The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) - full transcript

The movie is based on the young adult book, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Anne Brashares. As four best friends spend their first summer apart from one another, they share a magical pair of jeans. Despite being of various shapes and sizes, each one of them fits perfectly into the pants. To keep in touch they pass these pants to each other as well as the adventures they are going through while apart.

( piano playing
"As Time Goes By" )

( song concludes
with a flourish )

* *

I'd like to think that fate

had a hand in what happened
that summer.

That it was the pants' destiny
to find us.

Where they came from
and why they chose us,

well, that will always
be a mystery.

But perhaps that was part
of their miracle,

that they sensed in that moment
how much we needed them,

how much we needed some little
bit of faith to hold on to,

when it seemed like
everything we believed in

was about to slip away.

* *

But wait a minute,
I'm getting ahead of myself.

So that makes it...
Beautiful dress!

We'd been a foursome for
as long as I could remember.

Where are we going?

( all talking )

In fact, we were a foursome
before we were born.

And seven.

Anyone feel any kicking?

Our mothers met
at a prenatal aerobics class.

They really didn't have
anything in common...

except their due dates.

One, and relax.

Good work.

The first one out of the gate
was Bridget.


Ladies, let's
keep it together.

The rest of us followed
within the week.

( piano playing )

Bridget liked to take charge.

Way to go, Lena!

I'll handle this.

And you know what?

Sometimes that worked
in our favor.

Ah! No!

Oh, my God.

( piano continues playing )

Ah! Help!

And that's how it always was
with us:

give and take.

( door closes )

But mostly give.

Lena, I don't think
he's coming back this time.

LENA ( over phone ):
It's gonna be okay, Carmen.

I'll come over
first thing tomorrow.

And Tibby and Bridget, too.

Just stay on the phone with me
until you fall asleep.

What Were They Thinking?
take seven.

We were there for each other,

to understand the things that
no one else in the world could.

What were they thinking?

Having another baby
at their age!

And what was I,
just some experiment

from their hippie days
and now it's time

to start their real family?

Go ahead.

They're out of their minds.

It sucks.


Cut! Lena, don't you realize
this is a tragedy?

Can't you give me
a bit more enthusiasm?

There were some things
we would never make sense of.

Grief is never
an easy burden to bear.

And we were there
for those, too.

And as we mourn the loss

of this beloved wife,
mother and friend,

it only makes her choice
that much more unfathomable.

What measure of despair

compels one to commit
such an act?

We can only take comfort

in the fact that she is
in a better place now

than she found here among us.

My deepest sympathies.

We were there for the things
we couldn't face alone.


Hey, B,

you okay?
Yeah. I will be

as soon as I get out
of these stupid heels. Here.

Hold them for me, will you?

I think I'll run home.


the ones we didn't want
to face at all.

* *

Together it was as if we formed
one single, complete person:

wild, unstoppable Bridget;

shy and beautiful Lena;

Tibby the rebel;

and me, Carmen, the writer.

You can't buy anything new
at a vintage store.

We were 16
and had never been apart.

And all that
was about to change.

How about this one?

It's great, if you
want to go to Greece

looking like
Laverne De Fazio.

'70s TV icon.

Am I the only one who's not
culturally deprived around here?

Oh, somebody forgot to take
her happy pill this morning.

No. Actually,
I'm saving them up

for when I'm stuck
doing time at Wallmans

while the rest of you jet off
on your little adventures.

Aw, boo-hoo, Tibby, you
are such a drama queen.

I am going to
South Carolina.

That is only, like,
three states away.

It's abandonment,

I hate you all.

Oh, please, you're the one who
wanted to stay here all summer

and angst it out
making your documentary.

Yeah, it's gonna be
a huge hit.

Enthralling footage
on how to stack deodorant.

You know, I think I'm gonna
start my own genre,

call it the suck-umentary.

Lena, look at this.
Oh, my goodness.

( gasps ):
They're perfect.

I can't wear a bikini.

Carmen, duh, don't you know
that all the beaches

in Greece are nude? What?!

She's just kidding, Lena.

God, I envy you--
you get to go to a place

where there's actually guys.

I thought you were
looking forward

to, um, el campo de futbol.

She sure was

until she found out
it was girls-only.

No boys allowed.

I don't want
to talk about it.

Hey, pierce alert,
pierce alert.

Mm-mm. Sorry, young lady.

No more holes. I've told you...


Take those out right now
and try these on. Look.

Put them on.
Go. Go, go, go, go.


* Ta-da! *

Tibby, you're
a babe!

Wow! Tibby,
you look amazing.

Look at you!

Turn around.

You look wonderful.

You look good!

They look great on you.
Please buy them.

You try them on, then.

But I don't wear jeans.

Yeah. Or bikinis

or miniskirts
or anything else

that might actually
show you have a shape.

I do not.

Tibby, those look
so great on you.

Why can't you just admit it?

Oh, because I'm
wallowing in self-pity.

( gasps )

Ay, Dios mio!

Lena... you have a body!
Are you serious?

Lena Kaligaras
has a body!

Shh. Stop it.

When did this happen?

You look good
in those!

Look at you!

You look good!
Little Lena.

Bridget, you're the one

who loves jeans so much,
why don't you try them?

Uh, maybe 'cause I'm three
inches taller than you.

Fair is fair.

Hey, how can they be perfect
on you, too?

Wow, that is
a little weird.

I don't know, but, um,

it's really starting
to freak me out.

Okay, Carmen,
it's your turn.

( eerily ):
* Ooh, woo, ooh... *

Carmen, you try them on.

You have to.

Oh, come on, B, honestly.

Are you serious?

You think that a pair of jeans
that fits all three of you

is going to fit...
all of this?

Put them on. Now.

We'll help your thighs
get into them.

Don't worry about it.


Oh, come on.

Will you help me
get out of them?

Carmen, we all
tried them on.


Just try them.

All right.

( grunts )

( giggling )
My thighs.

( laughter )

Sassy britches.

( grunts )

Okay, here we go.


I told you guys,
I'm just gonna

take them off,
and we're gonna pretend

like this never...

( others objecting )

Come over here and
look at yourself.

They look amazing on you.

Look at them.

Call me crazy, but it's
scientifically impossible

that a pair of pants
could fit me...

And me... And me...

( chuckles ):
And me.

This is crazy.

Look, Tib, something
happened today

that I can't explain
and you can't explain.

Okay, whatever,
let's just ignore it.

We can't just ignore...
we can't just ignore it.


Because it's a sign...

Shh. Be quiet.

( squeals )

Sometimes you
are just...

B, be careful!

I'm fine, Lena.

Oh, my God.

All I know is, it makes every
one of our butts look good.

That's enough for me.

That's right.


Get up there. Go on.

Look, there is more going on
here than, like...

But there's
probably Lycra.

( laughter )

( whispering ):
All right, guys,
are we ready for this?

In the name of the Father,
the Son...

Oh, my God,
here we go.

Oh, Carmen.
This isn't church!

You guys! But it's still
a sacred place.

I mean, this is where
our moms met, right?

Anyway, look,
we're gathered here today

to honor a gift
that has been sent to us.

Then why'd we have
to pay for 'em?

Tibby, just go with it.

Carmen, go ahead.

I know.

Tonight, on the eve
of our separation,

magic has come to us
in a pair of pants.

( laughter )

What? And I'm proposing

that we share them equally,

and that this summer
they travel among us,

and they'll link us
in hearts and spirits,

even though we're far apart
from each other.

That's sweet.
I think that tonight

we're the sisters
of these pantalones.


Sisters of the Pants?

We need rules.

Every sisterhood
has rules.

Thank you. A manifesto.


Good point! I love it!

Okay, rule number one.

Um, each sister is going
to keep the pants for...

A week. A week.

