The Sinners (1949) - full transcript

The film you are about to watch
is an imaginary work.

It means that the characters, events
and surroundings are purely fictitious.

It's not a fictionalized reporting
but a cinematographic novel.

This film is dedicated to
unhappy childhoods.

Kindgom of Heaven

Did you see?


The river.

It's rising fast.

Same as every year.

The road is blocked.

Don't you worry.

Give me some tobacco, please.

You got a new pipe?

A gift from my daughter.
She's a good kid, you know.

She's 12 and she already
argues like me.

Here. But don't take too much.

My daughter is so smart that sometimes
I don't know what to say to her.

Smoke doesn't bother you?

If it does you could
take another compartment.

Here we are.

He's still here, that one.
As bad as ever.

A real brute.

"To Mme Bardin, headmistress of
Haute M?re's reformatory school"

Come on.

Say, do we have to bring this to them?

Don't pull a long face. It isn't that bad.
And you'll be better here than in jail.

If you'll allow me.
Thank you.

Mme Bardin is waiting for you.
You can come in.

Father is asking if our choir could join
Christmas mass at the Lady Day Chapel.

Of course. Our girls shan't have the
feeling of being cut off from the world.

Good morning Mme Headmistress, Misses.
I bring you a parcel.

She's not very impressionable.
She didn't say a word on the way.

- Thank you and good day.
- Good day.

What's that?

Probably the underwear
we were waiting for.

It's about time. With the cold
we have in this barrack of a place.

Your name is...

Maria Lambert. 17 years old.

You are interned at the request of
the court of the Seine.

- Your relatives? - My mother was killed
in Rouen during the bombing.

Your father?

- I'm asking about your father.
- I've been told it wasn't him.

He left before the funeral and
we've never heard from him since then.

You've been on child welfare
and were placed.

You have the fidgets.

Sit down.

You worked for two months on a farm
near Evreux and you escaped.

I was beaten.

You were beaten?

Yes and I wasn't given any food.
When I quit I'd lost 7 Kg.

Were you ever more
than a slip of a thing?

I'm not lying. I swear.

You were taken back and placed
as a maid in a middle class house.

Three months later
you disappeared again.

The lady was nice...

- But the Master...
- The Master?

- And then there was the son...
- Yes... Always the same tune.

15 days later
you were arrested in Pigalle.

I was coming out of the subway.

A girl told me a kitchen maid
was wanted in a restaurant.

She was Claire from Douai. "At Emile's",
the restaurant. I was going there.

People trust you. Again a job was
found for you in a sewing business.

But that again didn't last long.

The boss told everyone
I was out of jail.

Free two months, then one night you were
picked up in a raid on Sebastopol Bd.

I was going home.

You were living in Ordoner Street.

You and a man named Pierre Massey
had set up house.

Pierre Massot.

- Where did he come from, this one?
- I just met him.

- Where?
- On the bus.

He was an electrician back from the war.
I needed a ticket and he gave me one.

And then?

And then we talked, Pierre and I.

I told him everything.
And we went home together.

At least you didn't lose any time.

We understood
each other immediately...

He was alone too. His father dead in the
camps. His mother gone with a German.

He didn't want me to keep on working.
He'd a good job and earned well.

We were happy.


Here our newcomers are given
the benefit of the doubt.

The first days are difficult
but you'll get used to it.

Six months from now, if I'm happy
with you, I will suggest parole.

We're not here to be repressive
but to give you a profession.

In spite of these old walls this place
is not a jail. The doors are wide open.

But you mustn't be tempted to escape.
You'd soon be arrested again.

- We still don't know who broke the
laundry windows? - Probably never will.

- Better make it look like an accident.
- Why would they do that on purpose?

With that cold outside, what benefit
would they gain from breaking the panes?

Let's say so.

Hello? Yes, Paris?

The Director asking
for you from the ministry.

Good morning Mr. Director.

Very well.
The parcels have just arrived.

Some good news?

I'm listening.

At last. I'm so happy.

May I, Mr. Director?

The Director is tells me that
credits have finally been voted for.

The "La Chesnaie" domain
is at our disposal.

We'll finally be able to leave this
horrible jailhouse in a couple of months.

You see. One must never lose faith.

We are all deeply moved, Mr. Director.

Thanks to your efforts we...

But what's wrong?

You. Take care of her.

It's Miss Chamblas,
the Deputy Headmistress.

I'm sorry Mr. Director but
Mme Bardin fainted just now.

Yes, she suddenly fell.
Fortunately I was at her side.

Yes, she's been taken care of.
Serious? No. A momentary faintness

She's dead.

- Are you sure?
- I said so.

Mr. Director, Mme Bardin is dead.

No, no. She complained about nothing.

What are you doing?
Is she dead or not dead?

Take her to her room, the poor woman.

Don't you mind, Mr. Director?
Just a second.

- Help her, Mme Maupin.
- How did it happen?

Don't make so much noise.
I'm in the middle of a conversation.

Yes, Mr. Director.

Thank you so much, Mr. Director.

I'd have preferred this under different
circumstances but it can't be helped.

Good bye Mr. Director.
Thank you again.

You can count on me, Mr. Director.

Have her washed.
I'll take care of the formalities.

And switch on the light.

Also, I'm instructed by the ministry
to take charge in place of Mme Bardin.

My appointment will be official
in a few days.

You'll find the sheets
in the closet.

Give me her keys.

Twenty years.

You're still here.

Why this sulking look?

No need to look like a hypocrite.
You didn't know Mme. Bardin? So what?

Yes. In fact, you are
an escaping recidivist.

Three times you ran away
as the jobs weren't worthy of you.

- I didn't say that.
- Then I'm a liar?

- No but...
- But what?

- Nothing. You wouldn't understand.
- Then I'm also a moron too?

- Insolent.
- But Mme...


Don't you pretend
to have the last word with me.

Yes. Everybody wants to rape you.
Of course. You're so irresistible.

One just has to take a look at you.
Very smart you look.


One doesn't stint oneself.
An apple.

Sometimes one tries
to hide things in apples.

Well, then, it's a very cute letter.

Why did you try to prevent me from
reading it? He loves you, this boy.

You're very lucky. A love so strong.
I hope he won't have regrets about it.

- Do you love him?
- He's the only one that counts.

Poor, stupid girl.
You can't think he means it.

Men are all alike.
They amount to nothing.

Don't you realize? A man who
got you for the price of a bus fare.

You or another girl. Any slut.
Any woman is good for them.

You don't believe what you say?

I know them, men, and I know
what they're capable of.

Promises. For us to sleep confidently.
But they don't keep a single one.

What do you know? You talk
like no man was ever attracted to you.

And then? And then? Men, men.
You have only that in your heads.

God keep me from men. Engines for their
filthiness. That's what you are for them.

And what kind of love is that?
Dirty words, repulsive gestures, lies.

