The Sisterhood (2019) - full transcript

Ashley Shields has had a rough year following the death of her mother, the disintegration of her marriage, and getting passed over for a promotion at work. So when her sister Jasmine brings...





No! No! No!

Please, no!

Let me go!


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Custody? Are you serious?
- Grace is better with me.

With you or your girlfriend?
- Can we be civilized?

Grace has to live with me.

Because of everything he is going through now,
it needs stability.

Plus, I live closer
her school and friends.

Is not necessarily. - She won't live
in the house where the weapon is.

I got it in the safe.
- Anyway.

Ashley, most family
I have fulfilled my obligations.

Because you were mostly unemployed.
- So I'll claim maintenance.

You broke our family,
now i want to pay you more?

I helped you study.
We were 16 together.

Where are you going?
- See you in court.

Sorry, I wanted to tell you.
Terrance has progressed.

You said I was a prime candidate.
- You were close.

Maybe another time.

Frank, I did it
for that progression.

I worked in the evenings, on weekends.
This job should get me.

There will still be opportunities.

I could go for a drink
and talked.

I have to get back to work.

Hi Ash.

Aunt Jasmine?

My, how did you grow up.

How long do you stay?

Grace I said,
to work on the West Coast.

I recently returned.

You have to come to my cheerleading performance.
-My pleasure.

Grace, go up to finish the assignment.
- I can't later?

Rather now.

What would you like?

Can we talk in there?

Would you like to borrow money?

The gym is doing well,
I'm fine. I'm clean and sober.

Hopefully that will remain the case.

I've heard about Rick and you.
I'm sorry I wasn't with you

and that you had to yourself
to arrange for Mom's funeral.

Is this some kind of anonymity
alcoholics? Are you buying yourself?

You should, and ...

In the last year, I realized
how important family is.

I missed you and Grace.

I know I don't deserve it
another opportunity.

This would be the seventh or eighth.

It's a private club
some female society.

We help each other
to live as best we can.

Like some kind of personal growth group?
- That's right.

The goal of the Sisterhood is
to empower women.

Women help each other
transcend patriarchal society.

Our mission is
help with problems,

appearing daily.

Not yet,
but there are some branches in the city.

One day it will.
- I'm surprised I've never heard of her.

It's not very secret
if you can bring guests.

When you mentioned ...

Our founder Desiree Holt.
Otherwise, he doesn't go to weekly meetings.

It's amazing what's in it
made a few years for the Sisterhood.

Myra, this is my sister Ashley.
- Great to finally meet you.

Myra is our sergeant,
I'm her deputy.

This is my sister Ashley.
-I am pleased.

Me too. - What is Jasmine to you
told about our group?

We try to be discreet.

Desiree says we will do more
if we deserve less credit.

We first performed publicly,
but unfortunately some are experiencing it

We're kind of female Freemasons.

I haven't read it yet.
Which is true of most of my books.

Employed mothers
they have a hard time finding time for themselves.

My goal is to give strength
to a wider circle of women.

But I'm incredibly pleased if
I can help in a tangible way.

So I set up the Sisterhood.

Excuse me.

Listen, please.

First things club stuff.

25 thousand dollars
a local women's shelter.

Myra, it's been a long time
you didn't tell us anything.

Would you say anything about your trip?
- Of course.

After his daughter's death
i fell into severe depression.

I'm almost gone
got out of bed.

Then she is my friend
gave Desiree's book.

As if talking to me personally.

At the seminar I realized
to make the most for myself,

if I help others,

and that I will be my late daughter
showed the highest honor,

Because of your leadership
I got out of bed

and found her life
mission. Thank you.

And thank you all, all women
in this space, my sisters.

You're closer to me
like my own family.

Now we are waiting
a real treat.

No, just this one
the mystery seems a little ...

It could be for you too.

Jasmine, sorry,
but I don't think that's for me.

You always supported me.
You saved me from prison,

You don't have to.
- I would love to.

My life has changed.
I'd like to share this with you.

And finally: We have a special tonight
guest, as you've certainly noticed.

It's Jasmine's sister
Ashley Shields.

Ashley, come here
and say something about yourself.

Alas, no.
- Go.

Without fear, we don't bite.

I was born in Philadelphia.

I graduated in finance
at Penn.

I have an 11-year-old daughter, Grace.

I don't know what else to say.

You must have recently divorced.


I have nothing for you.

Her name is Julie and she is a police officer.

We fight for custody
and I try to be civilized,

How's he doing?

I feel like I'm just working,
clean up, drive, work.

