The Sixth Child (2022) - full transcript

Franck is a scrap dealer who lives with Meriem in the outskirts of Paris. They have five children, a sixth on the way, and serious money problems. Julien and Anna are lawyers and can't have children. This is the story of an unthin...



How'd it sound?

Try the clutch?

It's the fan belt.

Forget it. It's the transmission.
You fried it.

Where are you?

20 minutes till the cops arrive.

All done.

Yes. Hello, sir.

I know. I got held up.

My partner had car trouble.
It's taken care of.

In an hour, tops.

That's 800 kilos.

- Burn it yourself?
- Yup. It's perfect.

Where'd you get it?

An electrician I work with.

So you have a receipt?

- Your dad has us sign the book.
- I'm not him.

Know what?
I'll bring a guy to replace your son.

9 o'clock, tops.

Are you deaf?

Guys like you always make problems.

What problems?

I won't risk my joint for gyps.

My dad's my dad.
I'm the boss.

Tell your gyp pals
to bring a receipt next time.


Courtesy of the gyps.

What an asshole!

Pleasure working with you.


Open the door!

Back off!

Out of the fucking way!


What now?

We just go.

Move antiques
with all that junk in back?

Get off here with your scrap
and use your busted-up van.

Hear me?


Aggravated robbery.
From a Paris Transit depot no less.

Assault. The scrapper was out 8 days.
That's bad.

Better keep a low profile.

Why aggravated?

Two accomplices.
That's organized crime.

- I wasn't at the robbery.
- Prove it.

I swear.

I believe you,
but your word's not enough.

The hearing is at 11 o'clock.
Shall I assist you?


First, avoid "sorry" and "never again."

He hears that all day.

For my fees, what'll it be?

Hourly or flat rate?

I'm broke.

Why'd your wife call me?
I'm not pro bono.

She found you online.

What's your income normally?

One or two grand a month?

One. Sometimes less.

Here's what we'll do.

If you get off, you pay 4 installments.

Let's say, 350 euros a month.

I trust you.

If you do time, my loss.

Sound good?


Yeah? Ok. Let's go.

Despite the State's characterization,

this "petty thief"

gets up at dawn, weekends included,
to work to feed his family.

I see he has no steady job.

He's a freelancer, Judge.

Mainly a furniture mover and reseller.

He also legally buys and sells
scrap metal.

And works at the Baudoin garage
in Aubervilliers.

As a seasonal worker,
he picks grapes each fall.

With all that,
he clothes and feeds his 5 children.

A marginal, it's true.

For unlike you and I,
he lives by tradition in a trailer.

His only crime.

Do you pay taxes, Mr. Meyer?


- But you do file?
- Yes.

I've submitted his last two returns.

Mr. Meyer,
I assume you regret your actions?

Regret is pointless.
It's knowing what you've done.

A short stay at Fleury
would do you good.

I don't think so.

Speak up, Mr. Hernandez.

Prison isn't good for anyone.

So why are you always there?

You keep sending me back.

He could be out soon
on good behavior.

- He has family?
- Just his mother.

Never knew I was a prince.

I embellished. You have to.



There's a bag of clothes, too.

- Yeah, coming.
- Thanks.

I never picked grapes!

Sure you did. Works every time.

But you better pay the 7 grand,

or you'll get subpoenaed
and do hard time.



My wife.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Well, good luck.
Take care of yourself.

Thanks. I'll pay, don't worry.

I know.



How're you getting home?

The train.

I'm beat.

Lost my license.

Two texts, two glasses of wine...

- Two glasses?
- Yeah.

No. Three or four,
plus two texts, plus speeding tickets.


Didn't know you guys
got screwed like us.

Same as anyone.

Even a little more.

Next right.


You're welcome.

- You look like shit!
- I'm ok.

Your dog's cuter.

Very funny.

And Samy?

He got 6 months.

Are you in pain?

I'm ok, but I owe 7,000.