I think that Lena
should be first, 'cause Greece

is the furthest away.


Tibby, you next.
Uh, what's your rule?

I don't have a rule.

Yes, you do.
Come on.

Uh, no picking your nose
when wearing the pants.

That's not...

Well, you can
casually scratch

while really...
picking, a little.

Thanks for the allowance.

Okay, when sending the pants,

we should write a letter
that details

the most exciting thing
that happened to you

while wearing the pants.

That's a good rule.

So the most exciting thing
that happens to you.

And what if nothing
exciting happens?

Something exciting
is gonna have to.

No, I really doubt it.

Oh, and when

it happens,
and we reunite,

we will document it

on the pants themselves.

That's good.

That's rule number six.

Rule number seven.

Any removal of the pants

must be done
by the wearer herself.

( gasps ) Yes, you.

( inhales )


He works, you know.

So he may not have that much
time to spend with you.

So if you get lonely, I want
you to come home, okay?

I'm gonna be fine, Mom.

We will never, ever

wash these pants.

Ew, Carmen, that's
so unnecessary. Why not?

Because you can't
wash the pants.


Carmen, we have
to wash the pants.

What, are you gonna wash
the magic out of the pants?

That is not sanitary.

No, better one--

I have a better one:
no double cuffing.

Double cuffing the pants
at the bottom-- it's tacky.

It's totally tacky.

You know what else is tacky?

Uh, tucking in your shirt

and wearing a belt
at the same time.

Oh! That's a good one!

I don't do that anymore.

I did that one time.

( indistinct, overlapping
conversation )

No cuffs, no tucking.

( indistinct, overlapping
conversation )

Okay, yes, B?

You can never say you look fat
while wearing the pants.

Ouch! Ow...

You can't even think it!

And, uh, take care.

And... be sure
to write, huh?

You, too. Bye.

You better get going.

Looks like they're
starting to board.

That's nine.

We need one more.

We need a final rule.

Final rule.

Okay, pants equal love.

Love your sisters
and love yourself.

To the pants.

And the sisterhood.

And this summer.

And the rest of our lives.

Together and apart.

( all exhale )

( "Zorba the Greek" playing )

( donkey braying )

* *

You know, Papou,
I really wouldn't mind walking.

I'm sorry that my...
my Greek isn't so good.

Um... ( shrieks )

Mom said that I'd pick it up
in no time.

You know, with all the...
the talking,

just with you and with Yia Yia.

( clears throat )

* *

( gasps, mutters )

* *

( yells )

( woman speaking Greek )

( people speaking Greek )

( all conversing in Greek )



puh-puh-puh. Oh, uh...

It's the evil eye. Oh.

Oh, Lena, I think I'll die
and never see my Lena!

I think I'll never
see you, my Lena.

( violin playing,
people talking )

You like your room?

Eh? And your bed?

I have put the most special
sheets and lace.

And from this window,
the most beautiful view, eh?

( woman speaking Greek )

She's special, eh?
Like a jewel.

Ah, we guard you
like a jewel. Eh?

( speaking Greek )

You need rest, eh?
Good rest.

( continues in Greek )

( children singing )

* Para bailar La Bamba *

* Se necesita una poca
de gracia *

* Una poca de gracia
por mi y por ti *

* Y arriba y arriba... *

( Latin dance song playing )

* *

( man singing in Spanish )

When you hear your name called
and the color of your team,

run over and join your coach.

Alber, Megan, green.

( cheering )

Anderson, Alice, green.

( woman continues calling names
and colors over loud cheering )

Please, God,

let me sprain my ankle
as soon as possible.

Come again?

This whole thing was
my mother's idea.

She couldn't wait
to get rid of me.

God, mine has been
sobbing all week.

"I don't know what
I'm gonna do without you."

I'm like, "Get a life, Ma,"
you know?

What's yours do?

Oh, um, nothing.

Hey, who's that?

Don't even think
about it.

It's against the rules
to have flings with the coaches.

Darcet, Olivia! Red!

( whooping )

Come on!

Vreeland, Bridget! Red!

( cheering continues )

* *

( song ends )

( pop ballad intro )

* I could feel you *

* You were there *

* I could hold you *

* But you're not there *

* I *

* I'm going away *

* I'm going away *
Hey, baby.

* I just *

* Want you to know... *

Here it is.

I asked the school to
postpone sending this

because, Dad, I wanted
to surprise you.

* Ta-da! *
Straight A's.

That's fantastic!

Dad, I brought
my tennis gear,

and I have been practicing
like crazy,

so I want you to serve to me
your absolute hardest, okay?

I'll do that.

You know, I was
calculating it on the train.

I haven't spent

more than four straight days
with you since I was ten.

I mean, I love it
when you come for Christmas,

but a whole summer?

Just the two of us?

Did I tell you that Mom taught
me how to make arroz con pollo?

I'm gonna cook that
for you.

And platanos, too.

Wait, where are we?

* *

I have a surprise
for you.

I moved out of Charleston.

And into a development?

but you hate developments.

When did I say that?

At the Frederick Law Olmsted
exhibit at the Smithsonian.

You said there's city
and there's country,

and everything else
is a wasteland.

I was nine years old,
and you came to DC for one day

to visit with
a plastics company.

You remember everything.

I don't remember
you telling me you moved.

* *

Who is that?!

Is that your neighbor?


we live together.


You must be Carmen.


Your daddy has told me
so much about you.

I just know
we're gonna have

the most wonderful
summer together.

Kids! Kids,
come on out here!


They're not kids.

They're teenagers,
just like you.

They live with you?


this is Krista,
and this is Paul.

We're gonna be
bridesmaids together.

Excuse me?!

I... hadn't quite gotten

to that part of
the surprise yet.


Oh, sweetheart,
I... ( sighs )

We're getting married.

August 19.

( bland music playing
over store speakers )

Say, you're a real
natural with that thing.

Took me weeks before
I got the hang of it.

Yeah, well, we all have
our special talents.


I thought I made it
perfectly clear

that employee headsets
are to be worn

at all times.

Don't make me mention it again.

Excuse me?

Where are the shampoos?

Aisle seven.

( giggling )

( crashing in distance )

( whispers ):
Oh, my God.

Somebody help.

Girl down.

Somebody call an ambulance!

( indistinct radio
communication )

You got a price sticker
on your forehead.

( siren wails )

( Greek music playing )

* *

* *

( shrieking )

* *

( gasping )

( speaking Greek )

I'm sorry, I...

I don't speak
Greek very well.

Well, we'll have to work
on that, won't we?

( bell dinging )

Thanks for lending me a shirt.

It looks
good on you.

( chuckles )

Sorry if it
smells like fish.

Is this your boat?

My grandfather's. Yeah.


All the ones
with the blue flags

are his.

Do you work for him?

No, just in the summer.

I go to the university
in Athens.

Kostas Dunas.

Lena Kaligaras.

Lena Kaligaras.

Then you are
Greek, too, eh?


So how do you, uh,

know English so well?

Well, I lived with
my parents in Chicago

until I was 12.

Oh, my parents moved
to the U.S., too.


But I'm just here
for the summer.

I'm staying with
my grandparents.

I have to throw
the small ones back.

Would you like to help?

Um... no.

That's okay. No.

Okay, here.
I'll show you.

Give me your hand.

Uh... um...

Put your hand
on my hand.

( squeals )

( chuckling )

Good? Mm-hmm.


Luck was on his side today.

I have to go. I should go.

But, uh, thank you, again,
for saving my life.

Do you dance better
than you swim?


Excuse me?

Saturday night.

Meet me.

Uh, I'm sorry, I ca...
I can't.

Pick it up!

* I am unwritten *

* Can't read my mind *

* I'm undefined *

* I'm just beginning... *



I'm Bridget.


I know.

