time to practice.

You only do the preliminary work.

This is enough to put an
entire bull to the ground.

But this ring - it's
worth thousands!

Just an investment
with a guaranteed return.

So, remember to grind
it into a fine powder.

Puddings and soups
are best for serving.

Actually, eggnog is the best,
but I can't wait until Christmas.

Here you can get
your five good doses.

After a week, he starts short
of breath, then the cough starts.

Otherwise, he would have to
last a month, a month and a half,

but if added here for acceleration

this new miracle drug, Ephedrine...


Stimulant, increases blood
pressure and accelerates heart rate.

Very bad if you have
trouble breathing

and congenital heart disease.
Just like poor Sir Lemuel.

Oh, Alfred! Just think:

you would be rich

free, self-master!


It might work as a plan...

Leave it to me, baby.

A lady must keep her secrets.

This was the fifth secret!

Oops. I need a drink.

You've earned it.

How long do you think it will
be before I get my money?

I mean, our money.

It may take time.

It ends up being a colossal amount.

I'm thinking here that maybe
I'll go to Brazil. Or to Cuba.

I am too sensitive
for this humid climate.

And that house?

I'm putting it up for sale, with all the money.

Stupid collapsed mausoleum.

At the same time, this spiritualism
stuff was of course a good decoration.

Maybe I'll buy it myself, you know.

You? In a week you'll be
sailing on the Riviera, we bet.

It would be very suspicious if
we both disappeared together.

Better to keep a
low profile for a while.

Well, and I guess the police
will have to be called now.

Or would it be better if
we call an ambulance first?

It remains to be seen that
we did everything to save him.

Probably, yes.

But why are we
sitting here in the dark?

What was that? - What?

Someone is in the house.

Leave now. It seemed to you.

Didn't you hear?

I didn't hear anything.

I definitely heard footsteps...


Who's there?

Calm down, honey.
You have nerves.

We are the only ones in this house.

If these vultures are back
to extort money from me...

Alfred! - What is it, dear?

Don't say you didn't see it!

I can't see anything in this darkness.

Why don't you turn on the light?

Shit, I had to pass

out holding my breath!

I must have swallowed
the last of that wine.



It smells like that.

It was a long time ago.

Nathan, Molly - well played.

Got a good salary. Always a
pleasure to help, Mr. Arnheim.

We are forever indebted to you.

I haven't doubted that.

And good job on that switch!

I first unscrewed the cover,
and when I turned off the light,

then I just took it off.

Very good. Tomorrow I will wire
your money to a US bank account.

A pleasure to do business with, Mr. Arnheim.

We can get married now.
We are buying a small farm in Ohio.

Right attitude!

But not before
you tell the police

what a terrible
tragedy happened here.

A poor mother, electrocuted
and still in front of her loving son

and all this in front
of the family lawyer!

The legal term would be

"Divine Intervention",

And God can't be
held accountable, right?

Exactly! Exactly!

Time for the last show.

Poor stupid Zina.

Always so alert and sharp,

but blinded by his own acting.

You better take that poison ring

from him so there
are no questions.

The eternal cunning tool tree.

I guess I'll keep
it as a souvenir.

Useful thing if your hand happens
to be over someone's glass.

It's a wonder he didn't notice
you changing the glasses -

- I didn't notice either.

You have dexterous fingers.

Our profession must have.

She's somehow so
naked without her ring.

Maybe it should be returned to him?

But no! I'll buy a new
Rolls-Royce for that.

Emerald green!

Let's see how it went, mommy!

I guess you didn't
think of such a turn?


I've been thinking here.
- Thought?

Maybe he should strip. - Whose?

The eide of the one you've
messed around with here.

What did you say,
how much is he worth?

What do you think about it?
You just inherited two million.

Well, that's it.

They are gone.

In what sense - gone?

Well, look, I had a
bit of card debt here…

Card debt?

Well. If card debts are not
respected, it may happen,

to come and make one-zero.

So I respected it.

You had two million card debts?!

Don't talk nonsense.

You know that most of this
money is buried in the company.

I don't get a penny
without board approval.

I barely had half
a million in cash.

Your father died barely three months ago

and you have card
debt for half a million?

Ahh, most of it was already
from before. From school days.

Edwin.... I envy your education.

Well, of course, you have to give the
impression that you are tax-efficient.

Spend to save, as they say.

Now that these guys
heard about my legacy,

they gave me like an
ultimatum or something.

Damn it.

I should be responsible
for your money.

I am your economic advisor.

And I'm an adult now.

But yes, you should have.
It's your job.

So now it's your job to
help me out of this thing.

Oh no. We just have to
wean you off your bad habits.

Let's start with the most expensive.

But spending less is not a
solution, it's a punishment!

I get rid of debt,
but my bad habits?


And what solution do you see?

Let's cut the money in half.

What money?

This mole's money, of course.
what do you inherit

when he dies.
Because you are marrying him.

We have already talked about it.

He doesn't want me.

How can anyone not want you?

She knows that every
man is after her money.

And the funny thing is that he doesn't
even know exactly how rich he is.

His men were too quick
to flaunt their riches.

You mean this painting?

Silly woman, she doesn't even know
she has an original da Vinci on her wall.

And in general, I
wouldn't dare to marry him.

She is a professional widow.

He has sent three men to the grave.

And I taught him how to do it.