- To who?
- Paris Transit.

Are you hurt?

Just a little van accident.
I'm fine.

Want a drink?

No, thanks.

A quick beer.

Thanks, but we're off.

I owe it to you.

Five minutes.

Want to?


Just a quick one.

Come on.

I'll go get the beers.


Take a seat.

One sec while I see Sam's mom.



- You ok?
- Yeah.

What's your name, cutie?

- Maria.
- I'm Anna.

Wanna see something cool?

Come on!

- Need a hand, ma'am?
- No. Coming.

Call me Meriem.

Her name's Punky.

What happened to her?

A disease.


I'm a magician.

Now she sees me.

Now she doesn't.

Stop pestering the lady.

If you let them,
they'll drag you all over camp.




Probation, thanks to him.

- Hello.
- Thank you, sir.

- Your van?
- Totaled.

What will you do now?

I'll get by, Mam.

Change her please?

Sure, you will!

Of course you'll get by.

That your mom?


- To you.
- Cheers.

- To you.
- To the Prosecutor!


Help yourselves.

You're a lawyer, too?


I could've called you.

No, I don't do criminal law.

What do you do?

Real estate.

Oh, yeah.
That, we don't need.

How long you been here?

5 years at this site.

- You never hit the road?
- No.

Not anymore.

Except for the pilgrimage to Saintes,

we stay put.

How come?

For the kids' school and my work...

Plus, we're not welcome anywhere.

- What school you girls at?
- Edgar Quinet.

Good grades?

- Not really.
- They're good students.

It's just the oldest who has trouble.

- You've got another?
- Warren, yeah.

Don't know where he is.
With his cousins?

Cousins he's good at.

How many you got?


We can't.


To supplement your pay.


Thanks a lot.

Bye folks.


- What is it?
- Moonshine.


- How is it?
- Good but highly flammable.

You, don't touch it.

Don't, seriously.

Holy cow!

Know the one about
The Drops and their 3 kids?

That old joke?

- Dunno it.
- Jimmy, Juan, and Justin.

Jimmy a Drop...

- Juan Drop, Justin Drop.
- I'm so embarrassed!

Aren't you ashamed?

I can talk to the judge
about sentencing.

6 months without him
will be hard on her.

I'll look into it.

Well, thank you.

My pleasure.
I'll pay you like I said.

I trust you. No worries.

You're pretty.

You're the pretty one.

Come on.



Get home safe.


You alright?


Nice, right?


Makes me want a trailer.

- Mr. Meyer, right?
- Franck, yes.

Yes, Counsel.
Mr. Meyer is here to see you.


Today is a little complicated.

Call him tomorrow before 9.


Attorney's office, hello?



Thanks, miss.

Sorry. Crazy day. Is it urgent?

I needed to see you.

Tough case.
It's the prosecution.

I'll come back.

Yes, Counsel...

That's precisely the issue.

Can I call you back in 15 minutes?

No, that's perfect.

Thank you, dear colleague.
Sorry again.

Just a sec.

Come with me.

If it's about Samy,
I haven't had time.

It's not that.

What is it then?

Meriem and I have a problem.

Sit down.

No, I'm fine.

- What is it?
- She's pregnant.


Sorry. Well...

That's good, right?

That'll make six.

Yeah. It will.


We can't keep this one.

How pregnant is she?

Just one, I hope.

No, how many months?

Oh, yeah. Two months.

Oh, we don't do that.

Of course...

What's the plan?
I don't understand.

Give it away.

Give it away?

To you, yeah.


Is your wife here?

No. She's at the courthouse.

Last night, we were thinking

you're childless, how unfair.

I'm dirt broke.

I owe everyone.

Paris Transit, you, everyone.

And I have no van for work.

That's why...

That's why...

I figured, let's make a deal.

What deal?

You want a van for your baby?


You're decent people. We like you.

We figured the kid would be happy.

That's sweet, Franck.
But know what you're proposing?