So, um, I hear you
go to Columbia.


Well, what have you
heard about me?

Your high school
won Nationals.

MVP. I play forward.

So I've noticed.

I'm 17.

Come on,
I'll race you.

* No one else
can feel it for you *

* Only you can let it in *

* No one else, no one else can
speak the words on your lips *

* Today is where
your book begins *

* The rest is still unwritten *

* Yeah. *

( panting )

That's it.

Seven miles.

Oh, God,
don't you love to run?


It's the best high there is.


It's-It's... It's like
you're just in this place

where-where nothing bad
can ever happen, you know?

if you just

push a bit further,
if you just keep moving...

Nothing can touch you.

Of course,
the endorphins

don't suck either.

( chuckles )

So Tammy's feeling okay?


So is she going to do
baton twirling with you?

We don't know yet.

She might just have
to hold the banner.

why don't we say grace

before we start eating dinner.

I would love to.

Bless us, O Lord,
for these, Thy gifts,

which we are about to receive,

from Thy bounty, through
Christ our Lord...


Dig in. This looks great.

( phone ringing )

I will get that.

Oh, it's okay.

We don't answer
the phone during dinner.

Except that one time.

Tell us again
how you guys met.


We've told that
story so many times.

Do you want to tell it?

No, I don't want to tell it.

You want me
to tell it?
All right.

I dialed the wrong number...

And I answered.

During dinner.

Just that one time.

And Lydia agreed

to go out
with a perfect stranger.

Is that how
it happened?
Oh, no.

Come on.
No, no, no.

That is exactly what happened.

We went bowling.
It was so much fun.

Do you remember?
You bowled a two.

A two is a bad score.

At least I didn't get the
bowling ball stuck on my thumb.

The water in the toilet is blue.


Yes, Mom, blue.

And by the way,
doesn't Dad hate bowling?


Well, he's down here bowling.

And he says grace.


He says Grace, Mom.

Like, he gives thanks
to God before he eats.

We couldn't get him to go
to church with us once.

Who is this guy?
I don't even...

Okay, you need
to talk to him, Carmen.

Just... ( speaks Spanish )
tell him how you feel.

I do. I do talk to him.

I talk to him all the time.

Yeah, like you talk to me? No.

This is important Carmensita.

What he did was wrong.

I'm gonna get on a plane and
I'm just gonna come down there.

No, Mom, look--

Okay, you'd never
want him to be happy,

and that's why you blame him

and this
is gonna work out great.

It's going to be fine.

( phone beeps off )

Dear Tibby,
I think we may have been

very, very wrong
about the pants.

The one time I wore them,
I almost drowned,

and then got plucked
onto a fishing boat

by a guy who made me
touch a live fish.

It was disgusting.

At least I'm getting
some good sketching in.

I love everything
about this island.

Well, except
that you're not with me.

Infinite X's and O's.


( men shouting in Greek )

How was town?


I have found this
in the laundry.

Is it yours?

No, actually, um...

( chuckles )

I, uh, I sort of

borrowed it.

When I went down
to the, um,

I went swimming,

and someone just lent it to me.

Oh, someone.
Someone who?

A boy, yeah?

Which one?

I know everyone.

Don't mind them,
they're your cousins.

( speaking Greek )

They're cousins, too?
How many do I have?

Plenty of them.

Don't change the subject.

Come, out with it.

Out, out.

His name is Kostas Dunas.

( indistinct
conversations in Greek )


He's a Dunas?!

( all speaking Greek excitedly )

Shh! ( shouts in Greek )

You must never
speak of them.

They are liars,
they are thieves,

they are barbarians!

( speaking Greek )

Your grandfather would die
if he know about this.

You must never see
this boy again.

You understand?


No, that's not enough.

You have to swear.

I swear.


( speaking Greek )

* *

* *

* *

What exactly am I supposed
to be saying here?

TIBBY ( on tape ):
Oh, just stuff about your life.

Oh, ain't nothing
too interesting.

Well, we're not really looking

for interesting,
just real, you know.

That's the point
of a documentary.

A what?

A documentary.


Like a movie,
only boring.

( Tibby and woman laughing
on tape )

( doorbell chimes )

Um, hi.
I think this is yours.

They delivered it
to my house by mistake.

They must have got
the numbers screwed up.

See, this says 721 and I'm 271.

I'm Bailey.

Yeah, you're the one...

that, um, that fainted
the other day, right?

At Wallmans. I was there.

Oh, yeah.

You're the weird girl with the
price sticker on your forehead.

Wait here,
I got something for you.

It was lying
next to you.

I opened it up to see if
there was an I.D. in it.

So you ripped off
my wallet?


that's kind of like a
thank you, but different?

I think I had more than
four dollars in here.

( chuckles ):
Do you seriously think
I would steal your money?

I opened it to see
if there was an I.D. in there.

Okay? There wasn't.

There was a school photo and
a pathetic picture of a kitten.

Oh, so what's in yours?

A Wallmans employee card
or license to ride a bike?

Oh, excuse me.

I get my learner's permit
next week and...

How old are you, like, ten?


Same difference.
No, it's not.

When I was ten,
I didn't have an iPod.

Oh, you're so cool.

And what are you
listening to in there?

Teletubbies' Hit Parade?

( baby crying )

You woke her up.
Thank you.

( crying )

Must suck.


Having to baby-sit
on your day off.

Why are you
working there anyway?

It just
so happens

that I need some extra money
for new video equipment,

and when I finally got around
to looking for a new job,

Wallmans was the...

Why am I telling you this?

Don't you have somewhere
you need to be?

Not really.

Looks like
you got a lot already.

Are you making
a movie or something?

More like an ode.

To what?

Lives of quiet desperation.

Human existence at its lamest.

Oh, fascinating.

Maybe you need an assistant.

Maybe I don't.
You wouldn't have

to pay me or anything.

I could just help you carry
equipment and stuff.

Hi, honey.

Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.

( groans )

Who's your friend?

She's not my...

Bailey. Bailey Graffman.

Well, I got to go.

See you around, Tibby.

( sighs )

There you are.

Hi. Hey.

We should play
tennis tomorrow.



In the morning?

Are you ready for this,
old man?

You think your knees,
your knees can take it?

Seriously, do you
actually think

that you can return my serve?

I do, Dad, I do.

Would you like to put
some money on that?

I'll put some money
on it.

Uh, sweetheart?

I got to meet
the caterers at the hotel.

Would you mind
stopping by Paul's game?


He's an unbelievable

soccer player.


We'll just stop
for one second, okay?

It's right on the way.

Yeah, yeah, okay.

( shouting )

( whistle blows )

* *

Oh, hey.

How are you?


Didn't think your team was
scrimmaging till later today.

They're not,
I just came out early

to check out the competition.


Well, you're
looking at her.

( chuckling )

You're awfully
sure of yourself, huh?

When I know what I want.

( whistle blowing )

( cheering )

Take it down! Take it down!

( players, crowd shouting )

( whistle blows )


All right!


Which one of
those is yours?

Uh, Paul. Paul Rodman.

Oh, so you're the
golden boy's dad.

He's a good player.

Yeah, he is.


( indistinct conversation,
crowd cheering )

Okay, let's see you pass!

Pass, Vreeland!


( whooping, cheering )

Yep, nice shot.

We're not worthy.

We're not worthy.

Come on, ladies!


Vreeland, you're out!

This is a scrimmage,

as in practice,
as in everyone

on the team needs
to get some.

We all know you're
a superstar.

Okay, we got it.

Now save it for
the championship.

Who do we got, Diana?

Katie, you're up.

Okay, Katie, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

( coach shouting
indistinct instructions )

The hotel that's
doing our wedding

had a water main break.

The whole place is flooded.

And the repairs won't
be done for months.

Oh, my God, the place
was just so perfect.