I'm not even having fun anymore.

And I'm lonely.

My life has become chaos.

Excuse me.

Don't apologize.
Thanks for being so honest.

It will be better.
Sisterhood can help you.

"To find comfort in consciousness,
that you are not alone.

When we are together,
we can remove social masks,

Admit that you need help
it requires courage,

to offer help requires power.
And as a woman this ... "

Hi, Mom.
- Hi, honey.

What did they start?

Daddy took me to watch the horror
and on drought.

You really are years old.

I love you.
-Me too.

I do not agree.
- This could be delayed.

Because of Grace, I'd like to end it.

Is the arbitrator's decision final?
- Yeah.

- Great.

My lawyer will call yours
and we will get along.

I'll see you.
- Bye.

Got a minute?
?I have.

Desiree tidies everything up.
- Is everything legal? -Clear.

Some people and things from yours
the pasts weren't exactly ...

Sisterhood is a fair society.
- Then I'm in favor.

Are you serious?
- Yeah.

What do I need to become a member?
- You just have to pay the membership fee.

The entry fee is $ 10 thousand,
the annual membership fee is five thousand.

So that's the feint.

It surprised me too.

It is not.
- We both know she had you.

I'm strong
because my sisters cover my back.

I'm sure
because my sisters protect me.

I am devoted to my sisters
more than anything in life.

I am devoted to my sisters
more than anything in life.

Totally and forever
primarily devoted to them.

Welcome to the family.

Thank you. And thanks for that
what you told my boss.

What did you tell him? - Just appealed
am on his good qualities.

I didn't know he had them.

Most people do it right,
if we motivate them properly.

Can I make any debt ...

An opportunity will surely be found
but enjoy tonight.

I heard both sides
and weighed the facts,

therefore custody of the daughter
i assign gd?. Shields.

The common property is divided in half,
gd?. Shields, however, is right

Thanks for participating.

Consider paying tithing.
- I paid the entry fee.

a one-time donation is expected.
- Are you talking about heritage?

Thank you Desiree for otherwise
a large part of your inheritance was given to your ex.

Obviously this is what
which offends you.

I got to get Grace.
- Right.

What do you think?
Can we trust her?

I do not know yet.

Nothing controversial
I didn't find about her.

Browse Forward,
and I will personally address it.

Is that your daughter?
- Yeah. Grace.

That's my friend Desiree.
Desiree, it's Grace.

Nice goal.

I'll buy the whole box.

I'm sweet. Served
I'll meet them at the next meeting.

More of my business
sponsors athletes.

to spend the money
for something else. - Right?

It will be my pleasure.
- Thank you!

Are you sure?
This is very generous.

Tell me how much,
so I'll write you a check.

You have it for today
what plans? -No.

Are we going for a drink?
- Work,

but she is a woman who helps me differently
with Grace, currently on a trip.

One of the sisters can watch over her.


I wouldn't attribute it to you,
that you like places like that.

Attract me
lack of ambience.

Are you playing?
-Not good.

It is alleged to be arbitration
happily expired.

I really appreciate ... - I'm glad
that it happily ended.


Are you really that mean or acting?

Thank you.

To family and friends.

How does Grace tolerate divorce?

As expected. Thoughts,
that we parted ways

and that Rick met Julie,
when we were no longer together.

To be honest,
sometimes it bothers me

that he is closer to her than I am.
But he was home,

and I worked all the time.
Midnight, at weekends.

I had bosses like that,
like yours.

But you still achieved a lot.

Can I contribute in any way ...

Actually, maybe you can.

Fantastic. Now let me
let me teach you a few things about billiards.

In the corner.

Hold still.

Give me the bag. Quick.

And an hour. Quick!

Everything is fine.
You're safe now.

I think it excites you
when you grind men.


Let me know if you need anything else.

I didn't say we're done.

Hi, Mom.

What is it?
- We cooked.

But they cooked a lot.

Thank you.
- Desiree's proposal.

How much do I owe you today?
- No, we're family.

Because strictly taken,
we do not exist,

it is difficult to hire
the official accountant.

There was a problem.

Sisters who can afford,
they give much more.

Which has pros and cons.
We cannot offer

tax relief than other societies,
but we do not pay taxes.

I know we do business in the gray zone,

but otherwise,
if we want to remain anonymous.

It's a real relief

have an expert like you.

Excuse me. Ashley Shields? - Yeah.
- I'm journalist Trish Britton.

About the Women's Secret Society,
that you have recently stepped into.