Human trafficking.

It's punishable by law.


They seemed normal.

They're in deep shit.


I'm starving. I skipped lunch.

There's lasagna from Tonio's.
Ham, ricotta.


Does she know?

I think so.

Or so he says.

It's so crazy.

It was rough.
I wanted to disappear.

What will she do? Get an abortion?

They're Catholics, they refuse to.

It's so unfair.

With 7 in a trailer,
you take precautions.

Where do we sit?

Up to you.

I hope it wasn't just a scam.

No, I doubt that.

How much did he want?

Enough to cover his van and debts.

How much is that?

Wanna buy a baby?

Someone's here.


We wanted to see you.
Is Franck here?

No, why? What's wrong?


We wanted to discuss...

Hold on. Just a sec.

Keep at it. I'll be back.

Come on.

After you.

Sit down.

A drink?

No, thanks.


Take a hike.

I think you know
Franck came to see me.

He told you it was impossible.

We talked it over

and we have an idea.

There's a legal way of doing
what you propose.

The child would take our name,
but you'd remain the parents.

- So you'd adopt him?
- Yes.

Yes, but through a simple adoption.

Not the full adoption we all know.
That wouldn't work.

The other one, what's it called?

A simple adoption.

The child would take our name.
We'd raise him.

But you'd stay his parents.

It'd be our child, but yours too.

So he'd know who I am.

Of course.

That's the last thing I want.

For him to find me,
to know I abandoned him.

No, everyone here...
My mother, my brothers...

What'd you plan on telling them?

That he died at birth.

They'll surely understand.

Nobody understands that here.

Not even me.


It's too narrow.

- Further.
- Enough!


Little truck.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Your wife's not here?

She's with the kids.

Come. Get in.

What do you want?

My husband and I thought it over.

We want to discuss your offer.

- Meriem told me...
- Not that one.


When you mentioned it to Julien,
we overreacted.

We thought it was best for the kid
to do it legally.

Now we understand your position.

Maybe it's best if nobody knows.

But I'd like to talk to Meriem.

She doesn't want to talk.

Where's your husband?

You're his client. He's too exposed.

He wants me to handle it.

10,000 euros.

It's all we could get in one go.

If you agree, I'll bring 30 next time.

It's too much.

No, it's not.

I'll give you my number.

Tell your wife to call me?




What're you thinking?


I wonder if she went behind his back.

So what?

He is a lawyer.

So is she.

He won't turn his wife in.

If he refuses the kid?

Sure you want this?

Got a better idea?

- First pregnancy?
- Yes.


Spontaneous? Meaning?

No egg donation,
insemination, in vitro?


Can my sister come in?


- Ladies.
- Hello.

It's for me.

I'm her sister.

Good. Right this way.

Sit on the green chair for me.

Ma'am, on the grey stool.



Need a hand? Good.

- Your first?
- Yes.

Please lift up your blouse.


- And the dad?
- He's at work.

This'll be a little cold. There.

There's not much to see
in the 1st trimester.

Let's see...

There it is!

There's just one, to start.

The head, the body...

The legs are out of view.

The nuchal scan...

is normal.

And the rest...

is perfect.

And the sex?

It's a little too early.


listen to this.

The heart.

He'll run marathons.

They assumed we were dykes.

Better that than the truth.

I don't like it.

May I ask you something?

We sleep together, right?

What is it?

Are you...

Are you and your husband...


No, not really.

I mean it's up to you, but...

I'd like him to be baptized.

It would mean a lot to us.

We'll do it.

You'll tell your husband?


We'll do it. I promise.

Oh, there you are.

Have a good day?

- Didn't you quit?
- It's my last one.

I'm beat.

9 hearings. A new record.

What a pain!

You love it.

Today I defended

that soccer player. What a joke.

He was doing 190 in a 110 zone.

What'd he tell the judge?

"Coach said, come quick!

"So I got in my Porsche
and came quick."