So we could wave this painting
in and he wouldn't even notice?

You're not thinking big, honey.

One painting is
far from all he has.

He has stocks and
securities and real estate.

And he knows nothing
about the stock market.

Well, you are also his lawyer,
you manage his business affairs.

Can't you put some of those
shares on the hard drive?

Now I'm disappointed.

A little scam?

If we already take

then we'll take it all.

Aaah, this is my Alfred!

You already have
everything figured out, right?

I can already hear the clockwork
ticking in this beautiful little head...

The first thing is -

put him

want your money.

But is he rude?

That's the point.

I have quietly convinced him that
his shares are going down in value.

So he thinks his
fortune is shrinking

and the thought drives him crazy.

So, on. - Look.

I told him about your huge property
and he can't get it out of his head.

I have also mentioned that you

have a congenital
heart defect, asthma

and apparently death
is not too far away.

This piqued his interest.

I have also colorfully
described how I hate you:

that you're a spoiled brat

who only knows how to
lick, party and play cards,

a narcissist who always gets

his way and treats
me like a dog.

It's only a matter of days
before he brings up the subject.

I told you that you are sickly afraid
of everything beyond the grave, death,

ghosts and other supernatural things.

I can hear the gears
rattling in his head.

He asked who would be your
heir in the event of your death

and I said that you have
no relatives in the world.

Last week I threw a trump card

and I told you that you
are actually adopted

and that your true parents were the
gardener of Bonpreede and his wife.

He swallowed the bait greedily.

By today he must
have hatched a plan -

- and he is sure that
he is the author of it.

When is your next
meeting with him?

In an hour.

I applaud you, my lord!

And welcome with champagne!

With the best.

Look, mother!

You were wrong!

See THIS was the fifth secret!


For God's sake! The police?

Scary, horrible accident...

What a worthy show!

Hell yes it is.

You could pay good money for such a show.
- But that's what we do.

Or - - - shall we still do it?

What do you mean?

Nathan at the wheel -
this is a potential disaster.

A heavy-footed
driver, speeding drunk,

on a dangerous steep road,

without brakes in a
car, through a storm -

- I predict a 50-50 chance
that there will be no payout.

More like 60-40.

Without...? No, neither do you...

Of course.
As soon as we got here.

You... You are one ruthless...
- Villain?

Estate manager!

Sir, Sir!

And drive carefully, gentlemen.

We will, Inspector.

And again, our condolences to you.

Thank you, Inspector. Good night!

Have a nice evening!
- Thank you, sir, thank you!

You've been practicing for
so long that you can't stop.

I don't know, yes.

The more I cough, the
more my throat stings.

It's a horrible shit to be.

Definitely nothing serious.

Anyway. It was quite fun.

Like in an American movie.

The police come,
very grim and serious.

Miss Mills is crying.

I'm being interrogated in
one room, you in another.

Fortunately, we have nothing to hide.

We all saw what happened.

By the way.

Why did the policeman
sympathize with you?

Ah, this.

I don't know.

Probably because I
was still his lawyer.

A little creepy, I think.

But at the same time, the police did a good job.
- Case open and closed.



I almost want to write
a crime novel about it.

Which of course you can't do.
- Of course not.

And with all this money, I
don't have to do anything at all.


Don't "we" ever have
to do anything again?

Well. I've been thinking here...

You've been doing
it quite often lately.

After all, legally
it's my money.

My mother left it to me.

Is not it? Legally.
- Do you want to tell me something, Edwin?

It's just that... I think I
should own most of it, right?

That was my plan after all.
- Was it?

Of course you were a great help,

but - you're a family
lawyer, it's your duty, isn't it?

Be of great help?

And you can't argue
that I, I was the one who

put that thought in
your head. Is that so?

In a sense.

I knew you were seeing
things in perspective.

Well, you will
always have this job.

After all, someone has to
manage these stocks and papers.

This is a full-time job.

That's what he is.

That sounds pretty
morbid, honey.

Is there a handkerchief?

Look in the glove box.

Fuck it. Blood.

You're just overdoing it.

After all, a little sleep cures everything.

what does this telegram mean?

Which one?

“Congratulations, old pal.

Kiss the bride for me."

Didn't I tell you?

I got married on Monday.


what... with whom?!

With Madame Orlofsky, of course.

That was my last condition,

to kill you!

don't look at me like that -

it was your plan after all!

But why..?

Why? I loved him, of course!

So you told the police...

The truth, only the truth, dear boy!

The truth, only the truth!

So, Inspector, this was supposed

to be a family reunion of sorts.

I met my wife while looking
for the birth mother of my ward.

They found each other, and I -

I found the love of my life.

And now -

- such a tragedy...

I don't know if Edwin will survive this.

Look, he's in poor health.
Heart disease and severe asthma.

To be honest, me and my
wife, we prepared for the worst.

I feel a great responsibility

for him, now that I am legally

his only relative in
the whole world...

"An accident."

"Invoice: One copy of the emerald ring."

Is this still the Orlofsky ring?

Impossible to tell the difference, isn't it?

So this here is an emerald -

- and this here is a glass copy?

Investment with guaranteed income!

My heart...

I have a bad...

Did you still...
change the cups around?

Interesting - did I do it?
Or didn't?

Interesting - did I do it?
Or didn't?

This is mine

little secret!