If you change your mind.

I do not know,
how she found out for me.

A few weeks before you arrived,
we had to turn it off.

- Because of fraud.

Mental problems.
She even wanted to kill herself.

It will be better now
because you will be our accountant.

I'm glad to hear that.
I have a problem.

Every time we waste a lot,
we draw unwanted attention.

Maybe she could find a way

to conceal our revenues.

- You're an expert.

I own several businesses.
Even the bar we were at.

Means can
you are redirecting to them.


I want you to help the sisters,
any way you can.

That's what you want, no?


You're dramatizing too much.

So be careful they don't get you.

Don't you really care?

Money laundering is criminal.
- It's a crime without a victim.

Greedy rich men
they continue to benefit in this way.

The judge will care about that.

If you're so scared why
Desiree you didn't say that before?

I owe it to her.
- You're her.

You broke the law when you did
fit. - That was different.

which she saw for the first time.
She did her duty.

You owe it to your sisters.

And money can't be tracked?

I arranged it
between companies.

If we don't get greedy
and we will not exaggerate ...

Hello. I just wanted to go to work.

Is she ready?
-I think so.

Grace, Mom's here!

We need to talk about something.

Right. Hello.
What is it?

Come here.

Bye, eyes.
-I'll see you.

Wait for me in the car.
What is?

My parents arrive on Friday.
Maybe Grace would allow it

be with me?

This weekend you don't have one.
- I know, but you really want to see her.

Let them come when she is with you.
- Ashley, you won, all right?

You can calmly hate me,
just don't get over Grace.

Right. - Thank you.

-I'm here.

Not people. Men who deserve it.
Like your boss.

You knew all the time.

Did you really think it was your gut
put a raise because he's so good?

What do you have against him?
- Enough.

This is blackmail.
- We only settle the bills.

I don't think I can.
- Don't do this to me.

Don't dramatize.

They can lock you up,
do you care about your reputation?

I'm late.
Tonight comes a priority new member.

What does priority mean?
- She'll be an influential sister.

I'll take you, but I'm not going in.

You're on the executive board, you're going.

Tell us about yourself, Celina.

I graduated political science.

I work as a governor?s advisor.

You must be having trouble.

With my husband David
we tried to smooth things over.

He's stalking him. At any time
making progress, she shows up.

Did you contact the police?
- Yeah.

They say they can't do anything
until she breaks the law.

I love him.
I don't know what to do.

It's good already.

I know you now feel that you are alone,
but know that you are not.

Your sisters surround you,
your family.

Myra, what's going on?

She's with Ashley
all right?

He knows a lot. We need to know
that she is totally devoted to us.

You answer for her.

She looks kind. Her embroidery
with the governor will benefit us.


Desiree really wants
for Celina to become a sister? - Yeah.

Did you recommend me Desiree
was it the other way around?

Desiree suggested but
just because I always praised you.

So it was just a coincidence
that you invited me straight,

For my boss problem
she knew.

She knew about the divorce.
-Here is.

Are you going?
- I thought I'd just take you.

Laura Hewitt?
- Yeah?

Who are you?
- He doesn't want me to come again.

I'll call the police.
- Here you go.

Tell them
stalking a married man.

I'm not stalking anyone.
-No? We heard differently.

Did Celina tell you this? David
he is divorcing himself to be with me.

I don't know who you are, but ...

My God! Stop it!

You said we'd just talk
with her. - She didn't listen.

Is that how you got me the raise?
- There was no need.

He took our threats seriously.

I'm just finishing.
- I'll wait for you in the office.

I'd rather come later.
- Right.

We knew he was breaking it.
We just needed proof.

You were prostituted!
- You got a raise.

No, you got me into it
hid Desiree's money. Admit it!

I haven't been so happy in a long time.

I wanted
to start something together.

Jasmine, Desiree is spinning you around
the little finger. - She stood by my side,

she saved my life.
- Exit the Sisterhood,

otherwise it will happen to you
something really bad.

We're not going anywhere.
You made a vow.

You have surrendered to the family that really is.
Not like some other families.

I'm your only real sister.
Me. Everything else is a ghost.

You're wrong.
They are as much my flesh and blood as you are.

You don't really think that?
- Yeah.

And if she had to choose
between the Sisterhood and me?

Have you talked to Jasmine?
- Your sister cares for you.

Jasmine just works for the goal.

You brainwashed women
to do your dirty business.

Did I wash them for you?

As far as I know,
you're down your throat in my dirty business.

Are you threatening me?
- On the contrary.