- Hear me?
- Yes.

What did you do?

I didn't go in.

To the office?

Took the day off.

What did you do?


What is it?

Look at it.

What is this?

Look at the name.

What's this?

Meriem used my insurance card.

I'm pregnant.

You're joking.

What about me?

Would you've agreed?

Think it over.
It's the only solution.

I can think for hours.
It won't change my mind.

How is this different from adoption?

What? Shall I read you the law?

Enough with the law!

I already gave them the money.

My savings account.

Anna, we're not buying a baby!

Not in Phnom Penh,

and not here.

- You know the risks?
- Perfectly.

We won't get caught.

This is crazy.

- No.
- Yes, you're crazy.

Article 225-4.

Human trafficking.
20 years. 3 million euros.

For all of us.
Want to die in jail?

It isn't enforced, 225-4.

Forget the article!

Of course we'll get caught.
They live like sardines.

Eventually someone will tell.

You know what?

Call them.

Tell them you went to pee,

there was blood, and it's all over.


Law aside.
There's a moral issue, too.

Morality from a lawyer!

This isn't gonna fly.

Either I have this child with you,

or I do it alone.


You're sick.


Whatcha doing?

Sleeping at Margot's.

Why are you doing this to me?

Because nothing works.

You've gotten used to it
and don't care.

I have a chance.
I won't let it pass me by.

What chance?
What planet are you on?

What planet?

A childless life, an empty room.
That planet!

- Stop.
- Let go!

- Calm down.
- Why?

Because you're clueless?

I can't stand it anymore!
It's been 7 years!

7 years and I'm fed up!
Of getting my tubes butchered.

Of being inseminated
and interrogated by shrinks!

I can't do it anymore!

Is that a reason to go to jail?

Get off me.


Get in, we have to talk.

Got your license back?


Not afraid of getting caught?

It's about this business.

My wife isn't well.

She saw your wife,
and you too, right?

All that behind my back.

For your money, it's too late.
I put it down on a van.

What'd she give you?

10,000 euros.

For the baby, there's no way.

It's too risky for all of us.

No probation.
It's hard time.

They'll take your kids away.

Keep the money.

The baby, too.
Tell her you changed your minds.

My deposit on the van!

How much is your van?

I got a Master, a good one.

How much?


I'll give you 8,000 more.

I'll waive my fees,
and we stop this whole thing.

Sound good?

So I'll bring it tomorrow?


Talk to your wife and call mine.

- Your husband's right.
- No.

Yes, he is.

- If it lands my kids in foster care.
- No!

I don't see why.

He's just overreacting.

If we're smart, and we are,

nobody will ever find out.


people get wise and turn us in.

People? My people?

I don't think so.

None of us are snitches!

Why not adopt normally?

It's a nightmare.

We'd had no luck, so I saw a doctor.

I wound up having surgery,

three IVFs, and 3 more miscarriages.

As for adoption, we've had 5 rejections.

Here and abroad.

Even there, it's a French agency.

Why did they refuse?

Because of a psychologist.

She wrote I wanted to be
the mother I never had,

and the baby

was a substitute for infertility's void,

which was bad for the child.


I promise it's not true.

Anyway, like I said...

I can't raise it.

I'm not capable.

Well, I swear I can.

I brought the other 30,000.

Don't worry. It's mine,

not his.

Your husband already gave Franck 8.

So that's 8,000 extra.

I don't want it.

- Please.
- No.

I'll give you 25,000 then.



We had another fight.
Her mind's made up.

How can a Christian
do something like this?

You have no sway over her!

She cries, then flips out.

You can stand up to a scrapper
but not your own wife?

Oh, and you can?

Mine is crazy.

I brought the 8,000 and your fees.

Know where we're headed?

Make her understand.

She's too invested now.

She loves her kids,
but says 6 is too many.

She likes your wife too.
She won't betray her.

How did you explain the van?

Nobody knows.
I park it here.