I'm never going to find
another place in time.

I'm just...

We will find a place.

I'm sorry.

Lydia never had
a real wedding.

My, uh, my dad died just
before my first and, uh...

Come on, let's get you home.

We'll work this out.

Hey, uh, Paul,

you want to play
tennis with Carmen?

Great shot, Paul.


Lydia needs me, sweetie.

Besides, it'll be a good chance

for you guys
to get to know each other.

Dad, Paul doesn't talk.

Yeah, he's
a little shy.

Go on. It'll be fun.

We'll play tomorrow, okay?


( grunting )

( grunting )

Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Oh, my gosh.

Are you okay?

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

( gasps ):
It's swelling.

I'm so sorry.

It's no big deal.

We should just stop.

I'm tired anyway.

* *

* *

( grunting )

* *


( speaks Greek )

No, I thought...
I didn't...

( chuckles )

Well, here's your shirt.

Thanks again.

Lena, wait!

I was just about
to take her out.

Come with me.

No, I shouldn't even
be here at all.

( chuckles )

They told you, didn't they?

You think this is funny?

Our grandparents
hate each other.

You knew my name.

Why didn't you just say
something the other day?

Well, because...

the arguments of old men
have nothing to do with us.

Well, they're not
arguing about nothing.

What is... what was
the fight about?

What everything
here is about.

Money and fish.

My grandfather says your
grandfather cheat him.

Your grandfather says my
grandfather sold him fish

that make his whole
restaurant sick.

So what's the truth?

The truth is... that it's
a beautiful day and...

why should the rest
of it matter?

Because it does.

( bland music playing
over speakers )



Tibby, now I've had

another complaint
of receipt withholding.

So this is your
second offense and...

You're going to have
to dock my pay.

That's right.

Also, the dress code
strictly prohibits blue jeans.

No problem!


( sighs )

Wha-What are you doing
with my stuff?

Your mom gave it to me.

I told her I was
your assistant.

You what? Wha...

She seemed to think
it was a good idea.

Okay, look, you seem
like a sweet kid.

No, you seem like a pain
in the ass.

But look, I have
my own friends.

Three best friends.

And even though they left me
here to rot this summer,

I'm not looking
for any new ones.

Neither am I.

I just think

it'd be cool to learn
about filmmaking.


I think I found a good subject
for an interview.

His name is Brian McBrian,
king of Dragon's Lair.

I heard he's broken
every record there is.

Okay, so he's definitely
not what you'd call lame,

but I figured he'd be

a good contrast
to all the loser types

in the movie.

Start setting up.

Go stand next to him.

Pretend like
you're a fan.

Like you watch him all
the time or something.




Video arcade wizards

are fixtures at most
convenience stores.

Brian McBrian is
a fixture at this one.

Dragon's Lair, he says,

is his calling.

Brian, you spend
a lot of time here?

Uh... sometimes, all day.

So, you prefer to spend

most of your time here
at the Quick Mart

instead of out
in the real world?

Well, maybe he finds the
world of Dragon's Lair

more interesting.

Tell us about it,

Well, uh...

basically, uh,

you're... Dirk the Daring

in the year 1305 A.D.

See, the goal is to
rescue Princess Daphne

who's being guarded by
a sinister dragon.

See, chamber number one

is the snake room.

See, snakes slither
from the ceiling.


And you don't even get
to see the dragon

until chamber number 23.

( laughing ):

Come on, come
on, come on.


He's right behind you!

Go, go, go.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I got it. I got it.

Watch this. Ready?

Run fast!


( Dirk yells )

( sighs )

( game bleeps )

( beeping )

Oh, you must have
run out of tape.


What about the rest
of the interview?


well, we could...
we could always

come back tomorrow, I guess.

I mean, if that's...
if that's cool with you.


Buenos dias.

Como estan?

Que dia tan bueno, no?

Papi, como dormistes, bien?

You all right?

Claro que si, porque no?

Is she speaking

Oh, is that okay?
Is that all right?

Oh, sure, sure.

It's just that nobody
understands it, sweetie.

Oh, come on, Dad, you
know that is not true.

He and my mom, they used to
speak Spanish all the time.

Especially when they
started being all gushy

and they didn't
want me to...

Oh, wow, is it..?
It's 9:00?!

I've got to drop
that check off. know, know what
they were saying,

so they would just, like,
bust out in Spanish.

But I totally
understood them. It was...

Uh, Carmen! Carmen, you're
not going to believe this.

We have decided to have the
wedding right here at home.

With a big party
in the backyard.


Dancing under the stars.
It's gonna be perfect.

Oh, it'll be fabulous.

Que bueno.

Where's, um, Paul?

Oh, he, uh, he had
an appointment.

At the hospital?

Why-Why would
you say that?

Well, we were playing tennis

the other day
and, well, I hit him,

but it was an accident and...

Oh, no,
no, no. He's fine.

He's okay, he's okay.
He just, uh...

He just had
to do something.

( mumbles )
Yeah... ( laughs )

Dad, Dad.


Um, what's going on?

Where exactly is Paul?

He's in Atlanta, honey.

Visiting his father.

His dad's in a facility.

He's an alcoholic.

Every month, Paul
takes a bus to visit him.

Krista refuses to see him.

She's, she's not
ready for that.

Lydia doesn't want to upset her
by talking about it,

so we just say that Paul
is out for the day.


( Latin pop song playing )






Oh, tampons!

That's special, Mom!


Welcome to camp.



Uh-huh. Shampoo.

Very, very practical, Mother.


( chuckles ):
Every day...

Oh, did you guys hear?

Actually, they're, uh,

finally giving
us Saturday off.

Oh, hallelujah.

Can you say "cantina"?

Hey, where's the cantina?

I don't know.

I think somewhere
up the road. Why?

He wants me to go.


He wants me to go.

Come on, why else

would he have said that
right in front of me?

Oh, this is
my favorite part.

When he takes the big risk
and launches the catapults.

Shh, Bailey, come on.
I'm trying to see

if there's something
we can use from this.

( mutters ):
This whole thing...

What was in the package?

Uh, just, mm...

just those pair
of pants over there.

I'm sharing them with
my friends for the summer.

( sighs )

What's so great about
an old pair of jeans?

Uh, nothing.
They... They just happened

to mysteriously
fit us all perfectly.


I wonder what they'd
look like on me.

You know,
on the off chance

you'd ever let me
try them on...?

Like now, for example.

Bailey, go ahead.

Just do whatever you want, okay?

I need some quiet.

( baby cries in distance )

( sighs )


I need you
to take the baby!

( tapping keys )

My Carmapoochiez--

I'm writing from the post
office, and this express mail

costs more than I make
in two hours at Wallmans,

so these jeans better
get to you tomorrow.

Here we are on a typical
Bethesda corner,

where generations
of young entrepreneurs

have proved the old adage,
when life hands you lemons,

make lemonade.

So the question on my mind is:

Is this fresh-squeezed
or powder?

What does it matter,
if it's good lemonade?

Shh, Bailey, let me...

let me ask
the questions.

I'm sad to report
that absolutely nothing

of consequence happened to me
while wearing the pants.

Um, I spilled a Sprite

and Duncan,
my rat-faced manager,

accused me
of receipt withholding.

Receipt withholding.

In rat-faced manager lingo,

that means forgetting to give
the customer a sales slip.

You know, I was reading
that Bill Gates,

when he was younger,
he ran a lemonade stand.

That... you don't
know that. That's not...

Yeah, I do. I read
it in a magazine.

Where... what...
where did you read that?

In a magazine.

Other than that, the only thing

that I have
to show for the pants

is the kid that delivered them.

Some wiseass, pain in the neck

who's decided to permanently
glue herself to my hip.

...she's just tired.

That's what she is.