We're in the same pot.
- I did sisterhood.

You can't force me to stay.
- They can.

You're not going to the police,
because you will incriminate yourself.

Maybe you'll come to an agreement
and you're not going to jail,

you will at least lose your job,
license and daughters.

who will swear in court,
that you only bribed her.

That's why you're not going anywhere.


Some more donations,
with which you will have to charm.

And when it comes to donations,
I expect a lot from you.

From heritage.

And still the happy news: Mainland
she will join us. A beautiful day!

Hello. ?Myra.
Did I do something wrong?

You carried the stop sign.

We have eyes and ears everywhere.

Pamela Redman?
- Yeah?

I have something
questions about Sisterhood.

Nobody knows I'm here.
- So it remains.

I really need your help.

Grace had to be taken home
but you were gone.

Sweetie, I'm sorry.
How did it go?

You don't have to act to be interested.
- I'm not.

We won.
- Great. Congratulations.

I do not care.

Why did you want custody,
if you're never there?

I currently have a mountain of work.
- But when don't you have one?

Now I'm really not in the mood!
And I don't want her in the house.

At least she shows
that she cares about your daughter.

Who is this Sonya?

Grace says
to keep an eye on her all the time.

Your sister's calling
Grace, however, must be called by her aunt Sonya.

Just a friend. - Apparently
Jasmine is with you again.

Where she is is drama.
-Everything is fine.

Desiree is possible for you
sounded the office.

Take Walker 360
to Room 231. at 3pm.

Don't tell me at work
to go out,

and be careful not to follow you.

- Come to the bar.

Change of plan.
Come for the motel.

You have five minutes.
What interests you?

Desiree says
that they excluded you,

because you stole them,
but I found no evidence.

I wanted to give it to some journalist,
but they followed me.

Some sisters beat me
until I lost consciousness.

Desiree said,
that they will kill me next time.

Do you believe her?
- Yeah.

Then why are you here? - Member
I was from the beginning.

I helped start a society.
We had a good intention

but Desiree is obsessed
with money, power and me.

She sounded my apartment,
she gave me a tracker on the car.

If I'm a woman
just looks,

wonder if she's not a sister.
I can't live like that.

Me neither.

I smuggled into the club
hidden camera.

If I give you a shot, it may not
no one can find out where you got it.

Can you email it to me?

Come here at 9pm today,
then look no further for me.

Just for the weekend. On Monday
I get to her after school.

Is it because of the job?
- Is it important?

What does more mean to you

from hanging out with my daughter?

You told me to bring her
If I need protection.

It's true. No problem.



I was racing, finding out
that it was not locked, and she entered.

She was already dead.
- How do you know the deceased?

I don't really know her.

Then why did you go to her?

I'm an accountant.
She needed tax help.

Ashley? Ready?

If we don't go right now,
we will miss.

Did you at least get dressed?

I already have.
- Good. Let's go.

I'm glad you're going.

It's very nice.
- Thank you.

I'm coming!

- Why did you lock yourself in?

Out of habit. Here you go.

I need to talk to you.
- Can you come back a little later?

No. It's important.

I'll be quick.
- Right.

The money you're forcing me.

If we don't rush,
the tax will get us.

Are you sounded?

I didn't.

Can't move money?
- No risk.

You gave me too much.

So I'll have to
invest in other business.

You claim that the purpose of the Sisterhood is
to help women.

But you really help the most
to your bank account.

It's nice to be a queen.

What's the problem?
- It's too much. ?What?

The money you're forcing me.

If we don't rush,
the tax will get us.

Can't move money?
- No risk.

You wrote,
that you have something for me.

I read your articles.

Nothing exploratory
I did not find.

This is the first time I have prepared such an article.

Why now?

With such an article
I can assure myself a career.

How did you find out about us?

A woman came up to me
named Pamela Redman.

We were once neighbors.

She left before I arrived.
How did you know I was a member?

She performs
dirty work for Desiree.

She didn't date.

Then it stopped ringing.
I figured she was scared.

Pamela is dead.

How did she die?
- Suicide. Theoretically.

Pamela feared for life.

I'll try to get one
autopsy report.

I know you're nervous
but you can trust me.

Here is a clip where
Desiree admits to money laundering.

But I'm involved,
so you have to warn me

before you post it,
to contact a lawyer.

Desiree is looking for you.

I'm driving.
- After Grace, I have to go to school.

We've already taken care of that.
-Where is?

If you want to see your daughter,
sitting in the car.

Where is Grace?
- Safe.