You alright?


They're pissed at work.

I don't care.

You don't care?


I answer all my emails and calls.

I'm on sick leave, after all.

What next? Knitting?

Leave, please.

So you're at 7 months...

but the head's already dropped.

That's from overexertion.


or the baby could be premature.

So, you want to know?
The sex?

- Of course.
- No, I don't.

- Why not?
- No! I don't.

- Why not?
- Because.

Ok, well...

What do we do?



So this is goodbye.

The hospital takes it from here.

I won't come next time.

The hospital's too risky.

And you're reluctant to know.

Well, you heard him.

You need rest.

Come rest with me, you'll see.

See you at the delivery.



Not at yours.
Let's meet somewhere else.


In a bar, a coffee shop.

No time for coffee.

Well, I'm off.

Having dinner out...
See you later!


No way!

We're having drinks, right?

No wonder you're anemic!

You sure can keep a secret!

Congratulations, man!

That's great news!

Why so secretive?

- I wanted it to take.
- And has it?

This one, yes.

But the doctor ordered bedrest
to avoid a preemie.

Then why are you here?

Just one night. I'm going crazy.

You could've told me!

After three miscarriages, it's not easy.

Well, it suits you.
You look great.

- Thanks.
- A boy or a girl?

We don't know yet.

- It'll be a surprise.
- Really?

You don't seem happy.

Sure I am! You kidding?

It's just complicated...

He doesn't want me outside.

Relax. Just one night.

We're being careful.

This calls for bubbly!

We have to celebrate.

Just a drop.

Two bottles of Champagne, please.

So December...

until the 22nd

it's Sagittarius.
A born nomad.

I prefer that.

But I'm due the 28th.

Go jogging.
Run a marathon and... bang!

- Good idea.
- Martin!

Sorry. Be right there.

Take care of yourself.

Group hug!

Kisses, girls.

- Keep us posted.
- Yeah. Of course.

- You ok?
- Yeah.

- Goodnight.
- Get home safe.

Where'd you park?

Two minutes away.

Happy? Realize everyone knows now?

I came because I'm tired of fighting.

Good work.

What'll you tell the kid?
"I traded you for a van?"

The truth.

I waited years for him.

With a fake belly?
What is that?

- Nothing.
- Show me.

Go on.

- What's that?
- The blanket.

From the living room?

With your workout band.


So you'll lie to the kid forever?
And to me too?

Do whatever you want.

Ok. Can you drive?

Stop it!

Good. I'll get some air.

Get off!

Knock it off!

Cheye, hear me?

Put on your coat, my girl.

Hurry. The heat's on.

What are you doing?

I said not to come here.

I wanted to see you.

Not here.

Ok. Come on.

It's Wednesday. Everyone's home.




Go outside and play, my girl.

- Why, Mom?
- Because.

Here. I'll call you for lunch.

You, too?


- Hot coffee?
- Sure, thanks.

Sit down.

- Are you staying?
- Yes, she's staying!

When's yours due?

In 3 weeks.

We need to talk, Mam.

Know the sex?

I'd rather not.

I can tell just by touching.

Hear me?

Yes. I'm not deaf!

Meriem's having another girl.


No, you sure?


I have something for you.

Come with me.

- Not more booze!
- Of course not.

Did you taste it?

I can't, but my husband did.

- Well?
- Delicious.

Are you sure about...

I'm never wrong.

Ask anyone here.

Wait here. Be right back.

My husband...

He collected them.

Saint Sara.

Our patron saint.

He gave everyone here one.

All the kids.

Except for...

Meriem's kids.

She prefers the Virgin.


- Thank you.
- It'll bring you luck...


the baby too.

Let me kiss you.

Thank you.


- What'd she give you?
- A medal.


What's under there?

Show me yours?

It's moving.


Again. Feel.

Feel that?

Help yourself.

What's that? Put it out.

Wanna get cancer?

Think it makes you a man?


What's wrong?