She's been there a really
long time-- all day.

What is she doing
right there? Tell me.

She's-She's just thinking.
She's strategizing.

She's thinking?

And that's what
you can't see.

I think she's trying to grow a
brain, that's what she's doing.

Too bad you can't
express mail 12-year-olds.

...and I wish you
the very best

of luck on
this endeavor.

* *

* *


Hey, there, sleepy head.

Hey, Carmen.

Hey, time to wake up.


Hi, there.
Good morning.

Sorry to wake you,

but I was just wondering if
Maria could grab your sheets.


Our housekeeper.

I told her

you usually slept
late, but uh,

I don't think she understood me.

Her-Her English isn't real good.

( chuckling ):

okay, right.

Uh... could I...

I'll just wash my own sheets.

No, no, no, no.

Don't be silly.

Maria can certainly
do your sheets--

not a problem.

Lydia, it's really, it's...

It's a beautiful day.

There's no reason why you
should be washing sheets.

Oh, it's not a problem at all.

I usually do it
myself, anyway.

I do it all the time.

I'm so used to it.

People wash their sheets
all the time.


( various conversations
in Greek )

( shouting, conversation
continues )

( conversation continues )

Been here long?


what are you doing here?

It's a fish market.

This is where
I sell my fish.


But you already
knew that, eh?

Excuse me?

Yeah, no one sits near
a smelly fish market

unless they're
waiting for someone.

Um, well, I don't know
what you're talking about.

I mean, I just came
to sketch

that old church
over there, so...

May I?

Um... well, it's...

it's not finished.

You didn't tell me
you were an artist.

I'm not, really.

Lena, you are.

My parents were married

in that church before they left
for the United States.

Why did they come
back to Greece?

They didn't.

They were killed in a car
accident when I was 12.

I come back to live
with my grandfather.

I'm sorry.

What made you choose
to paint this?

Uh, I don't know.

Um, I liked it because,
when you first look at it,

it looks kind of
forgotten, and then...

but then you realize that
that's why it's beautiful.

It's... It's perfect
in all its loneliness.

You see?

Lena Kaligaras,

you are an artist.

And you should finish it.

Well, maybe some other time.

I mean, I really should go.

If my grandparents
saw me here, they...

They what?

Is it really them
you're afraid of?

Or is it something else?

( laughs weakly )

What do you mean?

You don't even know me.

I'm trying to.

Can't you see that?

* *

* *

* *

He's right, Car.

I am afraid.

There's a part of me
that wants to let him in,

but then I feel myself
put this wall up.

And I don't understand why.

Maybe that's what strikes me
most about Kostas.

That despite everything
he suffered, he can still

look at life in the most
uncomplicated way.

I've never known
that kind of faith.

It makes me so sad that people

like Kostas and Bridget,
who have lost everything,

can still be open to love.

While I, who have
lost nothing, am not.

( sobbing quietly )

* Can I ask you
a question, please? *

* Promise you won't
laugh at me *

* Honestly, I'm standing here *

* Afraid I'll be betrayed *

* As twisted as it seems *

* I only feel love
when it's in my dreams *

* So let in the morning light *

* And let the
darkness fade away *

* Can you turn
my black roses red? *

* Can you turn my black roses
red? *

* Yeah, I feel like
I've never known love *

* I feel like
I've never known love *

* Love...*

( song fades )

She's at the doctor's.

Who is?

Little girl next door.

I don't know why, though.

I heard they were
stopping treatment.


She has leukemia.

Found it a couple
of years ago, poor thing.

( girl giggling )

Is that her?


( giggling )

( sighs )

( ring tone plays )
What is that?!

Oh! ( giggling )

( speaking Spanish )

* ...enamorado
por un rato, por un rato *

* No se acuerda ni tu nombre *

* Por un rato, por un rato *

( indistinct conversation )


What are you doing here?

You shouldn't be here.

I'm not drinking.

But if you don't dance with
me, I might have to start.

( Latin music playing )

* Well,
when the boogie starts *

* I start flippin'
with my left hand *

* Before I get to the last lap *

* And that's the passion
that I feel for this *

* A little more than blood,
sweat for this *

* Ay, cabron, ya llego *

* Negrito de Los Angelitos
with my people *

* Everybody, come on,
get y'all grito *

* I'm-a do it
till you're feeling it... *

( sings in Spanish )

* You deliver the goods
like Doritos *

* Every time I step to the mic *

* It's like freedom *

( singing in Spanish )

* Insane, loco,
mad in the coco... *


I... I can't.

I... I can't do this.

I'm sorry.

( song continues )

* Hey, kid, your time
has come to change *

...not at all.

* Though I need you more
than I've needed anyone *

* In any way tonight *

* Hey, kid, yeah,
I know it won't be long *

* The captain's calling... *

( squeals )

* Come to see you back
where we belong *

* Something inside me
is breaking *

Don't forget to steer.
That's good.

* Something inside says *
( screams )

Slow down,
slow down.

* There's somewhere
better than this *

* Sunset sailing
on April skies *

* Bloodshot fire clouds
in her eyes *

* I can't say
what I might believe *

* But if God made you *

* Yeah, He's in love *

* With me *

* Yeah *

* He's in love with me *

* Love, love, love,
love, love. *

So, uh, Bertie, what
do you like best

about working
here at Wallmans?

Pays the bills.

Well, most of them anyway.

I also work part-time

over at the sweet
shop across the way.

They've got one of them,
um, blending machines,

you know, for the mixings,

and whenever I get bored I...
I do experiments.


Oh, that's
so cool.

Here, plug that in.
Sorry I'm late.

It's okay.

What's your best one so far?

Uh... gee, I
don't know. I...

Oh, there was one
the other day

and it turned out
really good.

It had, um, pralines,

and a whole bunch
of graham crackers.


You know Baskin-Robbins?

They hire these
ice cream scientists

whose job is to invent
three new flavors every month.



You know who'd be good

at something like that?


You think so?

Oh, geez, I got
to get back to work.

Duncan's gonna have a hissy fit.

See you later.

( chuckles )


I know you hate it when I butt
in like that, I just...

It's okay.

I didn't mean to mess up
the whole interview...

You didn't.

You... You were good.

So, uh, who told you?

Uh, told me what?

You found out, didn't you?

We still have time
for one more interview.

It's called leukemia.

Yeah, and I would
like to come with you.

But are you just asking
'cause you feel sorry for me?

I don't know.




* *

I'll just take the hem up
and it'll be perfect.

You look

I love it, Mama.


Carmen, you're next, sweetheart.

( Carmen speaking Spanish )

Uh, I-I beg your pardon?

I look like a tramp.

Oh, dear.

I'm-I'm sure Barbara can, uh,

can-can work on this for you.

Here you go.

Oh, well, let's,
let's see here.

Uh, well, we need
to let this out here.

Um, right, right.
Way out.

And, um...

hopefully, we can dig
up some extra fabric.

And maybe we can...

This needs
some serious work here.

Frankly, I think
we're better off

just starting from
scratch on this one.

Okay, good, um,
can I take this off now?

Oh, sure.
Certainly, darling.

Go ahead.

I'm so sorry.

I had no idea her
father would be so off

when he guessed
her size.

Well, usually, a roughly
constructed prototype

works as
a starting point,

but in this case...

Maybe we could add
a long-line corset lift?

Yes, that'll cinch it in.

Right, beautiful.

It is a wedding,

and I do want it
to... to look uniform.

I mean, will she
look like Krista?


You know, just never mind.

We will fix the hem on Krista's
and we'll just, uh...

start over on the other one.


The other one's name,

it's Carmen.


And you know what, Lydia?

Just forget
about the dress, okay?

We can just tell everybody
that Carmen's Puerto Rican,

and it never
occurred to you

that she might be
built differently.