- I pity you from the bottom of my heart.
- I forbid you to.

Men have always respected me
because I'm not a whore.

It's not hard to be a whore.
No need even to be pretty.

Why do you smile?

You want to escape.

I never said anything like that.

So you want to escape?

Miss Guerande.

Miss Guerande?

Then I'm a moron...

Then I'm a liar...

You will immediately take this girl to
a cell to help her to learn politeness

and to understand that escaping is
impossible. Strong heads are tamed here.

In the rampart cells, of course.

- In the rampart cells?
- Where else would you put her?

- We haven't used them for five years.
- We were wrong.

- They're so unhealthy.
- It's not proven.

Yes, I know. Mme. Bardin. But we can
now say she had ideas of her own.

- We don't even know where the keys are.
- Me, I know.

If an accident happens in these
cells and they order an investigation...

Do what I tell you and don't argue.

Follow me.


Why did you insult Miss Chamblas?

Very clever. Just arrived
and already a bad record.

I didn't insult her.

Why did you pride yourself
on your wish to escape?

I never said that.

She didn't invent it.

She did but I can't prevent you
from believing her.

We'll see what you're worth.
I'm leaving.

I'm turning the light out.

Don't worry about me. I'm
thinking about something else.

About what?

- It's over Miss.
- Very well. I'll watch over.

Until the one who
broke the glass gives herself up

playtime is over for everyone.

I'll suggest you for Deputy Headmistress.
Your seniority gives you the right.

Thank you, Miss Chamblas.

I'll need all your help. There's too
much carelessness here. It must change.

As of today I demand that...

Misses. Pay attention please.

I have sad news for you.

Mme Bardin has left us.
She is dead.

Good heavens!

That's not possible.

Bad luck for us.
She was even tempered.

"Even tempered".

A nutcase like the others. For that
job you must be rotten right through.

In any case she was fair.

Come on. Shut your traps.

Let her cry if it comforts her.

Come off it! She's dead.
Leave her to get cold.

- You've no right to say that.
- She's right.

She was great.

I remember when I got here.
It was such a bummer,

I was on the verge
of killing myself.

She took me to one side and
told me stuff you say to sick people.

And when you were suspected of something

and you gave her your woman's word
it wasn't you, she believed you.

She respected you.

She was somebody.

I respected her too.

She should have a state funeral.

You're not funny, you know.

You'll miss her, you'll see.

All right! Long live the cops,
if that's what you want!

They're bolting the front gate.

No kidding? It was never bolted before.

Who will be nominated
in place of Mme Bardin?

The new Headmistress is Miss Chamblas.

She doesn't seem much,
but she's no better.

What's this? We're locked in?
We're not wild animals.

It's for best.
The nastier they are the better.

When you're all pissed off
you'll tear this house down.

Then wait till I'm out.

- I've still 2 months, it won't
be two years. - You're not wrong.

Cut the crap. I didn't ask you
to open your mouth.

No kidding!
Who's in charge here?

"Who's in charge?"
You've delusions of grandeur.

- What a stuffed shirt you are.
- What?

Keep quiet, Misses.

There aren't many flowers.

Where's the family?

If it would pour down on Chamblas
I'd be so glad.

That'd be so good.

He looks like a swell guy.
The priest.

Stop it. You're not his kind.

You'd be better of washing yourself
for a change.

You don't need to be dead
to be a stinker.

Are you afraid of thieves?

It's to prevent the girls
from escaping.

Who's escaped?

I don't know.
New instructions from Miss Chamblas.

- She's making changes.
- Is that so?

Come on,
put on your work clothes.

As soon as Miss Chamblas is absent
you make yourselves comfortable.

I brought you the new one.

Come this way.

Come on now, hurry.

There. Now we're full up.

Make your bed and
put on your underwear.

Give me the soap.

- Take this. I'll help you.
- It's not necessary.

Please. When you have chores just ask.
I'll be grateful.

Chores are my specialty.
I have to pay.

My mother was practicing abortions.
I denounced her. She got ten years.

Then she accused me of shoplifting.
It was true. That's why I'm here.

You can spit in my face.
I'm not even worth it.

Leave her alone.
You're pissing her off.

You alright?

Not too blue?
You'll get used to everything.

When you feel low do like me.
Think of Camille.

The one there, reading all the time.

We know we have 3 or 4 years to do

but her, when out of here, at 21,
she's off to a central jail

and 20 more years to do.

What did she do?

She is political.
She shot a cop.

A snitch, in fact.

It seems she has ideals.
It's her right.

She's so educated we don't
understand what she says.

She's somebody, you know.
Not a plaster saint, her.

- And you? How long have you been here?
- Me, five years.

I've been caught for
prostitution, as they say.

But in 33 days and a half,
good-bye girls! I'm out.

What will you do then?

I've learned my lesson. I'll find men
to support me and be respected.

Two or three regular friends. No more.
With my shape it's a luxury business.

Look at these.

And these. Touch them.

Touch. And I don't do retail.
You have to take them both.

Say, Marcelle,
d'you want me to help you?

Were you in her office when
Bardin swallowed her birth certificate?

Yes I'd just arrived.

And is it true
you spat in Chamblas' face?

What for?

Then why put you
in a cell overnight?

Probably some false impressions
she had of me.

You're on your guard. We're not
stool pigeons. You can talk to us.

Why imagine such things?

She's a poor kid who's been
hurt badly. Let her recover.

You're a poor kid, aren't you?

Well, Marcelle?
Don't you have something to say?

I'd like to taste her too.

- Did she put you in the old cells?
- It seems so.

- How are they?
- Are they heated?

Sure. With all modern comforts. Water,
gas, electricity and hot running gigolo.

What's your name?


I'm Gaby.

Gaby "Invoice".

That's right.

Because when someone ditches me
he signs here. In full settlement.

The left thigh is for men.
The right one for lonely ladies.

What a pleasure train!

The one coughing cracks is D?d?e.
D?d?e "the scar" because of the cut.

I'm not tattooed but
this scar is also a signature.

It has a name. It's called Paulo.

He's my brother and he's in solitary.
A minute's silence for him.

So what?

You're not going to quarrel.

Stop it. You don't know them. When one's
not groaning the other's grumbling.

Why are you here?

I was in child welfare.
They placed me... but I didn't stay.

How did they catch you?

In a raid on Sebastopol Bd.

I know the place. It's a risky spot.
My man called it the "ladies way".

You were having an argument?

No I was going home to Ordoner St.
That's where I lived with Pierre.

And naturally he ditched you
once you were in jail.

Oh no. It proves you don't know him.
Pierre's not like the others.

What else is he?
Unseated by resistance?

He loves me.

It's your 2nd childhood.

Since my arrest he's not stopped thinking
of me. It's like we were never apart.

You're hallucinating.

The important thing is she believes it.
Love is like having hallucinations.