Don't you feel well?

What's up? Tell me.

I know why the lawyer's wife comes.


You're giving her the baby.

Are you crazy?

Who told you that?

Nobody. I just know.

- Your van...
- What van?

The one at the lot.
I saw you get in it.

And that lady with her belly.

She thinks all her money

can buy anything?

It isn't right.


The lawyers can't have kids.

And we can't keep this one.

I don't earn enough.

With another kid,
I'll end up in jail with Sam.

You'll go hungry.

No one here can help,

and you'll end up in foster care.

It's not right.

I know. But that's how it is.

Hear me?

Don't tell anyone
or we're in big trouble.

Can I trust you?

There's no risk.

It'll all go smoothly.

Yeah, right.

It's not about the risk.

What then?


Going behind my back.

What you're becoming.

I've been honest.

Oh, really?

Once you would've killed for this!

Killed, certainly not.

But I realize you could.

How is this different than before?
It's adoption.

We're paying!

If it's a pet you want, get a cat.

Buy their pooch!

Bet they'd sell.

Pathetic asshole.


That's what I am.

The shrink was right.

You're not apt.



Ok, and...

Where's Franck?

What'll you do with the kids?


I'll hurry. On my way.

Where are you going?

To give birth.

Anna, wait!

- What?
- You shouldn't drive.

- Let me go.
- Out of the way!


- Which hospital?
- Montfermeil.

You ok?

My water's breaking!

I'll foul up the van.

I think it'll be a girl.

I don't give a fuck.

She'll be beautiful, too.

What about the intake?


- You the father?
- No.

He's outside.

Will he be present?

No, he's not apt.
But I'm her sister.

You can wait upstairs.

I'll stay here.

It's already on its way.
This is your first?


It's close.

When was your date?

He said the 28th.

Will it need an incubator?

No. At 38 weeks, he's ready to run.

- Pain ok?
- Yes.

Very good.

Give a little push, ok?

Again, again...

Yes. Come on!

Good, good...

Really good.

Great. Very good.

Now release.

Let's go again...

Hold your breath...

When you're ready.

Hold and push!

Harder, harder...

Great. Very good.


It's on its way.

The hardest is over. The head is out.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Don't just stand there. Get in.

3:12 a.m.

So what's her name?

Lila, I was thinking.

Sure. Lila is great.


Very pretty.

Do the honors?


You ok?

Go on. Don't be shy.


Hi there, little lady.

Mrs. Verlet, evening.


- Everything go well?
- Oh, yes.


39 years old. First child, correct?

That's right.

- May I examine you?
- Yes.

Take off the sheet.

I'll do it.

Quick for a first time!

Looks very good.

Perfect. Good work.

For the little lady,
everything's perfect.


Evening, ladies.

My congratulations.

Take care of her and yourself.

Thank you.

We'll leave you now.



Can I see her?

Like that?

Maybe there's a towel.

- You alright?
- Yeah.

Everything ok?


- Did you buy the formula?
- Yeah. Got it.



There. Now go.


What will you tell them at home?

What we agreed.

And her mother?


She lost one herself.

So long.

We're going to hell.


Hell is for bad people.


Try again.

There, there.


You're sleeping like a baby kitten.

Lila Meriem Virginie...
Does Meriem take an accent?

No. It's Hebrew.
Means Guardian of the Temple.

And for the last name:
Verlet, Jorel, or both?


So it's Lila Meriem, no accent,

Virginie Verlet


born in Montfermeil on December 18th.

Hail Mary,

full of grace,

the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women,

and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us sinners,

now and at the hour of our death.



My love?



Sorry, who is this?


Where's Anna?

I'm her husband.
Where is she?




- Evening.
- I'm looking for Anna Verlet.

- Who are you?
- Her husband.

Just a sec.

Yes. I have Mr. Verlet here.

Yes, ok.

Go sit down and we'll call you.

- Mr. Verlet.
- Yes.