Or that unlike you
and your daughter,

she has an ass

that the tailor
didn't have enough

bolts of material to cover.

Or better yet, just tell
everyone there is no Carmen.

Carmen doesn't exist.

Carmen, honey...


( players clamoring )

( whistle blows )

One, two, three!

Okay, ladies, time
to call out the cavalry.

Now, listen up.

To secure a spot
in the playoffs,

we're gonna
shake it up a little bit.

Just get the ball to Wendy
and Carrie to midfield.

Bridget's the sweeper.

You heard me.

I don't want to see you
go past midfield.

You got that? Now go!

( shouting )

Dear Lena,

when I got your letter I
screamed for about ten minutes.

So, you found
a hottie after all, huh?

Well, me, too.

His name is Eric.

Did I mention he's one of the
coaches and 100% off-limits?

But I don't care.

I've never wanted anything
this much in my entire life.

I'm still waiting
for Carmapoochiez

to send me the pants.

And in the meantime, I'm
throwing all my pent-up energy

into soccer,
although that only seems

to get me in more trouble.

What can I say?

I'm obsessed.

And as we all know,

obsessed girls cannot be

for our actions, can we?

* You can't stop this feeling *

* You cannot run away *
Pass, Vreeland!

* Baby, I want
some of your mind *

* Can't stop this feeling *

* There's no escape *
( cheering )

* No sleep tonight *

* No sleep tonight,
no sleep tonight *

* No sleep tonight. *



Saw you watch me play today.

What'd you think?

( chuckles ):

I don't know
if I've ever seen anyone...

with that much intensity.


Well, I think I might have been

showing off for you
just a little bit.

Just a little bit?

( laughs )


You know, it's more than that.

You scare the hell out of me.

to the point of recklessness.


It's what the school
shrink called me.

After my mom died, a few
of the teachers thought that,

I don't know, I needed
to be evaluated or something.

So I met with a guy.

I talked and he wrote.

I've never told
anyone that before.

Okay, Bridget, I...

No, don't say

Not now, okay?

Hey, come on, I'll race you.

( conversing in Greek )

* *

* *

Here you go.

You got a key,


Doesn't look like
anybody's home.

They're probably
out looking for me,

but I'll be fine.

Thank you.

All right.

( taxi drives off )

( laughter in distance )

( indistinct conversation )

( grunts )

( indistinct announcement
over P.A. )

( over phone ):
Hi, this is Tibby.

Here comes the beep.

Hopefully you know
what to do with it.

( beep )

Tib, it's me. It's Carmen.

I'm coming home.

Everything got screwed up and I
snapped and I don't care and...

I'm just fed up
and I can't be here, so...

I called you 'cause I knew...

( beep )

...knew you'd understand.

You know what I like
most about the stars?

You look at 'em--
at all of 'em up there--

and you just know
there's got to be

something more than...


There has to be.

Are you scared?

Not of dying, really.

It's more that
I'm afraid of... time.

Not having enough of it.

Time to figure out
who I'm supposed to be,

to find my place in the world
before I have to leave it.

( voice breaking ):
I'm afraid of what I'll miss.



Well, Bridget

just lights
everything up.

She makes everything more fun.

And Carmen...

is brilliant, but
she doesn't know it.

And Tibby... well,
Tibby kind of

to her own drum.

I'm kind of
jealous of her.



well, because
she knows who she is.

Don't you?

Um, I don't know.

I think I know who I want to be.

What you were saying
the other day

about me
being afraid,

it's hard to explain.

Um... all my life,

everybody's always kind
of seen me a certain way,

um, and I didn't,
I don't...

That's all right;
I understand.

Do you?


Some people show off
their beauty

because they want
the world to see it.

Others try to hide
their beauty because...

they want the world
to see something else.

And what do you see?


( engine humming )

Dear Bridget,

I guess I was kidding myself

to think that,
when the pants arrived,

they were somehow gonna
make everything better.

I mean, I don't blame them
for what happened, but...

Anyway, I do hope

that they bring you better
luck than they did me.

And even more than that, B,
may they bring you good sense.

I know it sounds boring,

but trust me
from recent experience,

a little common sense,

it's not such a bad thing, B.

Wear them well.

Love you, Carmen.

Your dad called.

He wanted to make sure
you got home okay.

I'm so sorry, baby.

I knew this would happen.

Mom, please.

Now you know why I was so
afraid of you going there.

I don't want to say
I told you so, but...

Then don't.

( stamp clacking )

( dog barking )


Don't you
ever sleep?

What for?

This just
came for you.

Oh, my God.
They're finally here.

What's here?

Do you guys realize
what this means?

That you're hugging
a pair of jeans?

These aren't
just jeans.

They make things happen.


I felt like I was
living in some freak show

known as the Land
of the Blondes,

and guess who was the freak.

I'm sure it wasn't that bad.

It was!
It was horrible!

Okay, Paul-- he doesn't talk.

He didn't say a word.

And Krista,

she's this
perky little...


And her and her mom, they're,
like, sunshine twins on uppers,

except when,
God forbid,

something happened
with the wedding plans.

Because, Tibby, I don't think
there was a single conversation

that didn't revolve around
flowers or hors d'oeuvre menus

or guest lists
or tablecloths or...

I'm sure they were just excited.

( stammers )

Tib, can you pretend
to be on my side?

It's not
about sides,

Car, there are worse things
than your dad getting married.

Sure, he probably could
have handled it better...

Tibby, he didn't
handle it at all.

Tell him that.

Why should
I have to?

You shouldn't have to throw
a rock at him, either.

I didn't throw a rock at him.

I threw it at them.

They're the problem, Tibby.

They're the ones
who ruined everything.

And why are you giving me
this hypocritical

lecture about
treating people decently

when you walk
around screaming

"Screw the world!"

because that's easier
than feeling something?

* *

* *

( door creaks )

* *

* *

* *

* *

I think she's

too much sun.

You're probably right.

Maybe I'll go for a walk,
get some fresh air.

( barking )

Oh, look out.

( playing festive melody )

Can't you stay
another week?

My classes start on Monday.

I have to go.

I just...

I feel like...

I know. Me, too.

I love you, Lena.

( shouting in Greek )




( spits )

( gasps )

He makes you drunk.

It was nothing.

We were

just dancing!

You make
promise to me.

Does that mean nothing
to you, too, huh?

Does not mean nothing to break

the hearts of
those who love you?

You call that... nothing?

I'm sorry.

In this life,

family is the most
precious gift

we are given...

the most sacred.

Turn your back on them,

and that is when
you truly have nothing.

( slams )

( door opens )

* *

It happened just how
I always imagined it would,

so why do I feel this way,

How can something

that's supposed
to make you feel so complete

end up leaving you so empty?

I just wish so much
I could talk to my mom.

I need her...
and that scares me.

Mom, I... I told you

I can't baby-sit today--
Bailey and I have an inter...

Bailey's in the hospital,

Her mom called.

Honey, she's...
she's not doing well.


It's Bethesda

I tried
calling you.

Come on, I'll-I'll-I'll
drive you over to see her.

That's okay,
I'll, um...

I'll go by there if I...
if I have time.

MAN ( on tape ):
But, I mean, if you're, like,

shooting squirrels
or something like...

I am mad at my dad.

I am mad... at my dad.

Why is that so hard
for me to say, Tibby?

I have no problem
being mad at you.

I noticed.

( clears throat )

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry, Tibby.

What I said--
it was not nice.

It was... it was
awful, and I'm sorry.

Well, maybe sometimes
it's easier to be...

mad at the people
you trust.

Why? Why? Why is that?

'Cause you know they'll
always love you, no matter what.


( both laughing )

Well, your mom told me
about your friend Bailey.

Yeah. Bailey.

Yeah. She's not
really my friend.