In the cell I spoke to him all night.

And how did he answer to you?

Just as I wanted.

What nonsense!
It gets on my tits.

I see every step
from the beginning.

I like moments so much
I've seen them two or three times.

A real movie theater.

We already have memories
from the places we've been.

For instance, when I hear a train,
I remember a night.

Back from the movies
we stopped on Cardinet bridge

and started making wishes on trains
like they were a kind of shooting stars.

I'm sure now the sky is full of
locomotives when you look up.

And the rain. Each time it rains I know
he thinks of me and about our song.

Which song?

I can't tell. It's our secret

In the meantime you're still here.

Yes but he'll come and fetch me.

- In 5 years if he remembers you.
- No. Long before.

He gave you a date?

No, but he promised.

He'll get me out of here.
He swore it.

You mustn't laugh.
It could bring you bad luck.

I'm coming on behalf of Martinas.
For the repair.

We'll see the lady boss.
That's her job.

Edith. It's the electrician.

Come inside.

- You're right on time.
- What's wrong?

It keeps blowing.

Every time we pull the switch,
"psshh" and all lights go out.

Have a look.

Where's the fuse box?

It's here.

I swear. It's no life.

You're Mr. Martinas' new assistant?

Yes. Arrived from Paris
three days ago.

That's what I thought.

That smells good.

You're staying at Pagere's.

It's alright for lodging,
but the food...

Have dinner here tonight.
I cook a terrific "coq au vin".

If you like it
you could board with us.


Look who's here! Hello Margot.

Hello Mr. Baratier.
I bring you a client

Hello Guerain. You alright?

Hello Baratier. What cold.

He's handsome, my driver.
I picked him up on the road.

- That kid's the hitch-hike queen.
- I gave a great show, didn't I?

Know what she did? Waits in the road
with her dress turned-up.

So what?
I had a warning sign.

Let's have a drop.

Hello Margot.

She's a funny kid.
She's been detained for two years.


Yes down there.
Didn't you see the luxury hotel?

Haute M?re?

Yes. That's it.

She escapes 3 or 3 times a year.

It's easy with those open gates.
She comes back when she's calmed down.

Her mother's Line Clerval, the singer.
Remember her?

They traipsed around
from one dump to the next

until the kid started
stealing from artist's rooms

for a guy dealing in black- market.
She's so funny.

- And when she goes back?
- She knows the price to pay.

A few days in a cell
to save appearances.

But not the same cells
we had in my time.

"In your time"

Yes. I spent five years there.

I bit a policeman.
When I came out

I came in here for a coffee
and married the boss.

I have to change.

- What did you do for three weeks?
- Had a good laugh.

You call "it" laughing?

If you'd seen him.
He was so handsome.

Mountain light infantry man.
On leave.

I'll remember him all my life.

If we'd listened to ourselves
we'd never be back.

This one's very cute too.

Save that for next time.

I have to go

- See you soon. I'll send you postcards.
- Good- bye Margot.

Tell me. That girl.
Is she trustworthy?


- I'd like her to take a message.
- To a prisoner?

- Yes. I'll explain.
- No need.

She's fantastic.
Go after her.

I'll come back at once.

What's up? You want
to take me to the movies?

No. I'd like to ask a favor.

Let's hear it.

I've a girlfriend where you're going.

I'd like her to know you saw me.

That's all? Alright.

What's her name?


Maria what?

Maria Lambert.

Lambert? I don't know her.

She's a newbie.

What's she like?

Don't try. Since I've never seen her
face I'll recognize her at once.

- Can I give you a message for her?
- Naturally.

You're very kind.

I'm used to it. I act the messenger
every time I escape.

So long as I can pass it through.

If you're being searched?

I'll swallow it. And in three days
you'll have an answer at Baratier's.

Who'll carry it?

Don't worry.
In three days. Maybe before.

You can read it. You'll repeat it to her
in case it's taken from you.

I'd prefer for her to have it.

For her to have something
from me, to see my writing,

to carry it in her hand.

Of course. Even the letters we know
by heart we like to read them again.

Can I?

"Maria, I love you.
I think of you. I'm here.

I'll keep my promise.

Since they've taken you away
from me I've not left you.

Maria, Maria, Maria...

and Maria again... "

It's not too hard
to memorize anyway.

After all...


Nothing. Stuff.

How browned off you must feel.

Why? Our separation doesn't
diminish our love. Quite the opposite.

When she was free
I forgot her sometimes during the day.

I was sure I'd see her
again in the evening.

Now I think of her all the time.

You'll also say, "See you soon".
You won't forget?

- You can count on me.
- Another thing. It's very important.

Tell her that
I'd wish it would rain.

Wish it would rain?

She'll understand. Thank you.

Now it's serious. The road to Bezieux
is cut off. There's that much water.

You're surprised?
After the summer we've had.

- Hello. No letter for me?
- You're too impatient.

Margot said in three days.

Apparently everything's
changed up there.

- You'll phone if there's something new?
- Of course.

But you know
with the new Headmistress...

I'd like to know
what she's doing now.

Here's a stew they won't taste
every day of their life.

Is there enough meat for everyone?

We're about to see if the Misses
really have character.

Miss Guerande from now on you'll unleash
Goliath in the courtyard every night.

It's impossible. Goliath only
knows Miss Rubini.

If we let him loose we'll have to warn
everybody. He could savage us.

It's alright. I'll talk to
Miss Rubini about it.

It smells good, this
stew of mine, doesn't it?

Ten times better, they still
won't touch her stew.

They'll give up.

Hunger strikes work with men,
but here...

- They've held on for 3 days.
- They're stubborn.

Anyway what's the idea to lock up in
sordid cells, poor kids, taken by chance

who argued against
unjustified repressive measures?

Bread and water for children
of their age.

It's provocation.

Me, I don't argue,
I obey orders.

I'll admit Mme Bardin was an
exceptional woman and was applying

Ministry orders the best she could
in such a place. You see the result.

By trying to understand them, we saved
a lot we thought at first were lost.

Did it prevent last year's revolt? They
put kerosene in poor Mme Rubini's bed.

If they were normal
they wouldn't be here.

We always think revolt is the
consequence of maltreatment but

no solitary confinement, or corporal
punishment and they still revolt.

It's normal. For them softness is a
weakness. They take advantage of it.

In any case the way Miss Chamblas is
applying the rules is inadmissible.

If someone well advised would
write to the Ministry...

Who would write to them?

Mme Rubini. From now on you'll unleash
Goliath every night in the courtyard.

- It seems he only knows you.
- Sure. I'm the only one.

Get Up.



Then we're still not hungry today?

That's too bad.

Smell this, Ladies.

Smell this. Bend over.
How do you like it?

You will tire before me.
I've had a perfect lunch.

To celebrate the 4th day
of your heroic fast

I've decided to deprive you of
your earnings for a month.