Follow me, please.

Excuse me. Mind explaining?

Follow me.

Go inside.

Got ID?

- What is this?
- Do you?

Yes. What's this about, please?

We received 2 affidavits
incriminating your wife. Sit.

- They press charges?
- No.

- Then let her go.
- She's been indicted.

As a lawyer, you know what that means.
Now show me ID.

Is your address 120 Blvd. Magenta?


Read it over.

Warren. Come inside, please!

- Thanks.
- How are you?

Been better.

We have 10 minutes.

Who snitched? Was it them?

No, the hospital.

She had episiotomy scarring
from a previous birth.

Press charges, Julien,
or their lawyer will.

I know. Save your breath.

There's hope for you,
but Anna's in trouble.

Isn't there some technicality?

Where? I studied everything.

It's your only defense.

They have Gavani.

He's doing that?

All he cares about is being on TV.

"Yuppie lawyer

"buys a Gypsy child."

He'll convince them

it's accuse you, or lose their kids.

- They won't.
- You sure?

Versus 5 years and losing their kids?

Here's what'll happen.

He'll intimidate them.
They'll listen.

They'll repeat that you harassed them,

took advantage of them.

She can barely read. Know that?

He came to the office?

- Who?
- Meyer.

- Yes.
- Right. That's when he said...

What's Anna looking at?

As the ringleader,

even with mitigating factors,
7 years at best.

They'll ask for 10.

Wait, wait...


If you say they clearly stated

it was adoption or infanticide.

If we play that card,
and don't let go,

she could get off
with 6 or 8 months.

And you even less.

Come on.

She came to see me.



Mrs. Verlet.

She said she was childless,

and wanted to buy mine.

The price of this life

was set at...

35,000 euros.

43,000, Your Honor.

When they refused,
Mr. Verlet upped his offer.

Correct, Mr. Verlet?

He did so
at Mr. Meyer's request for more.

Mr. Verlet?

- It's true.
- What is?

He asked for more.

Correct, ma'am?

My client isn't apt, Your Honor.

Yes, I am!

It was me.

I offered to buy the baby.

I asked my husband to...

take me to meet Meriem.

I called them back
to offer them money.

She's guilt-ridden.

Let me speak, Martin.

Of course he didn't want to.
So I insisted.

- Anna, wait.
- Let me finish!

It's not my husband's fault.

Nor Mr. and Mrs. Meyer's.

Having my own child...

became an obsession.

I could've killed for it.

So paying was nothing.

Meriem and Franck didn't want to.

Of course not!

I knew their plight,

so I offered 20,000.

Then 30.

Then 40...

Since they still refused...

I stole my husband's card
and took what I could.

Anna, wait...

Seven in a trailer.

I told them the baby
would have her own room.

A good education and...

She'd be happy.

When Julien found out
he wanted to turn me in,

but I knew he wouldn't.


That's how it happened.

Exactly like that.

Now leave them in peace.

And return Lila to her mother...

I know her now.

She's a wonderful mom.

A beautiful person.

Mrs. Meyer.

Is that what took place?

Your Honor, Mrs. Verlet...

The question's for Mrs. Meyer.

- Yes, that's it.
- That's what?

That's what happened.

You alright?


She's smiling!

Either that or she cries.

Like me.

What's her weight?

7 or 8 kilos.

4 bottles, puree,

ham, cheese.
She eats constantly.

Does she sleep?

Not much nights.

The 12th, huh?


Julien and Martin
are planning like it's D-Day.

I have lots of mitigating factors.

They say it will touch the jury.

Especially the women.

Get my package?

Yes, thanks.


What's that?

Saint Sara. Her patron.

You'll put it on her?

Right now, even.

When's the baptism?

We'll see.

We'll wait a little.

Without a godmother,

it doesn't work.

It'll be a while.

That's ok.

She said she prefers to.

Here, look.

There we go.

Turn your head, my girl.


Hold still.