Well, you know, I mean, yeah...

yeah, a little,
but, you know, she's 12.

Your letters--
they made her sound like, um...

Oh, she drives you crazy.

I mean, we'll be doing
interviews, right,

talking to people,

and she'll just jump in
out of nowhere

and start asking
these questions.

She just asks them anything
she wants about their lives

like she's trying to get
to know them or something.

Well, is she going

to be okay?

I don't know.

I don't know.

( bells jingling )

( man speaking Greek )

* *

( speaking Greek )


I need to say
something to you.

You can pretend that
you don't understand me,

but I know you do.

People have always said
to me that I...

that I take after Yia Yia,

that I have her
face and her smile,

but what no one
ever sees is that...

there's this whole other part
of me that is just like you:

quiet and... and stubborn

and afraid of
showing too much.

And then I met someone
who changed

everything, and he
showed me that I can

take a chance, even if it's

only for a moment.


( speaking Greek )

You had
that same moment once,

when you met Yia Yia

and you risked everything
for it.

That was your chance,
Papou, and I'm asking

now to have mine.


* *

* If I could take you away *

* Pretend I was queen *

* What would you say? *

* Would you think I'm unreal *

* 'Cause everybody's got
their way I should feel *

* And everybody's talking how
I can't, can't be your love... *


* But I want, want, want
to be your love... *


* Want to be your love
for real *

* Everybody's talking how
I can't, can't be your love *

* But I want, want, want
to be your love *

* Want to be your love
for real *

* Everything will be
all right... *

I thought I'd never
see you again.

I love you.

* And everybody's talking how
I can't, can't be your love *

* But I want, want, want
to be your love *

* Want to be your love
for real *

* Everybody's talking how
I can't, can't be your love *

* But I want, want, want
to be your love *

* Want to be your love
for real. *

( song fades out )

( clunk )

( phone beeps on )

( sighs )

( keypad beeping )

We need to get
this box style...

( phone ringing )

Be right back.


( inhales )


Dad? It's Carmen.


I'm glad you called.


I just...

I want...

It's-It's all right;
you-you don't...

you don't have to apologize,

You were... upset. I know.

Um, no, Dad,
you don't know.

That's just it.

You've never known,

because I've never
been able to tell you.

T-T-Tell me what?

That I'm angry with you, Dad.

This entire thing about you
and Lydia and, and the kids...

It's my fault.

I-I... I should've told you
about them... before,

and I'm-I'm... I'm sorry.

Yeah, you should've warned me,
but it's more than that.

It's... It's the fact

that you've found
yourself this new family,

and I feel like some outsider

who doesn't even
belong to you anymore.

It's like you
traded me and Mom in

for something that you
thought was better,

and I want to know why.

Are you ashamed of me?

Are you embarrassed?

Just tell me, Dad,
what did I do wrong?

( sobbing, sighing )

Why did you leave?

Why did you have to go

and then tell me
that we were going to be closer,

but that never happened?

Dad, why does Paul visit
his alcoholic dad every month,

but you only visit me
twice a year?

And I know
you-you just seem so happy

about being Paul
and Krista's dad,

but you never even had
the time to be mine.

I'm sorry.

I'm-I'm so sorry.

I wish that were enough, Dad.

( phone beeps off )

( sobs )

( lighter clicking )

Where's your little friend
these days?

Kind of got used
to having her hanging around.

Couple of weeks ago,
she saw I was having

a bad time of it...

asked me
if I wanted to talk.

She's kind of special
that way, huh?

Dear Tibby,

my heart is too full
to write about it just now,

and you won't believe
I'm saying this,

but I really think
the pants did bring this to me.

We were right all along, Tibby.

The pants are magic.

And I know
that if you let them,

they'll bring you some, too.

All my love. Lena.

* *

* *

* *

It's about time you showed up.

What's, uh, what's that?

That's Dragon's Lair.

Brian came by yesterday
and dropped it off.

He said it wasn't as good
as the real thing,

but at least
it'd keep me practicing.

He helped me get

to level ten...

the one where the castle's
under siege.

( laughs ):
That's cool.

He's a pretty decent guy,
Brian is.

Yeah, he is.

Oh, man, you were right,
and I was wrong,

but I'm... I'm wrong
about most people, so...

The important thing is... always change
your mind about 'em.

I brought
something for you.

* Ta-da! *

The traveling pants.

Yeah. I just... I just got 'em
back from Lena.

The one in Greece?

Yeah, um... she said
that we were right all along,

that they
really are magic, and...

I don't know the details,
but I do know Lena,

and for her to say that
means that, um...

that it must be true.

So I-I was thinking,

you know, maybe you could,
um, have them for awhile.

They didn't fit me, remember?

Yeah, I know.

I know, but that doesn't
really matter.

You know.

None of it
really matters.

Listen, you-you have
to take them, Bailey.

Okay? You have to
let them help you.


I know that you're
tired, okay,

but you can't
give up.

These pants will give you
a miracle.

You-You just...
you have to believe.


the pants

have already worked
their magic on me.

They brought me to you.

( crying )

I want... you
to do something for me.


Finish your movie.


Because you can.

( phone ringing
in the distance )


I'll let her know.

( singing in Spanish )

( girls clapping along )

Painted the porch.

Say, what do you say
we go to Mario's

to celebrate
your homecoming?

Maybe later, Dad.

I'm pretty tired
from the trip.

* *

* *

Hey, it's me, Bailey.

You don't have to use this
in your movie or anything,

although now
that I think of it,

fainting in Wallmans does
kind of qualify me as a loser.

But then again, wearing
a price sticker on your forehead

probably makes you one, too.

You know, I don't know, Tibby.

Maybe the truth is
there's a little bit of loser

in all of us, you know?

Being happy isn't
having everything

in your life be perfect.

Maybe it's about
stringing together

all the little things--

like wearing these pants or...

getting to a new level
of Dragon's Lair--

making those count for more
than the bad stuff.

Maybe we just get through it...

and that's all we can ask for.

( clattering )

* *

( phone ringing )
* We went to church *

* Praying Santa Maria *

* Send me guidance *

* Send me guidance... *


( on phone ):
Carmen, it's Lena.

I-I have to talk
to you about something.

Hey, don't you answer
your phone anymore?

Carmen, I really
don't have time...

Tib, Bridget
needs us.

( birds chirping outside )

( soft crinkling )


( whispering )


See? I told you the smell of
junk food would wake her up.

We have invited ourselves over
for a sleep-over.

But it seems you are
already... asleep.


I feel so tired.

Well, then...
you should talk to us,

so that we...

( sighs )

...can fix this.

This is the
perfect pizza.

It's the bacon.

I think it's the olives.

The bacon.

Honestly, you two.
Maggie! What...

Maggie, no!


You know who would
have loved this, B?

Your mom.


I remember this one time,
she decided that, um,

that she'd make one herself.

She always
woke up starving

after one of
her episodes.

I was just sitting
in the kitchen

doing my homework, and...

she just walked in and just...

started making this... thing.

You know, I
don't even know

if you could
call it a pizza.

It was more like
the entire contents

of our refrigerator
on a round crust.

( laughter )

Craziest part is,

we actually ate it.

'Course you did.

We ate

every single bit
of that pizza

in, like, ten minutes.


And we were laughing
the whole time.

It was great.

I remember
thinking that

maybe there won't be
any more bad spells,

maybe she'll
just be happy

like this forever.

It's okay to miss her, B.

I mean, as hard as it is
to be sad about it,

don't you think maybe
it's harder not to be?

You don't understand.

( whispers ):

( voice breaks ):
I can't.

It hurts too much.

I know.

( crying ):
No, you don't know.

You just want to feel good
and happy and alive.


if I feel alive...

it doesn't seem
like she's dead.

if I'm not sad,

then... it proves
that I'm not like her.