Nothing else will be served
until this pot is emptied.

If it's still here tonight, heating
and electricity will be cut off.

And so, we'll save money.

The first one asking for her ration
will be excused from duties for a month.

The last one to make up her mind
will be put in the cells for a month.

Bon appetit, Ladies.

You're missing something, Ladies.

There's estragon in it.

Suffering is good.
Forgiveness is the reward.

- You think it's funny?
- I'm thinking of things.

You're lucky to
be able to think.

It's easy.
You just have to remember.

Remember what?

It depends. You have to choose.

No kidding!

It'd be too easy.

I don't care.
You do what you wish.

Gis?le, are you nuts?

- I'm hungry. I can't help it.
- We all are, but keep your word.

I just wanted a taste.

If you do we all will
and we'll have to start again.

I've been ill.
I feel dizzy.

Great. If you faint it'll
make them think again.

Eat Marcelle.

- Give it here.
- We're won't die to make you happy.

The Chamblas woman is scared
She'll give up.

If we all agree, she can't send us
all to the cells. That's our strength.

Our strength is in the pot.
I'm hungry and I'm eating.

Oh yeah?

Quiet please, Ladies.

Have you finished
starving us to death?

Rat's face!

She ass!

We want bread! We want bread!

It'll bring you bad luck, bitch!

We'll be out of here before you
and you'll get your "kraut medal"!

At least you,
your spirits are high.

It worries you, doesn't it?

Do you need something?

A good leg of lamb, haricot beans.
And darkness for not seeing you anymore.

Listen to me.

I'm not bothered.
Go back and see your friends.

There's a fine stew waiting for you.

- Here's Margot.
- What's going on here?

She released you then.

Chamblas sends her kindest regards.
Is it true that she's replacing Bardin?

- Didn't you notice?
- What's this stuff?

Chamblas ordered us
to empty the pot. We did.

You've not eaten
stale bread for three days?

You're wrong.
We're three days on hunger strike.


The locked doors, closed gates and
the opened cells? We want change.

I agree with you.

How was it for you outside?

Great. I've been hitchhiking.

A notary took me. A funny guy.
He told me I was his daughter.

He had two gold teeth. I asked him
to give me one but he refused.

He told me his life story, gave me
1,000 francs to stay away from men.

And he bought me a nice cake
with toothpick and all in Montmartre.

He knew everybody but his wife came in
and there was a fight between them.

I didn't stay. I met my mountain light
infantryman on the same day.

The next morning I'd
already fallen for him.

You gave the message to Fernand?

Yes. The poor guy lost his wife.

She left with an American.

And I've brought you a new song.
A great one.

It's called "A little something that
I have and you don't". What a tune.


Typical of me.

I've been thinking of you for 4 days and
speak of something else when I come in.

- I've a message for you.
- Did you see Pierre?

- How did you know?
- He said he'd give me news.

And you find it normal?

What's so extraordinary?

Did you see her "gigolo"?


That's fantastic.
So he's real this Pierre.

I never believed it.
I thought she was cuckoo.

He must be old. You can't fall
so hard for a guy for real.

You wouldn't laugh if you'd seen him.
Even his voice is different.

He means all he says. Understand?
And he looks at you in a strange way.

- You feel transparent.
- You fell for him.

I won't say I didn't try.
But with him it's useless.

Give me his letter.

Who told you that he gave me one?

Nobody, but he promised
he'd write to me.

There's no letter?

- Yes there is.
- No kidding.

And you the anarchist,
what do you think about it?

You believe in nothing. You're wrong.
Everything you believe in will happen.

Give me my letter.

It's true. I swallowed it.
I had to when they searched me.

But I learned it by heart.
I'll tell it to you. Wait.

Damn! I forgot the

'Maria, I love you", that's it?

And she's right.
And after that?

After that I don't know.

"Maria, I love you. Maria... "

Yes I've got it.

"Maria, I love you. I think
about you. I'm here.

Since they took you away
I've never left you.

Maria, Maria, Maria. Pierre.

And Maria again"

"And Maria again"? He probably got
a brain injury with such nonsense.

Shut your mouth!

I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.

No reason to laugh about it. To write
such words he must be a real man.

He writes your name and all is said.
And you get it all.


Isn't that wonderful?
It sounds like a song.

A song?
You all fell on your heads.

It's not the first time
a man tries to coax a girl.

Do you have someone waiting
for you? And you?

Nobody is waiting for us.
They let all of us down.

She can get out. She knows
where to go. All is ready.

It's true. Every time I escape
I say to myself: Down with the jail,

I'll find a hideout with a man
in it, a real man, not an extra.

When a man gets you under his skin, it's
never for your benefit, it's for himself.

You're right. A four-leaf clover
is more common than a reliable man.

I never found one.

The first one, he told me
it would be for life.

It lasted three days.

One morning he left and he took my
clothes, even my bra. Did I look silly?

The next one was very kind,
gentle as a lamb.

A month later the lamb
bought me a skintight dress

and left me in Caumartin St.

"See you tonight. Walk around the block.
You'll see, it's not too hard"

That's why I set up on my own.
I did piece work.

Piece? You were
in the sewing business?

Listen to her.

"The sewing business?" Yes my darling.
And machine quilted too, you moron.

- Don't talk to her like that.
- Then how?

Correctly. Yes, correctly. You can
stick your smutty talking up your...

Well, you can sit on it.

- You sound like a catechism class.
- Want to know what I was doing?

I was walking down the street,
keeping a low-profile.

And when a guy followed me
I quickened my pace.

"Quickened my pace".

Exactly. I quickened my pace.

Then he'd come up to me
and we'd talk.

And then, I'd push my gun in his belly
and make him show his wallet.

Armed assault they call it.

I've a record of 17 armed assaults.
Not counting the clandestine ones.

If you saw their faces when
I pulled out my gun. Cowards.

If I'd met a guy like yours. Maybe
I'd have it easy now instead of this.

It's the same for you both. She's
no robber but is here all the same.

For us to be here there were
juvenile courts, policemen, judges.

She has no place here.

We're totally different. Her and Pierre
are none of their business.

Don't worry, D?d?e. I'll be out.

Yes you'll be out.

Indeed, you'll be out.

- For her Christmas present.
- Why not? It's all in our hands.

We have to wish it,
we have to believe it.

Yes you're right.

She has to get out.

How did you put it, anarchist?

Everything you believe in
will happen.

Pierre told me other things too.

Things I've never heard before.

He also said to tell you,
"See you soon".

- Very original.
- The way he said it, yes.

and you'd be stunned
like me if you'd heard him.

The words were keyed-up.

"See you soon".
You see. He'll come.

Is he a wall jumper?

Sure he'll come.
I believe it.

Me too.

It would be fantastic.

And he asked me to tell you:
"I'd wish it would rain"

Love, then...

it still exists.

On that Saturday we went to the stadium
to see the football. Montpellier-Racing.

It was crowded.
Some match it was!

And suddenly two minutes before
half time a raging thunder.

I never saw anything like it.
The referee stopped the game.

Such a rush for the gates.
Such a traffic jam.

A real uproar.

We found shelter under a porch.

We were smart us two.
All wet.

When I think about it.

With our hair in our eyes,
we started to laugh.

He was holding me in his arms

and then a guy in a Chrysler
parked in front of the porch,

and turned on the radio.

And he went away with our tune.

But we remembered it and now
each time it rains it comes back to me.

That tune.

That rain.

That Saturday.

And Maria.

Rain is so beautiful.

- You let your soup get cold.
- Don't worry. It's not important.

In your place I'd go there
if I had no news.

I'd like to but how?

In my time at Haute-M?re there was
what we called "the fleeting street".

An old crumbling wall they never
repaired. We escaped through it.

It's hard. With the doors now open
they've forgotten, but it still exists.

Do you have a pencil?
I'll show you.

Come in.

Will it be over soon, Miss Chamblas?

They've been out in the cold now,
for more than 2 hours.

They'll stand in the corner for
two more hours. Be patient.

Are you joking? Call that standing
in the corner, at 10 below zero?

I'm not master of the weather.
That's God's business.

Leave God alone.
He's my boss. Not yours.

With employees like you
he'd have closed shop long ago.

You're not very nice
with me Father.

These kids are on bread and water
for 48 hours. What's wrong with you?

It's their hunger strike.
I'm punishing them their own way.

I cannot tolerate it.

They're incorrigible. I can't weaken.
and expose my collaborators' lives.

These girls have murder
in their blood, Father.

A little less "Father"
and a little more sympathy.

Stop this right now,

or I'll send my constructive
resignation to my superiors.

I'd regret that but even with
the best intention in mind...

I'm going to get them in.

I forbid you.

Leave her alone.

Sit down and finish your cheese.

She's completely crazy,
your Chamblas.

To think of the Deputy
Headmistresses under Mme Bardin.

I never trusted her.
She always sidetracked me.

Know what she's been missing?
A man. I mean, a husband.

I have to tell you, I called Paris,
but I couldn't get through.

- It's the holidays, but I think she's
calmed down now. - Let's hope so.

Yes, and may heaven's peace return,
which, it is said, belongs to children.

Form up!

Punishment is over.
Go back to work.

Not a moment too soon.
What hell we've been through!

At least hell is heated.

We should have died.
Only to plague Chamblas.

Don't say that.
She'd be only too happy.

Are you alright? Lean on me.


You're so pale.
Wait. Don't move.

What's up with your man?
Is he picking strawberries?

He'd better hurry
to get here before the coffin.

Don't listen, Maria.
She's dying with envy.

- We know he's coming, don?t we, Margot?
- I'd stake my life on it.

I've the feeling that he wants to come,
but something is stopping him.

Ad?le, are you with me?
What's up with you?

I don't know.
I'm freezing and shaky.

What's up, Ad?le?

You're too noisy, Margot.

Ad?le has fainted.

Genevi?ve and Irma,
take her to the infirmary.

Warn Miss Guerande.
She's in the workroom. Hurry.

It's shameful what's happening.
We're not sentenced to death.

Just a faint. It'll pass.

Hurrah for anarchy. You hear?
Hurrah for anarchy!

I've heard harsher words here before. If
it comforts you make yourselves at home.

Don't worry, Maria.

There's more than one fish in the sea.

I'm not sad at all. On the contrary,
I'm very happy.

You should have a placard "happiness
here", because it's not on your face.

And on your ass, it's written
you're busting our balls?


- Do you believe in premonition?
- If it suits you. Why?

Don't you hear? Listen.

She hears voices now.
Like Joan of Arc.

Yes. Now I'm sure of it.
There are no more obstacles.

No more obstacles.

Take that chocolate bar
with your slice of bread.

You must despise me.

Not at all. Why?

What I'm doing is vile.

I've betrayed my friend's trust.
Sold them for a mouthful of bread.

No. You paint yourself blacker than
you are. You commit the sin of pride.

Denounce your comrades to fight evil.
You redeem them without knowing it.

Here. Take another bar.

Virtue is always rewarded.

Then, you were saying?

For a few days they've been
waiting for a man to come.

- Where?
- Here. In the house.

They're certain he'll be here anytime.
It's all they talk about. Every night.

- Are you joking?
- No Miss.

How could a man get in here?

- I don't know but he's announced
that he'll come. - How?

- Through Margot.
- Does she know him?

- She met him.
- Where?

In the village.

- Why would he come here?
- To see his lover.


Who, then?

Oh! A man!

A man?

Of course. The invisible man.

You've been asking for it for a long
time now. I know what you need.

Come on! Stop it.

Are you crazy?

Will you stop that?

Have you finished?

Oh! A man!

Find something else.

D?d?e. It's true.

It's him.

I knew you would come.

It's him.


Don't be afraid.
We're all your friends here.

And Maria? Where is Maria?


Can you give me a hand?


My darling.

My little Pierre.

Never. I never doubted
that you'd come.

You're not leaving me here, are you?

It'd be too painful.
You saw my letter?

Of course. I've never stopped
thinking of you. All the time.

How did you know
that I was locked in here?

I'll tell you later.

What room are we in?

The laundry room.

- It's not on my plan.
What's behind the door? - The corridor.

- Is someone watching?
- Permanently.

Can't you get out?

The door is locked.
There are bars behind it.

Can you sometimes walk
in the corridors?

Rarely. Sometimes when
we have chores to do.

Take this plan. I've another. Here's
a staircase in front of the dormitory.

It leads to the attic.

There's a circular way.
A glass door. Like a window.

After there's a crumbling wall.
That's how I got in.

Tomorrow the weather's fine.
I'll wait on the wall at nine.

But tomorrow is Christmas.

Precisely, they'll drop their guard.

Put yourself on fatigue. Take the stairs.
In two minutes you're out.

If it fails?

Tomorrow you'll be free.

Tomorrow. I swear it.

Do you believe me, Maria?

Well? You're having visitors?

A man came here.
For whom did he come?

For whom did he come?
Nobody answering.

Naturally. Nobody saw anyone.

You. You must know something.

I saw nothing. I was
downstairs when he came.

And how do you know he came
if you were downstairs, stupid.

You. Do you know who he came for?

I know.

I know but I won't tell.

Maybe he came for you?

Maybe. But he surely didn't
come for you.

And you?

I know it too.
But I won't tell it either.

Me, Miss.

I know it too but I can't tell.

Me, Miss, I would tell if I knew.

But I don't know.


That's discipline.

What did he tell you?

He gave me a plan to get out.

He'll wait for me tomorrow at nine at
the marked spot. I'll must find a way.

Don't worry. We'll find a way.

Say, Chamblas is
going home empty handed.

Then, Mme Rubini, blind and deaf?

- I swear to you, Miss...
- That's enough.

So. Nobody knows.



Except me.

Maria! Come here!

He's your lover?

Yes he's your lover.
Why did he come here?

What did he tell you?
You don't want to answer.

Which way did he come in?
His accomplices, who? Who?

I've seen my share of strong heads.
And I've tamed them.

You don't yet know all our comforts.
I've some surprises for you.

What kind of man is he?

Scum like you?

You were whoring for him?
He came to give you a reminder.

Business was bad probably.
He surely didn't need to go so far.

Scum like you are found
on every street corner.

Why are they all after you?
What do they want from you?

What do they find in you?

Take this off.

Take this off!

All for that?

All for that.

It's for that skin
that he follows you like a dog.

They say they love you?

Tell me what they say?

Tell me what they say?
And I'll let you go.

They say filthy things
because you're a bitch.

And they need bitches to talk
about their filthy love.

Answer me.

Say something.

- Help me!
- Shut up, slut!

You're the crazy one.
You should be locked up.

Just you wait!

You're envious because you're ugly.

Because no man has ever desired you.
Because you don't exist.

You're dying from it. But I'll
get out of here in spite of you.

And I'll be happy again
with Pierre, my lover.

And you'll be rotting all alone
in your corner. All alone.

Let me go! Let me go!

Back off or I'll scream for help!

Scream for help all you can.
It won't help you.

Satan! Out of here! Out of these walls!

- Margot wants to speak to you.
- Margot? Let her in.

- There's been an injustice.
- What have they done to you?

It's not about me.
It's Maria, the newbie.

She's in a cell since noon.

She supposedly received a visit
she shouldn't have had.

I tell you she's innocent.

Come here.

It's not her the guy came to visit.
It's me.

- And what did he want with you?
- Simply to see me.

To touch me. To hear me.

Our love is never ending.
It's not common.

It's custom-made.

I don't say we're the ideal couple.
It would be pretentious.

But you have to admit.
Lovers like us don't grow on trees.

What does he do for a job?

Pianist in a big orchestra.

We immediately felt it would be
forever between us.

The first one dying made the other
swear they'd kill themselves at once.

I think about him all the time.
Morning, noon, and night.

I'm the one you should put in a cell.

- I understand. So you're going
to take her place. - It's the rule.

You know that it will last
at least 15 days.

If it's the price to pay.

- Why are you telling me tales?
- What tales?

You're the third one this afternoon.

Gaby was the first. She said it was
for her that the boy came for.

Then there was D?d?e and now you.

I suppose that Marcelle will be next.
You didn't know it?

Of course not.

What interest is there for you
to sacrifice yourself for Maria?

It's strange, isn't it?

It seems to me that Maria is
such a fascinating person.

Either she's horribly perverse
or she's a very good person.

She's a really good person.
Completely innocent. My life on it.

I'd go even further. If she wasn't
innocent she'd deserve to be.

When someone is loved like her they've a
right to happiness. I've seen her lover.

- The pianist?
- He's not a pianist.

- Are you sure you all didn't fall
in love with this boy? - Alas, no.

It's a pity.

The funny part is, earlier,
when I was selling you those lies,

I was beginning to believe in them.

I didn't lie that much. It could have
happened to me. Everybody can love.

It's not forbidden.
Now go to bed.

- And Maria?
- We'll see.


Where have you been?

Such good manners.

D?d?e, what are you thinking of?

Of Maria, if you want to know.

- Tomorrow Pierre is coming for her.
- You call him by his first name now?

His name is Pierre.
I can't call him Jules.

He's coming for her
but she's locked up.

- It's not right.
- It's so unfair.

She was so trustworthy.

- She counted without Chamblas.
- We can't do anything for her.

How do you know we can't?
There's always something to be done.

- I have an idea.
- What is it?

No. You'd laugh at me.

All the same. Say it.

If we prayed.

Who to?

God of course.

Are you nuts?

- I don't believe.
- You never know.

We could try.

If he exists and is listening
he'll believe we believe in him.

This stuff is for dummies.

Why? God exists. It's a fact.
Priests are the proof.

- Judges exist too.
- So what?

There's no justice.

There's no shame in trying whatever
works in desperate cases.

We don't have much at our disposal.
Except God.

Let's try him.
If it fails we'll see.

Who knows a prayer?

What did you learn in school?

Wait a moment.

Our Father, Who is in heaven,
Full of grace...

May the fruit of your loins...

You're mixing them up.

I'm going to say one. You say
"Amen" every time I say "thumb".

Go on Tototte!

Our Father, who is in heaven,

we're not all baptized
but it's not our fault.

Listen to me. Thumb.

So be it.

And You Maria, full of grace,
I salute you too,

with the Lord on your side,
please listen to us

and say a word to him in case
he would hesitate on our request.



She has a rendezvous tomorrow
with her...

you know what I mean...
seeing everything and all.

To you and Maria we're asking only
one thing for our Christmas.

To let her out of here,
out forever.

And let them be happy
and have many children.

I swear,

I swear that we will believe in you,

all of us, if you could give
satisfaction to us.

You didn't say "thumb".



Why the bells?

After yesterday's midnight mass you
should know today is Christmas day.

The Perthuis bridge is cut off.
The village's folk are evacuated.

The Perthuis bridge is cut off.
The village's folk are evacuated.

He said he'd be at the
bottom of the wall at nine.

She won't be there.

- What time is it?
- Around eight.

Then what, our father in heaven?

Shut up. It's clear now that he's deaf.


There are no more miracles.
It's a thing of the past. We're too poor.

- Did Guerande promise you something
yesterday? - I've not seen her.

- D?d?e neither I suppose.
- Guerande's no better than the others.

They can't leave her in her cell
on Christmas day! Shit!

Don't talk like that
in front of a kid.

At his age he doesn't understand.

He's a nice mug this Santa Claus.
My ma told me the truth about him early.

She'd no presents to give but
could spend the money at the races.

Christmas! Two years ago my father came
home blind drunk for midnight supper.

My mother was fed up of being
beaten up and shouted at.

He fell on the floor and groaned.

She asked me to bring
the clothesline from the yard.

We put it around his neck and pulled it
on each side and suddenly he was dead.

The cop who arrested me
didn't have Santa Claus' face.

And the black, where's his place?

Next to the bearded one.

I like the donkey.
He has a nice mug.

- Birds of a feather flock together.
- With all that, Maria's still locked in.

We'll ask for the priest to step in.

On Christmas day they'll listen to him.

- He's a regular guy. He'll have her out.
- And when will she be out?

We must find a trick
to get her out smoothly.

We could set the house on fire!

And us burn with it?
Thanks but no thanks.

- If I had a nervous breakdown?
- What for?

I scream, break everything.
The uproar draws attention to me.

To calm me down
a guard fetches the straightjacket.

Meanwhile me and D?d?e have a fight.
I beat you up.

I beat you up and when it's finished
Maria is out of here.

We do that?

You see. God isn't completely deaf.

Who took you out of the cell?

She's a swell gal, that one.

Listen. We've worked for you.
You have to escape. Here's our plan.

The sacristy door is open.

The sacristy's door on the corridor.
It's open.

- Go on. Get the hell out of here.
- Be careful. The priest is watching us.

- Keep him busy for two minutes.
- I'll do it.

An atheist.
He won't listen to you.

I've an exciting topic of conversation.

He'll have a rough time of it.

Are you mocking me?
Is this your confession?

Go back to your friends.

Next time you bother me with such
nonsense I'll give you a good spanking.

It's not my fault.
I can't help thinking of you.

There's only one man in my life.

And wash your face. You're dirty
as a rat. There's no more childhood.

- But I love you!
- Stop it now.

Father, I have to tell you my secret.
Could you listen for a moment?

Certainly my child.

Goodbye kid
and don't worry about us.

I'll never forget you.

You're not mad for the fun
I had at your expense?

I'm the queen of scoffing
but I like you all the same.

If you had wanted...

- You'll put that in the mailbox.
- Me too. - And mine.

If you go to the Gobelins...
Forget it. I'll go myself.

Goodbye, moppet.

Kiss Camille for me.

You're swell girls. I'll tell Pierre.

- I thought you didn't believe.
- No but I'm superstitious.

Father. I've decided to kill myself.

I believe in nothing.
Hence nothing stops me.

I'm not afraid of nothingness.

You sound very positive
for a skeptical person.

I'm not skeptical. I believe in
nothing but I believe it steadily.

I also think that each of us
down here have a task to accomplish.

I've done mine by killing a snitch.
The judge, by giving me 20 years.

I hope for and regret nothing,
I've finished down here.

Think about your father, your mum.

I've no connection with those people.

My child...

Maybe you've heard of my father?
Foucault's oils.

He divides his life between pin-ups
and the Deauville and Cannes Casinos.

He won't forgive me for having his name
mixed up in a political scandal.

An anarchist daughter murdering
a cop is not conventional.

A sordid drama
in a seedy hotel flatters,

but news of a murdered cop does not.

- One mustn't judge one's relatives.
- I'm not judging them.

I despise them.
It doesn't matter anymore now.

Come on.
You're impassioned, excessive.

First, you will never do 20 years.

Your penalty will be commuted.
I'm sure your father is working on it.

No. Not that.
Above all, not that.

The life I owe is already too much.
I won't owe them freedom too.

There's freedom,
even in jail.

Say it out loud: I'm a torturer.

- Miss Gandelet, am I a torturer?
- Nobody says such a thing.

You can say, if you think it's true.
I won't eat you.

That's a little excessive.

Let's say between Mme Bardin's
weakness and your severity

there's a happy medium.
But I never thought that...

Anyhow. Mme Rubini, am I a torturer?

I've had no opinion for a long time.

Mme Maupin. Can you repeat
what you said to me?

Excuse me! I carry out Miss Chamblas'
orders but I don't criticize them.

You're afraid of taking
your responsibilities.

If you'd seen what I have in
the infirmary, you'd change your mind.

Ad?le is losing her mind.

Since we picked her up in the laundry
her fever has increased constantly.

She'll be dead in a week.

Ad?le suffers from bronchitis.
What are you suggesting?

If you hadn't stood her
in the yard at minus ten.

One dies at every age.

I lost a sister at 14 although
she was very well treated at home.

Maybe, but I won't be
your accomplice any longer.

I written to the civil service
about your very odd methods.

- And emptied the cells.
- Who gave you the right?

And to keep, today, Christmas Day,
Mme Bardin's promise about the choir.

Our girls will go to the Lady Day mass.

- That remains to be seen.
- That's it!

Perfect. Go on, go on.
I give you a free hand.

Nevertheless, to apply Mme Bardin's
theories you have to be Mme Bardin.

That's what you forget.

You know everything except
that Maria, released by you,

is planning to escape this
morning at nine

with the help of her comrades.

But go on. Manage, run the house.
At your own risk, of course.

As for me, it's Christmas,
I'll be left alone.

Tell me, Father.

Are you in trouble?

No, no. Put your
mind at rest.

- Is there still a mass in the chapel?
- Yes. Like every year.

And Mme Bardin made a promise
about our choir.

Miss Chamblas warned me that she
wouldn't keep Mme Bardin's promises.

All is changed.
You have your choir.

Really? I'm very glad.
You will thank Miss Chamblas.

If you think she deserves it.
I'll make haste.

I'll send you some boats.

The road to Lady Day
is cut off in several spots.

Ladies. Assemble.

And Maria?

Where is she?
Anyone seen her?

Isn't she in her cell, Miss?

No. One hour ago...

Ah. There she is.

I'm here Miss. I was tidying up.

We're now going to the dormitory
where you'll put your town clothes on.

Management has gone back
on its decision.

As agreed originally, the choir
will participate in the Christmas mass.

- Hurrah!
- No kidding? We're going out?

Calm down.
The choir step out front.

Others can also attend the mass,
but there's no obligation.

Hands up those
who'd rather stay here.

Nobody. Everybody is
catholic this morning.

Did Miss Chamblas change her mind
or do we owe you the favour?

- What's the difference?
- We don't like misunderstandings.

In any case,
I will lead you to the Chapel.

On our return, we'll revert to the
good old habits from Mme Bardin's time.

Cells doors will be definitely closed.

And the other doors will be opened, as
it used to be. It's my Christmas gift.

Thank you Miss Guerande.

Let's go.

- What happened?
- Why are you here?

They unleashed Goliath in the cellar.
He almost savaged me.

- What's that?
- Someone's betrayed you.

It doesn't matter now
since we're going out.


Maria, I'm your friend. I've looked
at your file and I'm interested in you.

But no silliness.

- It won't be easy with the water.
- And Pierre still waiting up there.

You must go to Baratier's. A caf?.
I think Pierre is lodging there.

The river's dam is broken.

Keep calm, my friends.

Try to get the boats in.

- It's time for you to run.
- But how?

- There.
- And Pierre?

- I'm afraid.
- Help these people. Go on.

No, Pierre. I can't leave.

- Are you mad?
- I'm not entitled to.

- What's the matter with you?
- I'll get out another way.

I've been promised
that I'll be free soon.

- Who? - A supervisor. You don't
know her, Miss Guerande.

She's not as strong as she thinks.

Think, Maria. We can't count on anyone.
We have only ourselves.

Their justice is a joke.
It doesn't exist.

When you're caught in
the system there's no way out.

So it was useless
me coming here?

I swore to bring you back.
I'll bring you back.

- Maria, you don't love me anymore.
- Pierre!

Is there anybody up there?

What are you doing here?

I'm escaping forever.
Understand. Goodbye everybody.

Don't do that, Camille.

Good luck.

Then, Ladies, where is Camille?
With Maria.

And Maria? With Camille.

Two evasions. That's the result
of your initiative.

- It's not too late to hope for...
- What can we hope from these creatures?

Look at them.

Their faces speak for themselves.
What a nice picture!

I'm amazed they all didn't run away.
What stopped you?

Fear of the police?

As for those two tramps they'll probably
be picked-up in a cabaret or ditch.

That's where they usually end up.

They may have been victims
of an accident.

If you'd only stayed here like I ordered.
But you're so high minded.

You wanted to teach me a lesson.

Abortionists, prostitutes,
murderers, soldier girls are right.

Me I'm wrong.
That's it.

Vice must be lauded, disorder favored
and rebellion encouraged.

You'll explain to
the disciplinary committee.

Now go to your room.


Girls, come and see.

Look here! One of your
escapees is coming back.

To your places.
Nobody move.

I'm cold.

I think we can pass through now.
Come on.

- If we reach Baratier's we're safe.
- I'm afraid.

With me?

Maria Lambert.
Here is her description.

You'll recognize her by her uniform.
A little brunette with blue eyes.

- Try to bring her alive this time.
- Rest easy.

She won't get far with the flood.

The country is crawling with swamps.
You have to get used to them.

We'll never get past.
What shall we do, Pierre?

Look at her! That's
where revolution will lead you.

She thought she could escape
but there is justice.

Learn your lesson.



I said stop!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it! All of you!

Enough, enough! Clarisse! D?d?e!

Camille didn't die by accident.
She didn't escape.

She committed suicide because of you.
To escape from you. You're the murderer.

What's wrong with you?

We're in a rebellious
mood again, aren't we?

Mme Aubini.

You'll pay for that. We'll see who's
making the law here. You or me.

Come here and repeat that.
Dirty woman. Murderess.

Aren't you fed up?

Aren't you fed up?

D'you hear, Camille? They're not fed up.
They want it to go on. Worse than before.

She made us circle you like a carousel
and nobody dared to protest.

Fifty, Camille.

We are 50, they are 5 or 6,
and we are their slaves.

That some kind of joke!

You're right, D?d?e. Death to Chamblas!

You mustn't say
things like that.

- Are you for or against her?
- Let me do my duty.

The keys!

Give us the keys.
We won't hurt you.

D?d?e, what do we do?

Give them up.

Since you're taking them
against my will.

What is it?

This way to the kitchen.

All the good stuff for us!

There's everything here. Sausages,
pig trotters, pears and biscuits.

The bitch! She's locked it.

Hey, Chamblas, are you
writing your will?

Get up, in here!

Give me a drink!

I can't believe it. All that food
and we were always hungry.

Don't spill it.
It's vintage wine.

- It's no use.
- The post office must be flooded.

- We can't let them kill us.
- May I?

On Christmas Day!

No. There's nobody.

- Will you shut up now?
- No. Don't excite them!

- I swear it's their last revolt.
- They'll pay for it.

Let's push the bookcase.

She must've gone to the river.
She can't be very far.

- Maybe she's at the chapel.
- No.

- If she drowned like the other girl?
- You, this way. Martin, go to the road.

I'll go to the wood.
If you see her blow your whistle.

Come quick.

Where did they go?

Sing with me.
It's not difficult.

"Chamblas, Chamblas, we'll
spit on her ass. "

"Chamblas, Chamblas, death to cops,
long live to chicks"

Come with me. We're going
to give her a beating.

- What are you doing? - Waiting for
Chamblas to come out of her hole.

We're not at her disposal anymore.

Hey, old coot.

Margot here, the Butte aux Cailles'
wildest thug.

Are you coming out, yes or no?
I'll count to three.

If you're not out at three

I'll put your guts out in the sun
and them dry on a clothes line.

"Chamblas, Chamblas, Chamblas

it's Chamblas that we want"

Oh, Guerande!

I only have you now.
You're a nice boss.

I'd like to kiss you, for you to
kiss me, for us to kiss each other.

Guerande I love you.

Later, when your mouth
will smell better.

You're not planning to
spend all night here, are you?

We have a score to
settle with Chamblas

and we won't leave
till we've seen her.

We have Christmas presents for her.

Come out, Chamblas? Each second
we'll pluck another hair from your head.

Are you crazy?

If you touch Miss Chamblas you'll
be punished. The police will come.

And you'll be transferred
to a real jail.

It's not too late to be sensible.
I know what happened.

A fit of anger can always be justified,
but from now on it's over.

You have no excuses anymore.

Displaying Camille,
d'you think that was right?

I'll be held responsible for all you do.
Is that what you want?

Alright, you win.
But it's only because of you.

Let them out. My word that we
won't touch them. Alright?

And then? Will you
go to the dormitories?

Yep. Only if we're allowed
to see their mugs.

Not a word, not a move.

We agree,
but they have to agree too.

Miss Chamblas. Guerande here.
You can come out with no fear.

Get up if you want me to pass.
What are you waiting for?

What a way to behave!

Dirty woman!

Help! Help!

Goliath! Goliath!


Is it over now with the music?

It's not my fault.

Pinch your nose and hold your breath
for 10 seconds. It'll pass.

My head hurts.

- Why are you laughing?
- I'm thinking of Maria.

They won't get her now.

Don't say that.
It could bring her bad luck.


She'll be alright.
The wounds are superficial.

I've received this wire
from the ministry.

"Miss Chamblas is dismissed.

Until a new appointment is made,
I wish you to deputize for her"

It's an ill wind
that blows nobody any good.

Are you better now?

Have you slept it off?

You can be proud of yourselves.
You did a jolly good job!

What if Goliath had
really savaged Miss Chamblas?

It was her who gave orders
to unleash him.

He's the only one who could brag
about having his share of turkey.

Very clever, indeed!

I'm back from the kitchen. It looks
like a cloud of locusts hit it.

It's a strange way to thank me.

You know very well
we have nothing against you.

What's up with you?

I want to be sick.

Go put your head under the tap.

What a bunch you are!

What will happen to us now?

We won't be laughing
for some time.

I hope you're brave enough
to accept responsibility.

Since you have to pay,
you'll pay.

After that, with God on our side,
we'll start off on the right foot.

We'll pick up from Mme Bardin's time

and we'll try to be good girls,
you and I.

You're not that bad. Only nobody
taught you how to live.

I'll show you how to do that.

maybe it's us
who should learn from you.

How could so beautiful eyes
really see such ugly things?

Did they cry?


There she is. She doesn't know
how unfortunate she is.

And Maria?

Don't worry about her.

She is free now.

I'm so happy.

Is it really the first time?

Subtitles: aloysius70