How could you allow yourself
that they took her away? And who is this?

Someone who harmed one of yours
sisters. - What do I have to do with this?

You're going to force him
that he will pay.

No. With the money I make,
whatever you want, but this is crazy.

You have to prove
to obey my orders.

We are so powerful,
such as our weakest member.


That's right.

Take it.

I can not.

Hit him.

I will not.

Not one of us, Jasmine,
and it never will be.


The test was.
- Yeah.

As a journalist,
I sent you.

Your sister wants to destroy everything,

which we have worked hard to create.
We can't trust her.

Please let me go.
- Freedom has a price.

What do you want?
- Your heritage.


I didn't ask.

And you will be so easy
I was only mistaking Jasmine.

If you betray me again, you will be done
like your friend Pamela.

You brought her.

Jasmine ...

Not by the face!

Grace? Grace, are you here?

-Thank God!

What is?

How did you get home?
- Sonya brought me.

March from my house!
Right now!

Get it out!

Mom ...
- Grace ... Grace!

Never again with this woman.

Never. Clear?
- Yeah.

Where's my computer?
-I do not know.

Did you move that light?
-No. - Is it Sonya?

I do not think so.
I do not remember.

What are you doing?

Mom, what are you looking for?
- Nothing.

I'm getting scared.
- Go to your room.

Tell me what it is.
- Grace, go to your room!

I'll be quick.

I can go in,
to see Aunt Jasmine?

She's not here.
I'll be right there.

On. Certificate
about my inheritance.

This is not what I suggested.

I'm just a victim of yours
extortion. And she would get half.

Mom wanted me to keep her
just so long that you get in line,

lest she foolishly waste it.

Forget about me and Grace.

Grace tells me straight
about winning a regional.

Desiree is coming to National.

Grace, get in the car.
-What is?

I gave Jasmine money.
Hands away from Grace.

I command, I don't obey.
- I fulfilled my part of the agreement.

I know, but I don't trust you.
So let it be clear to you

that we will have you in the eyes
and your daughter.

It would be sad,
if anything happened to her.

Jasmine wouldn't let
make Grace something happen.

Your sister is precious,
it is not irreplaceable.

If I have to get rid of her,
I will.

Go in for a snack,
I'll be right there.

Bye, Mom.
- Bye.

How long should she stay?
-I do not know.

Ashley, what's going on?

I have to tell you something.
You can use this against me,

but I have no choice,
because I really need your help.

And Julie's.


I'm in danger. I need it
a police officer I can trust.

All the documentation
is locked in this safe.

It's empty.

They will come to me.
Now it's just a matter of time.

Almost nothing
I can't prove it.

Desiree will do just about everything
to discredit me.

Ashley, you have no choice.
You threatened Grace.

I know, I'm sorry.

I'll take Grace to school tomorrow,

then we will
with Julie waiting at the police.

I have to give you custody.

Because so would I
can end up in prison.

The arbitrator was from the Sisterhood.

Desiree agreed.

Now you have to go with everything in public.


Give me another option. - I do
already, though you shouldn't.

What's happening?

Ashley's in our club
brought the police.

She betrayed us again.

To protect our family,

Please, Desiree ...
- No other way.

Jasmine, it's not you.

I need to know that you are with us.
You have a special meaning for me.

Jasmine, wake up.

Jasmine, look at me.

I love you.

You have many sisters,
who love you.

Prove me that you are with us.

You brought her.
You answer for her.

Jasmine, remember Grace.
- It will destroy our family.

We're your family.
- Come on, Jasmine. Do it.

Grace and I love you so much.

I am very sorry.

Too bad.

If she tries again,
I will bear the consequences.

You do not understand. It will not give peace,
as long as you are our member.

Then I get out.

Are you sure?
- Yeah.

I will miss you.

Jasmine! No! Jasmine!

In there before they kill her!

All on the floor! Right now!

Get down!
- Don't move!

Show your hands.

Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Are you okay?

Thank you, Julie.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Obviously, they will agree to parole.

- Yeah.

Just an accountant
I can't be anymore.

At least you don't need to go to jail.

Even if you have to, you know
Grace and I will be waiting for you.

I know.

Will you go to her hearing?
- Just a story. You?

Yeah. I would love to see
how the Desiree will roll.

Think better ...

Hi, Mom. How are you?
- Better now.

You must no longer be an accountant,

what are you going to do?

Tried to be a mom.
- That sounds great to me.

He thinks I can't do it.

A little more and it will be cooked.
- Thank God I'm starving.