You don't have to prove that
to anybody.

I mean, you have a strength
in you that your mom never had.

As much as she wanted to,
she couldn't find it.

And you have
something else, too.


You have us.

We're not gonna let
you go anywhere, okay?

Thank you.

Come here.

( sobbing )

( indistinct conversations )

( people talking excitedly )

Come back.


( talking excitedly )

( harness bell jingles )

( speaking Greek )

Miss you, too.

( birds chirping )

No, Maggie.


( shouts ):


Get back here, now!

I mean it.

Maggie! Excuse me.




Did you lose these?


yeah, I, uh, think I did.


So, um, what are
you doing here?

I was looking for you,

Oh, yeah, we're on
Hobart Place, not Street.

It's really confusing.

Yeah, that would do it.

That would do it.

So I'm on my way
back to Columbia.

It's not exactly nearby.

No, it's not exactly nearby.

I just want to say
that what happened between us...

was my fault.

Your fault?

Not fault.

My responsibility.

I should've known better.
It's just...

Well, I didn't exactly
tell you to slow down.

Problem is...

I wanted it for all
the wrong reasons.

And all the things

that I was trying
to run away from

just ended up catching up
with me that much sooner.

Anyway, friends.

Hey, friends.

( Eric sighs )

Mm... when you're 20

and, um, probably
a soccer star

at some huge college

and there's a million guys
after you,

promise me
you'll give me a shot.


All right.

Thank you.

Take care.

You, too.

( tires screech )

( talking quietly )



Oh, my God.

Lena, look at you.

You're all here.

I missed you so much.

B, I am so sorry.

When I found your letter,
I tried to come sooner.

Do you forgive me?

Forgive you?
Who the hell are you?

Hey, I wasn't sure
I'd see you here.

I thought maybe
you'd change your mind

about your
dad's wedding.


Which is why we decided
we'd change it for her.

Yeah, Carmen,
how about a little road trip?

What are you talking about?

Come on...

No, no...

( all talking at once )

It's your father's wedding.
Carmen, stop.

Don't you think it's important
for you to be there?

Lena, if it was
that important,

then my dad would
pick up the phone

and tell me that himself.

Well, maybe
he's still recovering

from the last conversation
you had.

I'm not sure that was
entirely helpful, Tibby.

I'm just saying,
you know, parents screw up.

It's what they're good at.

And it's up to us

to see the things
that they can't.

Yeah, well, he's going to
throw me out of the wedding.

He's not going to throw
you out of the wedding.

No, he's not.
That's so overdramatic.

And if he does, we'll
be there for you.

Don't worry about it.

What aren't you guys

I am not going...
Let's go.

You are going
to this wedding!

* *

So this is the view
from my window.

And these
are my cousins' donkeys.

This is George and George Jr.
( girls laughing )

My grandparents,

Oh, God,
forget the caldera.

I want to see the guy.

Yeah, where's the boy?

I'm sneaking in the back

once the ceremony begins.

You know the caldera's
actually the top of a volcano...

Okay, Lena...

Once the ceremony's
done, we're leaving.

We're not hanging around.

Oh, my God.

I know.

Isn't he gorgeous?

I was referring to
you holding a fish.

Oh, you know what?
Hey, hey.

Hey, no fair
attacking the driver.

Stop. Oh, my gosh.

Is it fair to
bribe the driver

to turn around
and go back home?

Oh, yeah, with what money,

'cause Tibby is the only one
of us working this summer.

Hey, hey, hey.

I actually stocked my
last shelf at Wallmans.

Thank you very much.

Wait, so does this mean
there's going to be

a ceremonial burning
of the smock?

No, no. Actually,
Duncan took the smock.

But I do have
my name tag.

Can we burn it?

( laughter )

Hey, how did your suck-umentary
turn out?

Uh... uh...
well, it actually evolved

into something quite different

than I expected, so...

What are you going
to call it?



* It's all right *

* Run with me, dream with me *

* Play with me, call on me *

* Whenever you need me,
I'll be by your side *

* As sure as
the sun's gonna rise... *

( knocking on door )

Carmabelle, come on.

We're going to be late.

What is she doing in there?


I changed my mind, guys.

I can't do this.

Yes, you can.

No, Lena, I can't.

( knocks on door )

Carmen, please come out.

I promise you,
everything's going to be okay.

B, how do you know that?

'Cause of what I'm holding.

Wear them.

They'll make you brave.

B, I can't wear a pair
of jeans to a wedding.

And besides,
your week isn't up.

Well, rule number 11:

In the event
of an emergency,

the pants will
automatically go

to the sister in need,

regardless of
the schedule.

B, there is no
rule number 11.

Well, I think
there should be.

And I'm invoking it now.

Yeah, that sounds like

a really good rule to me,

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

So, um,

are you going to
put them on yourself,

are we going to have
to do it for you?

( playing lively
classical melody )

( indistinct conversations )

Come on.

( song ends )

( "The Wedding March"
intro plays )

( "The Wedding March" plays )

* *

* *

( song fades )

Dearly beloved,

we are assembled here
in the presence of God

and these witnesses

to celebrate the joining
of this man and this woman

in the unity of marriage.

Um, sorry, could you
hold that thought...

for one minute?

I'm sorry.

There's an important
member of our family

who should be
up here with us.

My daughter.


Dad, I'm not...
I'm not dressed. I...

I need you.

( Carmen crying )

( softly ):
I'm sorry.

( sniffles )

I gotta get married.

Okay. ( laughs softly )

( laughs )

( quietly ):

You can go ahead.

( Lydia laughs softly )

Dearly beloved,

we are assembled here

in the presence of God
and these witnesses

to celebrate the joining
of this man and this woman

in the unity of marriage.

There are no
obligations on earth

sweeter or tenderer
than those...

It would be easy to say

that the pants
changed everything that summer.

But looking back now,

I feel like our lives changed
because they had to,

and that
the real magic of the pants

was in bearing witness
to all of this

and in somehow
holding us together

when it felt like nothing
would ever be the same again.

( indistinct conversations )

Some things never would be.

But we knew now that no matter
how far we traveled

on our own separate paths...

Somehow we would always find
our way back to each other.

And with that,
we could get through anything.

To us--

who we were and who we are,
and who we'll be.

To the pants...

And the sisterhood.

And this moment
and the rest of our lives.

Together and apart.

* What's this life anyway? *

* What's it to you and me? *

* What's it to anyone? *

* Who are we supposed to be? *

* Make me a storybook *

* And write me away from here *

* I need a different now *

* Where we can
wear each other for awhile *

* And I'll lend you my tears *

* If I could borrow your smile *

* And we'll
get through tomorrow *

* Some other day *

* Happy after *

* Once upon these days *

* It's for roads to anywhere *

* For ways to everything *

* We were unbreakable *

* We spoke our destiny *

* Let's take a moment out *

* Oh, and go where we never go *

* Let's make a new world now *

* Where we can
wear each other for awhile *

* And I'll lend you my tears *

* If I could borrow your smile *

* And we'll
get through tomorrow *

* Some other day *

* Happy after *

* Once upon these days *

* And then one day we'll find *

* When we're looking back
on this time *

* Wondering how
we've come so far from this *

* And when
we close our eyes... *

* What's this life anyway? *

* What's it to you and me? *

* What are we doing here? *

* And who are we
supposed to be? *

* I'll take a better world *

* Oh, I'll take anything *

* I'll take a little more now *

* Where we can
wear each other for awhile *

* And I'll lend you my tears *

* If I could borrow your smile *

* And we'll
get through tomorrow *

* Some other day *

* Happy after *

* Once upon these days *

* Once upon these days. *

( song ends )

( playful Greek melody plays )

* *

* *

( song ends )

( serene melody plays )

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *